How To Pass A Urine Drug Test Fast for Weed

Ah. The urine test. The most common of drug tests. I lost count a long time ago of the number of these I’ve beaten. A few of them while actually being clean, but most of them while having recently smoked a bowl.

I’m going to tell you what the general consensus in the community is on what works for passing these as well as what I do to pass my urinalysises consistently.

But first some basics.

Not a urine test? Find out how to beat: the hair test, the saliva test or the blood test.

Basics Of The Urinalysis

smoking weed recently and the urinalysis

Regular pot smoker? Then you may potentially be at risk for months of testing positive.

The urine drug test requires you to give a sample of your pee. If you’ve recently used pot, metabolites resulting from your body breaking down THC can be found in your urine. These are also what the drug test is looking for.

A urine test can be given at any time, without much warning, but this is rare. Usually you get a time scheduled at a testing facility in the near future and will have some time to prepare for it.

Generally a urine test can detect THC in your urine for 1-10 days after single use, but anywhere between a week and 3 months+ if you’re a regular weed user.

The urine test is the type that leaves you with the largest amount of options for passing it (some safer and more reliable than others, obviously), ranging from flushing the body to using adulterants or synthetic urine instead of your own.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

how to pass a urine drug testSo, let’s get down to business. How do you pass the urine drug test?

As with any drug test, I’m all for minimizing any risks of failing it. If that means I need to spend a few extra dollars, so be it. Keeping my job is gonna be worth it.

There are plenty of websites and detox drinks that say all you need to do is drink one before the test and you’re fine. Their goal is to sell you their product so of course that’s what they’ll say. The reality however is that although they increase your chances, on their own they are in no way a reliable method of passing your test. Personally, I combine same day detox drinks with more reliable methods.

If you go to Amazon and search for THC detox drinks, and then take a look at the 1-star reviews of these drinks (usually at least 33% of the reviews) you will see that about a third fail when using these drinks. How’s that for a reliable method? And how many who did pass would have passed anyway, detox drink or not? If it has a better rating than this, it’s usually because it’s not a detox drink specific for drug tests so many of the good reviews are not because someone passed a test, but simply because they liked the taste and how they felt after drinking it. Read the reviews and you’ll find out!

I’ll go through some alternatives later on, but here’s how I always do it and how I’d suggest you do as well;

  1. A 10 day detox with Toxin Rid. This is the core product. I never compromise on this, but if I have less time than 10 days I may use it more times daily to make up for it. If I only smoked once or twice in the last couple of weeks I may do just a 5 day detox.
  2. Obviously, abstain from weed from the day you learn you got a test coming up. I also follow the DEERS rules as best as I can, which basically means I try to drink, eat, exercise, rest and sweat optimally. Drinking a lot is especially important for flushing and diluting your urine, but don’t overdo it. You can learn more about it here.
  3. The same day of the test drink a detox drink such as One Shot Concentrate or Mega Clean. Follow the instructions, but usually the optimal time is 2-3 hours before the test. Don’t exercise the same day.
  4. Urinate a couple of times before your test and then use mid-stream pee for your sample. So not the very first drops that come out, and not the last ones either.

And that’s it.

Pretty simple, huh? This works well for both supervised and unsupervised urine tests.

Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid

I’ve said it before, but if it’s one product to get for your urine tests, it’s Toxin Rid. What it does is that it actually cleanses you thoroughly over the period of the detoxification program, leaving very little THC left in your body. It does this very effectively as well, much more so than the majority of similar detox programs.

Same day detox drinks on the other hand attempt to mask the THC inside you temporarily while you take the test (really detoxing takes more than a couple of hours), which contributes to the high failure rate if you rely solely on. The THC is still inside you and when too much, it’s hard to cover up.

The combination of the two is where the beauty lies. After using Toxin Rid your THC levels are low enough that they can easily be masked by a solid same-day detox drink.

Both these products are from highly reputed companies, which I find is pretty important for sensitive matters like drug tests. This means they’re reliable and knows the importance of fast shipping (1-day option available) and discretion (discreet packaging so that no one can tell what you ordered).

Toxin Rid is sold by TestClear who have been in the business since 1995 and have a great live chat support to quickly answer your questions.

One Shot Concentrate

One Shot Concentrate

One Shot Concentrate is from one of the pioneers in the industry, Clear Choice, going back all the way to 1993. It’s sold from their website and comes with a 200% money back guarantee.

It is very effective and at the same time very small and convenient. Comes with four free herbal cleansing capsules to take with water right after the shot.

Another good tip is to test yourself at home before your real drug test. This is a great way to track your detox progress, and very accurate at that. It’s not quite the same as an examination in a lab however, so you’ll still want to detox even if it turns negative. I generally use this THC urine home test.

A cool bonus when ordering Toxin Rid though is that you can choose to get an at home urine drug test for free with the order.

But as mentioned before, there are more options available..

Synthetic Urine (24-hour method)

Synthetic urine is a good option at times, although in my opinion mostly not preferred over detoxing.

A few years back however, it was an entirely different story.

What changed is that labs got better at determining whether a urine sample was real or not, but more importantly that the testing supervision got stricter to the point where there many times is nowhere left to hide your bag of fake pee.

As a result of this, beating the urine test with synthetic urine is not as easy as it once was.

It doesn’t help that a lot of aged information on this topic from older articles and forum posts online keep fooling people. They then do it wrong and end up not only failing their tests, but have to live with the embarrassment of getting caught with a bag of heated pee strapped to their thighs (or wherever).

With all this said, I do want to point out that, although not as easy as in the past, it still doesn’t have to be all too difficult to beat your drug test this way. It depends on the supervision strictness of those testing you, what urine brand you use and a few other things. When needed for an unsupervised test, Sub-Solution is what I use. A very reliable one with a few usage advantages over most other fake urine kits, including a 200% money back guarantee.

For a truly supervised urine test such as the one demonstrated in the video below, using synthetic urine isn’t very realistic.  In this case you should definitely go for detoxing instead, so you can use your real urine to pass.

It does come with the luxury of not having to abstain from weed at all, which means it’s the best way to beat your urine drug test in just 24 hours, provided you already have your synthetic urine at home. If you suspect you may get random drug tests with very short notice, having a bag of synthetic urine at home already can be a great idea.

