How To Store Urine For A Drug Test (To Keep It Fresh And Clean)

If you’re gonna use a urine sample for a drug test that isn’t right now (or any test, really), the most important thing is to make sure it stays fresh and doesn’t go bad. Thus, how to store urine for a drug test depends on when your test is.

Pee quickly starts to break down and go bad after its first contact with the air outside. Bacteria start growing and multiplying in the sample and soon you get that darkly coloured, strongly odored urine we’ve all come to love (or not). For drug testing purposes, this is something you really want to avoid, since it’s a telltale sign for the experienced eye that the urine isn’t fresh from the hose.

As a general rule of thumb, the fresher the piss sample you can get, the better. That means ideally you will get it within 1-2 hours from your test, the closer the better.

In this case, you can store it at room temperature and mainly focus on keeping it warm. If there’s longer than that though (max 2 hours), you’ll want a better place to store it to keep those nasty little microorganisms at bay longer.

How To Store Urine For A Drug Test Tomorrow (Within 24 Hours)

How to store urine for a drug test to keep it fresh
If your drug test isn’t right now, but tomorrow or within 24 hours, storing the urine sample in the fridge is a good idea.

If your urine drug test is tomorrow or in several hours, the best way of storing your sample is in your fridge. Get it in there as soon as possible, and it will be good for use for up to 24 hours, as opposed to 1-2 hours at room temperature.

A lower temperature slows down the speed at which the bacteria reproduce and thus increase the duration until your sample is no longer usable from a drug screen point of view.

How To Keep Urine Fresh For Days, Weeks Or Months

Again, if you can get your sample right before your test, or even within a 24 hour window, that’s better. But if that’s not possible, there is a third solution. The freezer.

Urine is a lot like food in the sense that if you keep it frozen, it will be good to use for a long, long time. Bacteria pretty much can’t reproduce at all at those cold degrees, which is the main reason this works.

And then, as long as you thaw your frozen urine sample correctly, it will still be good to go.

Now ain’t that cool!

There’s a fourth option though, which most people, including myself, consider the best alternative of them all when it comes to urine substitution, and that is: synthetic urine.

Synthetic Urine – Storage No Longer An Issue

When it comes fake pee, most of the common issues with using someone else’s urine are instantly solved. It’s guaranteed to be clean, and yes, synthetic urine works to pass a drug test.

Storing artificial urine is like night and day compared to real human pee. You can store it at room temperature, and even if it does expire, we’re talking years, not days.

There are important aspects to take into account when going with fake urine as well of course, including only using high quality products and hiding it properly, but as long as you read through this guide I’ve fleshed out guide on the matter, you should be all set.

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  1. How do I properly un thaw the urine? And get it to body temperature .I just put it in the freezer now my test is for a job that is at 2pm the day after tomorrow

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