How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test for Weed Easily

If you’ve got a saliva drug test you need to pass, in a way that’s GOOD NEWS.

Why is that..?

Because it’s considered the easiest of the test types to pass once you know how to.

It is pretty much the ONLY type of test where a weed smoker has an easier time passing than say a meth/ecstasy/cocaine/opiate user.

On this page I’ll go through the pros and cons of mouth swab drug screenings, how the testing is done, some legal aspects of it as well as the best way to pass oral drug tests consistently in 2015.

(I’m in a hurry. Please show me the best way to pass an oral drug test right away!)

Not a mouth swab drug test? Find out how to beat: urine tests, hair tests or  blood tests.

The Saliva Drug Test – Pros and Cons

how to pass a mouth swab drug test

Mouth swab tests go by many names. Don’t get confused however. Here are some examples, all of which refer to basically the same thing in this context and are passed the same way:

Saliva swab test, saliva swab drug test, saliva drug screen, mouth drug test, swab drug test, oral drug test, oral swab drug test, oral fluid drug test, cotton swab drug test, cheek swab drug test, spit drug test.

There are more but you get the picture…

Saliva screenings are relatively new but have increased in popularity over the last decade. Some of the reasons for this are that compared to other available test options they are:

  • Non-invasive, so no issues with privacy or embarrassment
  • Easy to administer randomly on-site and thus conveniently no nurses, technicians or laboratories need to be involved.
  • Results can be determined instantly (less than 10 minutes)
  • Cheaper than the still more common urine tests
  • Hard to tamper with or adulterate the sample

These are good things for weed smokers as well, if you remember what I said above about this being the most weed-friendly test. If there’s gonna be a test at all, this is the one to prefer.

So although it has its advantages for the employer, it also has many disadvantages, also these good things for us, such as:

  • Generally only detects weed use up to a week back
  • More people pass this test than other tests
  • There are products that can trick the test quite easily (see Oral Clear below)
  • Measurements vary between saliva drug testing kit suppliers and there are no exact benchmarks for interpreting the results.
  • Not as sensitive to THC in particular compared to other tests such as urine tests

Obviously the detection part holds the most weight but in lack of proper knowledge about drug screening it’s no wonder a business goes with the cheapest alternative.

Mouth swab tests are commonly used for post-accident tests, pre-employment tests, when there is any reasonable suspicion of drug use, when returning to duty, and as random tests.

How Oral Tests Work

If you’re curious about the process, here’s a brief walk-through.

As you probably know, toxins are everywhere. In the air we inhale, the food we eat, the water we drink.

These toxins then gets converted naturally by our body into metabolites.

Some of these metabolites get stuck and stored in the body, how many depending on the substance and of course how much you were exposed to.

The metabolites get released from where they’re stored over time and thus get into our blood stream and then into saliva, hair and urine.

These metabolites are what urine tests screen for to decide whether you pass or fail your test. Saliva tests on the other hand, look for the THC itself, before it’s broken down into its metabolites, which contributes to its shorter detection time.

As for the method of testing, it is very simple. You saliva sample will be taken usually either from between you gum and lower cheek by placing a swab/strip there for a minute or two, or by swabbing along the gum line, lower cheek, under the tounge or close to the tonsils.

Within a couple of minutes the result can be determined.

The swab resembles a common toothbrush or a mix between one and a cotton swab.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

If you haven’t been using any marijuana the last 10 days, you should generally be alright. No need to stress about getting clean since your saliva should have cleared up naturally.

Saliva tests used to only be able to detect for a day or two but sensitivty has increased with more recent technology and I sometimes hear of people testing positive after abstaining for a week, while at the same time not being heavy smokers. It’s rare, but it can happen.

If you did smoke weed recently and the test is coming up soon, I’d recommend you take some precautions.

Oral Clear

Oral Clear is the only gum on the market for the mouth swab drug test.

My definitive go-to product in this case is called Oral Clear. It’s one of the most popular products for saliva tests since it’s very consistent, and comes in the form of a gum (only gum on the market) that you chew before your test. It takes about 30 seconds to neutralize your saliva and then leaves you with a 30 minute window to leave your swab sample. Still, don’t forget to always read the instructions.

I’ve touched on this before, but I used to rely on detox mouth washes in combination with a 3 or 5 day detox program, which in my opinion is way less convenient (as well as more costly) than just using this gum

Most mouth washes you need to rinse with, several times, and then leave them up to 5 minutes before they take effect. And then you have up to a 15 minute time span where you must leave your sample. If your test is delayed for 10-15 min, your mouth wash may have just lost its effect.

Simply put it’s riskier and leaves a much bigger room for error.

The gum is not only much more discrete and easy to use anywhere (rinsing your mouth requires access to some place to spit only minutes before your test), but also stronger than most mouth washes, meaning you won’t have to supplement with other detox products.