Sub-solution powdered urine

Sub-Solution – this is the synthetic urine I mainly use.

Read my Adult-only Guide On How To Pee to learn all you need to know about using synthetic urine to pass your drug test and what brands work well.

Alternative Home Remedies

There are a few alternatives, some helpful, some just dumb. These should all be taken with a grain of salt however, since they are no substitute to the more reliable methods described above.

One common rumor is that you can pass the test by simply adding an adulterate to your pee after it’s in the cup. This is not very hard for drug testers to detect however, since they usually screen for common adulterants (bleach, ammonia, visine, you name it) and any irregularities (too diluted, pH out of whack, etc) in a sample will cause suspicions.

The same is true for the rumored golden seal, cranberry juice and Palo Azul. Golden seal will do little if anything to help you pass the test. Cranberry juice will likely make your test look tampered with due to the pH. Palo Azul is unlikely to help you more than any other diuretic.

Among home remedy based techniques many have seen success with the Certo method (sometimes referred to as the Sure Gel or Sure Jell method), based on using fruit pectins before your test. I wouldn’t personally rely solely on this though, but it could definitely work as substitute for the same-day detox drink.

As touched upon before, drinking a lot of water, and thus urinating frequently, is key the days leading up to your urine test. Diluting your urine sample is another popular and somewhat effective aid in passing urinalysises. Essentially, it relies on consuming a lot of liquids before your test. This can work due to the test measures concentration of THC metabolites, nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml). by increasing the fluid amount while the amount of metabolites stay the same, the concentration lowers.

There are problems that need to be addressed though, to hide that you’ve diluted it (they can see this through various ways). Firstly you need to add some color to the urine or it will be all watery. A vitamin B-2 or B-complex tablet will make it yellow again. You also need to raise your creatinine levels since they look at these when deciding if your sample is too diluted. Taking creatine 2 days before your test is the best way for this, since it gets metabolized into creatinine within 48 hours.

Aspirin is another often mentioned home remedy. Taking 4 aspirins 4-6 hours before the test can sometimes interfere with immunoassays and cause false negative.

What’s your thoughts and/or experiences on how to pass a urine drug test?


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  1. Hi! I have a question about the One Shot Concentrate product-the instructions state to allow the product “60 minutes…to become effective.” Then they state ” maximum effectiveness is achieved within the first hour.” Does that mean the max effectiveness starts AFTER waiting the 60 min for it to “become” effective? Or are the “60 min” & the “first hour” the same? Thanks!!! Love your website-VERY helpful. –Elle

    • I agree that sounds a little confusing. It’s 60 minutes for it to take effect, since it can’t affect your urine the very second you drink it, it first needs to go through your stomach etc. That means it’s the first hour after this that they state it reaches max effectiveness.

  2. Hi there,

    I found this site a little over 2 weeks ago and have been following all the advice pretty hardcore. Here’s the story – about 3 months ago I stopped buying “toxins” due to not having it in the budget, but I used to smoke daily, just usually 1 bowl and share it with my girlfriend. Sometimes my friends would smoke me up here and there, but for the most part I didn’t partake or have any. After a month, I stopped smoking completely, declining any offers/etc. In total I was 2 months completely free of it. Well, 3 weeks ago I bought some and smoked a bowl a day for a week. Then it came, I got the job offer of a lifetime.

    I immediately stopped partaking, and started eating extremely healthy foods, taking hour-long walks daily, and working out with cardio workouts 15-30mins a night. By the time my test comes, it’ll have been 19 days.

    I ordered the 10-day toxin rid and started it exactly a week after I stopped smoking. Started Thursday, ended yesterday (Saturday). It definitely made me go to the restroom a lot more! I’ve been testing myself almost daily, and usually there’s at least a faint line now (sometimes darker, sometimes barely there). Well, tomorrow is my test and while I’m technically passing on my first piss of the day (a visible but faint line), I’m still a bit worried since it’s not super obvious.

    I had ordered the day-of detox drink you mentioned, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to get here in time. Due to this, I’m thinking of getting QCarbo 32. Since I’m passing the home tests every day now (barely), do you think the qcarbo should do the trick? I’m going to test myself the morning of and also right before the test to see how it looks.

    I’m also a bit confused because after doing more research, it seems the darkness or lightness of the line is dependent on the individual test and has nothing to do with how much THC waste is left over in your system. I even read one person who tested the same sample twice with 2 different tests and one was darker than the other.

    It’s stupid I even have to do this because it’s legal in my state (Colorado), but from what I’ve read that doesn’t matter at companies since it’s still illegal federally.

    Thanks for this site and any advice you may have!

    • Hey Jason.

      You seem to be doing things just as they should be done. Many skip out on diet and exercise (due to lazyness mainly) but that definitely makes a difference, especially so in synergy with detox products. Going to the restroom more is all good and to be expected as well, since that’s how the toxins are removed.

      Definitely get that Qcarbo32 if you won’t get the ordered detox drink on time. They are especially effective when you’re on the edge of passing naturally, since the smaller amount of toxins is way easier to hide.

      Home-tests can certainly be confusing sometimes (especially if you aren’t used to them). Most of the time they’re still fairly accurate though, yet not quite as accurate as a lab test. Even a faint line generally indicates a passed test, and like you said, many times the color or strength of the line has no meaning at all. All that matters is that there is a line. But there are many different brands of home tests so it might differ some. Here’s a resource on reading home tests explaining the faint line with images

      I agree it’s stupid. It’s legal, yet you face pretty much the same issues as you would in any other state. Best of luck with your test either way!

  3. Not seeing my comment, testing if this post works

    • The reason you weren’t seeing your comment is it has to be manually approved first, to keep the comments free from spam. May take 1 to a few days generally, depending on when I have time to read them.

  4. I haven’t consumed since Tuesday, and it’s been mostly reggie. If I run let’s say about 2 or 3 miles for the next 3 days while drinking plenty of water and so on, would that possibly be enough to naturally pass a drug test? I don’t really have the funds for detox solutions (except for whatever Planet K has) Thanks

    • Impossible to say. It depends on how much you’ve been smoking prior in terms of amount, frequency and how potent stuff. Also on your individual metabolism. When on a budget the best options are generally to get some synthetic urine. If you are going to try it naturally, at least get yourself some home drug test strips. Amazon sells them in packs of 10 for like 8 bucks. If you’re testing positive on these, you’re unlikely to pass the real one, while if you’re testing negative, your chances are decent.

