The Best Drug Testing Guides For THC In 2018 (Urine, Hair, Saliva, Blood)

Drug tests can be a pain in the butt.

They cause a whole lot of weed smokers a whole lot of pain and anxiety.

Thoughts such as “how do I pass it?”, “what products are actually effective?”, “what if I get caught?” and “F*CK MY LIFE, I failed the test..” go through people’s minds…


Because let’s face it:

Passing a drug test is a BIG DEAL for most people.

It is a big deal for me, too, and one of the main things that motivated me to create this website in the first place.

With the internet filled with misinformation on how to pass a drug test it can be hard to separate what actually works from all the bullshit such as:

[unordered_list style=”red-x”]how to pass a drug test fast

  • What worked once but doesn’t any more
  • What’s just salesman propaganda
  • What’s simply false
  • Methods that work but unreliably so or only for a few people


And so on..

If you agree, this page is was what you were looking for all along.

I say was, since this used to be one long page where I covered how to beat all the different types of drug tests. I later realized it would be easier to digest if they had their own respective page. Which they now do.. And instead you will now find summaries of the best methods along with links to the full guides on how to pass each type of THC drug test below.

I’ve passed a whole lot of these tests over the years I’ve been smoking marijuana, and so have many of my friends. The methods and products I use are those that have always worked for me, are backed by science and are well-documented online thanks to others beating their tests and giving back to the community by sharing what worked.

It turns out…

…that once you know what you need to know, passing a weed drug test actually isn’t that hard at all!

Piece of Cake
Once you know how, passing is a peace of cake, really!


On this page that’s exactly what I’ll share with you. My resources (guides) with what you need to know to pass your THC drug test.

All four of the test types (urine, blood, hair and saliva) are covered.

Before jumping in to the meat of this, I just want to remind everyone about the simple truth that the simplest way to beat drug tests every time with absolute certainty (100%) is by actually being clean and not using weed. Duh..

But if it’s too late for that or simply out of the question, just keep reading.

The different tests have in common that the most consistent ways of passing them are through means of THC detox in one way or another.


Drug testing Guides

Below you’ll find brief summaries as well as links to the complete guides for each specific test:

The Urine Test

There are a few good options for passing the urine drug test, detoxing is usually preferred. The strategy is individual depending on how much you’ve been smoking/using and the time you got on your hands, but best practice is usually combining effective detox products with synergistic natural detoxification habits, including eating health, exercising and sweating, increasing fluid intake and so on. It’s also crucial to make use of home testing kits (they’re very affordable if you know where to get them) to confirm whether you’re clean enough for the real test or not.

Investing in proper detox can really be the difference between 2 months time to get clean naturally, and getting clean in just 3 weeks. For occasional users these numbers could be more like getting clean in less than a week as opposed to in 2-3 weeks. And depending on when your test is, that could definitely be a game-breaker.

If you’re a really heavy user however, and you don’t have a lot of time until your test, then synthetic urine would would be better. It’s the best short-notice solution most of the time. In a heavy user, a lot of THC has generally been stored in the fat cells, being released into the blood slowly over time, and thus no matter what you do it’s not guaranteed you can detox in just say, 2-3 weeks. Urine substitution requires that your test is unsupervised however, to be reliable. If not directly observed but rather someone just being in the same room, there are ways to make your life easier, but keep in mind it’s always risky.

Here’s the complete guide: How to Pass a Urine drug Test Fast for Weed


The Mouth Swab Test

For the saliva drug test, there’s really only one effective way of passing it reliably. Or two, depending on how you look at it.

One would be using an effective product for it, which could help you pass pretty much at any time. My favorite comes in the form of a gum and is very potent and convenient (read more about it in the guide below), although most of the products for passing saliva tests are mouth washes. Not every product is made equal though, far from it. Many scammy and ineffective products in this market. So do your diligence when choosing what to go with.

The other way to pass would be by good old abstinence. The good news is that for saliva, even as a very heavy user, it should be clean from THC within 10 days max. So it’s not as daunting a task to abstain for these tests as it can be for urine tests.

Then there are a few other tricks that can help pass a swab test, although they should really only be seen as complementary to the two options above.

Find out more by checking out this guide: How To Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test for Weed Easily



The Hair Follicle Test

To pass the hair follicle drug test there is again only one really consistent method. Or 2, if you count abstinence.

It’s called the Macujo Method and is likely the most trusted method to beat the hair test at the moment. As it’s core it has a potent detox shampoo to be used repeatedly before your test, along with various home remedies that work synergistically with the shampoo to help it get to the hair follicle’s insides. You can learn more about how it’s done in the guide below.

And then you have abstinence. For a hair test however, you’d always need 3 months or slightly longer to be safe. Since that’s how long back a hair test goes. 1,5 inches of your hair. The length your hair grows on average in 3 months. So that’s not always the most convenient option.

