Best Rolling Papers for Stoners

Best rolling papers

With so many different brands and types to choose from, the best way to find your keeper really comes down to testing. Trial and error.

Choosing your rolling paper isn’t always as straight forward as one might think.

As the market and smoker-base of weed grows, new brands for rolling papers have been popping up left and right in recent years. This makes choosing the best rolling papers to use tricky.

It’s somewhat of a subjective thing, what rolling papers you prefer. Truth be told the best way to decide what papers to stick with would be trying a few different rolling paper brands and types.

Below I’ll share with you what my favorite rolling papers are at the moment, along with a few I’ve tried and popular alternatives.

I get my rolling papers from, same place I got my grinders. A great site for anything weed related imo, and rocking a good number of rolling paper brands. They also sell this random combo pack of 10 randomly chosen rolling paper packs for just over $20 which I got for myself at one point in order to get to try the waters with different papers.

If your friends have use for papers as well, chances are you may favor different brands after testing them together, and you can also split the bill. Highly recommended if you’re a weed enthusiast like me and enjoy testing things for yourself. If not, read on for my current favorite rolling papers.

Best Rolling Papers for Stoners

These are the ones I buy mostly nowadays which are actually 2 different ones:

1. Zig-Zag Orange rolling papers – 1  1/4″

Zig-Zag OrangeZig-Zag is made in France and happens to be the most popular and well-known rolling paper there is. For good reason it seems since I really like these papers. I used to buy only these for a while since they are really easy to roll. Great if you’re a beginner also since rolling can be tricky at first.

2. Elements rice rolling papers – 1 1/4″

Elements Rice PapersLately I’ve been using these ones more and more. These are very thin compared to Zig-Zag, due to being made of rice. These offer a slightly better smoking taste/experience in my opinion, but are also sort of hard to roll. Which if you’re not good at rolling your joints will in the end make for a worse smoking experience after all.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions goes to Bambu and Rizla which were pretty decent as well. I had the pleasure to try all of these and more from my mix pack of 10. You can check them out for yourself at under “Rolling Papers”.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to roll a joint with Zig-Zag, just remember the weed should be properly ground before rolling it:

What do you think are the best rolling papers?

2 thoughts on “Best Rolling Papers for Stoners

  1. Hi Sophie, thank you for this site. I have a urine test in 11 days from last smoking a joint. I haven’t smoked before this date, and it was only 2 joints which was shared with 3 other people on one night only so I’m not even sure how much I consumed. I used to smoke many years ago but gave it up, however I happened to lapse for just one night. Now I’m worried that this might show up in my urine test. Do you think 11 days is a good enough distance from last taking a few puffs of two joints, considering I was clean before this date?

    • Hi Steve. For many people 11 days would be enough to be clean naturally after just a one time use, although for some it wouldn’t but they’d likely be very close to the cut-off still. Our bodies are different so hard to say for sure. A home test kit might be a good idea to confirm this, and if you fail it perhaps consider synthetic urine or at least a good detox drink for the real one.

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