How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test (The #1 Method & Very Effective)

Are you facing a hair follicle drug test in the near future?

Although it has become more recognized lately that cheating on urine tests is a very real thing, many professionals believe these hair tests can’t be fooled.

They are wrong though. It may take a little more commitment to pass a hair test than other drug tests, but it’s definitely doable once you know how to.

The use of hair follicle screenings has actually increased a lot over the last decade.

And the reasons are obvious:

  • The detection time is way longer than other tests.
  • It isn’t at all invasive.
  • It’s considered hard to cheat, since there are no privacy concerns obtaining it and thus harder to tamper with the sample in any way.
  • It’s very accurate.
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Basic Understanding Of The Hair Strand Test

how to pass a hair follicle drug test
Studies have shown people with dark hair or more likely to test positive for drugs than those with light hair color, so in a way the hair drug test is discriminating.

In your typical hair drug test a thin strand of hair is taken close to the scalp using scissors and placed in a sealed container. 1.5 inches of this is used. This detects drug use about 3 months back, one month per every half-inch of hair.

It is however definitely possible to go back further, even up to a year and detect drug use, but this is not how the standard tests work and pretty much reserved only for certain legal situations. If you’re really worried I suggest you do some reasearch into what test specifically it is you’re taking, what lab and so on.

If there is no head hair available, hair from other places of the body works as well.

The sample is then shipped to the laboratory where it is chemically washed to eliminate any false positives from outer contact with drugs and then analyzed.

Generally you will have your results within the next three days or so.

For you hair to grow it, just like the rest of the body, needs to get its supplies from your blood. When there are toxins (such as THC and metabolites) in your blood these get deposited in your hair follicles along with the building blocks (amino acids/proteins/minerals and what not). The hair follicle is the sac from which a hairs grows out of.

So when your hair grows, these toxin traces are trapped inside and serve as great evidence to examine what toxins were in your body at a certain time. The time can be roughly estimated by knowing how fast hair grows.

It takes about a week for drugs used to be detectable in your hair (the time it takes for hair to grow past the scalp surface).

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test – Fast And Effective Way To Detox Your Hair

Yep, time for the interesting part. How do you pass this infamous test (aside from being clean the last 3+ months) when regular detox won’t affect your hair?

It’s definitely beatable and many forum members will attest to this over the internet. Myself included. It is however a bit expensive if you want the best solution for it. Which also seems to be the only really reliable method at the time. First, let’s look into the available shampoos for cheating this test.

Detox shampoos

The two best detox shampoos to beat the hair follicle drug test, based on the account of many who actually have passed it, are:

  • Aloe Rid (old formula) – the core product when it comes to reliably beating a hair drug test. It’s worth repeating; old formula or it doesn’t work. TestClear still sells the old one, although they’re often short in supply and it isn’t very cheap. Yet I would never attempt to pass the follicle test without it. Yep, it’s THAT important. It is sold combined with Ultra Clean since they synergize very well. It’s also part of the Macujo method (see below) which is considered the best method to beat this test currently.
  • Ultra Clean – A popularly mentioned shampoo around the web. It is somewhat effective in that it definitely increases your chances. To be used on the same day of your test. It is in no way reliable on its own though, and shines in synergy with the core of Aloe Rid. This shampoo alone is not as expensive, but as with so many other things it holds true that if you want more powerful stuff it’ll cost you more.

There are a few more (not many though) I could mention but the above mentioned are the ones I use and would suggest anyone else serious about having your hair pass the test use too.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”none” icon=”alert”]It’s worth noting that while some detox shampoos work very well for many, a lot of shampoos labeled as “detox shampoos” are actually not that much different from your regular shampoo. It just sells better, marketing them as such.[/box]

But shampoos are not the only thing you can (or should) use to cheat the hair follicle test..

The Macujo Method To Cleanse Your Hair Follicles

The Macujo method is the most effective method you’ll find to beat the hair follicle test at the moment. Literally hundreds of weed users have used it to pass their test and shared their success.  Hence with time it’s gained popularity over the internet. Judging from user feedback online it’s rocking a well over 90% success rate in beating the hair test and is now probably the most discussed method for passing the test on online and social platforms.

I’ve beaten 3 hair tests myself using the method, and this after regular (almost daily) marijuana use.

Most people don’t give back to the forums however, so the ones that have actually passed using the Macujo method are probably more in the thousands or tens of thousands. The ones that failed may have just been unlucky, since nothing works for everyone when it comes to drug testing, but it could also be that they didn’t do it right.

The Macujo method has actually been around since the early 2000’s, it just wasn’t as well-known back then.

What you need:

Macujo method checklist

        • Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo. As mentioned above it needs to be the old formula that uses propylene glycol. Costly, but nothing else really comes close to it. You can get the old formula here.
        • A shampoo using salicylic acid. I use Neutrogena T/Sal (3% salicylic acid)
        • Liquid tide detergent. I use this one but any brand at your local grocery store works just as well.
        • Heinz vinegar. Any white vinegar is fine.
        • Shower caps. At the very least a pack of 10. I get these since they’re cheap and effective. 100 may be overkill, but then again, maybe not. You’ll need a lot.
        • Goggles. To protect your eyes from burning. Any swimming goggles will do.


During the 3 last days before your test, preferably longer (9 or 10 days ideal), follow these instruction at least 8-10 times. If you start 10 days in advance, you can do it once daily, if you have just 5 days, then twice daily is appropriate.

First you need access to a sink where you can wash and rinse your hair with warm water.

