How To Pass A Blood Drug Test – Not As Difficult As You May Think

how to pass a blood drug test
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A blood drug test is likely the most accurate of all four THC tests, provided it’s it is administered within its detection time.

However, it is also the rarest test of them.

How can this be?

The answer is simple. The blood test is the most expensive, period. It is also the most invasive type of drug screening.

Therefore, you’ll likely never be compelled to give your blood for THC testing purposes, unless the stakes are high regarding money or legal consequences. Sometimes a blood test for drugs is ordered by insurance companies.

But since it will happen to some of us, I’ll go through what you need to know for the best chances of passing one.

Not a blood drug screening?
Find out how to beat your: urine drug screening, cotton swab test (saliva) or hair follicle test.

Basics Of The Blood Drug Test

The blood test looks for the actual drug substance rather than its metabolites (products after your body breaks it down), as is what for example urine tests target. It also only reveals the toxin contamination levels in your body right at the time of the test (hair tests go back in time).

One big positive to blood tests from a stoners perspective is the detection time. It is rather short. Generally less than two days for a one time use or 3-4 days at tops. For a regular user it’s generally less than 7 days or perhaps a little longer if you’re a very heavy smoker.

So still this is nothing like the months of possible detection time of hair and even urine tests.

How to Pass a Blood Drug Test

As you may know by now, I prefer to minimize the risks.

Therefore, to pass the blood test it’s best if you abstain any cannabis consumption for a week. If you smoked weed the same week of the test, my advise would be to clear your system with some Toxin Rid. The 3-day detox should be sufficient here, but if you have more time than that then go with a longer detox. Safety comes first.

However, if you’re a chronic/regular/heavy user, I suggest that you either abstain for 2 weeks+ (the more the better) or go through a 7 or 10-day Toxin Rid detox in the period before your test. This should pretty much clear your blood of THC.

On the day of the test, use the Sure Gel method which you can find out all about here. This is best practice no matter how much you’ve been smoking.

Exercising, eating well, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep is always helpful before any drug test, with the exception of hair drug tests where it doesn’t really matter. See here for more information on the healthy habits to adopt before your drug test. In short, a healthy body can be considerably more efficient at detoxing and in this case breaking down THC into its metabolites (The blood test screens for THC and not its metabolites, remember?).

Note that these are very safe guidelines and that it is still definitely possible to pass a blood test without any kind of detox efforts even if you smoked just three or even two days back. Many have done that (some have failed that as well). It is risky though, and not something I would try myself.

If you smoked the same day as your blood test, chances are you’re actually screwed. It’s not as simple with blood tests as with some of the other ones where you can use things such as a mouth wash/gum, fake pee or a detox drink and have a decent chance of passing.

Your best bet here is going for the above mentioned Sure Gel detox.

Legal adulterants aren’t really an option druing a blood test and are also very easy to detect. In other words, if you attempt cheating that way, they’ll likely know about it.


What are your thoughts on how to pass a blood drug test?

90 thoughts on “How To Pass A Blood Drug Test – Not As Difficult As You May Think”

  1. I have a blood test coming up for a job. I stopped smoking pot five days ago. I would consider myself an everyday user for a year. I have a blood test in two weeks exactly. Am I good with taking the 10 day detox and sure gel method, or would I be better off with the 10 day detox and the one shot concentrate? I really need to pass this test, or no job. .and should I start the 10 day detox right away, or wait until I have ten days remaining til my blood test? Help. I don’t know what to do.

    1. Hey, since it’s a blood test I think you’d pass it without any product when you have that long of an abstinence. It isn’t really detectable for as long in blood as it is in urine or hair.

      1. IM about to go through MEPS and ive stopped smoking yesterday i used to casualy smoked like 3 times a day sometimes not at all if i quit smoking as of now and stay clean for a month would i pass the urine and blood exam?

        1. Forgot to mention im really active i go to the gym everyday sometimes twice a day i drink alot of water healthy diet 15% body fat on my 172lbs body

        2. Blood test you would pass without much problems, but for a heavy daily smoker to pass a urine test naturally, just a months of abstinence is rarely enough

  2. Hello i smoked weed 4 days ago and i am gona do a blood test in 3 days i am not a regular user i smoke weed 1 time per 2 months are their any chances to fail the test ? i am a bit nervous

    1. Chances to pass are very good I’d say. You blood should be clean in way less than a week when just an occasional smoker.