Then you have the option of cutting all your hair. But then you’d also have to cut your body hair, since in absence of head hair that’s what they’d test. And being completely trimmed all over your body, would surely raise suspicions, unless you could prove you’re a professional swimmer or something along those lines.

There are also some methods including bleach, repeated use of hair dyes etc, that will literally ruin your hair and force you to cut it all off soon after your test, although it could help you pass it. If your hair looks all ruined though, that could also raise some suspicions about you trying to cheat it.

Check out this guide to find out more: How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test (Macujo Method)


The Blood Test

Last but not least we have the blood drug test (or perhaps least after all, since it’s definitely the least common test).

The only realist way to pass it is through detoxing, or through abstinence. The good news are that you’d generally only have to abstain for up to a week before your blood should be clean enough, even as a heavy user.

But if you don’t have the luxury of time..

Learn how to detox your blood from this brief guide: How to Pass a Blood Drug Test for Weed


[box style=”rounded” border=”none”]Good resources to learn more about the drug tests and general procedures:




Good luck now, although you should not be needing it if you follow above drug testing guides to a T.

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  1. Hey more of a question does certo work for meth? I hate to even be asking this question becuzI thought I was over this peroid In my life but I guess shit happens right anyways I need to know if this will work for passing a ua if ive used meth.. please try to email me ASAP I have a random one in a few days Thanks

    1. I can’t say for sure how well it works with meth, since most evidence I’ve seen is regarding weed, most likely synthetic urine is your best option if you only have a few days.

  2. the only thing around my area is UPass urine is it reliable? one friend of mine pass but not sure if his was sent to the lab or right then and there. pls let me know thank u

    1. Haven’t used it and don’t know too much about it, so no idea. There are both positive and negative/failed reviews to be found about it online. A common complaint semms to be that it doesn’t come with any instructions.

  3. So you sold me on the SS. I bought it online and it should be here in a few days. I did have question though. Can I have the solution heated with the heating powder or microwave prior to going to the testing site and then keep it on my body to maintain temp or will I have to add the heating powder at the testing site? Rather just have it in the bottle and ready to go when I’m at the testing site. Thanks for taking the time to create this site. My nerves are somewhat at ease now…

    1. Yeah you can heat it with the heating powder in advance, in the parking lot or whereever, and keep the temperature with your body heat. You’ll still want to have powder with you for the test just in case though, if your sample should turn out to have dropped below the desired temperature.

  4. Hi, so I’m trying to get custody of my daughter I’ve been clean from meth since June 2012 and I had a relapse/binge that started about 10 says ago ended yesterday morning. and although I’ve been clean for a long time my unstable wife is trying to get full custody of our daughter. It was dumb I know but my attorney suggested I get a hair follicle test done so I’m worried my little mistake is going to grant my suicidal abusive wife custody or dcfs will take her which we don’t want either help plz!

    1. Well, if you’re doing a hair follicle, imo your best bet is the Macujo method outlined in the guide for passing hair tests on this site. It’s a bit costly but with hair tests there are not too many options that are effective.

  5. So here is my question, I have been a heavy smoker since I was 10 (I’m 32 next month), i weigh 178 (admittedly more fat than i would like but in working on that), and I’m a bit concerned about an up and coming urinalysis for an amazing job. I haven’t smoked in three weeks as of tomorrow but with my understanding of how long it may wanna stay in my system (thc) and the fact that my fiancé still smokes in the house while I’m there I am a bit nervous. I’ve recently started exersizing again (and yay 22lbs gone thus far) and I’m drinking tons of water. I wanna pass this test the right way, but I wanna be 100% certain that I’m gonna pass. Any advise on things I can do to increase my likely hood of passing, without those stupid “detox” drinks that are really only masks? I have read that a very high in fiber diet can help, but I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
    Please I need this job to finally make something of my life for me and my family.

    Thank you,
    This guy

    1. Hey Stephen. You don’t say how heavy a smoker a smoker you were before these 3 weeks (as in how frequent and how much and how potent per occasion) which could definitely affect how long it takes to detox, but if you were a daily smoker, then you’re right to be concerned, since like you say it can stay for quite some time. Depending on how soon the test is, it’s possible Toxin Rid is your best detox option, although if the test is really soon and unsupervised, synthetic urine might be preferred since it isn’t affected by how much you smoked. Either way make sure you get some home tests so you can know after detoxing whether you’re good or not. Detox drinks that mask can still be good the day of the test, but only as a complement to proper detox, as an extra safety net. The natural detox stuff you seem to be doing properly already so just keep at it.

  6. I have a test coming up on 2/14 not sure what type of test. I’m a heavy smoker and I have stop it been about 24 hours. What product do you recommend?

