Does Synthetic Urine Expire (Go Bad) And How Long Does Fake Pee Actually Last

Fake pee is no different to most other products in that it has a shelf life. This means that yes, synthetic urine does expire.

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

Does synthetic urine expire
Does synthetic urine expire? Yes, it has a shelf life, although it’s a pretty long one.

The shelf life of artificial urine is pretty long, usually up to 2 years, but generally one at a minimum. That is one of the main reasons I always go for the buy 3 get 1 free offers where I buy mine, since I know I’ll use them up until then. If I don’t, I can always sell some to a friend.

If you were to find some old and dusty fake urine lying around however, that clearly has expired, another question that may pop up is whether you can, or should, still use it after its expiration date.

Can You Use Expired Synthetic Urine For Your Drug Test?

In theory, anything is possible, but I would highly advise against using expired fake pee for a UA drug test. It has a shelf life for a reason, which means if you decide to use it past that, you can not expect the same guarantees of passing your test as you could before it went bad.

Does Synthetic Pee Go Bad Faster If Opened?

Yes! When fake pee comes in contact with oxygen, it will behave much like normal urine and won’t last very long. Bacteria will start accumulating at an exponentially growing rate as time goes by and eventually the sample won’t be fit to use anymore.

The reason it can have such a long shelf life is because it’s sterile inside its air-tight packaging and once opened, that changes. So don’t open or mix your urine sample until your test is near and you intend to keep it warm until then, or your sample won’t stay fresh enough.

If you happen to do so by mistake, just as with normal urine you can keep it for a day in the refridgerator or for much longer than that if you freeze it quickly after mixing it.

As always, the most important factor when substituting will be that you use a top quality urine product to being with. As long as you do and it hasn’t expired, passing your drug test should be smooth sailing.

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    1. Not at all, depends on the quality of the brand, accuracy of the test, and of course, that you don’t screw up the temperature part

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