Oral Clear is of the Clear Choice brand, a brand that has been around since 1993, and their website is

In addition to using this however, make sure you brush your teeth and mouth thoroughly and preferably rinse with regular mouth wash twice or even three times daily the days before the test. This includes brushing the tounge, cheek and gums. This should be a regular habit of any weed smokers since it helps protect you against on-the-spot saliva THC tests without notice that can happen in some work places and organizations.

Don’t RUIN your mouth however. In other words, don’t overdo the brushing part. It doesn’t look entirely natural to those administering your mouth swab test if your mouth happens to look like you’ve been eating barbwire or if there is blood on your cotton swab.

If you’re in a position where said random mouth swab tests can be administered without warning, another great tip is to always carry an Oral Clear Gum with you when you’ve been smoking weed recently.

Obviously you should abstain from weed for as long as possible before the test, the most crucial time being the last 24-72 hours. It says on the Oral Clear description that no abstaining is necessary, but I still think that 24 hours at the very least is a best practice.

Additional things you can do are:

  • Eat a fatty meal an hour or so before your test – the fat will help absorb THC metabolites from your bloodstream and in theory make less of it available to make its way to your saliva during your drug test.
  • Stay hydrated to keep your oral fluids moving.
  • Ignore some of the laboratory instructions if possible, making it more difficult for it to work accurately.
  • If you get to hold the swab yourself, then avoid swabbing along your gum line and between teeth since there can be slightly more toxin metabolites there.
  • Altoid mints, peroxide mouthwash and chewing ice is rumored to be helpful.

What Happens If You Fail Your Test?

Police face


If you test positive, appropriate action will be taken depending on the circumstances.

You can either accept your fate, or…

If the actor inside you can pull it off, one thing you can do is to hold firm that you’re innocent. Act surprised, not at all angry or aggressive, but rather confused and concerned. This must be done very convincingly (I don’t recommend this though!).

Although false positives for THC-specific tests is mostly a myth (no other substances really resemble THC-metabolites) drug tests often screen for many drugs at once, some of which false positive results are not that uncommon for.

Be prepared to tell those working at the testing facility about any supplements, medicines or prescription drugs you may have taken recently.

It may be a good idea to ask for a urine test to help prove that you’re innocent. Saliva tests aren’t as legally sound as urine tests, a.k.a more questionable in terms of the law. They are not approved by either FDA or SAMHSA for use in DOT-regulated federally mandated tests. However this is mainly due to potential contamination risks concerning those collecting the samples (it is possible for blood to be present in the saliva of someone with damaged cavities). Nonetheless, your concerns of how you could’ve failed may have them want more evidence before any serious action is taken.

Usually it takes a few days to schedule a urine test, which will give you time to prepare!

This is no excuse however, considering how simple it is (as explained above) to pass the test to begin with. A job will pay for a simple detox gum many times over.

As a last resort, you may want to seek legal counsel.

Note however that I have no personal experience with failed saliva tests (neither should you if you follow the instructions on how to pass a mouth swab drug test), and this last bit is based on what I could find online.

What do you think?

And no more questions in the comments about what the chance you passed is or if I think you passed your recent test, they will not be approved because they take up too much of the comments already. If your test is in the past then the only way to know is for sure is to wait for your results and they can’t be changed so whether I think you passed or not is pretty irrelevant. I get a lot of comments already and to be able to answer those that still have a chance to affect their test in a timely fashion, this is necessary.

153 thoughts on “How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test for Weed Easily

  1. Thanks a lot! Had a swab test at Kroger, the blue dot oral eze and had smoked like 20 hours prior. Used oral clear 15 min or so before and passed no probs.

    • My pleasure Joe, glad you passed your test!

    • Where do you get/buy oral clear gum or blue dot oral ezee from please??

      • It’s all in the above post. You get it from TestNegative, ClearChoice’s own website.

      • I haven’t smoked in 51 days but I took a urine test today at home and it came back positive. I am scheduled Tuesday to take a swab test will I fail that also what u think. Note I was a very heavy smoker 6 to 8 blunts a day…

        • A swab test and a urine test are entirely different things. If you’ve read the above post, you’d know you should be fine. Swab tests don’t detect weed for that long.

    • Robertjeffries says:

      I just had a job interview @kroger and they let me do the test myself b4 the test I brushed my teeth used mouth wash then after I brushed I brushed again with baking soda and lemon juice and I chewed gum and used mint drops a couple minutes b4 during the test I let the swab sit on my tounge instead of my cheek and I sucked all the spit out o the swab I do t know if I passed or not yet

    • Interesting Joe. I just had a swab test done for Kroger also, but I didn’t know I need to do a detox, so I’ll find out soon I guess. I did body detox of for three days and abstained and ate healthy, so we’ll see. But worried, as a heavy user and old.

  2. I haven’t smoked for 4 days and have a saliva swab test on Monday @9a.m.Do u think ill pass??

    • I think, if you’re not a heavy smoker, you should definitely be fine. If you’re a heavy or daily smoker, you’re likely still fine but there’s a slight risk you aren’t.