    1. If you don’t know what type of test, it’s hard to recommend a product, but if it’s a mouth swab test, you won’t be needing a product since nearly 2 weeks of abstinence is enough to pass one of those. That leaves hair and urine. Urine being the most common one, and being you’re a heavy smoker, if it’s an unsupervised test Sub-Solution synthetic urine would be your safest option imo. If hair test, Macujo Method. But again, without knowing what type of test it is, it’s hard to recommend anything.

        1. That’s very vague though, so I don’t think I can, but I’m sure this website can. If you know your type of test, just go to the relevant page for how to pass it.

  7. Sophie,

    I have been a heavy smoker for years, and I have an upcoming urine test (3 days)
    I will have abstained for 24 days prior to the test.I don’t know if it will be supervised or not. I am 6’2″ weigh in at about 235
    I am doing the toxin rid 10 day and have the mega clean I intend to use the day of the test.
    Eating well, drinking lots of spring water. Really need to pass the test. any additional suggestions?

    1. Hey Eric, your test will be done already by now, but you seemed to be doing it right either way. It can be a good idea to test youself after you’ve finished the detox just in case, because when one has been a heavy smoker for years as in your case, THC will have built up in your fat cells and detox is never guaranteed, although it will work for most when as in your case you do the 10-day on top of already having some time abstinent from weed. But if you for some reason should still be testing positive, synthetic urine can be considered as a backup plan (granted unsupervised test), and is often the recommended first option over detox for very heavy smokers.

    1. Depends a lot on what type of test you’re facing. There are guides for each one linked to on this page though, so you can start with checking out the one that’s relevant to you.

  8. I was clean up to January then started smoking again. I stopped smoking again on feb 9th. I have tested positive every day since. I am very overweight and have ordered a 5 day detox. My test is on mar 9. What kind of synthetic is not traceable for a lab test vs home tests.

    1. Hey, not entirely sure what you’re asking, but I have a great page on synthetic urine on this site. A good synthetic urine won’t get detected as synthetic since it has all the ingredients used to check if it’s real or not included in the formula. My favorite is definitely Sub solution, as explained on that page.

  9. Hey Sophie, ive been a heavy smoker since highschool and i have a drug test in 2 days, i brought two boxes of certo and a 3 liter cranberry juice, im also an athlete with an high metabolism, will i be somewhat in the clearing the day of my drug test?

    1. Didn’t say anything about how long you’ve been abstinent, which would be the most important factor I’d say, so impossible for me to say. If it’s not for very long, it’s often risky for long time smokers, but if lucky you might get by on over-dilution.

  10. So I have been a heavy daily smoker (premium quality and concentrates.. the good stuff 😉 ) for about a year and a half and I plan to go into the military. I just started going cold turkey about 2 days ago and I know that the military has a zero tolerance policy for any drugs. I plan on going to MEPS where you get tested around late May. I want to be completely clean by then so I’m wondering if these detox methods are a one time thing, like if they only clean you out enough for one test or if it’s a permanent thing. So if I were to do the 10 day detox would that clean it all out for good or if I go and do some heavy exercise will I test positive again? (I’m a little on the pudgy side but I’m going to be exercising a lot between now and when I go in and hopefully dropping down to a normal weight) Thanks!

    1. Hey Jon. I avoid advising specifically for military related tests due to legal reasons, but as for the products and detox in general;

      Yeah it’s a one time thing as long as you don’t smoke again afterwards, since its effect mainly lies in expelling the toxins from the system, and thus they can’t return. That being said, keep in mind that when it comes to THC and long time users, it’s not guaranteed one is clean after a 10 day use, it rather usually takes a 10 day course in combination with abstinence, preferably at least a month. This is because THC builds up inside fat cells, and thus heavy use requires time, even if the detox product speeds it up a good deal.

  11. Hey Sophie,

    Great page and very informative. It is nice to finally see some no BS information available. My question is in regard to dilution… Right now I am able to pass a home test (very faint line) by drinking 32oz of Gatorade an hour before taking a test and urinating twice before taking a sample. The sample is a faint yellow and appears to have some weight to it (it doesn’t just pour like water would afterwards). Compared to some other dilution methods, it seems to be a very small amount of liquid to drink. I can postpone the test for another 20 days to be on the same side but I would like to get back to work ASAP. I have been clean for 32 days, and this included a 14 day AND a 10 day Toxin Rid program, with another 5 day program on standby if needed. Am I being overly cautious? Should I just follow my dilution method and see what happens?

