Marijuana Detox: Here’s How To Flush That Sacred Body Of Yours Free From Weed, Fast

Marijuana plant
You could say it’s my fault, but I blame the system – Mary Jane.

Detoxing from THC is not rocket science, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk either – at least not for the new kid on the block.

Combine the urgency of having to make a decision, soon, about how to get a recent history of smoking pot to mesh with a future vision of you having a job, or a better job, and you got the uncomfortable dilemma of many a weed smoker today in a nutshell.

So let’s solve your problems, together.

First Things First

To take first things first, you first have to make sure it’s a urine test you’re facing. If it’s not..:

If you’re not sure, chances are it’s still urine, since that’s the most common drug test type for THC by far.

Secondly, you wanna make sure you actually need the detox, and that you aren’t naturally out of the woods already on the THC contamination front, detox or none.

This depends on a whole bunch of factors such as individual metabolism, diet, fitness and exercise habits etcetera, and thus can never really be determined too precisely.

More than anything however, it depends on the strength, amount and frequency of having smoked weed, as well as the time between cessation of pot use and that of taking the drug test.

Test sensitivity matters too, but for the standard pre-employment or work-related test it’s nearly always set at 50ng/ml.

How long weed stays detectable in your system can vary between a day/few days and several months, and it is actually not uncommon at all for heavier users to test positive on a urine test for THC 2-3 months or sometimes even longer, after quitting.

Time pot will stay in your system
Time’s ticking, but sometimes slowly so when clearing out THC.

Some general expected timelines to get clean naturally, with some lee-way thrown in to be on the safer side, I’d say would be:

  • Very infrequent light smoker: 2-10 days
  • Medium weed consumption: 10-30 days
  • Heavy or very heavy/frequent consumption: 30-120 days

Obviously there aren’t just three levels of consumption but a spectrum rather, which again is affected by all those other factors from above as well, so guesstimates is all one has to work with when it comes to these matters.

Do keep in mind that these numbers get considerably more optimistic when effort is put into proper detox though, rather than just waiting it out au naturel with your fingers crossed. Hence the reason for this page.

Basics: How Cannabis Detoxification And Detox Remedies Work

THC molecule
THC’s handsome curves

This is just a quicike for the basics on detox. Soon come the actual practical ways.

Most of us feel profound and immediate effects after smoking or consuming marijuana. When these subside, there will still be marijuana metabolites remaining; chemical remnants and residue that are still inside your body.

These are called cannabinoids and are what can be detected in your blood, urine, hair, saliva and finger nails.

Drug tests screen for the  dominant and psychoactive cannabinoid compound tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), more commonly known as THC, and its metabolites.

THC-COOH is the main metabolite and is stored in fat cells of your body.

THC and its chemical residues are also the targets when detoxing from marijuana, where the purpose is flushing said toxins out of the body.

And faster elimination of the toxins is what allows you to pass a drug test a lot sooner than if you were not actively trying to detox.

Your body actually detoxifies naturally and automatically all by itself, constantly. But it takes time, and in amounts you may not always have.

And that’s when detox could help your body expel those THC toxins a little more rapidly.

Common weed detox methods have to do with nutrition, boosting metabolism, increasing the amount of fluids you excrete through urination and sweating, as well as making you poopieroop more.

The Successful Weed Detox

Now, let’s take a look at the steps of a successful weed detoxiroxi.

You’ll want to combine healthy natural detox-promoting habits with effective detox products for best results.

Besides abstaining from further weed consumption, the main natural ones are:

Eat the right foods

Fruit & Vegetables
Yes, more, more moooooaaaaar!

Your food choices can make your marijuana detox faster and smoother, or have the opposite effect.

You want nutritious food rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so that your body can function optimally.

You also want fiber that will help redirect THC out of your body through stools, thus reducing reabsorption of it from inside the intestines. So no junk food for you.

Legumes and whole grains are good for fiber. Fruits and vegetables in general are great for detoxing.

The classic cranberry juice, golden seal, Palo Azul tea and even vinegar can also be of benefit, but only as part of your diet to detox over time.

Anything with mild laxative effect is good to get that poopiroop moving as well, and the toxins with it.

Unhealthy fat food
This is what you’re  supposed to avoid.. Good luck :).


water in glass
Just a drinkylink

Am I telling you to swap one drug for another here? Nope.

But do drink enough water. Rather a bit much than too little, a successful detox depends on it.

It’s the medium used to flush toxins out, with the exception of that poopieroopie, of course. Unless you’ve got diarrhea.

It’s less what you drink than that you stay well hydrated, so tea and coffee is fine too, just don’t let it keep you up at night.

Move that butthole

Get moving!

Not literally.

Exercise is great for detoxification.

In boosting metabolism along with ideally making you sweat, this kills two birds with one stone. So get moving.

Sweating alternatives

Another way to get some sweat going would be the sauna. Thus, not necessarily a bad idea on a detox.

A hot bath does similar things. Just because you don’t notice the sweat, it doesn’t mean the sweat doesn’t notice you.

Another somewhat season-dependent way is sunbathing, if sufficiently hot outside.


A lot of your body’s natural detoxification actually takes place while you are sleeping.

Proper rest also ties in with allowing your body to function optimally.

So get enough sleep and relaxation. A stressed out body does not detox as efficiently as one that is chilled out.

Calm down bro (or sis). Hakuna Matata!

The Best Marijuana Detox Products

With those natural tools serving as a strong foundation, it’s time to add some detox products to the mix, to really speed things up. Vroom vroom.

These come in two different categories, a common source of confusion.

One of these categories includes the regular detox drinks, while the other consists rather of several day long courses of either pills or liquid/powder concoctions.

They are not the same though, which is what confuses many.

The same day drinks mainly serve the purpose of diluting and covering up some of the THC metabolites and needs to be taken at the day of your test.

Relying on this type of product alone can often be detrimental to successfully passing your drug screening. You still want to use it to optimize your odds, but rather as a complement to proper extended detox.

Because it’s the second category of detox products that actually help cleanse and remove the toxins from your body, as opposed to just masking and covering them up.

You’ll want to first lower your THC toxin levels as much as possible up until the day of your test, and then mask and cover up whatever is left a bit, making the last part of the equation (detox drink) much more likely to have its desired effect.

Myself I consider detox products sort of an investment, because although true that the truly effective stuff for the purpose does cost you some dough, not getting a job costs you infinitely more in comparison. And not just from an economic aspect, either.

Therefore, I don’t recommend anything other than the best for anyone detoxing for a pre-employment test.

Toxin RidToxin Rid

Toxin Rid is the absolute go-to THC detox product for urine tests.

How many days to go for varies, but I’d say for medium or heavy smokers the 10 day kit is always the safest bet. Really don’t want to leave too much to chance.

It’s from an industry pioneering company (TestClear) having been around since mid nineties, with discreet and quick shipping options. As a nice peak you can also have an at home THC test kit included for free.

You can get Toxin Rid here.

Mega Clean Detox DrinkMega Clean

There are a bunch of different same day detox drink brands that would do the trick here when the main job’s already been done by Toxin Rid, but Mega Clean is certainly among my top picks, with the added bonus that it can be ordered from the same website and company as Toxin Rid, saving some hassle.

Again very recommended as a safety net, to mask whatever toxins left. If any. Either works.

On their own though, these types of drinks are bound to get a lot of negative reviews all over the internet, since on their own they’re rarely enough.

Simply put, after drinking it, you wait an hour or so, pee at least once, and then you have a 4-5 hour window of improved passing chance during which you should take your test.

THC at home drug test At home THC urine drug test kits

These can be used to test your urine at home and see if you pass.

This is a great way to get increased peace of mind and to track your detox progress.

I’d always recommend that one has passed an at home test before taking the actual drug test, as a precaution. Because there’s actually a plan B, should push come to shove.

But more on that in a second.

These home tests often come in packs of 10 or more and are dirt cheap on Amazon at less than $1 per test. So get some.

The linked one is FDA-approved and actually surprisingly accurate.

Still wise to detox properly though, always, unless you are both outside the general natural detox timelines mentioned early on this page, and got a negative at home test result to boot.

Now, as for plan B:

Sub-solution urineSub-Solution powdered urine kit

This is basically a very reliable powdered urine kit.

Back in the day urine substitution was always a good way to pass a urinalysis, but times change. Now the internet is filled with aged and misleading information on how well this or that synthetic urine works.

But fact is that the right synthetic urine still works and helps people pass their urine drug tests on a daily basis.

Since drug testing companies have gotten better at detecting whether the pee is fake or not over the years, much more emphasis falls on quality of the fake urine product. And Sub Solution would be my top pick of the crop.

Use it for unsupervised tests when there’s not enough time to detox. For random drug tests for example, having some lying at home can be a life-saver. Or job-saver.

It’s also good to have some on hand if you just can’t seem to pass your own at home test kits while the real one lies right around the corner. An acceptable plan B.

Synthetic urine can also be an advisable first option for the heaviest of users.

This is because, if you’ve smoked decent amounts of weed daily for a long time, a lot of THC metabolites will have built up in your system.

Getting rid of all that in a short enough time span is not always possible, no matter what detox measures you take, since it resides in fat cells and needs time to be released.

We could be talking 30-45 days even with vigorous detox efforts (although still a big improvement over 3-4 months without those), hence synthetic urine becomes a feasible solution to circumvent this issue.

Now, there are several reasons why Sub Solution in particular beats out the competition here, but for those, check out my guide on the topic, rather.

How To Flush Weed Out Of Your System Fast, Recap & Bonus Tricks

Science behind how to get weed out of your system fast
Not like this.

Let’s recap:

  1. Make sure it’s a urine test and that you need to detox.
  2. Start doing as much of the healthy natural habits as you can find the motivation to.
  3. Start taking Toxin Rid as soon as possible.
  4. Test yourself with the at home drug testing kit strips.
  5. On the day of your test, one to a couple of hours before it’s time, drink your Mega Clean. Don’t forget to pee at least once before your test, so that the new urine in your bladder will be from after Mega Clean is downed.
  6. Keep synthetic urine in mind as an alternative, should things look too grim without it.

And as the cherry on top, some bonus tips and tricks:

– When you pee in the cup, use your mid-stream urine. The first pee coming out generally has a slightly higher concentration of toxins, so you want that to go in the toilet, and urine from after that point to go in the cup.

– If possible, don’t exercise on the day of your test. Not a dealbreaker, but since this can acutely release extra THC metabolites into the system that won’t be cleared before your test, none is better. Any other day it’s still great for detoxing faster though.

– Don’t go overboard on drinking liquids the day of your test, especially when downing a same day detox drink (like Mega Clean) before your test. The combined amount of liquid could make your submitted urine too diluted to be accepted, and thus you’re generally best off drinking just normal amounts during the day, and nothing more after gulping down your detoxification drink.

When using the home drug testing kits, similar rules apply when it comes to overdilution, since that can produce a false negative (seen as overdilution and invalid on a real lab test) and have you think you’re good to go when in reality, you might not be clean enough yet. Since your home test is private anyways, it’s pretty clear who you’re fooling here if you overdilute.

– To clarify on when to take Toxin Rid, it doesn’t have to be the exact 10 days leading up to a drug test, but rather any 10 days between quitting weed use and that said test. This is again because it actually removes toxins from the body, and hence once gone, they’re gone, whether they were removed two weeks ago, or yesterday.

Now, may the force be with you.

Guiding light in ocean

820 thoughts on “Marijuana Detox: Here’s How To Flush That Sacred Body Of Yours Free From Weed, Fast”

  1. Passed my test from last week! (got results back today)

    I mean I have done it before but this time I smoked a lot more than before, like, every day. And it was important test to me.

    Was worried because I only abstained 8-9 days, but I did the 10 day toxin rid, using it morning and night 2 of the days to make up for missing days, a little extra exercising and then the one shot concentrated drink with the capsules 2 hours before. Tasted pretty good haha! Urinated before a few times so no old toxic stuff was left inside.

    I get to keep my job so all good now.

    Appreciate your effort with the site!

    1. I’m glad to hear you passed!

      As a regular (daily) heavy smoker I would suggest abstaining a little longer though just to be on the safe side but I know sometimes that’s not an option.

      I know right, it tastes great ;). Potent and delicious!

      1. Hi sophie I was a regular pot smoker last time I smoked was 2 days ago. I have a drug test two days from now. What would be my best bet at passing the drug test??

        1. You test will be done already by now, but either way, synthetic urine is the best way to pass tests with this short notice. No other ways are as reliable at all for a chronic smoker with this little time of abstinence.

      2. Hi iv smoked pot heavily for over 10 years and I wanna apply for a government job where ill be drug tested I proberbly have a 4 week window at the most untill I get tested I stopped smoking 3 days ago what can i do and do u think I have any chance of passing

        1. Sure you have a chance to pass, if you think it’s unsupervised, your best bet would likely be synthetic urine. If supervised, it’s not a guarantee you can detox in time since you’ve been a heavy smoker for so long, but your best bet if you want to go for that would be to follow the instructions above with a 10 day toxin rid combined with heavy exercise, sweating and lots of liquids, and a same day drink on the day of the test.

        2. Hi, Im about 5’9, weighing 130, Male. Fast metabolism and quit smoking for at least a year. Smoked about 4g, then two days later got a call to come in for a urine test. So far it’s been 4 days of me continuously drinking cranberry/water and running at least a half mile a day. Today is Saturday and I have the test coming up sometime this week. From when i get the email, I have 48 to take the test. Was wondering what my odds were on passing naturally and or getting the 2 day detox. Please get back to me


          1. Hey Johnny, hard to say. 4g at once is quite a bit, even if it was just a one time smoke. I’d say it’s risky, and although the 2 day detox will definitely help, it’s not a guarantee you’ll be clean enough. Definitely use a home test before the real one and if you fail it, if applicable synthetic urine would be the best second option, second best being to opt for some over-dilution by drinking a lot which although never ideal can often be better than straight up failing a test. If you pass the home test though, preferably still use a same day detox drink for safety measure, but either way you’re probably fine then.

      3. I have a drug test in about 3 weeks I’m 6’1 and weigh about 265 what’s the best way I can detox in that amount of time I just started smoking again about3 weeks ago and it’s honestly been about two bowls a day of reggie. I’m starting to freak out lol

        1. If appliccable (not supervised test) I’d go for synthetic urine. If detox is your only option, it’s described here already. That’s quite a lot daily so do an as heavy detox as you can (products combined with exercise, diet, water, sweating etc), test yourself before the actual test, and if you haven’t managed to get clean in time, consider going for an over-diluted result.

    2. Okay so I had quit smoking for 50 days then last night I smoked 2 hits out of a bong with high grade marijuana and I am expecting a drug test in 7 days. I am 4’11 and 125 pounds. What do you suggest?

      1. 2 hits in the last 50 days is still not a whole lot. In my opinion:

        Drink fluids, exercise and sweat for the next few days. Test yourself with a home test kit 3 days or so before your test. If you pass it, you should be fine, if still worried get a same-day detox drink to use before test as a safety measure. If you fail the home test, use synthetic urine.

        1. The last time I smoked was 21 days ago. While smoking i was a moderate user and would use a bong. I am joining the army and I know their drug test is 20ng. What is the best option?

          1. 20ng takes quite a bit more to get below than the standard 50ng cut off. Best option is probably to go hard with the standard detox methods using Toxin Rid as well as the natural ways of exercising, sweating, lots of fluids and so on. Then get a few 20ng home tests from Amazon, so you can know when you’re clean enough for one.

      2. I’ve been smoking almost everyday since October, so about five months. It’s been 24 days since I haven’t smoked . I have 1 more full month and the rest of this month ( 10. Days) until my drug test. Do you think I’ll be clean with out having to buy all the detoxifications out there

        1. 2 months is a somewhat standard time to detox naturally from heavy use from my experience, so it’s definitely possible you’re clean naturally by then, but keep in mind we’re all different so some take longer and some take less. Would very highly recommend good detox habits though (drink a lot of water, exercise and sweat etc.) since over such long periods of time it makes a big difference. Good precautions would be to test yourself with a home test kit some time before it to see where you’re at. Maybe 2 weeks or so in advance, to leave time for more agressive detox measures which may be worth considering in the case you’re not yet clean.

    3. I may have a random drug test coming up in a few days to a week.. I didn’t smoke for almost 3 months but tonight I took three hits.. how do I get clean before this test. I weigh 150 and I’m 5″11 I’m very active at work also

      1. You could always do a short Toxin Rid and have a detox drink at hand, or have some synthetic urine ready to use. I’d think you’ll be clean naturally after 1-2 weeks though, should your random test not happen, but use home tests to confirm this.

    4. I haven’t smoked in 7 days and I bought a detox drink that you take 2 hours before the test..I also drank a lot of water and when I peed and came out the lady told me my pee was very diluted..she still sent it in but she said I might have to come in again..idk how long until I come in but what should I do? keep drinking water I’m definitely not smoking until I’m told if I passed the test or if I have to retake it. I wanna use fake urine maybe but I’m scared about keeping the correct temperature

      1. It depends on how heavy of a smoker you were before this week of abstinence what might be the best option. On the day of a test, drinking too much water can easily make it over-diluted, especially so when you use a detox drink which also contains a lot of fluid, it adds up. If you were a very heavy smoker, than synthetic urine would be the best option. If you were just an occassional smoker, you could try a cheap home test kit and decide from there whether you need synthetic urine or not.

        1. Hi , i am sash , i been smoking one joint almost every day but only one joint , i am an extreme athlete , i train every day or twice a day , i am applying for USA visa and they required me for a drug test , its the chance of life , i been stop from smoking since 3 weeks my interview is after 12 days , i am extremely nervous and dont know what to do , ill appreciate any advice

          1. Hi Sash, 3 weeks is a great start, although you’re likely not clean yet since you were such a heavy smoker. But most of the advice for this scenario is already coevered in the article above I’d think. Summirized it’d look somehting like: Lots of exercise (you already seem to have this covered) and liquid consumption, 10 day Toxin Rid and a same day detox drink on the day of the test, make sure you home-test yourself before since you never really know with very heavy users, with individual factors playing a big role in how quick one can get clean. I’d say synthetic urine is the emergency option should you not be clean in time, but I don’t know how the supervision is in tests like this, so perhaps do your due diligence researching this before deciding if that’s a good idea or not.

        2. My name is Alex. I have been smoking everyday since I was 16. I am 21 now. I stopped smoking a little over a month ago, but I am still testing very positive in my drug test. It is popping up strong like i have never stopped smoking. I have to pass this next drug test within the next week and a half maybe less. What can i do with limited funds???

          1. Hi Alex. With limited funds, and still clearly testing positive, your best bet would most likely be to go for synthetic urine imo. Definitely more affordable than a proper detox. Granted it’s an unsupervised test.

    5. Hi! I’m a heavy smoker..I’ve smoked every day basically all day for the past 2 1/2 months (?) and now I have a drug test for a new job in 2 days (?). Super nervous but I just order my quick fix and I’m praying it works.

        1. I smoke about 2 1Gram blunts a day and occasionally hit some wax off a vape. Which is what I’m doing currently but point is I have a drug test the 30th of March. I’m not really tripping cause it’s kinda deep but I don’t wanna quit smoking either. I wanna know what’s the fastest way tbh cause knowing me I’ll probably hit n L the day of. It’s supervised. So no fake urine.

          1. To be frank, even if you did quit entirely and did all you could do to detox, 2grams a day is still a lot and not guaranteed you’d be able to get clean in time. If it wasn’t supervised I’d definitely go for synthetic urine here. But your best bet thus imo would be, go heavy on detox combining product and natural habits (methods already explained on the page above), test yourself shortly before the real test and if you’re still testing positive, opt for intentional over-dilution. Overdilution is never ideal since many tests look for that, but it is a much better alternative than just failing, and may hopefully make you pass or at least buy you more time for a rescheduled test.

    6. Hi sophie. Im in a predicament. I was a relatively heavy smoker up until 3 months ago when i stopped blazing. 2 weeks ago i smoked a few joints (4 if i remember correctly) and i have a drug test in 4 weeks. I am 6″3 120kg, my job at the moment is relatively physical, i sweat and drink lots of water and am pretty good with fruits and veg. Im planning to do a detox of my own ( minimal fat, huge amounts of antioxidant fruits and veg etc.) Along with lots of exercise. In your opinion would this be enough? Or should i get a product like toxin rid? Im located in aus so not sure how easy it would be to get something like that. Any help greatfully appreciated!! Thanks

      1. Hi Alex. Imo, it sounds like you should be fine without detox products. it will have been over 4 months since you smoked heavily, and 1,5 months since you smoked those 4 joints. Still stick to your natural detox plan though like you mentioned, that never hurts. Still a good idea to get yourself a home test kit to confirm before the real test though.

    7. i have to retake my test bc my first attempt was too diluted which was odd bc i always use this particular flush and always pass. now i have to retake it on wed. which means i have only a good solid 5 days of detoxing. should i order the 5 day or the 6 day? pleasee help i really need to get this job. thanks

      1. Test will be done already but either way I couldn’t say, since it depends on how heavy a smoker you were etc whether detox will work in that short period.

    8. Hey there! I quit smoking for about 11 months and the picked it back up the last two months. Maybe once every one to three days. Last time smoking was 9 days ago. Doing a test drug test on Friday, May have a government job testing by the following Wednesday. What’s your advice?

      1. Hey, all covered already on the page I’d say. Not a lot of time to detox should you need to, so if testing positive soon before your real one, you may want to consider synthetic urine.

    9. Hey Sophie I’m doing the toxin rid program and in the middle I caught a severe cold and had to start antibiotics… I’m concerned this might cancel the detox out? Do you have any info on that?


      1. Hey Alyson, I don’t think it cancels it out, although having a cold in general, as well as taking antibiotics, takes a toll on your body in general, and thus may make it less efficient at detoxing. A healthy body works more efficently than an unhealthy one at most things, detox especially.

        1. Hey Sophie, I’m not a big smoker, maybe twice or 3 times a month. however, I smoked Saturday, the 6th of March. I have a drug test for a new job soon, not sure when. What’s the best solution for this? Not sure whether it will be a urine or blood test. I’m almost 200 lbs.

          1. Which such occasional smoking, most people would be clean within 2 weeks of abstinence, especially with some detox efforts. Always best to make sure with home tests though since every1 is different. For a blood test you’d be clean within a few days so wouldn’t worry too much about that. Synthetic urine can be good to keep in mind if it seems you can’ get clean in time. Works when test is unsupervised, and most employment tests are.

    10. I’ve been smoking multiple times a day almost every day since about the beginning of the summer. It will be 15 days since i last smoked for my drug test. I’m not sure what test it will be either saliva or urine. I weight lift 4-5 times a week and stay hydrated. during the summer after lifting i would always go in the steam room, sauna, or both. I’ve been trying to urinate and sweat as much as possible since I was informed I’ll need to take a drug test. How likely do you think I am to pass and the best things to do in addition to urinating and sweating as much as possible and eating healthy? thank you

      1. If a saliva test, you’ll be fine, 2 weeks is enough. If a urine test, 2 weeks isn’t that long at all for a heavy user, and you might want to consider using synthetic urine if appliccable.

    11. I took about 10 dabs about 8 days ago and I have a drug test in about 8 days. I have been drinking loads of water, peeing about 25 times a day. I took 10 detox pills last week, but was told that they weren’t going to be much of a game changer. It is going to be a urinalysis. I am 6’3 1/2 and weigh 184 and workout almost everyday. Any suggestions?

      1. Not much to suggest other than what’s covered already on the page in regards to detox. Good products combined with effort into natural detox (which you seem to be doing correctly already) is always the most effective combo for detox. Make sure you test yourself with a home test kit as well before the real one. If you can’t seem to get clean in time, if appliccable (unsupervised test) synthetic urine could be a good option here. If you go all in on detox I still think you’ll be able to be clean for the test, granted you used the dabs at one occasion/day and weren’t a heavy smoker before that (if you were, odds to detox in just 16 days are imo slimmer to say the least), but you never really know with detox since we’re all different.

    12. I was just informed that I have to take a drug test in 11 days. I smoked about 5 times in the passed 2 weeks. I cannot fail this test. I already consume enough water daily and I eat right. Currently I weigh 200lbs. And I have a slow metabolism. I would like advice as to which detox I should get and when I should take it. Let’s say I get the 2-day detox. Do I take it as soon as I get it; or the day of my test and the day before? I also plan on getting a mask drink to do right before the test to be extra safe. Thank you!

      P.S- I have only $70 to work with including shipping.

      1. I’d say it depends on how much you smoked on those occasions as well as if you were a smoker before these 2 weeks as well etc. When on a budget imo, instead of detoxing half-assed, synthetic urine is often the more reliable option. But again in your case if you’re not talking very big amounts on those occasions you did smoke and weren’t a heavy smoker before these 2 weeks, detox could definitely work well.

    13. So I’ve smoked for the past 20 days and I’ve been crushing up Niocin and putting it in my water and taking the pills since yesterday around 3:30, and I have a random drug test this week so is there anyway I could get the rest of the drugs out of my system in less then 24 hours?

    14. Sophie, I just want to start by saying thank u for your time and the great website it has been extremely informative and helpful with my pre-test anxiety so as that I’m not going into this blindly. I have a urine test on the 18th and I stopped smoking yesterday. I know that doesn’t leave much of a window but I consider myself to be self medicated lol as I don’t exactly have much faith in most modern medicines and the side effects alone to me are worse than the ailments they are trying to fix\cure. Anyway I don’t have much of a budget 40$ or so not including the B complex vitamins and niacin I picked up today. The questions I was hoping u could help me with is being that niacin is a flushing agent should I stop taking it a day or two before my test so that my system is not still ridding itself of toxins on the day of my test? My other question is how much niacin should I be taking and how often? Synthetic urine is out of the question for me as my test is supervised and I also don’t want to risk masking drinks as that is tested for in my situation and my sample will be going to a lab. I am 5foot9 and 190 with a muscular build and decent metabolism. What if any are my chances with jus sweating a lot, exercise, water, and vitamins? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Once again thank you sincerely for you dedication to this website and it’s information and most importantly your time.

      1. Hey Will, I appreciate your kind feedback. Your test will be done by now so hope it went well but I’ll reply still and say that it’s almost impossible to say for me whether you can get clean without knowing how heavy a smoker you are (how often, how much per time, for how long a period etc). But with such a short notice and synthetic urine not an option, the best (although never ideal in itself) way might have been to use home tests to see whether you pass not before your test, and if you don’t, go with over-diluting your urine through lots of liquids and hope for a pass or at the very least some more time for a re-test.

    15. Hi i have a drug test in less than a week, i havent smoked in over a year and last monday i smoked a bowl and took a hit from a bong, im 180 pounds, 6 foot, i have 10% body fat and my metabolism is very fast. Since monday ive consumed a lot of water, a gallon of cranberry juice and today i drank a 20 oz redbull should i be ok for my drug test?

      1. Hey Jordan, I would say that it’s hard to know for sure, although your odds do look very good. It’s not uncommon for a 1-time user (which I’d say this counts as since there should have been no THC in your system prior) to be clean naturally in a week or so. The best strategy though I’d say would be to get a cheap home test kit and test yourself before the test, and in the case you aren’t clean, you can opt for either synthetic urine or for at the very least diluting it a bit with a decent detox drink on the day of the test. Although same-day detox drinks are generally pretty unreliable on their own, if not clean in your case you”ll likely be very close tot he cut-off, which is where these products shine and can be used as a safety-measure.

    16. Hi!
      I’m a mild smoker. I smoked twice a week and stopped on May 7th, it’s been 10 days I have a test coming up, but I’ve been doing a detox and workout everyday as well as drinking water. Do you think I’ll pass? I wanna do another detox as well. Thanks!

      1. 2 times per week isn’t that much so I think your chances are decent especially since you’ve put effort into detoxing. May be a good idea to get yourself some home test kits so you know for sure though. As a second option/last resort there’s always synthetic urine should the home tests be positive.

    17. Okay? So I smoked half a gram today. And I have a sleep study, which I’m like 99% pecent sure that they screen you and all. I’m going away to a camp for one month, before the study and don’t plan on smoking, and I am 5’3 and 170 lbs, will water and soft excercise be enough?

      1. Impossible to say, since it depends more on your smoking habits in general. If a very heavy and frequent smoker, then it may not be enough and often takes more than that, both time and detox efforts. If this half a gram was occasional and you’re an occasional smoker, this month would probably be enough to get clean.

    18. I got clean but had gotten high once since then I weigh about 230. My doctor doesn’t just normal test me he sends my urine off to a lab. I take several different meds. Am I screwed or could I pass if I drink water tea and exercise?

      1. Too little info here I’m afraid. If you’re actually clean like you said, you should be able to get reliably clean fairly quickly, probably a week or less, even faster if you put effort into detox. Depends a bit on how much you smoked on this occasion (and individual factors of course) but as to your question it comes down more than anything to how soon your test is.

    19. Hello
      I have been smoking for over ten yrs on yhe regular. Quit for about a month then just started up again about a month ago today. I have to pass a urine drug test in about 2 weeks! What do you suggest

    20. Hi I’ve been smoking at night almost every night for about six to seven months. I failed a drug test today in which I was thinking about doing the 10 day detox plus exercise and loads of water. I have a random drug test in 30 days or so. What do you recommend. I smoked last night but not today. I really need to pass this test but it’s random in 30 days so I can’t do the day of drink.

      1. Hi miguel, since you’ve been a daily smoker for such a long time, a month may not be adequate time no matter what detox you do (could be, but not guaranteed, differs person to person though). Still it might be your best option to lower the THC levels as much as possible until then. If you also always drink a lot of water, your test may be diluted (better than failing if you’re not clean enough). If not sent to a lab, dilution could sometimes mean you pass if the specific test can not detect over-dilution and it isn’t sent to a lab (they certainly can). another option could be to have some synthetic urine at hand (stashed in underwear perhaps) when it’s likely the test could occur

  2. I smoked 1 hit of weed last night,2 hits 3 nights ago,and 3 hits 2+weeks ago
    all real good weed
    i ordered the toxin rid 3 day—i dunno if I’ll be tested in the next 3 weeks,but the possibility is there
    im 6ft,170 lbs-semi good metabolism,mildly active
    with the toxin rid-lots of Water- of coarse no more weed– do you think I’ll pass?