      • hey i had a swab test for lowes but i didnt know i was going to take it an tht moring i took a half of xanx n hit the weed a few times but that was around 8:30am or so n the drug test was around 4 4:30 that eveing but i did brush my teeth before leaving but no mouth wash.and he said he had to send it off on the fedx truck but my mouth was dry n i try not to put that must spit on it just enough so the dot turn blue. do you think i pass

  3. I resently took a urin test & passed it,when I went for my interview they gave me a swab test,do you think I passed the test?

    • If you passed your urine test naturally, and didn’t smoke since, you likely passed the saliva test as well. As a rule, if your urine is clean, your saliva will be too since the oral detection time is shorter.

      • I haven’t smoked in two days and have been gargling peroxide,I just found out I take the test in 3 a heavy smoker and will continue with the peroxide but is there anything else I should do?and the woman allows me to do it on my own,is there anywhere specific I should place the swab?it gets sent to a lab and takes about a week for results.please any advice!!!i need this job more than anything

        • For very important tests I’d always advise to use a product for that purpose (the gum mentioned in this post is my preferred one, but there are mouth washes that can get the job done as well), ideally along with some time of abstinence like you will already have. The job will always be worth the investment of removing the risk of failing entirely. That being said, you will still likely have decent chances of passing by just keeping on doing what you’re doing. You can place it where you like while avoiding the gum line and inbetween your teeth. I’ve heard people having success with keeping the swab as dry as they can since this might make it harder for the test to work properly (you obviously can’t leave it completely dry though).

  4. Hey I smoked for the first time Friday and Saturday. And I had a drug test that Monday. Do you think I passed?

    • As with all detox it would depend on your individual metabolism as well as how much and how potent stuff you did smoke at Saturday and Sunday, so really hard to say. Some manage to pass just 1-2 days after smoking, but there are also those that test positive after nearly a week of abstinence.

  5. I had a surprise swab test at my interview. I was assuming that they would have tested my urine so I had synthetic urine to back me up. I had smoked a few hits the night before at 7pm and woke up at 1am cuz I couldn’t sleep. I believe it was around 1pm the I took the test. I had some time to kill before the test so I came home to get my sythetic urine to pass, I smoked a cigarette and then brushed my teeth to go back to the interview and complete my drug screen. I arive and they pulled out the oral swab and I was like “OH NO!”. They said they would call the next day if there was anything wrong. It’s been 2 days now and they haven’t called. I am not sure if the lady made a mistake by saying it would only take a day for the HR department to get back to me.. it’s monday now, 3 days after I had donated my sample. I am prepairing that I may hear from them today, but i’m hopeful that my high metabolism, lack of sleep and food that day and the fact I’m not a chronic user may have allowed me to pass. I smoke only at night time to help ease to sleep. I didn’t smoke as much the night before because i wanted to stay sharp the next day leading to why I couldn’t sleep. I may be just throwing this story out, but do you believe it’s a possibility I could have passed?

    • I believe if you were a chronic user, chances would be very slim. But since that isn’t the case, it’s definitely possible you passed (with a bit of luck) due to the shorter detection times and some swab tests being less sensitive than others. I’ve heard it happen before, but it’s a real gamble.

  6. I also have one more question. How long can the samples go un-checked before they are no longer viable? Thank you.

    • Don’t know that one (and can’t think of a time it would matter). Testing facilities certainly will know and wouldn’t make such an obvious mistake as to let a sample go bad.

  7. Hello Sophie. Thank you for asnwering my questions. It’s been a week since i’ve messaged you last and 9 days since i’ve taken my drug screen. I haven’t heard anything from them to let me know I haven’t passed. I’m hoping they won’t call me today. People are telling me that I should be ok. I am stil a bit worried. I won’t start for another 2 weeks because the company just moved to this city and they are still refurbishing the work place. I will let you know if they do call me or don’t call. Thanks again, and I don’t recommend anyone take the same risk I did.

    • No problem. I’m inclined to agree with the people saying you should be ok. And yeah, neither do I, getting a job makes up for buying a detox drink that guarantees you that very job any day of the week, and you’ll be making a lot more money than that one product cost you in no time.

  8. I almost never smoke but last night i took about 4 hits off a mids joint. Today i had an interview with an unexpected mouth swab test. I took it about 14 hours after hitting the joint, and i brushed my teeth last night and this morning. It was the kind of test where you just let the swab soak up saliva. I let it soak up saliva off my tongue. I almost never smoke and when i do its in small amounts. What are the chances i passed?

    • Depends a lot on the specific test, some are more sensitive than others. In general they should detect THC usage that is this recent though. It works in your favor that you don’t smoke much at all in general, so you still definitely got a shot at passing. I wish you good luck, please do update with how it went.

  9. Thank heaps Sophie! This information is going to help me a lot as I have a test coming up soon. I’m also going to try that oral gum. great help thank you.

