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If you have questions or comments about THC detox or passing drug tests, or about the content, then please leave it as a comment under the relevant post, since that’ll help everyone with a similar question reading the comment. Answering the same questions through e-mail would simply take too much time, so I usually won’t reply to these if you use the contact form (and guys, if the comments are temporarily disabled it’s because I dont have time to reply to people at the time, e-mailing me will not change that fact!).

I can’t promise a super-promt reply since I don’t have time to check this e-mail very often either, definitely not as often as I check the comments of the site.

(For any questions about me or THCClean in general, make sure to first read the about page!)

I get a lot of questions about Toxin Rid, and some about Aloe Rid and Purine. Usually TestClear who sell these products can give you faster assistance on that through their live chat.

Questions regarding Oral Clear or Sub-Solution are best asked to the support at since they deal with these types of questions on a daily basis.

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