    1. This could vary of course, considering time is your best friend when detoxing weed. If you use the 3-day Toxin Rid and do as you say with water and some activity,and then get tested in 3 weeks, that should definitely be enough to pass. I usually do 10 day Toxin Rid for my urine tests or at the very least 5 days if I haven’t been smoking too much, which is already almost twice as long as the 3-day program, so definitely get hold of a same-day detox drink to take before your test in case you’re tested sooner than 3 weeks from today.

    2. Hey Sophie, How long will it take to get thc out of my body and how will I feel THC leaving my body without a drug test. I’m not really feeling the side effects and the effects of marijuana. Does this mean I’m safe?

      1. This is answered in detail already in the post and other comments Zoe! It depends so much on various factors such as when you last used, how much, how heavy a smoker you are, detox measures etc that the info provided is insufficient even for an estimation. But as for whether you’ll feel it leaving, if you were a heavy user you may feel withdrawal effects, but you’d not be able to rely on the feeling or side effects vanishing to know you’re in the clear to pass a test. Better indicators would be taking above factors into account to estimate how long it should realistically take and also making use of cheap at home test kits

  3. Hi, I’m slightly confused on the one day detox drinks, should you drink before test, lets say a few hours before, or lets say the night before right after finishing smoking?

    1. The one day or same day detox drinks you drink a few hours before the test. This should be included in the instructions of the drink when you buy it. Generally you drink it, wait 30-60 min for it to take effect, and then you have a window of a few hours (again see instructions since it depends on your product) where you should take your test before the masking effects wear off.

      But as in your second example where you smoke the night before, a same day detox drink isn’t going to be reliable at all and your best bet is on being very lucky basically. It never really is enough which is why I only recommend a detox program (as mentioned in this post) while abstaining, in combination with a masking same day drink. In cases like the one you describe where you don’t want to abstain, synthetic urine is what you’d want to use, granted it isn’t a supervised test.

  4. If you could please clarify something for me?
    Following the 10 days you should be completely without any toxins that could trigger a fail on a urine test if you utilize the toxin rid 10 day?

    Obviously abstaining asap is ideal but leading up to the 10 days is it safe to still smoke? Urine test is 20 days away.


    1. Like you say, ideal is to abstain as long as possible. And yes, after you start the Toxin Rid, it would be counter-productive to say the least if you kept smoking, so complete abstaining then. If you are going to use a 10 day Toxin Rid and a same-day detox drink before your test, I’d say it’s safe (not recommended, just likely very safe) to smoke weed until you start the Toxin Rid which would be 11 days or so before your test. Of course use some common sense here and don’t smoke super heavy, daily until you start detoxing.

  5. I’ve been wanting to join the military but could never stop myself from smoking , I stop a few days then use heavily it’s been more then a year of heavy use , if I use toxin rid how long until I know I’m sure there wouldn’t be any thc in my system at all without any other product

    1. Hmm that is a tough question to answer, since personally I’ve always relied on also using a same day detox drink. I know since it’s military it can very likely be a directly observed test and so on. I strongly suggest you take this up with Test Clear’s support as well since they are likely to have been in contact with many more identical cases (I would assume this at least). Personally, after such heavy use use and considering what’s at stake, I’d look to be abstinent at least a month and use Toxin Rid somewhere in the middle of that, but also put high emphasis on the natural DEERS detox aids on this page (which you should do anyway to prepare for military physically I guess). I’d also if possible still try to get a same day detox drink before, perhaps put the content in to a soda bottle that looks identical or so, same way the certo method uses a Gatorade bottle to look natural. Again, take this with a grain of salt, because it’s hard to really know with all the different factors that play a part and this is just speculation on my part.

      But since your problem also seems to be addictive in nature you may want to look in to techniques on how to stop smoking weed also. Detoxing with Toxin Rid will be beneficial here to rid your system and thus possibly reduce cravings or withdrawal period, but if you use it and then fall back into the habit of heavy smoking it will have been wasted money. I aim to make a post on ways to stop smoking some time in the future when I have the ability to dig in to it, not at this time though I’m afraid.

      Most important of all though, get it done and take action! I’m all for smoking weed but if it’s preventing or delaying you from doing something you want to do with your life such in this case, then quitting for now definitely takes priority. There’s no time like the present.

      1. Hi Sophie, i have a similar circumstance. I’m joining the military and i will be drug tested to 20ng. i know i have at least two weeks probably before the test. Im active with DEERS and i also have about 6% body fat. I’ve been smoking high grade bud about a gram a day on average for about 2 years now. do you think i will be clear after 2 weeks of abstaining, + toxin rid and mega clean?


        1. Hey Cam. To be frank, I think it’s unlikely you’ll be clean enough in time, since that would be difficult even at the 50ng/ml cut-off. High grade a gram a day is a whole lot, and will have built up in fat cells even if you have low body fat. I assume they check for over-dilution and such at those tests. If not, that would likely be the best and perhaps only bet. Still, let us know how it went, people are different so nothing is impossible with detox, although it may be rare.

    2. Hey Sophie! Just wanted to start out by saying thank you and I think what you do is awesome! So I might get a hook up with a new job from a relative. He notified me that I will be drug tested. I am 5’11, weighing at about 280. I last smoked on November 5th. I only ever smoke once every month or so. Or fewer. Before November 5th it had been about 3 weeks since I had smoked. But never have I been a heavy smoker since I barely started the “every month or so” phase at the beginnings of this year. I haven’t been officially hired or anything and with Thanksgiving coming up I want to say I have roughly 2 weeks until any type of testing begins. I dont do much exercise but I do work in a place where I’m constantly walking fast and standing the whole day. If that matters. Haha. Any suggestions?

      1. Hi Ace, and thanks!

        I am fairly certain you are clean naturally. Once a month is not much at all, and you’ll have been abstinent for over a month as well. The only thing you might do for some assurance would be to get a home test kit. In your case a single one would do as opposed to a pack of several ones if you can find it somewhere for cheap. I wouldn’t worry though.

    3. The military drug test is DEFINITELY is Supervised Test…believe me, I know. I was in the military, a supervisor and i got tapped to be a ‘piss monitor’. And you be tested RANDOMLY throughout your ‘many’ years with them, But that said, you’ll need all the help you can get. I suggest getting the FULL PACKAGE. In other words, get the drinks too!

  6. Hi Sophie,
    I am home from work for 2 weeks. I shared 1 joint first night home and 2 more third night. Next day I was surprised to hear I have to test before returning to work. Before my first toke I went 3 weeks without, but one a day before that for a week. I think I will be ok (test 12 days after smoking) but took your advise and just ordered 5 day toxin rid and mega clean. I do not eat well, exersice much or have great metabolism but am trying to detox naturally now.
    My test will be a 5 panel, non-DOT, split specimen and says Lab?!?
    If I use toxin rid until the day before and mega clear the day of, can this be detected in the lab?

    1. Hey Bob, yeah you should definitely be fine since you’re taking these precautions. Some part of the natural detox tricks never hurts of course, the easiest one might be hitting the sauna, but you should be fine either way so I wouldn’t stress it. Keep in mind you can use the Toxin Rid any time before your test, doesn’t have to be the exact 5 days bright before your test, as long as you don’t smoke any more after starting the detox / until your test is done. Only the Mega Clean is time-sensitive in that you need to use it at a certain time before the test since it’s not detoxing and rather masking and diluting.

      5-panel means testing 5 different drugs, of which thc will be your only concern here (even if you had taken something other than that, THC is what stays the longest). DOT = Department of Transportation and have special regulations but since non-DOT it’s of little importance. split specimen means you leave 2 samples or rather your sample is split in to 2 containers, minimum 45mL total and gives an employer the opportuiny, if he wishes, to re-test the specimen at another certified lab.

  7. What about drinking lots of water before the test so urine is clear…but taking vitamin B12 so the color is yellow? This worked for me a few years back…how about now?

      1. jasmine to answer your question im a 25/yr old female 5’1 about 111 lbs. and im not sure about the vinegar cider, but the best way i use and effective EVERY single time on a recent hair and urine follice popped on me on the spot i tested 26 times over the 50/ng cut off level…in 7 days i have another one my last use was about an hour ago….but since i have known i would be getting this urine test i have been taking the clean track AZO’s 2 a day to keep your urinary tract system healthy not the lil round ones that make your piss bright orange although I have used the regular AZO and the whole “just drink water and sweat” NOO that does NOT work the water just dilutes not flushes the THC and the sweat depending on you body weight, breast and ass size, the regimen i use is simple CHEAP and VERY DEPENDABLE
        cranberry, cranberry, cranberry!! juice get a glass with a lid and sip it all day, in the cold section of most grocery stores near the organic things there is drinks look nasty some taste nasty but it works Bolthouse farms green goodness 32oz. its packed with green tea, broccoli, spinach, vitamins B6 & B12, vitamin c, it sounds nasty as hell but its actually not gross, there are lots of other flavors with all kinds of other vitamins as well they are smoothie type drinks a little thick but hey it works and its cheap! and i drink 32oz of whatever flavor of the bolthouse farms but right now im doing the green goodness, if your body is heavier drink 2 a day and cranberry juice in between, ocean spray craisins (dried Cranberries) snack on those throughout the day while drinking the bolthouse and juice you should drink water but if ur a heavy user i would recommend cranberry juice, GATORAID, carbonation, coffe, tea, even beer so realize you will be drinking lot’s and urinating lot’s and last but not least vitafusion B complex it has 5 different B vitamins in it they are gummies, and fresh veggies which with the bolthousefarms thats taking care of actually eating the veggies, the creatien found in red meat or powder form i would watch out for because if your not a regular user of the protein shake it will be noticable that your trying to dilute it the other things i mentioned will not look unusual you will just look like you take vitamins, so if your body type is anything like mine this will work just start when u find out and gradually atleast 5-7 prior to test stop completely

  8. Hi there, I have been a heavy smoker on and off (mostly on for years) over the last couple of months I have been smoking about 3 grams over the weekend. I will have stopped for 10 days when I am tested in about 2 days time for pre employment. I’m so scared I will fail. I have been drinking lots of water but I am overweight. Can you please help with suggestions, I need to get this job. Thanks!

    1. Just having been drinking lots of water is unlikely to be enough for you to pass. With this little time, synthetic urine is your best bet. Check out the guide for it on this site or do your research to find a reliable brand to use. The other option you have is getting a THC home drug test and testing yourself asap. If you pass it, get a same-day detox drink and you have a good chance to pass the pre-employment test as well. Synthetic urine is the safer bet however.

      1. First thank you so much for the forum. Isn’t it crazy that we have to go through all this, stressing being the worst when we are daily working next to alcoholics. I used to drink and I can say without a doubt when I was hungover all the time I was not the healthy employee I should have been. Yet nobody cared. With weed you can control what you do. Get high and a couple hours later you could take an exam seems crazy we must go through this. Anyway, I have smoked regularly since June. I bought some drinks (champ) and tests and tried it. Literally smoked, failed, drank it and passed. But, my gut said try harder. So, I went to my fave shop and asked which one was best. The guy told me rescue ice because he had consistent repeat buyers. It was like 45 bucks. I called the 800 # for coaching. They were careful with wording but said to drink it, I think fill the bottle with water and drink it within 15 minutes. I believe I had to do that twice but I can’t remember. Anyway you are supposed to pee 3 to 4 times before the test. Because I normally drink 96 Oz a day and this had to be done on an empty stomach I was dehydrated and could only pee 2x. She said drink 4 more Oz of water try to pee as much as I could and then book it over to take my test. So it was probably 2.5 hours from the first drink. I took a home test and passed. I passed at the lab too! And I was confident I would because I bought tried and true products. Similar to what you have mentioned. I also found these tablets from a recommendation on Marijuana. Com that I carry in my wallet in my purse in case a random ever comes up. You chew em up, drink like a quart of water and in 45 min you will pee clean for 5 hours. It might have said pee a couple x first. I figure even with the rare random I could monkey around for 45 min on my way to the lab. I also bought the orange flavored (champ) drink and put an orange small Sobe label on it so I could have it in my drawer at work as well. I did get that job but it wasn’t the right one so I get to do it again. Let’s all just support each other and get involved in helping legalize it. I actually believe the resources could put America at the top where we should be. I hope this helps people. D

        1. Thanks for your input, I’m sure some will find it useful. Definitely crazy! I agree completely with your comparison to alcohol. I like that you experiment with the drinks with home tests also, I do that as well or have done at times at least and it’s helpful. As for the tablets, I think they aren’t much unlike the same detox drinks, just in pill form and you’ll need access to a lot of water when using them. They both attempt to hide toxins temporarily and give you a certain time-window. So same would apply for them meaning, not super-reliable, but increases your chances, even more so if you’re just an occasional smoker or haven’t smoked in a while.

  9. hi, I was a heavy smoker I stopped smoking for over a month then a week ago I started smoking sum bowls in morning and a couple at night I did this for a week or a lil over a week. I was offered a position where I need to be urine tested and I smoked a bowl this morning cuz this was supposed to just be a meet and greet. I was told I could be tested in a week so I took a water pill today, I have sum diet pills at home a gonna buy a plastic sweat suit so I can wear before and after work it helps me sweat a lot. I was thinking of picking up a detox drink tomorrow and a test kit and see if this works. I really like this job and could use sum advice what I should take or do

    1. Detox could work but it’s hard to say for sure given the short time-frame and that you smoked several times daily, so definitely test yourself before as you mentioned. If you can’t get clean synthetic urine is a good alternative.

      1. Help my friend is 5″5 137 pounds smoked 3 days before his test pissed was clear took a niacin (1) and drunk a cup of tea and loads of water before hand Pissed 5 time beforehand as well do u guys think he will pass

        1. I couldn’t say. But with loads of water right before there’s always the chance the test comes back invalid due to dilution. Also would depend on if he’s a regular smoker, which would make things harder for sure.

  10. I am in the interviewing process for a job. I have been abstaining for the last three days, have started exercising, and changed my diet to a low carb/lean protein with lots of fruits and vegetables. I also weigh about 350 lbs. My anticipation is that it would be at least 3 weeks, probably more like 4 before I would be taking a screen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Yep I agree, sadly no, not that I would recommend. The budget-version in this case would be going with a decent synthetic urine kit, granted it’s an unsupervised test.

      1. I have a test for a life insurance policy, was considering the synthetic urine, but would that be bad in this case to use for life insurance?

  11. Okay i have an interview next Thursda, and a possible drug test. I smoked last night and the night before last. This would be my first job, and I don’t have the money to buy any detox medicine and I’ve been drinking water all day. Is it possible I will pass my drug test? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Possible, yes. But it’s a gamble. When on a really tight budget, synthetic urine is the cheapest yet pretty consistent way, using Purine which is cheaper than Sub-solution (see the synthetic urine guide on this website). You can also get a home drug test from Amazon or Walmart and see whether you test positive or not the days before your test. Not 100% reliable but still decent and at a low cost. If you do test positive however, you’d still need to get yourself that synthetic urine in time for the test.

      1. I’m not a heavy smoker but me and my friends rolled a blunt on the 25th but I only took 2-3 small hits then last night the 31st I took maybe 2-3 small hits. My job is testing in 5 days and I’m freaking out and there’s no way I’m able to afford those detox bottles with a job at a fast food restraunt. I’m 6’2 160 lbs. please respond fast :(

        1. Two words for you. Synthetic Urine. :). Way more affordable. But, since you smoked so little, with a fast metabolism and some luck, ypou may be clean naturally until then. Make sure of it with a home test though unless you like surprises.

  12. Was wondering if doubling up on same day detox like one shot concentrate would have a positive affect? In your opinion would it help to mask better? Or would it just be a waste of time? Toxin rid isn’t an option due too price. I have about 14 days since I last smoked until I’ll be tested. I was able to get completely clean about two months ago by just waiting it out and exercising. Since Ive decided to pick back up its been about a month of smoking at least once a day and I’m worried about failing. Last time it took me over 30 days to get clean however it was the first time in 5 plus years of smoking heavy that I’d attempted to get clean. I’m 6’1 190 in good shape. Appreciate any input you have on my situation thanks.

    1. Nah not more than one same-day detox drink I’d say. They’re already formulated to mask as well as possible with the recommended amount of liquid, there are simply limits to this approach if you have too much toxins in you to start with. When you can’t do the proper detox due to budget, rather than doing a half-assed detox I’d say a decent synthetic urine is the way to go. That would cost you less than doubling up on One Shot Concentrate as well.

  13. Hi there. So I was a daily smoker, more than once a day, for past couple years. On 9/12/15 I smoked for the last time so it’s now been 5.5 weeks since I smoked. I was just offered a big job the other day (I stopped in hopes this would happen). I need to go have a pre-employment physical which includes a drug screen. My position is not one that requires me to operate any equipment or drive so I think this test is a standard pre-employment one. Do you think 50 ng is the level I should be concerned about? How common is a 20 ng test. I’m assuming it’s urine.

    I probably can hold off on the physical for another two weeks so then I’d be approaching 7-8 weeks.

    I’d rather not do the 10 day toxin rid if possible, since I’ve abstained so long. But I also don’t want to risk losing this job.

    I am still having dreams which I have found to be the primary withdrawal symptom. I am sleeping a bit better. I have a pretty good metabolism and drink a good amount of water every day. I don’t exercise much but do get up to 10,000 steps a couple times a week.

    So am I being overly paranoid. Do you think 7-8 weeks is enough with abstaining only? Without doing the cleanse? Would you suggest I buy both 20 and 50ng test strips?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hey Pam, although 20 ng/ml are used by some, 50ng/ml is the standard for the vast majority of times. But if i was you I’d still try to research the company and if possible find out what lab they use and what cut-off they use. 7-8 weeks is a long time so for most people, a 10 day Toxin Rid won’t be necessary at that point. Metabolism and drinking water certainly works in your favor, especially when done over such a lengthy period. Everyone is unique however and some peoples bodies have problems ridding THC so guarantees don’t exist still, just very good odds.

      I would suggest like I said trying to find out the specific lab and cut-off, but either way to get yourself the 50ng/ml strips. If you fail those there is cause for real concern and time to consider Toxin Rid or synthetic urine. I think a same-day detox drink is a worthy safety measure in any case, no matter if you pass or fail your 50ng/ml home test (unless you use fake pee that is).

  14. I have been a regular smoker for years. Stopped for 3 mos and passed drug test for pain clinic. Started back on the 30th of sept and smoked up until the 19 th which was my bday. How long should I abstain for a test on November 19 th It is and has been high grade weed

    1. From what you say you will have abstained 1 month. That’s a decent amount of time but some regular smokers do test positive for longer than a month (worst case several months). If I were you I’d probably do a 5 or 10 day Toxin Rid course combined with a same-day detox drink. The standard detox pretty much. Your exercise, diet and water-consumption habits do play a part as well in how well you detox naturally and could let you get away with the shorter of the 2 (5 days).

      Do test yourself at home however before the real test to be safe.

  15. I smoke dabs at least 10 plus times a day for the past 3 years and I am going to quit for a job. I don’t have money for detox supplements so what would be the best way to detox fast. I am 140lb if that helps. Any advice to my situation will be greatly appreciated.

    1. 10+ times a day, for 3 years, that is a lot of dabs! Detox takes time, especially if you don’t use detox products. Without them, to pass a test any time soon I think you need to consider synthetic urine. Considering your budget, you may want to have a look at Purine, which should get the job done. But first you should read the guide on synthetic urine on this site.

  16. Heya Sopie,
    Look i was wondering if the detoxing products above could be found here in New Zealand? As i have a test coming up real soon!

    1. Hey Calvin.

      I actually have no idea. Try asking the support if they ship there. Or the manufacturer, they should know if there are resellers abroad.

  17. Hello, I have never smoked in my life, however recently I started eating edibles. Ate one brownie every Saturday for 5 weekends. Now I recently got a job, but I need to pass a urine test before hand. It has been 7 days since I ate my last brownie (it was a big one) and I think I can put the test off for about 2 more weeks. I have no experience with this stuff, do you think I’m good to go if I just abstain until then? I will have been 3 weeks clean. Also what is the difference between the 10 day and 5 day detox, I am a college student and on a budget. I workout every day of the week, but and am relatively lean, but have a really slow metabolism. Thanks, I am freaking out over here, never thought I’d get the job.

    1. Hey Sam. I don’t know how potent these particular brownies were but 1 per week does not sound like a lot either way. 3 weeks of abstinence, especially with your exercising habits, I’d should have you clean to pass without detox products. You do mention a really slow metabolism which of course may slow down the natural detox. The difference between the 10 day and the 5 day detox is potency, the 10 day detox only being necessary for more regular weed users. A 10 day detox would be over-kill in your case I’d say. 5-day would be good and is what I would done, but you may still be alright without one and since you mention budget.. It’s not possible to know for sure, with all the factors of slow metabolism, brownie potencies etc. At the very least though, you should get yourself a home test and see what that says. The ones I recommend are less than a buck a piece for 10 on Amazon, but you can also probably find some decent brand in a local store. If you pass it, you could just get a same day drink as a precaution, QCarbo32 being alright when you’re on a budget, for about $17 on Amazon.

  18. Hi Sophie,
    I have a urine and swab test coming up… not sure as to when but i got a job offer just this past Thursday. The last time i smoked was the night before which was Wednesday. I was a regular smoker, maybe smoking once or twice a day. I stopped smoking fir about two in a half weeks then started again, but i would only smoke before going to bed. Like i implied last time i smoked was on 10-21-15 i purchased the xxxtra clean detox of a value of $40…. do u by any chance think i could pass without the detox drink or should i forsure intake the drink? Please and thank u for your reply (:

    1. Hey Jessica,
      as for the swab test, you should be able to pass it just by abstaining for 10-days plus even though you’ve smoked pretty regularly. Urine may be more of a concern however. Chronic smokers can test positive from their urine for several months in worst case scenarios. I would never trust just a simple same-day detox drink (such as xxtra clean) to do the job here. If you’ve read through this page you’d know why since it will just attmept to mask it, and this often fails if you haven’t already got low amounts of THC in your system to start with. So for you question of whether you can pass without drinking it, you can (anything is possible) but risky, since it’s risky even WITH the detox drink.

      Personally in your situation I’d detox with Toxin Rid first, and then use the detox drink as well for your test, and also home-test myself. A home-test you should do at the very least, since they are really affordable and can give you a better idea as to whether you’re clean enough.

  19. I am currently getting farther along into the hiring process of a job in the healthcare field and read a post from another site regarding the difference between a “drug screen” and a “drug test” and was wondering if anyone knew the specifics on this? I, like many others, are worried about failing the screen/test. I have been a decently heavy smoker for a few years now, and abstained one month to pass the test to get in to my initial program well over a year ago and did not use any drinks, dilutions, or masks, and started back up once I heard the good news. I DO NOT AND WOULD NOT, BY ANY MEANS, show up to work high, but unfortunately the laws today test for this “illegal substance” I like so much. It has now been well over 2 weeks, almost 3, that I have abstained from smoking, and I have also passed 2 different home tests, just to see where I was at. I also bought a detox drink, ReadyClean, that was recommended over the other drinks at the head shop, to take the day of the test. Since I have never been through this process before I am worried that this still may not be enough to pass an actual lab test. I am still unsure of my screen/test date, but am assuming it will be within the week. Any and all help is welcome. :)

    1. I answered the question regarding drug screening and drug tests in another comment on my post on synthetic urine, here’s the exact reply: “Many use the words drug test and drug screening interchangably, and I will admit I’m guilty to this sometimes as well. They are similar, but there are some key differences. From the top of my head, a screening is quicker, cheaper and has a bigger chance of false positives from stuf that aren’t drugs, which would then be found out after further testing. A drug test is slower and a bit more thorough in the lab perhaps. The way to pass one doesn’t really change no matter what you call it. You need a clean urine sample, your own or synthetic, and that’s that.”

      Your body seems to be detoxing fairly well naturally since you’ve already been testing negative on home tests, so that’s great. And since you will have abstained for even longer, close to a month, before your actual test, while already testing negative, I think there won’t be any problems passing. Drink your Ready Clean before the test as you plan to, that’s a good safety assurance, and you should be all good.

  20. I had a question, I have been a heavy smoker for more than 5 years. I stopped smoking less and pretty much quit about a month ago. I had a super stressful day and fell into temptation by smoking a blunt the other day. I know it takes longer to clean out your system of you have smoked a lot. However, I’ve been clean for about a month and have been drinking a lot of water. I weigh at 108 so I have a pretty high metabolism. I’m thinking with the last blunt I smoked a day ago I may have to start all over. I can try and push my drug test back to another month. Do you think if I cleanse my body with plenty of fluids and exercise I will be clean enough to pass? Or do you recommend using the detox supplements because I’ve been a heavy user in the past?

    I have clinicals and I really want to pass my program :)

  21. Been smoking heavily for years out here in the caribbean, now I have an up coming test for immigration purposes in about 6months or more it’s been 2weeks since I stopped smoking do you think I should use the 10 day detox now and just continue abstaining or I need something more?

    1. If you mean you will be abstaining 6 months, then that should definitely be enough time to get clean without the 10 day detox.

  22. I would like to know if I do the 10 day toxin rid program and stop smoking ,will I stay clean or do the toxins creep back from the body

    1. It’s not time-sensitive that way, so you can do the 10-day detox either in close proximity to your test, or several weeks before and it will have the same effect, as long as you don’t smoke in-between detoxing and taking your test.

  23. I have a pre-employment physical in two days and I haven’t smoked for about 2 weeks. I’m 5’7 110 so very little body fat, I’ve been drinking tons of water but I still think I’m going to fail since I was such a heavy smoker (everyday at least a gram a day) I have a friend that is willing to give me some of her urine so I don’t fail, great friend I know. But I am also going to have blood work done not for drug testing purposes just regular physical stuff. Have you ever heard of them checking to make sure the urine and blood is coming from the same person?

    1. If you were to use your own urine, then definitely get a cheaper home-test kit first and see if you pass that. Even if you do it’s still wise to use a same-day detox drink, altohugh it doesn’t have to be an expensive one at all in this case. They will not check to see if the urine and blood is from the same person. All you would need to worry about is getting the correct temperature and that your friends urine is fresh and not from a few days back.

    1. My guess would be for a few reasons. Neither of these are really that well-known, at least relatively speaking, simply because they are not marketed heavily. They then rely only on word of mouth. The most popular products will always be those that spend the biggest budget to advertise and promote it, no matter how well they actually work. Toxin Rid is also somewhat of an exclusive product, I don’t know anywhere else to get it besides directly from Test Clear. The other thing (sadly) is that most people are less likely to leave a review when it worked for them. They expected it, and don’t think of coming back just to leave a review unless they’re reminded of it by e-mail or something similar. But if it didn’t work, you can be sure a lot of people will voice their dissatisfaction, warn others and make sure the word gets out.

  24. So I can’t buy the toxin rid but o can get the one shot or mega clean! If I have 7 days to detox and drink this the day of my test do you think I will pass I have been a moderate smoker for about 3 months and a heavy smoker for about 1 month or so! I stopped smoking today! What are my chances?

    1. Well, the Mega Clean and One Shot Concentrate, although decent same-day drinks, they’re still just that, as in they just attempt to mask, and don’t actually detox you.

      If you’ve been a heavy smoker for the entire last month with just a week of abstinence I think relying on just these is definitely a gamble. You may pass, but you may just as well not. If you can’t get Toxin Rid (and time’s ticking already at this point), synthetic urine may be your safest bet imo.

      1. Ok thank you so much! If I can push the test for another week and abstain from use would 2 weeks pumping water and working out my metabolism is fast I’m 5’7 130 ponds 19 male would that do anything with the one day drinks all I need is to pass a pre employment drug test then I’m golden. I have also purchased the qcarb32 and it’ll be here soon do you think I’ll pass?

        1. I can’t say for certain, but with heavy exercise, drinking fluids and if your metabolism is fast like you say, you have a good shot. I think at the very least you should get some cheap home-test kit, from store or online. Some places have them for one or a few bucks. You want to at least test negative on that one the days before your real test, without using a same-day detox drink. If it’s negative that’s a good sign, still drink your Qcarbo before the real test however. If your home test is positive and there’s then very little time left, synthetic urine is the way to go.

  25. Hi Sophie, great website! So I am getting tested for my dui diversion treatment and set a baseline test a couple weeks ago which I know was very dirty I have been a daily smoker for a long time, I haven’t smoked in two weeks and just pissed yesterday but then smoked a bong hit today I don’t have to be completely clean next week but need to make sure it still is less then my last test. How much will one hit spike my test and what is the best way to bring it down? I don’t want to mask it as that is illegal in my situation and just want to detox enough to not spike up, any thoughts would help thank you.

    1. Hi Niko, thanks!

      As you say masking it or cheating it would be illegal and I wouldn’t be able to advise you in that. One hit, when put in perspective of having been a heavy smoker only 2 weeks back, shouldn’t set you back much at all. Always impossible to say for certain due to all the factors that play a part which differ between different individuals, but my guess would be you would still naturally have less THC in your system in a week even with that bong hit, since it will also be an extra week from when you smoked heavily. Since you don’t neseccarily need to be clean, just cleaner, I think just going heavy on the natural detox methods including drinking lots of fluids and getting exercise/sweating (obviously no more bong hits!) should do the trick. No products needed.

  26. Hi Sophie,

    I have been a pretty regular smoker for the past year or so and am slightly overweight. On Tuesday (11/3) I found out that I will be tested on 11/11. I had the ToxinRid 10-day detox overnighted and started it on Thursday (having taken the pre cleanse pills Wednesday night). I have been drinking approximately 120 oz of water a day and have gone to 3 hot yoga classes so far in order to sweat a lot, with some light cardio (20 minutes) on two of the 3 days so far. I also ordered MegaCleanse. Come 11/11, which will technically be day 7 of the detox, what do you think my chances are of passing the test if I take MegaCleanse that day? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    1. It’s a little short on time but you seem to be doing it right aside from that.t Giving a number/chance estimate however is not really possible, individuals differ too much, regular smoker could mean anything form 2-7 days a week etc. I’d say make sure you finish the Toxin Rid before, so double up on the last days, just use it at different times of the day. After that you’ll want to use the home-test kit you got with Toxin Rid, but not if you’ve exercised in close proximity. So go hard with the exercise but avoid exercising 24 hours before your real test, or a little longer if you want your home test to be more accurate. Ideally you test negative on this home test, and then the Mega Clean should have you covered.