  10. I smoked like a day ago I have a mouth swab test tommorow at 4:30 HELPPP

    • You likely won’t get any products you order in time. Best bet might be finding a local head shop and see if they carry some mouth wash for passing tests. Other than that, do the general best practices outlined in the post, brush teeth and gums well etc.

  11. hishomielover says:

    I have a swab test on monday. I smoked on friday, which was half the morning and afternoon. If i brush n use mouthwash, will i b able to pass my mouth swab at 2pm if i dnt smoke saturday or sunday???

    • I think you will pass it either way, although it can’t be guaranteed and some tests can detect use up to a week, so in general it would be best to use a masking product if it’s an important test.

  12. Thanks for this website, but I’m freaking out like most that probably visit your site. I am a regular user, and some how this is my first drug test. I slowed down smoking last week, but had no idea I’d have an interview and an offer in a couple of short hours firt thing Monday morning. So tomorrow will be the swab and only 48 hours since I last smoked. I’m rinsing with peroxide hourly, and brushing. I went to a head shop and bought some mouthwash, but no gum. The only thing I feel better about is that I’ve always been really thin and have a very high metabolism. I might have been able to ask to take the test a day later, but how suspicious it that? Too late now, the test is in 14 hours!
    I was hopeful the 24-48 hours I read on other sites was true, but your site seems legit.

    • The 24-48 hours is still many times enough to pass, will depend on the test and as always how much you smoked. Since it can happen that it’s detected up to a week, imo it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry and take precautions. But in your case, since you did get a mouth wash for the purpose as well, I’d think you’re in the clear.

  13. Hey so i took my swab test on monday @ 2:00pm. I smoked the night before @ 11:30pm LATEST. I woke up at 9am ate a burrito, @11:30 brushed the fuck outa my teeth TWICE, got to work, ate a hot pocket and drank a mellow yellow after eating. Not 5 minutes later i got randomed. So i get to the room & the lady says to put it under ny tounge. I acted like i did but kept it floating between my teeth, between the roof of my mouth and my tounge. It barely touched in my mouth and when i pulled it out it was still straight and still dry, do you think i passed?

    • In that scenario you’d usually fail, no question about it, but since you managed to keep it mostly dry (and I take it they didn’t notice that or find it suspicious?) you may very well have passed.

      • Okay, I should know by tuesday or wedensday by the latest. Ill keep everyone updated! Ive been reading that it needs to be wet but then again, theyre just going off of the percentage of thc they find on the swab right?

        • Great, yeah that’s right. It does need to be wet, but that’s on the administrator of the test to make sure. He might ask you to take another swab or put in back in your mouth if it’s too dry.

        • Hi All,

          Andie, I wanted to know if you passed the screening?

          Please share.


      • OKAY GUYS HERE WE GO: SO I PASSED MY TEST! Brushed the fuck outa my teeth, gums, tounge, & the top my my mouth. TWICE but not to the point where it was bleeding. Mind you that I didnt use peroxide or mouth wash just a simple of brushing my teeth. I think it was a combination of eating when i woke up brushing my teeth, eating before the test & not allowing the swab to touch my mouth as much as possible (keep the swab as dry as possible) if youre not being closely administered the test. For my instence, there was so much people taking the test at the same time that they didnt notice it was still dry when it came out. They were too busy paying attention to others

  14. I smoked 2 days ago an I have a mouth swab test tomorrow do you think I will pass?

    • If I were you I’f get a drug testing mouth wash for the purpose from some head shop (the gum likely won’t get there in time although that would’ve been best). You still have a decent chance passing without using any product and just brushing your teeth properly, but it’s somewhat of a gamble.

  15. Hi! Im going to have a saliva test for a job in a little more than a week. By that day I’ll be clean (not smoking) for about 17-18 days, Im brushing my teeth and started using mouthwash yesterday. There should be no posibility of testing positive, right? Smoking cigarrettes on weekends and occasionally having bleeding gums would have something to do with the results? Thanks in advance.

    • You should definitely pass that test. It’s unheard of that a mouth swab could detect use 17-18 days back. Nah cigarettes won’t have any bad effect by now.

  16. Hello, so I haven’t smoked since last friday and I have a mouth swab test tomorrow (Friday). I’ve been brushing a lot and will do the same tomorrow, and I was planning on using listerine right before walking in the building.. Do you believe I have a good chance of passing? and if were suppose to avoid putting the swab on our gumline and between our teeth, where is the best place to put it?

    • You’re test will be done already by now but I’ll reply anyway. Although I’m not myself a fan of taking any risks and would rather use a product for it, I still believe you’re likely to pass it (a week is most of the time enough to abstain). Anywhere else pretty much, just as long as it gets a little wet. It’s not a major difference either way, but if you’re just on the edge of a positive test it might help.