  1. Put on your goggles. This is gonna get messy!
  2. Wet you hair under the warm water.
  3. Massage vinegar into your hair and scalp. Don’t skimp. Avoid getting this in your eyes.
  4. Take some Neutrogena T/Sal and massage it into your hair and scalp as well. This may burn. Then wipe clean exposed skin that are not part of the scalp such as ears and forehead.
  5. Put on a shower cap and let it sit for 30-40 min and use a wet towel to wipe away what escapes the shower cap.
  6. Remove the shower cap and rinse your hair.
  7. Wash and rinse your hair twice using Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo.
  8. Rinse THOROUGHLY. Use a small amount of tide detergent to help with the final wash, and plenty of warm water.
  9. (Optional) After an hour or so, if your hair feels uncomfortably dry, use a conditioner to return some of its moist.

The theory is that this process works through opening up your hair to allow Aloe Rid to take full effect.

Personally I follow this method to the dot. Use the Ultra Clean on the day of your test.

Hair Follicle Home Drug Testing Kits

This deserves to be mentioned since it can be very helpful with tracking your detox progress to see if you attempts at cleansing your hair follicles has paid off.

Hair home tests differ from urine and saliva in that samples need to be sent to a lab to be analyzed. This should be included in a good hair test kit, and is the reasons these test cost a little more.

Hair Confirm at home hair strand drug test kit Hair Confirm is a good testing brand and the one TestClear sells. It works like this:

  1. Once you get your test kit, you place your hair sample in the envelope included with the kit.
  2. You then send the envelope to the testing lab (the address is on it and shipping is pre-paid). It arrives in one business day.
  3. In a few business days you get your test results (everything is anonymous so you don’t risk anything testing yourself like this).

For a really high-stakes drug test a home test like this might be worth considering.

Personally I usually don’t use a home test for my hair tests, although I do use home tests myself before urine screenings.

Alternatives For The Hair Test

hairless unnatural
Being completely hairless isn’t the most natural thing and will definitely raise suspicions.

There is another option that is regarded as reasonably effective among the community froums. It’s sometimes referred to as the Jerry G method and uses peroxide bleach, baking soda and hair dying among a few other things.

The downside to it is that it quite literally destroys your hair through repeated bleaching and that you may want to shave it off after the test. This is probably the main reason most people prefer the Macujo method over this.

I myself have never tried this one since I love my hair way too much for that.

Which brings me to a third option, let’s call it the shaving method.

Basically it means shaving all of your hair off. Not just on your head, but the rest of your body as well since that hair can be used as substitute.

In theory this works to avoid the hair test although you’ll likely have to do a urine test instead. Worst case scenario they’ll refuse to hire you out of suspicions. I mean, let’s be frank here, who does that? Shaving every hair off their body, that is.

If you had hair during your first interview and not at the time of your drug test, I shouldn’t have to tell you why that is even more suspicious.

If you can prove you’re a professional swimmer then sure, go ahead.


What are your thoughts on how to pass the hair follicle drug test?

112 thoughts on “How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test (The #1 Method & Very Effective)”

  1. Is there a reason to only use Ultra Clean the day of the test or is it better to use it multiple times if you have the money and time?

    1. Yes, the reason is Ultra Clean can’t detox you very well, it is more of a masking effect. Hence you use it before the test. No real point in using it more than that since it doesn’t get in to the hair follicles. If you have the time and money the best thing to do is to go through the macujo method using Aloe Rid as many times as you can (be reasonable though, not talking hundreds of times, but perhaps more than the recommended 10 times).

  2. I smoked with a group of friends 72 days ago and since then have had 4 buzz cuts. The only times I smoked was 72 days ago and in May and on New Years. That was my usage for the year. How strenuous do you think I have to go to pass this test. I’m under the impression my very light usage and haircuts I may have cut it out already.

    1. With last time of smoking being 72 days ago already, you’re close to being in the clear by amount of time solely. Add on to that the fact that hair follicle tests rarely can detect just one single-time use. And then as you mention your hair cuts, with hair growing about half an inch a month (varies a little bit between individuals), if your hair is shorter than an inch at the moment, it’s likely clean.

  3. I last smoked a few times 40 days ago but I hadn’t smoked for a year before that, I just found out I need to do this test for a new job sometime in the next few weeks how worried should I be since I am not a habitual smoker?

    1. Usually, if you smoked more than once or max twice, within 3 months, it’s advised to take precautions. If you smoked just once it’s unlikely to be detected by a hair test. So in your case, if you’re lucky you could still pass but it would be somewhat of a gamble since these are highly accurate tests. In other words, you should definitely be at least a little bit worried. If it’s a very important test to you, then definitely detox.

  4. I’ve smoked about 2 to 3 times a day for the last year found out about this job a really good job and everything looks like they want to hire me haven’t had my first interview yet but quit smoking a month ago and saved my head about 6 days after that my first interview will be right at my 2 month clean mark not sure if they will test me that day or if it will be on the second interview witch would most likely be around 21/2 mark I bought the old nexxus shampoo and used it for two weeks and have some left plan on being able to do for about another week before first interview and using the ulta clean that day if they don’t test in first interview and have to go back Will it still work and should I be worried about failing should I try doing other methods too please help very good job need really bad?

    1. You say you shaved your hair 6 days after you stopped smoking and have been abstaining ever since. This would likely mean the hair on your head is clean. You should still consider though that they may test your body hair (arm pits, even pubics, etc) if your head hair is too short and if that body hair is long enough it may still contain THC from your daily use 2-3 months back. Perhaps use some shampoo for that hair as well, and cut it shorter. You don’t want to be all hairless though since that’s suspicious to say the least.

  5. Sophie, I have been detoxing for about 2 weeks straight using the Macujo method w/ Aloe Rid from TestClear. I’m 150lbs, and smoked about once a night, every night, but always a small amount. I have been clean for over a month. Does AloeRid work for only for THC in the hair? Or does it help reduce the residual footprint of all drugs, such as opiates? Do you think having been clean for over a month, and sticking to the Macujo process for 2 weeks straight before my test I’ll be in good shape for passing? I also have Zydot that I plan on using right before my test. Thank you for this site, and thank you for any insight!

