Certo (Sure-Jell) Drug Test Detox Method & Instructions

There has been a lot of buzz online over the years about the Certo drug test method, or Sure Gel/Sure Jell drug test method as it’s also called, on various forums (such as here on 420 Magazine and here on Drugs-Forum).

Some of you may have never even heard the name, while others may know all about it or have tried it themselves.

On this page I aim to shed some light on this method, including things such as what the Certo drug test method is, how it works and effectiveness, what you need for it and instructions on how to do it.

What Is The Certo/Sure Gel Detox Method?

Sure Jell drug test diy detoxThe Certo drug test method is a urine (and blood) drug test detox method where fruit pectin is used as the “primary ingredient” to pass your drug test. Certo is the brand name of a type of fruit pectin commonly used for this method, hence the name.  Certo is used to make jam, jelly and more.

The second most common fruit pectin used for this method is that of the Sure Jell brand (often referred to as Sure Gel). I noticed though that both Certo and Sure Jell are manufactured by Sure Jell, which can be a bit confusing, but since both work just as well it’s no big issue.

This detox method has actually been around for ages, but as with any method it only started getting a lot of traction once there was enough different people who have claimed success with it (here it’s mentioned in the forums at Marijuana.com from 2004).

The real charm of the Sure gel detox is its convenience and cost.  It uses common stuff which means if you don’t already have it, you can get all you need (more on this later) in your local food store or on Amazon for cheap.

Does Fruit Pectin Work, And How?

As with any method to pass a drug test which isn’t based on not doing drugs, the Sure Jell drug test method isn’t fool-proof by any means.

Although I would personally never rely on this method alone when it comes to passing my urine drug tests (cautious as I am), it’s hard to deny that there are people who’ve had decent success with it. For blood drug tests it’s even more tempting (once you understand how it actually works) simply because there are few options available in the form of same day detox drinks that help pass blood tests.

From what I can tell from researching certo/sure Jell for drug tests, it does seem to be at least equally reliable to just drinking a same-day detox drink before your urine test (which you know by now isn’t too reliable if you’ve read my guide to detoxing from THC).

If you have very little time and you know synthetic urine may be risky due to the supervision, this may however be one of your better options.

If you do have at least a few days of time to prepare however, combining this with Toxin Rid or simply following the advice on this page is what I would recommend.

So.. How does the certo drug test method work?

There is a common assumption among stoners who use this fruit pectin based method that the pectin coats the insides of your stomach and more importantly urine bladder, blocking THC or other toxins from entering your urine temporarily.

There’s very little, if any, evidence behind this however and I’m not entirely sure where this claim originated.

The more likely reason this fruit pectin detox method is effective has to do with a combination of how fiber interacts with THC and your body, and the liquid consumed as part of the method.

You have probably heard of diluting your urine as a possible solution to beating your drug test already, so I’m not going to get into that here.

But when using Certo to pass drug tests, you will also be drinking a lot of water, which will inevitably dilute your urine a bit and improve your chances.

The more interesting reason however that makes Certo for drug test passing a viable option, as mentioned above, has to do with fiber interactions.

I’ll try to make this as simple as I can, so I’ll start with a few facts:

  • THC is primarily eliminated from the body through your stools.
  • THC and its main metabolites are fat soluble.
  • Your body makes bile to bind to ingested fat and make it dissolve in water.
  • Fruit pectin (fiber) binds to bile in the intestines.
  • Fruit pectin can only leave the body through stools and is thus automatically sent to the colon.
  • Fiber increases bowel movement.

You know that many of the marijuana metabolites leave your body through urine, else they wouldn’t be able to test for them that way.

But as mentioned above, the path most of it takes is through your stools.

What ends up in your urine is mostly what was reabsorbed from your intestines into your bloodstream before it could leave that way, much of it residing inside fat cells from ingested food.

Fruit pectin fiber (Sure Jell/Certo), when leaving your body through “the back door”, takes some bile with it on its way out.

The bile, which is a fat transporter, takes fat with it when leaving the body.

And since fat binds the fat soluble THC, it brings THC out of your body along with it.

So indirectly, fiber takes THC  with it on its way out of the body, leaving less available for reabsorption into the bloodstream to end up in your urine.

This is what makes it interesting when it comes to blood tests. The way it enters your urine is through your blood, so for this method to be effective it needs to help lower THC in your blood. Since the rumored “coating of your stomach and bladder theory” is so wide-spread few people are aware of this.

As a bonus, fiber in itself increases your bowel movements, which is a good way to make sure as much THC as possible leaves the body before it gets a chance to be reabsorbed (this only matters if you flush yourself more than just on the same day of your test).

To conclude, what makes fruit pectin effective before a drug test is that it temporarily “forces” THC to leave your body through your poop instead of your urine. This leaves you a window of time where you can pass your urine test.

Certo Drug Test Instructions

Certo drug test instructionsThe instructions for the Sure Gel drug test method are simple. First, this is what you need:

Now once you’ve got what you need, here’s how to use it before your drug test:

  1. 3 hours Before your urinalysis, mix a whole packet of Certo in your Gatorade (if you need space just take a few zips from it before).
  2. Shake it until the Certo has completely dissolved in the the Gatorade. It will become thicker, a bit like jam or jelly.
  3. Drink it! All of it. It may be unpleasant, but you have a test to pass so just man up.
  4. Have some water right after, and then for the rest of the time until your drug screening, you’ll want to down you entire gallon of water.
  5. You should urinate at least 3-4 times before leaving your sample for the UA (to get rid of any contaminated urine from Before the certo bound the THC in your intestines).
  6. 1 hour before the urine test, take a B-vitamin pill to add some color to your urine (else it’ll be very clear) and continue finishing your gallon of water.

And that’s it.

I’ll repeat though, that this is not the way I’d go about beating my urine drug test personally.

If you literally only have 24 hours to get clean however, this may be your best option aside from synthetic urine, which also has it’s downsides and limitations (read this page on synthetic urine if you don’t know what I mean with that).

If you have more time at your disposal to detox until your test, the instructions and products on this page is the far safer way to go.

If they decide to test your urine sample for dilution, there is a very real possibility it will be too diluted after using the Certo drug test detox method and make your sample unacceptable (hopefully all this will mean is you’ll have to have another test scheduled).

For blood tests this seems a great method on paper, although very few have tested it. I’d use this in combination with Toxin Rid.


What’s your experience with the Sure-Jell/Certo drug test method?

351 thoughts on “Certo (Sure-Jell) Drug Test Detox Method & Instructions”

    1. Can’t answer this, and it seems you may have not read through the post completely. You say nothing of how much you’ve smoked but I wouldn’t try this myself either way. The way people use it is generally at the day of their test in place of a detox drink. Check out the homepage for what I would do to detox, and in the case you’d really want to rely solely on the certo detox method, I would do it like once a day during the days before your test and then on the day of the test as well.

      1. Hello Sophie,

        I could not figure out how to post my own comment. I wanted to see what you think, I was a heavy daily smoker, bout a 1/4 a week for years. I have been clean for 48 days. I’m 5’6 250lbs and failed an at home test on day 44. I have a pre-employment test on Tues which would be day 52. Do you think certo would work since I have been clean for so long? I have a friend who is willing to donate their clean piss, I am just uneasy going this way because I’d have to get the sub in and keep it at temp. Thoughts? Thanks and I appreciate it!!!


        1. The certo might definitely help you not fail ,but as always, it’s through heavy dilution and thus there’s a big risk the sample will be deemed invalid since many tests detect over-dilution. If you’re not passing your home tests soon before a real test, I always prefer synthetic urine myself, although a friends pee would serve the same purpose here. If going with your friends urine, you’ll need to get a thermometer and handwarmers/heaters as well.

          1. I’d say probably not, but everyone’s body is different. Depends a lot on how much you’ve been smoking before the test as well, as in a puff a day or less often than that, or perhaps several joints daily. Makes a big difference in THC buildup. Either way, I would much, much rather go with synthetic urine in a case like this though, granted it isn’t supervised. That’s usually the best short notice solution for urine tests, as long as you go with a reliable brand. You can check out the article about fake urine on this site for most of what you would need to know.

      2. Hello,

        I’ve used Certo to pass every UDS I’ve had for the last 10-12 years and have passed every one. I actually almost got in trouble at my pain mgmnt dr office once because it also removed medications, which ended up being really good to know!! But, I don’t use Gatorade and/or a gallon of water…I use a 20 ounce bottle of orange juice and a couple bottles of water 1-2 hours before my test though I HAVE done it with less time, only peed once before the test after drinking it all, and still passed. It does make the juice thicker, but certainly not jelly or jam thick and doesn’t affect the taste at all. This has been MY experience… Everyone’s won’t be the same, most likely. Metabolism rates come into play as well. Also, since my “drug of choice” is opiates and they are water soluble, the fact that I have LOTS of massive hot(sweat) flashes sure doesn’t hurt!! Good luck all!!

        1. Thanks for sharing Paul! High emphasis on your drug of choice being water soluble opiates and not fat soluble marijuana though! Many water soluble drugs are out of the system in just a few days no matter how much you use, while THC can remain for months in heavy smokers, so not that relevant for most readers, but certainly to some

      1. Lemon is mainly because it is a similar color of the certo, making it less suspicious in public as it looks like it’s just the gatorade.

      2. I took a 10 panel non dot test. It said instant when signed form but lady who took the sample said it would take 1-2 days for results. Does this mean its gonna get sent to a laboratory? I did certo/Gatorade and drank over gallon of water with alot of b vitamins. What’s chances for instant vs lab test?

        1. Not sure if that’s what it means (it being sent to lab) but it could. A lab test would be more capable of detecting dilution I’d say, which the Certo method is vulnerable to. Do update with how it went.

        1. Okay so I haven’t smoked in like a Lil over a week, almost 2. I’m in great shape, I run a lot & lift a lot. I have a drug test to take in like 2 days, so if I follow your steps as they say above, do I have a more of a chance on passing than I do failing?

          1. Test will be done already by now but, it would depend on how much you smoked etc, impossible to give a good answer to your question. If you were a very heavy user then yeah sure, it will increase your chances, as well as chances of sample being over-diluted, but when you know you got too much THC in you to pass, that is a risk worth taking. If however you just smoked a little, and occasionally, you may be better off just using a home test kit, and if clean on that, skipping Certo since you’re clean already, and then also not risking over-dilution.

      1. I have a couple days off, so I just started the Certo test at home. I have several “Single Drug Screen Test Kits” ( very cheap on Amazon ). I will test at the 3 hour mark, then once an hour after that until I get a negative result or I run out of test kits ( i gots 5 ). I will report in with my findings :)

        1. Awesome:). Worth to keep in mind though is that, it is likely to make you pass the home test, but it’s still through dilution, and a lot of tests test for this, meaning a real test may decide your sample is invalid and require another test.