  5. Hi there, I have a DT for a job I really need and want. I stopped smoking immediately once I was made aware of the test. I have been a pretty regular smoker for years now and usually smoke high grade stuff about 5 times a week 3-4 bong hits a day. I have been off the green with no detox pills for 3 days, drinking tons of water, eating healthier (more greens, lean meats, no red meat or junk food). I received my 10 day toxin rid on the 4th day of not smoking and started it immediately. I have also been working out for about an hour every other day (and hopefully everyday next week as I’m off work on vacation) I have been able to postpone my test so that I will have been off weed for about 17 days until the test. I plan on stopping working out 2 days before the test and using one shot concentrate on the day of the test. I have yet to test my urine myself bc I think it’s too soon, but have a couple home tests I plan to take once I get further along in the detox. I feel like I’m obsessing over this but the job is very important to me. I am 5’1 about 105 lbs. pretty healthy and fit, although I’ve gained a bit of weight bc I always do in the fall/winter and during the holidays. Would you recommend taking fiber supplements during the use of the toxin rid? What about Niacin to possibly speed up metabolism? How would you recommend I use the fiber powder that came in the kit? Is it necessary or should I just stick to fiber pills? I must thank you for this website and all of your detailed advice and experience on this subject. You really helped relieve my anxiety and have given me faith that I may be able to pass this test. Like you I tend to research meticulously on things that interest me and are very important to me. It took me a minute to stumble upon your site as I had to sort through all of the other stuff on the subject. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!!!!

    • Hey, I don’t think you’re obsessing (not too much anyway) since 17 days is actually not that long a time of abstinence considering you’ve smoked potent stuff several times a day on most days prior. That being said you seem to be doing things right when it comes to detox. Fiber supplements would be unnecessary imo since you already have that with Toxin Rid, although it obviously can’t hurt either. If you have them already, then use them at a different time of the day from the Toxin Rid fiber. As for how to use them just follow the instructions.

      I think you should be fine for your test doing what you’re doing, but as always there are no guarantees since people have different bodies and metabolisms and so on. I understand that you really want the job so my final advice would be to go on what your home tests show you eventually. In the case you still test positive on your home tests the days before your actual test, synthetic urine would be an option to fall back on. Many very heavy users (I’d say you fall under that category from your description) prefer synthetic urine over detox since it can vary so much in terms of how long it takes to clear the system.

  6. Hi, great website!!
    One quick question, Toxin Rid claims to clear your system of toxins, and unless you take drugs again, you should pee clean regardless of when the test is… Unlike most other methods that only dilute you pee, and you’ll only pee clear for a few hours, have you tested this?

    • Yes that’s how it works and that is why you take it over a set amount of days, because for detox to happen the toxins needs time to leave your body. And once you’ve actually detoxed, it means most of the toxins are no longer in your body and thus it doesn’t matter when you take your test since the detoxed toxins won’t get back into your body unless you smoke again before. Same day detox drinks (the most common detox product) work in part by diluting and won’t detox you, only increase your chances a bit over the next few hours. This is why a combination of real detox and masking whatever is left remains the best solution.

  7. Last weekend I smoked for the first time in my life, Saturday I did 2 dabs and Sunday I did 3 dabs. Today I found out that I will be needing to pass a drug test in about 1 and a half weeks, will the DEERS method work? Or will I need to do more?

    • If you have a fast or even just normal metabolism, I think DEERS would be enough. 2+3 dabs isn’t that much. But, you’d still do best in getting yourself a home test kit to make sure you’re clean before your test.

  8. I have a random drug test coming up in the next few days, and I have smoked heavily for almost 3 months (multiple times a day), but I also run track (therefore i sweat a lot and drink a lot of water) and have a very fast metabolism (6’4, only 165 pounds). I’ve been clean for 2 days. I have 2 questions- how long do you think it would take me to get clean, and will the Cetro method work for me.

    • Multiple times daily is considered very heavy use and with such a short time until a test, synthetic urine is definitely the preferred method. Certo is a very hit and miss method, imo reserved for very strict budgets, because although many pass with it, a lot of people have failed with it as well. Considering your fast metabolism and exercise habits, a 10 day Toxin Rid would likely do it for you, but then again we’re talking 10 days at the very least which is more than you have here and still not guaranteed since everyone has different body chemistries.

  9. Hello Ms Sophie,
    Please help!! I had an interview this morning (Thursday), They called me back this afternoon and said if I would like the job a drug test will be issued on Monday. Idk what to do. I’ve been smoking on a consistent nightly basis for a couple years now. When I say I’m broke, I’m literally broke. I realize you get what you pay for but I need this job bad! Bills are coming around again and let’s not mention Christmas. Can you help please??

    • Hi Celia, I think your only reliable option here would be synthetic urine, perhaps Purine, which is pretty affordable. Make sure to read the guide on fake urine on this site first though.

  10. I purchased some ClearChoice Sub-Solution for a potential drug test I may have coming up for a job. After some further research I understand some labs may test for the presence of urea in the urine sample. I wasn’t able to find any solid information if Sub-Solution contains urea, so I was curious if you had any input regarding the matter as I am tempted to also order some Quick-Fix 6.1 due to this fact. On a side note the company is a larger bank/corporation so I am assuming they are probably more about crunching pennies and may not utilize the most advanced testing facilities due to costs, but I am no expert and any advice at all would be appreciated.

  11. Hi
    I don’t smoke often in fact its been about 20 days since I did, I have a drug test coming up. Thing is I normally urinate about every 20 minutes, and I drink quite a bit of water, soy milk and juices. My urine is naturally kinda clear. I’m wondering if that will affect my test in any way? Plus should I be overly concerned about not passing this test? I’m 5’9″ and 260lbs not extremely active, except my walks to every bathroom around!