      1. Hi Sophie,

        Thank you for all of the information! One last question–if I double up supplements starting today, that would put me at day 10 of the detox on test day. Should I take the ToxinRid supplements along with the detox liquid included and the MegaClean on test day? My test is scheduled between 1-2pm, so I am not even sure I would have time to do all of that unless I wake up at 3am (which I can do if you think it would be best). Basically, how should I approach test day given all of the supplements that I have and knowing that test day is technically day 10 of the detox? Thank you again for all of your help!

        1. I prefer finishing Toxin Rid before the day of my test, and drinking only a same-day detox drink on the day of the test. Has a lot to do with wanting to home-test myself though after I’ve detoxed to see whether I pass that. The testing window is 1 to 4 or 5 hours for most same day detox drinks (check instructions for optimal testing zone) and that should be the only time you need to adapt to.

          And btw, I saw you leaving multiple comments. The reason you don’t see you comments right away is that they need to be manually approved first, to keep comments free from spam. So it may take a day or a few days in general, depending on when I have the time to read through comments.

  27. Hope all is well. I have a lab urine test two weeks after I stopped smoking. Moderate / heave user, 5’9 190. Since i stopped i jumped on 7 day detox (herbal cleanse) program, been drinking water 120oz + a day, 45mins cardio and 45mins sauna everyday, and bought herbal clean Qcarbo20 for day of test. Your thoughts? please advise….

  28. Hi,
    So I will be looking for employment within the next month or so. I was smoking for two or three months (always more than twice a day), and have quit for over a week now. I am a big girl and don’t really drink a lot. My question is after six weeks of not smoking should I still do a detox regiment? Or will time in itself be enough? I can increase my drinking bit I don’t exactly eat healthy…

    Anyway, thanks so much!

  29. Thanks for the help. 3 hits a day for years. In great shape, full court basketball 3 days a week. Heavy sweating on a daily basis including heavy night sweats, all my life. Off for two weeks, took one hit on a Friday. Off another week, took another hit on Friday. Now will be off for at least 10 days prior to a pre-employment drug test. Have been drinking cranberry juice for years by choice. Doing some Niacin for two weeks. 6’0″ 190. Summary, two hits in one month. What do you think? Thanks

    1. It’s always the toughest to predict when you’ve smoked several times daily for a very long time, since the studies say some are positive for months while some are clean after one. So very individual. The two hits this month aren’t much to worry about in and of themselves I’d say with your active lifestyle. Best you can do is get a home test kit and go from there to decide whether you need heavier detox.

      1. Follow up. 3-4 hits a day for years. Two hits this past month. Just home tested positive, ugh. In great shape, sweat daily, but now in a battle. Should have another 2-3 three weeks to get clean. Wish me luck, but long time users beware.

    1. I only know of Test Clear who sells it and they have prices listed for each detox course, if you mean available from somewhere else, best you could do I guess is ask Test Clear support if they know of other sellers.

  30. Hey there, so I’ve been a heavy consumer for almost ten years with about a three month break six years ago or so. High quality products and oil/wax for the last year, five six times a day. I have to take a dipstick test sometime soon but I don’t know when yet. I stopped today and started drinking tons of water and running with many layers on to sweat. I picked up a qcarbo20 extra strength. I also ordered sub solution to have in case. I’m 135 lbs and about 5.9 in tall. What are my chances of detoxing by early next week or should I just expect to use the sub solution?

    1. Frankly put I think your chances of detoxing that quick, when being that heavy of a smoker, are very slim. Imo you did right in getting some synthetic urine.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! Also not sure if this matters but I only use a vaporizer, no smoke for me for over two years. I assume it probably doesn’t change anything though. Thank you for what you do btw.

  31. Hi Sophie, I’ve been visiting your site for a few weeks now and want to say thanks.
    I’m a very heavy smoker and did not feel confident detoxing in time for a pre-employment test so I used Sub Solution. It was a lot easier than I thought to smuggle it in and the temperature was ok so I felt pretty good about my chance of passing.
    The thing that is really freaking me out now is: After my test I went to look at the internet on my phone and my history was showing the last 3 weeks of searches about weed.
    I have a bad feeling they looked at my phone while I was in the bathroom.
    Do you or anyone know if they could use that info against me? I’m supposed to start work on Monday.

    1. Hey Tom, my pleasure, and I’m glad you feel good about your test (except for that last part). What makes you think they’d look at your phone though? Not sure that’s even legal, and what you search for isn’t exactly proof. For all they know, you could’ve just been looking to help a friend out with his test who’s been looking for jobs along with you, while not wanting to give him your clean urine due to ethical reasons. A fine excuse ;). I repeat though, it’s HIGHLY unlikely they would go through your stuff without there being some sort of agreement about that.

      1. Hi Sophie, I think I was just being paranoid about my phone.
        I must have passed my test with Sub-Solution. Took the test on the 11th and made it through my first day of work today.
        Thanks again

    1. I’d say it works similar to other detox drinks, which is covered in the article above. Wouldn’t use it alone, but good as a complement to real detox to mask whatever is left in your system.

  32. I am 5’5 115 lbs and am worried about a pre employment drug test. I smoked moderately and quit for 3 weeks and slipped up and smoked. Since my slip up I have been clean for another 3 weeks. I am still so worried about failing my test and don’t even want to smoke anymore because of the anxiety this has caused me. I am considering a three day detox? I don’t want to do the same day drink and have a diluted sample? I would greatly appreciate any advice!

    1. If your slip up was only smoking once or twice, you may very well be clean already with 3 weeks abstinence both before and after. Depends on your body. You can use a home test kit to gauge if this could be the case. A three day detox sounds suitable as well, since you have been clean for a god while, but whether it’s absolutely necessary is again hard to say for sure. Better safe than sorry I like to say.

      As for diluted samples with same-day drinks, it can happen, but usually if the formula is good it includes the stuff that is tested for to check dilution in the drink, such as creatinine etc, to prevent this.

  33. Hi Sophie

    Great website. I take my test this Wednesday (maybe Thursday). By then almost 3 weeks clean after a month of daily smoking ( 3 months clean prior). Already finished a 10 day toxin rid program with recommended diet and exercise. I actually went to Quest and took an official urine test there and passed a couple days ago after finishing the 10 day program( almost seemed too good to be true, but I’ll take it). I’m extremely paranoid and therefore starting taking another 5 days worth of toxin rid today. I’ve also taken numerous home tests ( the people at cvs must think I’m nuts). I have passed all of them except for a first thing in the morning one yesterday. I guess I have 3 questions. 1) with 3/4 days left, are there any other steps you reccomend I take? 2) To your knowledge are there any ingredients within the toxin rid pills (including the detox liquid and dietary fiber) that get picked up by tests? 3) In general, how much water can I legitimately drink the day of the test before it becomes obvious that I drink too much? I generally drink a cup of coffee and 2 liters of water on a daily basis anyway but don’t want a negative dilute result. Thank you so much.

    1. Hey Bob, and thanks!

      Good news you passed your test. You really don’t have much to worry about then. The first thing in the morning test does not really count. During the night your body detoxes the most, and toxins can build up in the urine. But that’s not the urine you use for a test either way. For the test, you’ll want to have peed a few times that day, and also take it mid-stream.

      1. I think you’re fine either way, but I always do a same-day detox drink as well before my test.
      2. Nah Toxin Rid won’t get picked up by a test.
      3. I think the tell-tale sign is if your urine is very clear, that you may be drinking too much. Not too much from a health aspect, it’s just that most people don’t drink enough water daily and will thus have a little stronger urine color, thus that’s the norm. But as long as it’s not completely clear you should be good. There’s a reason dilution methods to pass tests advise to take b-vitamins to make the urine more yellow. Same-day detox drinks generally contain b-vitamins already for color, but also other ingredients that a dilution test screens for, rebalancing their concentration in order to prevent over-dilution, at least if the formula is a good one. Doesn’t mean it’s fool-proof for over-dilution, but it helps.

  34. Hey sophie, I stoped consuming on the 23rd of last month and will have been clean roughly 25 days when my test comes up at roughly 10am on Wednesday. Before having quit I was a regular user 3 Times daily 7 days a week THC contents of 15-28%. I weigh 135lbs 6ft give or take five pounds. I took a home drug test yesterday and received a very faint red line by the drug line and a fine red next to the control line. I am wondering if this means that my toxin levels are low enough to pass but bridging on not passing? Further I bought Qcarbo32 to drink on the day of the test to ensure a negative result. Given the duration since last use and the seeming results of the home drug test and consuming qcarbo32, how do you think I will do?

    1. Different home tests vary so I couldn’t say, you’ll have to read the instructions on your specific test carefully to know what the results meant. Smoking several times daily would mean it’s not at all a given that you’re clean after 25 days depending on your body (it’s possible you are clean, but still a gamble), so definitely try to figure out what your test was really telling you about your detox status. So for as how I think you will do, I can’t say.

  35. Hey sophie! I have a test tomorrow at 10, I am 130lbs 6ft and previously smoked 3 times a day until 25 days ago! I took a home test and the line was faintly red by the line that specified drug and clearly red by the line that said control. I was wondering if the faintness of the line meant that the THC-COOH levels were elevated but not to the level of failure? Further I bought qcarbo32 to drink before my test! Any input would be helpful!

  36. Hey I smoked about 5 days ago on Saturday and the Saturday before that. Before those two weeks I smoked pretty heavily. I got a drug test in 4 days (urine) athletic body and I sweat a lot thru cardio exercises (skateboarding) Any help or suggestions on passing? Please respond

    1. Imo smoking heavily 2 weeks ago weighs more than the 2 most recent saturdays, but obviously they add up as well. Chances are you’re not clean enough yet, and considering the test is so soon if I were you I’d either take a home test and go from there, if it’s positive go with synthetic urine, or just go with synthetic urine either way and not test myself.

  37. Hi Sophie – You are SO awesome for answering our questions.

    I last smoked July 31st. Before that I was a heavy smoker – .5 grams/day for a few years with a little time off here and there. 38yrs old, and average metabolism.

    No detox treatment done. Its been about 112 days since last use. Did a home urine test kit. Came out clean.

    If I did a urine test in a lab, should I come out clean for 50ng/ml? What about 20ng/ml?

    What if I am hair tested? My hair grows average to above average speed. Cut my hair twice in the past 90 days, but not sure if its grown 1.5inches or not. I think it has though. Are detection levels the same?


    1. Thanks Robbie :)!

      Yeah you should be clean in a lab test as well for 50ng/ml. As for 20ng/ml it’s hard to say for certain. Definitely possible you’d pass a 20ng/ml but no guarantees. But very few tests use this cut-off level. There are THC home tests for 20ng/ml as well for those who know that’s the cut-off they’re facing, search on Amazon for thccheck and you’ll find an example, about $8 for a 2-pack.

      As for hair, if you haven’t smoked in the last 3 months, you’re generally clean. Hair detection levels are measured in other units and hard to compare to urine. If you smoked just once during these last three months, you’re unlikely to fail the hair test, it generally needs to be 2 or more times.

  38. Hi Sophie! Okay so I have been regularly smoking (~4-5x/wk) for 4 months now, but I have a very low tolerance (~1.5g every 2 wks) and I have a pre-employment drug screening in 8 days. I am tall and heavy and have been exercising and drinking water consistently since I found out about the screening 2 days ago. I can’t afford the toxin rid and am skeptical of the fake urine. What do you suggest, and how long do you think THC will be present based off of the info I gave you? Thank you so much for what you’ve put together here!

    1. Hey Emmy. An exact number I couldn’t give, very individual, but I think it would be pretty risky for any frequent smoker (4-5x/week fits that description) to take a test just 10 days after stopping with just water and exercise, it usually takes longer than that to get clean naturally. Best you could do I’d say is get some home test kits asap and see what they say, then go from there. If you still test positive 3 or so days before your test, synthetic urine is the only good option you’ll have time for.

  39. I have to report to probation on Tuesday its been over a week since last smoked and bedore that I was clean 10 days I smoked 2 blunts that’s it. I’m only 115 lbs. Been drinking tons of water and been drinking yogi detox tea. Think I’ll be cleAn?

    1. I don’t give advice for probation specifically due to legal reasons. If you want to know whether you’re clean or not, there’s no better value then one of those cheap home testing kits. Based on you being clean for a week and last time was just 2 blunts, I’d say chances are you’re clean, but still not guaranteed since some people clear out toxins slower than others.

  40. Hey Sophie,

    First of all thanks for being kind enough to post this website, it’s really great.

    I used to be a heavy every day smoker for two years, up until around three weeks ago; I stopped smoking because I am playing D1 tennis where random drug tests can occur from both my school and the NCAA (as I’m writing this, I realize I should probably start detoxing).

    On December 19th, we get out for winter break until January 4th, and I’m really tempted to smoke at least a couple of joints. I’ve read on your site about the 10 day detox systems which seem to work well, and obviously the chances of me being tested within a couple of weeks of coming back would be very unlikely. However, I really do not want to risk my future with the team, and would only go about smoking if I can confidently be clean for testing by January 4-6th or so. I’m 5′ 10 and weigh about 165, pretty skinny and I tend to have a very fast metabolism. I guess my question is how reliable the detox kit (whichever one you think) would be, assuming I follow all other protocols involving sweating a lot, drinking a lot, etc. before and after smoking and maybe what you recommend having in case I do get tested during that week of January? Just whatever advice you’d give to a kid trying to smoke a joint when he can! Thanks again

    1. If you could keep it to just a couple of joints, a 5 day detox should be enough (stop smoking at new years eve at the very latest and start your detox). I’d say that combined with exercise and a lot of fluids, they’re very reliable, although home-testing kits are always advisable to make sure, since some people’s bodies can have unusually slow or defect ways of ridding THC. Keep in mind though that should you be tested right now, with 3 weeks abstinent after being a daily smoker the last 2 years, you could be testing positive. Your fast metabolism and active lifestyle may mean you’re already clean but you can’t know for sure unless you test and it’s not that uncommon that very heavy smokers aren’t clean enough by 3 weeks without serious detox efforts.

      1. Hey Sophie,

        To follow up on that, is the 10 day program simply more pills of the 3,4 or 5 day Toxin program? I’d consider getting the 10 day program even if I only need 5 days, just in case. Lastly, I just tested positive after 3-4 weeks of no smoking, however I stupidly had found myself twice in a room with people around me smoking with hardly any windows open. I am going to start the detox program ASAP regardless, and was wondering about the above question as well as if it makes any sense to smoke a joint or two this weekend before I start, considering I already still have some in my system. How much would two or three joints slow down the detox program, assuming I have a slight amount in my body currently?

        1. 10 day is pretty much more of the same thing yes. I wouldn’t say it made sense, considering that when you’re not clean enough to pass your home test is when you’d want to avoid further exposure the most. That being said, I don’t think it would be a game-breaker either if you intend to do a 10 day detox afterwards. But as always, everyone is different and thus there are no guarantees in terms of how fast you’ll be able to get clean, hence when one doesn’t know from personal experience what it takes for oneself to get clean, it’s often best to play it safe.

  41. So I have been looking for employment, but since I work in the medical field all jobs require drug testing. I have been sober for 63 days, I have been using the easy at home single panel tests and I have yet to have a negative result (only seeing a barely visible faint line). I haven’t been exercising regularly or watching my diet, but I have been taking multivitamins with antioxidants and metabolism booting ingredients. I just interviewed for my dream job and I really don’t want to fail. Any ideas on what I should do? I don’t have a lot of money to spend on detox kits. Would an all liquid diet help as well as increasing my exercise?

    1. You don’t say how much you were smoking when you did, but 63 days is generally long enough to get clean naturally even for frequent users. But you say your tests keep showing positive as in not clean yet so.. First of all, make sure you read the instructions carefully so you’re reading your test right. Usually, a faint line means a negative test, see although it can depend so again, read the re-read the instructions on how to interpret it correctly. Chances are that in reality you have yet to have a positive result, in which case you should be all good.

      If you’re certain you are still testing positive and not mis-reading the results, it would seem natural detox won’t do it for you in time, and if you can’t afford detox kits, synthetic urine is the best consistent option. More exercise would definitely help, but an all liquid diet isn’t at all necessary. Just eat healthy in general with lots of fiber especially, drink a lot of fluids and that’s that.

      1. I was for the most part an everyday smoker for about 5 years, I would typically go through an eighth/week. Ranging from poor to the occasional higher quality bud. I am 5’10” 270 lbs. I fear that my body fat percentage and slow metabolism is the main reason why I haven’t passed. I have been walking/jogging about about every day for the past few weeks, but not really watching my diet (until now, I am eating lots of fruits and veggies, and very little to no fat). I am increasing my fluids, water, green tea, and detox teas (about 4 cups a day of the teas and at least 1-2 liters of water/day). I thought I was using the test accurately (I was leaving the test strip in the urine for longer that 10 seconds thinking I had to wait until the test window fully absorbed the urine). I will try again after the next few days of heavy fluid intake, low fat diet, and increasing my exercise. I am pretty broke right now so I don’t think I can afford any synthetic urine sadly. Thank you for the quick response, I greatly appreciate all your knowledge and help.

        1. You’re doing things right. Sure test yourself in a few days, but remember for most home tests when they show a faint line, no matter how faint, it means you passed it (again confirm with your own test). Would be a real shame if you go around worrying when you’re actually passing already..

  42. Hey… so my job claims to do random urine test… but i think its more for the drivers… my friend who works in my department has been there a year and never tested… anyways… I’m planning on getting baked as f**k during my 2 weeks off for christmas and was just wondering if i should start taking the 10 day detox the day after i stop smoking and if i do that would i be good if a month then passes before and if i am even selected for a random piss test? or to be safe should i buy the 10 day detox and same day so that incase for some reason i do get tested i have the 10 day in me and also have the same day? Thanks sorry if its confusing.. but i cant imagine not being baked for the holidays!!!!

    1. Hey Robert. If you do the 10-day plus a month of abstinence, generally you should definitely be clean by then from your holiday indulgement, but always have some home tests to confirm. A same day detox drink is never a bad idea, and may be good to have in case you get tested sooner than you expect.

  43. I’m really worried!! i have a drug test next thursday. the last time i smoked was two weeks ago. it was two blunts i believe. i also had a dab the week before that. I haven’t really done anything to try to get it out of my system because I’ve been sick for the past three days. Help?

    1. A month of abstinence after just smoking on a few ocassions like you describe, is generally enough to be clean naturally. Best you can do imo is get some home test kits for assurance and go from there.

  44. Hi Sophie, I have a job interview next week and I know that this job drug tests. I used to be a chronic user months ago, but I passed a drug screen for a clinical trial I applied to a month ago and it came up negative which is good (I was turned down for the trial however because my liver enzymes are through the roof). I have had interviews in the past that hired me on the spot some do not so I’m uncertain.

    Here’s my main question though, a week and a half ago I got 2 grams of very high potent reefer and smoked it (in small amounts) over the course of 5 days. I am 6′ 1″ 260 lbs and have a pretty slow metabolism not to mention I ate a lot of fatty foods along with my weed vacation. Suppose I get drug tested after the interview if they like me enough, does that usually happen? Or if it’s later in the week what should I do? I’ve had night sweats recently a couple times and I take supplements daily to cleanse my liver which contain milk thistle, what else should I do?

    1. Hi Liam. I will assume you’re not clean enough already considering what you describe here, but you never know so get some home tests to make sure imo. Most common is that the urine test is on a separate ocassion but I’m sure it can vary. The way I see it you options are pretty much the same as with any other test in that you can start detoxing asap, or get some synthetic urine. Since you don’t know for sure if they’ll want to hire you (and thus test you) or not after your interview, synthetic urine might be more convenient in your case. Mainly because you may have detoxed in vein and wasted some money if you aren’t tested and decide to smoke again sometime before you get another reason to be clean. Whereas the synthetic urine you can just keep at home for your next test instead (has a long shelf life).

  45. Hello,
    I was a heavy smoker for a number of years. Stayed clean for 2 weeks and drank a lot of vegetable juice and water. I purchased the 10 day detox kit. Tested myself with the provided test strip after 10 days of use. I was positive. Disappointing

    1. Sorry to hear that. Sometimes for the very heaviest of smoker’s, detox isn’t the best idea, which is why many such users prefer synthetic urine rather than detox. Some people’s bodies just have a really slow or faulty way of ridding themselves of toxins or THC in particular, and combined with years of heavy use, getting clean in 10 days can be a stretch no matter what you do. Most likely no other detox products would have done it either and you’d have to go a lot heavier on exercising and sweating things out along with it. On another note, it’s very common that people misread their drug tests. You’re positive if there is only one line showing. But if you see two lines, even if on is really faded, you still tested negative. All too many mistake this feint line as testing positive.

  46. Hey Sophie, Great info, great site, thank you for your research! I am taking a pre employment drug screen tomorrow, I am a regular user for the last 5 years. 5’9 250lbs. I stopped smoking 10 days ago and have completed the 7 day toxin rid detox program tested myself and failed. My question, should the one shot be enough to get me through the test or should I try something else??

    1. Hej TJ! It could be enough but it’s a bit risky and I’d go for synthetic urine in your case. But also make sure you read the home test kit correctly. If you saw two lines, even if one of them was really feint, it was still a negative result. A lot of people make this mistake when interpreting their home test.

  47. Its sunday night possibly drug (urine test) tuesday early am. I have smoked 4 out of the past 5 days however i am an athlete i work out everyday and have sat in a sauana

    1. I see no real question here, although taking a test in your case would be somewhat of a gamble imo as to whether you’ll pass.

  48. First let me say this blog is great, thank you for taking the time! Here is my story. I have smoked heavily, every day, using herb and concentrates, for five years with little stopping. November 11, 2015 I got a job and found out I will be urine tested. I stopped smoking that day, and will be tested December 7, 2015. I am a 6 foot 200 pound female. I bought the 10 day detox program and started November 18, 2015. I finished yesterday, the 28th, did the detox drink and then tested positive with an at home test. Now I am 8 days from my test and pretty nervous. I just ordered a Mega Clean drink to do the day of the test, as a back up. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Lena, my pleasure! Many really, really heavy smokers (and your description kind of puts you under that category) prefer synthetic urine because detoxinf from years and years of heavy use in a matter of 10 days can be a stretch no matter what you do. So much will have stored up in fat cells over time. In your scenario, what I’d do would be go heavy on the exercise and/or sauna for a few days while drinin g a lot of fluids. Then I’d test myself about 3 days before the test. If I tested positive, I’d definitely go with synthetic urine.

  49. Hey, thanks in advance for help/opinions. I have been a daily smoker for about 6 years, and I would say I smoke 2-3G a week. I found out Friday (11-20-15) that I have a ‘conditional job offer’ (conditional based on passing background checks, driving record checks, and a drug test). I honestly wasn’t hopeful id be hired so I didn’t stop earlier. I’m not sure when I will be sent to a lab for testing yet. But I smoked earlier in the day that they called me. I have been drinking a lot of fluids but I have been crazy sick for the past few days and unable to workout at all. I cannot afford the toxin rid unfortunately. I am 5’3″ and 185lbs so I’m nervous about my fat holding onto it, but I have an average metabolism. How long would you guess it would take to be clean on my own? I would like to consider a same day drink that you mentioned to cover it, but a friend said that if they do an advanced enough test that they might be able to tell that I have chemicals from it that aren’t naturally found in urine, and that if they find them I could not only lose the job but potentially get in trouble legally. Have you heard this?

    1. Hey. When you can’t afford the toxin rid (or if you’re a very heavy user and know yourself to be a slow detoxer) the most consistent method will undoubtedly be using synthetic urine. A same day drink (if you got a quality brand at least) is not likely to be detected in any way in a lab test, but may at the same time often not be enough on it’s own if you haven’t detoxed enough in advance (meaning you’ll still test positive due to THC). Aside from synthetic urine, you could get yourself a home test kit. If you pass that one, then use a same day detox drink on the day of your test and you’ll likely be all good.

  50. Hi Sophie, I am a heavy smoker with a great metabolism. I am expecting to be tested in mid January, so I have like a month and a half. As you know, weed is great, so I don’t want to stop any sooner than I have to. I am willing to buy detox materials, but I would prefer not to spend too too much money. I plan to stop in a couple weeks, giving myself a month. I plan to drink lots, eat well, and take one of the cheaper toxin rids. Will this work? If so, when is the best time within the month to take toxin rid?

    1. A month is enough for most people with a fast metabolism when you also put some effort in to detoxing (as you mention you will). So I’d think it would work, but make sure to test yourself throughout to make sure. Synthetic urine is often a viable option for unsupervised tests for those who want to keep smoking.

  51. As for true detoxing, history and when you test are major . especially if its heavy THC use. but NO special products are needed even with THC. Eat no fats and do cardio with lots of detox tea. depending on your previous body fat levels and staying clean is all you have to focus on . time heals all . but without more than 3 days you should substitute , never drink allot of ANYTHING before a test tooo easy to fail from dilution as it crashes creatinine and specific gravity levels .

    1. You are right in that time will have you clean naturally, but that’s the same thing as saying that abstinence is the best way to pass you test (which it of course is). You don’t always have unlimited time to get clean when you learn that you’re to get tested. Yep, on very short notice, substitution is definitely best, detox does take time. As for not drinking anything before your test, you should be aware that good same day detox drinks generally include ingredients to rebalance creatinine, specific gravity and more, so that dilution won’t be as easily detected.

  52. Hi! Having a bit of a panic attack. I am not a regular (almost non) user but I ate some weed butter that was used to bake bread. I have applied for a job that will screen me and I know I have less than 10 days to pass please help!

    1. Most likely, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Get a home test kit or a pack of them and see what it says. Chances are you’re already clean and if you aren’t you can then decide what you want to do. If short on time by then, synthetic urine may be a good option.

  53. Gosh I’m so screwed! I got hurt at work and I have to go to the doctor to get an all clear tomorrow!! I smoked Sunday.. So only 2 days ago.. 3 days tomorrow December 2nd.. Honestly if there is anything that can help please let me know!

  54. Alright hello, its been about 4-5 months since I use weed daily I picked back up prpb about 2-3 weeks ago and found out I have a drug test Friday at a lab I prob smoked two joints daily and confused on what I should do knowing I only have two days to be clean have to be there Friday at 1130 to be ready for a urine test . what’s the best advise you can give me. I don’t have money for detox . do you think working out and drinking lots of liquids and eating heathy will work. ?

    1. Frankly I think your only reliable option here is synthetic urine. It’s also more affordable than a proper detox. It’s unlikely you’ll be clean naturally in such a short time no matter how much you drink/work out.

  55. Cole G. Rickman (NoLongerAlternative)

    So, I am a daily dabber. I have one week until I am tested. Corporations are still not able to come to terms that cannabis is such heavily used medicine that actually benefits most. So they will be testing me for THC rather than Opiates of course. Anyways, I am about 5’9 and 130lbs. I have a fast metabolism, exercise twice daily, and drink large amounts of water. Starting yesterday I have only been eating high metabolism acting foods that are high in fiber, citrus, whole grains, etc. Do you believe I stand a chance? Man vs. The Machine.

    1. A week isn’t that long for a daily user, so even with your great diet/exercise/liquid consumption habits there’s definitely a risk The Machine may come out on top. If you want to go down this route, the least you should do is have some home tests to assess if you’re clean enough before the real thing. Having some synthetic urine ready as backup might also be a good idea in case you aren’t clean enough and may be short on time by then.

  56. Hello! So I’ve read through the website and all the comments. So I am pretty sure what I’m going to do but wanted your input as well. I am on probation and I haven’t smoked in 5 months. Last time smoking was July. However, before that I was smoking heavily for years. I’m talking daily use. And smoking very high grade chronic. I took 1 hit out of a bong last night, Dec. 1st. My next probation meeting isn’t until January 11th but there is also a chance of him calling me in early. So I was thinking of getting the toxin rid 10 day detox and then maybe using the same day detox drink before as well. Also, I do go to the gym somewhat regularly and I am 5’6 and weigh about 135. I have decent metabolism. I was going to try the DEERS as well though. Because There are major consequences if I were to fail. So I thought maybe it would be a good idea to just go hard and try it all basically? To ensure its out of my system…

    1. I don’t give advise for any probation related tests specifically due to legal reasons. In general however, with such a long duration of abstinence (5 months) it’s very likely you’re clean naturally by now no matter how much you did back then. 1 hit out of a bong, won’t really change that and would probably be out of your system soon as long as you don’t use any more. Imo, you would do best just getting some test kits for now, and only consider detox products in the case you don’t pass those, because chances are you don’t need it and it would then be wasted money. If you pass them just stick with the DEERS method and keep abstaining. If you don’t, feel free to go heavy on the detox.

      1. Thanks so much Sophia! What you do on this site is so helpful for everyone. There’s no other site like this one. I did have one more question, does drinking alcohol make THC stay in your system longer? Or would it not affect it at all?

        1. Thanks Britt :)!

          Drinking alcohol increases the total toxin load, so in theory it could slow down the THC detox due to this, although I think it wouldn’t be by that much. But it will depend on how much we’re talking. A healthy amount should be no big deal, but if you drink a lot, get a nasty hangover etc, your body will detox less efficiently since it isn’t working optimally while recovering from this.

      2. I had a drug test at my pain management and came up positive for marijuana if I take the 10 day cleanse if I take the 10 day cleanse and not smoke smoke. But continue to take my pain medication which I need to have in my system in order for them to prescribe with the pain medications and not the marijuana and what do you suggest I use

        1. You could do the 10 day to detox from the mariujuana (and pain meds) but since you keep taking the meds, they will still be in your system for the drug test, especially if you finish the Toxin Rid some time before you drug test, and have been taking the pain meds a while after finishing the detox.

  57. Here is my case,

    I quit smoking for 80 days, then smoked the past 10 days. I smoked a joint or so everyday for the past week. I have two to three weeks to pass a piss test. What can I do? Am I screwed? I am a male/6’2”/195. I also exercise 5-6 days per week, and drink a ton of water.

    Thanks a ton,


    1. Hey Steve, your scenario is pretty standard meaning you aren’t necessarily screwed. Either go heavy on the detox as explained in detail on this page and make sure to test yourself with home test kits, or opt for synthetic urine. Either way should work for you to pass a test in 2-3 weeks.