    1. Hey, keep it up with the Macujo Method! The more the better pretty much. Clean for a month doesn’t help too much in this case, since it detects use for 3 months back, although it’s still necessary so that new hair doesn’t grow out with toxins in it after you’ve been doing the macujo method on the “old hair”. I’ve heard mainly that it’s been used successfully for THC, but it’s very likely to help for other toxins too, since there’s no reason for it to target just THC the way it works. I think you’ll be good for passing your test from what you’re doing already, but it’s the toughest test to pass so it’s never guaranteed, just very likely.

  6. I was clean for about six years, then I started smoking weed everyday for about 1-2 months. I now haven’t smoked in about 2 months. I’ve also had 2 haircuts since quitting. Do you think I’ll pass? What should I try?

    1. Well, in this case, if you didn’t smoke for 2 months, it might be smart to cut your hair to max 1 inch, since hair grows on average half an inch per month, and thus there wouldn’t be thc in that hair. If that’s not an option, Macujo Method remains the most reliable way imo.

  7. I was wondering about 2 weeks ago i used cocaine for 2 days pretty good amount. I haven’t used before. Today is the first day I used the aloe rid shampoo and the test is in the morning. I will also use the other shampoo that came with it before I do the test. What are my chances of not passing the test?

    1. It’s generally recommended to use the Aloe Rid much mor than just once, so hard to say. At least you aren’t a regular user, which will work in your favor. As for your chances, no idea.

  8. I smoked once on September 1st and I have a hair drug test in a week this job is VERY important to me. I am a girl and have pretty long hair. Should I be fine or should I try the macujo method?

    1. If you only smoked once (september 1st) and thus wasn’t a regular smoker before that, I think you should be fine either way. For one, it’s been more than 3 months, which is the time-span hair tests go back. On top of this, hair tests often don’t detect a single use at all, and it needs to be at least 2 or a few times of use.

  9. Sophie, I consumed 2 ecstasy pills about 2 months ago, I took my own private test about 3 weeks ago and didn’t pass. I am taking my real test this week, but shaved my head about 10 days ago. With my hair growing pretty quick, would the hair growing now be considered clean? should I be okay to pass my test?

    1. Since you shaved your head 10 days ago, your new hair should be clean. If they decide it’s too short to test though, they might take hair from some other place of your body, so keep that in mind! It’s not completely natural to shave off all your body hair either, but perhaps you could trim it a bit in some places, so that the only hair kept is that from the last 1,5 months. Tricky but probably doable if you’re worried they will test something else than your head-hair.

  10. Hello, I am currently bald and have a hair test in the next week I was under the impression that it will be a urine test but found out it will be a hair test but have no hair on my head and didn’t know if the Macujo Method can be used on body hair I keep my body hair pretty short and I’m starting to panic and only been clean for 5 days, I have at least 3-5 days to come up with something please help

    1. Well, aside from macujo method (which can still be used with short notice and have success by doing it many times a day, although not as ideal as if you have longer time.) bleaching and dying it several times is a fairly good method. It ruins the hair thouh, which is why it’s unpopular for head hair, but for body hair peerhaps that doesn’t matter as much and you’d be fine cutting it off after.

  11. I smoked every day for over a year. 2 joints a day. I quit one week ago and took 7 day cleanse herbal pills with detox and colon cleanse. I took home urine test with morning pee and failed. Seems like hair is still getting dirty at root still today then. And in a week that hair will grow above scalp. So, for hair to be clean wouldn’t I have to be clean passing urine test and then wait another 5 days for that clean hair to grow above scalp? So if it takes one month for urine and blood to be clean then to get 3 month of clean hair I would have to wait 4 months+5days?

    1. Yeah pretty much, there’s no exact number of when it’s too little in the blood to make a difference in the hair, since getting completely clean takes a long, long time, because it has a half life, and won’t disappear 100%. But if you’re clean on a urine test, that could mean you have 45ng/ml in your urine, while you’d fail if you had say, 55ng/ml, and 45 or 55 isn’t that big of a difference when it comes to if it will end up in your hair roots or not, so can’t go by that definition either. Personally, I think you need a higher amount than that for it to leave relevant traces in the hair. Right after you smoked, you have way higher levels than just a few hours or a day later, and that’s when it really gets in to your hair. If you’re a heavy user like yourself, perhaps you should add a few days to those 3 months, but not a whole month. These are just opinions and theories however, and I don’t think you will be able to find an actual number for this.

      If you use the Macujo Method though for example, and still think you have too high THC in your blood, you can concentrate the Macujo Method treatment over the last few days before the test, ideally doing it several times each day, and then very little new hair will have reached past the scalp. and you should have good chances of passing.

  12. I was caught off guard with a hair follicle test today. I have about 5 days before the test. Over the last 3 months I’ve smoked about 6 grams here and there. Not everyday. Am I screwed? Any thoughts?

    1. Macujo method can still work, you then use it several times a day for those five days. I’ve heard several people having success that way, but as always it’s never guaranteed.

  13. Hi Sophie,

    I smoked about everyday for a year but for the past month it’s been down to a couple times a week.

    As of January 25th I’ll be done completely and my drug test isn’t until May 25th at the earliest. Additionally, I was planning on cutting my hair a month after I quit and once again in late April about a month before the test.

    What do you think my chances are of passing a hair follicle test?

      1. If you are abstinent for 4+ months, you shouldn’t need to use the Macjujo Method at all, since the new-grown hair shouldn’t have THC in it anyway. But other than that, there are methods using bleach and hair dyes that can be effective although they ruin your hair at the same time, meaning you may want to shave it after the test.

