Herbal Clean QCarbo16 Review (Enough To Pass Your Drug Test?)

Herbal Clean Q Carbo16 is a detox drink most often associated with passing drug tests. It is a well-known brand in the industry, but does it work?

Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Review for drug test detox
Yes and no. The more accurate way to phrase it is; it does increase your chances. But not enough so to be a reliable choice. If it’s an important drug test to you, I’d suggest you check out this page on how to properly get clean from THC and other toxins fast.

You really need to combine the Qcarbo16 with a proper over time detox product (Toxin Rid is the best from my experience), since all it does is trying to mask the toxins inside you temporarily. This only works well if the toxin load is really low.

Another thing to point out about the Herbal Clean Qcarbo16 specifically, is that it’s only meant for very light-weight people. If you want to use Qcarbo I’d definitely rather recommend the Qcarbo32 which is twice the size while not much more expensive at all. There is also a 20 oz version but still, 32 will work better.

If worried, the best ways to reliably beat a urine test are outlined in this guide.


What’s your Herbal Clean Qcarbo16 review?

18 thoughts on “Herbal Clean QCarbo16 Review (Enough To Pass Your Drug Test?)”

  1. I purchased the Qcarbo16 for my drug test and drunk it the day of…. However my screening expires and I now have to take the drug test in 2 days. How long will my urine be ” masked ” if i continue to drink water and no longer smoke??? Or is it safe to buy another one and drink it? I know it says no daily use… Can anyone help???

    1. Hi Aysia. Keep in mind drinks like these are very unreliable on their own so it won’t guarantee you’ll pass unless you’re already very close to the cut-off limit. It masks for a few hours, so to have the desired effect you’d need get a new one. Nothing unsafe about getting another one, aside from the fact that it can be risky due to mentioned reasons. Best way would be to rather use a home test kit to see whether you’re clean or not. If not, the most effective short notice solution is generally a good synthetic urine, as long as it’s an unsupervised test.

  2. Stuff works 3 lab tests, positive before q carbo, negative an hour later. Clean 6 days, drank water pissed alot 2 days prior to test. Got results from Quest 3 days !

    1. Awesome. It all comes down to how close you are to the cut-off already though. For a lot of people, especially heavy smokers, this isn’t nearly enough and relying solely on this isn’t advised, since there’s only so much these can help hiding. Personally I prefer testing negative on a home test kit already through proper detox and using same day detox drinks only as a safety net.

  3. How is this stuff supposed to be used? Do I drink it the night before? My drug test will be roughly 9-10 days since I last smoked, but prior to I was smoking daily (although when I smoke I usually only take 1-2 small hits). I’ve been working out almost daily and trying to eat healthy. What do you think my shot is?

    1. It’s supposed to be used a few hours before the test to help temporarily mask THC. But drinks like these, that don’t help to actually detox, are often unreliable on their own and will only tip the scales if you’re already very close to the actual cut-off limit. Being a daily smoker (even if a small amount) with just 10 days of abstinence for your test, I’d say there’s a high chance you’ll not be clean. You best bet would probably be to get some home test kits (Amazon sells them cheap, see home page for recommendation) to confrim you’re actually clean enough, and if not, synthetic urine assuming the test is not supervised.

  4. Hey, qcarbo16 worked for me within two days of testing, drinking it the day of and urinating twice before test. Haves tested it for 3-meo-pcp and THC. Does anyone know if it will have the same effects on MDMA? All responses appreciated.

  5. Leslie Boshears

    I smoked daily for about a month. It’s been 27 days since I have smoked. What do you think my chances are of passing my drug test with the carbo16?

    1. Hard to say since it depends a lot on factors such as how much you smoked each day, your metabolism/body, lifestyle, detox efforts etc. I wouldn’t put too much faith in a qCarbo16 to tip the scales though, it will only be useful if you’re already close to the cut-off limit. My gut tells me if you haven’t actively been detoxing you’re not clean yet for a while. But best you could do is to take an at home drug test (check the home page for a recommendation of a cheap one on Amazon) and then take it from there.

    1. Nah it won’t, and if it would, I can only imagine they’d have changed the formula very quickly or it would be disastrous for business!

    1. It should help yes, since it will dilute the urine. But no guarantee, and to reduce the risk of an over-diluted test result you may want to avoid drinking to much other liquids on the day of the test since they add up with the drink

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