  58. Hi Sophie! Thank you for all of the info it was a lot of help. So I quit smoking for a couple of months(every day very potent smoker) and started up again for the last couple of weeks. My boss wants to promote me but I need a drug test to get the position. I have about 2 weeks, maybe 3 max to get clean. I was planning on purchasing both the 7 day detox and the mega clean but I wanted your opinion. I weigh 300lbs and am 5’11. I will be consistently drinking water and eating healthy as well as walking for exercise. Will it be enough?

    1. Hey Katelynn! My pleasure. If by starting up again for the last weeks you mean, smoking potent stuff daily, then I’d definitely go with the 10 day rather than 7. This along with your exercise and dietary habits should do it for most people but is never guaranteed due to so many individual metabolic factors, so make sure you confirm with home tests. If you didn’t, as I assumed here, smoke daily and potently the last weeks, you obviously have less to worry about. But just to put it out there, many chronic/heavy users prefer synthetic urine (if tests are unsupervised), due to the fact it’s not 100% guaranteed they can detox in just over 10 days after a long time of THC storing up in fat cells of the body no matter what they do and may end up having to substitute their urine in the end albeit the efforts.

  59. Help I’m stressed! I have to take a urin test in 1-2 days and I smoked 1 hit Monday (11/30). I’m a regular smoker for about a year now. I’m 5″5 and weigh 113 pounds, I work out regularly. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  60. help! I stopped smoking reguarly on October 20th and then took one bong rip on 11/26 and smoked about 3 hits of a roach on 12/3 and I may be drug tested on monday 12/7!!!! Im normal weight, exercise every day and eat healthy. If I just drink alot of water exercise will I be okay???

    1. There’s a decent chance you’ll be clean naturally, but as always it’s best to confirm this with a home testing kit. If not, if very short on time you can go with synthetic urine as the back up plan.

  61. Hi Sophie! I am greatly appreciative of your efforts in explaining everything you have on here! Very helpful! I am a heavy smoker, have been for at least 4-5 years now. I have to take a urin test asap at a hospital lab and wondered if you still think that the synthetic urin would work? If i wait too long to test it will be suspicious, so not sure I have time for the 10 day detox, if i got the 7 day detox AND the drink that masks it for the same day do you think that would be sufficient? I have cut down to a joint once a day for the last 3 days(when i found out i needed to go test) but still cannot decide what I should do. Thank you so much for your help!

    1. As a heavy smoker for many years, it’s still no guarantee you can get clean in just 7 days with Toxin Rid. Many people can, but it’s highly individual. I’d say synthetic urine would be the better choice if you’re this rushed. If you test positive on your home test this would be what you need to fall back on anyway.

  62. I was a smoker and stopped 3 weeks ago. I just took a pee test on Wednesday and there were traces. I have another one i have to take in less then a month. But can’t take any detox items because i am pregnant what do i do?

    1. Well, since you’ve been clean for 3 weeks already, another 3-4 weeks would probably do it naturally. What you should do is to exercise/sweat, drink a lot of fluids and eat as healthy as you can. You don’t say how heavy a smoker you were but it’s a long time either way and usually enough. Keep testing yourself with home tests. There is always synthetic urine should you still not be clean in time for your test, which doesn’t require you to ingest anything.

  63. I was just curious, if I use these methods and detox as long as I refrain from use I should stay clean correct? I’m thinking of the 10 day. Then having the mega clean just in case any test can be sooner. I’m trying to get myself a good paying job to provide for my family. Even though I have my medical rec this still does not protect me. So my question here is, if I use the 10 day, 10 days later I should be cleaner? And continue to get cleaner as long as I refrain from use right?

    1. Yes that’s correct. You could use the 10 day detox 10 days before your test, or 30 days before your test, the toxins detoxed are expelled from the body (mostly through feces) and are not coming back as long as you don’t smoke again thus adding new toxins. As always, confirm you’re clean with a home test kit before taking a real test.

  64. Hi Sophie,

    I have a drug test this upcoming Thursday making it 7 days since I smoked two hits from a pipe. Since then I have been drinking water and minimal exercise . I am not an avid user maybe once every two months is there anything else I should be doing or any advice ?

    Thank you !!

    1. There’s a decent chance you’ll be clean naturally since you’ve just smoked ocassionally and now not for a week, but not guaranteed. One of the best advices you can get will always be to test yourself with a cheap home test kit before your test to know. Perhaps a same-day detox drink would do you good as well here. If you don’t pass the home test kit, safest bet would be using synthetic urine imo.

  65. Hi I smoke about 3/4 times a week about 2 bong rips each time and ive been doing that about 6 months now. Im 6 foot 240 pounds. I have an interview in a week and if that goes well the urine test will be about a week after that. I havent taken anything yet just water and exercise should i be good naturally or what would be my best plan of action? Thank you.

    1. In your scenario I think (although always a possibility) it’s unlikely you’ll be clean naturally in just 2 weeks. Either detox or synthetic urine would suffice, what you need should be covered on the page above.

  66. I am a daily smoker (4-5 bowls/day), female, weigh 300 lbs. and stopped smoking 2 weeks prior to my non-DOT, pre-employment ecup test. I know because of my chronic use and my weight I am not going to pass. I don’t have enough time for the 10 day toxinrid program either. Any suggestions?

    Excited about this job offer but obviously wasn’t expecting it or would’ve stopped sooner!
    thanks for all your helpful information!

  67. Hi I work in the mining sector in Australia and will soon be going on break for the Christmas period.. I will be attending a folk festival from boxing day till new years and intended on smoking a joint or two over the week long period… The weed will only be low grade bush…. I’m expected to return back to work on the fifth of January and definitely drug testing will be conducted. First question is how long does lsd stay in your system, I understand it is not a lengthy period and secondly what steps should I take to ensure I pass my urine test. I’m 99 percent sure it will be a fairly laid back in house unsupervised urine test but could be wrong….. Thanks so much for the hard work you do and the information you provide for this unjust situation alot of people have to go through…. I work hard all year and just want to get high on my Christmas new year break it’s not too much to ask hey. Cheers

    1. LSD, just a few days in urine tops. For the weed though, I’d say you want to either get a shorter Toxin Rid course after done smoking and then test yourself, a same day drink never hurts either. Or you could just use synthetic urine. If the test is as laid back as you describe that’s a piece of cake.

  68. Hi! I am a chronic smoker for 11 years and may have a drug test coming up for a job in a hospital… I smoked yesterday. I don’t have a date yet but can be anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks.. I believe it will be blood and urine. I planned on bringing in a friends urine and keeping it warm with my body before hand. I was wondering what’s my best bet to clean my blood ASAP and for it to stay that way until my test whenever that may be? And was wondering if you know if there will be a problem if there are differences in my blood and urine? Kind of freaking out!!! Please help lol. On day one of no weed and just need a definitive way to to clear my blood so my abstaining is worth it at least. Any feedback will be helpful! Thanks :)

    1. It generally doesn’t stay in your blood for very long so 2 weeks and your blood would definitely be clean. If you think your test is really soon maybe use a short course of toxin rid or at least get some exercise (not day of the test though) and try to drink a lot of water and eat healthy/fiber. Doesnt matter if blood and urine is from different persons, they don’t check for that.

  69. Sophie, so I have been heavy smoker for several years( multiple times a day) and found out I had a urine test 3 days ago…also the day I stopped smoking. I must add that last year I was asked to pass a urine test and I smoked 2 days prior to the test, and by following the instructions of a detox drink and heavy sprinting, I passed. This time around however, the day that I quit smoking I went into detox mode and ingested 5 niacin pills, which made me throw up ALL night and basically rendered me useless all the next day in terms of detoxing..I have the test which would be 4 days w/o smoking and was planning on using an ultra eliminex detox drink…however, I’m extremely nervous because due to the illness I was not able to properly detoxify. I have the option to delay the exam until Thursday, giving me an extra 4 days to do my detox routine, but my question to you is if I should stick to my original plan of detox drink Tommorow? Stall the test, detoxify and THEN go with the detoxi drink? Or last but not least…the sketchy dreaded synthetic urine? Side note- I’ve tested at the exact same facility over 3 times and it’s always been unsupervised…thanks for any advice ahead of time!;)

    1. Hey, your test is likely done already now but either way.. Since you’re fairly certain it’s unsupervised, and the time you have to get clean is a bit short, I’d definitely prefer synthetic urine in your case.

  70. Hi I have to take a test on Monday and they send the results to the lab, they test for thc levels and for how long ive been using will Toxin Rid work fine for me? ive been smoking for 2 weeks and im desperate don’t know what to do.

    1. You don’t say how many times/week or how long since you last smoked so can’t really form an opinion. If you have very little time by now, you could always opt for synthetic urine if it’s an unsupervised test you’re having.

      1. I stopped smoking weed about one week ago. I also have gym class on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m 6’0″, about 140-150 labs. and I have no money to buy any detox products, I also drink 3 or 4 bottles of water daily, and urinate about that amount or more. test may or may not be on Wednesday the 23rd for navy enlistment(unless they don’t test you for just the paper work). but just in case do you have any suggestions.

        1. You don’t say how much you smoked so hard to have an opinion about whether you’ll be clean or not. definitely get a home test kit to see whether you’re clean enough before. If not, synthetic urine might be the last resort solution, as long as you aren’t supervised.

  71. Ok i was an everyday smoker, the last time i smoked was on Nov 5th 2015. Ive been drinking this stuff called bissy tea, a friend recommended to me to clean my system. It failed i took an at home test and failed it. Like i said i was a cronic user, 42 yrs old, 162 lbs and about 5’1″. What can i do to clean my system. I been drinking at least a gallon of water a day. I just moved and i am looking for a job that i know is going to drug test per urine but dont want them to detect i have been detoxed. I need some advice please

    1. All the advice I could give is already on this site. Either do a proper detox or go with synthetic urine if you think it will be unsupervised and you doubt you can get clean in time.

  72. Hi Sophie-
    Your input is greatly appreciated! Read over your info twice – great resource. Fairly regular smoker until abstaining 11/20, usually no more than up to a bowl a day for ~ 6 mos, with a 2-week break in between. I suspect a urine test somewhere between 12/26 and 1/4, can’t rule out blood but unlikely. 5’3″, was 227 but down to 215 due to exercise/increased water intake. Testing occasional faint negative on strip, wondering what next step should be since my BMI is so high. Thanks for your advice!

    1. Hey Kathy. Due to your long abstinence I’d say you got good chances of being clean enough. You say you tested negative already on a home kit? If so, just keep doing regular detoxing with exercise, liquid and diet, and ideally test yourself a few more times before the real test. If you hadn’t already tested negative on your strip, I’d have suggested some Toxin Rid, but now it’s liekly not necessary.

  73. Hello. I have been smoking heavily (5 bowls plus a day of schwagg) for the better part of my life, without missing a day. But more recently, for about the past two weeks, only a single bowl of medicinal at night, if that.

    I recently decided I want to get a CDL and become a trucker, so I will have to quit for good.

    Firstly, do you any idea what type of test/screening is common for CDL and trucking (urine, etc.). Most companies I see use the word “screening”. I suppose that would be a better suited question to ask a trucker.

    Second, I am a 95 lb 5’3″ male, with an extremely high metabolism. If I were to quit today, using the natural detox method, how long do you think it would take to have a negative result?

    I can enter the CDL course when I’m sure I will be clean, but the sooner, the better. Thanks!

    1. Hey Zhack. I don’t give specific advice for passing DOT-regulated tests, which is likely what you’ll be taking. In general though, with such a large weed consumption, there is a risk it may take months to get clean entirely naturally. You could definitely speed things up though by investing in detox products (most of that already covered on this page). A pack of home tests will be your best friend here either way, since you will know when you’re ready this way. So in the end it depends on the urgency. If you want to get started very soon, you’d do best getting some detox products. But if you can wait a month or two and put effort in the natural detoxification of exercise, diet, liquid consumption etc that will likely do it too.

  74. I used to be an everyday smoker up until the end of August. Quitting because of a possible future drug test. 16 weeks later I gave in and smoked about 2 grams over the course of the past week, one tiny hit at a time here and there. Now the company I work for decided to drug test everyone. I have 1 week until then. Would you recommend trying to detox? Very nervous over here. :-/

    1. If you know it’s unsupervised, with your timeframe synthetic urine may be more convenient, although detox if you can get started quickly, would probably cut is as well. Always test yourself with a home test kit though before. This is the safer way of using detox to pass a test.

  75. I have a drug test in 19 days. It’s a urine test. I’ve smoked three times in the last 4 weeks.But it was a very high grade of weed. I’ve been drinking lots of water and sitting in the sauna everyday multiple times a day trying to sweat it out. Do you think I will be okay? Considering I cannot buy any detox medication? Thanks!

    1. Three times in a month, with that amount of abstinence, I’d say you’ll be clean enough, especially with your detox efforts, no matter the potency of what you used. Still, get yourself some home test kits to confirm.

    1. If you just use very occassionally, two weeks can often be enough to get clean naturally, but it still depends on metabolism, exactly how often and how potent stuff you smoked, exercise and dietary habits etc. and there is a possibility you arenät clean. As always, use a home test kit to make sure.

  76. Hello! I am a heavy smoker and I have a drug test coming up on the 22nd. I have been clean since the 13th and am currently using herbal clean premium 7 day detox. I have heard nothing but good things about the product and am wondering if you have any knowledge on it. Also, I have been abstaining from alcohol to help with the detox. It’s my buddies bday today and we are going to hit some bars. I’m wondering if a night of drinking will have any negative effects on my detox program? Thank you! Great article!

    1. Hi Chris. Don’t know too much about the detox program you’re using, but would advise you to use a home test kit to make sure you’re clean before the test. Alcohol might tax your body’s general detox capapilities temporarily, but shouldn’t be a major issue if it’s just for one night.

  77. Does toxin rid and the one shot concentrate work for dabs? Also it says on the one shot concentrate that I am not supposed to take any unnecessary medications 72 hours before drinking it. Would taking niacin have an effect on the masking effects of the one shot concentrates?

    1. Yeah I don’t see why it wouldn’t, since the products aren’t only for weed per say, but for toxins in general as well. Nah niacin shouldn’t have any effect, at least not a negative one.

  78. Hello, got a question for you, I haven’t smoked in over a year, took 2 weeks off of work but we have randoms, would like to smoke a bowl on Friday and then a bowl on Saturday, i bought just some regular stuff, think I’ll be good by the time I go back to work?

    1. You’d likely be good but there will be a slight risk, so maybe do a little detoxing afterwards, then you should definitely be fine.

  79. Hi, I am a heavy smoker and I saw a job ad that I want to apply to. The closing date is December 30th. I just smoked last night and this morning. I am 5″4, 180. What do you suggest? I really need this job.

    1. For very heavy users, with a relatively short time frame, synthetic urine is generally the best option, provided the drug test is unsupervised, which the majority of pre-employment tests are.

  80. I’m scheduled for a drug test around the beginning to middle of January. I shared two bowls of a bong with someone last night. I don’t smoke often, in fact the last time I smoked before last night was the beginning of October. I don’t really have the money to afford any detox solutions, would plenty of fluids be enough to pass?

    1. With such an occasional weed use, you’ll likely be clean all naturally before your test. Still, fluids as you mention are always a good idea, exercise too. You could also consider a cheap home testing kit to test yourself a few days before your actual tests to confrim.

  81. Hey I am 5’9 130lbs and I stopped smoking 21 days ago to try and get clean. Before I stopped I had smoked about 3-4 times a week for about 4 weeks. However last night I was in a car with friends that they decided to hotbox, I did not smoke from the joint but definatly breathed in some of the smoke from the air. I now have 23 days until my test. Do I need to buy any detox thing or can I get by on BEERS?

    1. You will have had about 1,5 months of abstinence, which I think will be enough in your case to detox naturally if you go heavy on the DEERS (which I think is what you referred to!). Some detox products wouldn’t hurt but not sure they’re necessary. But you should at least get some home test kits and if you still test positive a week or so before your test, perhaps consider some detox products.

    1. It’s all in the post already. As for detox, your best bet as a daily user would be the 10 day Toxin Rid combined with DEERS.

  82. When doing these detox, this is only cleaning out the THC or is it also detoxing the other medications you take regularl?
    Thanks N Merry Christmas :)

  83. Sophie,
    I had to take a drug test for the military this past Friday. I smoked a joint 19 days before that and hadn’t smoked any for over a month before that. I am 5’9 185 lbs. I drank over a gallon a water a day for the past two weeks and also did some exercising. I took two of the first check tests from rite aid before I went and passed both of them. Do you think I’ll be fine?

    1. I think you’ll be fine, 19 days is usually more than enough to be clean from a one time use. Add to that the fact you passed the home tests right before.

  84. Hi. I have a hair strand test coming up in January and I said I’ll stop after Xmas. How am I going to pass it. Fighting for my kids here.

    1. Hair tests are the trickiest tests to pass. Check out the article on hair tests, but the most reliable way I know of is the Macujo method using the Aloe Rid shampoo among other things.

  85. Hi! I’m 5’11 210lbs. Was clean before I took 2 hits off a one hitter. Had a urine test 21 days after with no detox. Should I be good naturally? I don’t work out crazy and don’t eat crazy healthy. Just a lot of walking.

  86. Hi..ive smoke everyday this week but will be smoking no more . I have a probation urine test on Jan 15. Giving me 23 days of being sober. I was a heavy smoker im 5″10 250 lbs. Just wanted to know is the get rid 10 day toxin detox will work for me.

    1. I don’t give advice for probational tests specifically due to laws. They are very similar to pre-employment tests though in all the ways that matter (except chance of supervision). In general, 23 days sober and 10 day Toxin Rid is likely to have you clean from heavy smoking, but it is not a guarantee, depending on a lot of factors. It’s highly advised to also go heavy on the exercise/sweating, fluid consumption etc as wel as making sure with home test kits.

  87. I quit smoking over a year ago, I just had a baby via c section 17 days ago (dec 8th) dec 20th I took 4 hits off of a blunt, now I’m wondering how long b4 I can nurse my child again, also I have to go to the hospital for an infection check up. Not sure if they will drug test me or not. It’s important that I go get checked but Ive been holdin off because im not sure if they will drug test me. I pump 8 times a day and dump the milk. Since im not sure if it’s still in my system. I drink a lot of water every day and eat pretty healthy. Im wondering if I should take a detox? Or will that mess up my milk supply ? I have enough milk already stored and if I run out I will suplament formula . I just don’t want to go to the er and fail a drug test not sure what the rules are on new moms and thc. Any suggestions thanks in advance

    1. Not sure how the laws are about this hence I won’t give any specific advise about this. But in general, it’s likely you’re clean by now, 17 days is usually enough for just a one-time thing. You can always use a home test kit to see whether you’re clean or not. I’m not sure whether detox products are ok for nursing or not either, hence I would avoid them and just detox naturally through drinking fluids, eating healthy and exercising. Again, it’s likely you’re already clean though.

  88. I have had a few interviews for a job, and have another one coming up on January 5 or so. I have been a very heavy smoker for the last few years. I am 37 and weigh 150 lbs. I completely quit 4.5 weeks ago, and have done 9 days of my 10 day detox so far. I just tested again, and am still coming out positive. I am really nervous about this screwing things up for me. I have a bottle of the mega clean, but that just sounds like it’s a band-aid. I would really just like to get it out of my system. When should I use the other non-tablet bottles of the 10 day detox program? Would you recommend that I do additional days of detox? Like, maybe even another 10 days if I have the time to do it?

    1. For the very heaviest of users where THC has been building up daily for many months(or years as in your case), synthetic urine is often the first choice simply because it’s far from guaranteed you can detox in just 10 days no matter what you do or what products you use. Yeah you’re right in that it’s sort of a band aid, and you still want to test negative on the home test kit even if you have a same day drink to improve your chance to pass. In my opinion, synthetic urine is the more economic choice in your case if it’s a regular unsupervised pre-employment test (although if you got many tests coming up, detox has it’s advantages as well since if you’re clean you get to pass them all and with fake pee you need 1 per test). If money isn’t an issue at all, you could go for another Toxin Rid, but you would want to combine it with heavy exercise, good diet, drinking fluids etc to get the most out of it. Still not guaranteed, since if other factors such as a really slow metabolism is as play as well, years of use can be tricky to detox in a timely fashion and really hard to predict what it will take.

  89. I burned kinda heavy all of last week and the last time before that was about 4 months prior and have passed tests so it is pretty much irrelevant but, I may have a urine test in about two weeks. I’m 5’6 125 lbs, do you think with a healthy diet, hydration, and exercise I could pass? I’m a broke college students so I don’t have much money for expensive detoxes.

    1. Not sure what you mean with you have passed tests. If you mean you’ve taken home tests after this recent smoking and passed, that would be great. I think you have pretty decent chances of getting clean naturally until then if you put some effort to it as you describe. You should at the very least though get a home test kit though and test yourself a few days before. If you pass it, awesome, if you don’t you may want to consider synthetic urine which is a good backup plan on short notice. Purine for example is very reliable, assuming it’s an unsupervised tests, and costs less than 50 bucks (not ideal if you’re broke but still your best bet imo if it comes to that).

  90. I quite smoking a little over a month ago but then ate some potent cookies over the weekend on Friday and Sunday. I have a drug test soon, potentially only giving me 7 days since eating the cookies. Today I began eating clean – high fiber, veggies, lean proteins, etc. I’ll strength train and run about 2 miles a day till then (I know to stop 24 hours before the test). How much water should I be drinking daily? I want to detox naturally as much as possible. I’m active, 5’3 and 115lbs.

    Also, could I take certo several times over the week (daily?) to speed up the process and then take Mega Clean the day of? Toxin Rid is very expensive. Thanks for the help already on the site!

    1. It could work, although as always, you will want to confirm with a home test kit before taking your real test. As for water, as much as you’re comfortable with. At the very least 1,5-2 liters, but 3-4 is good as well. Don’t over-do it though, water poisoning is an actual thing after all. And Certo will definitely be helpful to speed up detox, so use that as much as you can as well. No problem!

  91. Hi! Thank you so much for this website, it’s awesome!

    Anyway, I’m currently working through a staffing agency and will be getting hired on permanently around the middle of January and found out yesterday from coworkers I’ll have to take a urine test. I’m 5’6, weigh 135-140, drink lots of water, eat well and in addition to that I’m a dance teacher so I am quite active. I smoke out of a one hitter a couple times a day and every now and then a bubbler, but I share that with my husband so I’m not smoking the whole thing. Anyway, with how active I am and how I’m mainly using a one hitter, at this point do I stand a chance of detoxing without a 10 day detox system or should I go the synthetic route.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hey, and thanks Marie :). As an everyday smoker, if you only have 10 days, it’s always a bit of a gamble if you can get clean that fast or not even with a 10 day Toxin Rid, so in this case synthetic urine would probably be better since you then know what you’re getting.

  92. I have a drug test coming up next week – pushing it off till the end of the week, so by then I would have been clean for 15 – 20 days. I am a pretty heavy smoker, generally smoke a joint a day for over a year and a half. Been drinking tons of water and urinating about 10 – 20 times a day (if not more) and exercising. I’m not overweight, but not in amazing shape. Was wondering if you think this amount of time is ok for natural detox of water and exercise, or if I should get one of these supplements to help. Pretty worried I won’t pass a drug test, even though last year I home tested and could get clean in about a week from water and exercise.

    1. Imo it sounds risky, but since you’ve done it before, I guess there’s a you can get clean that quick. But you should definitely make use of home test kits to know whether you’re good to go or not. If you’re not, synthetic urine may be the backup plan to go to by now.

  93. hi sophie, im a moderate smoker taking a few hits a day of high grade for a few months. i go test on 1/13 and i hadnt done much research i just went to my local head shop and talked to the dude there and he recommended me a 10 day detox by applied sciences called rescue detox cost me $80. i wanted to know if you had any experience with that particular detox and what your recommendations for me are. i was clean from 12/14-12/22 then i smoked about 2grams during 12/23-12/26. ive been clean and started the detox since the 27th. Thanks.

    1. Hey, I don’t have any personal experience with that one, since nowadays I tend to stick to what I know works very well. My recommendations since you’ve already bought it would be to check your progress using home test kits and then take it from there. And btw, I think a few hits of high grade stuff every day would count as heavy rather than moderate, since it’s so frequent.

  94. I have a drug test in 7 days and stopped smoking 2 days ago. I’m very curious to figure out a way of passing. The test is supervised and I was a regular smoker. I need help with what to do. Please reply

    1. 7 days isn’t much for a regular smoker. Perhaps go heavy on dilution and get a good same-day detox drink as well. You may risk getting an invalid test, but that should buy you a little more time and isn’t nearly as bad as a failed test.

  95. Hi Sophie. Thanks for the good reading. I appreciate the effort you put into the site. I am about 6’1 and about 170 lbs. It is likely I have a test in about 2 weeks. I take a lot of supplements for my health like all cells salts and olive leaf extract and YCR (Grease wood, Purple Loosestrife, White Pond Lily), D-Ribose. L-Glutathione…more. My body has a very rapid metabolism. Most of the things I take have high levels of antioxidant properties including another one – PQQ. I am also on some meds but really trying to switch over to all natural routes as Western medicine has not been able to help me much. 2 questions. Do you think I can detox with the products I am taking without an additional detoxing kit/cleanser within 14 days? Most say to stop taking all supplements other than those on the detox container. Do you have any suggestions for my particular situation that might be one you have not encountered before regarding comments posted?

    1. Hey Diego, my pleasure. Some of these supplements will likely help you, if nothing else by keeping your body’s natural detox healthy and quick along with your fast metabolism. But you don’t mention how much you’ve been using. One time, long-time daily user, etc. This plays a very big part in detox time. If you’re a heavy smoker, I doubt your supplements would be enough. As always though, I recommend you use some home test kits to see for yourself whather you’ve gotten clean or not and then take it from there.

  96. I used to be a heavy smoker. Everyday all day for a little over a year. I stopped in the first week of September and then smoked for a few days the first week of October. Stopped again. Smoked a few hits last night (nye) have a interview in 2 days. Possible they could drug test me on the spot. I’m 5’4 and about 195 lbs. Could this one time be an issue? Thanks

    1. Yeah it could, since that by itself could stay for longer than 2 days in your system. You’re test will be over by now, but do update with how it went if you read this.

  97. Hi Sophie
    You have very good advice n methods ‘would like too say thank you ,I’m a heavy smoker n have been smoking for 17 years I would smoke at less 8 to 10grams a week some times less n over Christmas periods n new years 30grams , I’m 5.8 n height weigh round 125kg ,10 years ago I ended up in hospital stop smoking for 2months n when released continue too smoke started off slow before I new it I was back too normal n 6 years ago was incarcerated stop smoking for 2months as above pretty much went back too normal as I would say , I have a urine drug test on 2nd feb 2016 i stop smoking on 1st of jan 2016 its ben 1day with out smoking I’m aiming too give it up n I just want too pass the test n Feb the test is monited very closely ,I drink plenty of water n other drinks dont exercise i really need this job too support my family any advise please I need your help thanks for taking the time too site this

    1. That’s a lot of heavy weed use, so surely a lot has built up in your body in all this time. I’d get on the 10 day Toxin Rid asap but with this heavy use, it’s not guaranteed to be enough to get you clean enough. Still it’s your best bet. But also, you need to start exercising to get the most out of your detox, preferably at least half an hour daily, and enough to make you sweat, the more the better. If that’s hard, then do the second best thing and fit in a daily sauna session to make you sweat.

  98. I for got too asks the 10 day detox program if I tak a double followed by the one day drink what do reckon am I going too pass
    Thanks again

    1. I think this could very well be enough to pass, but remember there are no guarantees, just good odds. And I want to point out again, to get your exercise or at least sweating going. Test yourself with a home test kit after the first one and see if you’ll need a second one (which you very well might).

  99. ive been clean for over a year now.. i smoked 3 days straight, 22nd,23rd, and 24th.. not heavy but def 3 bowls worth.. im 6’3″ 300lbs.. i go back to work on 1-4-15… do u think its enough time? ive been drinking fluids (lots of beer) and water.. Thanks in advance!

    1. Will depent a lot on your metabolism and habits I’d say. Best would be to get some home test kits to make sure. 10 days might not be enough to get clean after a 3-day binge. Hard to say for sure.

  100. I have to get my system clean for this liver transplant. I was/am a heavy smoker. I have been trying everything to stop or ways I can detox so I can get listed. My doctor understands but this is hard n I don’t know what to do. Because I can’t stop

    1. Detoxing can often go hand in hand with quitting, since getting all the traces out of your body can shorten the withdrawal period. For addictions in general, getting into meditation can be very useful. Many misconceptions about it, and it’s definitely not something just for monks, it’s simply a way to clear ones head, relax and think straight. Basically, every time you crave weed or would smoke, replace it with a 10-min meditation session, which will usually kill the craving temporarily if you do it correctly (it can actually be really hard to meditate in the beginning). Not sure how much this helps you, but pretty sure it will if you apply it.

  101. Hello. I am 40 years old. I am 5 foot 10 and weigh about 212. I work out at a CrossFit gym three times a week and jog a 5K once or twice a week in addition to that. I am pretty solid with around 20-24% body fat. (I think) Over the last six or eight months I’ve lost almost 40 pounds just by eating better and exercising. I have two baby girls and I work hard for them. I have a preemployment drug screening on Monday. I smoked only one hitters for over a year; probably 4-6 hits a day, but have abstained for 35 days. I eat pretty good with the occasional junk food meal thrown in there.
    At about week three I consistently passed the at-home THC drug screen dips set at 50n/gl. i took test but drank a lot of water, some Gatorade, and a detox Drink. the test came back negative diluted and I have to retest.
    I ordered some 20n/gl at home dip tests and had faint lines. I start 2-day toxin rid detox tomorrow. The day-of directions are confusing but I will follow and drink a detox drink 3 hours before.
    What are my chances to pass the re-test? From everything I have read quest diagnostics has a cut off of 50n/gl, but I am not positive. That’s why I bought 20n/gl test kits to see what happens there.

    I also have a neighbor that I could probably get a sample from and substitute while I’m in the room because the first test was unsupervised and I had four minutes in a locked the bathroom by myself.
    I guess I’m just looking for any reassurances you can provide, any tips that you may have and any guidance with your experience.
    I greatly appreciate any response.
    Happy new year.