    1. With your circumstances, I think your chances are great and that you don’t need to worry, as long as you can avoid smoking during these months as is your plan. Although they should only use the top part of your hair, as you say it can’t hurt to make sure it’s cut, 1,5 inches or so seems the perfect length of hair for test-day.

  14. I was clean for 5 months smoked weed heavy for a week about a month ago (dec 21)then quit again(dec 27) I have a hair follicle in late feb early March what’s your advice

    1. The way I see it, you could probably get away with just cutting your hair fairly short, a little shorter than 1,5 inch in time for your test, and that hair shoud be clean granted you didn’t smoke again after december. You don’t have the magic number of 3+ months which is the ideal but it’s pretty close. I’d say usually they will be fine with slighly shorter hair than 1.5 inch which is what they want for the test. And the other option would be to go with the Macujo Method.

  15. I’ve been clean since January the 8th. I will most likely have to take a hair follicle test in March. I was a heavy user before that, everyday 2-4 times daily. I usually wear my hair pretty short and have cut it twice in that time period. Should I be ok by March, or do you think I need to use the Majuco method. And also have you ever heard of spice/k2 showing up on these tests

    1. I think the dilemma here is that to be reasonably safe after 2 months (january to march) you’d have to cut your hair shorter than an inch, and whether they’ll accept that length for the test I don’t know, and may even wary. Usually they want 1,5 inch length in order for it to check the last 3 months and it’s possible they’ll take hair from some other part of the body instead. Not sure. The other option would be Macujo Method as you mention, which may be the better one in this scenario, but it’s up to you. As for spice/k2 no idea, it would depend on whether they test specifically for that or not.

  16. I’ve recently been smoking for the last month. I quit and was clean for a year prior to this. I just got a phone call for a job making great money and have to pass a hair follicle sometime in the next two weeks. I’m very skiing with extremely high metabolism so toxins leave he body fast. With only a couple of weeks left do you recommend the macujo method?

    1. Yeah I’d recommend the Macujo Method here. A fast metabolism is not very relevant for a hair test since once it’s in the hair follicle, it will stay there. For urine tests though a fast metabolism can be very helpful.

  17. I have been smoking everyday for years and i just found out today i got a job but they want to do a hair drug test. I have to take the test on February 8th, is it even possible to have my hair clean by then? And how if possible?

    1. It’s never 100% guaranteed when it comes to hair tests, but it’s definitely possible and even likely, but it’s in the post above already. Macujo Method would be the best bet.

  18. I haven’t smoked since Nov 7 15 and I smoked one blunt wit 3 people 2 weeks ago then again last week now I have a hair test coming up idk when could be another month or 2 the weed was I wanna say mid grade wasn’t strong at all had the grassy smell do I’m not smoking anymore tho do you think I could pass the hair test I already shaved after I quit about 3 weeks later but those 2 recent times is all I have done in about 3 months any help

    1. It’s not guaranteed that the hair test will pick up having used only 2 times during the last 3 months, but it’s hard to know and it definitely might so it may not be too fun risking it. If you don’t want to risk it, if it’s 2 months until the test it could be viable to shave it off right now as long as you make sure you don’t smoke again. The other option would be the Macujo Method.

  19. Hi Sophie,

    I smoked for the first time around January 9th. I had two hits off of a bong and a THC oil gummy. I have a follicle test coming up in around 2-3 weeks. Do you think what I consumed will make me fail the test? I was considering buying materials for the Mac method as a precaution.

    1. Hi Bobbo, although I strongly doubt that one time will be enough to fail the hair drug test, you never know, so if it’s a really important test or money isn’t that much of an issue (if it’s for a job, it will pay itself back pretty quick anyways ofc) it could still be worth using Macujo method to be safe.

  20. Back in Dec, I smoked weed for the first time. I took maybe three hits but did not inhale for very long. A few days later i took just one hit. Then two weeks ago I took two hits but didn’t inhale for very long. I have to take a hair drug test next week, should I be concerned?

    1. Very hard to say whether it will detect that or not. Had you smoked heaveier on these ocassions, I’d say you should for sure. But I guess you still should be a little concerned since it’s a little bit of a gamble when you don’t know. I’d probably take some precautions such as Macujo Method, but I already keep the Aloe Rid stocked at home so wouldn’t be as much of a hassle for me. Up to you what you do.

    1. Yes absolutely. The Macujo method is safer though, which is why I prefer doing that. It has Aloe Rid and Ultra Clean in it already obviously as the core, but the rest of the process is synergistic.

    2. Hi I was wondering if you took the hair test after just using the Aloe Rid and the Zydot? I am doing the same thing and will probably be testing on Tuesday. Let me know how it worked out for you. Thanks!

  21. So I have a hair foiliice drug test coming up in a few days and I smoked weed earlier this month for like 2 days and it December for like 2 days. It wasn’t anything heavy. Just a about 2 to 3 puffs each day. Should I have any worries? My hair is long and thick.

    1. It’s hard to say and would probably vary with individuals whether that would put enough of it in your hair to get detected on a hair test. So although it’s possible you’re perfectly fine, I’d still be a little worried. It’s a gamble, and I never like those when it comes to drug tests. If it’s a very important one, you may want to take the same precautions as had you smoked a lot.

  22. Sophia
    I’m not a big smoker i smoked more around the holidays but since then I might have taken a couple of totes here and there & have a test the beginning of March what should I do?

    1. Hi Sara.
      Here and there sounds to me like several times at least and that should be detectable on a hiar test. Best would likely be to do the Macujo method as described in the article, if it’s an important test for you to pass. There aren’t too many options with hair tests.