  3. I am a heavy daily user, I smoke probably one to three times daily depending. I am scheduled for a test in about 8-9 days. I smoked this morning before I got a call for a job. What do you advise for the smoothest results?

    1. Although test will be done by now, I’d say you’re likely fine since THC won’t stay in blood for very long, but being such a heavy user, I might have gone with some Toxin Rid and perhaps Certo on the day of the test, just to be on the safe side.

  4. Cheyenne Saylor

    I am a once a week kind of smoker and I have a blood test in a week or so. I have been taking a 7 day detox plan and have been hydrating myself a lot. Drinking lots of water and i haven’t smoke in about a week. What are the possibilities of me failing a blood test.

    1. I’d say you’d pass it. A week is generally more than enough, especially considering you only smoke once per week.

  5. I am smoking weed for 5yrs. I’m 19 yrs old I have a drug test 30 days from now. Im not doing some detox but i exercise sometimes. I stop smoking weed last week ago. What should I do?

    1. I’m assuming it’s a blood test since your comment is on this particular page, and if that’s the case you should be just fine as long as you don’t smoke until your test, since it’s generally not detectable for that long in the blood.

  6. I smoked weed today and on friday and on saturday if im getting a drug test sometime after easter and i exercise and drink alot of water what are the odds ill pass

    1. The general time weed remains in the blood is already on the page, so that’s what I’d base any opinions on. Ranges from a day or two to a little over a week, depending on how heavy a smoker you are.

  7. Hello I smoked last week Friday, & Saturday morning & before that the last time I smoked was August of 2015 I’m going to go to do a doctors check up soon & I’m afraid that they will give me a blood or a urine test & my parents will find out so will I be clean by the time I do the check up in April I’m not sure if the check up is the first week or the second week cause my birthday is April 20th & I’m planning to get high that day

    1. Hi Joshue. If it’s a blood test then yeah you should be fne. If a urine test, you’re still probably fine. I think you’ll be clean naturally within 2-3 weeks since it was just a two-day thing and your system was clean before that. But always good to make sure with a home test since you never know.

  8. I smoked weed for first time in my life before 17 days and i have to do blood test incomming 1 2 days. How it will go can i.get caught or no ? Ty

    1. Depending on how heavy a smoker you are, you could already be clean naturally by then, but still a bit risky. Best way imo to speed up blood detox would be Toxin Rid, as well as Certo method on the day of the test.

  9. Hi ive been smoking for more than 12yrs. I recently stopped smoking on March 28 till present day. ..I have an appt for a blood test monday.should I be concern about it or should I take a detox

  10. I smoked on friday and I have a blood test on Monday, I’ve being drinking milk with watercress and playing soccer, I was also told that I could pass my test drinking a hole glass of milk with watercress at dinner(Sunday) and stop eating until the test is done, do i have a chance? I’m a daily smoker

    1. You definitely have a chance, although at the same time it’s a bit risky. Personally I prefer some Toxin Rid as well as possibly the Certo method for short notice blood tests. I don’t think milk with watercress will have any particular effect on your blood test though. If you pass, it’s because the few days of abstinence were enough in your case (varies between people).

  11. I’m a daily user for about 20 years. I’ve been abstaining for 27 days and I am being given a blood test and urine test for insurance on what will be day 35. I’ve used home urine tests and I am already peeing clean. Do you think I will be clean for the blood test?

    1. For the blood test you should be fine for sure. As for the urine test, it often takes longer than that for long time heavy users to pass. Passing the homes tests is a great sign though, but make sure you’re not drinking loads of liquid before those home tests, or it may give a false negative due to over-dilution. If you pass your home test kits without it being due to over-dilution, then you’re likely all good.

  12. I have only used marijuana 4 times in my life, at different times. The last time I smoked it was exactly 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I had my blood test done by the police, I am currently waiting for the results. Do you think I will pass it? I am 19 5’3 and weigh 53kg

    1. Hey Phil. Since blood tests generally have a much shorter detection time than that you probably passed. Not to mention, with your infrequent use, your system is likely clean had it been a urine test as well.

  13. I have a up coming blood test in a day or 2, I smoke weed maybe up to 3-4 times a week depending if I have any, I have been smoking for about 6 months, I do have a fast metabolism and I am really active,the last time I smoked weed was on the 7th of April (Tuesday). Will I pass or do I have a good chance of passing?

    1. Mostly it would depend on how recently you last smoked I’d say. To be on the safe side I’f probably prefer a week or so of abstinence in your shoes, although you can still definitely pass with just 3-4 days, just gets riskier.