    1. I’m guessing your test is already done by now, but either way, the 20ng/ml is usually not that helpful, since as you say the general cut-off is 50 ng/ml. So when you fail that test, it doesn’t really help you, since you could very well still be clean enough to pass your real test. But if you were passing your home tests before and weren’t diluting, then you should be fine still, without over-diluting.

  102. So the toxin rid is only for ten days? I have probation for 1 year. Does that mean I need to buy a toxin rid every month? Or how many times is it good for?

    1. The longest Toxin Rid is for 10 days yes. What it means is, if you don’t smoke during this year, you’ll stay clean after it. But if you smoke every month, you’ll need to do a new detox every month to get rid of the new THC.

  103. Hi. I hope you can help. I quit smoking around 3 years ago. Then in January I began eating edibles and quit that in April. I had been clean for 8 months when I decided I was going to eat a brownie. Technically I only ate half. (A whole brownie consists of 1.5 grms of thc) Two weeks later (yesterday) I ate another half. Now on January 12 I have a urine test due. Should I be worried? Please help.

    1. It’s hard to say for sure, you could be clean naturally by then if you’re a fast natural detoxer. Else you may need a little boost or at least to drink a lot of water and do some exercise. If you can do this you probably won’t need any products, but I’d still recommend getting home tests to confirm before tkaing the real test.

  104. Hi I haven’t smoked in 6 months I smoked a half of a joint Christmas Eve and the rest of it Christmas night that Monday I had a job interview and I had to take a drug test I was positive I haven’t smoked since its been a week now I gotta do another test do you think its still in my system

  105. Hi! I am in desperate need of help and hope you will give me your valuable input. I hadn’t smoked in at least 6 months until Christmas rolled around and hung out with some friends to smoke some weed. I smoked a bowl for about four days leading up to Christmas day and quit on Christmas day itself. Ever since, I have been doing cardio at least once a day (most days twice) and lifting as well. I may have a urine test coming up in ~ 2 weeks. What do you suggest is my best course of action? I’m thinking about continuing my heavy workout schedule till the end of this week when I plan on doing a drug test, at which point it would have been 17 days since I smoked (with 2 weeks of heavy cardio + lifting & at least a week left till my test). If I test -ve, I plan on prolonging my heavy workout schedule and not buying any products but if not, investing in synthetic urine (too broke). Is this a safe bet? Thanks for your advice!

    1. Hi Shawn, it seems you’ve got it figured out already, and especially since money is an issue, I’d do the same you’re doing, a.k.a detox naturally, test yourself, synthetic urine as backup plan.

  106. Hi Sophie,

    Really appreciate your great site, information and comments.

    I’m a bit paranoid because my test is due for child access (mother being difficult rather than any problem), I want to do all I can to smash it out of the water and come back with zero.
    I need to prove one month’s abstention, and it will probably be a hair follicle test within a week.

    I’m 40 years 6ft/1.8m average build.
    My situation (and this is all a bit exaggerated to play safe) is that I smoked several times daily for years.
    I haven’t smoked weed at all for 32 days so far, have followed some of the steps – loads of water, more fruit and veg, some exercise (i’d say moderate, rather than extremely healthy).
    I don’t want to bleach my hair if avoidable (as that will be noted and used against me).

    What do you think my chances of passing are, and is there anything else you think I should do at this stage to help put the odds in my favour?

    Thanks lots and lots :)

    1. Hey Aaron, thanks for the kind words.

      If it’s a hair follicle test, regular detox such as diet, water, exercise etc. doesn’t really apply the same way and will not detox your hair follicles, and you’d need to detox you hair specifically. There’s a post on it on the site bringing up the Macujo Method, which is likely the best way for hair tests. Usually hair tests are for 3 months back, so not sure if they would then take a shorter amount of hair (0,5 inch instead of 1,5) or how that’d pan out.

  107. Hello,
    I need some advise. I have been smoking almost everyday since a week before xmas. I only take one or two hits off a pipe a night. Im about 118lbs, and im 5 ft even. What would be the best way to detox for a drug test. I cant buy anything to expensive as money is really tight. Any advise. Thanl you.

    1. The best budget option that is reliable at the same time is a good brand of synthetic urine. Unless your test is supervised, taht’d be your best bet imo.

  108. I smoked a blunt on the 22nd of Dec and a bowl on the 27th I have a drug test Jan 10 been drinking lots of water and coffee like alot. I smoke very occasionally other then those 2 times maybe 1 every month or 2.. my question is how’s it looking?

    1. With some effort into exercise etc, you could likely detox naturally without any products, but you’d better make sure using a home test kit to know you’re clean enough.

  109. Hi there. First off, great website! Here is my issue. I have to take a urine test for a drivers license reinstatement. I last smoked Nov 20, and have been drinking alot of water, though not exercising and sweating much. I have taken a few home tests which show a positive reading, no line. I took another this morning, the 6th of Jan and still seemed to show positive. After reading your site I came across the faint line information. If I look real close it does appear to have a very faint line for thc when looked at under good light, though not nearly as prominent as the other lines, it’s a 4 panel home tester for coc,thc,opi, and mamp. I have to take the test before Jan 20, what would you recommend? Thank you in advance.

    1. I take it you were a pretty heavy/frequent smoker, or you’de have been clean by now. Perhaps try to reach out to manufacturers of the specific test, e-mail them a picture of the faint line and see what they think? Or get another brand of home tests and try with that to see if that’s more clear. Other than that, if you are testing positive, go heavier on the detox, natural way or using Toxin Rid.

  110. Hi Sophie I smoked a couple of buds in december I’ve had one urine test but it was to dilute I had a toke on a joint that day recived a phone call that my sample was to dilute the test was Monday I’ve been drinking loads of water exercise veg sweating loads it’s Thursday now what are my chances of passing my urine test Monday the amount I had on Monday night was only two hits on a small joint, I’m 52 about 75kg I’m active, not in peak condition but good, just wondering what my chances are of passing a urine test could you give me some advice ?

    1. Hey Mark. Your best bet is to get some home test kits and find out that way whether you’re likely to pass. I’d say there’s good chance you’ll be clean in time naturally if you keep doing what you’re doing, but you never know.

  111. So I need an opinion. Ive been smoking for almost a year. And smoke 1-3 times a day. I may have to be drug tested due to the hospital I work for being purchased. Its probably going to be a couple months before this happens. If I want to stop completely before this happens could I take the 10 day detox and stop cold turkey and be ok? How long would it take do you think? Thanks for your help!

    1. Can’t really put an accurate number on dtox time for a long time user, since it can vary between less than a month and several months due to lots of factors. Individual metabolism, drinking fluid, exercise habits etc can play a big role when talking detox over several weeks. But do these things, couple it with that 10 day Toxin Rid and a couple of months would almost always be enough time. Still use home tests to confirm this before a real test tohugh.

  112. Hi, so I was a heavy smoker (everyday) for a couple years. I quit smoking when I got laid off in June. I was clean from june till the first week of December and I smoked 2 days in a row. Then nothing until new years eve I hit a bowl 4 times. Its been 1 week that I have been clean , I’ve been drinking water and herbal tea everyday since then and trying to work out and sweat everyday. I have a drug test within the next 5 to 7 days. Do you think I’ll be clean? Or should I take other methods then what I’m doing ?

    1. Hi Kim. Since you quit heavy use in June, that should be enough time for that to not really be a factor here. So you have almost 2 weeks in total to get clean from a one-time use. This is usually achievable doing what you’re doing, without product, but it can vary between people. Get a home test kit to make sure you’re good though. If you’re not a couple of days before the test, you can consider synthetic urine as a decent short notice backup plan.

  113. I need some advice. I have been smoking almost every night at least one or two hits of a bowl. What is the best weigh to detox that wont require me to soend money as money is extremely tight. Im about 5 ft even and weigh 1143lbs.. Can you help

    1. Daily use usually require to spend some money on products (as well as putting effort in to exercise and drinking a lot of water) if you need to get clean fast, and it can still be tricky if one has a slow metabolism. Your best bet would likely be synthetic urine if that’s an option. Perhaps Purine, which is a bit cheaper than Sub Solution but still reliable.

  114. Hi there! I really appreciate your work and dedication to this website. I wanted to get your opinion about my situation. I just purchased and received my 5 day Toxin Rid detox. I’m a personal trainer so I’ve been pretty active for a long time. I also regularly drink a lot of water ( at least a gallon a day) and I have an extremely fast metabolism which allows me to not be too great with my nutrition, although I do probably eat a lot healthier than the average person. My occupation forces me to stay extremely active. I’m 5’9″ and 155lbs with very little fat on me. I used to be an really heavy smoker, however the last 3 months I probably smoke 1 or 2 bowls/day 3-4 days out of the week. I will have been exactly 10 days clean before I have to test. In addition to already working out regularly for the last couple years, I have really amped up my cardio for a week leading up to the test. Do you think the 5 day program will be sufficient for my situation?

    1. Hey OZ and thanks for your kind words. 1-2 bowls every other day is still quite frequent, so it’s hard to say if 10 days + a 5 day Toxin Rid will suffice. It very well could considering your metabolism and active lifestyle. So I’d say decent cahcnes it’s enough, but you’ll need to vonfirm with a home test before the real test. Synthetic urine may be good do keep in mind as backup should you not be clean in time.

  115. So I am a daily smoker, And in the past 2 months I have failed a lab test twice. Both times I used the purple stinger detox, And still positive for THC! I have another test coming up on Jan 21. I’m planning on buying the 10 day detox. Just courious since i have 13 days until the test if I should start the detox asap or wait 3 days. It says in the instructions to take the fiber portion of the detox an hour before the tesT, but with the time in between finishing the pills and liquid will it be ok?

    1. Hey John, sorry to hear about your experience with stinger, and I guess you know why after reading the above post. Since it’s just an attempt at masking, it’s often unreliable and proper detox is required in advance. You can start it asap and it will have the same effect as long as you don’t smoke again before your test, other than that just follow the instructions and you should be ok.

  116. Hello again. I just purchased the 5 day toxin rid product, hope to receive it tomorrow. I have been riding a stationary bike 20 miles a day and drinking at least 80 oz of water daily. I was a heavy user up until Nov 20, have abstained completely since then. Today I took another in home test with a very faint line, I am hoping that does mean a negative result. Thanks again for such an informative site.

    1. Well you’re doing the natural part of the equation right from what it sounds like as long as the biking is making you sweat, since that can depend on intensity when cycling. It would still be good for boosting your metabolism though either way. Even a faint line with most home tests does mean negative, but read the instructions carefully to make sure. No problem.

  117. Thank you Sophie for your help, I appreciate all the info, you are awesome. My question is does the type of test legally have to be revealed to you before you go. I don’t like surprises unless they are gift wrapped. Thank you in advance.

    1. Thanks Bruce, no probs :). I don’t think it has to no, although it often is. I’ve heard of people expecting a certain test such as urine but instead gettin a swab test and vice versa. I’m not sure they’re allowed to tell you it’s a certain type and then give another (a.k.a lying) but they probably don’t need to legally reveal the type, and can leave it unspecified. This is not fact though, I don’t know for certain.

  118. First of all, I do want to thank you for the great information. It’s clear, concise and well broken down.

    However, I purchased the 5 Day Detox Program and it did absolutely nothing. I still tested positive today after doing everything exactly as directed.

    I smoked only once 2 weeks ago and not even a lot, which I thought this product would have been able to take care of such a small amount of THC. I am 120 pounds, fit, and have been eating right, exercising daily and drinking tons of water.

    It has been an unpleasant week taking this product and $124.96 down the drain.

    Just thought I would share. I really hope you are not sponsored by this product because I am pretty disappointed with the results.

    1. Thanks Alicia.

      That sounds weird, since a after a one-time use, most people would be clean naturally after 2 weeks, without the use of any product.

      I see only two plausible explanations, which are:
      1. Your body has real problems getting rid of THC, for some reason.
      2. You’re reading the results of your test strip wrongly (this is common). Two lines, even if it’s very faint, usually means it’s negative, a.k.a. you passed it.

      Either way, thanks for sharing.

  119. I just found out yesterday that I have a urine and blood test this coming tuesday morning….They already know i smoke weed(and it’s tolerated to a certain point), but I need to lower as much as possible the THC metabolytes count, so it seems I only smoke once in a while instead of every day.

    Can someby please tell me how to go about it, since time is definitely not on my side here? Thanks!

    1. Well, obviously don’t smoke any more until the test. Blood tests have a much shorter detection time since they look for the actual THC, before it’s broken down to its metabolites, so the urine test is probably the bigger concern here. With this little time, usually synthetic urine would be the go-to, but since you’re expected to have some THC metabolites in there, it’s probably not a good idea. Perhaps you should just go with a decent same-day drink that will dilute while simultaneously countering dilution by having added ingredients tested for in a dilution check. It will lower your toxin concentration a bit, but it will still be there.

  120. Took a detox mouthwash that lasts 44 min. And my test went over by 20 or so minutes. Do you know if people have had luck with that? Magnum instant mouthwash finished the whole bottle.
    Everything crossed!

    1. Don’t know sorry. It likely lost much of it’s effectiveness, and it will come down to mainly how long you were abstinent before the test. If it’s more than a few days, your chances are generally good.

  121. hi i smoked dabs for about two days in a row, with a urine OR salvia test in 4-5 days, anything i can do? great website btw

    1. For a urine test, with this short notice synthetic urine would be the best bet. For saliva, you’ll likely be okay naturally after 4-5 days, if you just smoked those two times.

  122. hi again, sorry i dont think i gave enough information in my last comment… i smoked dabs for 3 days (havent smoked anything in about 2 months and have been negative for all of my drug tests) but now i have either a salvia or urine test in 4-5 days. pretty nervous, so any products i should use to try to be clean along side with eating healthy, working out, and sweating? thank you, awesome website..:)

    1. Well, it’s good that you haven’t smoked for two months before this, but the same answer still (synthetic urine, Oral Clear for the saliva test if you’re really worried, but I would think you’ll be fine without it. You could always try a 3 day Toxin Rid (would help with both saliva and urine), but it’s not guaranteed to work in time for a urine test this soon and you’d have to use a home test kit to see if you’re clean or not, and keep synthetic urine as a backup plan.

    1. The gum should work for a saliva test yep, although you have good chances to pass it without using any product. If it’s a very important test, I can see why you might want to invest in the gum still, as a safety measure.

  123. Hi, very informative site, good reading and helpful. I’d say I’m a chronic smoker. 3 to 4 times a day for many years. Just received info that company will now start random drug testing. I just started cleaning out, no smoking for 2 days now. But no detox products yet. Not sure what test or how it will go down since I on the road as a salesman and work from home. Boss says he will call when time to do it. But if I go to our local office, I do not want to be surprised with the ” hey, your up” when I get there. I’m in that local office maybe once a month. I have begun to abstain and plan to decrease my usage greatly.
    Beside overall abstaining, what are my options. Thanks for listening

    1. Hey JR. To be frank, synthetic urine sounds like the best option. Mainly because when you’ve smoked several times daily for years, it’s unpredictable how long it may take to get clean. Even with strong detox products, they may not be enough to get clean fast since you have a lot of THC in fat cells that will keep being released slowly. It’s possible you can get clean in 2-3 weeks using detox products and exercising etc, but there’s always the chance that won’t be enough and that it’ll still take a month or more, depending on a lot of individual factors.

  124. cant fail this time

    I have a urine + blood test this friday 1/15/16. i got some mid grade weed new yrs eve and took a couple hits that night and the next day as well. the last time i smoked was this past wed 1/6/16 and i only took a couple hits. I’m a female 5’3 142 lbs and active – i run a 2 miles/day and eat fairly well. I dont think i have time to do a detox.

    Am I screwed??

    1. For the blood test you should be fine. As for urine, it’s possible you’re fine for taht as well considering your active lifestyle, and what you’ve smoked isn’t that much. Hard to say though, still a bit risky. If I were you I’d at least get a home test kit and go from there. If positive, consider either synthetic urine or if that’s not an option, maybe a same-day detox drink and some water dilution (which would risk it coming back as over-diluted but that often just means you need to re-test soon = more time to get clean naturally).

  125. Hey, I want to start off by saying this is awesome, thank you for taking your time and doing this for all of us

    Now with that, I am a heavy smoker…between a quarter to a half ounce a week, sometimes even more….should I quit, then in 2 weeks start the clense or what do you think I should do? I have a urine test in about 4-6 weeks

    1. Hey, thanks Chris, my pleasure.

      If it’s a regular pre-employment test, the easiest way for heavy users is to use a good synthetic urine. If you prefer detox however, 4-6 weeks should usually be enough time to get clean if you put some effort to it, including both detox products and plenty of exercise and sweating, drinking a lot of water and obviously abstaining. Still need to test yourself before your real test though, since with heavy users it can differ a whole lot what it takes to get clean, some doing it in 2-3 weeks while some need 1-2 months, depending both on individual factors such as metabolism, how heavy one has smoked and on detox efforts.

  126. Hi, I smoked pretty regularly for a little over a month. I have started detoxing three days ago and I have been drinking anywhere from a 1/4 gallon to 1/2 gallon of water.I have a saliva test tomorrow and have no way to get the gum. What would be your opinion on being able to pass?

    1. Hi Mike, the best way would likely be to find a local head shop and go with whatever they have. It’s still possible you can pass naturally, but it comes with a certain risk of course.

  127. Sophie,

    I appreciate the wealth of information you have on this site. I have a Urine DT in about 2 weeks. I stopped smoking on Friday and have purchased a 7day detox kit, B12, home tests and Cranberry Juice. I have been consuming loads of water and have been exercising as well. I smoked pretty regularly for at least 5 times a week prior and am about 145 lbs, 5’9.

    Since this is the job of a lifetime I am concerned. Most of my friends are smokers too and have encouraged me to use synthetic urine, however, in this particular testing facility- the nurses pat you down and make you leave the door open. So, to me –that is basically a supervised test.

    Anyway, the store test that I took today had a very faint negative result. Do you think if I continue these methods above that I will be okay? And once you are detoxed, will the THC come back if I continue to abstain? Forgive me if these are petty questions. Perhaps I just need some reassurance……

    Thanks again!


    1. Hey, no problem. You don’t mention how much you smoked, but unless you’re a very heavy user, it wouldn’t matter too much here imo. Since you mention having tested negative on a home test kit already, I’d say you have very little to worry about, especially if you detox as described above. Test yourself again after your detox to double-check, and then you should be fine. The detox will have the same effect whether it’s right before the test or a while in before when it comes to expelling toxins from your body, so no the THC won’t come creeping back as long as you keep abstaining.

      1. Well I have smoked pretty heavy/regularly for about a year and a half, I quit for quite some time when I was pregnant and gave birth in 2014. After that I have hit 2-3 bowls a day, for like 5 days a week. As a result, I am thinking that in addition to my 7 day cleanse (GNC brand) that I will purchase a cleansing drink like the one’s you mention on this site. I would definitely use synthetic, but with the door open I just think there is too much that could go wrong. So, here’s hoping for the best. Thanks again for your advice. I hate that I have to go through all this stress for a plant!!!

        1. 2-3 nowls a day is quite a lot so as you mentioned, synthetic urine would probably have been best, since you can never know for sure how long it will take for you to get clean enough with al the factors that play a part. Not sure if there was a particular question, but yeah a detox drink is usually a good idea, but also some home tests. You’ll want to ideally be testing negative on those before taking a real test. And don’t forget exercising, sweating and a lot of water. I feel you with the plant problems!

  128. So I’m going to the doctor for blood work, a physical, and new birth control. Do you think they will test for drugs for any of those?

    1. If there’s no suspicion to warrant checking for drugs in your case, I strongly doubt that. Your doctor would need to test/check for that specifically, which costs more and is not done in regular blood work.

  129. hi there, I smoke maybe 4-5 nights a week and have for years. I hit a small bowl maybe 3X max to help with sleep. I’m 5’8″, 130 lbs, and active with a high metabolism. I’m applying for a job where I’ve gotten confirmation there is a urine and hair test. I anticipate the test being within the next 10-12 days and I stopped smoking 5 days ago. I intended on using synthetic urine to be safe, but My friend who recently took the test said they wanted quite a bit of urine. He had to pee, go back out to the waiting room, drink more water and pee again to provide enough. He couldn’t give me the amount needed. Is there a standard sample size or how much synthetic urine do I know to buy? Is it possible I’d pass with increased water consumption and the day of drink? I don’t have $200 for a 10 day detox. Do you recommend any other natural methods? And regarding the hair test, do I stand a chance? What do you recommend regarding this? Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Kristen. The standard sample size is less than 2oz, which is why this is a common amount included when getting synthetic urine. Without knowing how much they will require it’s hard to know how much synthetic urine you’d need. I guess you could hope to pass through dilution if that’s your very last option. But the bigger concern here is the hair test. You can’t pass a hair test through regular detox, since what’s been deposited in your hair as it grew, will stay there. The effective ways of passing these tests are costly. There’s a guide for it on this site, but that would cost you $200 or more as well so it won’t be of too much help. The hair test detects use 3 months back in time. The only affordable options for this test would likely include bleach and repeated coloring, which in a way ruins your hair and many prefer cutting it off after that, but that’s tougher for women than it is for men. So without sugar-coating it, you may be in some trouble here if you really want this job.

  130. Hi, I am a Mom worried sick for my college student son. He was a heavy smoker for years. Now he will be drug tested for clinicals by Feb. The test will be random and unannounced. He has been without use for 3 weeks and living the appropriate lifestyle for detox. He is tall and lean. When researching products, I decided on the Premium 7 day detox and got 2 of them as he will probably need to take them back to back. Do you know anything about this product? I got confused by the Toxin Rid directions to use 10th day dose hours before test. He will not have that info. I am losing sleep!

    1. Don’t know muchn about that product I’m afraid. But it shouldn’t hurt and will likely do some work, especially since it’s over 14 days. Toxin Rid can have a little instantaneous effect as well, especially the fibers, making more thc leave the body through your stools, but I prefer finishing it in advance, then testing yourself with a home test kit, and using a same day detox drink hours before the test.

  131. Hello. I been clean for about 41 days now. I’m 5’11” weigh 190. I was a heavy user up to about 6 mths ago. Then I became less of user. I took a test 9 days ago. My level came back at 81ng/ml. Which the test I took is 15ng/nl cut off. I have another test coming up in 6 days. Which should put me clean for 50 days. I’m was wondering if I’ll be good or what should I do so I pass this next test. I really need to pass due to I need this job. Going to be a trucker. So any advise. Been drinking a lot of water.

    1. That might be a DOT-test then. I don’t give advise for such test specifically due to laws and regulations. In general though, if you know the cut-off of a test you’re taking, you can get a bunch of home test kits for that cut-off (Amazon has affordable ones at 20ng/ml cut-off which is not ideal but relatively close, perhaps you could find some with 15 if you google it) to experiment with. If you were at 81 2 weeks prior to your test, I’m not so sure you’ll be below 15 ng/ml in time. But if you didn’t do anything to dilute or similar for your last test, you could do that for this test and it might be enough. A good same day drink for example. Ideal would probably have been starting a detox program from the get-go, such as Toxin Rid + exercise + water as you’re already consuming, and then the detox drink before the actual test. The standard way pretty much.

  132. I’ve been a heavy spoker for a couple years and I quit a month ago I took a urine test and it came back positive I workout on the regular and I tried taken nicIan which I now know doesn’t work I did however workout that morning which I also know I shouldn’t have done I want to flush out my system for good not planning to use again EVER what’s my opinion

    1. To flush your system for good, just follow the standard detox laid out in the above article. Since you were a heavy smoker for years, you may want to go for the 10 day and keep working out etc. If you are not in a rush because of an upcoming test or so, you can still go the natural route without products and eventually be successful. Perhaps get a pack of home test kits from Amazon so you can track when you go below 50ng/ml. There are also 20ng/ml ones available if you want to track further below 50.

  133. Hi, I just scheduled an interview for Tuesday and I need to detox quick. I know it’s really not much time, but I could really use some suggestions. I smoke everyday about 1-3 times a day (usually only a couple hits each time), sometimes more depending on if I go out. I’m 5’2 and 95 lbs. Any suggestions, or am I in trouble?

    1. Synthetic urine would be best if it’s appliccable to your test. 1-3 times a day can take some time to get clean from. The best ways to detox are already mentioned in the article. If you’re failing your home tests right before the real one and you can’t use synthetic urine, you could try going for dilution and hope they don’t test for that or that it will at least buy you some more time before the re-scheduled test. Do this by either using more than one detox drink before (more costly but good same day detox drinks contain stuff to help hide over-dilution, which could help a bit) or just drink a lot of water before, and adding b-vitamins for clor.

  134. Hello, I consider myself a chronic smoker for the past 10 years, maybe a little less over the past 3 years. I quit using 12/17/15 and took not only (1) 10 day detox but since I was a little paranoid I ordered a 2nd 10 day detox just to be safe. I have passed several at home tests that use 50ng/mL as the cutoff. I am 6′ tall and about 175lbs with what I consider a fast metabolism. I work out every other day on average and some weeks every day. I’ve also been drinking close to a gallon of water per day since 12/17/15. Today I took my urine test and again because of paranoia I also used the 32oz Mega clean to help mask anything that might have been left in my system. Do you think its safe to say that I passed? I’m just a little concerned because I have been reading things about confirmatory tests that use 15ng/mL as the cutoff. I know from the home tests I am good at the 50ng/mL but not sure what my outcome would be on a confirmatory test. The test I took was a 5 panel urine analysis for NON-DOT. Do you think I have anything to worry about?

    1. Hey John, yeah I think it’s safe to say you passed, since you did pass several home tests. You definitely went for a better safe than sorry route here. A confirmatory test would generally only be done if you failed the 50ng/ml which it seems you shouldn’t. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

      1. Well I passed thanks to all the information you provided. From now on I will always keep a 10 day toxin rid supply on hand as well as the mega clean. Thanks again for everything you do!!!

        1. Yeah that’s a good idea for sure and that’s how I do it personally :). My pleasure and thanks for updating with your results.

  135. Hey sophie, so my mom found out I smoke blunts and she’s decided to test me every month (at least until she thinks I’ve “Gotten Clean”), I’m 6 foot tall and 110 kilos heavy, plus, as I said, I smoke 1-2 blunts of high quality weed every day. Do you think just doing toxin rid for 10 days will be enough? I don’t know if I’ll be able to do some mega clean additionally, as It has more of a time restriction and my mom will be around me as well. I honestly just hopes she backs off after the test results come back negative twice. I know higher price means higher quality, but I’m in college and I just want to know what is the bare minimum I can pay for to make it seem like I’ve stopped smoking? Is Toxin Rid enough?
    P.S. This site is awesome, better then all the bullshit that other people push :)

    1. Hi Khalid, not sure Toxin Rid is your best option here since for daily smokers 10 days might not always be enough time to clear the system no matter what products you use. It would also mean you’ll actually have to quit smoking unless you want to get a 10 day Toxin Rid for every test, and not sure that’s what you intended. And it’s also pretty costly. Since I assume we’re talking home tests here, this is one of the few tests where additives can actually be a good option. I’m not very well versed in them though, but I know testnegative sells 2 additives that are for different types of tests, and if you know what specific test you’ll be taking, you could reach out and ask their support whether some of the additives would do it. Then you basically keep it on you and add it to your urine, or for certain cup-tests you pee in a different container and mix with the additive, then pour it in to the test cup. Other than that, synthetic urine should still work fine for home tests as well, at least Sub-Solution since you can heat it up instantly, depending on the circumstances around your test. Both these options allows you to keep smoking, and not gamble with whether you’ll get clean in time through detox or not.
      And thanks for your kind words;).

  136. Have been clean for 14 days. Heavy smoker for past several years. Urine is not a choice. Have been using stinger 7 day detox –2 bottles and plan to use the grape 5x for Thursday test. I am reading your comments and scared. Should I buy the 10 day and just double up and quit using stinger. Thanks for your help

    1. You could, if money isn’t an issue. Keep in mind it’s never a guarantee when it comes to a heavy long time smoker detoxing in a short amount of time, and depends on a lot of individual factors such as your body’s own ability to detox THC and metabolism speed. It’s also important to combine it with exercise and sweating and drinking a lot of fluids, to get the most out of detox products. I think it’s also a good idea to get some home test kits ans see whether you’re clean enough or not. If you aren’t, you may want to go for some over-dilution as a last resort to either pass with a lot of luck, or maybe buy some more time due to a test re-scheduling. 2x large same day detox drinks of a good brand (one that includes ingredients to hide over-dilution such as creatinine, altering specific gravity etc) may give the best odds, although still far from fool-proof when it comes to not testing as over-diluted.

  137. Hi great site, thanks so much. Is there any concern that using a day-of-the-test product such as qCarbo (or others) could be detected and raise a red flag? Being a very light and infrequent user, I’m already testing negative multiple times via those Ease@Home kits from Amazon, but being a bit paranoid, I’m still drinking tons of water/cranberry, taking B vitamins, green tea, niacin, and am now considering using qCarbo32 on the day of the test, just to be “extra sure”

    Is this stupid – would I be taking an extra risk unnecessarily?

    Again, you’re awesome, and thanks for the very informative site! :)

    1. Thanks Nathan, no problem!
      Nah you shouldn’t have to worry about that, just don’t drink too much of other fluids when you opt for a same day drink, since it contains a good amount of fluid already and it does add up, thus risking over-dilution in some cases. Myself I use detox-drinks as a safety net, so even if I test clean on home tests (which I’ll want to do either way) I still pretty much always use a same day detox drink as well.

  138. Hey there. I was referred by another commentor. I am very new to cannabis. I’ve had 2 hits in the last week, separated by 4 days. I have been curious about how long the thc stays in your system and how it is tested for and so I’ve been doing a study on myself using home test kits. I know all about the dilution method and synthetic urine for passing a test, and while I’m not concerned about that (i don’t have a test coming up) I am curious about my self testing.

    You see, the morning after I smoked I tested myself – first stream of the day – positive. Later that day I tested myself again – positive. I drink about 4 cups of tea a day, plus some soda/water/juice/milk spread out over the day…so nowhere near what is required to dilute myself deliberately.

    Day 2 – first stream – positive. Later that day – negative.

    Day 3 – first stream – positive. Later that day – negative.

