Stinger Detox Review (And Why You May Want To Think Twice)

The Stinger Detox drink is a somewhat well-known detox product in the drug detox industry. As always the question is, does it help you pass your test and how effective is it?

Stinger Detox drink reviewStinger Detox Review

As far as the same-day detox drinks go, I’d say the Stinger Detox drink is as good as any of the competing brands such as Qcarbo or Ready Clean. An hour after drinking one you have a window of a few hours during which you should take your test.

It won’t make you pass your test on its own unless you have a really low amount of toxins inside already, but will make a decent complement to a proper detox program.

Stinger also has a 7 day total/permanent detox product, although I’d never go for that one over the proven Toxin Rid.

If you want to know the best ways to pass your urine test you can check out the products I use on this page as well as this guide.

What’s your Stinger Detox review?

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