Best Detox Shampoo For A Hair Follicle Drug Test (It’s Really Effective)

Hair drug tests are considered by many to be the most accurate drug tests to date, granted we’re not talking of drug use the very last week (1 week to 3 months back is its standard detection interval). Therefore many don’t believe you can pass one if you haven’t stayed clean, and that hair detox shampoos won’t do squat.

That’s in part right, and in part wrong. Most hair drug test shampoos won’t do much, that is correct. The reason for this is that drug metabolites are trapped inside your hair follicles, and clearing those is no easy task. So  instead of cleaning your hair from toxins, you are instructed to use the hair follicle shampoo on the day of your test in an attempt to mask or hide the toxins. This has a rather limited success rate.

But there are actually methods (although few) that allow you to cheat such tests consistently. They focus on actually cleansing your hair follicles, and using a same-day masking shampoo just as a complement.

Best Detox Shampoo For A Hair Strand Drug Test

Best detox shampoo for hair follicle drug testsThere is only one shampoo currently (that I’m aware of at least) that is very effective for this purpose. It is the old formula of Nexxus Aloe Rid and is generally considered the best shampoo for passing hair tests on the market. This is sold by Test Clear. It’s expensive, but does come together with a synergistic same day shampoo in Ultra Clean.

This shampoo is at the core of how I pass my own hair drug tests, and has a lot of success stories from heavy weed smokers on various forums to back it up as well. The way you use it is as a daily treatment up until your test, preferably starting about 10 days in advance, but shorter time spans can work too if you use it more aggressively  (several times a day) and as a part of the Macujo Method.

This will allow time for most toxins to be removed so that you are likely to pass naturally. And at the day of the test you use the included masking shampoo to be safe, since the small toxin amounts are much simpler to hide with this type of shampoo.

What’s your experience with hair follicle drug test shampoos?

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