    Day 4 – first stream – positive. Later that day – negative. Smoked again that night.

    Day 5 – first stream – positive. Later that day – positive.

    Day 6 and 7 were the same as days 2, 3 and 4.

    I’m thinking this isn’t normal, right? Or am I just lucky enough to be someone who sheds thc quicker? Or is it because my standard drinking habits are sufficient to dilute myself naturally to the point that the thc isn’t detected?

    I am thin…thinner than I should be :( I also don’t exercise much, or eat much. I do walk about 30 minutes to an hour each day.

    You seem to have a lot of personal experience and the information you’ve provided on your site is really well thought out and implemented, so much better than the forums I’ve visited or other sites with varying explanations that seem contradictory. So thank you very much for all this work you do. :)

    1. Hi Kurt. Awesome that you’re experimenting yourself, no better way to see what it takes for you personally to test clean. I think it’s still pretty normal though. You never really want to be testing your first stream of the day, since toxins will have built up in the urine over night, reaching a higher concentration, which was enough in your case to test positive. You body also does a lot of the detoxing during sleep. When it’s only had a few hours of day-time to build up, it won’t be nearly as much THC in your urine. Also, if you’re new to cannabis like you say, a lighter one-time use generally only stays in your system for up to a week, but frequent use bumps those numbers up considerably. On top of this I think your drinking habits are more than the average persons, who usually drinks less than what’s recommended, thus you’re at least diluting it more than the average person, but probably not enough to be over-diluted.

  139. Hello,

    I’ve been an daily smoker for a few months now and I will be stopping since I am looking into jobs. As of now, I don’t have a set date of when I should start. What do you recommend me to do to speed up the process even though I have time.

    Also, how do I stay strong during the withdrawal symptoms?


    1. Hi, it’s mostly covered in the article already. To speed it up, Toxin Rid combined with exercise, sweating, lots of liquids. If you have a long time, you might do without the Toxin Rid, but having been a daily smoker it could take a while to clean up naturally. There is always synthetic urine as well, should you find you have a urine test very soon. Effective detox can help shorten the withdrawal period, since you won’t have as much THC lingering in your system. Meditation is great imo as well to deal with cravings. When ever you feel you really need a smoke, decide to meditate instead for 10-15 min. Stay busy. If you’re bored, the cravings are harder to resist.

  140. I smoked pretty regular for like 3 months straight, and quit on December 24, 2015. I didn’t smoke at all until yesterday. I smoked a joint and 2 bowls since yesterday. I have a drug test coming up in a week and need to pass. I’m also on prescribed pain medication and my meds need to show in my urine drug screen. Is there anyway to pass? Do the detox supplements also clear other drugs so my meds won’t show? Please help!!

    1. Yeah the detox supplements should reduce all toxins including pain meds, but you could detox until the day before your test to reduce THC as much as possible, and since you keep taking the pain meds, they should still show up in your urine. Whether you’ll pass or not is hard to say, but going heavy on the detox seems to be your best bet at least.

  141. Ueemaeejahi Cooper

    Hi, I’m 6’2 and 300lbs. Now I’ve been smoking since December of last year, and I am currently looking for work. At my last job I did not have to worry about any drug testing since there wasn’t anything like that. The job has since ended and now I need to get clean really soon. For a guy like myself what would you recommend? Also to add, my budget is REALLY tight and at the moment I want to make sure I can get clean with the cash that I have on hand.

    1. You don’t say how much or often you smoked which can have a large impact on detox time. But with a tight budget, going for synthetic urine is often a good option, especially so if you’re a heavy smoker, since detoxing quickly can be tricky and a bit costly for heavy smokers. Most pre-employment tests are unsupervised.

  142. This seems so helpful but I am still not sure the best action to take!!!! after using qcarbo and FAILING a urine test for a new job I stopped using completely until finding a better job. I am 15 days THC free BUT before that was a heavy user of the good stuff. We are talking every day for years. I feel like I will never be clean (LOL!) so what do u suggest is the best take action outside of the natural ways suggested which I am currently doing… is the toxin rid only used when u have ten days before a test? or to use as you go with natural detox? basically I am still job searching now and can be tested within the next week or so. Should I get toxin rid and just start using that? and should i be able to pass a urine test on top of being 15 days non smoking with using toxin rid? If i use toxin rid for ten days then take a urine test 13 days later, would it still show up clean you think?

    1. Toxin Rid can be used as you go, and does not have to be the exact 10 days before your test, as long as you don’t smoke after completing the 10 days. But as a daily smoker of good stuff for such a long time, there are no guarantees when it comes to fast detox no matter what you do, since a lot of THC may be stored in your fat cells and being released over time. The ideal option for such heavy smokers is usually to use synthetic urine if the test is soon. But if you want to go the detox route, Toxin Rid is still your best option imo, combined with exercise, sweating, cosuming lots of liquid etc. Definitely get some home tests though so you can see when/if you’re clean enough.

      1. Thanks Sophie!! I am 21 days clean tomorrow (sunday) and have a test monday!! I tested myself three days ago and came up clean but just yesterday tested myself and came up dirty ;/ I grabbed a 32oz qcarbo and am just hoping after being clean 22 days it will pull thru!

        1. No probs Elyse. Make sure you’re not testing the first urine of the day, since toxins will have built up over night and it will thus more likely give a failed result. Good luck and do update with how it went!

  143. First off, thank you Sophie for this wonderful website!!! You are so awesome.

    So I probably average just about 2 hits a week, and my last use was NYE, so basically I have been abstaining since 1/1. I have a blood drug test that will either be Friday (1/22) or I can probably put it off until Tuesday (1/26) if I need to.

    Last night I did an at-home test (50ng/mL test) and tested NEGATIVE. Awesome, but should I take further precautions to make sure I pass the blood test?

    1. No problem, and thanks ;).
      Nah you should be fine, a blood test doesn’t detect THC for nearly as long as a urine test, so even if you’d test positive on that at-home test, you’d still pass that blood test. Blood tests look for the actual THC, while urine tests look for metabolites of it, which remain for longer.

  144. I’m curious about how diuretics would work in detoxing. If hydrating will help flush toxins through urine and sweat, would it be possible that cycling between hydrating and drinking beer (causing you to urinate more frequently) might help?
    I wouldn’t say I’m a heavy user, but a frequent user for sure. And I have VERY fast metabolism and pretty low body fat (about 10%).
    I appreciate all the information!

    1. A lot of detox products make use of diuretics, and yeah they help with detox as long as you also drink a lot of fluids, since you still want to keep hydrated. Not sure if beer would be the best detox beverage though!

  145. Hi Sophie,

    Please need urgent help, I had couple of Marjuna cookie on sep21 2015 and today my drug test( urine test) was positive , my company asked me to retake the test but wondering how can get ride of it by this friday or may be i can push it till next Monday, Please help me need your urgent suggestion, this job is very important and need to clear by drug test ….Plz help

    1. You’re saying you had cookies 4 months ago and you’re still testing positive because of those? Because that’s highly unlikely I’d say. Maybe just go with synthetic urine though to be safe.

  146. Hi Sophie,

    Thank you for the wonderful website, I am 29 year old weight 170 pounds height 5.6.
    I had one time couple of cookies last year in September 2015(I did not smoke just one time cookie on my friend birthday). Results of my urine drug
    test were positive, not sure how come it stayed even after 4 months passed away, just wondering if it is fault positive and also i am planning to take the retest on next Monday
    so kindly can you please suggest how do i plan to pass this test, i have hardly 5 days left. Please help this job is very very important for me …PLZZ HELP

    1. Replied to your above comment, but yeah it doesn’t really make sense. You sohuld be clean by now for sure. Maybe test with a/some home test kits and see if they agree with you being positive. If they say you’re positive, best option would be synthetic urine.

  147. I am a very heavy smoker and I have a drug test coming up (sometime next week). I cannot have my levels at an acceptable level without arousing suspicion due to my failure of the last random drug test which was last week but I can’t leave them at the current level either… I smoke three to four times a day (on average) I am 6′ 2″ 205 and exercise everyday, what should I do.

    1. I guess you could try to just dilute your urine more than last time, perhaps with detox drinks. Then there will still be traces, but the concentration will be lower. They may test for over-dilution though so not ideal, but not sure there is a better option so..

  148. Hi Sophia,
    Your site has been my go to on what to do to pass my test. I have abstained since 1/1 so 24 days now. Prior to that I had been abstaining since October with hits on 11/30, 12/17, 12/25, and 12/30-31. I felt that I would be good due to the length of time and limited use but due to some at home tests producing a faint line I began to panic.

    I bought a 3 day toxin rid, retrospect I would have had time for the 5 day but can’t think about what I should have done. I have until Jan 24th to take my test, I figured I should probably take it Friday Jan 22nd and not wait until the weekend. I have been working out, sweating, drinking a ton of water, taking cranberry tablets, eating healthy, you name it. I will be finishing my toxin rid tonight.

    I’m currently nervous to take any at home tests though I just did buy the ones you recommended. All the tests I have taken have come out negative with a faint line or some with a slightly darker line. Should I be worried? I feel that I have taken a lot of measures to try and clean my system, why are some of the test lines coming out super faint?

    The question I had was I plan on taking XXTRA clean herbal cleanse the day of, should I add the dietary fiber from the toxin rid to this drink mix?

    1. Hey Veronica, glad you find the site useful :). For most tests, a faint line still means you’re negative and faintness sohuldn’t be given too much attention. Read the instructions carefully to confirm if that’s the case for the test you used. And since you also plan to go with the best practice of a same-day detox drink, I think you should be fine. The dietary fiber certainly doesn’t hurt so sure add that as well!

  149. HELP! so i went on vacation to Colorado and i ate to edilbles. i just got back and i found out i was pregnant!!!! im nervous cause i live in Arizona and its illegal here. i know i need to go to the dr soon but im scared. this was literally the first time i ever did something like this.

    1. Ouch! I think getting some home test kits would be wise, and if possible hold off with that doctors visit until you’re clean on those tests at least. I’d also avoid detox products or do diligent research before trying any, since I’m not sure how/if it affects pregnant women.

  150. Hey Sophie so I am a daily smoker and have been for a little while now…few times a day…just small bowls though and probably about .3g a day…I have 14 days of complete abstinence from smoking anything…will be drinking nothing but water and this dieters tea that my buddy uses that basically makes you poop a lot and is supposed to clean you out…then I have a “masking” drink that is a same day of test product that he recommended and has used twice and passed both times with 2 days of abstinence…he smokes just as often…and dabs…I don’t dab at all…I am 5’5″ 155lbs. Athletic condition. I will be working out daily and hitting the sauna…I feel like a fish I have drank almost 1.5 gallons per day…do you think I will pass a urine test this way? I am super nervous and don’t think I can get away with the synthetic sub…

    1. I don’t see you mentioning when your test is, unless you meant you’ll have 2 weeks of abstinence total. For daily smokers though, 2 weeks is not very long, so if you want to go the natural route, you’d do best in having some home tests at hand to confirm you’re actually clean enough before taking the real test. if you aren’t and short o time, synthetic urine may still be a good backup option. It’s not hard at all to pull off if it’s an unsupervised test.

  151. Hi, I last smoked on the 13th of January. I am being tested on the 29th. I am a very heavy smoker. I have been drinking tons and tons of water & cranberry juice & working out. I have to pass this. Please tell me what I can do to pass. I just took a test today (jan 20) & failed. I took an at home one to test myself… Please help. I’m freaking out. Email me if you can

    1. If unsupervised, synthetic urine is often a good choice for heavy smokers. If that’s not an option, the best ways to detox are already lined out in the above post, although it’s never guaranteed for a heavy smoker to get clean this fast. If you’re not clean enough the day before your test, the last-resort option is to dilute it more and hope it won’t show as over-diluted. You can use home-tests to see whether it’s dilute enough to test negative at the 50ng/ml cutoff

  152. Hi I have a quick question. I was reading the comments and saw that taking azo pills won’t work I have a test tomorrow for a job and have been a very heavy user this past year i have stop for 2 days and got a call for a interview today I’m not sure of they will supervise me during the test any ideas I really need this job please help. I’m going to go get a detox drink in the morning just in case I can’t substitute for synthetic.

    1. As you already mention, synthetic urine is definitely the best option here. Most pre-employment tests don’t supervise. Detoxig that fast for a heavy user is not always possible, but last-resort would be a combination of detox and diluting your urine.

  153. Hi Sophie,
    I was recently offered an amazing job that requires a supervised urine test or blood test. I have been a daily heavy smoker for about 5yrs, i’m 5’1 and only weigh 98lbs, I haven’t smoked in 10 days but also haven’t really been doing anything to detox. I’m not sure of the exact date of my test but it could take place as soon as 5 days from now and I wont know if its urine or blood until the day of. Please let me know what you would recommend, I have never tested before and am terrified lol, thank you!

    1. Hey Sabrina.
      If it’s a blood test, you should be fine with the abstinence you have already, but if it’s urine, you probably need detox, but whether you have enough time is uncertain, since for long time heavy users you can never know how long it will take to be clean enough to pass a test. Toxin Rid, exercise and sweating, drinking lots of fluids, a good same-day detox drink. Use home-tests to see whether you should be clean enough or not. Still it’s no guarantee that as little as 5 or a few more days is enough time since you’ll likely have a lot of THC built up in fat cells being slowly released over time.

  154. Hi Sophie I’m 36 years old I’ve been smoking weed since I was 13. I smoked daily and and started smoking a hell a lot more after I lost a finger, roughly a half in about 3-6 days. 4 doobies minimum a day was not out of the ordinary. I’m 130lbs 5’8″ and only been sober for roughly 4 days. I sweat constantly and have a killer metabolism but I figure mosquitoes don’t bite me cuz how stoned they’d get. If I wanted to pass a piss test, what do you recommend I do?

    1. If appliccable to your test, I’d definitely suggest synthetic urine. If it’s supervised and you really had to detox, then Toxin Rid combined with the DEERS as describe on the page above, with home tests to confirm when you’re clean enough. It’s always hard to say how long detox will take though for such a heavy smoker.

  155. Damien Carreras

    How do u feel about sonnes #7? I have a drug teat in a week and a half. Been drinking it, and I’m so scared of failing this test for a job. I’m on my second bottle in 2 weeks, and I’m still testing positive on home tests. Any help, I really can’t afford $200. I don’t even have that much to my name right now, That’s why I’m stressed about this test for a better job. Please any less expensive options that actually work……….

    1. Not familiar enough with it to have much of an opinion. The economic yet reliable way for most pre-employment tests is synthetic urine. If your test is unsupervised, a good brand of synthetic urine should do it and cost way less than $200

  156. Hi,
    I have a urine test in less than a week for a job offer, no time for detox.
    Should I go with the synthetic urine. A company called Diagnostic Labs is the lab, Ever heard anything about them? I was clean since late October till new years eve then have been smoking till today.

    1. Hi Marc. Yeah with such short notice synthetic urine would be the best option. Not sure I have, but as far as I know SS should be fine with any lab.

  157. Hi soppy

    I am 21 years, weighing 45kg and my height is 1,65m. I am from south Africa, limpopo to be specific.
    I would like to purchase the detox products but will like to know if they are available in my country.
    I have been a regular weed smoker for 12 months ( smoking everyday), but I abstained from it for a month now, and I will be going for drug test in about 3-5 weeks.

    Please help me pass my drug test !!

    1. Hey Lee, to find out if they ship to South Africa in particular you’d need to ask their support since I have no idea. But I think it’s wise of you getting some detox products either way, since heavy smoking for a year can take a long time to get clean from naturally. Make sure you keep up with exercise and drinking a lot of fluids daily as well though, that can help a lot when done over a longer time period.

  158. I have to urine test in 48 hours (supervised)!!!! I’ve smoked everyday, literally everyday, for about 12yrs now. I’m 5’2″, 105lbs., not athletic at all, and I last smoked about 10 hours ago. Is there any hope of passing???

    1. Well, the only options I see would be, if it’s only partially supervised as in someone standing behind not looking directly, you could get away with a Whizzinator or the incognito belt from TestNegative. Other than that, with this short notice, you’d have to go for heavy dilution with the slim chance they won’t test for that, or that it will buy you time for another test. Far from a good solution though.

  159. Hi, I’m 145lbs and 6 foot tall, I smoked about a 1/4 a week for years, I haven’t consumed since Dec 17th I got tested on the 15th of January and it came back positive, I luckily am such an asset to the company they said they’ll test me again February 8th, I’ve since begun niacin regime about 1000mg a day and have always drank cranberry juice, will I need any other detoxifying to pass the February 8th test?

    1. Niacin and cranberry juice imo are just small pieces of the puzzle and not to be relied on solely as the myths may say. If I were in your shoes I’d probably get some detox products along with the natural habits of exercise/sweating/drinking water daily just to make sure, since it’s not for certain you’ll be clean naturally as a heavy user after 1,5 months. At the very least get some home test kits to test yourself before the next company test to know whether you need to take some additional precautions.

  160. I didn’t read every post, this topic may have been covered. I was interested in the Toxin Rid detox plan, and inquired about the product via chat at I am on an anti-coagulant (blood thinner) called Coumadin or Warfarin, and needed to know about any possible contraindications or side effects with Toxin Rid. I was given the list of ingredients, which helped me research something very important; 1250mg of alfalfa is the first ingredient listed. Alfalfa is loaded with Vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin the body uses to form blood clots, to stop a bleeding cut for instance. Excess Vitamin K is probably the top contraindication while taking Coumadin, it counteracts the anti-coagulation effect of Coumadin, and in large enough doses, basically cancels it out, creating the potential for unhealthy blood clots. Obviously, this was a deal-breaker for the Toxin-Rid option. I’m abstaining from thc and using DEERS method, once I have several negative tests at home, I’ll go apply to the places I would like work. I wanted to share this information for the benefit of all, especially anti-coag. patients considering Toxin-Rid. Hope this was helpful, and any other input on the topic is welcome.

    1. Thanks for sharing Robert, useful to know for anyone in a similar situation when determining whether they want to go with Toxin Rid or not.

  161. Hi Sophie,
    Thanks so much for what you do. I was a heavy smoker. I would smoke probably 6-7 one hitters a day after work. Maybe not heavy to some people but I’ve been an every day smoker for around 9 years. Well I’m 3 weeks clean on weed and I have a drug test in 13 days. I just started working out today and ran about 1 1/4 miles and sweated quite a bit. I’m 30 years old and about 5′ 7″ and 215 pounds. I don’t exactly have $200 for the 10 day detox and I also don’t know if it’s a supervised test or not so I don’t really wanna risk it with the synthetic pee either. So my question is should I just keep working out everyday for the next 12 days and drink tons of fluids…water, cran juice, etc? Also I tried an at home test from Target last night and it was a preliminary positive which I believe means it’s almost out of my system but still there. But it wasn’t a strong positive which made me feel a bit better. So I’m thinking I’ll just keep working out and drinking fluids and maybe get the one shot concentrate too. What do you recommend for me? Thanks in advance! ?

    1. Hey Tim, my pleasure. For a long time user like yourself, it’s not certain you’ll get clean naturally in time, especially since you recently tested negative. But at the same time you might, and when budget is an issue, it’s still your best option to keep doing what you’re doing, and test yourself again when it’s closer to the test. If you’re set on the detox route, than sure a One Shot Concentrate on the day of the test will be helpful. Should you still not be clean close to your real test, synthetic urine is still the best short term solution for passing, so you may want to try find out more about whether it’s supervised or not. Most pre-employment tests aren’t.

      1. Ok. My only issue still with the synthetic urine is they told me to wear gym clothes for the test and physical. I’m assuming so it’s harder to hide the fake pee. So I’m going to continue to work out and drink lots of fluid and I may just buy the concentrate drink. Or I may purposely drink a lot of water before the test and dilute it which will buy me a couple more weeks to clean out. Or the company may not want to pay for another test done and may just say “screw it.” You know? They are hiring me the day after the test but will not receive results for a couple weeks because they send it to a lab. I know this because of 2 close friends who work there also. And like I said my drug test I did did NOT say absolute positive. It said preliminary positive which is much better than a straight positive. I think it really is way down in my system at my moment. If you have extra advice feel free to let me know. Thanks

        1. Yeah just keep doing what you’re doing then and hopefully that’s enough. Usually a diluted result doesn’t buy you weeks but rather days, but it’s highly dependent on the company etc I guess.

  162. Hello Sophie,
    I am a person who smokes everyday and has for the past few years. I smoke maybe 4-5 blunts a day. Recently I was called for job interviews and I know they both require drug testing as it was stated to me over the phone. I have about 2-3 weeks for one of the positions and an interview this Friday for the other so I imagine the test would also be within the next couple weeks. Do u think I could detox in time if I quit smoking today? And I don’t have much money so what would be the best route?

    1. Hello Kay,
      4-5 blunts daily for years is quite a lot, and there’s no guarantee you can detox from that in this short a time period even with expensive products (it’s a lot more likely, but still far from guaranteed). Mainly because a lot of THC is likely to be stored in your fat cells, and will be release slowly over time, so you can’t get rid of all of that right away. If these tests are unsupervised as with most pre-employment tests, I’d definitely say synthetic urine is your best route, which, especially when on a budget, is the more reliable option.

  163. Hi, I was wondering if an IV would do the trick? My brother is a nurse and he told me that’s the best way to get clean fast is this true?

    1. It’s my understanding that although an IV helps add fluids directly in to your system, it does very little to expel toxins per say and thus it won’t do much more than staying well hydrated by drinking a lot of water will. The fluid will still need to be filtered through the kidneys before it goes to the bladder, so imo, it’s unlikely to do enough good to warrant it.

  164. Hey Sophie,

    I just quit from my job about a week ago because I found a better opportunity elsewhere. My friend offered me a job and I had the interview yesterday and Aced it. They didn’t do the drug test yet. I could only imagine that they will be doing it soon. Now the problem is that I went to Lake Tahoe last weekend and It completely slipped my mind and I smoked a blunt on Saturday and the next days I only took a few hits. The other problem is that the last check that I received from my previous job, I had spent it entirely on rent and I payed my car off and on my vacation trip. I’m literally on my last dollars and I don’t think that I can afford these products. What do I do if I have no money left and with the drug test being minutes away?

    1. The budget, granted that your test is unsupervised, would be synthetic urine. But that still costs some $ of course. If that’s out of your budget as well, the next option would be get a cheap at home drug test kit (some stores sell them for $1 or slightly more, and then I’d get 2 of them) to see whether you may already be clean enough. If not, the budget version would be to dilute, perhaps even go for the certo method in this particular case, and if it is invalid due to over-dilution, at the very least you bought extra time for another test, which may very well be just what you needed to get clean naturally in time, since we’re talking pretty small amounts of weed here. Do the usual detox stuff though the days until your test; lots of water, as well as exercise and sweating.

  165. Ok I have 2 months to get clean for my next test. I only smoke on the weekends. I am 5’5 and 176 pounds. What would you recommend to use for any of the tests? I don’t know which one they will give me. TIA!

    1. If you don’t know the test type, it’s trickier. But since you have 2 months, you will pass a blood and saliva test automatically if you abstain for this time. That leaves urine and hair, urine being the more common one. If you didn’t smoke a whole lot these weekends that you did smoke, chances are you can get clean without products if you put some effort in to it over this time. Exercise, sweating and drinking a lot of fluids daily, and obviously abstaining from weed completely. Test yourself when it’s 2 weeks left or so with a home test, and if you’re still not clean, you may want to look in to the detox products recommended on this page. If it’s a hair test, Macujo method would be you best bet imo, as explained in the post about passing hair tests on this site.

  166. Sophie,

    First off I want to thank you for taking the time to put togther such a great and informative site!
    I have a few questions, and after reading through the different detox options, I am positive you will be able to help.
    I’ve been a frequent/chronic smoker (several times a week) for quite some time now and it is very potent stuff.
    The job I currently have is great, but I was just offered a position yesterday morning where my family lives and my salary would increase by $11,500/annually….Double Bonus!!
    I haven’t lived near my family since 2002, so this is extremely important not only to me, but my entire family!
    I just smoked this past Tuesday night, but haven’t since receiving the job offer.
    I am scheduled for a urine DT this Saturday and have had Zero time to detox. I am 5’8″ & weigh approx. 130 lbs. I eat very healthy, don’t like junk food/candy, and eat lots of fruits and veggies.
    Unfortunately the test is supervised very strictly, as I’ve been tested there before and know the policy well.
    I do cardio 4-5 times a week for 1 1/2-2 hours and yesterday I did a tanning session to sweat some toxins out and will do two more sessions before Saturday.
    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    I have home tests that I will use prior and I always drink plenty of water and when continue to do so through Friday.

    1. Hey Kensington, my pleasure!

      I’m not entirely sure if you meant this last Saturday (then the test is already done by now), or the one coming up next. If the last one, that would mean very little time for a chronic smoker to get clean and you’d almost certainly have to try to pass through dilution although not generally a good idea (desperate times call for desperate measures). If it’s next saturday, I’d suggest you do a 10 day Toxin Rid but use all up in the time until your test, meaning use on different occassions the same day, and go very heavy on the exercise and fluid intake until friday. Then a good same day detox drink, and hope for the best. It’s still a shoirt amount of time for a chronic smoker, so detox isn’t guaranteed, buth this would be your best bet imo. I wish you best of luck either way!

  167. Hi Sophie.

    Great article i think this is the best one i have found by far. I have been a smoker on and off for years now. I took a break about 6 weeks ago and abstained completely, before the break i was smoking about 3 grams a week. I am 6’1″ 160 with a higher than average metabolism. Monday night and Tuesday night (2 nights ago) i had a very small bowl before bed just barely enough for one small hit. Sometime next week probably a week from now i was informed i would be getting tested for pre-employment. If i were to drink a good amount of water and exercise daily up until my test (while not working out a couple days before the test) what do you think my chances are of passing? Thanks for your time and the article.

    1. Hey Chris,good to know it’s helpful :). It’s hard to say whether you’re clean or not already, and thus the first step imo would be to get a cheap home test kit and find out. If clean, perhaps a small same day detox drink as safety net on the day of the test. If not clean enough, since your test is so soon, granted it’s a regular unsupervised pre-employment test, a good synthetic urine would be best imo.

  168. Okay I’m a heavy smoker, been smoking at least 4 grams a week of kush for months and months.. just dropped out of college (personal reasons) my family is on me hard about finding a job , so how long do u think I should wait to get clean before looking for a job?? 5-11 165 very active high metabolism

    1. You have a few options I’d say. If you don’t intend to invest in some detox products, at least get a pack of home test kits off Amazon to be able to tell when you’re clean. For a heavy long-time user like yourself, I’d expect at the very least a month with exercise and lots of fluids, but there’s really no way to know exactly how long, which is why the home test kits are so helpful. But then again, most pre-employment tests are unsupervised, meaning if you get a good synthetic urine, you could start looking for a job right now. There’s always the chance for other types of tests, but urine remains the most common by far.

  169. Hi Sophie, thanks for all your insights and I love how you answer everyone. Very nice and thoughtful of you! I was hoping you could help me out. So I stopped smoking 8 days ago. I have a “drug screening” on Monday. I am 6’2″ and weigh 225. I have lost 15 pounds in the past two weeks and have exercising or hitting the steam room or both everyday for 8 days now. Sweating a shit ton. I had bread maybe a couple times in those two weeks and I’ve been doing a low carb diet. Been drinking at least a gallon a day, most likely around 160oz. I’ve been eating a lot of veggies and fruits and grilled chicken and such. I’m going to try to pass myself and take a home test on saturday or sunday to see if I’m clean. Before I stopped smoking I was smoking dabs for two months, probably 3 times a day on average. I have 23% body fat. I am going to keep exercising or going into the steam room till saturday(would do it sunday but I understand after reading here that exercise 24hours before is not good). And will probably lose 5 more pounds by sunday. I have other options like clean urine and such but was wondering how my chances are looking? should I get a detox drink to take on the same day to try for my take home test on sunday? And if somehow I pass that then in theory I should be good to do the same thing monday right? I’m going to treat sunday like its my test day and see if I can pass. If not then I will use clean urine monday. Thanks and hoping to hear back soon!

    1. No probs Richard:). Your test will be done by now though, but still someone else may benefit.. Your natural detox efforts are great and can hardly be done any better aside from adding a detox product. Since you were a daily smoker however, it’s hard to say if you can detox in this short amount of time, and imo the best in a situation like this would to like you say test youself close to your test to see if you’re good to go or not. Keep in mind though not to drink loads of water early in the day of your home test, since it may cause an over-diluted false-negative. You don’t want the first stream of the day either, since toxins build up over night and that cna instead cause a false-positive, so maybe the second one. And if you fail this home test, urine substitution would be the way to go.

  170. I have smoke once in sunday. And once monday. Before that I have not smoked in more than a year. Will I be able to pass a drug test next week!

    1. More than anything I’d say it depends how much you smoked at those 2 occasions. A one time smoker is generally clean within a week, a two time smoker thus depends even more on how much you got into your system. Best would probably be to take a home test before the real test to know whether you need additional precautions.

  171. Hello :)
    I haven’t smoked in about 4-5 months because i get randomly drug tested and if i fail, i’m screwed. Would i pass if i smoked out of a bong for one night and then drank a bunch of water and worked out a lot? Like i said, it’s really random with no notice at all, so what would be the best way for me to get it all out of my system in the shortest time possible?

    1. One time users, granted you still smoke responsibly and don’t overdo it that on enight, are usually clean naturall within a week or less. Perhaps you can shorten it slightly if you’re active and drink a lot of fluids as you say. If you need to be clean faster than that a short Toxin Rid may be a good option, but it’s up to you whether that’s worth it, since it’s pretty expensive for just smoking a single time.

  172. I have been at the same job for 11 years but lately things have made me decide I need to change jobs. since my present employer does not do random test I have been a daily smoker. I don’t smoke before work but when I get home I smoke 2-3 bowls a night. I do work out regularly and drink a LOT of water. I am going to start sending out resumes this week but would like to know how long it will take for THC to naturally be out of my system so I can start the process of interviewing and being able to pass a pre employment drug test. Can you suggest something that can help speed up the process as I am very stressed at my present job and need to move on. Help!

