Best Weed Grinder For Your Needs? (These Ones Are Really Top-notch)

The number of herb grinders to choose from is ever-growing. With this in mind, how do you go about choosing the best weed grinder?

Well, as with most things, products (grinders in this case) that have stood the test of time come to mind. What better way to know you’re getting a good grinder for your money than going with one that already has a lot of satisfied users?

I’ve tried my fair share of grinders over the years. But as to not make this too heavy a read, I’ll make a brief list including my favorite grinders that I currently use along with some other well-recognized alternatives.

Best weed grinder

Keep in mind though that the best marijuana grinder for you, will depend on your specific needs.

Do you have a lot of buds to grind? Not much at all? Always consider this when choosing the size of your grinder.

What material are you looking for? Wood and metal are both valid choices. Personally I favor metal over wood since I find it more “stylish” or “luxurious”.

It is possible to get by grinding weed without a grinder, but it’s a bit of a hassle. Well-ground weed will also fit more evenly in rolling papers.

A great thing about pot grinders in general is that they’re not very expensive. Investing in one is thus a no-brainer in my opinion. They also make for nice gifts!


Weed Grinder Favorites

At first place we have:

1. Kozo Grinders 2.5 4 Piece Inch Herb Grinder

This is the grinder I use the most currently and consider my best weed grinder. A good all-around grinder of high quality. Great value for the money and it looks really neat too.

Doesn’t spill any weed and a great keef catcher. I’ve tried many grinders and this one I’m pretty sure you’ll love.

Got mine here from Amazon where I get most of my weed accessories.

2. Chromium Crusher 1.6 Inch 4 Piece Herb Grinder

This little beauty gets the second spot simply because it’s my go-to “pocket grinder” so to speak. You can get it from Amazon here.

Perfect for traveling purposes or when you know you don’t need a bigger grinder than this. It’s simply gorgeous and highly functional.

3. Space Case Grinder

Space Case grinderA well-recognized grinder brand. Various models available. I owned one once. Lost it though and I have never been able to figure out where it went.

High quality, but perhaps a bit on the expensive side, at around twice the cost Sweetleaf for a similar grinder.

Check out Space Case grinders on Amazon here.

4. Sharpstone Grinder

Sharpstone grinderWith similar price ranges to my favorite grinder, this is another brand favored by many.

Some of their models have see-through top pieces made out of glass which looks kind of cool.

Still, weed grinders made of all metal beats all in my opinion and is certainly the most durable. Won’t break if you drop it, so to speak.

See various Sharpstone grinder models here.

5. Mendo Mulcher Grinder

Mendo Mulcher grinderNot a bad alternative. I honestly don’t know too much about how their pot grinders compare to above mentioned brands, since I haven’t tried one personally.

But many people seem to like them and they are affordably priced, same as Sharpstone.

See Mendo Mulcher grinder models here.


Electric Grinder?

I couldn’t really tell you what the best electric weed grinder is, since I haven’t really had the pleasure to test too many of them. I don’t own one personally and I don’t feel I need one since they are mainly for grinding larger amounts of weed.

A friend of mine uses an electric grinder from Amazon and it is decent. Very affordable too. It can take a substantial amount of weed at a time and works well for solids.

If I ever felt I needed one I’m pretty sure I could borrow his (lucky me).



So, what to take away from this?

[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]
  • A high quality grinder don’t have to cost you that much.
  • Consider what your grinding needs are.
  • You can’t go wrong with number one on my list.
  • Electric weed grinders are over-kill for most.
  • If you’re dealing with buds, get yourself a grinder already!
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