Rescue Detox Ice Review

Rescue Detox Ice ReviewI get a lot of questions about certain individual products, so some of them I try to cover in an article of it’s own just to make it easier. The Rescue Detox Ice is a same day detox drink that you similarly to most such products drink on the day of your test, a few hours in advance, in order to improve your chances of passing.

How does Rescue Detox Ice work?

It works the same way as other same day detox drinks in that it only tries to mask the THC and toxins. It doesn’t actually detox you, since to actually detox requires time. Time for the toxins to be expelled from the body for good, rather than just being covered up.

I have not been using this particular detox drink myself, since I have my own true and tested favorites (you can read the home page under recommended products if interested).

But as always it can’t be stressed enough, these products are NOT to be relied on alone if you’re anything but a very infrequent smoker likely to be clean naturally anyway. They are best seen as a buffer to improve the odds, and not something to save the day.

This is because dilution (the main way these attempt to mask toxins) can only do so much (without overdoing it, i.e drinking way too much and thus causing an invalid test result due to that instead).

If you’re not already very close to the cut-off limit for the drug test, these drinks will usually not be enough to make the difference. So it gets risky and unreliable. And if you know me.. Then you know I hate taking any bigger risks than necessary when it comes to drug tests.

So that’s why you’ll often see many negative reviews on products like these, since many people failed their test when they fell for the marketing. And the positive ones are often times from someone who unknowingly would already be clean naturally anyway, but attributes his success entirely to the drink telling other people it worked. People read the review and think it will work for them as well, and more people get to find out the hard way. Like a vicious circle!

So my suggestion would be, if you go with the natural route, to detox properly. If there is no time for that and the test is unsupervised (most pre-employment tests are) synthetic urine is often a decent option.

AND.. Always make great use of the affordable home drug test kits. These can tell you whether you’re already in the clear or not. I prefer using same day detox drinks mainly as a safety net. I would never rely on them unless I was already testing negative on a home testing kit. In this case they’re a great safety measure though, so I still use them regularly.

That’s all for now! Feel free to share your own Rescue Detox Ice review in the comments to let others know how it worked (or didn’t) for you).

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