    1. 2-3bowls daily adds up to quite heavy use and with heavy use it can be a lengthy process to get clean, especially naturally but even with detox products. The best option for pre-employment tests as a very heavy user is generally to just go straight with synthetic urine imo, since it’s no guarantee you’ll be clean quick enough through detox, depending on so many factors, including your individual body and metabolism which one has limited control over. How long it will take is thus very hard to know, for some it takes 1,5 months even with good detox effort. Although some Toxin Rid would likely speed it up considerably, it’s still not sure you can get clean in just 10 days though since THC will have built up in fat cells. A good tip is to get a pack of home tests though so you can track whether you’re clean or not.

  173. Hey Sophia: I am 60 years old and have been smoking since I was a teen. I recently decided to change jobs and know there will be a pre employment test. I smoke daily about 2-3 bowls a night – and more on weekends.. I am 5’5″ and weigh 130 lbs. I work out 3-5 times a week. I do weight lifting and treadmill for 30-45 minutes per workout. What would I need to do and how long will it take for me to pass. I would like to be on the job market within 30 days. What can I use>

    1. Hey Austin. In short: the fastest way, use synthetic urine. This makes things a lot easier when you’re a very heavy user. If you’re set on detox, the best option would likely be a 10 day Toxin Rid, keep being active as you mention, and drink a lot of fluid, and then it’s definitely possible you’ll be clean in 30 days (use home test kits to confirm). It’s no guarantee you will be so in just 10 days though even with the Toxin Rid, since with such heavy chronic use THC will have built up in fat cells and is released over time into your system, which is why again, synthetic urine is an option preferred by many long time smokers.

  174. Hi, please don’t judge me but I am about 3 months pregnant and have to take a drug test in two weeks to get a good job so that I can possibly support the family I have on the way. I’ve been a daily user for over 3 years now, and just quit to naturally help detox with water and exercise, but I was just wondering if a detox product would be safe to use in my condition.

    1. Hey Kristie, not judging you, but as you’re already aware, now might be the time to lay off the weed for a while, job or not. As for detox products, I’m not sure whether it’s safe when pregnant or not, would depend on all the individual ingredients in the product, and when not sure in this case it’s better to stay away from it imo. But you could ask the testclear support about Toxin Rid specifically as I’m sure they’d be able to give a better answer, i.e safe or not. Otherwise synthetic urine may be a good solution to pass a test soon if it’s an unsupervised test like most pre-employment ones, just don’t use that as an excuse not to stop smoking while pregnant!

  175. I started taking the toxin rid. Today is the 3 Rd day. It didn’t bother me the first day. The 2nd day I couldn’t hardly go to work. I know it’s supposed to make you pee a lot but I am literally in the bathroom not peeing but the other and it’s like water. It’s only my 2nd day and my butt hurts so bad I can’t hardly sit down. This is no exaggeration. And my stomach is constantly making noises and very very uncomfortable. I don’t know if I can continue doing this. Since it started on the 2nd day and have 8 left to go. I’m in the bathroom every 5 to 10 minutes all day and it’s like water. Is this normal. This is terrible

    1. Hey Tina, although it’s normal with looser bowels and going to the bathroom more frequently, which is how toxins are removed, what you’re describing is definitely not the norm, so it may be that you’re extra sensitive to it or some of the ingredients. It’s certainly helping you detox, but it’s not supposed to be that bad, so whether you can continue or not is up to you in the end. If you do, make sure to get some electrolytes since diarrhea can deplete those quickly and they’re needed for the body to function optimally (and thus detox optimally).

      1. Sophie, I’m experiencing the same problem as Tina – though not to the same degree as Tina. Testclear, the maker of Toxin Rid, claims there are no side effects, but that could not be farther from the truth. The first day was fine, diarrhea began the second day, and this my third day with the same experiences.

        I can push through for another week, but this is not a pleasant experience.

        I eat healthy, am very active, and usually have normal bowel movements. So basically there’s nothing you can do but just deal with it?

        1. Well it’s pretty rare, but possibly it’s due to allergy or over-sensitivity to one of the ingredients, since it’s a mix of many different synergistic ones. I understand it’s an unpleasant side-effect. Ideally you want some laxative effect to help the detox, although not to the degree of disturbing your daily life like this. Not sure what you could do though aside from pulling through or quitting it entirely.

  176. I’ve been abstaining from smoking recently but I take a couple hits every now and then. No more than 3 hits per session. I’ve smoked around 8 Times this month, I smoked resin Wednesday night, and I have a drug test coming up monday. I have a job where I sweat a lot and I have a qcarbo16. Should this be fine?

    1. Maybe but I wouldn’t count on it. Imo best would be to use a home test kit in advance to see if you’re clean, and if not, I wouldn’t trust the detox drink to make it so but rather go with some fake urine.

  177. Dear Sophie,
    I have a pre employment drug screening on Feb 10, I stopped smoking about 20 days ago and recently(today) took an at home test. Failed. I’m going to start trying to eat healthier and just bought the 10day detox and the one shot concentrate. I don’t know if I will be able to do all ten days since I could barely afford the shipping along with the product. I will also begin running on Monday and will probably sweat some of it out. I have been an everyday smoker for the past 3 years, probably 4 times a day. Any other suggestions other than cranberry juice/exercise and the toxin rid?? Really need this job!!

    1. Hey Eddie, it seems you’re already doing all the things you can to detox as fast as possible so just keep at it. Definitely make sure you home test yourself at the end of your detox as well to know where you stand, because as a daily smoker for such a long time, THC will have built up in fat cells and thus detoxing in a short amount of time can be hard no matter what you do. You got decent chances though. Also, when a very heavy smoker, synthetic urine is often a good first option if it’s a regular unsupervised pre-employment test, since that takes out the risk of the detox efforts not being enough in that short a time span.

  178. Hi Sophie,
    Thanks for this website. I am 5’4 weigh160 okay metabolism and have a supervised urine test in 15 days, have smoked less than 5 small bowls last 10 days used daily maybe 5 hits off of blunts for 5 months before the 10 days and before that was heavy smoker for years all 21+%THC. I will use Mega Clean on test day do you think this should be enough since I can’t afford Toxin Rid? I will not use any for 15 days eat good and exercise and will get home test to be sure. Don’t know if you can help me here I’m just thinking. Look forward to hearing from you soon thank you.

    1. Hey Monika. To be frank, I’d say it sounds a bit risky to me, granted how heavy a user you were. If it was an unsupervised test, I’d definitely suggest synthetic urine instead, but since that’s not an option and budget is restricted, I guess what you’re doing already is still the best option at the moment. It’s still definitely possible though, comes down to your individual body perhaps, so keep at it.


    1. If he’s smoking everyday like you say, it’s no guarantee he can detox in 30 days, it will mainly come down to his body, metabolism, how much he smokes per day, and his detox efforts. So it’s possible, but again not guaranteed. Best would be to either stop completely right now like you say and it’s a good chance he’ll be clean naturally til then, or if not, maybe stop 40+ before and detox heavily. 30 and 40 days makers a big difference, especially if he is active and drinks a lot of fluid etc daily. A 10 day Toxin Rid would be highly advisable as well imo, if it’s important he passes the test, unless he can start abstaining right now.

  180. Hi my name is Tina. I posted a question and went to check to see if you had answered and it is completely gone off the page. Could you please tell me why. I bought the 10 day toxins rid and mega clean and just had a question but it is deleted.

    1. Hi Tina, it was never deleted. To avoid spam and commercial comments, all comments must be manually approved, and thus won’t usually show until I have time to read and reply to them.

  181. So I haven’t smoked in 6 days and I have a test in 4 days if I buy the 3 day toxin rid and the same day detox drink do you believe I would be safe? I have a urine test I’ve been drinking water all day everyday and have done hot yoga these past 6 days. I’m so nervous about my test!

    1. Impossible to say without knowing how much you were smoking before your abstinence. If you were a long time daily user for example, I doubt that would suffice and would say synthetic urine is better. If an occassional smoker, then that could very well work.

  182. Hi I was a heavy smoker and began to slow down about a month ago, I’ve now abstained from use for about two weeks and last night I took an at home drug test (one of the 20 dollar 99.9% accuracy blah blah) with a faint negative line providing some assurance but I’m sill worried. It will be a monitored test so substitution is not an option and because I found this thread with too little time to do a detox, should I buy a same day drink to be safe, do you think I will be in the clear faintly passing the at home with two extra days before the test? I am 5’11 about 140 lbs soaking wet. With a fast metabolism, I can’t gain weight to save my life.. I work on my feet around a hot grill that keeps me sweating and according to my pedometer I travel an average 3.5 miles a day at work. Thank you so much in advance:)

    1. Your test will be done already by now, but for what it’s worth, your home test showing negative is a great sign, so you have decent chances. Personally I almost always use a good same day detox drink as well just in case, just make sure you don’t drink too much other fluids along with it since it adds up and can lead to over-dilution. Feel free to update with how it went!

      1. Passed no problem! I was extremely worried because I have been a heavy smoker for almost a decade and it was the longest I’ve quit for in that timeline. The dreams have been insane. But I chose to avoid the detox and instead drank a monster energy drink and a Gatorade before I went. Slight dilution but no where near as insane. It’s nice to know that even after such heavy use I can metabolize it so quickly. What a relief

  183. Please email me, as I would like to ask a question or two. Thanks! I have a test a week from today. 29 days smoke free (except minimal secondhand, LOL, a bit paranoid but a small factor). My home drug test this morning showed still positive for THC. I do need to increase my water in take, but as far as products go, k would prefer something that I could buy in a store. Ordering and shipping is not an option this week. Thanks!!

    1. If still positive right before your test, synthetic urine is the best way to pass a test on short notice, as long as it isn’t directly supervised. And a little second hand smoke won’t make an impact, would need to be a very large amount for that. As for stuff that can be bought in a store, you’d need to see what they have and do some research about them, or go with it and hope for the best. There are countless of different detox drinks, some more reliable than others, and shops often only carry a selected few.

  184. Sophie,
    Here’s the deal. Regular daily smoker mid grade weed for past 5 yeas. Was offered a new job pending urinalysis. Opted fo QF 6.1 Plus. Verified batch # was good. Used a Urinator to keep temp good. Test was with quest diagnostics. Test appeared to be subbed out to a local testing facility in my area. It was not that clean. Dirty old building in the upstairs. Lady was nice, completed some paperwork and led me to the bathroom. Closed and locked the door. Poured the QF into cup. No problem. Temp was 96. Zipped up and handed to lady. She led me back to her desk. She poured sample into vial. Sealed it and had me initial. Said she was sending to lab and I would know negative result in 24 hrs unless they had to verify prescriptions. Feel pretty confident but the test facility seemed very unsophisticated. She asked if I had anything in my pockets except my cell phone and wallet. That was it. I’ve been tested at another facility a couple years ago and subbed but it seemed much more professional in checking pockets, shoes and socks. Just writing this because I’m a little nervous about the whole thing. This was the easiest sub I’ve ever done. But it is being sent to a lab. What will they do at the lab?

    1. Hi Mac. What they’ll do? Likely the standard tests to see if it’s adulterated, synthetic, has drugs in it, diluted and so on. Don’t be too alarmed about the checking if it’s synthetic or not though, that means testing for things such as urea, creatinine etc that would be found in real urine and doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll successfully detect that your sample is synthetic. Now there are quite a few reviews online of QF sometimes not passing the test, so you’ll have to wait and see, but in general I think you should be fine (you probably already have your results anyway by now, but if you do and still read this, please update with how it went).

  185. Hi again Sophie,
    I recently bought a few cheap $1 tests from a dollar store and the two I tested with read negative for weed. Then I googled how accurate they are and the overwhelming response is they can’t be trusted. So should I try the Walgreens $13 one again which showed a preliminary positive? Like I said I’m not feeling too great on those cheap tests saying negative. I don’t really trust them.

    1. Hey Tim. I don’t know about those specific tests, only that in general the difference between such tests accuracy-wise isn’t very big even if the difference in cost is. But instead of getting one for $13, there are decent options on Amazon where you get 10 tests for less than that. I think that’s the better choice.

  186. Thank you so much for the website. I have been smoking 2-3x a day for 25yrs straight. I am 5’10 220lbs low/moderate metabolism. I have about 14 days until I’ll need to test for a new job. I bought the 10 day Toxin Rid and will start that tomorrow. I also got the synthetic, but I hate doing that cause I’m always so nervous about getting caught; as there’s always a physical involved. I quit smoking 4 days ago. I am purchasing the detox drink as well to help mask any residual. I got the 10-pack test strips off Amazon to check as I go. I probably won’t exercise much, but I have been drinking lots of water.
    My plan is to do the 10 day Toxin Rid; drink the detox drink day of test; and use the test strips to check. If I show positive, I will be forced to use the synthetic.
    I’ll update the post with my results when I’m done. If this works for me, it will work for anyone. Thanks again..great site!

    1. My pleasure, Kenny. That’s very heavy use though, so in this case, I’d say it’s far from guaranteed Toxin Rid will be enough (or that anything would for that matter) when you have this short a time. Mainly this is because THC will have built up in your fat cells and will keep being released in to your blood stream slowly over time. Were it any other drug than THC, it would likely work wonders though. It’s still not impossible though so I guess you’ll see, but it seems you understood this already since you’ve already prepared the synthetic urine is backup, which is a great precaution. Do try to get some exercise going though as well, since this will directly increase you metabolism and work in synergy with Toxin Rid. Looking forward to hear your results.

    1. No, but some test for dilution, and thus it’s important not to drink a lot of water/other fluids as well, since it adds up and together with the liquid in your detox drink it can make your urine too diluted.

  187. Got chosen for a random test tomorrow and I know I have pot in my system. Also I was told they test for detox/masking. What’s the best option?

    1. Your test will be done by now but it may help someone else in the future so replying anyway. Unsupervised? Synthetic urine hands down. That’s the only good way when you got this short of a notice and know you’re not clean. Other than that, if you’re certain you won’t be clean, do some intentional dilution by using detox drinks and a lot of fluid (may need some b-vitamins to add color if you go with just water) in the hope of buying you more time. That they test for detox/masking can only really mean they check for dilution, which is pretty common that tests do. But even if your sample is diluted, it’s not the same as a failed test.

  188. Hi sophie,
    I was hoping you could give me more advice about detoxing naturally I’m not a heavy smoker and haven’t smoked for three days I need to go and apply for a job on Friday so in three days they so drug test but im unsure of when they would do it. I’m unfortunately not able to afford the detox stuff you shared and was hoping you had more advice I can hold off on apply for the job for maybe a week but no more then that. Thanks I’m advance for any advice your able to give. It’s a piss test.

    1. hi Shelby. As a heavy user, it’s difficult to detox this quick even with good products, and much less so without it. My best advice, granted it’s unsupervised as most pre-amployment tests are, to just use synthetic urine, which at the same time is more affordable than a good detox.

  189. Hi sophie I am a very heavy weed smoker for years it relaxant it help with my migraine stress if im having a good day or bad that’s what i like to do for me some things im on supervisor probration i have look on every website
    to see what i could do to pass my drug test in few weeks i no some kind of way that probration office can detect if someone tried to take a detox kit and in some cases there r real products that can bypass that so my ? What would be the best thing to help me with this.

    1. Hi Tee, due to laws and regulations I don’t give specific adivce about probational tests, although they’re similar to other tests in most aspects of what it would take to pass.

      But for drug tests in general I’ll say this, a test can not detect if you’ve been using products to detox during the time up until your test, since such products shouldn’t contain any ingredients a drug test screens for. When it comes to same day detox drinks/kits, there can be a problem with over-dilution if you also drink lots of other fluids that day, since it all adds up. And if a test checks for dilution and the sample is over-diluted, it won’t pass even though it’s below the cut-off limit for THC. It’s not the same as failing either though, so many times another test is scheduled instead, buying you a little time. Aside from that, there should be no way to detect a detox kit or attempt to cheat a test, unless it’s a bad product, using ingredients that are known to be tested for as adulterants or dilutors.

  190. Hi Sophie! Great website I left a comment a few days ago but I couldn’t find it plus the circumstances have changed a little. I recently got offered a job and I have to pass a drug test in 6 days. I’m 5’8″ 160 and smoke heavily everyday I will be absitent from weed for 5 days before the test I have been only water all day and hot yoga everyday which I will continue until the day before the test. I cannot buy the detox until 4 days before my test do you think the 3 day detox will work if I also use the same day detox with it. Please help!! ?

    1. Hey Renae, frankly put I doubt that will do it, and truth is even the 10 day (if you had 10 days until your test) is likely to cut it when one has been smoking heavily every day for a longer time. This is mainly because THC will build up in fat cell stores and be released slowly into your blood over time, meaning no matte rwhat you do during these 10 days, you can’t get it all in that amount of time. The good news though is that synthetic urine is often a great option for heavy smokers, granted it’s an unsupervised pre-employment test (which most are). I think that would be your best option here.

  191. I have stopped smoking for roughly 17 days now, but i have had one session where i hit about 4 cones with tobacco 11 days ago, i have a drug test coming up in the next week or two. i use to frequently smoke everyday , im 6’2 weighing 200lbs 90kgs, i am wandering if ill have a high change of passing or failing without the use of detox products and go all natural. as in water, work outs and healthy food, please help

    1. For a heavy everyday smoker, although possible, in general you’re not clean naturally within a month at least, and I do not think you will be either. But use home tests to better track this. Your best options imo would be either a 10 day detox and a a same day drink of the test (combined with the natural exercise, healthy eating etc you’re already doing), the other option being synthetic urine if the test is unsupervised.

  192. Hi, I been clean for over two years and passed a couple of urine tests. I recently started smoking again, smoked everyday, and all day long for a month straight after two years sober. I have a drug test in a month or two and I’m planning to detox now. Would you consider my predicament a chronic user? And would I be able to get clean with diet, exercise, and lots of water and cranberry? I’m 5’11 220 pounds

    1. Hey Julian, yeah I’d consider it heavy/chronic since everyday for a month, all day long, adds up to a whole lot. But it’s good you start your detox early. Whether you can detox naturally will depend on many individual factors as well such as your body and metabolism, but imo, a month is a stretch and I’m not too sure you could be clean until then. 2 months though would probably suffice, although you’ll have to keep up with the detox efforts mentioned. It’s just estimations though, don’t take it for fact and make sure to track it using home tests. If you aren’t testing clean 15 days or so before the actual test date, consider doing a 10 day Toxin Rid and get a same day detox drink for the test day, or consider synthetic urine if the test will be unsupervised.

  193. Okay so I never smoke and when I do, I get extremely high very easily. I ate a tiny piece of an edible and got super high, I was high the next morning… Here we are 5 days later and I still feel “off.” I almost feel disconnected from reality.. My friends say I act fine but mentally I feel different. It’s upsetting honestly. Why do I feel like this and could it go away if I do a detox?

    1. You’re clearly very sensitive to weed. For the high to last this long or to feel off for such a long time certainly isn’t normal. As to why this happens I can only speculate so take only as such and with a big pinch of salt. Weed alters levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, as do alcohol, many other drugs and pretty much everything that brings you good emotions/feelings (socializing, relaxation, etc). It’s possible it has to do with this, since some people are more sensitive to changes and may have borderline levels of these transmitters already, weed use pushing them too high which can have negative effects.

      If you react badly to alcohol as well, that could be an indicator of this. But in the end, this could be due to countless of things so do your research diligently or visit a professional perhaps (although they might just say don’t smoke and send you on your way).

      As for if detox could help, it might if it has to do with an over-sensitivity to the metabolites produced when weed is broken down in your body, by getting them out of there faster. Although plausible, I’d say it’s definitely worth a shot. I don’t think this calls for expensive heavy detox products though unless you have money to throw away on just a hunch, but rather stick with natural detox consuming a lot of water, eat healthy, exercise/sweat.

      Either way, good luck.

  194. Hey Sophie,

    So I was an 4-5 times a day smoker for about 8 months, it was high quality bud. I am currently 5’10” and weigh 197lbs. I have been clean for 30 days as of today. When I first quit I was a little over 210lbs. I have been lifting weights and doing cardio about 5-6 days a week for the past month in an effort to get clean in order to join the military. I am supposed to take the military drug test in a few days, which would be day 32. Throughout my abstinence I have been eating low fat food like chicken/turkey, tuna, greek yogurt and drinking tons of water while taking B-Complex and creatine. I failed a home 20ng/ml test a few days ago but passed a 50ng/ml this morning however my urine looked pretty diluted on the most recent test. I will stop exercising to minimize fat burn for the next few days but am still nervous I will not pass in time. looking forward to your response. Thanks.

    1. Hey, your test may be done already by now but either way, not sure what I could help you with here since you seem to be doing a lot to detox already. For the military I reckon they supervise you and thus substitution is not a good option. 30 days is still a rather short time for a several times a day long time smoker to detox naturally, especially if you didn’t also use any detox products to speed it up. But it’s good that you’re testing yourself at home to gauge how it will go. If you keep failing home tests right before the real thing, perhaps try a decent same day detox drink and hope it’s enough to mask the THC in order to pass.

  195. So I have been smoking for 3 years on and off, I would say I’ve been smoking avidly June 2015 up until now. I don’t have any upcoming test but I do want to get my career going and I know there WILL be drug tests along the way. My question is how do I get rid of all if not most of the thc out of my system, I don’t care how long it takes I just want to get rid of it.

    1. Hey Manda, your question is already answered very well on the page. So just follow the instructions on how to detox, if you have a lot of time on your hands you won’t need products and will be clean eventually as long as you abstain and put some effort to it, but if you want it done sooner, detox products such as Toxin Rid can be very helpful to speed the process up.

  196. I haven’t smoked for past ,2years..reason I was caught smoking and get tested regularly by my family..I want to start smoking again but the window of the test is 1ng is there any way out I can smoke and get detoxified immediately ??

    1. 1ng/ml is a very small amount.. The only way I see it possible passing this after having smoked is if you would substitute your urine when tested, with synthetic urine for example. Takes a long time to get levels below that.

  197. I found out I had to take a drug test 7 days before it was due. I got the toxin rid 5 day and the mega cleanse. I’m finishing my 5 day toxin rid the day of the test and wanted to use it in combination with the drink but toxin rid says not to drink anything after the fiber.

    How am I supposed to combine these two products?

    1. You can still combine them, just make sure you don’t consume too much liquid in total since that puts you at risk for over-dilution. So since the mega clean already has a lot of liquid in it, use less liquid with the fiber or use Mega Clean as the “fiber-liquid”.

  198. I have been a weekend smoker for quite sometime. I went clean for 3 weeks in between exercised and walked for almost 5 miles everyday.
    I smoke around 2 gms each weekend with another person. The last I smoked was January 31st.
    I generally drink a detox tea during the week and weekend I drink a lot of Berry and Fruit shakes. I do manage to drink about 8-10 Glasses of water as well. I don’t eat too many fatty foods, stick to Low carb vegetables and exercise(Cardio) everyday for 30 mins.
    I may have a sudden drug test in about a week. Its not confirmed and I don’t want to take my chances. I took a home test last night and Failed. So I have been looking for options and wanted to know if I should try the following product just to be on the safe side coz a lot of the amazon reviews said it worked for ppl who smoked almost 11 hours prior to the drug test.
    Could you please advise or should I continue my regimen and forget about the detox kit?
    Since I live with 3 other people My only fear is I might land up smoking again this weekend.
    Please do advise!

    1. Hey, that Qcarbo kit is basically the same as a same day detox drink. Many come with a few cleansing pills as well. So although always helpful, it’s an unreliable method in and of itself and you’ll want to preferably test negative no your home test before your test either way, using such product only as a safety net as I like to call it. So if you’re close to the cut-off limit, it can help you hide that. Personally I would prefer Toxin Rid to actually detox in advance any time of the week, but the combination of both is best. Synthetic urine is also fine if you’re short on time and stil testing negative, as long as it’s unsupervised.

  199. I’ve been smoking everyday for about a month. I eat pretty clean and hit the gym everyday. If I begin sitting in a sauna, drinking lots of water, and stay clean about how long do you think it will take before I pass a test?

    1. Too many individual factors that play their part so very hard to guess things like this. If I had to I’d say 1-1,5 months maybe. But it’s just a general guess and for some the natural detox could take longer, you’ll need to use home tests to make sure.

  200. Can you tell me what synthetic urine might be best best because I know for most test they will expect the sample to be warm; But other than that im 22 I’ve been smoking since the age of 15 im wondering if I can just slip in a little 10 day rid and be good, my test is in about three weeks

    1. There is a page about synthetic urines on this site you can check out, my fav is Sub-Solution. And yes it’s always expected to be of body temperature, but most good synthetic urines come with heating options (heating pads, powder) as well as a thermometer so you can get it to the right temp.

      It’s possible Toxin Rid could get you clean until then, but it’s not guaranteed, depending on how much you’ve been smoking for all that time. If you’ve been smoking daily for years I think synthetic urine is the safer option (as long as the test is unsupervised) since it’s not certain you can detox fast enough. Mainly that’s because THC builds up in your fat cells and will then get released in to your blood stream slowly over time. If you’ve been smoking more occasionally, then it would likely be enough. If you go for detox, always use home test kits to know in advance if you’re clean enough or not.

  201. So I found out a couple weeks ago that my job does random drug tests every three months. Why? Who knows. I work in an office at a desk, I can understand testing the other employees that operate heavy machinery, but that’s neither here nor there.
    Since I found out, I’ve been abstaining (minus last Friday when I took a couple hits off a one hitter) but prior to that I was a once a day smoker for about a year. In the past I’ve used QCarbo and it usually clears me up in after about a week, two being the longest. I caught wind of a possibility that the lab tech might be coming in the next week or so for the quarterly random testing. I’m 5’10” and 130 lbs.
    Now here come my slew of questions:
    1)My brother is supplying me with his clean pee (he doesn’t smoke or take any prescriptions either) so I’m at least covered for the next couple days for that (I know how to keep it at body temp) but how long do you think the QCarbo would take to clear my system of THC?
    2)After I’m peeing clean, let’s say I take a couple hits off of the one hitter (high grade) just that one time, about how long would it take for me pee clean again? I ask because I’m thinking if I just stay at a two or three hits only once a week, when I know the following month the tester is coming, I can clean up easy and quickly. Or am I just fooling myself?
    3)Any idea how long I can store REAL urine before it’s no good for testing?

    1. 1. Not very familiar with Qcarbo aside from using it as a same day detox drink, but I couldn’t give you a better estimate than what you already have from experience since you’ve used it before and know how long it took then.
      2. One time users are often clean within a week, but since you will not be a 0 ng/ml having sm oked before but closer to the 50 ng/ml already, maybe a little more than that tops. If you put some effort into detoxing though, it shouldn’t take long at all getting clean from just using a little once weekly.
      3. Ideally you want to use it same day, but aside from that, I’m fairly sure you can just freeze it, and thus store it for pretty much as long as needed (not years perhaps, but months). You could look in to that a bit more though, haven’t done it myself.

  202. Sophie,

    Up until January 1st I hadn’t smoked weed in a few years. Since then, Ive been smoking 1-2 grams a day of high quality herb. Ive enjoyed myself, but have drug test sometime in the next 2 weeks as I just received an offer letter from a company. It could be 2 weeks from or it could be 6 days from now, just depends on when they email me. If its a saliva test then Im not too worried, as that is normally ok a few days, right? If its a urine test though, I’m a bit more nervous. I’m 6 ft 3 in, 230 lbs, exercise once or 2x a week (will be more the next 2 weeks)

    Any advice would be great. If I had my friend pee in cup for me, could I put it in my fridge until the test day or do I need urine that is fresh? warm, obviously. I don’t have a bunch of $ to spend, but synthetic pee might be what I have to do. How sure-proof is the synthetic pee? Thanks.

    1. Hey Timmy, yeah saliva is no worries. With such heavy daily smoking, you’re right to consider urine substitution as the first option. You could use your friends urine but as you say you’ll want it fresh so ideally have him pee the same day, or else put it in the freezer, that’s the best way to avoid bacteria accumulating. You’ll still need a decent container, a thermometer and heating pads/hand warmers though. A good brand of synthetic urine is very reliable imo.

  203. I have a drug test coming up in about 20 days, I’m a pretty heavy smoker for years I’ve stopped for 5 days, don’t want to lose my job of almost 10 years, what do you think I should do?

    1. Not guaranteed you’ll have enough time to detox until then from that heavy use, thus first option would be synthetic urine imo, as long as it’s not a supervised test.

  204. I was a chronic user for 22 years. its been almost 40 days since my last joint. I have a test in two days, what are my chances? Currently on short term disability from work due to me operating heavy equipment, sure its going to be a urine test at my doctors office. Not a big deal if i fail, just as long as it shows i have quit by being really low levels in my urine. Worst case is i fail i get another while off with full pay. But i really want to pass. Again what are your opinions? And when i say chronic i was smoking in the morning,lunch break, and after work usually 2-3 joints, and weekends maybe 10 grams. Basically a 600-800 dollar a month habit for 22 years.

    1. Your test will be done by now already so feel free to update with how it went. With the amount you’ve smoked, if you didn’t put a lot of effort in to detox and used good detox products as well, my guess would be you’d not be clean naturally in time. But since you mention you just need to be lower, not entirely clean, that you will difinitely be with 40days of abstinence. All you could have done when you only have 2 days, and still need to have a little THC inside you to seem legit (a.k.a fake urine not an option) would likely have been using a potent detox drink before the test to dilute and mask some extra THC.

  205. Question

    I was an avid smoker for a couple of months and I have a test coming up in a couple of weeks.
    I’ve been abstaining for two weeks now any tips

    1. It’s all on the above page already, as an avid smoker you should either go all in on detox or often even better go straight for synthetic urine if the test is unsupervised, depending on how long you have to get clean.

  206. Hello Sophie, I have a question. I’m a welder and we usually get laid off at the end of the year for about a month or two. This year I quit cold turkey the day after New Year’s January 1st to give myself some time to clean up and take my DT the correct way naturally without using my Whizzinator. Now keep in mind I am just a one hitter user I don’t smoke bowls or blunts nor do I get smoked out of my brain to me I smoke just for relaxation like having a glass of wine or two. I quit cold turkey January 1st went through all the sweats, and very weird dreams, and loss of sleep for about 2 to 3 weeks I didn’t smoke at all. Thinking I had till March until we got called back I smoked a one hitter here and there worked out two to three times a day at the gym which also consisted of drinking three to four bottles of water every time I was at the gym and water afterwards due to the pre-workout formula I was taking which also contains niacin I might add. Recently we were called back to work and I have to take a drug test Wednesday. I received the call Friday and haven’t smoked anything since then also I have continued to go to the gym and continue to drink my usual intake of water which is 3 – 4 bottles or more a day. I’ve taken 3 home marijuana drug test kits and passed all three of them with a negative reading each time. Just for kicks the last two I took at the exact same time to make sure the test result was consistent. Me myself I feel I haven’t smoked enough to worry about any of this and with the home test coming out negative I feel I’m in the clear. What do you think? Do you think I can go about this the natural way and use my own urine or do I need to use my Whizzinator which I really don’t think I do.