    2. I havent smoked for somewhere between 30 and 40 days. Still pissing dirty on the home tests with no dillution. In your opinion would my chances be much higher of this succeeding since it has been a full month of abstaining?

      1. Well, higher than if you had done it a few weeks ago, no doubt about that. It’s working through dilution after all so it could work, although always with the risk of the sample being invalid due to over-dilution. But certo is cheap enough, and amazon home tests are less than $1 a piece, so little is stopping you from actually downing a certo as you would on test day and then test yourself as you would with the real test. And the see if you’re negative.

    3. Depends on your body type and it does work up to even same day… Give yourself at least 4 hours… Use multivitamins and fast… Like don’t eat… The unclean per will be clear and urinate 3 to 5 time before… Also do a clean catch… It worked for me and I’m 5 ft 11in 146 pounds… Also take any meds you are already taking during that time too…. I hope it helps… Thanks

    4. That’s been my experience. Stop smoking at least 1 week prior to ensure clean urine. I have used this successfully for years, it’s all about timing. It works great.

      1. Theoretically, yes. Is that wise? No. Abstinence is your best friend whan passing a drug test, the longer the better, and the less abstinence you’ve got, the more risky it gets.

    5. I took a drug test Wednesday and I had smoked that Monday morning. Tuesday night I drunk certo lemon lime Gatorade and water. The next morning I drunk more certo Lemon lime Gatorade water and took b12 so my pee could have some color and I passed it. I pee 4x before I took test.

    6. This worked for me, smoked 1-2 joints per day for years. 5’9 150lbs, did not smoke for 9 days before the test. Here’s the recipe I did.
      Ate 2 sausages and 1 hash brown, light breakfast.
      8am, 10oz cranberry juice
      810, 16oz lime gator + 1 pack certo
      845, 160z H2o
      920, 1/2 can redbull
      10am, start 16oz h2o
      10am, start 16oz lime gator + 2 pack certo
      1030, 2 daily doses of multivitamin
      1045, finish 10am drinks, drove to test with bottle of water
      Pissed clear, was not worried about the color. Negative dilute is a pass for me.
      1120, pissed 2 more times and piss still clear.
      1130, pissed into cup, still clear with hint of yellow.
      4 days later, got the job.
      Only thing I would do different is maybe take another bottle of gator and certo to the testing office and drink it while waiting.
      Came home and had lunch, pissed yellow into a home test, and came out positive. Key is to dilute plus certo.

      1. yowsa. this worked me a miracle after smoking some wild ass space-weed 4 days prior. i figured there was no way i was gonna pass but i might as well try. i followed this recipe to the hilt minus the redbull and the cranberry.
        thanks a ton bobby!

    7. I went and bought a box of Certo/Sure-Jell and got (4) 32ounce bottles of lemon lime Gatorade and mixed 1 whole pouch (it was a thick gooey substance not the powder) into (1) 32 ounce bottle of lemon lime gatorade and slammed it and also slammed a gallon of water after and the next day drank more water and I had been slamming bottles of water the 2 days before this…and I ended up only having to take a mouth swab. I passed the mouth swab (which is Great bcuz I got a great job now) and I ended up having the ABSOLUTE WORST constipation ever! I mean I pushed like I was giving birth and I will NEVER do this method again! I pooped the day day before yesterday late at night and I just pray to God ill be able to be normal again!

      1. Thanks for sharing Cindy! Important for readers to take note that this was a saliva test, so the Certo may had little to do with the test results per say. That said, getting to know what giving birth feels like may not be such a bid thing for many men out there :)..

    8. No! Fast acting detoxes such as Sure Jell or Ultimate Gold (which is pectin based) do not detox you permenantly.
      They only work for a few hours.

  1. I don’t care who says what about certo I am here to tell u it really does work I smoke everyday including yesterday and I took one pack last night and one pack at one pm today with juice my po urine test was today at five I pasted with no problems

    1. There are planty of people with the same experience, so no doubt it helps people to pass. The bigger question is how consistent is it? I’ve heard several stories where people have passed 3 or 4 tests with certo, but also failed one or two. So that you passed means it works yes, but take 10 more tests and perhaps one or two will fail you. Or perhaps you’ll pass them all. Many factors play a part here. It certainly helps, and a lot speaks for that Certo is more effective than same-day detox drinks are, but then again they aren’t too reliable in the first place.

      Either way I’m glad you passed your test.

        1. If it’s a good detox drink you cna likely combine it. A good detox drink has ingredients included that are tested for in a dilution test, to make the sample less likely to come back as diluted.

        2. Can you take certo and a detox drink? Didn’t see a answer got to take a test tomorrow. I took a couple hits last saturday and a few on sunday but I haven’t smoked in months prior. So it would be exactly 7 days since I last smoked and like I said haven’t smoked in months prior. And would this method work for cocaine and or opiates/herion. Very very nervous this was a surprise test so this wasn’t me just being stupid. But I will not be risking anything in the future.

          1. Yeah you can, just watch out for the total liquid consumed so you don’t get it too diluted, over-dilution is always a risk with the certo method. A good detox drink to replace some of the liquid in the certo method can be a good idea thouigh since such drinks often contain ingredients tested for in a dilution check in order to make it seem less diluted. I have mostly heard about it for marijuana so I don’t know how well it would do with other stuff, but the dilution part is always going to work to some extent no matter the drug. Besides, few other things stay for as long in urine as weed does, so other stuff should be easier to pass for anyway.

        3. Was your urine too diluted? My po said next time it comes out that way it’ll be a PV. I see her tomorrow at 930 am. I will take a pkg tonight and one at 7 am tomorrow…. Wish me luck?

      1. Hey the certo comes in a box with two pouches. When you say mix one packet in your gatorade , do you mean one pouch or both pouches that come in the one box???

      2. Ok I have to take drug test in the next HR I followed all instructions but my pee is clear I need it to have some color what do I do plz help

      3. You know what I think it is? I haven’t tried this yet, but I probably will, I just half-assed started a fat-burning detox today (exercise combined with caffeine-guarana-niacin pills + diet, plus reversing my metabolism on the last day, cranberry juice for hydration and cleansing, all the goodies). I haven’t got a date for my test, but I have about 10 years of THC-infused fat tissue to burn off, and It might be in like 2-3 weeks, and I am a super-heavy smoker. Pot and me have a symbiotic relationship (as in I function best stoned, I upped my experience tree to the highest level, to put it in RPG terms.)

        Anyhow. What I think is the reason that people fail doing this is that they don’t pee enough for the B-12 to kick in.

        Plus, wouldn’t a multivitamine be better?

        Last time I used something called pyrine? I think? Anyway, it’s used to treat bladder infections, and it has since become a prescription drug, but it’s supposed to pull the THC out of you and make you pass it faster. It turns your pee dark orange, almost red. And I think it helped, if I hadn’t stupidly smoked a joint like two days before, because I calculated how much I theoretically would pee, with my habits, age, weight, metabolism, everything in the mix, and I got like over 3000. Ultimately I got like 700 or something.

        1. There are several reasons why people may fail this, but yeah one would be that the urine is too clear and thus gets deemed over-diluted instantly. But also, sometimes dilution just won’t cut it if your THC concentration is too high. And when over-dilution is tested for, this method will usually fail as in test being invalid and a re-test required.

          A multivitamin might work if it’s a very potent one, with high doses of B-vitamins. Not all multivitamins (regular RDI strength especially) will turn your urine more yellow.

          Haven’t heard of the pyrine stuff for this, but careful not to base this on hearsay of what one person told you or similar. Not saying that’s what you’re doing, but it happens :).

        1. I haven’t smoked since Saturday and I don’t smoke on a regular base just when I’m home visiting I’m up doing the certo method now got drug test at seven drank my Gatorade with pouch….is it going to hurt me that I’m pissing every 20 minutes and would it hurt if I drank the other pouch?

          1. You want to piss a few times before the test to clear our any “pre-certo piss” if that makes sense, so nah that’s fine. If it’s very clear however, that may rise some suspicions. Probably wouldn’t hurt if you drank the other one no, except too much fibre could give you an upset stomach.

      1. I have a temp job right now and was told this past Friday(12/4/15) that they wana hire me on for full time. And that i will be driven by my boss to the drug testing place to take a drug test. My hire date is 12/16/15. I smoke pretty much everyday and im freaking out. I was not told what day they will be taking me but im going to assume its gona be someday this week. I seen this post and thought it was interesting. My only pRoblem is i cant exactly during Gatorade and a gallon of water right in front of my boss. So is there any other method besides drinking a gallon of water? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

        1. If you smoke everyday the certo method will be risky (it always is either way) and ideally you’ll want to have abstained from using for a while. I think your best option would be synthetic urine.

    2. Foreal bro? So the day before take 1 pouch then another 1 the next day….a few hours before my visit? How much water or juice do you prefer?

  2. I am a chronic, heavy user (every day I have smoked 1-2 bowls for about a year, but was a moderate user before that for several years) and recently purchased the Toxin Rid 10-day detox program. I quit smoking for a week before starting the program and must pee on day ten (four days from now). I have increased my water (sadly not to the 72 oz recommendation) and fiber intake. My two questions: Do you think I can expect to pass? I haven’t used my free drug test yet (don’t want to waste it). Does this pectin work similarly to the fiber powder that’s included with the Toxin Rid program?

    1. So many individual factors that affect the detox process that it’s hard to say, but I’d say that the vast majority of people would be clean to pass in your scenario. When you use the home drug test, you should consider doing the certo method in advance just as you would before your test to get a more accurate result. The main concern would be if they test for dilution because the certo method can easily cause diluted urine. However, this would mean a new test (NOT a failed test) and Toxin Rid isn’t time sensitive in that matter, it can be taken either the 10 days right before your test, or you could have taken it right away without waiting a week. So as long as you don’t smoke again before a re-test, any Toxin Rid course will have had its full effect no matter when you test, be it the day after finishing or 2 weeks after.

      Yes they work similarly, using fiber to expel toxins through your stools which is the natural path that THC takes, and since you do this over many days it’s very effective.

      In the case you notice you fail a home test in close proximity to your actual test, synthetic urine may be the way to go.

        1. Yep, which is another reason why I’m no big fan of the Certo method personally and wouldn’t use it for a real test myself.