    • Would depend on how much you smoke when you do, how potent stuff etc also, and your metabolism. But it sounds like you’re likely to be clean naturally in this time, since 20+ days is a decent amount of time for an ocassinal smoker. Get a home test kit to make sure though. Other than that, yes clear urine may give suspicions of dilution, so it might be a good idea to add some b-vitamins for color to avoid that.

  12. Thank you for a very informative site. I am 5’5 190lbs, I stopped smoking for a few years, then was smoking high grade bowls for a week, found out i need a DT in 7days I have the 5-day toxin rid, would that be enough to pass?

    • No probs! Depends on the amount of high grade stuff / how many times/day etc more than anything. There’s a good chance the 5-day is enough though, but you’ll want to home test yourself once done to make sure you’re clean enough. Synthetic urine is always a decent backup plan should you have to resort to that still.

  13. Hey
    So I am trying to get clean for a test I found out about on Tuesday. (it’s Thursday morning niw). I am a heavy smoker meaning daily for a few years. I have a test on next Friday so a week from tomorrow. Starting working out yesterday. Doing 3 to 6 miles a day, wheat grass shots, 2500 mg of niacin every other day, cranberry juice, multi vitamins, vitamin B for color, and Electrolytes. Also going to pick up that one shot concentrate. What else should I be doing because I NEED to be clean. Thank you!!!

    • As a daily smoker for years this isn’t a whole lot of time to get clean, not with products, but especially not with a natural approach. The best you culd do is probably to get some home tests to monitor yourself, and ideally have some synthetic urine ready as backup since chances are you won’t be clean enough by then to use your own.

  14. Hi Sophie!

    So I emailed you a few days ago in a panic- testclear wasn’t getting back to me and I have a very important second interview for an awesome job on Monday.

    Their live chat turned on, and i gave them the situation- didn’t smoke a lot (3 or 4 joints shared with 2 people 13 days ago, 2 or 3 blunts shared between 2 people 11 daysago).

    But the problem is the blunts were definitely laced- hit me like nothing else has before and I used to smoke a lot more/more often when I was in college 5 years ago. Based on the effects they think it was X (felt like I was flying and spinning above myself and seeing myself as if from in the air, super turned on and so happy).

    I’m an occasional user now- usually about 2-3 times a month max I split a few blunts or joints when someone can smoke me out because I’m flat broke. And I mean like no money at all.

    I don’t know if I smoked enough to have to do a detox, and I have no idea what kind of test they’ll do. I’m up for a few management positions at a place that requires state licenses. Testclear recommended a one or two day toxin rid detox plan and nothing else, free drug test, order more if I want.

    But I have a super sensitive stomach and some GI issues- don’t want to detox if I don’t have to but need peace of mind. I’m sure it will be a scheduled lab test and not an on the spot bc it’s a casino job and they need to make sure you’re clean. Also it’s post offer, and my second interview is still 5 days away. It could even be run through the state gaming commission. I’m guessing a urine but I have no idea.

    I didn’t know about the opportunity until end of last week and they fast tracked me-meeting with the VP of HR. I’m terrified I’ll fail but have no money to spend on different kinds of detox programs for different types of tests.

    I know I sound paranoid, but they gave me a list of ingredient in their toxin rid systems. I probably have time to space things out. I wouldn’t want to buy from any other detox website since theyre so well known and worked so well for you.

    I know their cleanses work for weed, saliva, and blood. I tried to talk to my stomach doctor and see if he can recommend something he thinks will work well for my body- even read the ingredients of toxin rid detox from test clear- but hes on vacation

    since I didnt know this opportunity would come; I haven’t been eating right or exercising or drinking enough water. I got in a car accident and am in a lot of pain; nothing too serious, but I knoe I can’t really staty and f I know that’s not healthy in general but im only about 155 lbs, 5’7″, late 20s.

    Bottom line- this could be the start of a career for me instead of just a job. I want to buy multiple drug tests- that cover different drugs for peace of mind mostly. And do the safest test
    Have you used the 10 panel drug test kit sold by test clear? I know lots of tests are unreliable. Thinking of ordering 3 with fast shipping. So I can do one now to see where I’m at, day of the interview if I think I’ll be too anxious without making sure I’m clean and don’t blow it. And another for when I know for sure what kind/when then the test will be.

    I know they aren’t expensive but the shipping is hard to swallow.

    Since I’m so broke and really need this job, what would you recommend to make sure I’m clean from all drugs and still not blow the bank/risk stomach issues? Thanks!


    • Hi Erika. I think if you have a really sensitive stomach, synthetic urine would be the go-to. But that also comes down to what you know about the supervision when submitting your sample (will you be watched or not?). It’s also more affordable than a proper detox. Other than that, if one is set to detox, you’re on the right track of really making sure with home test kits. I actually never used the test clear multi panel tests since I stick to weed. Either way, if you’re ordering several tests, I’d go with amazon instead since it gets a lot cheaper at less than a buck per test when you buy like 10 of them and usually good shipping options.

  15. Hey, so I just found out about a great internship with a company. I smoke very avidly probably like 4-5 bowls a day and am wondering what steps I should take I order to pass my test. It is in about 3 weeks and I am just starting to get nervous about how to do it and if I will even pass if I do do these things. Also this company I am applying for is also part of a family business so I really can’t fail this or my family will find out about this all. Any help would be extremely appreciated and a plan to get through this is needed as well. Thanks!

    • 4-5 bowls is a whole lot and thus no detox can guarantee you getting clean this fast. It would be my guess you will be clean enough if you go with a 10 day Toxin Rid and also go heavy on exercising, drinking fluids and being healthy in general, but for some people it may not be. So for this kind of heavy use, synthetic urine is usually the go-to, since pre-employment tests are generally not supervised, but it never hurts doing your due diligence to make sure that’s the case for this job as well.

  16. Hey Sophie!
    I quit smoking three days ago and before that had been smoking every night for about a month. My test is Monday (or sometime next week) and was considering synthetic urine but wonder if a detox drink (the drink an hr before type) would do it. I would love your advice!

    • Since you’ve been smoking every night for a month, I’d really not trust 1 week of abstinence and a same day detox drink to pass it. The least you should do is test yourself first if you want to go with that approach. Chances are you’ll test positive on it. Synthetic urine is likely your best option here no matter what.

