MDT Solutions Direct Instant Cleanser & Permanent 5 (Done & Gone)

Had a discussion with a friend the other day who brought up a detox drink from MDT Solutions ( he tried that received some buzz for a brief moment last year only to vanish off the market.

Recognizing the name I couldnt help but looking it up, and the first thing that struck me was that the website now returns a 404. Investigating it further, it became clear that the company has ceased to exist.

MDT Solutions Direct Instant Cleanse Cleanses No More

So for those of you who ever used MDT Solutions Instant Cleanser or the Permanent 5 detox (their most marketed products) and liked it, you now get to mourn the fact that you’ll  never get to try them again.

To be fair though, I’ve seen a fair bit of negative feedback about them. Whether that had anything to do with the company ceasing to be, I do not know.

I never tried it myself since I tend to stick to what I know works, and which I’m rather certain works better than MDT Solutions would either way.

You can find the best ways to get weed out of your system fast on this page if it’s a drug test you’re worried about (or if you just want to get clean too, of course).

5 thoughts on “MDT Solutions Direct Instant Cleanser & Permanent 5 (Done & Gone)”

  1. Christine Martinez

    I’m in remission from cancer in lots of pain pot helps me think of other things. I stopped for a year for my doctor it was either that or they take my pain pills away. I started again rite after last drug test now I’m worried about coming up test. I need to have my pain pills in my system ?I need help

    1. Not sure how I can be of help here. Maybe detox a while in advance of a test while you obviusly keep taking your pain pills, so that one will be in your system and not the other.

    2. Well tbh it’s a proven fact that weed kills cancer cells LOOK IT UP ITS PROVEN SCIENCE but that’s just me gl on the cancer and I hope u do get better if you loose your pills don’t worry pot kills cancer cells gl to u

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