  17. Hi been smoking for about 21 days then stopped for about 6 days do you think I will still pass a swab test tomm

  18. I am a daily user, and had a heads up about my swab test. Have not smoked since 11:00 pm on thursday, just drank on friday, and saturday. Today is sunday, and still worried I won’t pass the test tomorrow morning (mon). I’ve been brushing and using mouthwash like I do every day, but haven’t increased how many times I do so. Should I increase my brushing and mouthwash use? I worry about causing my gums to bleed, because I have gingivitis. I heard staying hydrated 24 hours before the test also helps. Looking for advice in my particular situation.

    • You got decent chances to pass naturally already but not guaranteed at all, best would be to get a product for masking saliva THC, such as the gum recommended in the post, or if in a rush some mouth wash from a local head shop.

  19. I smoked less than a blunt on Saturday night and hit the rest of it Sunday night around 1am then went to work and got a random saliva test around 8pm ibhad brushed my teeth just regular used some mouth wash before I went to work and had gum in my mouth just prior to the test what are my chances of passing

    • I couldn’t say what your chances are, too many factors that are in play such as potency, your individual metabolism, weed potency, etc. But I’d say they are not great, although there is still definitely a chance you passed. An update of whether you passed or not would be nice.

  20. IV smoked for 13 years everyday how long would it take for me to pass a swab test?

  21. Johnny Handsome says:

    I may some pre-employment screenings coming up after about five days of abstinence from one-to-two times a week low-volume (two-four hits) use of high potency stuff.

    I see a lot of mention about avoiding gumlines and space between teeth in some of the posts. I have a full set of dentures and plan to give them a good cleaning every night in case I have to test that day.

    I’m thinking it won’t be a problem. A UA might be another matter. Thoughts?

    • For an occasional user like yourself, 5 days is usually enough of abstinence to be clean for a mouth swab test naturally. An UA is definitely another matter. You’d want at least 2 weeks abstinence for that and preferably use a home test kit to confirm you’re clean before, if you opt for getting clean entirely naturally.

  22. ok every site I read refers to smoking weed only, what if it has digested? Does this still show on a saliva test?

    • Yes it still shows, the THC enters your salive from your bloodstream. And it gets in your blood from both smoking and digesting.

  23. I have swab test in 4days,haven’t smoked in 20 days,but took a at home piss test and tested positive for THC. Will I pass my swab test?

  24. Everyday user for years. Will be clean for seven days before swab test. Got mouthwash(listerine) and I workout in tae kwon do. Bought some Mexican wood chips that detoxes body for urine tests. What do you think my chances are? I’m nervous !

    • For most people 7 days is enough to be clean for a swab, but for everyday users for years like you mention you are, there may still be a slight risk. Can’t give you a number though.

  25. I no longer smoke pot due to having copd but i do occasionally eat cookies. Do you know if this would by picked up in these police drug tests or is it different? It is the only way I stay sane and not be on anti depressants.

    • Ingesting and smoking are not really different. Since you get effects from both, it means it reached your blood stream and will be in your system.

  26. The windy squid. says:

    Hello Sophie,

    I really like your site super helpful and easy to navigate!
    I just had a saliva test and am pretty sure I passed but I wanted a second opinion especially someone who has done her research.
    I am a daily smoker but very light, mainly a hit or two to get to sleep. After I found out I had saliva test 4 days in advance of taking it I stopped smoking all together, and just took it today.
    In your humble opinion do you think I passed o:

  27. Hey got a question I have and orientation for a job tomorrow at 1 im a big guy lol havent smoked for at least 4 days used to be a big time smoker now smoking once a week just want to know if you think ill pass the test? Its a saliva test.

    • Depends on how much you smoked last time more than anything I’d say, just a blunt, or say, a lot. Either way I think you have a decent chance of passing most swab tests after 4 days, but in the end you can’t know for sure.

    • I smoked about 8 hours ago , and i just got called for a swab test , i brushed my teeth , gums and tounge and cheeks 3 times ,used peroxide 3 times and listerine 3 or 4 times . On the way there i kept pepsi in my mouth ,bout 10 minutes. Used listerine til i got to the doors. Had to wait about 15 minutes for test….. what do u think my chances of passing are.?

      • A good test should be able to detect use after 8 hours easily, but it’s hard to say whether your safety measures will be enough or not, so I don’t know.

  28. Hii

    Is 6 days sufficient to pass the swab test, for occasional pot smoker?

  29. Okay so I smoke daily but I don’t smoke much. I smoked mids on Sunday. Around 12, didn’t smoke cause my saliva test was Monday so I didn’t smoke for about 54 hours I’m a obese, but the Sunday I brushed my teeth twice. And then Monday I brushed my teeth and I had my saliva test around 8:30, 15 mins prior the test I washed my mouth with listerine 6 times, do you think I passed?

  30. Hey Sophie…I smoked 2 blunts 25-30 days ago. Prior to that I have not smoked in over a year. Had a swab test done approximately 25-30 days after those 2 blunts…will I pass the swab test?? My swab test was sent to lab, does that make a difference?