    2. My friend purchased the 7 day toxin rid & is on day two. They took an at home test and failed, but it shows one and a half lines so that’s close to passing. Then they drank the cetro sure jell and will drink water for the next two hours. They’re going to take another at home test in two hours. I’ll report back with the results. They just wanted to try the sure jell out prior to the test. (Test is in 6 days) they’re also going to continue the detox up until the test.

      1. Sounds good. Problem with testing yourself after the Certo is you may very well pass, but mainly due to dilution, which most real tests (and some home tests as well) detect. I clean on a home test before the real test without Certo, I’d definitely prefer not using it for the real one and risking invalid result due to over-dilution. So nothing, or better yet a decent detox drink that doesn’t dilute as much and has preventative ingredients for over-dilution.

        1. My question is if the thc exits through the back door and the theory of the surejel is that it forces thc to the colon….why can’t one just take a laxitive prior to detox would this work after say two or three days for complete or mostly detoxing the system

          1. Many detox products are partly laxative, but that’s not the whole picture. And not all THC/metabolites leaves through the back door, or there wouldn’t be any to be found in the urine, although it’s true most of it is detoxed that way. But the main thing with Certo would be that it binds it to the colon, so it’s not as easily reabsorbed back in to the system through the intestinal wall. A laxative won’t do that. And still, not all THC is in the faeces, much of it is in your system in the blood and stored up in fat cells, being released slowly over time, and a laxative wouldn’t be able to deal with that very well. Laxatives also deprive the body of a lot of nutrients which leave with the loose stools, and that can prevent the body’s detox processes from working optimally if it isn’t replinished.

    1. It does dilute your urine so in that way it has some effect at least, but I can’t answer that since most anecdotal evidence I’ve come across is for cannabis.

    2. I used the Certo method in 2000 per these instructions & within 24 hours of testing I had used meth (not ice), coke & pot. I was a regular meth user, the pot & coke were a very occasional thing. Got notice first thing the next morning that I had to take a test for a new job that had to be taken that day. I passed for the meth & pot, but failed for the coke. Fortunately, the woman that ran the family owned trucking company’s 2nd hub really liked me & was a bit of a user herself, so she hired me anyway. What are the chances? Lol

      1. Sheila I love your story.. that is rad that the cards were in your favor, with regards to the woman that ran the family owned trucking company’s 2nd hub. You should have hopped in one of those trucks and headed for Vegas, (or @tlantic City, depending which is closer), to take your chances again.. you were on a roll that day… you could’a had ya a jackpot day!!!!! Anyhow,I hope that you are still working for the company, and not getting too out of hand now that you have a co-worker to “party” with. You already know this..MODERATION is second to Abstinence. be safe… BTW what is the name of the trucking company… I may need to work there!

    1. People use it as a part-time same day detox since it can temporarily re-direct more THC to take the back door so to speak, meaning less turns up in your urine and blood. Since it does help expel more toxins, it can be used as a regular detox too but this would take daily courses of the certo to be effective. Detoxing your system doesn’t happen over a few hours or a day.

      1. Say i do this for a few days, would it clean my system for good? Like if i have a test next week, could i pass it without taking the sure jell the same day of the test since i had already taken it days before?

        1. I don’t think that’s very reliable, since nearly all the anecdotal experiences with this is from using it the same day. If you want to rely on just the certo method, doing it for a few days is likely to help the detox but you still need to do it on the day of the test.

          And as a reminder, this is not the method I use or recommend personally. It’s an acceptable method if you’re on a very strict budget and don’t want to go with synthetic urine. If budget isn’t an issue and you need the best way to detox in order to pass a test, real detox products are the way to go (see the homepage for what works).

  3. I’m a chronic smoker and considerably a heavy smoker with 24%BF. First bowl around 6am to whenever I go to sleep. At least a gram a day, or more. I smoked 12 hours ago and I have a 2nd interview with possible drug test in 3 hours and I’m stressing! I’ll try this for the 1st and let you guys know how it goes

      1. Connor Carruthers

        I’ve been clean for 3 months and I decided to smoke last night, and I’ve got a test next Friday, do you think this will work, cause before that 3 months I smoked 5 days prior to a test and passed without detox

        1. Since it’s just a one time smoke, a week is often times enough to pass naturally. So yeah probably, although the general issue of getting invalid result due to over-dilution obviously remains.

  4. im supposed to see my po wed around 430 I rely want to find out if this certo worked for u its been 8 days since I smoked but did meth last night, but a masking agent is a masking agent, when I was in prison nd the “piss man” would come in to get guys, u would never know who he was goin to be getting ,but had a list. this was twice a month by the way. like I said u never know if hes goin to call on u to go piss. so once we see him we would immediately start drinking water im talking most time anextremely uncomfortable amount. in an hour or so he call me and I passed everytime he did. at another facility I passed with coffee water literally. just a couple grains of instant coffee in a seran wrap ball, heated up, starped to nuts nd busted in cup. please don’t try im sure it wouldn’t work out here nut the water will ur just masking the drug

  5. I’m a very chronic smoker. This always works for me – if I stop smoking multiple days in advance. One time I used this the day after smoking and failed. So if anyone reads this, it works best if you smoke a lot stop smoking multiple days in advance

    1. Thanks for sharing. Yep that’s always best practice, the longer you abstain the better. In my personal opinion the Certo method is a bit too unreliable though over all so I prefer other detox methods. But I stay firm in that it’s an okey option if your budget is really tight or the test isn’t the end of the world if you failed it.

  6. I had two twin buddies, they smoked every day and more than one joint each and every day. Both were over weight, I’m talking 5’10” and over 350 lbs. Reason I say had they are both deceased now. They both drove trucks for 5+ years. Both were couch taters, low energy. They did the certo and never failed a drug test. One brother did fail once because this girl made him believe that golden seal was all he needed, the other brother did his regular certo cleanse and he passed. These guys were doing a drug test like every 6 months.

    1. Interesting, sorry about your buddies. Keep in mind though that the drug testing industry has evolved a lot in recent years. Many things that worked once don’t any more (golden seal had its prime time, that was over 10 years ago but then they started validity testing for it specifically). Not to say that Certo doesn’t work, just that it should be taken with a grain of salt and that because of the dilution Certo causes, there is a considerable risk of your test proving to be too diluted to be accepted as valid.

      1. Yea I left that part out they both took a lot of Vitamin C & B12 with this creto cleanse. Also they were told before leaving work that day they would be drug tested the following day. So they did the certo after they ate supper, then again when they woke up the next morning.

      2. Hey sophie, i have to pass a drug test for probation tomorrow. Last time i smoked was last night. I went and bought an Assure detox from gnc for 50 bucks. Drunk that (disgusting) and now I’m gonna takr certo tonight Nd tomorrow as well before i pee. Do u think i havea good chance with certo and the detox?

        1. Hey, I don’t give advice for probational tests in specific due to regulations. But in either case, passing a test when having smoked that recently, will usually come down to passing through dilution, which has it’s own risk (test might come back as too diluted).

  7. So I just took my urine test today. The last time I smoked was 11 days ago, about 4 hits from a joint. I’d say I’ve been a moderate smoker for about 2 years now. At 9am I drank a 32oz Gatorade with a packet of fruit pectin. Then about 40oz of water with apple cider vinegar. I also had 2 cups of coffee during this time. I peed about 4 times before my test at noon so I’m praying it turned out well!!! Surprisingly my pee for the test wasn’t super clear so the lab didn’t question it. Btw I’m 5’1, about 130 lbs.

  8. I don’t know if advertising is allowed here, but calling out certo is also a form of advertising. Any way if its allowed. I’m just trying to help, Dollar Tree has a Marijuana test kit for a buck. Its over where the aspirin, and pregnancy test kits are at. In my view better not to take the test than fail it. Of course these kits are not 100% fail proof so I would suggest getting several to check more than once.

    1. Advertising in the comments is not allowed and a sort of spam, but advice like this I don’t consider advertising, thanks for sharing. I usually buy mine from Amazon, they’re listed on the homepage under my recommended products. Same thing there, you get them for less than a buck per test but you need to buy them in a pack of 10. It’s good having several though as you say. And again as you’re saying, they’re not fool-proof compared to a lab examination of your urine sample so I always suggest still going through with your detox plan. I see it like this: If you pass it, you have good odds to pass your real test but should continue to detox and take the normal precautions. If you however fail it, you can be almost certain you’ll fail your real test as well if you don’ take any other precautions, which can be good to know to allow you to get some synthetic urine or start detoxing if you have time.

  9. I took 6 hits off a bowl which two of the hits were resin and the other 4 was marijuana and I have a drug test next Thursday I drink a lot of water anyway but I bought a box of certo if I drink a gallon of water a day do you think I will be clean without using the certo?

    1. I have no idea really, you should get yourself a cheap home test and see what that says imo. Not using the certo would mean only drinking lots of water as a detox, which isn’t that effective on it’s own I’d say, due to THC being fat-soluble rather than water-soluble.

  10. The certo works,i havnt smoked in about 5 days&i went this morning for a drug test for probation at 9,i woke up at 7 drank the certo inside a lemon lime gatorade than drank half a gallon of water&i passed.

    1. It often does, and it sometimes doesn’t. I mean, many times someone gives certo or whatever method they used the credit, when they in fact would have passed without doing anything at all. You never know, but it certainly does help.

  11. I ve been smoking for years everyday, passed as ll my drug tests (for probation,pre-employment,etc.)either using certo,golden seal root extract, or at times bleach to pass. I swear by the golden seal root but have passed with certo and bleach also. Certo 1 pack of liquid certo like an hour or 2 before you test,mix it in a bottle of gatorade drink it.Drink 2 – 16 ounce bottled water after and piss at least twice before you give the sample. Golden seal- Get a bottle of golden seal root extract capsules ( 525mg +) take 2 capsules 3 times a day for 4 days before the test, don’t take none on the day of the test. It never failed for me.Of course you can’t smoke for those 4 days and gotta drink lots of fluids. Bleach- with bleach you can just pour bleach over your hands let it dry like that, while you give your sample you have to pee on yout hand and it will throw the test off. However lots of places make you wash your hands before. I took a tiny plastic bottle that was for oil for hair clippers,washed it put a little liquid bleach in it,at my test just pulled it out added about 6 drops to the sample and that worked fine too twice before…So take your pic. Good luck.

    1. You really should not be telling people to put bleach into their urine sample. This is more misinformation that i have read online which got me into trouble. Bleach plus Ammonia = mustard gas!!!!!
      I put a single drop into a sample before, within seconds the bathroom was filled with an extremely strong odor!!!! They knew right away, and almost evacuated the building!!!!