  17. I get that you recommend Toxin Rid, but what if i don’t have time to wait for it to ship? I live in Denver, there’s tons of head shops that sell detox kits, so are there any active ingredients i should look for?

    • Not specifically, since not 1 alone would really do it, many used in synergy works best in general. Fiber is great however to help expel THC.

  18. Hi Sophie,
    I take powdered creatine monohydrate, the stuff weight lifters take to enhance muscle mass.
    1) i think creatine comes in a few different forms; will creatine monohydrate work for the purposes you have described here?
    2) for weight lifter guys the rule of thumb is to take about a tablespoon (5 grams) per day – any more than that is just waste. Is that appropriate dosage in this situation as well? Any reason to take more in the days leading up to the test, especially since my body is already accustomed to 5g per day?

    • Nah no reason to take more, it could even seem suspicious if creatinine levels are off the charts since it could mean one is trying to pass through dilution (weight lifting is a valid enough reason though so wouldn’t worry about that). There are more things they can check for though when it comes to dilution, so just relying on creatine and drinking water isn’t exactly fool-proof, if that’s the plan.

  19. Hi Sophie,
    I am an occasional smoker. I just smoked on Sunday night and about two weeks ago before then. I have a pre-employment DT that I have to schedule within 48 hrs. What’s the best way to ensure I pass?

    • Best way is likely synthetic urine for such a short notice. Detox might very well work too though considering you don’t smoke very often.

  20. Hello Sophie,
    Great site you have with lots of useful information
    I want your opinion on my situation

    I’m on a three month probation(for possession), I have my second drug test coming up in 9 days. I passed(negative) my first one after 30 days of abstinence with no detox and mild exercise a few times a week and I had been smoking a gram or more per day for a few years.

    After my first test I started smoking for about a week. I probably consumed anywhere from an eighth to a quarter of good tree. plus a few days where I was hitting my friends vape pen that’s pretty low potency(Oil). I had originally planned to get the 10 day toxin rid, but my financial situation will not allow for this. I was able to buy the clear choice one shot concentrate. Plus I will be running twice a day for the next 7 days.

    On the day of my test I will be about 15 days without smoking. I’m thinking that because I had been clean after my month of abstinence and because I didn’t smoke that much(tell me if you think I smoked too much) with exercise and drinking water in conjunction with the one shot I should be able to pass this test.

    What do you think?

    • Hey Michael, I don’t give advice regarding probational tests due to legal reasons. In general though, getting some home tests kit can be a good way to grasp when you’re clean enough to pass a urine test, on top of the exercise and water consumption you mentioned. You should have good chances of passing a urine test at the 50ng/ml cut-off, but again, confirm with a home test.

  21. Hi Sophie,

    I have to take randon, unsupervised UA’s for my pain doctor. My problem is I can’t use synthetic since they check to see that I test positive for opiates (to prove I’m taking my meds..) Can i take my own urine and save it (freeze?) till needed and use the Sub solution heating powder or a microwave/heating pad to warm it to proper temp before my appointments? How often can I reuse/reheat my own urine? I can produce many samples and store them up… (only get tested 4 or so times a year. THANKS!

    • Not an expert here, so don’t really know how this would pan out for you in prectice. But I guess it could work. You’d need to freeze it asap to avoid bacteria, and I wouldn’t heat and refreeze the same, so 1 use per sample imo.

  22. Hi! Thank you for all the information, it is super helpful. So I haven’t smoked in years but just started smoking this month. I only smoked a couple hits a day over the past 2 weeks but it was higher grade stuff. I have a test in 2 1/2 weeks for a job interview but it will be sent to a lab I am pretty sure at least, would the 3 day cleanse work for me? Money is an issue and the 5 day is a little too expensive, or do you think DEERS would be enough? Thanks ?

    • Hi Cindy, my pleasure. A couple of hits a day for 2 weeks, especially high grade stuff, is still a considerable amount. Can’t say if the 3 day would be enough for you or not. Often if money is an issue, synthetic urine is a good option, and I think it would be in your case.

  23. I am desperate need of advice … I have drug test tommorow or Thursday .. And have smoked since Christmas Eve till Monday 3 am. I was clean prior till that since the 9 th of December. My recent drug test was too diluted cause I drank too much water to be safe but with a sample drug test I took turned out negative. I really need this job and the drug test is conducted at the hospital. I have purchased Omni Cleansing liquid but it has mixed reviews. I don’t want to utilize synthetic urine either .. What is my best options? I am leaning towards mega clean, toxin rid one day detox, or one shot concentrate detox. I don’t know which one to use or if there are any other viable options. Any guidance is appreciated. Please and thank you

    • Even though you mention you don’t want to use synthetic urine, that would be the only reliable option here I’d say.

  24. Hi Sophie I am probably gonna have a DT coming up in the near future , but don’t know exactly when , but will not be real soon . So I have stopped all smoking two days ago , and have started drinking lots of liquids , and taking fiber , and the stuff I have been smoking , is low grade stuff , but I usually smoke several times a day , and have done this for years . I bought a 1 hour liquid formula this was before I found your site , it was very expensive , and I got a free test kit , and I ordered more test kits when I ordered it .
    The name of the product is Test pure, and they offer a 300% money back guarantee , if you do not pass your urine test , if you followed the instructions on how to use it completely .
    Have you heard of this , and I tested myself with one test kit , without taking the Test pure with just a few days of no smoking , and drinking plenty of water , but it took the test kit like 2-3 hours before it gave a negative reading . Is that normal , and if it took that long before I got a negative reading , how long would it take a lab to know my results ?
    You have some great information on here , and thank you for your help . I am a disable VETERAN , and take a lot of meds , any advise on that as well . My disability is nothing life threatening , and meds is for pain mostly .
    Thanks again !

    • Hi Bill. I’ve heard of it, and it’s a same day detox drink. As with any of those, they are unreliable on their own unless you’re very close to clean already. Since you’re a daily smoker for years, for a test in the near future the best would probably be using synthetic urine, granted you don’t need to have any meds show up on your results, and it isn’t supervised. You can always go with the 10 day Toxin Rid, but know that with years of daily build-up, there no guarantees it’ll get you clean enough.