    1. Hey Vern, your test might be done already by now but anyways, imo you have little to worry about and could pass it naturally. It doesn’t take very much abstinence to get clean when you only do occasional one-hitters. Add to that you already testet yourself at home and passed several times. Should be fine.

  207. Hi, I’ve tested positive for Marijuana, with 89ng/ml 5 days ago. I haven’t smoked in 21 days and have another test in 2 weeks from today. That will give 5 weeks clean. I am 6′ tall and weigh 190. I am very active at work in good shape and have been eating lots of bananas and oranges. Also have been drinking brewed tea, drinking lots of water and v8 drinks. What do you recommend to get it below 20ng/ml?

    1. Hi, the standard tests are 50 ng/ml, but if you’re talking 20 ng/ml, you’d likely have to go full detox mode, since it’s a big difference between the two. 10 day Toxin Rid, same day detox drink, exercise, lots of fluids and sweating etc. Much of this you already do. Still no guarantees with detox, depends on individual body/metabolism as well. There are 20ng/ml home tests on Amazon you can get as well, to see when you’re good to go.

  208. Hi sophie,
    I eat hash candy. which i never tried before and i wont. The problem is that once i have mistakely. After that i got problem on erectile dysfunction. it has been growing and better than before now but it all about 1 week still getting trouble because of this. How long it will takes to come on right way, i mean same as like as before. I feel so depressed and lonely once i got this problem. Can you please how can i get relief? is this problem stay longer ? please reply me..

    1. Hi Louis, can’t help you with this I’m afraid since I got no idea. Use Google to your best ability to find others that had the same problem, would be my only advice, and of course, consider seeing a doctor although I’m not sure what they’d do here, if anything.

  209. I am a regular user (a few times every day during the week [often later in the day] and a lot on the weekends since August 2015 so about 6 months at the most). I am 19 years old and 5ft tall and I weigh somewhere between 90 – 100 lbs. My metabolism is pretty fast, but I’ve been smoking concentrates and high-quality bud.

    I have a job for the summer that may or may not drug test (it says so on the website, but the person who hired me never told me I had to take one, only that I would have an extensive background test so I have no clue, but better safe than sorry). How long do you think it would take for my body to be clean of toxins? I’ve decided to start detox to prepare for the longest possible time (60 days max is what I’ve heard) but would really like other opinions so I really know what my chances are. Thanks <3

    1. 2 months is not always max, although it usually is. A few times daily combined with strong/potent stuff adds up to quite a lot though, so with natural detox I’d say 6-8 weeks if you also put a little effort into exercising, drinking fluids, sweating etc, but this is just a general estimate and you never know for sure whether it’s gonna be faster or slower than that. Detox product could definitely speed the process up, although I’d still expect 3-4 weeks minimum to get clean enough. Use home tests to know when you’re good to go, since in the end that’s the only reliable way of knowing.

  210. Hello there,
    I’ve been a chronic smoker for over 2 years. Everyday many times a day. I am on my third week cleanliness and have to take a drug test for the military on the 29th of this month. In total, from the last time I smoked to the 29th Is going to be 36 days total. I took a seven day detox last week and I still failed an at home drug test that I took a couple days ago. Anything I could do to help rid thc before the 29th ? I am extremely worried and I know that they will watch me piss so synthetic urine is not an option. I’m assuming the seven day detox I took last week didn’t work because I didn’t drink enough water throughout the week to aid the detox? I’m unsure, but any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

    1. Hi Tammy, several times a day and for years adds up to a lot of THC built up in fat cells and then being released over time into your blood, and thus detoxing in a short amount of time can be tricky no matter what you do. Any other drug would’ve been a different matter entirely. It most likely worked, although I wouldn’t expect it to be enough having smoked so heavily. I usually recommend the very heaviest of users to go straight for synthetic urine, which obviously isn’t an option in your case. In general for people in similar circumstances it seems to take about a month of abstinence along with a 10 day Toxin Rid, while also putting effort in to exercising, sweating and drinking lots of fluids (great synergy with Toxin Rid), to get below cut-off, but since so many other factors play a part, you can’t ever know if that’s the case for yourself as well.

      You will have had slightly more than a month though which is good. I guess your best options would be to go heavier on the natural detox habits, if money isn’t an issue do some more Toxin Rid, make sure to use a decent same day detox drink the hours before your test. If you still test positive on a home test the day before your real test though, perhaps try drinking a lot of liquid in addition, to deliberately over-dilute, and thus perhaps buy you time for a re-test, since you’ll definitely be close to being clean by then. The last option is definitely not ideal, but it does beat failing a test.

  211. Hi Sophie!
    So I’m beginning the hiring process with an insurance company and I know that I will have to take a urine test. I anticipate having about 30 days until I have to take the test. I’m a regular smoker and I have been for some time now. What do you suggestill to be the most effective way to cleanse? Thanks!

    1. Hey Ashley, I think it would depend on how heavy of a user regular means in this case. If very heavy / daily, the preferred option is generally synthetic urine (granted the test isn’t under supervision) to take away the risk of detox not being enough and ending up with syntheic urine still (so going for synthetic urine directly saves you some money). If it’s just a few times a week, not too potent stuff etc, detox could definitely work well. Your choice.

  212. I’ve been doing a lot of reading but I’m still unsure. I’m a heavy smoker and not very active. I have a possible job offer next week but nothing definite. I quit smoking over 2 weeks ago and originally planned to clean up naturally but I’m afraid it won’t be enough and I can’t afford to risk a failed drug test. I think the 10 day detox will be what I need because I’m not comfortable with carrying fake urine to a test. I’m just looking for some advice and thoughts on whether 4 weeks clean plus the 10 day detox will work.

    1. Hey Amy, my 2 cents would be that for most heavy smokers, the 10 day is enough when you also got a months abstinence. Not always though, so it’s still preferable to go heavy on natural detoxing as well, with exercise, water, sweating and so on. A decent same day detox drink is always best practice as well to stay on the safe side.

      As a side note say if you’re a very heavy smoker and only got 10 days of Toxin Rid, and no more abstinence than those 10 days, it’s likely not going to be enough simply because THC is fat soluble and will have stored up in fat cells from long term use (most other drugs the 10 day Toxin Rid would be more than enough without additional abstinence). It would still be helpful doing the Toxin Rid straight away since when you do it doesn’t matter much, but you’d still have to wait and detox naturally after it for some time longer, thus if you only had 10 days, synthetic urine would be best.

      In your case, best would be to test yourself to see if you’re clean enough before your real test as most would be, or if you still may need to use synthetic urine as a backup plan (granted the test is unsupervised as are most pre-employment tests, and in that case it doesn’t have to be too uncomfortable. In general you get to be alone in a closed bathroom where it’s easy to substitute it.)

  213. So I was a heavy smoker smoking maybe twice a day until Jan 19, I’ve been sober for almost 4 weeks on Wednesday . I just took a at home drug test and it still came out positive . This new job wants me to go and test on wednesday. Should I put it off till Thursday ? Or do u think I’ll be fine ? What should I do any recommendations ? Detox drinks just in case? I do drink lots of water 3-4 bottles and excess I’m about 5’3 and 134 pounds help please

    1. Since you just took a home drug test and failed, I think it’s overly optimistic to assume you’ll be fine next week. Best bet might be synthetic urine, if you know it’s a regular unsupervised pre-employment test. It’s somewhat late to start detoxing heavy, which may have worked if done from the start (most very heavy users get clean in a month when combining 10 days of Toxin Rid with exercise, sweating, water etc., although everyone is different). A detox drink is always a best practice the day of the test, but if you’re testing positive on your home test, it’s not a reliable way by itself to make sure you pass.

  214. I stop smoking weed for 6months. 6months ago I started smoking once a month. The past 2months I smoked a total of 5timeseach month. Sharing the weed between friends. I have a drug test in two weeks. I don’t have money to order detox products. What can I do. So moderate to low smoker. But I’m 5’7 and 230

    1. Once a week is not a whole lot, and I’d say there’s a good chance you’re clean naturally for your drug test without using products (as long as you don’t smoke again). You might still want to put some effort into the natural detox methods since one never knows. Get a cheap home test kit and test yourself before the real test. Should you test positive on that test, best backup option would be synthetic urine (if test is unsupervised).

  215. Hello Sophie!
    I’ve found this site to be the most helpful and I appreciate all your tips. I’m concerned about a drug test I have to pass in a couple of weeks. I’ve been smoking pretty heavily for awhile. I quit two weeks ago, I drink a lot of water, my diet is healthier, I exercise on a daily basis and even visit the sauna at my gym to sweat more. I know THC sticks to fat cells and used to be a lot heavier but I’ve lost 32 pounds over the past few months. The drug test I have to take is a 10 panel so I’m concerned that detoxes might show up. I’d like to know what steps I should take or if it’s even possible to pass this test. Thank you!!

    1. Since it’s in a couple of weeks you’ll have more than a month of abstinence which is a good start for a heavy smoker. Many very heavy users seem to be clean when using the 10 day Toxin Rid together with natural detox habits and also have a months abstinence or slightly more, while without it it can often take 2+ months, so if you want to go the detox route I’d recommend that, but know that there’s still no guarantee when it come to detox and heavy smokers. So many individual factors that play a part. Were it any other drug than this fat-soluble THC, it would be a different matter entirely and you’d likely already be clean by now.. When appliccable (as in an unsupervised test) it’s often easiest for a heavy user to just go for synthetic urine.

  216. My friend and I fit high before school in my car. We didn’t let the windows down or anything we got into school and we got caught For smelling like weed but nothing on either of us . They searched my car and my friend put weed in my glove compartment. They were very lenient on us because they know us . I didn’t tell my mom the full story because she will kick me out. I told her my friend left the weed In my car and I didn’t smoke at all . She might take me to get drug tested but I want to know what I can do in the meantime to get it out of my system . I’m not a regular smoker but I smoked once two weeks before this happened and then 4 days before it happened . I plan to stop smoking and have gotten rid of my left over weed but I really need to be prepared for if I get tested.

    1. Most of your answers are on the above page already I’d say. Since you’re not a very heavy smoker you may very well be clean naturally in 2 weeks or so, maybe slightly less if you put some effort into natural detoxing. If you need it faster, detox products could be helpful. Then there’s synthetic urine as well which could be a good option.

  217. I haven’t smoked in over 4 years so I smoked three times on Valentine’s day and I disnt take very large hits. I go for an interview today what are the chances if i get sent for a drug test I fail?

    1. Hard to say, if you weren’t clean already you’d at least very likely be close to that cut-off limit. Can’t give you a specific chance but I wouldn’t count on being clean, but rather at least take a home test kit to confirm, and then go from there.

  218. Hi Sophie,

    I have a pre-employment test coming up in the next two months, but more likely being closer to one month away. I have been a heavy smoker the last 6 months, mainly vaping BHO.

    Anyways, I have a low body-fat percentage and have been working out (and will continue to do so) a lot. With that being said, I’m willing to try anything that helps the process but I am skeptical of spending $180 on a detox that may not work. Is there anywhere that I can find unbiased reviews since it’s not on amazon?

    1. Hey Greg. When worried about spending on detox and it still not being enough, synthetic urine is a good option, especially since you mention it’s a pre-employment test and those are usually unsupervised (look into this some further to make sure). I’d say if you were a very heavy smoker, Toxin Rid + a month is like you say far from guaranteed to work, although it does seem to be enough for the majority that try, combined with natural detox habits. If it was 2 months, that should definitely be enough though from my experience. Some forums have them etc, but nope not many reviews of it since it isn’t sold on any of the big commerce sites that encourge reviews etc, not that I know of a tleast.

  219. Hi Shopie,
    I have randomly smoked few times a week for last few weeks. Now I have Drug Test after 5 days. Last time I smoked was yesterday. Could you please tell me what should I do? I think fake urine would be risk since its in medical place. My friend told me to use totalDetox which you take could hour before the test and not smoke 72 hours before the test. Should I push my urine test after a week or just Use the detox? Which will give me around 12 days to drink lots of water and do the exercise. My concern is do you think total detox drinks work with causals since its hospitals? Do you think TotalDetox drink really work with capsules? This is my worry. I am very worrying and Concerning? Please let me know abou

    1. TotalDetox would qualify as a same day drink, and thus not very reliable. Will help, but only work if you’re almost clean already. Would definitely been best to push the test for a week and do a proper detox, or go for synthetic urine. Medical place doesn’t mean it’s supervised, so perhaps look closer into that.

  220. I’ve been smoking a few bowls a day for a little over a week, and just found out about a great job opportunity coming up within a week. I will apply for the job in about 5 days but may not submit a urinalysis for a few days after that, what methods do you recommend for detox?

    1. That’s quite a bit so if you only have 7-10 days until your test, I’d prefer synthetic urine if I were you, as long as it’s not going to be supervised. For detox, it’s already in the post, but that would be Toxin Rid, asme day detox drink and natural detoxing with exercise etc. Still prefer fake urine here though.

      1. hey so i smoked 1 tiny bong hit last tuesday night and i have a drug test this coming monday do u think i would be okay to pass ive drank like 8liters of water for the past 3 days???

        1. If you’re not a regular smoker, as in that 1 bong hit is the only bit you’ve smoked for the last 2+ months, then I definitely think you will be clean for your test, with or without all the water. If worried, a home test kit is always a good idea to confirm.

  221. Hey. I am a once a week or once every other week smoker. A joint will last me a while week and then some. Last I smoked was a few hours ago but just got an email for a job that requires me to be drug tested in a week. What’s the best way to pass? I don’t plan on smoking till after the rest and I do kickboxing 3 to 5 times a week.

    1. Depends on what you mean here (if you smoke once a week, the whole joint, or if you smoke a little bit of it during the whole week/daily). Best scenario would be if you ar ejust smoking it all at once, but in either case a joint a week isn’t that much and detox should easily be enough. Some would be clean naturally in a week if they only smoke every other week, but safest would likely be a short Toxin Rid course and then test yourself at home before the test and go from there.

  222. Thank you for this website and all your efforts! I am 5’5 120 lbs. I smoked 3 hits Dec.15 and 3 hits 3 days ago. Prior to that none in several years. What are my chances of passing a urine test in 7-10 days? Thanks for your reply!

    1. My gut tells me you’d pass naturally without need of detox product. Some natural detox with exercise and water consumption would still be good to be on the safe side though. Perhaps a cheap home test before the test just to make sure.

  223. Hi Sophie, I have stopped smoked for few days but I have a test after one day. What would be your recommendation? Do you think Total Stealth Detox is a good detox product as I heard lots of people are useing it but still worry about it. Also, I would like to share with you something. Today I took a home test which shows Positive but when I took Total Stealth Detox product and tested again after 2 hours it shows Solid for first line but second line is fainted. Do you think it is considered as negative? Also, I noticed my urine color has changed. Please advice me from your experience

    1. Hey Saif. Your test will be done already but still, would depend on how heavy a smoker you were. For regualr smokers, I find detox drinks higly unreliable and wouldn’t trust one with my own drug tests. Not too familiar with Total Stealth detox in particular but these drinks are mostly fairly similar. You’d have to read the instructions of the specific test carefully, they can differ from each other so I couldn’t say. Urine color can change when using detox dirnks and this is intended, since they include b-vitamins to make it more yellow and make up for the liquid that would be diluting your urine making it too clear.

  224. Hi, I was clean for about 3 weeks and I took a few hits ( not enough to get really high ) 2 days ago, do you think a lot will show up in a test im getting in 2 days? If so, do you think I have a chance of clearing my system ?

    1. Test will be done already, but still, I think there is definitely some risk you cna fail that test, so I’d probably try to do some quick detoxing, perhaps try a home drug test to see if clean or not and get a good same day detox drink. Synthetic urine can also be a good idea when you have this little time, although not sure that’d be necessary when you only took a few hits. But then again it also depends on how heavy a smoker you were 3 weeks ago. If a really heavy user, you likely would have THC in your system left from that, and then I’d definitely go with synthetic urine.

  225. I smoked just about every night for a while and stopped at the end of January because I got a drinking ticket. I stopped smoking for three weeks and took 3-4 hits from a bowl last night. I may be tested in around three weeks from now because of my drinking ticket, and if I don’t smoke again until then will I be okay? Will weed in my system even impact my test if it was for alcohol?

    1. It’s not guaranteed you’ll be clean for a test in 6 weeks naturally if you were a heavy smoker, although with efforts into detox you likely would. But as for if it will have an impact or not I actually have no idea. It’s possible they test for drugs in general after someone gets a drinking ticket, but again not sure so perhaps look into this further unless you want to detox anyway.

  226. hey sophie, first thanks so much for this page!!
    I’ve been a heavy smoker every day for about two years now, I’m very active in deers, i drink almost a gallon of water a day + about 64 oz of cranberry juice cut with crangrape juice, i have about 5-6% body fat. I’m going to buy 14 days of toxin rid and a bottle of mega clean, but do you think this will be enough to pass a .20ng drug test in about three weeks? I’m hoping for longer before the test but i don’t know

    1. Hey Cam, no probs. Replied to your earlier comment but even if circumstances have changed and you have one more week, it feels like an uphill battle to me getting under that 20 ng/ml in that short amount of time, no matter what you do to detox. Yeah more days of Toxin Rid is helpful ,but some things are beyond the control of the detox, mainly being that the THC is stuck in fat cells, being release back in the system over time. Any other drug, and it wouldn’t have been a problem getting clean in time. Like you mention, the more time you can buy, the better your odds.

  227. Hi, I have a supervised test coming up in about 8 days, I smoke maybe a one hitters worth a day. I’m 5’7″ and 270#. Aside from abstaining, what would you recommend?

    1. Test done already but either way, it’s tough to get clean in that time from daily smoking. Would just go for as heavy detox as possible and if home test show positive before real one (prolly will) try to go for an over-diluted result.

  228. Considered a very heavy smoker and just completing a 14-day Toxin Rid program, along with high fiber, low fat cleansing diet. I have only abstained for 14 days, so not expecting to be clean for another couple weeks.

    This may be difficult to answer, but in your experience, how much does the Toxin Rid program decrease detox times? By half? By a third? Can you stack/overlap this program with another detoxing program, or another round of Toxin Rid?

    I’m not concerned about how long it takes to drop below the 50ng/ml cutoff mark, but I would like to keep it to within 3 or 4 weeks.

    1. As you say, a very hard question to answer. It’s highly individual and also depends on whether a heavy smoker, occasional, one-time etc. It’s good that you have realistic expectations though, since THC does have a tendency to stay for a while no matter what you do, even if this time can be shortened.

      For very heavy users like yourself it seems to shorten it a good deal though, most people needing a month or slightly more of abstinence when having used the 10-day detox along with natural habits of exercise, fluids etc, while without it it often seems to take 2 or more months. Yeah you can absolutely use another detox after that one, i-e prolonging the detox, although if you have the time I’d probably split the 10 and 4-day detox up with a week in between or so. Although not a major difference, imo it might allow more to have been released from fat cells again and lingering in the blood/intestines, that the 4-day toxin rid could then help expel.

  229. Hey, Sophie! Here’s my scenario. Was a daily smoker (1-2 hits a day from a joint) for about a year or so. Then, I stopped, cold turkey, for about a month. Then, I had two hits last night from a joint. I eat very healthy, regularly, and I’m an active distance runner (50-60 miles per week). I am 5’9″ and about 135 lbs and my body fat % hovers around 7 or so. How long until I’m good on a urine test, do you think?

    1. Wouldn’t worry that much about the two recent hits, although it’s likely you’re not yet clean from your daily use. It’s highly individual though so best would be to use home tests to find out for sure. In general I’d say you’d be clean within 2-4 weeks naturally, 1,5-2 months total.

  230. Smoked 12 days ago for the first time in a long time. Male 210lbs, 5ft 8in, very active, I eat well with lots of water. It was low grade weed. How long would you say it takes for me to be clean. Thanks

    1. Depending on how much you smoked and what a very long time means here, you could be clean already. One time users are often clean in just a week, give or take a few days.

  231. Been a heavy smoker for about a year, 4 days ago I started to clean out, I got trash bags to make a sweat suit for the past 4 days, when I take it off I am just drenched in sweat, my boxers look and feel like they got thrown into a lake lol. I drink atleast 10cups of water every day, I am in great shape, 19 years old, 130 lbs…. should I just use my synthetic piss or should I take a chance and hope im clean already… drug test tomorrow…

    1. Test will be done alrdy, but you won’t be clean already that’s for sure. If you pass it would be due to high dilution, which most tests would detect. Most likely you can’t even dilute it though at this point, since it’s just 4 days since a long time heavy use. Never take a chance, if you were to, you cna always test with a home test first. But in this case, I’d go straight for synthetic urine.

  232. Hey there,
    The last day I smoked was February 5th, and prior to that I was smoking every day for about a week (1 bowl). I took a urine test yesterday (Feb 25th), do you think I passed? I am 5′ and 110 lbs.
    Also, if I smoked today, would I pass another test in 2 weeks? (naturally)

    1. Hi Lily.
      Very hard to say, if you were a long time daily smoker I’d say probably not, but sinc eit was for a week and not longer, it’s still possible you pased. Again too hard to know, lots of factors that play a part. As a reminder, it’s always best to use a home test before the real test, thus not take a real test not knowing if you’re clean or not. Most one time smokers are clean in less than 2 weeks, so if you’re clean by now and smoke once, it’s likely yes. Remember though, never guaranteed, everyone is different.

  233. I haven’t smoked in over a year. I just recently taken a few hits here and there off of a oneie but haven’t smoked anything in 3 weeks. I had a drug test done 2 days ago and it had to be sent out for future analysis. I drank a lot of water prior to the test, but I’m not sure if my urine was diluted enought. Do you think that I am ok?

    1. If I’m understanding it correctly in that you smoked nothing for a year, took a few hits here and there out of that oneie and then were abstinent completely for 3 weeks, it seems to me you’d be clean enough to pass. But I never like taking a test without testing myself at home first. But drinking a lot of water before a test (on the same day, not while detoxing) can often be a problem since most test check for over-dilution, and thus a lot of water can make your sample invalid. Not same as a fail, but not ideal either.

  234. Hey I need some advice…. For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been taking one or two hits per day out of the bong. Just a regular hit, nothing special. I get tested random at work with zero notice! I need to clean out ASAP! I’m not very active, 5’10, and 260 lbs! I’m alot of muscle, but some flab too! I do drink about 8 or 9 bottled water every day! But as far as what to take and how to do it, I’m in the dark! Please help!

    1. Hey Mike, your answers are already covered on this page I’d say, since it just comes down to detox. To get clean asap I recommend the combination of Toxin Rid and natural habits (DEERS). It’s also a good idea to get some home test strips so you’ll know when you’re clean and thus prepared for a random test.

  235. Hi Sophie,

    Thank you for sharing all that great information! I applied for a job a couple weeks ago and they just replied to me today saying to come in for an interview tomorrow and that the hiring process is very quick (a week or less). I stopped smoking last fall 2015, smoked once at Christmas and have been completely clean till my friends bachrlorette party last night. I took two pretty good hits out of a bowl. I am a 5’6″ female that weighs 128 and I don’t exercise. I am worried I may have to take a drug test this week. How worried should I be and what is my best shot at cleaning up quickly? I would really appreciate your guidance because I just feel so doomed right now and this could really impact my life. Please let me know. Thank you!!

    1. Hey Rachel, no problem. Your test is probably done already by now, but I’ll reply still. Although possible you’ll be clean naturally in time, I wouldn’t risk that (especially when it’s an important test for you) and would either do some detox with Toxin Rid and natural detox methods combined, or if unsupervised synthetic urine is an ok option as well. Also test yourself with a home test before the actual test to know where you stand.

  236. Thanks for the advice and guidance, Sophie.

    Having been a regular and heavy female user (3-5 times daily) for around 8 years at 5’4″and 130 pounds, I am concerned with a potential upcoming urine analysis for a potential job. I fear the UA will be 7-14 days from now. I cut back marijuana consumption last week and have been completely off the pot for two days now and applying DEERS, consuming loads of water, drinking ~8 ounces of cranberry juice daily along with the usual cups of coffee or tea, exercising and sauna-ing, cutting out foods very high in fats while consuming foods high in nutrients and fiber. I have also been taking some B-3, B-12 and Fish Oil supplements and have some XXTRA Clean Herbal Cleanse on hand from a prior UA “scare.” I honestly cannot afford the suggested 10 day detox at the moment (hence the need for a better paying and UAing position) and wanted to see if you had any additional suggestions for rapid, relatively natural detox combined with the use of XXTra Clean the day of the fateful UA? Thanks for the sound site and time.

    –Harriett The Harlot

    1. Hey, my pleasure Harriett.

      Several times daily for years is a whole lot though, and I’d say it’s not that likely to detox in just 2 weeks or less, even if you had used a 10 day Toxin Rid. THC builds up in fat cells to be released slowly over time, and that short amount of time just isn’t sufficient. My advice, if appliccable (unsupervised test), would be to pass with a good synthetic urine instead of detox in this case.

  237. ClaytonBigsby

    Hey Sophie!
    I am 6’1, 200 pnds ( mostly muscle ), I live DEER. Exercise everyday by running and lifting weights.

    I hit a bullet pipe 3 times this past Saturday, Feb 27th, and have a urine test on March 3rd. Heady quality, 15-20%. Before and since the inception I have been eating right ( Tuna, Eggs, Fruit, Veggies ), drinking at least 10 bottled waters daily, so I am peeing every 20-30 min usually. Approximately a week before the Feb 27th incident, I hit the same quality maybe 2-3 times. Side note, I haven’t smoked any for two years before the first time mentioned. Another mention-able is immediately after I smoked I would go running or weight train. If that helps… What are my chances? Should I do anything more to lessen the odds of a positive?
    Thanks Sophie, your great! Loves and Kisses

    1. Hey Clayton, test already done by now but will answer anyway.
      Since you’ve been clean for so long aside from these hits I’d consider it a one-time use with regards to detox time needed. One time users can often be clean in a week or so and thus with your healthy habits it’s definitely possible you would be clean in time. Still too risky for my own taste though so I’d use some Toxin Rid and a same day detox drink to be safer, especially since I keep this in home stock already. But at the very least I’d take a home drug test before the real one to know where you stand, and in the case of not passing that one, consider urine substitution or a decent same day detox drink and some intentional dilution.

  238. Hey sophie I work at a retail store and I’m getting a promotion do you think I will get drug tested ? & Ive been smoking for the past 7 weeks n I got to the gym a lot n drink a lot of water do you think the thc would still be in my system if I get drug tested ?

    1. No idea, different companies have different procedures when it comes to drug testing. But definitely possible. If it would be in your system I guess depends mostly on how much you’ve been smoking. If daily, than yeah it would probably show up if you smoked daily for the last 7 weeks unless you have a considerable time of abstinence. If you don’t have much time, synthetic urine may be helpful, granted it’s not a supervised test.

  239. Alright, so I had to take a urine test for my new job. When interviewed, he told me that they are really only looking for hard drugs and if there’s anything else, it’s ok as long as they know. So I told him that I smoked weed and there would be THC in my urine. He said that was fine during the hiring process, but I have to be tested again after my training, in about a month. But I am worried about my urine test after training. I haven’t smoked in a few days and I don’t plan on smoking at all before the test, but before, I was a very heavy smoker, 3-5 blunts a day, not high grade weed though. i’ve always used synthetic in the past, but I’m afraid to use synthetic for this job because I already used my real pee, and I don’t know if the testing place or my job will know since there’s only 2 months since I used my real urine and the test is at a hospital (unsupervised). I also have to take a hair test, but I think that’s just to make sure I’m not doing harder drugs. Since I tested positive once, then my hair is expected to be positive too. I think it’s obvious if my hair comes out clean since my urine already didnt, but if I detox for urine, then my hair will reflect that there should be some in my urine so I don’t know what to do. I was going to get the 10-day toxin rid, and also use a detox drink the day of. But won’t my hair reflect that my urine should be positive? And since I already tested positive once, they will expect it to be in my hair, so I’m in a tough spot. I also plan on drinking lots of liquid and sweating. also, I was wondering about the 10-day detox. Do I have to time it so I’m done with the detox right before my test, or can I finish the detox way before my test, like a week or 2? If I finish the detox early, like a week before the test, if I don’t smoke, will my urine still be clean days after using the detox?

    1. Hey Mary. I think you’re overcomplicating this a bit actually. Mainly because of how these tests (hair and urine) differ from each other, especially in detection times. Since you tested positive on your first urine test, it’s true your hair will have THC in it on the second one. But hair tests detect use for the last 3 months. So it does not mean your second urine test should be positive as well. You second urine test being negative, while hair being positive, rather implies, you did smoke during the last 3 months (they already knew this so should be no worries) but you have since stopped, and thus your urine has cleared up. So to sum it up, THC in your hair doesn’t mean it should be in your urine, this is only true if you smoked recently (or very heavily/didn’t detox, since heavy users can still have THC in their urine for more than a month.

      Nope you don’t have to time it, since unlike a detox drink it actually aids in expelling the toxins from the body, and once expelled they aren’t coming back, so the effect is the same. Just don’t smoke between completing your detox and the test, obviously.

  240. I am sedentary and overweight. I smoke about a bowl or 2 , 1-2x per week. Last smoked about 3 weeks ago. I drink lots of water. Do you think I will pass a urine screen for marijuana? Thanks

    1. Most people probably would, since 3 weeks is a decent amount of time abstinent for an occasional user, but it does get risker with a sedentary lifestyle. If I were you I’d invest in some cheap home tests to know when you’re actually clean and thus not risk failing a real one.

  241. I been smoking for a year but i stopped a month ago and two weeks later i took a hit again i have to take a test in two days do you think I’ll pass