      1. That’s funny as hell bro…. LOL I forgot to mention that the bleach method I would only do for a test where they don’t send the sample to a lab. BLEACH definetly works for the same reason labs will test for it…. Get on Quest diagnostics website and do a little reading…. They also say that they actually test for bleach and other things because it will throw off the urine test…. So if it did not work, why would they test for the ingredients (chemicals) found in bleach…. As for your 1 drop of bleach into the urine almost blowing up…. Damn bro I have not laughed that hard for a while… Maybe you should stop drinking ammonia silly wabbit…. Ahahaha oh man that’s a good one. Other than that all I see is you criticizing everybody’s posts, talking about this don’t work, that don’t work…. Chill out rabbit. I’m describing my experiences with ua, that’s all. Now that I think of it, the only time I did not pass was like 4 years ago for a job. I took another person’s urine in a condom kept it close to my thigh and all, but when I came out the room the dude looked at the temperature thing on the bottle and stuck a thermometer in my mouth after, cause the urine was not warm enough I guess…. Then he told me I was done for now, and I never got hired to say the least…Trial and error is all part of the game rabbit, nobody can blame nobody for them failing but themselves… You live and learn, with time you get wiser, more mature, who knows might even give up smoking in the future…

      2. First off, bleach + ammonia gives off chlorine gas, not mustard gas. Second, there is no ammonia in your piss its a compound known as uric acid. Unless you’re a fish or bird. Then there would be ammonia in your waste.

  12. I have a few issues with this method..
    Needless to say it did not work for me. I smoked a few hits everyday for a couple weeks. 3 days before my test i stopped smoking and began flushing with 5 day cleanse and clean, a lot of tea, a lot of coffee, a lot of water… i was urinating about 2-4 times every hour, all day except for when i was sleeping. When i was sleeping i used extra blankets to make myself sweat profusely. The morning of my test (about 5 hours before the test) i drank a large coffee, a tall cup with 5 day cleanse and clean, a cup of water, then about 2.5 hours before my test i drank the certo / blue powerade mixture with 6 B12 pills. Followed by a couple more cups of water.
    People say to pee 2 or 3 times before the test after drinking the certo… It is IMPOSSIBLE to pee only 3 times given 2-3 hours before a test after drinking that much. People say to drink a gallon of water after the certo…??? I ended up peeing 6-7 times, almost peeing my pants on my way to get the test.
    People say to take B12 before you go in to take the test… that does not work either, it took the B12 more than 12 hours to turn my pee yellow… really, really yellow.
    The misinformation i gathered online about the certo method may have gotten me into a lot of trouble.
    The people that write this stuff either dont smoke very much at all, or have already quit weeks ahead of time, which in that time most of the thc would be out of the system naturally.
    The certo and B12 method does not work, even after peeing 2-4 times an hour all day for 3 days before hand.
    Just Dont Smoke, nothing works to pass tests anymore.

    1. It works for some while it doesn’t for others. Works once for someone, but perhaps not the next time. You may have passed with or without it, you won’t know. That’s the problem I have with it as well, and why I wouldn’t try it to pass a test myself. If it worked for someone, he might go online telling everyone that the Certo method definitely worked and is well worth it. People will believe it. If someone failed with it, he might do the same, going online and letting everyone know it’s just a myth, just like you did here. And people may believe it. The truth is as I’ve already stated, that it can help, and thus works for some, but it is not a consistent way to pass your test.

      Not smoking is not the only way. There are good ways to detox cmbining effort and good detox products, but it does get expensive. Synthetic urine is another way.

  13. I left a comment on here explaining why this certo method does not work and you deleted my comments. Why?
    i also explained why putting bleach into urine will get you into a lot of trouble and you deleted it. Why?
    I was trying to help people so they dont get themselves into trouble and clearly you do not care. thats really messed up.

    1. I did no such thing. When you post a comment you will notice it says it is waiting for approval. In order to not have the comment section filled with spam and advertisements, making them a pain to read through for anyone, your comment needs to be approved before appearing publicly. Since this is a manual process it may take a day or a few days depending on when I have time. In my opinion that’s not messed up at all. I wouldn’t have made this website in the first place if I didn’t care, it’s not that fun spending a ton of time researching and writing articles, no matter what you may think.

  14. OK all of the water drinking is bull…I had to test this morning for probation .I quit smoking a week ago after smoking loud multiple times a day every day… I drank one bottle of Gatorade with one pack of certo last night and a half a cup of water then got up and drank the other Gatorade and certo at 7:15 this morning peed three or four times last night and only a tad bit of pee before I left for my 8:00 test….this was my first time trying the certo and I passed!!! I am 5″ 6 and weigh 175… I believe that those who are drinking all of this water may be flushing out the certo..although thats just my opinion..And do not believe that THC is out of your system after quitting for three weeks as when I had to take drug classes last year I was tested weekly after 30 days the THC was still in my system and I protested like hell because I knew I had been clean for over a month my counselor told me to calm down that sometimes it could take up to 90 days for your system to completely rid your body of the THC and she did not lie..at day 78 I was told I was finally clean..of course then I weighed 210 but still the 30 days is bs…..and all the water is bs I also took two b12 pills with each bottle of Gatorade and certo, I was very skeptical and very scared waiting for my p o after the test because I would have went to jail right then and there and he hollers through the window alright Walker ur clear you can go…praise God and certo.. Needless to say I won’t be taking that chance again because I have too many responsibilities at home I can wait till I’m off Probation to start back smoking as much as I love it I love my freedom more..but for those of you that don’t want to quit the certo definitely works just don’t kill it with all the water and I only paid like $6 for the certo 2 lemon lime Gatorade’s and the b12 at dollar general much better price than the toxin rid or whatever its called!!!

    1. You should keep in mind just because not drinking a lot of water worked one time, for one person, it does not necessarily mean this is now the proven way to do it. Most people benefit from drinking more water to dilute the THC concentration, since concentration is what is tested for. Saying that Certo definitely works because it did it this once for you may cause someone else who’s unlucky to fail doing just this. This is how many myths spread about what works to pass a test.

      You’re right in that thc can stay in the system for months. Even 6 months in very extreme cases. In general though, if you don’t smoke too heavy or daily, it won’t take more than a month to get under the cut-off for most tests which is at 50 ng/ml.

      It’s definitely a lot cheaper though than real detox product, there’s no denying of that.

  15. Here is my experience from 2 years ago.

    I used certo liquid fruit pectin first attempt failed due to the light urine dilute. Second time around urine was perfect color but failed. I learned you need to use a light liquid (water, lemon lime gatorade, apple juice etc) seems the darker gatorade or even powerade seem to affect the pectins ability to bind with the necessary chemical reaction. The following two times used the lemon lime and vitamins and bam passed so i have a 50-50. For the sure jell method. I have another test today for po. Already started my sure jell treatment. Wont get my results til next thursday but will repost if method still works for me. Another tip the pink box for some reason is totally unreliable.. Stick to the yellow or the blue liquid box.

    Best luck too all. My bail rides on this passing

    1. Interesting results. But a 50-50 chancewould not cut it for me personally, which is why I’m not a huge fan. Either way, thanks for sharing your experience since many are curious about this. Where did you learn this about light liquids, or is it just a guess on your part? I find it strange if that would be the case, since the general consensus of why to use the lemon gatorade is because the color is similar so that it doesn’t look suspicous.


    I’m a California pothead. I’m 23 years old, 5ft 7in and 140lbs. I would smoke any time I wasn’t at my full-time job. That was before I picked up a 2nd job working for Delta Airlines and I was told I needed a urinalysis for pre-employment.
    I checked up on this site and many others on a way to “cleanse” my system. Being the optimistic pothead I am and reading about heavier set people passing, I decided to try this “certo cleanse”.
    The night before, I bought the Certo, Gatorade and vitamin B12 to enhance the color of my urine. Stayed clean for 5 days prior..
    An urgent care medical clinic administered my test. Not only did I have to take off my jacket and empty out all of my pockets (leaving all contents in the room) but I had to wash my hands with soap and water before being led to the bathroom.
    The toilet had a weird blue solution in it, the reservoir lid and garbage can were both taped shut with red tamperproof tape and there wasn’t any soap or paper towels in there. I was told not to flush the toilet or run the sink.
    Long story short, I DID NOT PASS!!
    I can’t say synthetic urine would’ve been any better since this clinic makes sure you’re not concealing anything, but this was a lesson learned.

    1. Thanks for sharing and sorry about your test results. Hard to disagree with that last statement of yours, not smoking beats any other methods in all aspects except it’s no fun not smoking, thus affecting some peoples quality of life. If you do somke, consistently passing through detox will cost you some money for decent products. Certo is sadly very random.

  17. Hi Sophie great site Everything you said about what works for some and not for others is totally true Everybody’s body is different I first heard about the serto method form a truck driver Back in 2002 I tried it for a Piss test for a P.O. I mixed 1 packet with a gallon of water the night before And then the morning of drinking as much of another gallon mixed with another packet as I could before the test I succeeded However now I come to that moment in time where I have to try it again I stopped smoking on the 31st of October And have a test Tomorrow possibly So I’m trying in the certo method one more time i smoked about a few hits of alaska weed resin every day for 4 days in a row before I stopped So I guess it’ll be about 11 or 12 days clean im male 140 pounds in my 30’s Hopefully I don’t have to take a test but if I do and I pass I will come back to the site to let you know how it turned out Otherwise I might be gone for a while

      1. Update: Fortunately I did not have to take a test today So I am unable to post my 2015 Results I think I’m going to play it safe now Until I can find a more surefire method Back when I used this method in 2002 And it worked For me Weather by dilution or the certo itself I was pretty sold on the idea that it was absolute But now that I’m Doing research about it Over a decade later And reading that some people have not had The desired results Who knows really how I passed I don’t think I want to leave things to chance Quite an interesting topic though since it currently affects me and thousands of other folks It’s good to be informed Even if the information currently is quite Murky I will stay tuned for more Findings and opinions about this Cuz at the end of the day It’s about the right to privacy And the freedom to be free in a literal sense as well

  18. So here is my dilemma….I know from experience that sure gel REALLY works, for me anyway. However I may be getting a “pop” test at anytime and will not have time to do the method before I’m tested. So I’m wanting to know what would happen, if anything to my body if I drank it on a daily basis. Would it hurt me?

    1. It would give you a great detox over time that’s for sure. As for whether it would hurt you, nothing is healthy when overdoing it, and thus you could try it but make sure to listen to your body. I imagine it could definitely mess with your bowel movements getting this much fruit pectin daily.

