Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review (Not The Top Pick)

Magnus Detox synthetic urine is a somewhat well-known brand, although not quite at the very top. That is of little importance however, since you know from my Quick Fix review already that popularity is not what makes a urine good. Popularity is often just an effect of more aggressive marketing.

Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review

Just to put it out there from the beginning, I have not personally tried magnum. Thus I can’t speak from experience. But I’ll share my view on it briefly nonetheless, because as always with these things, researching others experiences can be an even better way to judge how well a fake urine works than just passing a single test yourself.

Although I know that synthetic urine works, I would be careful about using Magnum Synthetic urine, simply because I’ve seen quite a few negative reviews such as this one on forums. That particular thread is pretty old, but still it’s generally safer going with products that rarely if ever have had these issues.

And of course for me personally, there is really no good reason to gamble by not sticking to what I already know works.

Many have passed with this brand of fake pee, and some have failed.

I guess one of its advantages is that this the Magnum Detox urine is often sold in smoke shops, meaning you could go buy it instantly, instead of overnight through a rush-order online. So, if left with no other choice due to time, it may be a viable option if you know your own pee isn’t clean.

No matter what pee you go with, make sure you’ve read my guide on the subject of using synthetic urine so you can make educated decisions.

What are your thoughts on Magnum Detox synthetic urine?

26 thoughts on “Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review (Not The Top Pick)”

  1. Jersey girl in a Georgia world

    Hi Sophie! Where were you when I needed this type of reassurance a year ago!? :)
    Last year I was in the same boat as some others, offered a job and was told I had 72 hrs to go take a test. I was offered the position, went through 2 interviews and a drug screen all within 2 weeks so unfortunately I did not have a chance to get clean. Upon doing loads of reading on forums, I decided to go with the Magnum. Bought it for $30 at a local head shop and was good to go. I did everything as instructed however upon getting to the lab (LC) and pouring the solution in the test cup, my temp was way high. I was worried. So I did the only thing I could think of- swirl my finger in it a little. I kept doing it until it started to drop. Once the temp dropped a few degrees I quickly went out and handed off my cup. Tested on a Thursday, got called Tuesday saying I was good and when could I start my job. Additionally I will add for the ladies, a sports bra and a little loser shirt is the best hiding spot. I’ve used it a few times. If you have a longer drive or more time between being able to heat something, wrap the bottle in aluminum foil. It will hold the heat for a while. I also did a trial and error. I would heat up the solution and leave it out.. see how long it took for the temp to drop without any foil or warmer. I also reheated the solution several times during my trials and used it to pass so at the time- reheating did not effect the solution. I am possibly going to need this again, which is exactly how I stumbled upon this site and I am glad I did. The Magnum I used in July 2014 is now being sold with a bottle of powdered Uric Acid that you add right before use. I’m wondering what has exactly changed because last year I was working for a hospital. I decided to bring in the Magnum and test it on our basic Urinalysis machine. It came back as the picture perfect urine as far as pH, SG etc.. I was told that it is the same solution labs use to actually calibrate their machines. Seems legit to me but I just wanted to know if you have any feedback or info on where the Uric Acid came into play, and do you think having this is necessary for a simple UA done with a quick-test cup, not being sent off to a lab?

    1. Hey, thanks for all the cool tips here! I love it when people do their due diligence researching.

      The topic of uric acid is a really confusing one I must admit. Or became so, after a recent e-mail conversation I had with a synthetic urine reseller of Quick Fix. He swore by uric acid not being something that’s tested for, and that most people confuse it with urea, thinking it’s the same thing (it isn’t). He also confirmed Quick Fix does not contain it, but since it isn’t tested for it isn’t needed. The background story apparently was that a few years back a brand in the industry mixed the two up, and to cover their asses then went out with a press release stating the two are one and the same, which lead to a lot of people believing that’s the case. Even spectrum labs (QF manufacturers) supportgot confused by this, and many re-sellers are to this day. You will see some websites selling QF with uric acid, when apparently it doesn’t contain it. It does contain urea, however.

      SS and Purine has both in them, whether they actually test for uric acid at some labs or not. That’s good because both should be present in natural urine and if they don’t test for it now, it’s somehting they could easily start testing for at any random time in the future.

      So when you say Magnum comes with powdered uric acid, it’s hard to know 100% if it’s uric acid, or if it’s urea..

      Most drug testing strip tests not being sent to a lab don’t test for urea, but since you have it already, I’d use it either way as you never know. If the sample is sent to a lab (which is often the default case if it does show positive), you’ll definitely want to have that urea/uric acid/whatever in there.

      1. I recently used the kit and it all worked fine. Are you saying to use the uric acid that comes in the newer ones? (just bought another kit as a backup and it comes with the uric acid) The one I passed with did not have uric acid to my knowledge.

        Helpful tip for guys, I did not even heat it up just strap it inbetween your junk and leg and it will be warm enough for the test. after about an hour for me.

        1. Imo, the more complete a synthetic urine formula the better. Uric acid is in real urine, so I prefer having it in the fake one as well. Whether some test for it or not I’m unsure at the moment, but it’s definitely something they could start testing for suddenly, and thus an unnecessary risk imo not having it in there, since there are brands today available that do.

        2. Thanks for the post. Its been tough to find one recent, I used Magnum yesterday at Labcorp without the uric acid and was nervous after reading that most labs are testing for it now. I have also read that using the uric acid is a marketing ploy for most companies to make more cash for there product. Im feel alittle better now knowing that someone has passed recently.

          Thanks again

      2. This has been very helpful. But somewhere down the line I got mixed up. Are we agreeing that the magnum synthetic urine sold currently is legit? That itd still working?

        Also I have heard rumors they don’t even sell this anymore? That’s it’s hard to get other than online.

        And is this safe to leave out of the sunlight but in your car for a long period of time?

        1. As mentioned I’ve nt used it myself and there have been quite a few negative reviews as well so I let people decide for themselves whether they think it’s safe or not.

          Whether it can handle being left in your car, I think you need to check the instructions or ask the manufacturers about storage of it. I assume if your car has a tendency to get very hot and this happens repeatedly, it may affect the urine, but again not sure.

  2. Magnum Synthetic 4oz. has worked for someone I know several times with no problems. Currently used for a test for synthetic drugs….waiting for results on that one, but will update when results are in.

  3. Does magnum work for pre employment drug screen for a 5 panel test to a medtox lab? I did it correct as the instructions says
    And also they did a Shakedown to see if I had anything on me to cheat a drug screening do you think they would test for that if they did all that I just don’t want to be busted with this

    1. So you’re saying that you used the magnum and they sent it to the lab and it still passed as real pee correct? My boyfriend recently did a test and was worried that he would fail because it was sent to a lab.

      1. Did he pass are you from the northeast south or west ? My boyfriend will be taking one at a medical building so we aren’t sure if it will work or not

  4. I had taken a drug test with Magnum Synthetic Urine with Uric acid on July 28, 2016 got my results Monday saying I got the job. Worked like a charm, never heard of Magnum had always used Quick Fix Plus and was afraid to try this one but it worked!??

  5. Magnum will get u fired from your job its ph levels are too high an the lab will kno trust me it doesn’t work for labs it dont simple as that this company getting rich all the while people are losing there job are not getting one DONT BUY THIS CRAP

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