    1. Hey Tiny Tim, and thanks for your kind words.

      I take it you were a relatively heavy user since you’re still not testing positive all of the time after a month. It’s not too uncommon for heavy users to need a bit over a month when going all in on detox (Toxin Rid + natural detoxing methods) because of teh fat solubility of THC, although without those efforts it can often take longer than 2 months. Hence if unsupervised it’s often a good idea to just opt for synthetic urine from the get-go. But as for your question on dilution, I generally prefer to dilute with a decent same day detox drink since they often contain stuff checked for in dilution tests to make it harder to detect it’s diluted, as well as including other active ingredients that help masking. It still works in part through dilution, and the big drinks are often 32 oz just like that Gatorade. I’m not a big fan of taking a real test if you’re still not testing negative on home tests, so I’d postpone it at least a little while longer in this case either way.

  12. Yo Sophie! I’m just looking for some clarification. So i last smoked on Sunday and I got offer a job on Monday. Apparently work starts the 21st, but prior to being told the 21st is the first day, I was told the 28th was. In the last month I’ve smoked probably between 15-20 days. I weigh 175 and I’m 6’1″. Yesterday I drank a gallon of water and took plenty vitamins. I’ve been avoiding sugar and have been eating as healthy as I can (minus my daily cup of coffee in the AM). I also went to a sauna yesterday for an hour and after that I used the hot tub. I’m thinking I’ll have to test by Friday. I have a Vale Triple Strength Detox drink that I’ve used in the past and have experienced 50/50 results. I passed one test and failed the other. Anyways, you think I have a good chance of passing this urine test? I’m hoping it’ll be on Friday or Thursday. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Hey Houston, test will be done already by now but still, I’d say synthetic urine would likely be the better option here since it’s such a short notice (if unsupervised of course).

  13. Scared shitless

    I have to take a D.O.T pre-employment test on 3-22-2016 I have quick fix plus 6.1 bought directly from the maker,can this be detected through the gas test cause our levels are set @ 20ng please reply asap

    1. Hey, test done by now but still, I avoid giving advice specifically about D.O.T. tests due to legal reasons, although these tests are not too different from regular pre-employment tests.

  14. For someone who smokes almost daily (and some of the best stuff out there too!), who is pursuing a job that drug tests (but has flexibility to change the date of when tested by up to 6 months) how long should they wait before getting drug tested after they quit smoking just to be safe, how many months should they 100% be fine after they quit? Also assuming no dilution or anything, worst case scenario, individual is overweight, minimal exercise, average nutrition and hydration, etc…

    1. Hey Alex, great question actually. Since it varies so much between people, you can never really say it’s a 100% certain. I mean, some people may have abnormalities in how the body detoxes THC and thus take a lot longer than usual, even if that would be rare. For most heavy smokers, to be in a very good spot, 3-4 months would be a good time to wait imo if you had that choice. That’s without putting effort into detox. If you do put effort into detox (say, a 10 day Toxin Rid, and good natural detox habits of exercise, liquids, diet etc), you’re usually clean in 1-2 months, but I would still put the ideal time to wait at 2,5-3 months just in case. Again, you never know, so still, after having waited this long, do make use of home test kits to confirm that you’re actually good to go.

  15. hi in January I had a stroke and have not been able to work. which means no money to buy anything. the doc finally said I can go back to work. I stoped smoking Sunday realizing they may do a drug test. I usually smoked a bowl or two in the eveing but not every evening.. I also can’t take the nincian pill cuz of the meds i’m on.. I don’t know what to do. don’t know for sure if and when they will test me I have to call the office tomorrow to set up a appointmemt to go to the office for paperwork. please please help me. I love your web site.i drink a lot of water and coffee. does cranberry juice really work? it will probably urine test or swab

    1. Hi Sharon. Assuming it’s not a supervised test your facing, synthetic urine would probably be the best way if it’s a urine test. Purine is decent yet economical imo (read my guide on synthetic urine as well if considering to use it). If a swab test, if you manage to be clean a week or close to it, that’s usually enough.

  16. Hi Sophie,

    I’m hoping you can offer some insight into my situation. I’ve been abstinent since Monday, April 11 and a urine test coming up in May. I will be 22-26 days abstinent by the time I take my test. Originally I thought it would be 30+ days and I’m quite anxious.

    For the past several years I’ve been a habitual marijuana smoker, every night and most days. From December 24, 2015 to Feb 13, 2016 I didn’t smoke at all, then from Feb 13 to March 9 smoked a little bit (one bowl a day or less), but from Mar 10 to April 11 I was smoking quite a lot. I’m 27, 6’0″ and 240 pounds – not obese, just a large frame and little chubby. I run every day and have been consistently losing weight for the past few months, not sure on my metabolism (probably average). I’ve also been hydrating and eating healthy to try and flush my system. I bought the THC test strips you recommend from Amazon and will start testing when they get here.

    I have a friend who also smokes habitually and he said his urine was clean in 20 days. What do you think my chances are based on your experience that I too will be clean in 20 days. Should I be using any detox products, or will the natural method suffice?