  19. Ok… So I’m between jobs, actually got an offer letter for a great paying job, and they have set me up for a Drug test… It says it’s a non DOT pre-employment “ecup” drug test.
    I was wondering if Sophie knows what the hell that is. I’m interested to know if it can detect dilution, etc. I have stopped smoking on the 5th (That’s when they first called me for an interview) so I will have 10 -11 days without smoking, on top of that I have been doing my goldenseal root detox thingy like I described in an earlier post. I have been also taking milk thistle and taurine capsules which a friend of mine recommended. He’s a bigger guy over 200 lbs, last time he had to test he stopped for 9 days before the test and passed on the 10th just on milk thistle and taurine drinking lots of fluids. So I said why not try it on top of the goldenseal… My test is on the 16th, I ordered a 10 pck of marijuana drug test from Amazon that will be here tomorrow(the 13th).I will keep you updated on everything just for sh*ts and giggles. I will also try doing some reading on this “ecup” thing!!!

    1. Here’s a description of it http://www.justifacts.com/ecup-rapid-drug-testing/. What stands out is mainly that it removes the human error of interpreting a strip test with the eyes, but also that it automatically integrates your results into your background check report. I’m assuming that means it could hurt other job applications in the future as well, would one fail it. From what I could find briefly reading about it, it does test for dilution, so one would probably do best not over-doing that part too hard.

      Let’s hope you test negative on that one in the first palce then, updates appreciated.

      1. Thank you Sophie,
        I also have done a little reading on the ecup thing including cut off levels and all:
        From my understanding it will be included WITH the background check report, rather than integrated into it…(Let’s hope ) I am still waiting on my 10 pck of thc drug test from amazon(which by the way was only $7.49 with free 2day shipping). I really don’t want to flood this great site of yours, but I think you’d also be interested in what milk thistle and taurine capsules can do for you/your system.
        I’ve seen you talk about bile production in a post/reply (which makes a lot of sense) so you might be interested to know a little more about the milk thistle/taurine for detox. Goes into details including : “Milk thistle extract is a safe focal point of any cleansing program. By increasing bile production (important for carrying toxins to the intestines for elimination) and increasing antioxidant activity, milk thistle extract helps promote liver cleansing and insures the best possible detoxifying action”.
        After I get my thc tests today, I might use one just to, then will use one tomorrow morning (first sample in the am) and we’ll see.

        1. Ye let’s hope that’s the case regarding the background report. I recommend home tests from Amazon as well (on the home page), are a few to choose from on Amazon that costs about what you mention. I’m already aware of milk thistle being great for detox, but frankly there are hundreds of individual herbs touting great detox benefits, many rightfully so, so sure they can help but should not be necessary. See them as part of a good diet if anything, which helps any detox. Few have tried them for drug tests specifically which is what really counts when deciding what to use yourself.

  20. The method described in your article above worked for me; so thanks, Sophie!

    Situation: I had my first UA for pre-employment today around 4p. I stopped smoking 9 days prior to the UA.

    Background: I’m 5’10” 240lbs. Moderate smoker (1 or 2 rips from a bubbler or pipe per day or every other day)

    Steps: I started drinking 2+ liters of water mixed with Cranberry Juice a day to increase urination 2 days before the UA. The night before test day, I drank 1 pack of Certo mixed with Lemon-Lime Gatorade (32oz bottle). The next morning I started drinking ice water at 9am. Then at 12p (3hrs before the test), I again mixed the Certo with Lemon-Lime Gatorade, sipped more water from the gallon jug, and popped a Vitamin B Complex pill at 2p (1.5hrs before the test). Urine was still clear 1 hr before the test, so I popped another Vitamin B pill just for good measure, to make sure that my urine would turn yellow by test time. I sipped more water and probably drank 3\4 of the gallon jug prior to leaving for the test. By the time I took the UA at 3:45p I had to piss like a racehorse. Thankfully my urine was yellow. I made sure to start collecting the urine in the cup midstream. I received confirmation that I passed about 1 hr later from the recruiter.

    Like Sophie state this may not work for everyone or even every time. The I!portant thing is to stop smoking as soon as you find out you have to take a UA. Follow the prescribed steps and try to collect the urine in the cup midstream.

    Good luck everyone!

  21. I’ve used this method almost a decade ago when I had to take a urine test to get a job for the USPS; and it worked. But, the way I remember doing it was to (a couple hrs. before actually taking the test) mix a packet of the sure jell with some really hot water in a glass and then down it. After that, drink another glass of hot water and then a glass of cold water. I was told this was the way to go as the hot water prevents the sure jell from solidifying until it can get into position in your stomach and then the cold water helps it solidify. I was told that sure jell acts a filter in your stomach that catches whatever particles make for a positive test.

    It’s sounding like I might be having to take a drug screen in the near future (a couple of weeks I believe) for an amazing job and am thinking of trying this method again. Of course, I’ll be not smoking any until all is said and done, but I wanted to see if anyone else heard of the method I described…

    1. Not heard of your variation of the method, but I’m sure there are plenty since it spreads from mouth to mouth and inevitably details get changed here and there. It likely works the same way however, certo being the key player.

      1. Ok so I have not smoked since Oct 25, I was about a 3-4 blunts a day type smoker for awhile. I have been taking Azo cranberry pills daily ever since, drinking water and sweating (not heavily but more than casually). I have a 2nd PO meeting on Wed where I could/could not be tested but I want to be clear for sure. I’m sure my initial test was dirty (about 30 days ago) Would Certo be a good idea since I haven’t smoked in so long? I drank a lot of water even before being on probation so I maybe diluted already. Please Help

        1. I’m hesitant to give advise about parole tests because of the legal aspects (don’t want to get in any trouble). I will say this though, that it’s always advisable to get a pack of home testing strips to monitor your toxin status, they go for less than 1$ per test. Having smoked as heavy as several times daily it’s not a given that you’re clean naturally by now, depends a lot on your body and metabolism. But you should no doubt be more clean than you were at your last test. Certo or a same-day detox drink can definitely be a good idea.

    2. Yes,that’s exactly how I was told to use surejell 20+ years ago as our whole house had to test for family services it worked for most of us. And 20 years later I’m faced with the same situation an I have no gatorade an confused at how to use it this time. Any suggestions?

      1. The Gatorade is from what I understand not essential, although it can be good because of the electrolytes. But I’m fairly certain any sports drink similar to Gatorade would do just fine, mainly Gatorade lemon in specific is used because it has the right color to mask that you’re using certo in public.

  22. I tried this two weeks ago for probation, step by step. Stoping smoking about 5 days before the test. It was hard to get down all the certo and even harder to get down the water. I still came up positive for THC. However my levels was really low and the drug line was very faint. I have another test tomorrow at 2 pm and I will be doing the same method. However this time I will try the 2 cups hot water and 1 cup cold. I’ve been drinking water since 8 pm today and will stop once I drink a gallon. I will post tomorrow how it goes. Thanks for the help. Wish me luck.

  23. So after getting a job offer on the 5th, quitting smoking for 10 days finally had the Ecup drug test on the 16th… Let me start off by saying I received my 10 pck of @ home drug test thing on Friday (the13th). I ordered the 50ng/mL cut off level tests, but after opening the package I came to realize real fast that per the instructions paper, it was @ the 20ng/mL cut off level! I tested myself soon as I received it, around 3pm Friday. The first test was positive. After drinking two 32 oz cups of water, urinating 2 times , used another test the 3rd time I had to go which came back negative! Saturday first sample of the morning was positive, 2 later tests were negative throughout the day. Sunday I did the same, but I took 3 B complex vitamins to see how long it would take for it to color my urine after it was clear like water. After taking them, it seemed that the 3rd sample had the right yellowish color. Monday the day of the test woke up around 7:30 am, used a test first time I had to go and failed(positive).After drinking 2 – 32 oz cups of water, tested myself 3rd time I had to go and it was negative. Took 3 B complex vitamins, went about 2 more times and took off to test. I forgot to add that I took some creatine powder the night before and the day of the test, since they say the ecup thing tests for ph/ nitrite/ and creatine levels. At the clinic while I was going I gave them a midstream sample, had a light yellow color to it. The dude put it in a machine that looked like a coffee maker, and said my employer would call me later with the results…So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday went by and I was having butterflies… No call is better than a call saying you’re positive, but what if you’re positive and they just won’t even bother calling you since you tested positive? I was worried to say the least, plus I wanted to burn one really bad. LMAO! Finally I’ve got a couple of emails today, one from HR to complete other paper work for new hire, the other from the place that they used to do my background check/drug test that they gave the company information about my background / credit. Also got a call from a lady to set up schedule and travel… So it finally hit me, holly shit I got the job!!! I’m so excited right now, almost forgot to burn one to celebrate. So this was my experience this time around. 10 days without smoking, drinking lots of water, some beer LOL, taking goldenseal root extract, milk thistle, taurine capsules, a tea spoon of creatine powder the day before and on the day I passssssssssed!!!

  24. Withheld Forprivacy

    You need to know: Toxins bind to fat. Fiber routes fat to stool. 6 hour time limit comes into play because your body remetabolizes fiber and reabsorbs toxins from your colon. Additionally charco-caps pull toxins out of your body. DO NOT EXERCISE until after your test. If you burn fat your pulling even more toxins into your system.

    This will not permanently detox your body but you will flush your toxins. This can not be detected. If you know you have to take a test and dont stop theres no guarantee. But for the surprise test, this will work as good as anything else that doesnt permanently detox your body.

    You’ll need metamucil or three boxes of certo, and activated charcoal or a half dozen charco-caps

    To use Fiber – Stop smoking the minute you hear you have to test.
    DO NOT exercise until after the test. You can spread this out over two days or compress the regimen into hours before the test.

    Before the test…
    Grab something to eat – something high in fat and low in carbs like steak and eggs. Eat. Eat!
    After eating, drink 32oz of water with two or three spoons of metamucil or a box of certo. Take a couple of charco-caps.
    TRY to have at least one bowel movement within 12 hours of testing – this rids your colon of built up toxins.

    If you have a bowel movement…
    eat something high in fat low in carbs. DO NOT exercise.
    Drink 32 oz of fluid with two or three spoons of metamucil or a pack of Certo.
    Take a couple of charco-caps.

    Fill 32oz container with fluid and two or three spoons of metamucil or a box of Certo. Continue to sip until test so you can urinate readily and keep toxins bound.

    DONT OVERDO charco-caps or metamucil/Certo…

  25. Ok so I am doing the certo as I type this I smoked two days ago and only about 5-6 hits off a bowl. I am not a everyday smoker, I am 5 feet and weigh about 180. I have been drinking water and my taking a lot of Uas from the dollar tree about 5 and one from Walmart last night I have passed all of them I’m doing the certo to make sure I pass this one for probation I’m going in at 1130 my bail rides on me passing this test. Am I in the clear here???

