Can A Drug Test Detect Pregnancy? Here’s The Verdict

This question of whether a drug test can detect if you’re pregnant or not comes up every now and then and can be quite worrisome for some women. And understandably so!

Because think about it.. How keen is the general employer about hiring someone in such a condition, compared to just picking someone else in line?

The pregnancy might not (unlikely) be stated as the actual reason for not getting the job in the end after all, yet it might very well be the true underlying reason.

With that said however, I’ve got mostly good news for you on this one:

Can a drug test detect pregnancy?

Can a drug test detect pregnancy
No, your drug test won’t find out whether you’re pregnant or not.

The short answer is: nope. It can’t, it doesn’t.

That’s because a drug test only tests for the specified drugs, nothing else really (temperature and anti-tampering tests are generally included as well though).

This holds true both when they’re taking blood, and when testing urine.

The exception to this would be when you’re going in for a physical where the drug test isn’t the main part of your exam. Then it could happen, although it isn’t necessarily the rule here either.

And that’s that! So If you’ve got just a regular drug test, whether you’re pregnant or not will remain no one else’s business for a little while longer, at least until that baby bump starts speaking for itself :)..

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