      As for the test kits, they differ so read the instructions, but most should show results very quickly, and I don’t think it’s reliable if you wait several hours, it should be read soon after, again according to instructions.

      • Hi Sophie,

        I am about to start my toxin rid 10 day detoxification process. I am a chronic marijuana user as I have been smoking several times a week since the beginning of November. I’m 6’1 200 lbs and 21 years old. I am an athlete and workout daily. I am expecting a drug test within the next two weeks. The Last time I smoked was New years eve, so about 4 days ago. Although I am about to begin my detox, this weekend, I have a couple events planned where I see myself drinking pretty heavily. I will definitely be staying away from marijuana, but I am curious if heavy alcohol use mid detox will drastically affect my results. Please get back to me and thank you so much.

        • Hey Andy,
          heavy drinking can certainly slow down your detox, mainly because your body won’t be able to detox as effectively when taxed by alcohol and hangovers. I wouldn’t say it’s a drastic effect, but if you plan on doing this several times it could be. Drinking moderately is no way near as bad as drinking heavily, due to for how long it may prevent your body to work optimally afterwards. Can’t be more specific than this though.

  25. Hi Sophie,
    Been a heavy user of quality herb for a couple of years, quit smoking completely November 30th 2015, yesterday didn’t pass a home test. Just ordered the 7 day Toxin Rid and the XXXtra clean drink and the free pre-clean pills that come with it. Looking to test next week on a day I choose. I ordered with next day shipping so I will start tomorrow using the Toxin Rid. Plan to test next Thursday or Friday. I’ll incorporate exercise and eat good throughout. I plan to home test before the real test, but in your opinion, should I be on the right track to be clean next week? Thank you for your web site, and the time it takes to keep current on these questions.

    • Hey Bob. Although the abstinence will certainly help you to have a decent chance of being clean after the detox, I wouldn’t say it’s guaranteed. Using potent stuff heavily for years, a lot will build up in the body and fat cells over time and it’s especially important with exercising and staying dehydrated (like you mention you will). It’s good that you already know to home test yourself before. If you fail and there’s no time, perhaps you should consider synthetic urine, which is the go-to for many heavy long-time users. But either way, let’s hope it does not come to that and that you’ll be clean from detoxing.

  26. Hi, thank you for all your helpful advice and information, I really appreciate it! I’m currently being drug tested regularly & randomly. I have not been smoking for 4+ months and took my last drug test two days ago and passed. I would like to smoke tonight only until my next drug test which should be within 2.5- 4 weeks. Besides the DEERS, & with money being an issue, do you think the 2 day toxin rid program would be enough? I’m 5’3; 110 pounds, eat fairly well and plan to be getting in a lot of exercise and water. Thank you so much please let me know what you recommend!!

    • I’m not sure if you meant smoking just 1 time, or smoking up until your next drug test. But I assume you meant just one time, and then I think the 2 day toxin rid would be fine, if even needed. It does come with a free home test kit though, which you should be getting one of if you don’t go for Toxin Rid, to know when you’re good. But with exercise and water, 3 weeks will be enough to get clean for most without products if it’s just a one time use.

  27. I just found out I have to take a drug test on Tuesday. I smoked twice this week Tuesday and Wednesday…I don’t smoke that often. I don’t plan on smoking till after the drug test.I have certo that I was going to use for a test that didn’t happen. I’ve been drinking a lot of water for the pass week. I was thinking of trying the certo and taking at home drug test to see if it works. Is there a method you recommend at home remedy or something inexpensive??

    • The most reliable yet economic way would be synthetic urine. There are good brands like Purine (see post on synthetic urine) that are good and a bit cheaper than SS. Certo does rely in part on dilution which means there’s always the risk that even if you test clean, it will be an invalid test due to dilution.

  28. Hi Sophie,
    Here’s the story: I hadn’t smoked in probably six months and then started smoking relatively heavily (~4-5 hits/day) in November. I stopped smoking on Jan 1, but had a relapse day on Jan 9 where I smoked less than a bowl over the course of the day. I just found out that I need to take a drug test to be transferred to a new contract. I can put it off until Jan 26, at the latest. What would you suggest? I’m female, on the heavy side (5’9″ and ~ 190lbs), but active (I run 3 miles about 3 times/week), and a well-hydrated healthy eater (no fast food, no sugar, no refined carbs). I’m hesitating to buy any type of detox solution because I’m not sure if it would be worth it, given my time-frame. Any help you could offer would be great.

    • Hi Mel, detox could work but as you mention, it’s no guarantee since the time you have is a bit on the short side for a heavy daily smoker. Ideally imo would be using synthetic urine, granted it’s an unsupervised test you’re taking, since heavy or light smoker makes no difference when substituting ones piss. If synthetic urine is out of question, only detox remains and you’ll have to make the best of it, and if you still test positive on home tests very close to your real test, then maybe go heavy on the dilution using 2 same day detox drinks, and hope for the best meaning either passing, or buying more time due to diluted sample.

  29. Hello. I have a drug test coming up Tuesday(Jan 19). I would be considered a heavy smoker, most of the time smoking reg. I haven’t smoked in 57 days. I used an at home drug test and had a very faint line, meaning I passed. What advice would you give to me? I thought about trying the certo method just to be sure. This is going to be the start of my career. Will I have a better chance using the certo method since I haven’t smoked in 57 days? (Will be close to 60 days when I take the drug test) I really need this job and any advice would be awesome. Thanks!!

    • It’s great that you’re passing home tests. If I were you I’d probably use a good same day detox drink at the day of the test and leave it at that.

  30. Hi,
    So I don’t burn very often, probably like half a bowl 1-3 a week. I found out I have a drug test coming up very soon for employment, but I smoked half a bowl 5 days ago. I went out and bought qcarbo20 clear. Do you think that is enough to mask it? Is there another precaution I could take? Like adding certo on top of doing the qcarbo? What would be the best instructions for this? I don’t know anyone that is completely clean that I’d be comfortable asking and the synthetic deal really worries me that I’ll get caught. Also, I just got over the flu and was on prescribed codeine but it’s been 5 days since I’ve taken that. Should I let them know up front about the prescription or just wait and see if it even shows up and explain it later? Please help!