  31. Hi, I recently had a swab test done and I hadn’t smoked 85 hours prior to it. I made sure to brush thoroughly and rinse with mouth wash and peroxide and drank lots of water. I rarely smoke, what do you think my chances are?

  32. Hello Sofia well I smoke occasionally and the last time I smoked was on Sunday and we’ll I only toke like about three hits and we’ll I have a swab test coming up on Tuesday for pre-employment and I wanna see if maybe I would be able to pass it I been brushing my teeth and rinsing with Listerine and drinking plenty of water do you think I’m good?

  33. Hello, so after not smoking for since months, I decided to smoke last night (tues). I took like 6 hits off a pinner. I have a swab test coming up on Monday. What’s tbe odds I will pass? Thanks

  34. Hello Sophie I have a saliva drug test tomorrow which is 1-7-16 I haven’t smoked since last Thursday issue is I take pills sometimes less like yesterday n today will I pass it if I brush my cheeks n gums with bleach n use mouth wash

    • Your test will be done by now, but do update with your results. You will still have THC in your system though whether you smoke or take pills.

  35. So I’m a regular smoker. Smoked last on Tuesday night have a swab test Friday morning for orientation. It’s now Wednesday what to do?? Chances of passing??

    • Hard to say, you’ll need some luck if you aren’t planning on using some product as well. Update with how it went!

  36. Everything that I’ve looked up on this Oral Clear Gum makes me uncomfortable. I cant find really any reviews let alone solid evidence that this is a real product. I mean even EBay says this is a hand wrapped item. How do I know this product isn’t a Scam? If its not were can i find a reliable source to obtain it from?

    • Well, it’s from Clear Choice, a brand that’s been around in the detox industry for over 20 years. It’s definitely a real product. Best would be to get it from the official site, as mentioned in the post above.

  37. I’ve been smoking religiously for 3 Years straight , from my experience I’ve failed 1 drug test from not smoking for 2 days. I have a test this Tuesday. It is currently Friday and I haven’t smoked since last Saturday so it’s been 6 days already sober. Do you think I’ll pass my test this following Tuesday , I’ve finished 2 bottles of Listerine if that helps lol and I will definitely give an update of my results ! Good luck to everyone

    • You’ll have about 10 days of abstinence, which should be enough time even for heavy users to pass a mouth swab test naturally. So I think you’ll be just fine, but your update will still be appreciated.

  38. Hi sophie i smoked a hit of a bong and a hit of a blunt on monday and had my swab test with the blue light on Wednesday i forgot to take any percautions.Do you think i passed?

    • Also thats the only time i have smoked in about 2 months.also im a big guy who has worked out monday tuesday and Wednesday and thus i was drinking a lot of water would thay affect the results?

      • That it’s a one time use definitely works in your favor, as well as your exercising and water habits. Still there’s no way to know until you get the results.

    • I also have braces would the metal in my mouth effect the results?

    • I got no idea. A good (as in sensitive) swab test would likely detect that, but there are still many tests that would not. With a bit of luck you passed, but do update with how it went.

  39. Hi Sophie, I have a swab test on Monday, which will be 12 days of not smoking. I am tall about 200lbs and smoke high grade on the regular. What are my chances of passing the swab test. I brush regularly and use mouthwash. Do you think I am good to go?

  40. Sophie I am a heavy smoker and I have a swab test coming up for a job on Tuesday Jan12.. I stopped smoking on the 30th of Dec and been drinking plenty of I have a chance of passing

  41. Well, I passed my test. Thanks for the advice and good luck to everyone else.

  42. Question, if I smoke a blunt would I be able to pass a test the next day, keep in mind I don’t have the oral gum that was mentioned. So if I was to use the other stuff that was mentioned would that help and how would I go about doing it?

    • It’s risky trying to pass it the day after without a good product to mask it, and I wouldn’t try it if the test was important. Many swab tests can still be passed the day after, meaning you could definitely pass it, but you may have a 20-80% risk of failing as well, depending on the specific test, your body’s metabolism as well as efforts put in such as mouth washing, brushing well, staying hydrated etc. Yeah it would help, at least a little, but it’s outlined in the article pretty well already so I won’t repeat it here. Just combine as many of the tips as you can since they work synergistically.

  43. Sophie,
    Props to you for answering so many “Will I pass” comments! I actually had a question on the gum. My work just recently stoped doin UA test and started doing the swab test lets just say alot of ppl have failed them due to not being prepared or just not knowing how to be prepared my question is can i start smoking full time again and just pop the gum if we get a random? I currently have not smoked for 2 weeks but once i feel 100% confident in the gum i would like to order some so i can finally relax again!

    • Haha, thanks John. They do get repetetive.. I know the gum says that, but personally I’d still always prefer a couple of days of abstinence as well, at least if you’re a heavy smoker. Whether it will work right after heavy use, for a frequent user, I have no idea, but it does seem a bit risky, no matter what product or measures you’d take.