    1. I avoid giving advise for probation related testing due to laws. Since you passed all your home tests, I’d say you would be in the clear for pretty much any test, since the cut-off level is generally the same (50ng/ml).

  26. Hey guys I only smoke about once every other week with my buddies and recently had my first weed brownie. I’m about 5’7″ at 155 with an athletic build. The chef used about 13g for two trays. I only had one, without knowing what they were because I was slightly intoxicated. So my total intake was probably less than a .5g. Do u think I even need to try this certo method for my drug test tomorrow (72 hours clean in total).

    1. Wouldn’t want to take a test without doing anything at all in your case. So imo either test yourself with a home test kit or perhaps go with certo (or some other method) either way, just in case.

  27. An appointment was sprung on me randomly and had the risk of a possible tox screen. I had smoked 4 days prior and tested the night before the appointment and was still positive. I took one pack of certo in the morning with a gatorade (blue, cant stomach the lemon lime) and it goes down fairly easily. Burped quite a bit though, haha!I drink plenty of water, more than most people I know so im good there. Re tested with a home test kit (single panel dip stick) and it showed up as negative. My urine was almost as clear as water so a b12 vitamin is absolutely needed here unless you feel up for a re test due to dilution. Although, to be fair, ive been told my urine was diluted even when I didnt purposefully cleanse myself for anything, just due to the fact that i stay hydrated 24/7. I agree that the best option is to just not smoke. I mean, obviously. Just common sense. But when its spring on you and you need an emergency cleanse… it works. It really does. Just make sure to do it right! I was actually quite surprised at how well it worked

    1. Thanks for sharing. Not too surprising imo though, I mean, that is the point of it right? Going from testing positive, to testing negative, through dilution as well as well as through the fibers binding fat which has THC bound..

  28. I’m here to tell you I just got back from my ua at my probation office and this method truly does work! I’m so glad I ran across this cause I haven’t smoked in 3 weeks and I just wanted to be sure and bought a drug test and failed, after researching I ran across this and by God I’m glad I did cause I pass, I did the steps in the exact order it says and took 2 drug test before I went to the po office and pass and then passed the one at the po office! This method does work and don’t doubt it

    1. Although I can’t endorse cheating any legally administered tests, they’re like any other test in cut-off level and how to pass them. I definitely think your 3 weeks of abstinence helped you a lot as well to get you at least closer to the passing-limit. But I’ll repeat though, that it worked for you, this time, does not mean it will work for everyone else and that one shouldn’t doubt it. This is pretty misleading and might lead some unlucky people to fail theirs, as many have. It does help, but it does not always work! Either way thanks for sharing.

  29. So I haven’t smoked since last Tuesday. Its now Monday, I have a very high metabolism, I weigh about 140. I haven’t been drinking tons of water.. But about 12-24oz a day, occassionally more.. Im not sure why I haven’t… Mainly been stressin this UA. Anyhow I pee tomorrow, and I’m going to use this, you think I’ll be okay?

    1. Your test is done already at the time of this reply but, either way I really couldn’t say. It’s risky, you could pass but you could just as well fail. You don’t say whether you’re generally a frequent smoker or just an ocassional one. If you’re just an ocassional one your chances would be pretty god I’d say.

      1. So I’m really late on this… Was about to use this method again for probation today, But it got rescheduled due to weather and school closings.. The nice thing about WI and snow I suppose.. I passed my last one, and am a pretty frequent smoker. This time I was going to use a detox juice for insurance since I smoked yesterday, but my question is, would it be safer to drink the juice than the certro or the certro and then the juice? I dont want it to push out the certro.. As I know most detox juices… Aren’t very pleasnt… So if you could give me some insight that would be great :)

        1. Hey Stin, I avoid giving advise specifically for probational tests due to laws and regulations. Generally speaking though..

          I don’t know for sure here, but I don’t think they’d affect each other negatively besides the fact that all liquid adds up and makes your urine over-diluted (even if it may keep it looking normal since vitamins add color back). But Certo by itself is already very diluting and thus I don’t think it would matter much since your sample is alkready over-diluted before adding the detox drink to the equation. So, I don’t think the order in which you consume them will matter, but it’s just my opinion.

  30. Ok this is Wednesday and it got to piss tomarrow it’s a keep out jail thing so it’s important.
    Last smoked saterdaynight about 4 or 5 good tolks and three other times in the last month about the same and about a week apart.
    Went early this morning to Walmart and got 2 home drug test kits, 12 dollars and change for each. Came home and took certo and lemon lime poweraid. Also took 4 bayer aspirin at 6:45 pissed right away started drinking water pissed again took a multi vitamin at 8:45 and pissed 3rd time finished half gallon water at 8:50 . Fel asleep . Woke up 9:27, had to pee and did. Just a minute later pissed in cup. 9:35 had 2 good red little lines… Im cash strapped so I did it the Po-boy way. I’ve been drinking over a gallon water a day since Sunday and talking niacin also had about 3/4 gal cranberry juice during that time . I’ve got to pee for real at 7 in the morning I know they use the 5 panel quickly test because that’s what I failed last month. I feel better since I’ve tested it the day before…. Wish me luck.

    1. Although I can’t support trying to cheat lawfully administered tests, I’ll agree that it’s always a good idea before any test to use a home test kit first to get an idea of where you’re at.

  31. Your site is so good!! But I have a question.

    Im female, 5’3 and about 120 lbs. I have been a multipledaily user of weed for the past 8 years. I knew there would be a pre-employment physical so I have not smoked in 21 days, been drinking at least 8 big glasses of liquid a day (water, vitamin water, & green tea) and all my friends say I’ll be fine. However I tested on a home test kit today and it looks like I failed (there is a VERY faint line where the negative part is, but I think is more wishful thinking vs an actual line). My test is Friday afternoon.

    I’m going to go out and buy Gatorade, Pectin in hopes that helps me pass. Which is better to color your pee B2 or B12 and do you recommend taking a high dose asprin before the test or no?

    I’m freaking out I won’t pass and even though I’m 30 the thought of having to tell my parents I didn’t get the job because I didn’t pass a drug test is terrifying!!

    1. Even a very faint line fopr most tests mean you passed it, although read the instructions carefully to make sure. If you’re right on the edge of the limit, than this certo method can definitely help you pass it. As for b12 or b2, either one works fine. A general b-complex works too. Haven’t tried aspirin myself, I know some people like taking it before but I think it’s negligable, won’t hurt but won’t really help either.

      Haha yeah I feel you on that one, what your family is going to think can still be worrisome, especially if they haven’t caught up to the 420-age and think weed is really bad stuff.

      1. So pleased to say that I got the call today and I PASSED!! I’m sure it was a combo of abstaining starting as soon as I found out about the test and the Certo drink. I would only change how much water I drank after (a total of 80 fl oz) because I had to pee three times at the testing facility and I felt it may have made me look suspicious.

        Thank you again for providing a site with so much useful information!

  32. I have a test at 9am tomorrow morning can I take the mixture tonight and drink plenty of water tonight and in the morning before my test or should I do it at 6am?

    1. The standard way is to do it the day of the test which would then be tomorrow at 6am in your case. If you have enough certo, it’s not a bad idea to do both (night before and at the same day).

  33. I’m a guy 6’3 175 with little to no body fat. I play basketball a couple times a week and I would guess I’m a chronic smoker now (1-2 bowls a day since the beginning of the summer) I was a pretty occasional smoker before then.

    I have a drug test in 3 days. I ordered some toxin rid but forgot the one day shipping so it wasn’t gonna come in time. Since I wasn’t going to be able to start in time I kept smoking (DUMB!!!) and decided to use a friend’s pee instead. After doing research I saw that my test may be observed (my test is a pre-employment, but the website says the random drug tests are observed so idk if that applies to pre emp).

    So now I’m paranoid and wanna try and detox for these 2-3 days just in case and bring the pee if I fail my free drug test the day of. If I start drowning in water and cranberry juice (maybe start taking creatine if it’s useful) along with starting the toxin rid (It’s 5-day but can I just truncate this?) tomorrow and taking a couple aspirin the day of could I possibly be clean by Wednesday or should I just pray that the test is not supervised because I’m fucked?

    1. You test is done already by now, hope it went well. You best bet would likely be hoping it isn’t supervised and having some fake urine with you. For the case it would be supervised, it wouldn’t hurt doing your best to detox / dilute and try passing that way, although the chances would be pretty slim so that’s really a last resort.

  34. So I have a possible ua coming up at my next psychiatrist appointment and am a pretty consistent smoker as I use it for medical purposes as well, even though we’re not a legal state yet. I am on several medications and am concerned that testing will be too clean. They have to see that I’ve been taking my prescriptions. Will this method clean my medications out of my system as well? I plan to stop smoking tomorrow and will have 6 days smoke free prior to testing. This is important because I cannot afford to lose my dr. What do you know about this situation I’m in? I look forward to your reply, thanks in advance!!

    1. Since a big way this method works in is through dilution, it will certainly reduce the amount of other stuff in your urine as well, such as medications. Whether it’s enough to not be detected in your ua or to cause you problems, I hav no idea.

  35. Everyday smoker for almost 40 years now.Certo worked for me today.I used a method recommended to me by an aqaintance who swore by it but I took it up a notch.I did quit for 4 days but the 2 weeks prior to that I smoked an eighth of OG Kush,an eighth of Michael Phelps Kush and an eighth of Blue Dream.I am tall at about 200 lbs.It was a cup test(at court) with like 9 indication bars.This is exactly what I did in anticapation for a 9:15am or so test time(based on an earlier court experience).This time it was closer to 10:15am that I actually tested.

    5:00 am Mixed 1 packet into 59 FL OZ Dole-Orange Pineapple Banana Juice.
    I gave myself until 6:00am to finish that bottle.
    I did nothing from 6 to 7 to let that settle.Actually I had a cup of coffee.
    At 7:00am I mixed another packet into another 59 FL OZ Dole-Orange Pineapple Banana Juice.
    I gave myself until 8:00am to finish that entire bottle.
    Left for court shortly thereafter.
    Pissed and Passed.
    Not sure if it’s relevant but I took 4 asprin around 7:30am.
    The OPB Juice gave it some color amd foam and the Certo obviously masked the THC.Otherwise I would be in jail right now.I was surprised,Honestly.

    I had tried certo in the past but I mixed it with water and threw it up after about 10 minutes.Needles to say I didn’t pass that test.QCarbo worked for me one time in the past but I had quit for 18 days and I barely passed.Royal Flush and a few other brands I tried did not work.
    For what it’s worth,I’ll probably try it again.