    • At the very least I’d get some home test kits and see whether you’re passing or not that way. If you pass those, then the QCarbo is likely enough of a safety net, but if you fail those, a QCarbo20 is pretty risky imo. Best options is prolly a short Toxin Rid detox as well unless you think you’ll be clean naturally in time, since you’re not keen on synthetic urine. Adding certo on top of QCarbo can really over-dilute your urine, so be cautious of that (certo alone tend to do that as well) and if they test for that the sample may be invalid. As for prescription codeine, I think you can wait to see whether it shoes up at all first, otherwise it doesn’t really matter.

      • Hi Sophie,
        Thanks for your reply! So I didn’t have enough time for shipping to order anything online before my test. I bought a few at home test kits from Walgreens. I took one and got the faintest line that you could barely see, did the qcarbo20 (drank 20 oz of water, waited 20 minutes, drank the qcarbo and the pills it came with, waited 20 minutes, and drank 20 oz of water). I took another at home test after that and had a questionable negative (line was still faint). I then immediately went in to take my pre-employment drug test. I got the results 4 days later: DILUTED. I thought I was good but now I have to take a re-test on Monday. I still haven’t smoked, so I’ll be 12 days clean on Monday. Because it’s Friday, I still don’t have time for shipping and stupidly didn’t prepare to retake the test just in case. I took an at home drug test again today and the result is still a very faint line. I don’t trust that I’m clean naturally, so what should I do over the next 3 days to prepare to pass? If I even have the chance? I bought Mega Clean, but I’m not sure how to use it without getting the result “diluted” again. Please help me out as I really need this job. thanks!

        • Hey, for what it’s worth a diluted test is of course way better than a failed one at least. There is always synthetic urine if your test is unsupervised, but other than that, knowing it was too diluted last time, go a little easier on the amount of total water. If you drink a lot during the day in general up until it’s time for the detox drink, that can easily add up to become too diluted.

  31. Hi Sophie,

    First off, thank you so much for this website, I’ve been researching this heavily the past few days. My husband believes he’ll be tested for a job soon, so he’s stopped smoking. He’s a heavy smoker and has stopped for about a week. He’s thin and has a very high metabolism, and I’ve been making him drink tons of water. I’ve stopped smoking about 16 days ago, but I’ve only had half a joint, and I’ve had one bowl every weekend for about 3 weeks prior to that. I’ve been drinking a ton of water recently, for my own reasons, so I’m fairly sure that I’m naturally clean. I’m considering giving my urine to my husband, but I want to make sure I’m clean first. What brand of home tests do you recommend? I’ve read some reviews on Amazon saying some products give false negatives/positives in control tests, or are just inconsistent. Also, what does he need to do to make sure that my urine will remain at the right temperature for his test? Thanks again!

    • Hi Carmen, my pleasure.
      I recommend some imo decent home tests from Amazon on the homepage, but overall most of the tests are fine and pretty accurate. I would rather think inconsitency of results is due to time of day for testing. The first urine in the morning is not good for testing since toxins will have built up over night and thus more likely to test positive. If you drink a lot during the day, this will dilute it more and may lead to a previous positive result now showing negative etc. I think you’re naturally clean by now as well, but better safe than sorry so testing is the right step to take. Get some hand warmers as well as keeping it in contact with your skin and it should stay the right temp, same as with most synthetic urines. But having a thermometer is definitely recommended as well to be safe.

  32. Can I pass a drug test after not using for nine or ten days not a heavy user

    • If it was a one-time use or you’re an occassional smoker at most, you certainly can. But always best to test yourself with a home test still to be sure.

  33. I used urine-lock, and failed a DT I must have done something wrong. I did not drink enough water I don’t think. I never urinated prior to using it. Did I use it properly, evidently not please advise whether this product works if properly used. Please let me know via e-mail

    • Not familiar with Urinelock for drug tests, had to Google to know what product you meant. So can’t give any advice about it I’m afraid. Not sure why you think it would work though.

  34. I have followed your suggestions with using toxin rid and one shot concentrate. I’m almost positive my test would have showed up clean without the same day detox but wanted to be safe. My test was for getting into nursing school, and I don’t know all of the tests they’ll be putting it through. I am worried that the same day detox might show up as me trying to mask something. Will this drink show up that way? Ph levels possibly? I’d love to start smoking again since I already did the test, but I’m wondering if I should stay clean until I’m sure they don’t question my sample.

    • Nah it really shouldn’t show up that way, and as with most good detox drinks it’s taken measures to avoid making your urine diluted, which takes optimizing pH among other things into account. But still I’d definitely wait with starting to smoke until you know for sure. Would be a shame if you just started smoking and learn they want a re-test for whatever reason.

  35. Question, If my test strip line is pink and not a darker purple as the control line, will my thc line become darker over time, ive not used for almost 3 months now and curious if the test line gets darker over more time abstaining? thanks

    • Different home tests work differently so I think it’s best to read the instructions carefully and if they don’t answer your question maybe bring the question to the manufacturers.

  36. Do you have any experience or information on the brand Synthetix5?

  37. I smoke once maybe twice a day (about 2 grams a week of quality stuff) and I have a drug test in 10 days, that I just found out about today. I am drinking lots of water and taking vitamins. I am very worried about passing. I’m 5’5 145 and I am active and eat decently. Suggestions please

    • Granted it’s unsupervised, synthetic urine is definitely what I’d go for in your case since you’re a pretty heavy/daily smoker. Being able toetoxi in 10 days for heavy users is never guaranteed and depends a lot on your individual body and metabolism, as well as detox efforts and products used. I doubt lots of water and vitamins will cut it in this case, but you can always use a home test kit to check. Make sure though that you haven’t been drinking loads of water, or the home test may show clean only because of over-dilution. Don’t use the first stream of the day either, since toxins build up and are more concentrated, so it can give a misleading reading. Again though, easiest would be to just go for synthetic urine right away if applicable.

  38. I looked up Toxin Rid on the Test Clear website. What’s the difference between the products since some are 1 day detox, 4 day, 7 days, 10 days etc. Do some work better than others or what? Why is it that its more expensive for the ones that take longer to detox for example the 1 day detox is prettt much $55 while the 10 day is almost $200?? If u can help me out that would be great. Thanks.