  44. I smoke a decent amount, no more once per day. I haven’t smoked in about 40 hours, I brushed my teeth a bunch of times, but I really focused on using mouth wash. I must of went through half of a big bottle of mouth wash in the past 40 hours. I also drank a lot of water. I recieved the test, and I was able to do it myself (while monitored of course) I let it barely sit on my tounge in between my teeth but it did turn blue. What are my chances of passing.

  45. Hi, I have a mouth swab on Monday I have three days too stay clean what can I do to help pass this test I don’t have the money to buy the fancy gum or mouth wash! Any tips

  46. hi there! i have a mouth swab drug test monday. i smoked a blunt just now .. if i dont smoke for the rest of the day and sunday, will i still have a chance of passing if i take precautions such as brushing like hell for the next two days ( not til i bleed tho )? now as of now i only have listerine strips, no mouthwash and i cant afford mouthwash from a head store right now, so will the listerine be affecftive to??

    • and i am a heavy smoker like 6-10 a day !!

    • As always, you can’t know for sure. There’s a good chance you can pass it, but always a risk that you don’t. The listerine strips could help a bit, but not sure if it’s enough to make any difference.

  47. hey sophie i got a question. I smoked some bs ass weed 1/17/2016 around 8:30am or so n at 4 430 pm lowes popped a swab test on me. but i did brush my teeth before i when for 3:00pm to the interview, but i didnt use mouthwash n i end up taking a half of xanx that moring too.but i did eat a big ass burger n i drink alot of pops and i smoked a cig before i got there, but when i took the the test i put the swab in between jar n teeth but as he was in his office i had a paper towel that he gave me n everytime he left out i took it out of my mouth n dry it with paper towel but i put just a lil spit so the hole can gone turn blue. an i dry it out pently of times it took almost 30 min with the test because i try to keep my mouth dry.. do you think ill real with me

    • If you’re a chronic smoker then I doubt you passed, if just an occasional smoker, maybe, but still not great odds imo, it’s the same day after all. But I’ve heard it happen before so you’ll just have to wait and see if luck is on your side.

  48. I am a heavy smoker and I haven’t smoked for about 24 hours. I have my DT (spit) Monday afternoon. I’ll let you guys know how I do. Okay, enough for now going to brush my teeth and floss. Night!

  49. Hi Sophie, great page thank you. I have a swab test tuesday at 12:15, if I stol for 5 days, what precautions do you think I should take for the test? Since I plan on stopping now till tuesday, will normal brushing, and a few peroxide rinses do the trick you think?

    • Hey Vince, and thanks. Personally I always use Oral Clear to not leave anything to chance. But if you don’t want to use that, follow the general advice on the page with brushing and regular mouth wash etc, if you’re an occassional smoker I’d still say you’re most likely clean by then, as a heavy user the odds are still on your side but a bit riskier nonetheless.

      • Thank u I’m an extremely heavy smoker of very high grade medicine. Since I couldn’t get the gum in time, and no head shops sell it here in PA/OH. I grabbed the mouthwash for an extra boost of clean. It’s Tomorrow at noon, and will be day 7. Been brushing like crazy, 1/3 peroxide, 1/3 listerine, /1/3 water, that’s been my rinse after intense teeth scrubbing sessions. I think Goin 7 days clean, with the stinger mouthwash I should be good. Wish me luck! Your page helped my confidence on passing, and gave me some great tips! Keep it up please, we need more informative, open minded people like you. Thanks again, and I’ll get back to you tomorrow and let you know if I pass.

  50. Hey, had a drug test … Very heavy smoker (5+ blunts a day) .. Did the week long detox, exercised, tea, vitamin b u name it for a week. Than they pulled out the swab, no warning beforehand. Brushed my teeth twice a day, mouthwashed probably twice in the week (I don’t do this everyday) … What do you think? I was like noooo the swab.

    • A week is usually sufficient though for the swab test, but not always. I think you passed, but you won’t know for sure until you get the results.

  51. I smoked about 2 hours ago and brushed my teeth cheeks and gums with baking soda I have a mouth swab test in about 2 hours I’m not sure if I’m gonna pass

  52. Heather ballard says:

    Hey Sophie, I haven’t smoked since before thanksgiving but, before then was using for medical reasons. I took a UA last Monday and failed. I was shocked. I drink a ton of water and exercise daily. I’m about 125pounds and 5’2″. I did another test he same day and got diluted negative. I take several medications for my disability and have explained to them that I have to drink about 2 gallons of water a day. It’s my first test for probation and the guy at the lab suggested a swan test. I’m okay if it shows anything for my medications because it simply just will… I have crowns and a brace for my TMJ. Will I be fine for a swab test? I bought the 4 day toxin rid with the mega clean as well…. What do you suggest I do?

    • If it’s a swab test, and you haven’t smoked since thanksgiving as you say, you’re certainly fine, it can’t detect for that long and any results would be from something else such as your meds. The Toxin Rid and Mega Clean is good to use if you’re facing another ua, but for the swab test, you don’t need to use them.