  36. So, I have to take a drug test for a job offer I got at one of the local casinos in my area and a friend of mine told me about the sure-jell method. So I was really excited about it and I stopped smoking on Christmas eve and got the Sure-jell on Sunday and downed it. My test was supposed to be on Monday, but we had a really bad snow storm so I had to reschedule until Tuesday. Now I’m freaking out because I’m not sure if the method is going to work. I’m chunky, I’m 5’2 and I weigh about 150 pounds. So is the sure-jell still going to work? Or am I screwed?! I drink tons of water by the way.

    1. There is no yes or no answer here, there’s only maybe. You’ll have to wait and see, since it’s by no means guaranteed you’ll pass with it, but it’s not guaranteed you’ll fail either.

  37. I have a po test in 5 days I stopped smoking the 16th I was a everyday smoker and my test is January 5th and I smoked resin not to long ago and then before tht maybe a week before I smoked a small bowl I have been taking creatine pills and niacin also I’ve been drinking alot of water will I be straight with doing all of tht and then doing the certo detox??

    1. I don’t give specific advise regarding probational tests due to legal reasons. Either way it would be hard to say if you could pass a test like this, and if you would, it would likely be due to heavy dilution.

  38. First off I would like to say thank you Sophie and everyone else chiming in. Hopefully one day people won’t have to stress about a natural plant that’s not dangerous like alcohol or these “medication” pills doctors prescribe (but are basically legal heroin). I have used qcarbo32 (a bottle with 5 pills) a few times and each time I didn’t have to test at all (oh man were those some horrible moments struggling to find a bathroom while enroute to probation!). I once used a friend’s pee for a lab Corp test (ended up getting the job).

    After a lot of research I bought sure Jell, at home tests, and the qcarbo 10 pill detox. I am 6′, 240lbs. After not smoking at all from June 2013 to November 2014 I became a regular smoker again (d’oh!).
    It’s been only 2 days since I last smoked, and Ive definitely been a heavy smoker over the past 2 months. Today I started doing my detox experiments and will update as I go along. I have to do 2 required programs (drinking and driving) as part of my probation and I am about to enter the local elevator constructor union which is a greaaaaat job so i want to clean all this thc out.

    Today I drank roughly 80oz of water while testing my self every other piss. 4 tests all came up positive. This was just to see when my pee comes up diluted, basically when the test shows invalid. I decided to stop wasting the tests so I took a qcarbo32 I had sitting here along with 4 pills provided (took 1 of the 5 pills a while ago). After following the instructions, and 40 Oz of water later, the piss test came back positive…but the second line was a but faint. 2 lines is negative, 1 positive. By the way, my pee was neon yellow with just the qcarbo32.

    This all gave me a base understanding of what I need to do:

    Obviously continue to not smole so I have at least 2 weeks under my belt.

    Use fruit pectin and anything else with the same theory of releasing thc I’m the stool over the next 2 weeks to just speed up the process.

    Right before I go to sign up for the programs I will use Sophie’s instructions (as well as others) to certo on the day of any tests.

    I am also going to order ToxinRid to help speed things up.

    I will update here over the next 2 weeks with as many details as I can. My main goal is to speed up the process so much that any test before all thc is gone is easily passed with the certo method..I am sure right now I wouldn’t pass. First update tomorrow, I will do the certo before going to see my po…likely won’t be tested but what better time to try right?

    1. Hey, my pleasure Jerome! You seem to gotten the hang of it, experimenting and using home tests is a great way to figure out what works. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Hello and thank you for your advice in advance. I have been a smoker for a bout a year, approximately 1/4 a bowl a week, spread out over 2/3 days each week – a small amount each time before bed to help me sleep. There have been several times I’ve stopped smoking for a month or more. The first week of December 2015 I smoked for a week, a pipe bowl a day. I then stopped all smoking for 3 weeks. To celebrate the new year and some very good news I received I smoked a little on Jan 1st, approximately a bowls worth. I haven’t smoked since then. I might have a drug test the middle to end of next week and if I do have to take one I will use the dilution and certo method. I know you cannot give a definitive answer, but what do you think my chances of passing would be? I am skinny and tall, very little body fat (13%), and 135 lbs. I also have an above average metabolism, and only eat a meal a day (i just can’t eat a lot). Thank you again :)

    1. Hi Daniel. You’ll have abstained about 2 weeks after that last one-time use which is good in and of it’s own. Add certo on to that and I do think you’ll pass. There’s still the risk it will be too diluted when using certo, depending on if they test for that or not. Never hurts using some home tests in advance. If they show you’re clean even without certo, that’s a good sign, and then you may still want to use the certo, but drink a bit less fluid to avoid over-diluting when it’s not necessary.

  40. I want to say thanks for compiling all this info. There’s a good chance I’m having a drug test next Thursday (supposed to be random but I got a headsup) I have not smoked since New Years Eve, and even then it was a small bowl. Prior to that my last usage was the middle of December, so 2 weeks abstinence before New Years. I will for sure be using the methods you suggested, but I am wondering, in your opinion, how you think my chances might be. Of course nothing is certain, but I am curious for even an approximation. I have been a regular user for about a year and a bit. Usually 2 times a week, sometimes 3, but rarely ever going through a bowl’s worth during a 1 week period. Many times it was just a pinch. There were times where I went without for a month or so. I’m on the skinner side of things, and my body fat is low. I often hike or go for long walks as exercise. Thanks for all you’ve done and I am eager to hear your thoughts. :)

    1. No problem :). I just want to clarify, I don’t use the Certo method personally for urine tests. It’s a bit too unreliable imo, since over-dilution can also come back to bite you. But in your case, since you’ve been smoking only very occassionally recently, I’d say it can be considered a one-time use at New Years Eve, and not a very big one either. So chances are good you’ll be clean naturally or nearly so at least. Use a home test kit to find out with more certainty.

      1. Thank you, Sophie. I just tried a home test (dollar store brand) and it came back negative.

        The test says it is %98 accurate, though I am curious since it is a dollar store test, how truly accurate they are. Would a $20 test from a place like Walgreens be a better test to take or are they about the same accuracy wise? That is, if you have any experience with that kind of question.

        1. From what I understand, usually the difference in accuraccy is pretty negligable, as in, perhaps the cheaper one has 98% and the more expensive one 99% (just a clarifying example, not saying this is the case exactly). If they were only a dollar however, I wouldn’t mind taking 2 of them and have them confirm each others result.

  41. Hello, Ok I have a drug test tomrw and I been clean for 11 days so far .
    I do not smoke like that only ( moderate ) I have been taking Waterpills and excersising lately. I’m going to do the certo tomrw morning at 5 because my lab test is at 8. But before this do you think I should take niacine pill today and then tomrw with my drug test do the certo ? Or just stick to certo

    1. Since I don’t really use the Certo method personally I’m hesitant to advice people to stick to that one. But if one is set on it so be it. Just sticking to the certo is likely enough in your case, and hopefully they won’t check it for dilution.

  42. So, I smoke very little in the last 15 days minus the last three days, haven’t smoked at all. I mean just like 2 hits of mid grade at night to go to sleep. I have a drug test in the morning. I am going try this for the first time, it’s actually a test so I can get pain mess.

    I am currently taking Bactrim for a bladder infection, so my pee is suppose to be clear. I certainly don’t want my pee to be dark. And I am not sure if the vitamins are going to make it too dark amd give myself away. Is it going to be to dark and if so what else could I take?

    1. Certo could make your urine darker sometimes yeah, depends a bit on how many times you pee before the test as well. More water will eventually make it clear again if so, but if they also test for dilution you already had a lot of water with the certo and it gets risky. Your test is already done by now, so do update with how it went. But generally, if worried about what color yor urine might have, one could try certo in advance, without having a test. It does help detox a bit with all the fiber so no harm, and then you’ll know what to expect when it comes to color.

  43. I used the Certo method again today and passed again.See my post from December 18,2015.I followed the same procedure.This time I had only quit for two days but had smoked much less and much,much lower quality weed.I did not take aspirin and didn’t pee untill 11:10am.

  44. I haven’t smoked in 46 days . Before the 46 days of absence I smoke about a ounce a day for like 2 years. Well I had to test at 46 days of not smoking I used the Certo with a 32 oz Gatorade and drank like 4 more bottles of water . I urinated 3 or so times before testing. Just waiting on my results. I’m stressing

    1. 46 days clean + diluting with the Certo method would still give you pretty good odds of passing imo, but do update with how it went!

  45. So I have hardly ever seen anyone online saying they failed cuz of this. I’m here to say that I did this method perfectly. I did this for the army everytime we had to take a piss test.. I didn’t get called for over a year. First time I get called and I had two packets of certo. Results came back positive 30mg. It got sent to a lab obviously cuz it’s the army. I have tested on dipsticks tests as well and failed. I highly recommend to not rely on this method. Test yourself before your testing you can.

  46. Ok, I’ve learned a lot about Certo the past few days with a PO drug test looming and not being able to use synthetic due to pat down observation. I smoke every night as a relaxant to get to sleep (bowl and maybe a half of the premium stuff), but I am on probation for DUI. I was not required to do monthly test but I got a call from my PO on Thursday that I needed to have a screen done Monday. I immediately stopped smoking that day. That night 1/14/16, I ordered the at home drug tests and some Qtabs (3packs). I received them Sunday and immediately took a urine sample and sure enough I was positive!!! Used one of the Qtab packs and tracked my progress taking the first dose at 1pm. I followed the instructions as per the box and drank 16oz between each regimen, relieving myself when I needed to but made sure to consume more water. I took the last 3 pills at 2 pm. I noticed that after an hour after my last regiment, my pee was yellow and I had not supplement B vitamins, but assumed it was the Qtabs. I decided to test myself and sure enough I had a dark control line and a faint test line. I made sure to test and document each time I went, notating color and result. At 3:13, my test line appeared a little darker, and held the same at 4:01pm. At 4:55, I could tell that the test line was starting to fade…..my urine maintained the yellow tint. I continued to consume 12-16 oz of water and urinated 4 more times, all resulting in a “pass” even at 7:45 pm. My urine continued to stay a consistent color and when I tested myself at 9:16pm, I had a fail result. This allowed me to understand the time frame I needed to test and decided I would need to test in a 3 hour window using Qtabs. Now, I went to sleep and woke up nervous and stressed because reality kicked in that today was TEST day. Based on what I learned from this forum on Certo, I decided to try it that morning. (I purchased the certo and Gatorade from Walmart when I was frantically worried about the test). I mixed a packet in, shook it up, and drank the entire bottle.i followed with 64oz of water for the next 2hrs. My test was at 12, so I started my qtabs at 10am and finished the last dose around 10:45, followed with another 64 oz of water/Gatorade. I tested myself at 11:15 and boom, negative test! I’m not sure if it was because of the certo, but the next 3 self tests including that one had the dark control line, but the test line was dark too! Not faint like the previous day. I went to the PO and nervously took my test…… Needless to say I passed! I want to thank everyone that contributed to this thread as it helped me out big time! I’m 5’10, 185lbs 40 years old…….I did it, so can you!