    Thanks very much, amazing website with great advice. I appreciate any wisdom you can offer.

    1. Hi Jay,

      although possible you could be clean in those 25 or so days, it can often take more than that for relatively heavy long time smokers, especially with purely natural methods. But detox can be unreliable as well for heavy users when there is less than a month+ of abstinence involved, since THC may have built up in fat cells, requiring this time to be released back into the system and then expelled.

      If it’s an unsupervised test, synthetic urine may be a good option to keep in mind if you can’t seem to get clean on the home test kits.

      1. Hi Sophie,

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve doing my natural detox method, low fat & high fibre diet, running every day, losing weight and sweating it out in hot showers afterwards. On the 9th day of my detox I was able to get a faint line on the [email protected] THC test with dilute urine (after drinking lots of water). Is this a good sign? Or, would I have had negative THC tests with dilution from day 1 anyways? (fyi, I was trying dilution from day 1 as well).

        Thanks for all of your help! Love the website!

        1. No probs Jay! Sounds good in terms of detox effort. When it comes topassing home tests though, if you dilute your urine by dirnking too much before, it can definitely have you pass it but I usually call that a false negative. Most real tests detect when a sample is too diluted and it won’t be valid. In worst case this means you lose the job, although I think more commonly you get a re-scheduled test which buys you a little extra detox time. So imo, not much of a sign, good nor bad. The longer one detoxes though, the closer to cut-off one generally gets, which also means it’s takes less dilution to get below the limit.

  17. Hello thanks for your help
    I have to go for a blood test soon
    Knowing that, I’ve stopped smoking since 2 months now,I’ve also used some detox pills.
    But the only way I could drug test
    Myself was by urine test and the resolve came out positive THC So I wasn’t satisfied but reading your post I’ve learned that you just need to stay clean for up to a week to pass the blood test!
    Could you please inform me a little bit more?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Christian, no problems, sure I could. The thing with blood tests is that they look mainly for the THC molecule itself. And the THC molecule will be broken down into its metabolites rather quickly in your body and no longer be present in the blood. So a blood test therefore has a very short detection time. Urine tests on the other hand, look for metabolites rather than for THC itself. And metabolites can stay in detectable amounts for a lot longer. That’s the simple answer, hope that helps.

  18. Hi Sophie I have been clean since March 23rd prior to that I had only been smoking for 4 months 3 blunts a day good stuff tho smh… anyhow I weight 130lb I have a physical jobbeen drinuking over 2 galons of water and take 5 cranberry pills a day plus apple cider vinaigrette I might have a drug testore April 30th or May 02 do you think I have any chance of passing, or any advice you have for me wouldown be much appreciated thank you

    1. Hey Frenchie, hope your test went well. A week or slightly longer is a very short time and not enough for you to get clean from 4 months of daily use. Best in this case would probably be to go straight for synthetic urine, as long as the test is unsupervised.

  19. I have both a hair and urine test coming up within the next month. I stopped smoking on New Years but smoked 1 time in February and haven’t smoked since. I took a urine test and passed it today. Is it possible I can pass the hair test to?

    1. It’s hard to know for sure, but you probably could yeah, especially if the one time you smoked wasn’t a whole lot, since hair tests generally don’t detect a one time use only.

  20. Hey, Thank you for all of this information!

    I recently applied for a job, and on the application it had mentioned that a drug test could be required. My guess on that will be that I have a drug test (probably urine) in about 2 1/2 weeks. The last time I smoked was about 1 1/2 weeks ago, midgrade quality, and half a bowl every other day for 2 weeks. I don’t have the option of synthetic urine or money for a detox. What do you think my best options are? Thank you in advance!

    1. My pleasure, Jessica :).

      Well, since your options are this limited, I guess your best bet would be to just do your best when it comes to detoxing naturally, meaning exercising and sweating, drinking a lot of fluids and ideally eating clean as well. Since you weren’t that heavy a smoker, or for that long, it’s definitely possible your clean in time. There are cheap at home tests available in some stores and online that may be a good idea so you know whether you’ll be good or not. If you fail one close to your real one, you may want to try to dilute your urine a little extra, since other options are not available to you.

  21. Love your blog and info! Here’s my situation. Over the last 20 years, I have taken 1-2 hits of pot a day. I am 50 years old, 5′ 11″, 185 lbs, and in pretty good shape from tennis (1 hr/wk), walks (2 hr/wk) and yard work (8 hr/wk.) I have a DT coming up in 3-4 weeks, and NEED to pass! I will start the DEERS today, and plan on taking the 10 day Toxin Rid and the One Shot Concentrate prior to the DT. I was hoping I could toke for 1 more week, and then abstain 2-3 weeks prior to the DT. Given my “light” daily use of pot over many years, do you think I will be good to go with this approach, or should I quit now. I know the sooner I quit the better, but is quitting 14-21 days before the test running to big a risk?