      • I did the four day cleanse and I’ll do the other tomorrow but, will it be good enough to rid me for next month as well without smoking? (As in is it a permanent fix)

        • I assume you mean the Toxin Rid 4 days and talking about a mouth swab test. And yeah for mouth swab tests that should do, and you’ll stay clean to pass one as long as you don’t smoke again.

  53. Ashley middleton says:

    Hello I have drug test coming up next week and I smoked weed on Sunday and I was just wondering do u think I will pass the test I been drinking a lot of tea all week

    • Assuming it’s a swab test, it would depend on how heavy a user you are in general and the amount you smoked Sunday, and you chances of passing increase a good deal with each additional day of abstinence, so Monday-pretty risky, Friday-You’ll probably pass.

  54. Sophie,
    I really appreciate this comment section that you have created here. Wish I would have seen it sooner, as I just took my swab test for a new job, and now realize I probably should have used the mouth detox stuff. But, I still curious on YOUR comment to my situation. I’m a 60 yr old, overweight, almost daily user for past 20 yrs, especially chronic user past year. Last I smoked was on Friday morning, small amount. I’d been doing a herbal detox cleanse (lots of bathroom trips), Vit. C, Niacin, and lots of water, veg. juice and salads. Also ate a fatty meat taco an hour before test. I’m just worried that I didn’t do enough. BUT, I also have prescription for OXYCOTIN, but I haven’t taken those for over a week. So my question is, what are my chances, in your opinion, of passing. And if, I fail, or they able to distinguish between the drugs? Because apparently, if I show them a prescription when they call about the test, it’ll be ok. But will blue swab test tell difference between marijuana and OxyContin?
    And thanks again

    • Hey PAM, I recently decided to stop approving and answering comments when people have already taken their test, since it won’t change the results and it’s still just an opinion, mainly though since it will allow me to reply faster to those who still have a chance to affect the outcome of their test. But since you left such a detailed commented before I added this “rule” I’ll make an exception.

      For occassional users, 4 days (seems that’s the amount of abstinent time you had?) is usually enough to pass, for chronic users, it’s riskier, although still an alright chance to pass. Since you did a herbal cleanse and some other stuff, I think you have pretty good chances but it’s very hard to make an accurate guess whe it comes to chronic users, too many factors play a part. As for Oxycontin, I think in a lab they’d be able to differentiate between the drugs at least, but if they don’t send it to one, a prescription may be a saving grace. Not entirely sure of exactly how it works though.

  55. So I was 15 days sober and of course it was more than enough days to pass . And I did. I got the job . I suggest for anyone who smokes consistently to wait off a week . I failed once before and now I’m paranoid to wait off 2 days therefore I choose 7 days or 15 lol

  56. Hey folks, I just passed one of these on a job interview. Had no idea it was coming. I am a daily smoker, but not heavy. Swab test 4pm. Last bowl 12am(night before). 16 hour elapsed no smoke. Woke up 2 cups black coffee, eggs/toast, 3 pints water, 1 multi-vitamin, 2 cigarettes. Brushed teeth,gums,tongue morning. Again before leaving for interview. Just befor meeting, mouthwash swish. Basically, I did what i normally would do for a job interview. Now I’ve heard that the test can only detect 12-24 hrs. i would fall in that range. obviously, stopping before test is ideal, but for random testing I like your gum advice. Good luck all.

    • Thanks for sharing Mike. Ye some tests only detect well for the last 24 hours, others for a few days. Also depends on how fast your body breaks down the blood THC, which is where it comes from to enter your saliva. I’ve heard of many that have passed withing 24 hours like you did with just general hygiene precautions, but also many that have failed, so as you say, better abstain for a while to make it less of a gamble.

  57. I smoked for the first time in 9 months last night. It was only 4 small hits off of a blunt but I may have a saliva test in 3-4 days where you suck on a sponge then squeeze your saliva into three different tests. What do you think my chances are of passing??

    • I think you’re most likely fine (at least for a regular swab), but one day can make all the difference here, as in, 4 is definitely preferred over 3. But I’m not very familiar with that spnoge test, so I don’t know how accurate and sensitive it is.

  58. Hello sophie…. I am a active user of regular, i haven’t smoked since Thursday night around 9 pm been clean since ,my swab test is basically when i show up and do it …if i were to go tomorrow, in ur professional opinion what are the chances im going to test positive for thc ?

    • Hi Jay. I think as a rule, if you’re a heavy/frequent user and you can choose when you want to take the test, I’d take it after 10 days of abstinence since the chances of it detecting anything in your saliva by then are very very small. You’re likely safe after 7 days as well, but 10 days is more of a guarantee. If you have it sooner than that, I’d use a good product such as the gum mentioned above.

  59. I am a frequent smoker, just found out I have a saliva test Monday. I don’t have access to the detox mouth washes, are there any tricks I can start doing today to make sure I pass by Monday morning?
    Thanks in advance!

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