  23. Hi Sophie,

    I was a regular pot smoker for the past few years. Quit fully in November and have smoked about 8 to 10 times since then. The last being a small amount on January 17th. Not sure if I have a hair or urine screen coming up. If it’s hair my hair is too short on my head for that. Any suggestions for the best results for body hair? Also, if it’s urine, what would be the best route being the time line?


    1. For hair, as long as you don’t intend smoking again, it’s possible you could trim your body hair a bit to only leave what’s grown out after you stopped smoking. As long as it looks natural. Otherwise, macujo method can be used on body hair as well although a bit more of a hassle, since you need to do it in many places. If it’s a urine there’s the standard choice of heavy detox or if unsupervised, synthetic urine. Much more info on the homepage about this, in the comment section as well.

  24. It’s been more than 3 months since I’ve smoked weed. But on 11/21/15 I did take like 2 or 3 cocaine based ecstasy pills. I’m a little under 90 days. I’ve had a few haircuts since. I took my hair test today 2/10/16…..what are my chances of passing?

    1. Hair cuts will only matter though if you actually cut it short, since that’s where the new hair with the drugs in it will be, close to the scalp. My guess would be you passed, since you only used one time, but I couldn’t know for sure. Please do update with your results.

  25. that guy worried

    Sophie if im getting a hair test and i took like 4-6 xaxax bars and a little molly on my finger like way ess then a numby… would i pass a hair folicle test?

    I dod both a month to a mnth ago. My biddy says ill be fine but i would like 2 know from u also lol. Plz message me back when u can. Also i haven’t ever done them both except molly like 5 years ago haha so what’d u think…

    1. It’s impossible to know for sure, but I’d also think you’re probably fine, at least if you took the Xanax bars at one occasion. If you took them at different times, I’m inclined to think it’s as with weed, that it will detect when you’ve smoked more than once or twice since more gets into your hair that way. If it’s an important test, you may want to get a home hair test kit and see what it says (make sure it checks for these drugs you took), then take it from there.

  26. If I just use the Zydot Ultra Clean and the Aloe Rid old formula, will I pass? I have been washing my hair 4 times a day with the Aloe Rid and leaving on for 10 minutes at a time and I bought two boxes of the Zydot Ultra Clean for the day of the test. What do you think?

    1. Although I think the complete Macujo method is the safer bet, yeah you could likely pass with Aloe Rid and Ultra Clean alone, and I know of many who have done that.

  27. The Macujo method after 7 days is burning my scalp and causing it to be red. I am ok with it but I am concerned by the time I do it another 3 days when I go for my test that the redness of my scalp will be a red flag to the people that take the hair sample. Is there anything I can do to reduce the redness of my scalp and head?

    1. You test wil lbe done by now but yep I agree, if you react that way to the method, you may want to stop it a day or two early, as long as you’ve already done it for a good amount of time before that. I’m sure there are loads of stuff that can help reduce redness and irritation of the scalp, both among home remedies and lotions etc. Best bet is probably to just Google it or ask in your pharmacy.

  28. You should tell all that use the Macujo method that they will burn their scalp by doing this and MUST!! and I do mean MUST!! use conditioner after every process. Not using conditioner will burn your skin and is very painful. Just my two cents.

    1. Thanks for sharing. It can be a little harsh I agree, although it still beats the alternative methods of bleaching and dying mulitple times, ruining the hair in the process. People are different though, and personally I’ve been fine without a conditioner, but for those that react that way it’s a good recommendation.

  29. hi, maybe you can help me. i have a question. i smoked week for two times in november 2015. i also used ampethamine once per week. since november 10th i am completely clean. i cut my head hear every 3-4 week to 1.5 inch. i shaved my body and leg hair this week. at the beginning of march, i will have an hair drug test for employment. do you think, i will pass without using one of the described methods. or is there any other chance to pass it?

    1. I think you’re fine since it will have been about 4 months of being clean. Especially when you shave it to 1,5 inch there shouldn’t be any traces found in the test.

  30. Hi, I am an African American woman with dreads and I am a regular weed smoker(once or maybe twice a day sometimes). I have a hair follicle test in about a month, will the Macujo method work for my hair? I also stopped smoking a week ago.

    1. You’ll need to be able to wash the hair thoroughly daily with the Macujo Method, so dreads could make things harder I bet. Then again it’s important to remember nothing, not even this method, is 100% guaranteed to make you pass, although it’s likely it will and definitely your best bet at this point.

  31. Hello Sophie,
    I have a hair test on March 15. The last time I smoked was Feb 29. I smoked only a few hits but I’m sure it is in my blood still correct? I had quit for almost 6 months but recently started using again through the month of February about 2-3 small “bowls” per day (medical grade). I have been following the Macujo Method since March 2nd. Needless to say my scalp is quite raw. I am using the old formula AloeRid as suggested in many forums. It is definitely not cheap. lol I also have two boxes of Zydot. One of which came with the AloeRid. I intend on using one the night before the test and the other the morning of the test. With such short notice and my very current usage, if I continue this regiment every evening before bed what is your opinion as to my chances of passing the test? Also my hair is just long enough to get the test done on my head hair. I know this because I went into the testing center today and had them check the length to insure they could use my head hair. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Carter, test done by now but still, although not much would be in your blood still, there will be some trapped in your hair which is what matters here. It’s really hard to say the exact chances, but I think they are good since you’ve been doing Macujo in for a while in advance. Not guaranteed, but definitely good. Without it you’d be sure to fail at least. Do update with how it went though.

