How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test (Body Temperature, Males & Females)

The issue of keeping your urine sample the right temperature remains one of the most important aspects to get right when substituting your pee to pass a drug test.

Because, think about it..

If you have clean pee already, be it synthetic or someone else’s, there’s only so much that can go wrong. There’s the temperature being out of range, as well as not being able to hide it or being observed. And not a whole lot else, really!

Which is why, temperature failure remains the #1 reason people fail the drug test when using quality synthetic urine.

It’s also a big reason why I highly recommend the artificial urine brand Sub Solution above other brands. It gives you the option of an instant warm-up method using heating powder, either as your main heating method or as a fail-safe if you notice on the spot that your out of the range.

Either way, if you’re new at substituting urine, check out Synthetic Urine: How To Pass Your Test (+3 Best Brands & Where To Buy) before anything else to learn what you need about the whole process.

That said, here’s what you were looking for reading this article:

How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test, Body Temperature Whether Male Or Female

How to keep urine warm for a drug test
In a scenario like this, some instant-heating powder would certainly save the day

There are several different ways to keep urine the right temperature to pass your test, but first of all make sure you actually know the temp you want to hit.

The normal range for pee exiting the human body is about 94-96°F, or 35 °C, hence that’s what you should aim for.

The general accepted range is actually between 90 and 100 °F, or 32 and 38 °C though, so don’t stress the exact number all too much, especially if you’re using the SS brand I mentioned above, since you can easily fix it if it’s coming out too low.

So how do you achieve that then, taking for granted you’re not actually peeing then and there on the spot?

Here are the most popular ways (and they’re popular because they tend to be fairly effective):

  • Hand warmers – A popluar option since they’re cheap and generally get the job done. They can also be easily found in a variety of different stores. You can use either one or two at the same time, and simply put take them out of the package, have the chemicals inside mix to create heat, and then put them against the outside of the pee container, be it the fake urine bottle, a pill bottle or whatever.
  • Heating pads – Works in the same fashion as the hand warmers and are often included with synthetic urine. Always handy to have some spare hand warmers at hand as well though just in case (see what my typing hands did there :)..?).
  • Microwave – You can use a microwave to quickly boost the urine temperature, useful especially if you’re in a rush or had it frozen or refridgerated prior. Take note not to overheat it much though, since that’s when organic substances can start getting destroyed and it may affect your results. Heat it slowly with intervals of 5-10 seconds and check the temp in between. Then use the heating pads or hand warmers and your sking heat depending on where youhide it to keep it in the right range.
  • Body skin contact – You generally hide your synthetic somewhere close to your skin anyways, and this by itself helps it keep the pee warm. Although it can be possible to get it in the right range from body temperature alone, it’s not as reliable and thus better combined with heating pads and/or hand warmers.
  • Heating powder – This option you only really have if you go with my favorite brand, Sub Solution, which comes with a powder you mix into the urine to instantly heat it up. Great simply because it gives you a much bigger margin of error even if you decide to go with heating pads and hand warmers, since you can raise the temperature quickly at the time of your test should you notice you need to.
Urine temperature strips
Effective temperature strips for urine drug tests

If you’re going with someone else’s urine and not a quality synthetic one, you definitely want to get yourself a good temperature strip, since without that you’ll have no way of knowing when you’re in the right range and can thus easily get it wrong. These ones from Amazon are decent and affordable.

Personally, from every angle except the budget one, I prefer a quality synthetic urine (not just any brand) over real pee when substituting (best would of course be if you’re clean and can use your own). Then all these little thing such as temperature strips, a fitting container, heating method, long storage shelf life and so on are already taken care of, which leave you with less to worry about at a time when you may already be freaking out a little if you aren’t that seasoned (yet).

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  1. Heatwraps are the absolute best for keeping urine sample at 97°–100 ° be sure to wrap sample about 2 HR before needed. Check temperature with thermometer strips. This works perfectly. I use this method 1 a week.

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