Mega Clean Detox Review (Detoxify’s Large Herbal Cleanse Drink)

Mega Clean detox reviewMega Clean is one of the detox drinks I have used many times over the years, along with its smaller sized Xxtra Clean and Ready Clean.

It has always given me consistent results as long as I’ve followed my personal guidelines for beating urine tests, which means combining it with a Toxin Rid detox.

Mega Clean Detox Review

Mega Clean being the largest herbal cleanse detox drink they have, it’s intended for heavy marijuana use rather than occasional, where a smaller size such as Xxtra Clean or in some cases Ready Clean would be sufficient.

From my experience, Detoxify’s Mega Clean cleansing drink is more effective than the more heavily marketed Qcarbo32 or Stinger. The only same day detox drink I actually do favor more is the One Shot Concentrate, as explained on this page. But it’s not by much.

As I’ve said time and time again however, it’s never a good idea to rely solely on a detox drink like this, since it’s far from a fool-proof method to pass you urine test. Only when taking the time to detox properly up until the test, will a drink like this truly shine.

I buy this from Test Clear where I get a few of my other main detox products as well.

What’s your Mega Clean detox review?

10 thoughts on “Mega Clean Detox Review (Detoxify’s Large Herbal Cleanse Drink)”

  1. Hi,
    How do you avoid getting a diluted ua result? It seems that it’s fairly easy to over consume liquid and then have to re-test because of over dilution. I’ve seen some things about taking creatine, Gatorade, etc but there isn’t enough info on this. Please help out. Thanks

    1. Hey Jill, the most simple answer is obviously to not drink fluids the day of your test, at least not more than the regular few glasses with meals. To spot dilution they can test creatinine concentration, usually among other things, so if you drink too much fluid, it will be diluted if the test checks for that. Good detox drinks usually contain creatinine and some other stuff to attempt to hide dilution, but it’s not fool-proof and when using same day detox drinks it’s thus extra important to not drink too much other fluids that day, since it will add up.

    2. hey so i quit smoking weed a week ago and i have a drug test for the army on march the 3rd, now that is a couple months away but no harm in being cautious.
      Ive been a heavy smoker for over a year now, im in my early 19s weigh 68kg and have regular motabolisim (not sure bout spelling) i do reguarly work out and instead of wearing a singlet and shorts i now wear a full tracksuit to sweat more, i already eat healthy other than the occasional coca cola or red bull, and i do plan on buying Mega Clean closer to the date. if i keep this up like i constantly have been since 8 months ago, do you think ill be ok? Cheers

      1. Hey Kyle, March the third sounds more like 1 month than a couple (big difference obviously when it comes to detox). Whether you’ll be clean enough until then through natural detox, it’s hard to say, many heavy smokers won’t be, and some will. Imo, if you’re getting a detox product, look in to Toxin Rid rather than Mega Clean (or even better use both, but if you’re to choose one definitely Toxin Rid). Read the home page of this site for more info about it. Far too many have failed due toputting their faith in just a same day (which Mega Clean is an example of). Also it’s a best practice to always use home tests kit to know you’re clean enough before taking the real test. There are some ok ones from amazon recommended on the homepage too, or you can get them from a store (usually more expensive though). To sum it up, my gut tells me having been such a heavy smoker, you won’t be clean naturally for the test (it’s still possible you are), but you probably will with some good detox products.

  2. I took the drink and urinated 3 times and took the test on my fourth. I haven’t gotten my results yet but haven’t smoked in 11 days and on day 3 of my 5 day dextox (same brand I believe) I like to know, is there anyone who can reassure me I will be ok?

      1. Saw this just now, but same answer pretty much. Daily still adds up to alot so I’d say it’s still medium-heavy use, but either way, since the test is already done, it’s best to just wait for the actual results which is the only way to know in the end.

    1. It’s pretty much impossible based on that info to form an opinion. It depends on many things, most of all how heavy a smoker you were before these 11 days. If you were a very heavy one, than a detox drink like this usually wouldn’t be enough. If just an occassional one, then you’d have decent chances of passing. Then there are other factors such as individual body/metabolism, detox efforts etc.

  3. Hi Sophie

    I just completed a 7 day detox using Toxin Rid. I used the test they provided and came up negative. 4 days later I took another test using FirstCheck and it came up positive. I haven’t smoked in three weeks. I have a test tomorrow for a new job. I have a bottle of Mega Clean. Do you think it will help me pass?


    1. Hey Soho. Test done by now but still. Yeah Mega Clean could certainly help you pass since you’re obviously pretty close to the cut-off. I think (granted that you read the home tests correctly, many make mistakes with this), you may have used the first home test after having drunk a lot of fluids that day, thus passing with the help of dilution. It’s something to definitely keep in mind with home tests to avoid false negatives. It would also make sense if it’s the case that you’re a heavy smoker, since it definitely can take more than 3 weeks for heavy users to get clean, sometimes no matter what they do, due to the nature of THC being stored in fat cells and then releases back over time. The best advice, if unsupervised tests, is often to go for synthetic urine if one is a very heavy user and know the test is within a month.

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