    1. Thanks Aaron :). I’d say you should definitely quit asap. With long time daily use THC is stored up in the fat cells and that means it will take a certain minimum time to get clean no matter the detox efforts (although even longer if you don’t actively detox). 14-21 days is pretty rsky imo with your long time habit of use, even 30 days isn’t a guarantee to pass for some (although that’s usually those that do more than just 1-2 hits/day). If you can’t seem to get clean in time (test yourself with home tests), synthetic urine is always a decent second option to fall back on as long as the test isn’t supervised.

  22. Hi Sophie, great resource and I thank you for it. I’m 5’7″, 155 or so. I smoke maybe 2 joints a day and have done that for the last 6 months. I slowed down and stopped yesterday. I have a hair test but I am bald and I naturally dont have any body hair of 1.5cm in length. I always shave underarms and shave pubics(at my wifes request?).
    I will use detox shampoo but I dont see where I have hair to be used. Will they just do blood, urine or saliva? I’m preparing for hair and urine. It’s mgm in Vegas if anyone has experienced their testing. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hey Prez, thanks :). Sounds like a real luxury that you don’t have the hair for a hair test, considering that’s likely the toughest of the tests to beat. I definitely think it’s the right call preparing for a urine as well, that seems like the natural second option. And after all with just 2 weeks of abstinence the blood and saliva will be clean enough already, while the urine test remains trickier, depending on how much time you got.

  23. Dear Sophie, Thanks so much for for providing this crucial info on your website. Please know it is Greatly Appreciated!

    My Situation: Massive layoffs occurring and I finally got hit. Was smoking about 3-4 bowls a day. Stopped smoking April 27 2016 and weighed 210 pounds. Since then, started fast walking with plastic suit about 3+ miles per day and massively sweating while drinking 3 – 16 ounce bottles of water. Eating only super healthy foods and taking niacin 2 times a day. It’s May 19th and now weigh 202 pounds.
    Don’t have any tests scheduled at the moment and interviewing a lot. Concerned that I’ll get offer and have to take basic employment urine test soon.
    I’m not a fan of synthetic urine and rather add something to cover up positive test result like Urine Luck (but they have been out of stock for Weeks with none available for foreseeable future!).

    If I use 10 day Toxin Rid now and not be tested for a several weeks after I’ve completed the 10 day course, will Toxin Rid still be effective? Will it totally clean the THC out of my system? Any chance of THC ‘coming back’ over time, due to my heavy usage? (I understand THC will eventually burn out of my system over time). Just want to ensure my money is well spent on best remedy.

    Looking forward to receiving your expert advice and best remedy suggestion for my situation. I’d rather spend a few $$ now & play it safe, then be sorry in the long run…

    Thanks again. You are the Best! Sincerely, Jed1

    1. Dear Sophie, Forgot to mention I’m 5 foot 9 inches tall. On May 27, I’ll be ‘smoke free’ for a month. Thanks Again! Sincerely, Jed1

    2. Thanks for your kind words Jed1 :). I’m not too familiar with urine additives but have always seen them as far less reliable than other methods, at least if a sample goes through a lab. There are additives available from TestNegative for example, same website I Sub Solution from, but you’d have to do your own diligence researching or perhaps asking their support about them. There are two available and I think they work for different types of tests each but again don’t know too much about it and haven’t used them myself. Definitely prefer synthetic urine myself.

      When it comes to Toxin Rid and heavy long time smokers, the problem often lies in that THC will have built up in fat cells and thus can’t be cleaned out in 10 days no matter what, although the process will be sped up a lot by it still. What it generally takes for long time heavy users is slightly longer than a month to get clean with the combination of the Toxin Rid, abstinence and natural synergistic detox of exercise, drinking a lot etc. Getting clean without detox efforts can often take 2-3 months instead. Everyone is different though so these numbers just seem to be what’s average. And when you use Toxin Rid doesn’t really matter, it will have the same effect in expelling Toxins from your system, but due to above reasons, for very heavy users it won’t always make you instantly clean, although it will speed the process up. In fact, the more time that goes by after you used the Toxin Rid, the more abstinence time will add up as well, which means your chances only increase with time and not the other way around.

      Since you already have 3 weeks or so of abstinence, Toxin Rid does sound like a decent option though. But detox is never guaranteed since we’re all different, so it’s still important to use home test kits to track if you’re good to go or not.

      What’s best is up to your preference in the end. If you don’t expect a test in 2-3 weeks and fine with also detoxing naturally, Toxin Rid could be a good option. Synthetic urine is a good option as well, and would no doubt be my preferred way if let’s say you just stopped smoking yesterday and didn’t have any time of abstinence. As for spiking/additives, use on your own risk and do your research first would be my advice.