  32. Hi,

    So basically the situation at hand is this:
    Before December 18th: smoking bowls 4-5 times a week for 2 or 3 months
    December 18th-January 18th: Smoked 2-3 times a week bowls/vapes/a couple dab hits
    January 19th – February 5th: Smoked daily a couple bowls. Smoked a gram and a half on february 5th as well as two edibles as my lest session (stupid in retropsect but I didn’t anticipate this)

    So I stopped smoking February 5th. I have a hair test, not sure when, but the job starts 5/16. That gives me 100 clean days between last smoke and start date. However, I’m assuming they want me to take the hair test maybe 30-45 days before the start date. This would really cut into the clean time I have pushing it down to 55-70 days, not good.

    I probably would test positive if I let them take 1.5″ of my head hair without doing anything.

    I think this is going to be my plan of action:
    1. Get haircut down to 1 & 1/8″ a week before test. I want them to take it from my head but still be able to shave off 10 or so days by cutting off that little bit extra. Do you have any idea how strict they are on the 1.5″ rule?
    2. Trim down body hair to 1/4″ so they can’t take it from there (chest hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, pubic hair all of it).
    3. Do the macujo method. Now because maybe a month or a little more before my test is there any other steps I could do? I understand above you said that I could do Macujo once a day over 10 days instead of twice a day over 5 days. Should I be using the T/sal or any other product on my hair for as long as possible? I.e replace my current shampoo with it?

    Also, last question: do you know of any substitute for the Aloe Rid? I understand that this particular ingredient has worked in the past. But is there an active ingredient in it that makes it work?

    1. Hi Thomas. It seems to me you got it all figured out already when it comes to what to do. Not sure how strict they are on the 1.5 inch rule, so wouldn’t go too far below that. There’s really no set limit on how many days to do the Macujo, and in general it’s the more the better, although 5-10 days would be the minimum effective amount I’m aware of.

      Sorry don’t know of any substitute, but yeah there is a specific ingredient which is why it needs to be the old formula since it got replaced, don’t remember the name of it at this moment though, but shouldn’t be too hard to look up I imagine.

  33. Hey, I’m 185 and 5,10 and have a hair test in 2 weeks. I was a extremely heavy smoker but have not smoved in 5 weeks. I also just took a pee test and failed it. Does me still failing a pee test effect the amount of time I have to wait to get clean? Also if I was to get my test pushed back what would be the earliest to start the macujo method,like is 3 weeks to early to start it or what is most appropriate?

      1. If you have the time you could do that, but if not just go ahead with the Macujo, for most people the fact that your urine test isn’t clear is likely negligable for the hair test, and You’ll have done Macujo for the last week anyways, which is the time it takes for new hair to reach the scalp.

    1. Still failing urine tests has a little effect but not that much tbh, since once you actually smoke and get high, that is when the THC in the system really spikes and considerable amounts could enter the hair. 3 weeks is definitely fine to start the Macujo Method if you have the patience to do it every day. As long as you abstain, no new THC should get in to your hair (aside the tiny amounts that may come since you’re not clean yet). 2 weeks is prefectly fine as well though.

  34. daily smoker 1-2 hits- dug out or glass bowl. have power lungs from 1986 or earlier, have been clean for almost 3 wks

  35. Hi, I was wondering if you have heard anything on requirements for testing. Obviously the lab prefers you having at least 1.5″ of hair but if you came in with 1″ to 1.2″ hair you could cut a considerable amount of time off your testing window. Do they hold fast or can you convince them to not test body hair (which has a longer detection period by function)?

    Also I was wondering, if one is clean and is growing clean hair (though the tips are still dirty), if taking supplements like biotin and using coconut oil in the hair to promote growth would help shorten the detection period? essentially making my hair grow at .7″ per month or whatever.

    1. Hi, I think this varies a bit and might even depend a bit on the person taking the sample whether he/she is willing to make an exception. I think most wouldn’t care too much if it was say 1,4″ or 1,3″ but at 1,0″ I think it get’s kind of risky, because as you say it’s a big reduction of detection period, and they will know it as well. Can’t know for sure what they will do though, but I could definitely see them taking some body hair unless you’ve trimmed that to be an inch or less as well.

      Supplements for faster hair growth don’t work for everyone though, or different ones work for different people, sometimes depending on whether you already have enough of a specific vitamin or if you don’t. But if you know a way to make it grow faster that works for you, that’s absolutely a good idea to shorten the detection time.

  36. Hello!
    I need a little advise on my current situation. I was previously a pretty heavy smoker (3-4 bowls daily) and have quit as of February 29th. I will have a hair test at the beginning of June. This is pretty much exactly 90 days. I am a female with long, dark hair (so cutting all but 1.5″ or shaving is NOT an option). I am concerned that my hair won’t grow all of it out in time, or that they could possibly go back further (pretty strict company). Unfortunately, purchasing $235 shampoo is not an option for me. Does a single bleach/redye work? What would your suggestion be? Please help! Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello,
      I can see why having exactly 90 days can be worrisome. I mean, 0,5″/month is an average and some peoples hair grow slower than that, while as you say, it’s possible they test for slightly longer (would be very slightly though). And being such a heavy daily user, if hair from that period is within the tested hair range, I think it would definitely make one fail. With Macujo out of the question due to budget, there aren’t a lot of options good enough. Generally, for bleaching and dying to work it’s recommended to do it several times, and from what I know it will pretty much always harm or even destroy your hair’s quality (which is why many cut it off after passing their test that way). No experience with that myself though, I tend to stick with Macujo method since it has the best of both worlds when it comes to good results and how unhelathy it is to ones hair. There is something though you may try, which can work or increase chances when the time of abstinence is as close as in your case, and that would be to try to make your hair grow a little faster. A little is all that’s needed after all. Best done by using certain supplements for it, but do your due diligence to find out what has worked for others. I hear biotin works wonders for a lot of people for example.

