Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force Review (Will It Work?)

Although I have not tried Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force myself, my impression of it from what I could dig up so far is that it is a bit underwhelming and personally I’d stick to what I know works well to pass a test.

Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force Review

Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force reviewThat being said, if you’re familiar with my recommendations you’ll know that as long as you’ve detoxed well in advance (using Toxin Rid for example) there are several same day detox drinks that could do. Test Pure Platinum is no exception to this rule. Just don’t use it on its own.

It works in the same manner as other same day detox drinks in that it does not actually detox you, but it attempts to dilute and hide toxins temporarily, giving you a certain window of time to take your test. If you rely solely on this product to pass your test, I’d say you also need a good amount of luck unless you’ve been smoking like, once, and it’s already been a while since.

Use your own judgement here. If you think this drink won’t be enough, you can check out this guide which gives you the best options to beat a urine test.

If you’ve tried it, what’s your Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force review?


2 thoughts on “Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force Review (Will It Work?)”

  1. I used Test Pure Platinum for the drug test at my new job and I passed. I’m a tiny woman, I’m 5’4″ and I weigh about 110lbs, so I don’t have much, as far as fat cells, for it to be stored in, but I used it regardless.
    I’ve smoked pretty much every day for the past year, and I also take opiates daily. Throughout the entire week before the test, all I drank was water…not coffee, juice, nothing but water, but I continued to smoke. 2 days before the test, I stopped smoking, but still took opiates. The morning of the test, as soon as I woke up, I drank 2 bottles of water and ate breakfast at least 2 hours before the test. The product gives you a 5 hour window between drinking it and taking the test. I took it as directed; drink it, then drink water 15 min. later, urinate at least 3 times before the test. My urine was a clearish fluorescent yellow. The facility actually sends out the sample to be tested, it wasn’t done right there. A few days later, I received a call that I had passed.
    I’m sure there are factors that contribute to passing, such as diet, weight ratio, etc., but the product worked for me.

  2. I used Test Pure today and I PASSED I followed the directions to the T and it was a success for was worth every penny I spent

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