How To Pass A Drug Test Fast For THC – Urine, Hair, Saliva & Blood

Drug tests can be a pain in the butt.

They cause a whole lot of weed smokers a whole lot of pain and anxiety.

Thoughts such as “how do I pass it?”, “what products are actually effective?”, “what if I get caught?” and “FUCK MY LIFE, I failed the test..” go through people’s minds…


Because let’s face it:

Passing a drug test is a BIG DEAL for most people.

It is a big deal for me, too, and one of the main things that motivated me to create this website in the first place.

With the internet filled with misinformation on how to pass a drug test it can be hard to separate what actually works from all the bullshit such as:

how to pass a drug test fast

  • What worked once but doesn’t any more
  • What’s just salesman propaganda
  • What’s simply false
  • Methods that work but unreliably so or only for a few people

And so on..

If you agree, this page is was what you were looking for all along.

I say was, since this used to be one long page where I covered how to beat all the different types of drug tests. I later realized it would be easier to digest if they had their own respective page. Which they now do.. And instead you will now find links to the guides on how to pass each type of THC drug test below.

I’ve passed a whole lot of these tests over the years I’ve been smoking marijuana, and so have many of my friends. The methods and products I use are those that have always worked for me, are backed by science and are well-documented online thanks to others beating their tests and giving back to the community by sharing what worked.

It turns out…

…that once you know what you need to know, passing a weed drug test actually isn’t that hard at all!

Piece of Cake

Once you know how, passing is a peace of cake, really!


On this page that’s exactly what I’ll share with you. My resources (guides) with what you need to know to pass your THC drug test.

All four of the test types (urine, blood, hair and saliva) are covered.

Before jumping in to the meat of this, I just want to remind everyone about the simple truth that the simplest way to beat drug tests every time with absolute certainty (100%) is by actually being clean and not using weed. Duh..

But if it’s too late for that or simply out of the question, just keep reading.

The different tests have in common that the most consistent ways of passing them are through means of THC detox in one way or another.

How to Pass a Drug Test Fast

Below you’ll find the guides for each specific test:

The Urine Test

There are a few good options for passing the urine drug test, detoxing is usually preferred. At times synthetic urine can work as well.

Here’s the complete guide: How to Pass a Urine drug Test Fast for Weed

The Mouth Swab Test

For the saliva drug test, there’s really only one effective way of passing.

Find out by checking out this guide: How To Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test for Weed Easily

The Hair Follicle Test

To pass the hair follicle drug test there is again only one really consistent method.

Check out this guide to find out more: How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test (Macujo Method)

The Blood Test

Last but not least we have the blood drug test (or perhaps least after all, since it’s definitely the least common test).

The only realist way to pass it is through detoxing. Learn how from this brief guide: How to Pass a Blood Drug Test for Weed

What are your thoughts and/or experiences on how to pass a drug test?

14 thoughts on “How To Pass A Drug Test Fast For THC – Urine, Hair, Saliva & Blood

  1. Hey more of a question does certo work for meth? I hate to even be asking this question becuzI thought I was over this peroid In my life but I guess shit happens right anyways I need to know if this will work for passing a ua if ive used meth.. please try to email me ASAP I have a random one in a few days Thanks

    • I can’t say for sure how well it works with meth, since most evidence I’ve seen is regarding weed, most likely synthetic urine is your best option if you only have a few days.

  2. the only thing around my area is UPass urine is it reliable? one friend of mine pass but not sure if his was sent to the lab or right then and there. pls let me know thank u

    • Haven’t used it and don’t know too much about it, so no idea. There are both positive and negative/failed reviews to be found about it online. A common complaint semms to be that it doesn’t come with any instructions.

  3. So you sold me on the SS. I bought it online and it should be here in a few days. I did have question though. Can I have the solution heated with the heating powder or microwave prior to going to the testing site and then keep it on my body to maintain temp or will I have to add the heating powder at the testing site? Rather just have it in the bottle and ready to go when I’m at the testing site. Thanks for taking the time to create this site. My nerves are somewhat at ease now…

    • Yeah you can heat it with the heating powder in advance, in the parking lot or whereever, and keep the temperature with your body heat. You’ll still want to have powder with you for the test just in case though, if your sample should turn out to have dropped below the desired temperature.

  4. Hi, so I’m trying to get custody of my daughter I’ve been clean from meth since June 2012 and I had a relapse/binge that started about 10 says ago ended yesterday morning. and although I’ve been clean for a long time my unstable wife is trying to get full custody of our daughter. It was dumb I know but my attorney suggested I get a hair follicle test done so I’m worried my little mistake is going to grant my suicidal abusive wife custody or dcfs will take her which we don’t want either help plz!

    • Well, if you’re doing a hair follicle, imo your best bet is the Macujo method outlined in the guide for passing hair tests on this site. It’s a bit costly but with hair tests there are not too many options that are effective.

  5. Than you for this helpful information.

  6. So here is my question, I have been a heavy smoker since I was 10 (I’m 32 next month), i weigh 178 (admittedly more fat than i would like but in working on that), and I’m a bit concerned about an up and coming urinalysis for an amazing job. I haven’t smoked in three weeks as of tomorrow but with my understanding of how long it may wanna stay in my system (thc) and the fact that my fiancé still smokes in the house while I’m there I am a bit nervous. I’ve recently started exersizing again (and yay 22lbs gone thus far) and I’m drinking tons of water. I wanna pass this test the right way, but I wanna be 100% certain that I’m gonna pass. Any advise on things I can do to increase my likely hood of passing, without those stupid “detox” drinks that are really only masks? I have read that a very high in fiber diet can help, but I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
    Please I need this job to finally make something of my life for me and my family.

    Thank you,
    This guy

    • Hey Stephen. You don’t say how heavy a smoker a smoker you were before these 3 weeks (as in how frequent and how much and how potent per occasion) which could definitely affect how long it takes to detox, but if you were a daily smoker, then you’re right to be concerned, since like you say it can stay for quite some time. Depending on how soon the test is, it’s possible Toxin Rid is your best detox option, although if the test is really soon and unsupervised, synthetic urine might be preferred since it isn’t affected by how much you smoked. Either way make sure you get some home tests so you can know after detoxing whether you’re good or not. Detox drinks that mask can still be good the day of the test, but only as a complement to proper detox, as an extra safety net. The natural detox stuff you seem to be doing properly already so just keep at it.

  7. I have a test coming up on 2/14 not sure what type of test. I’m a heavy smoker and I have stop it been about 24 hours. What product do you recommend?

    • If you don’t know what type of test, it’s hard to recommend a product, but if it’s a mouth swab test, you won’t be needing a product since nearly 2 weeks of abstinence is enough to pass one of those. That leaves hair and urine. Urine being the most common one, and being you’re a heavy smoker, if it’s an unsupervised test Sub-Solution synthetic urine would be your safest option imo. If hair test, Macujo Method. But again, without knowing what type of test it is, it’s hard to recommend anything.

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