Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Review – Does This Detox Drink Work For Drug Tests?

When it comes to same day detox drinks, the Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex is actually up there among the top choices in my book. Earlier when they had only their classic family of Qcarbo16, Qcarbo20 and Qcarbo32, I felt they couldn’t really compete among the top dogs which in my book are Mega Clean and One Shot Concentrate, but this has since changed. It’s not necessarily better (very hard to say with this type of product, either way), but at least now it’s playing in the same league.

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Review – Does It Work For A Drug Test

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Review - does it work for drug tests?
Ultra eliminex is Herbal Clean’s most effective instant detox drink.

Having already claimed it is somewhat similar in effect to my favorite detox drink choices, the same rules for passing drug tests apply to this one as for them, namely:

You do not want to rely on Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex alone to pass your drug test. That would be asking for high risk of failing.

It is a premium product and does contain a good mix of potent herbal ingredients, but..

Because of being an instant detox drink, Ultra Eliminex specialises in masking and slightly diluting your drug traces right before your urine test, and doesn’t actually detox you. That means, if you are not already close to or below the test cut-off limits, it simply isn’t going to have enough of an effect to let you pass your test.

So what you want to do is to make sure you do some proper drug detoxification first to rid your system of as much drug metabolites as possible. Then, and only then, do you turn to the detox drink (in this case Ultra Eliminex) to get what’s left of the job done.

The best product I know of for proper detox would be Toxin Rid (as outlined in this in-depth guide to detoxing for a drug test), which combined with natural detox methods gets really effective at expelling those drug toxins and reducing their duration in your body and urine(after all, that’s what it’s been specifically designed to do).

If you’re an infrequent or not at that heavy smoker however, it might be enough to combine it with a decent budget pre-detox product, such as the Herbal Pre-cleanse from Clear Choice. It’s good value for the money and you can get them both from the same place; www.testnegative.com  (one of my favorite companies for drug test related products).

Let me repeat though, if you’re a frequent or heavy smoker, you are going to need stronger stuff such as Toxin Rid mentioned above or possibly urine substitution to safely be able to pass a drug test in the near future.


To conclude this review, Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex is a very good choice for the type of product you’re looking at, and has its place when it comes to passing drug tests. You only really wanna use it as a piece of the whole detox puzzle though unless it’s a test you can afford to gamble with the results on. At the very least get it together with a decent budget pre-cleanse product, you can get them both together from here.

6 thoughts on “Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Review – Does This Detox Drink Work For Drug Tests?”

    1. Could be helpful in that regard yes, it works mainly my masking some of the THC, so if you know you’ll be way too high naturally, sure. It has a diluting effect, that’s all I can say

  1. used product, tested my self at home 1hr 45 minutes before test was clean took drug test then when I came home 1hr 1/2-45 minutes later tested myself again and was positive, wonder if I passed the official test

    1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you while reiterating; detox drinks should not be relied upon alone to pass you a test, they are only the cherry on top of a proper detox, that or urine substitution might be wiser


    Followed the instructions implicitly, waited for the optimum “clean” window between 2-5 hours and I still did not pass my test. While this may work for a simple “dip test”, if the tester is using a mass spectrometer the chances you will pass are slim to none. Hope you have better luck than I did.

    1. Sorry to hear that, altohugh not surprising! If you’ve read some more on this site you’ll know already my thoughts on same day drinks. They’re a bonus, an extra safety net, at best, but can’t pass you a test on its own as a regular smoker. You’d have to do some proper detox for that, or go with synthetic urine instead if there’s no time to flush the system

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