    1. Always a little risky with that short notice, since there’s not a lot of options when it comes to beating a blood test aside from abstinence. I’d do the certo method tho since it seems effective in theory at least.

    1. It’s too little anecdotal evidence at the moment to really know whether it will make a significant difference or not, but in theory, it does so through the pectins binding to fat, that in turn binds to THC, and then keeps more THC from being absorbed and re-absorbed through the intestines in to the blood. So instead it stays in the intestines and can be expelled through faeces. This is also one of the purported ways it helps urine tests, although dilution in itself is a big one for urine tests also, somehting that will not affect the blood.

  14. Dear Soph,
    I am a regular smoker (20+ cones a night) of 25 years of hydroponic weed and have a blood test on Tuesday for a new job. Tuesday will be day 12 free from smoking. I have a fast metabolism, slim build, active person and drink copious amounts of coffee daily. Do you think I would pass? I thought THC would last longer in the blood, I have ordered a 7 day comprehensive detox but dont think it will arrive in time.I dont live in America, so postage time is also an issue. What about asprin or iron tablets Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

    1. You should be fine since blood tests don’t generally have that long detection time. The detox won’t do you much for a blood test, but isn’t really needed either since you have enough abstinence. The reason it doesn’t stay as long in blood is they blood tests look for the actual THC rather than its metabolites, and the actual THC will be broken down and gone much quicker than those metabolites.

  15. I have to take a blood test whenever i want really how long do you think i should wait before i can take the test. I stopped smoking 3 days ago Ive been smoking for about 4 – 5 months 2 – 4 times a day im 5’11 170 pretty fit.

    1. Well since you can choose when to take it yourself, you might as well go for safety first. Being such a heavy smoker, I’d wait 2-3 weeks or so, even though you may very well be clean after 10 days.

  16. Hi.i smoked last friday And i have a blood test next saturday .
    I i’ve been smoking more than 1year,every day.
    I stop smoking last saturday And the blood test is on next saturday.
    A bit nervous.i have a good chance of passing ??
    Thank you

    1. Hi Pedro. I’d say you have good chances of passing although perhaps a little bit risky still since you were such a frequent user. I guess if worried you could always do a short toxin rid course or try the certo method.

  17. Hello, I have a drug test tomorrow morning. It’s a blood test and the last time I smoked was yesterday night what are my chances?… I smoke about once every three days.

    1. No idea. It’s not ideal that’s for sure but as for chances, it would be purely guessing and too hard to tell. Where one person may have passed in this situation, another may not, since our bodies work differently. All I can say is, it is pretty risky, but there’s still a chance you might pass.

  18. Hi. I stopped smoking about 1 month. But I still being around with my friend who’s still smoking pot. I’ve the blood test for drugs next week for a job. Do you think I would pass the test? If I fail to pass the test, means no job for me. Really hope for your kind reply.

    1. Hi. Yeah I think you’re fine. Passive smoking won’t have enough of an effect and besides, it’s only detectable in the blood for a few days up to a week in general anyways, and that’s when you actually use yourself. If you’re really worried, make sure you don’t hang around passive smoke any more until the test and you should be 100% fine. Again, you should be fine anyway I’m pretty sure, but that would be the overly-cautious way.

  19. I am a 65 year old woman 5 foot 1 – 170 and have to take a blood test for an insurance physical. The last I smoked was last week. Pretty heavily. Have not smoked anything since Monday. Should I be worried about the blood test?

    1. Sounds like you will have With blood tests it always comes down mainly to the time of abstinence you’ll have. Sounds to me like you will have close to 10 days or more and then I’d say there’s not uch to worry about.

  20. I have only smoked 3 times in my life, first is last year november then next is this january 2016 and last is this april 29. Will i be positive on my upcoming drug test within this month?

    1. If it’s a blood test you’re referring to than you should pass that test with flying colors. Urine likely so as well. Only test that may mean some risk would be a hair test imo.

  21. So I rarely smoke. But I haven’t smoked in about 2 weeks. I’ve been drinking lots of water an even taking niacin should I be ok to pass a blood test

    1. Ye you should be fine. Even a heavy smoker should generally be fine for passing a blood test after 14 days of abstinence.

