Drug Test Temperature Fail: Consequenses & Options When Your Pee Is Too Cold Or Hot

The drug test temperature fail is a mishappening dreaded by many a smoker.

And as mentioned already in my longer guide on using fake urine, it’s the most common cause of failing a urinalysis, bar none, when using a decent synthetic urine brand to start with.

In fact, the main reason they check temperature of your urine in the first place is to weed out those trying to substitute theirs for a fake or someone else’s pee.

The normal temperature of urine leaving the human body will land somewhere around 94-96°F (which is about 35 °C). Hence, if you’re too far off that normal mark, you may be in some trouble.

Often times there is some leeway, with temperatures between 90 and 100°F being acceptable, but to be on the safe side you really want to land as close to the golden middle as you can.

Drug Test Temperature Fail Consequences

Urine drug test temperature fail
An out of range temperature may not be the worst that can happen, but it’s still not great!

The somewhat good news however is, that failing due to temperature generally doesn’t lose you the job right away, but rather makes the testing facility not acept the sample or at least take note of it being out of the normal range

It usually lands you a re-test (a second chance, if you may). This could however sometimes mean giving a new sample right there on the spot, this time under observation, which may have not been exactly what you wanted. With a little luck, you’ll get to come in at another occasion though!

That’ll give you time to be better prepared.

Should you fail at temperature a second time however, or be forced to use your normal pee which failed due to not being clean, both of these would in all likelyhood lose you the job. So.. All the more reason to make proper preparations this time!

Optimal Solution, Prevention: Getting That Temp Right In The First Place

I’ve said it before and will keep doing so, but the best (and obvious) way to deal with situations like these is always to make sure they don’t happen, also known as prevention, before the fact. That way you avoid the anxiety of being forced into damage-control.

Those of you who’ve read my other stuff on urine substitution on this website already know that one of the top reasons I favor Sub Solution over other quality brands of synthetic urine is their innovative solution to get the temperature right instantly, should there be a need, using a heating powder rather than solely relying on body temperature and hand warmers.

In a way it’s like a get-out-of-jail card that could very well save you when you need it the most.

You can learn more about the top synthetic urine brands and where to get them (Sub Solution especially) in this guide, along with other neat tricks to keep in mind for a smooth drug test experience.

And as always, if you’ve got anything to add, do let me know in the comments!

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