  24. I am 6’0, 215 lbs. I regularly work out 3-4 days a week. I have been a regular smoker for about 3-4 years now, and have become a heavier smoker over the last couple years. I smoke about 5-10 bowls almost everyday from a bong (1-2 in the morning, 5-10 in evening). Medical marijuana, so usually pretty high in THC. Sometimes abstain on weekends.
    The last I smoked was a small bowl on Saturday (7/2). My employer told me I may have to take a drug test. She was not clear on a date but I think I have at least a couple weeks left (hopefully!)
    I would like to avoid synthetic urine if possible, bc I’m not sure how the test is administered (I am certain it’s urine though). I plan on getting the 10 day detox ASAP and the same day detox, upping my workout regimen, eating healthier, drinking lots of liquids, and being healthier in general.
    Does this sound like the best possible option for me at the moment (other than synthetic)? Looking at the calendar, I am on day 3 of abstinence. I’ve read elsewhere that the average is 10 days for regular users but I realize now I’m a heavier smoker than most… I do not want to bring up the drug test to my employer again, but hopefully I will hear more info about a timeline soon. I can’t imagine taking it any time this week though. Worst case scenario would be some time early next week.. Is there a chance I could pass if I took the test on the 11th?
    Thank you for this site by the way! I have been frantically googling for answers and this seems like the most trustworthy source by far!!

    1. Hi Jay!
      As you mention, you would be considered a pretty heavy user and I’m afraid for most people in your case, 10 days wouldn’t be nearly enough. The problem is mainly with the fat-solubility of THC and that it will have stored up in fat cells needing time to be released back into the system for detox. In my humble but frank opinion you’d likely need at least a month to get clean even with good detox efforts, including Toxin Rid and DEERS.. More like 2-3 months if you were to not put any effort into detox (these are somewhat average timeframes for heavy users in general from my experience). Which is why synthetic urine remains the most feasible option for many heavy smokers, and likely is in your case as well.
      If you go with detox, make sure to use home testing kits before the real one to at least have a clue of whether you have a chance to pass with your own urine or not. If synthetic urine turns out to be of the question (supervised) then next best option would be do detox as much as you can and then try to pass through over-dilution, although this is never ideal.

      And thanks for your kind words 🙂

      1. First off I’d like to say thank you so much for all this helpful information. Question #1 is do u think this also work with xanax (alprazolam) I get drug tested every week and was wondering if this would work. Question #2 would this method work for marijuana if I’ve been clean for 1 week? And is a gallon of water really enough? Thank you in advance for your reply.

        1. My pleasure Adrian :). Not sure which method you’re referring to exactly, but both detox and synthetic urine work similarly for other toxins (such as most medicines) as well. In fact other stuff are usually much easier to get out of your system compared to THC, due to its fat solubility.

          Dilution always comes with some risks so it’s never ideal imo. If you’ve got too much THC in your system, no amount of dilution will cut it. And oftentimes over-dilution is detected and the test will be considered invalid, needing a new one. Clean for 1 week doesn’t say enough about your situations, it depends on many factors, but more than anything how heavy/frequent a smoker you were before you quit.

  25. Love your website Sophie! It’s been very helpful for me as I’m having to do my first detox and I’ve been a bit of a wreck trying to make sure I’ll pass my test.
    I use quite regularly as I’m a budtender in WA-thus it’s an expected part of my job and have been a regular user (2-5 times a day) for a number of years.
    I’m female, 130lbs and generally a healthy eater (making sure to load up on leafy greens and fiber now too)
    I’m very wary of products on the market as I feel that 95% of them are just snake oil and/or just fancy laxatives-plus it’s not really stuff I want in my body. I also don’t have a lot of money to throw at a product that might not work.
    I’ve abstained from smoking for 3 weeks now, however I’m still exposed 2nd hand from my co-workers/husband/roommate…basically all the people I’m around. I tried an at home test today and failed so I was wondering if you have any other suggestions of things I might try?
    I am planning on hitting up a sauna tomorrow too.
    Your help and suggestions is much appreciated!

    1. Hey and thanks for your kind words :). Yeah with a job like that you’re bound to have a lot of THC stored up in those fat cells! The first thing that springs to mind would be synthetic urine, but then you need to know enough about your specific test to know it’s not supervised at least. Naturally detoxinf from that kind of exposure can often take 2-3 months, and even with effective detox products 1-2 months should be expected. Except for urine substitution it’s still your best bet trying to lower your toxin levels as much as possible through detox efforts. Then use another home test when your real test is close, and if still positive, look into dilution methods (never ideal and has their own disadvantages, but sometimes an unnecessary evil which beats the alternative of a certain failure).

