Ready Clean Detox Review (Detoxify’s Small Herbal Cleanse Drink)

Ready Clean detox drinkThe Ready Clean Detox drink is one of the more well-known cleansing drinks for drug tests. But how effective is it really.. Will it make you pass your urine test?

The harsh truth is.. Probably not. That is, if this is the only precaution you’re taking.

This is not a problem unique to Ready Clean though. It’s something all same-day detox drinks have in common. They attempt to mask the drugs temporarily, but they don’t actually detoxify you. A method that can only take you so far.

But as a piece of a bigger detox puzzle, where you detox yourself enough before the test that there isn’t as much drug traces in need of hiding.. Then this drink is as good of a choice as any, likely better than most.

To better understand what I mean by this, take a look at my complete guide on how to cleanse your system of marijuana fast. This is the only really reliable way to beat a supervised urinalysis. For unsupervised tests, there is always the second option of using artificial pee.

Ready Clean is of the Detoxify brand and is their smallest, 16 oz drink and is mainly for “lighter people” and occasional smokers. The bigger brothers are Xxtra Clean (20 oz) and Mega Clean (32 oz). In the end, which one to go for depends mostly on how much pot you’ve been smoking, frequency and how recently it was. It also depends on how much pre-detoxing you’ve done (Toxin Rid is the best way).

But to conclude, I think Ready Clean is a very decent detox drink, as long as you don’t rely on it alone to pass a test.

Test Clear, where I get a lot of my detox stock, sells this and also the bigger sizes. You can check it out for yourself here.

What’s your experience with the Ready Clean detox drink?

4 thoughts on “Ready Clean Detox Review (Detoxify’s Small Herbal Cleanse Drink)

  1. I have smoked week for 4 years now, not such a heavy smoker but I prefer it 2 times a day. The Ready Clean helped me through 7 interviews that had me drop. I completed the most important task, it came back clean. ?

    • Thanks for sharing. For a daily smoker, relying on just a detox drink is usually only possible after a certain time of abstinence as well, not sure if that was the case for you as well though.

  2. Christopher J. says:

    Dear Sophie,

    How do you use the Ready Cleanse Detox drink on the same day that you finish the 10 day Toxin Rid Cleanse? The Toxin Rid website states you can use their product right before a test. But you suggest also using Mega Cleanse the day of the test. In other words – what works best? Does using both on the same last day disqualify or hurt your chances of passing the test? When do you take what on the day of the test? I hope I’m making sense. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

    • Hey Christopher,
      It depends on how much time I have, since if i have plenty of time I may finish the Toxin Rid a few days before the test, and then just use the Mega Cleans or One Shot Concentrate as per instructions the day of the test. But they could be used simultaneously and possibly be even more effective that way, as long as you don’t drink too much liquid in total, since that may make your urine over-diluted. Large detox drinks are usually optimized already to be near the limit of the amount of liquid you should consume before.

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