How To Grind Weed Without A Grinder (Best Homemade Options Period)

how to grind weed without a grinderEver been wondering how to grind weed without a grinder?

I know I have, although that was a long time ago since I succumbed to using a grinder myself eventually and haven’t looked back.

I’ll let you in on a few great ways to grind your weed without a grinder in a moment, but first I’ll just say this..

Nothing actually beats using a real weed grinder for your buds or solids if you’re planning to grind weed more than say, once or twice.

If you’re grinding weed at least semi-regularly, just get yourself a simple enough grinder and save yourself the time and trouble of trying to get by without one. They’re not expensive at $15-30 and if you can afford buying weed, you can arguably afford grinding it properly.

I mainly use 2 from Amazon, the Chromium Crusher “pocket grinder” and a larger-sized one from Kozo Grinders (my favorite) which are both decent and highly recommended (I prefer aluminum over wood, it just feels and looks more classy although either works just as well). See my list of the best weed grinders if you decide you need one.

Anyways, enough about grinders. If you really don’t want to use one, here’s a list of things you can try instead:

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder – Homemade Options

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  • Knife and chopping board – Works alright, especially if it’s just a small amount you want to grind. If you’ve been chopping a lot of salads you already know the drill. Pro tip though: Use a non-serrated knife.
  • Coffee grinder – Probably the best way to grind larger amounts of weed without a grinder. Just don’t let it run for too long or it may get too powder-ish. Clean it thoroughly afterwards if you aren’t fond of THC-spiked coffee.
  • Small scissors and shot glass – Used to be my favorite way to get by without a grinder. Any small glass will do. Put some bud in the glass and start snipping. Fast method for grinding smaller herb amounts.
  • Using your fingers – It will obviously have to do if you’re out of options but not a favorable way since, unless your weed is very dry, you may end up just mashing and squeezing it together rather than crushing it. You’ll want it well-ground if you plan on using it in a rolling paper. The perhaps more serious problem is that THC crystals may also be lost, sticking to your fingers.
  • Medicine bottle and coin – Put some bud, along with a clean coin, inside the pill bottle and shake it. Hard. And long. Takes some time but usually gets the job done.

There are also guides on how to make a weed grinder at home, but these are usually less effective than the grinding methods listed above!


Obviously there are ways to grind weed without using a grinder. I’d say that among the ones above, the shot glass and the scissors works best.

Seriously though.. Get yourself a cheap grinder sooner rather than later. I recommend this site where I got mine from. It really is worth it.

Here’s how to make a homemade weed grinder (electric) in a really creative way.

Quite the hassle though!

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “How To Grind Weed Without A Grinder (Best Homemade Options Period)”

  1. I just used the certo method. 1 packet w/a quart of Gatorade plus 64 oz. More water about four hours before I tested. I passed and it was lab tested, not just a rapid screen. I also smoked 12 hours before I took it. I’m sure it was diluted. But it was just for a job.

  2. Hi there Sophie. Thanks for this awesome site. I desperately need your help. I am doing a full medical as a prerequisite to go work on a cruiseship. I hear they do blood tests… eeek. I am a daily smoker and have been for 10 years. I have approx 2 months to get clean and pass. Any advice,can I get this right? I live in South Africa and don’t have access to the same products. Please help.

    1. Sort of the wrong post to ask this under, but anyways, a blood test is good news and you shouldn’t really need anything to pass it, just abstain. When you’ve abstained for 10-14 days, a blood test can generally not detect any THC. If it were a urine test, you’d likey have to detox.

  3. Yeah, this post brings back the memories…..we were big on using the shot glass and scissors method. But now that I’m all grown up, I got myself a good metal grinder….being an adult rocks.

  4. The sure gel method definitely works, i quit smoking 24hrs prior and followed the directions, except i drank 4, 16oz bottles of water after consuming the sure gel mix. Dont know if it’ll work for everyone but it sure worked for me

  5. Grinding your own herbs in a blender works really well. My little personal blender has a dry ingredients blade and it works like a champ. If you don’t get all the little stems out, then you have to pass it through a screen, but it’s no biggy.

  6. Hello, I love to smoke and I just do happen to get myself in trouble and have to go do piss test for my PO so I get watched to pee, but I use Certo because its convenient to me but I get a big clear cherry Gatorade from the store put it in 2 to 3 hours before I go I take the same bottle fill it with water and drink after I then begin to pee I keep drinking water so it can keep circulating by the time I have to take my drug test I have use the restroom 4 or more times and I pass my test the lines may appear a lil faint if u don’t do it right but it does work I have been doing it since I been on probation you just have to do it right is all

  7. honestly save urself time go buy a sickass grinder for like $20 or less and theres many out there you can find so many grinders for cheap! i got mine for less then $18 and can’t believe I used to get by without one

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