  37. Hi Sophie! Here’s my situation. I have either a urine test or a hair test in 5, 6 or 7 days. They won’t tell me which test or exact day, so I need to be prepared for all. I was an everyday smoker since the year 2000. I quit for the month of January 2016. Smoked intermittently through Feb and March. My last smoke was April 3rd. Found out on April 4th that I would be tested. Shaved my head, face, chest, back and underarms on April 12th. Just finished the 10-day Toxin Rid program today. I got all of the Macujo Method ingredients you suggested and plan on starting that tomorrow night. I have a good amount of leg and arm hair that seems to all be about an inch long. I’m assuming that using the Macujo on my body hair will produce the same results as on my head. On my head, I am bald on the crown and shave the rest of it. Any suggestions? Any thoughts on my chances of passing? Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi BZ. Tough luck not knowing what exact test you’re facing since that makes things a lot easier. Yeah Macujo should work the same on body hair from what I’m aware. As for urine, since you were smoking only intermittently the last months (I interpret this as not too heavy use) it’s definitely possible you’re clean from the Toxin Rid, but always confirm with a home test, especially since you were such a long time heavy user prior. Ideally you also combined it with healthy detox habits of exercising, diet, drinking a lot etc. If you don’t seem to be clean with home urine tests, consider synthetic urine, granted it isn’t a supervised test. Best of luck either way.

  38. Hello I smoked 3 hits 63 days ago and before that it has been years. Can i pass a hair test. I have had 1 haircut during that time. Thanks

    1. Hello Tim, generally a small one time use won’t be detected by a hair test. Still, hard to know for sure. Perhaps look into a home hair test if worried. Can be found from the same website selling Aloe Rid above, but also from Amazon I’m pretty sure.

  39. Hello,
    I am required to do a hair test by the end of the month and looking back 90 days I believe I did cocaine twice in April and took like one or two Molly pills in May and that is it. I do not smoke weed. Prior to this I was clean for 60 days and haven’t done anything since May. I have bought the aloe rid shampoo and have vinegar and stuff. I was going to get a relaxer for my hair also. I am also going to take a test next week just to see what happens after doing 3 days of the vinegar and stuff. In your opinion what do you think my chances are? I believe that if I continue to do this treatment on my hair and push the actual test as far out as possible my chances would be better right? Please let me know!

    1. Hi there,
      to me it sounds like your chances to pass are very good, since you shouldn’t really have that much in your hair in the first place, and with Aloe Rid etc on top of that. As always, you can’t be 100% sure with this stuff but imo you’re looking safe.

  40. Hi Sophie,

    I quit around the beginning of June. Then on June 25th I took one hit for my friends birthday. 3 weeks later (7/16) I took one hit. Then on the weekend of 7/23 I smoked 2 grams over the course of the weekend. I have about a month until the hair follicle test. I could’ve been clean naturally if it wasn’t for my lapse of judgment.

    I’m taking Hair, Skin & Nail pills to try and grow my hair out a little bit, and then getting a hair cut in about a week. Then start a modified version of the Majuco Method that I read worked for someone else with a similar build to me. Vinegar, Clean & Clear Face Wash, T/Sal Shampoo, Tide, and Arm & Harmer Advanced Whitening Toothpaste (has peroxide, baking soda, PEG, and propylene glycol listed as ingredients), and Baking Soda paste. I don’t have the money to afford Aloe Rid, or multiple bleaches/dyes. Do you think this would work to detox my hair? Thanks!

    1. Hey Ted, it’s good at the very least that there are only a couple of instances where you smoked during the time up until the test. Usually enough to be detected, but also not too hard to detox from in my experience (with the macujo method, at least). Aloe Rid is the main active ingredient in the Macujo Method, the rest rather helping to open the hair up for it to do it’s thing. But whether you modified version will work or not I’m afraid I couldn’t say since I don’t have any experience with it, and in the end feedback from people for whom it worked is the only somewhat reliable way to know what works and what doesn’t for passing drug tests.

  41. Ok I quit weed for about a year and some and smoked consistently for about two weeks but not heavy( roughly two hits max each time smoking) I have been clean for a little over a Month got this shampoo called test pure used both packets pretty violently went and took my hair test today am I fucked it is there a chance ? Thanks

    1. Definitely a chance although few shampoos/methods to pass these tests are close to as reliable as the Macujo method (which isn’t 100% either, nothing is). Do update with how it went though!

  42. Would you recommend leaving the Aloe Rid in your hair overnight or for long periods of time to maximize its effects?

    1. Untested territory perhaps but no I wouldn’t, better stick to what’s already proven effective. The main reason not to would be that I imagine it could be harmful to your hair quality and scalp. Can’t confirm this but, it’s seems highly likely!

  43. Hi, I used to smoke quite frequently, almost once everyday. For the last few months I smoked once or twice a week. I have possible test coming up which will be 41 days of not smoking at all. do you think I would be in clear to pass?

    1. 41 days, when you smoked once or twice a week, isn’t enough. Will most likely fail if you ask me. If it’s an imortant test though, I’d go with the Macujo method to actually stand a chance.

  44. hey Sophie. thanks for your advice.
    so I have been a heavy daily smoker pretty much forever, for years. found out I have a hair test in about 3-4 weeks. I have long hair. can’t cut it.
    was planning to do a body cleanse /detox and the macujo method for about 2-3 weeks.
    whats the likelihood this would work for me? even with my long hair? the macujo method will work on all my hair not just the scalp?
    do you have any recommendations please?!

    1. Hi Vicki.
      Although never 100% fool-proof, Macujo Method would definitely be your best bet imo. As for your long hair, it doesn’t really matter as long as you get to wash the hair near the scalp properly, since a hair drug test will take the hair closest to the scalp (1,5 inches). So your plan sounds sound enough if you ask me!