  26. So, I have been detoxing for 10 days now. I got a negative result and then the next day I got a positive. Next day negative, next day positive. I tested 4 days in a row. I have abstained. I have dieted religiously and had more water and cranberry juice than I care to think about. What’s going on here? I have to test in approximately 5 days. I have used 3 different kinds of tests at this point. I am starting to freak out

    1. Hey Kristen, I know what’s going on here I think, been planning to do a post on this since some people do get this wrong. But when using a home testing kit the same rules apply as for the real test when it comes to dilution. So if you’ve been drinking a whole lot of liquids before your home test, your urine will be diluted and that may give you a false negative. On most real tests, this over-dilution would be detected though and the test would be considered invalid. So to use a home test kit correctly, don’t drink abnormal amounts of liquid before, but don’t use the first pee in the morning either since that can have a higher concentration than it should, built up during the night. Hope that helps!

  27. Sophie…
    I love how patient and helpful you are. I’m 6’4 240lbs. Ive been smoking at least 2-3 blunts a day since march and I gotta piss, probably supervised, I’m an athlete. I got out of the army in 2014 so I still do ruck marches at least 5 miles everyday when the heat is at its peak, I wear layers upon layers while I ruck, I also run at least 3 miles a day and I turn the shower on as hot as it gets and jump up and down for an hour. I eat healthy, drink water like a fish, and I crush up fennel, mint, basil, thyme, sage, and mix it with pineapple juice. I have to pass this test. Any additional steps or resources I should implement. Thanks, i love you!

    1. Hey Don, I try my best :).
      Bummer that it’s supervised, or synthetic urine would be the obvious solution for you. As for detox, it’s all on the homepage detox article which you probably checked out already. Good advice would be to detox as much as possible up until the test, and use home tests to see whether clean enough or not. But as such a heavy smoker, chances are you’re not, depending on when your test is. And if not, then you’ll want to go for some dilution method (not ideal, but better than the alternatives). Perhaps the Certo method, or stacking some detox drinks. The detox up until the test is still important to bring you closer to cut-off so as to improve the chances of dilution.

  28. I’m 5’4,female, 130 pounds. I was an everyday smoker, haven’t smoked in 20 days my drug test is about a week and a half away I’ve been drinking water and yogi detox tea.. is it possible that I would pass?

    1. Possible yes, although I do think the odds are against you here! May want to consider synthetic urine or at least checking your status in advance with a home test kit.

  29. Hi Sophie, can you clarify what heavy use is? I’ve been smoking one hit of weed a night before bed to induce a deeper sleep for approx 2 years. I have a drug test in 3 days. I stopped smoking 2 days ago so it’ll be 5 or 6 days clean. I’m also a high level athlete with low body fat so I’ve been doing some extra running in hopes of speeding up the detox. What would you recommend? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kevin, it can be tricky to put an exact definition but daily use is generally considered heavy. But then again, since it’s only 1 hit, I’d say maybe medium-heavy. 3 or more times a week but using a larger amount per occasion would be heavy as well. With just a few days of abstinence as in your case, I’d strongly consider going with synthetic urine as long as it’s an unsupervised test. At the veryu least test your self with an at home kit before if not, and try to detox as much as possible the days before, drinking a detox drink right before the test

  30. I have done 8 of 10 days of the Toxin Rid.I have not used the Detox liquid or the dietary fiber included in the kit yet. I also have the Nutra Cleanse Clean Caps.
    I have not smoked since the first of January.

    Now I have been notified I have a urine test tomorrow but not until afternoon.

    Can you tell me the best recipe for success tomorrow?

    I am confused as to the best way to get a negative result.
    Take the liquid detox and the dietary fiber, even though I am only on day 9 of the Toxin Rid?
    Skip a day of Toxin Rid and use the Nutra Cleanse on an empty stomach. then return to the Toxin Rid after test?
    Take the Toxin Rid beginning at 6:00-10 am as usual, then take the Nutra Cleanse even though it says take only the correct amount of water?

    Any advice would put me at ease. This is a “return to work test” and I must pass!

    1. Hey Miss, a bit too time sensitive for me to be able to reply in time I’m afraid, hope it went well!

      Since it might be helpful to someone else reading though; the best option imo would be to finish the Toxin Rid the day before, as in taking the last 2-3 doses divided in the same day, with as much time between as it allows (better than not finishing it in time, and finishing it after the test it doesn’t really serve the purpose of helping your test at all). On the day of the test take the fiber as suggested on instructions. If you want to take additional same-day detox products, it’s important as you mention to still not take in more liquid total, since it can easily over-dilute the specimen and make the results invalid.

    1. Hey Carmen, that sounds like a real bummer! Truth be told though, you can’t know for sure, since hair tests sometimes don’t detect it when it’s only a one time use. So even though the risk to fail is still high, the possibility of passing is definitely there. Feel free to share how it turned out

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