    • Yep the longer detoxes are more effective, the heavier a smoker you are, the longer detox you’d need to clear the system. In reality, detox takes time. Your body needs to clear your body of all the toxin metabolites, and it’s not an instantaneous process. This is why same-day detox drinks can only attempt to hide the toxins (and all too often unsuccessfully so, depending on how close you are to being clean already), since sufficient detox where enough the toxins actually leave your body won’t happen in a few hours.

  39. hey, just looking for a quick solution, i found out friday i will be having a urine test at a job interview on tuesday, i had a few hits on my friends joint wednesday & thursday, prior to that i didnt smoke anything for a couple of weeks and even then it was just a few hits every now and then, since i found out about the drug test i have being drinking lots of water and some cranberry juice, do you think ill pass or have you got any other suggestions that could help? thanks

    • Hey, best way imo would probably be to just get some synthetic urine if it’s unsupervised, or otherwise at least get a home test kit to test yourself before, and maybe a decent same day detox drink as a safety net either way. It’s possible you’ll be clean until then naturally but risky so better make sure with a home test or substitute.

  40. I finished the 10 day detox program from Test Clear two days ago, and just took an at home drug test (FirstCheck) tonight. The results came back positive. I have been clean for 16 days. Prior to that I was a heavy user, smoking at least once daily (small bowl packs). I purchased the Mega Clean Detox drink from Test Clear as well. I have to go in to start paperwork for an internship tomorrow. I know I will be drug-tested prior to the internship starting, but am worried they are going to drug test me tomorrow, although they did not specify that would be taking place. To be on the safe side, I was going to use the Mega Clean drink prior to going in. Do you think that drinking the Mega Clean drink will be enough to cover up whatever THC is left in my system? I imagine my THC levels are pretty high still if the test came back positive though. I am unsure if I should try to come up with an excuse to post-pone my going in tomorrow for the paperwork, or chance it with the Mega Clean drink. Any suggestions or insight would be most welcome…I’m very worried!

    • Hey Rae. For really heavy users it’s never guaranteed you can detox in that short amount of time no matter what you do, icnce THC will have built up in your body’s fat sells and then gets released in to your blood slowly over time. Therefore heavy users often prefer going straight for synthetic urine if they have less than 3-4 weeks time to detox, and it’s then also important to exercise and drink a lot of fluids to aid faster detox. I’m not fond of using just a same day detox drink when one still is positive on a home test since it’s not too reliable. It will better your odds for sure, but there’s still the risk of failing, depending on how close to that cut-off limit you are before. You can’t know your exact level from a home test though, since it only really shows whether your over or under that limit, not how farm from it you are. Best imo if it’s unsupervised would be synthetic urine.

  41. I took 2 hits of a joint (mid-grade) Saturday night, and found out I have a drug test on Wednesday. I was told the weed was old, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with a DT. I drank water on Sunday but not a whole lot since I was not aware of the test until today (Monday). After finding out, I started to drink a lot of water. I plan to go work out two times tomorrow, still consuming a lot of water, then taking an at home drug test on Wednesday morning before the test that afternoon. The last time I smoked before Saturday was 3 1/2 months ago. Do you have any other advice? Do you personally think I’m safe for the test on Wednesday? Kind of freaking out a little; just my luck.

    • I am also about 5’3 and 135 pounds, if that helps with your answer

    • This reply isn’t in time for that test but either way, since you’ve been clean for so long before that, it can be considered a one-time use (and a small one, at that). This would mean there’s a possibility you’d already be clean in time naturally, although a few more days of abstinence would hav ebeen preferred imo. But you’re doing the right thing in testing yourself before. I think a same day detox drink alone in this case would be very good, since we’re talking such small amounts of THC. I think you’re safe yes, especially if you test negative on your home test before, and even moreso if you’d use a same-day detox drink.

  42. My situation is this. I have smoked daily for about 7 months before I lost my job about two months ago and have been the job hunt ever since. I decided to stop smoking on New Years Eve and have been sober for about 30 days now as well as a water cleanse and taking cranberry supplements. However this weekend I slipped and did about a gram of cocaine and smoked a couple puffs of res. I know that res contains more THC than a bowl of green and I am wondering if the cocaine will affect detection of THC. I am nervous I won’t pass a urine test if I have to give a sample next week (1-2 weeks after my slip up). What do you think and what is the best option for a guaranteed negative all around?

    • I don’t think the Cocaine will effect detection of THC noticable, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be clean still, since it often takes more than a month to get clean naturally if you’ve been a daily smoker for a long time. Add to this you slip with the resin also. You could always get some home test kits to get a better hang of whether you’re clean or not yet, although the odds are that you’re not. Best options imo are what’s already laid out on the page above. You either go for a heavy detox with Toxin Rid, exercise, lots of fluids, a same day drink on the day of the test. Or, if unsupervised, you could get away with a good brand of synthetic urine.

  43. Hey Sophie’
    Great site and a wealth of information. I smoke on occasion and am very fit for my age. I really never had to drug test but was recently offered a job that requires one. I last smoked on 1/18/26 and took a couple of hits. I will probably have to test next week and decided to do the 3 day Toxin Rid and mega clean same day because of timing. I work out regularly and eat healthy and have been doing extra cardio. I have tested myself and it came out negative but will keep on testing. I don’ want to take any chances. The only thing I could do differently is to take a longer detox but the kit comes in on Monday and I will probably test by Thursday or Friday at the earliest since I haven’t had the Lab scheduled yet. That puts me at 24 day since I last smoked and if I can schedule later than that great. My question is, does this sound reasonable since I am testing negative right now and can any of the Toxin Rid or mega clean be detected in your system as a masking agent?
    Thanks I appreciate any advice or feedback.


    • Hey Shawn. Yeah sounds very reasonable imo, since you’re just an occasional smoker. It’s a good sign that you’re testing negative already and then the 3-day detox should be more than enough, just make sure you’re not testing when you’ve been drinking loads of water before in the same day, since that may cause passing due to dilution. And no they can’t be detected, just be careful not to drink a lot of other fluids as well since it adds up and can make your sample too diluted. Mega Clean already has a lot of fluid in it, likely optimized so that you shouldn’t be drinking other fluids in close proximity to it.

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