  45. Thank you. I have found this website very informative. MUHUHAHAHA!!!

    I don’t like having to deal with jerry springer things or drug addict malarkey like my things going missing and drug dealers being invited over and stuff like that.

    I don’t really care much about weed as long as it’s not smoked on the premises (which I would definitely smell) but I don’t want people who do any of the heavy crap to be in my life at all let alone in the same house.

    I shall be renting a room out of my house again soon. I shall definitely be doing a month to month lease and before renting I will use a couple different methods of testing…and perhaps I will periodically retest the tenant occasionally as well. Suprise drug test. Lol

    I shall try to figure out as many ways to counteract cheating beforehand.

    I may also randomly pay a friend of mine who is a K-9 officer $20 to bring his drug sniffing dog over when I invite him over for some steaks or burgers. Im sure Fido (not the dog’s actual name) picking up the scent of coke or heroin would be grounds for probable cause and that the resulting arrest would be grounds for eviction.

    As long as prospective tenants are respectful of my no drugs policy I don’t think they will have any issues.

  46. This is a great resource, Sophie; thank you.
    I have a question.
    I have about a month before a test. I don’t know if it’s urine, hair, saliva, or blood, so I’ll plan for any of them. When it comes to hair, unfortunately, I’ll be on the road three of the 10 days before the test and unable to take the materials with me or have the time to go through the process. If I do the Macujo method for 10 days before I leave, then resume it for the one or two days before the test after I return, will that do the trick? I’ll also be going through the detox, combining food, exercise, water, and all the nutritional guidelines. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Shel! Ye that should be fine, since as long as you don’t smoke again, the newest hair that come up during these last days should be clean either way. So it’s the hair a bit further down from before you stopped smoking that really needs a cleansing

  47. Thank you for the advice. It is good to see others are in in the same boat I am in.

    I have not smoked mj in 25 years and only a few times then. This year I had a few drags back one day in March and another few drags one day in early May. It did nothing for me so I was done.

    However, I was at a party at the beginng of August and I inadvartently took a gummy that was somewhere between 10mg and 20mg. Again it did nothing for me.

    As my bad luck would have it up comes a big job promotion along with background check and drug test. Ughh had I known this I would have passed on the promotion.

    Since I am at the 60 day window what do you recommend? I have not anything since nor will I ever again. It’s just not worth it.

    I am assuming the worse that it will be the hair test. I have ordered everything you recommend including both home urine and hair testing kits.

    To make matters worse I am bald, with a beard with a lot of body hair. I’m guessing shave down as close as I can and use the Macujo method although I’m not sure how to keep the vinegar and paste to stick to my body hair.

    I am praying they give me the urine test.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. No problems! You’re definitely on the right track here mainly worrying about a hair test. Considering the small amount you used it should definitely be out of your urine, blood and saliva by then, with hair the one test that could cause trouble. A one time use in the last 3-month period could very well go undetected on a hair test, although it’s certainly a gamble. So yeah, make it hard to use the most recent body hair by shaving as you mention (a plus that you’re bald or it would be suspicious shaving your head right before a test), and if you can’t shave that short enough without it looking weird or suspicioud, Macujo Method is the way to go

  48. I smoked 3 weeks ago (2 hits from a bowl) and once before that (1 hit from a bong) and a few times before that but not every day. I’ve been clean 3 weeks and I have a “hair collect” test in one week. (4 weeks clean). I get my hair professionally bleached blonde every 6 weeks and I’ve been doing that for about a year….any thoughts about passing this hair collect test??

    1. Hey Tiffany, since you smoked several times within the last three months passing a hair test naturally is unlikely. The bleaching can definitely help if done recently, but I doubt it would be enough. The methods involving bleaching generally do it repeatedly to almost literally destroy the hair (hence not uncommon to shave it all offafterwards t let new healthy hair grow out). Personally I’d go ahead with the Macujo method in your situation

  49. One of my friends is applying for a job that requires security clearances and she said they would be using the hair follicle test on her. She said she had not smoked in a year and a month. Do you think it could still be detected in her hair if the drug test is to be taken in the next two weeks?

  50. Hi there.

    Smoked every day heavy for years quit about 5 weeks ago and test is on Tuesday. I have done the mac method about 10 times. How much of a chance do I have of passing?

    1. Hi Josh.
      Very hard to say for certain since there will be a lot of toxins in your hair from the 2+ months of daily use being tested, but youvre certainly done as much as you can in regards to hair detox, so I think your odds are pretty good. Would love an update after the fact though!

  51. Hey Sophie!
    I’ve stopped smoking July 27th of this year. I took a hit on September 21st and then again on October 6th. I get terrible headaches and weed seems to be the only thing that helps. What should I do to keep from testing positive in a hair follicle?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Belinda, sorry to hear about those headaches, I wish I could be of more help but it’s really laid out already in the post above! Abstain for 3-4 months, or if you haven’t, use the method above to still have high chances of passing either way

  52. Ok, I’ve skimmed all the comments before asking, and chances are this is the dumbest question- But at what point should I start abstaining? Like, if I’m using the method above, do I ~also~ need to be 90 days clean? Just a little unclear, I guess.

    1. Depending on how important a test it is, better safe then sorry right? Minimum 90 days clean is ideal, but the method is helpful as extra precaution if you’re just barely over 90 days, or if there’s not enough time (i.e. you smoked during the last 3 months before your test)

  53. I haven’t smoked since beginning of august. My hair is extremely short. I was around someone smoking 2 days ago. I have to take a hair test in a couple of days. Should I be ok.

    1. Since you’ll be 4+ months clean you should be alright, that small amount of passive smoking shouldn’t be enough to have any effect on the test

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