Where to Buy Synthetic Urine for a Urine Test

where to buy synthetic urine

Yep, people actually buy this stuff.

Once accustomed to the idea of synthetic urine and its uses, it’s easy to forget that many (dare I say even most) people have not even heard of it.

“Do people actually buy that stuff?”

Knowing where to buy synthetic urine thus isn’t a given.

When you think about it, that’s not so strange. Sure, most people know what drug tests are and have even had to take one themselves. But if you don’t ever smoke weed or do drugs, the thought of trying to cheat during this test likely never occurs. And it’s only this thought that would lead to further research and naturally finding out what synthetic urine can be used for and how it works.

Truth be told, there are plenty of places where you can buy synthetic urine. Both online and in stores. BUT.. With that in mind, where to buy the fake pee isn’t actually the question you should be asking here. That’s not what really matters..

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine, But More Importanly, Which to Buy

What does matter is which synthetic urine you buy.

Yeah that’s right. There are plenty of different brands to choose from, and as with sodas or watches, they aren’t the same. Quality will vary, which in this case matters the most.

The brand of artificial piss you go with can very likely determine if you pass your urinalysis or not.

Since you’re reading this you may not have had the chance to check out my guide on synthetic urine. If so you definitely should. In it you’ll find all the information needed to determine if you even should go with synthetic urine for your test, along with recommendations of some very good urine brands (that I use myself) and where you can get them.

I use Sub-Solution Urine from www.testnegative.com which in my opinion is the best one currently to pass a urine test for a couple of reasons that I won’t repeat here. If curious what they are just check out the guide.

Sub-solution powdered urine kit


I still favor proper detox over urine substitution however if I have the time for it.

So as you likely figured out, I get my synthetic urine online. This is often the best option since you are then free to choose the urine brand you like. If you’re in a rush there is a 1-day shipping option as well for the Sub-Solution. And don’t worry about indiscretion, I know that at least the brands I use send it in a very discreet package. No one could tell what it is you’ve ordered without taking a peek inside. I’d be surprised if this isn’t how all synthetic urine vendors online do it.

But if you really must get your synthetic urine in a store, head shops usually carry it. So just localize your closest smoke / head shop and ask them. Hopefully they’ll carry a brand that will work.

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  1. Thank you for all the research. You are awesome for helping us out. Wm.

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