Xxtra Clean Detox Review (Detoxify’s Medium Herbal Cleanse Drink)

XXtra Clean detox reviewI don’t have a whole lot to say about this detox drink, so this will be a brief review:

Xxtra Clean Detox Review

Most of Detoxify’s detox products are pretty decent, and Xxtra Clean is no exception to the rule.

It is the medium-sized (20 ounce) herbal cleanse drink of the series, in between the smaller Ready Clean and the larger larger Mega Clean.

What size you go for mainly depends on your needs. In other words, how much you’ve smoked.

It also depends on how long a Toxin Rid course you’ve taken and your detox efforts in general.

Be sure you’re not relying solely on a same-day detox drink like this. It will raise your chances to pass by a bit, but not as much as one would want in order to feel safe before a test.

Xxtra Clean can play a part in passing your drug test, but it can’t make sure of anything.

This is how you should do it to be really safe.

To use it you simply follow the instructions included with it on the day of your test. I get it from Test Clear.

What’s your Xxtra Clean detox review?

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