Can Labs Tell The Difference Between Male And Female Urine Or Is Gender Same Same?

Can labs tell the difference between male and female urine
Let’s put this common question to rest, shall we?

Hey Guys! A question that keeps popping up repeatedly is this one: “Can labs tell the difference between male and female urine?” The quick answer to this however is NO, they can’t!

Technically, they could, but that is simply not something that is tested for.

Some of you might wonder why this would even ever be relevant, but.. If you rephrase the question to: “Can men use women’s urine?” instead, you might get the hint.

Most commonly, people are asking because they wanna use their boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s/wife’s/husband’s clean urine to help them pass a test.

And since this is a question that keeps coming up fairly frequently, I thought it deserved its own post to finally put this issue to rest!

Labs can’t tell the difference between male and female urine, so you could use from either gender, but..

That said, even if there’s little difference in the clean urine from opposite genders from a drug test perspective, there are still sometimes the issues with

  • trust
  • freshness
  • temperature
  • The yuckiness of dealing with someone elses actual urine

Can your friend or spouse be sure they’re clean and didn’t ingest something or take a puff at that last party when the memory had already started to get a little fuzzy from the alcohol?

And how long will it stay fresh for (urine does get smelly pretty quickly)?

So although someone else’s clean urine wins out economy wise (and conveniency wise, in some instances) I personally still greatly prefer a quality synthetic urine to get the job done.

That’s gender-neutral as well, and just as safe and clean when it comes to passing the scrunity of a lab test (granted you choose one of the best brands, but just check out this fake pee guide for help with that). Always having some fake pee stocked at home for emergencies takes care of the conveniency part.

And you’ll have temperature control handled already (especially with Sub Solution), with a thermometer strip included to make sure.

The main benefit of all these little done-for-you-already perks of synthetic urine however could very well be that it reduces your mental stress levels, not having to think of all these things yourself at a time when your mind may already be racing with the wrong kind of anxious “what if” thoughts. And for some, that’s worth every penny!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject in the comments though, so feel free to leave one below!


5 thoughts on “Can Labs Tell The Difference Between Male And Female Urine Or Is Gender Same Same?”

  1. CORNDUS jackson

    thanks for the info on male and female urine I need to use my wife urine so my dr. will continue giving me my med

  2. Can pain clinic/suboxone tell if the urine is a female or males I looked it up and it said they can’t but I wanna get another opion

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