  22. So I smoked on May 15th 2016 and I’m not a big pot smoker. That was the first time in a while! But I smoked a good bit. Now I have a drug test tomorrow and I’m not sure if there gonna take blood or make me pee I’m a cup(urine test). Do you think I should be fine? The date today is, May 23rd 2016 soon gonna be the 24 in about 9 minutes

    1. Test done by now so if you read this, do update with results. If blood I’d say the odds are strongly in your favor, a week of abstinence is usually enough. As for urine, it’s a bit risky. Could be clean but could very well need a little more time as well. I’d definitely check with a home test kit first and plan accordingly.

  23. Hi ! I’ve smoke weed only twice in my life. One was on 20 March and the other in 20 April. I have a drug test on 5 July. What are the likely chances of me passing the blood test ? Should I postpone my test to a later date or am I safe. I read a lot of articles and some say THCCOOH last for 6 months in the blood. I’m 1.86m tall and weigh 78kg. I live an active lifestyle of going to the gym 4-5 times a week.

    1. Hi Adam. Blood tests test for actual THC rather than the metabolites and therefore the detection window is relatively short, rarely longer than 7-10 days even for the heaviest users, and shorter than that for smokers in general. You should be perfectly safe for a blood test if you just abstain until your test, or do so the last 2 weeks at least.

  24. Glenn Adesoji

    My friend smoked weed twice in one week and 26 days later he got blood drawn from him…can he test positive for weed?

  25. Hello. I will have a test, probably this month. And I already abstained for almost 2months today. I am a heavy smoker for almost 7mos. I do have a slow metabolism and im nervous about it. Will I pass it? Thanks.

    1. I’m assuming you’re talking aobut a blood test since it’s on this page, and in that case yeah you should be fine. Urine test is a different story and not as safe, so in that case I’d suggest a home test and then go from there.

  26. i havent smoked in a month but my boyfriend does … usually hot boxes me in the car. its wednesday & i have a blood test the following wednesday. should i be worried

    1. Passive smoking is hard to get hit hard enough by to actually test positive on a test. A blood test especially, not much to worry aobut. Still though just to be safe, it may be wise to avoid getting hot boxed the days right before your test. After all, you never know!

  27. Hi there i smoked weed but just like inhaled it 3 or 4 times only not that much and it was my first time. i did a blood test like the next day and i was wonder is it going to show ?

    1. With such a small amount, and it being a blood test with a weeks abstinence, yeah you shuld definitely be clean by now.

      1. Hello I have 9 days until my blood test and I last smoked about 12 hours ago. I’ve smokex roughly .5 grams every day for about 5 years. Will I pass??

  28. I have a blood test in 10 days and I last smoked 2 weeks ago. I’ve only smoked 3 times in my life and I have a high metabolism. I’m 5’8″ and 130lbs. Should I be worried?

  29. Im a heavy smoker and have to do a blood test in 2 weeks and cant afford expensive detox stuff. Is there other way to get clean or will sure-jell method work just fine?

    1. Hi Marcus.
      2 weeks should be enough to get clean for a blood test naturally, since it doesn’t have that long a detection time, so no need to worry too much!

    1. My pleasure, Jaime :). Most take one, some take two. Should be in a few hour window before the test, enough so that you have time to pee a couple of times before the test.

    1. Help, absolutely. But will it be enough when you smoke daily? Far from it, so you’d still better abstain if you know a test is coming up!

  30. Hi im not a frequent or heavy smoker I’ve only ever smoked about three times in the past few months but the last time I smoked was about 2-3 days ago and I have a blood and urine test coming up in a few days, what are my chances in passing ??

    1. Hi jenny, blood test should be fine, urine very likely fine too, but not at all guaranteed. Getting clean from a one time use (would consider this that since you smoke so infrequently the previous occasions will have cleared out and not add onto the last one). So for the urine test you may want to take some precautions, such as a home test kit to confirm you’re clean and if not consider synthetic urine or at the very least a detox drink to help mask it a bit.

  31. I smoke a joint once a week, for about 6 months now. how would a blood and urine test turn out if I have a drug test in 2 weeks

  32. Hello I’m asking for a friend he’s been smoking weed for the past 3 years every day thing he has a blood test in 1 month should he take some detox or do you think he will be clean in 1 month from the blood

  33. I stopped smoking mid September and smoked once since then I have a blood marijuana test in three weeks will I be okay

  34. chronic heavy user, 18 days clean and buying my self a few more extra days.( 23 or 24 )days have will have been passed since my last smoking session when I take the tests. I am subbing my urine, but will I have a good chance on passing the blood drug test? :)

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