    1. Thanks for sharing Jahman, interesting read. With that amount of water though, it’s very likely to be over-diluted, and one will have to hope that isn’t tested for. But in your case it probably wasn’t, and thus worked well.

  47. I just went a pre-employment drug test today.I smoked the day before …I tried this method after hearing about it from a friend….waiting to c if I passed….wont know for a day or two…will let u know how it goes.

  48. Hi Sophie, I recently smoked on the 9th and 11th of this month. Before that I hadn’t in years. I would say I took about 10 hits combined and now I have a drug test tomorrow. Since I’m not a heavy smoker, do you think it’s already out of my system or should I try the certo?

    1. Best way is always to get a cheap home-test kit, since speculation will always remain just that, speculation. It’s definitely possible you’re clean naturally already, but not guaranteed. Perhaps a smaller dose of certo would suffice, and thus slightly less risk of over-diluting.

  49. I just went a pre-employment drug test today.I smoked the day before …I tried this method after hearing about it from a friend….waiting to c if I passed….wont know for a day or two…will let u know how it goes. I just found out I passed…..this method does work!!

    1. Thanks for sharing. Again I just want to point out though, that because it works one time doesn’t mean it will work the next. That’s the thing with this method. it might work, but it won’t always work, and many find out the hard way on anywhere from their first to their tenth time using it.

  50. I got drug test in a hr or so got a half gallon down don’t think I’ll get rest of it drank my stomach is killing me and using bathroom left and right is this ok and I’m fixing to take b12 vitamin to give urine color it’s clear do u think I’m safe

  51. Hello! I am thinking about using the method for my drug test tomorrow. I have smoked a good amount 26 days ago and a small amount 10 days ago. Besides that there has been no usage. I have taken niacin and B vitamin every day after the small amount 10 days ago. I am going to try the certo gel method to improve my chances. My question to you is, can I do anything else to improve my chances (with limited money and time)? And do you think I have a good chance of passing? This is a PO test by the way.

    1. Hey, I don’t give specific advice for PO tests due to regulations. But in general, if you’ve smoked only 2 times the last 26 days, the last time being just a small amount, granted you weren’t a heavy chronic smoker before these 26 days, it shouldn’t take much to pass a urine test. It’s possible your clean without doing anything sat all, but it’s best to confrim that with a home test kit. If you are already clean, Certo may be a unnecessary risk to take due to chances of it coming back as too diluted..

  52. I have tried “the stuff” and certo (sure gel) been testing myself with dollar store tests. Been clean for about nine days now. With both things the control line is clear and the negative line is faint. I’m freaking out! I have a d.o.t. test on Friday. Not sure if its gonna be observed or not. I’ve seen you mention that a faint line is basically a pass. Is that right cause “the stuff” and certo are the only things that have made the negative line even show up. Tried a bottle of ultra mask for $30 bucks and that was a waste of money because it failed. If I fail this test I’m screwed! Gonna lose my job and house probably. So is a faint line basically a pass or not? I’m freaking out! So worried!

    1. I don’t give advice specifically about dot tests due to legal regulations. In general though, a faint line is a pass yes, but read the instructions on the specific test to know how to interpret that test correctly. I take it you’re a heavy smoker since you say it only turns up at all using certo or a detox drink though. It likely means you’re only clean enough when you dilute, which may mean your test may come back as over-diluted (which is the main reason I never use Certo myself, it’s a gamble whether you pass, fail or get an over-diluted result).

  53. Alright, so I’m a heavy smoker. 1-2 g’s a day Basically wake up blaze, all day. And I have a drug test coming up on the third of February I quit smoking the morning of the 21st, I workout at least 3 times a week, I have a decently fast metabolism, I’m 6’1 185 Lbs and im trying the certo method before my test to try to rid it in my stool, I have a relion drug test I’m going to take Monday, to see but Im going to try to do the certo method 3 times before then, and then see what it says I’m drinking a ton of water a day, is there anything else to help? I will let you know how the test on Monday goes but I’m really worried, any suggestions, and thoughts on passing? please get back to me fast!! Thanks! Tanner!

    1. Hey Tanner. Being such a heavy smoker, I think it’s highly unlikely you’ll test negative this soon, unless it’s right after the certo and purely due to dilution. If we’re talking a regular unsupervised pre-employment test here, a good synthetic urine would be hands down your best solution imo. If that’s not an option, you will probably need to hope to pass through over-diluting your urine, although many tests will detect dilution nowadays.

  54. I smoked approximately 4 days ago and had about .5 of a blunt and drank heavy, was peeing all night, i am 5’2 and 155lbs only smoked that one time proir to that it had been a month and half since i smoked i have a drug test in approximately 24 hours would this be a good method to use ?

    1. Your test will be done already by now but still, imo the Certo method is never the best method, but sure in your case since you haven’t been smoking much it probably would work well unless they test for dilution. Another option would be to check yourself with a cheap home test kit, if clean on that one, a small detox drink should do as a safety net to pass. If negative on the home test kit, a good brand of synthetic urine would be my next preferred option.

    1. Not really. It might do something, considering it helps clear you blood and THC enters saliva through your blood, but it’s probably negligible. There is a guide on how to pass saliva tests on the website, you should check that out.

  55. Hey Sophie, I just wanted to give you my two cents on the whole thing. I smoke a lot. To give you an idea, me and my two roommates go through roughly an ounce a week (28 grams). Several people I know use this method and have nothing but good things to say about it. You can’t say it’s “guaranteed” however because it’s all dependent upon each individual. A key thing I noticed you left out though is the creatine level in your urine. That’s another dead give away that you’ve attempted to dilute your test. Simply taking a creatine supplement for a few days, including the day of your test, will help prevent anyone from becoming suspicious. Also, I noticed a few people asking how this would effect the detection of other drugs like opiates or amphetamines. THC is unique in the fact that it’s stored within your body and takes quite a bit of time to have it completely gone, however most other drugs are water soluable and can be completely flushed out of your system by simply drinking large amounts of water. Anyway, my test is in about a week. I’ll let y’all know how this works.

    1. Hey, and thanks for sharing. Yeah I know creatinine (they look for creatinine, not creatine, but that’s a metabolit of creatine so you still take creatine like you say to increase that) is tested for in a dilution test, but they test other stuff as well, which means in most cases, taking creatinie alone won’t protect you from an over-diluted result. And yeah I agree that other drugs are way easier to detox.

  56. Okay so my boyfriend will have a drug test today , but I don’t know when it will be. He drank the sure jel at 7 in the morning. I’m wondering how long does the sure jel last?

    1. Within a few hours for optimal effect I’d say, before the pectins have gone too far through your digestive system. You want to pee a few times in between taking the Certo and the test as well.

  57. Hello Sophie :)

    Thank you again for your previous help. I was curious…is it only water you can drink to dilute…or is any liquid ok? If water flushes your system but doesn’t replace anything, wouldn’t it be better to drink, say, a fruit cocktail blend, or smoothie, or OJ, so that it would replace nutrients lost by dilution?

    1. Hey Justachick, no it’s not only water, it’s liquid in general. So juice, tea, you name it, works fine. So fruit cocktails, smoothies etc is all good. Keep in mind though that all things are best in moderation and since it’s quite a lot one should drink to detox optimally, best is likely to mix it up, drinking mostly water, but some of it juice as well since vitamins (and fiber especially, so keep the pulp!) will be helpful. After all, drinking juice by the litres daily has it’s own drawbacks!

  58. Hey, how about ‘manning up’ and not doing drugs? I know, it is a crazy thought. Go ahead, live life CLEAN and see what happens. If nothing else you won’t be worried about your drug test anymore! If you or someone you love has a problem with drugs (like we can’t stop once we start) please seek professional health. Just because something is ‘natural’ does not mean it is good for you. Cactus are natural. Dog poop is natural. Want a hit off of that????

    1. I take it you’re a non-drinker, else you opinions could be seen by some as hypocritical. Who decides what’s a drug and what isn’t? If alcohol was first discovered today, it would probably not be legal. Many argue that white sugar is a drug as well (it’s certainly addictive to many).

      How one wants to live their lives though should be their own decision imo (within reasonable boundaries of course, many serious and violent crimes would fall outside these boundaries). But I agree in the case of those that really can’t stop when they start and are addicted, best would be to do what it takes to quit it entirely, since it can affect ones life too much in a bad way.

      For those that can stop, but feel they do get a considerably more enjoyable life (or less painful in some cases) with weed (same as people going out on weekends to drink alcohol and socialize in order to have fun) I think just stopping it because society has decided it’s not okay, just quitting may not be an ideal solution. That’s where working around it by passing a test enters the picture.

    2. Compared to the other drugs out there – caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, sugar – cannabis carries with it far fewer negative side effects, where the majority of those are either based on false perceptions or where users cannot control themselves – but that is equally true of coffee, hamburgers, video games, tv, gambling..the list goes on.

      I’ve seen first hand how cannabis saved a life. If you wish to remain ignorant of the facts about cannabis, that’s up to you, but the hard cold science coming forth, now that the restrictions on cannabis testing are being lifted, paint a more truthful picture of cannabis being much safer, healthier and beneficial alternative to the majority of OTC and prescription drugs, as well as your mundane vices such as coffee and fast food.

      Those who use cannabis are discriminated against when far more lethal and dangerous substances are freely available – alcohol, tobacco and OTC drugs.

      As for the cacti and dog poop – well, sorry to burst your bubble, but there are species of cacti that ARE in fact edible. As for dog poop – true, it is a natural byproduct and doesn’t have much use outside emergency fertilzer – but then again, there’s no science saying dog poop is good for you, but there IS science saying cannabis is (1) not as harmful in itself as it has been made out to be and (2) is most certainly beneficial for a number of ailments.

      In the end, your personal subjective viewpoints are eviscerated by global objective science.

  59. I have a job offer (promotion) that requires a urine test. I have been smoking regularly for 3 months, a few large bong rips a day of good stuff. Last day I smoked was a single hit 2 days ago. I have been looking into this method but I am not convinced. I ordered a 15 pack of home tests and I intend to do a study on my body’s ability to detox. The order should arrive Friday so I will take a few initial tests and have someone else take a few too as a control. Over the next few days I will consume water and exercise and see how this affects my tests. If still positive a few days in I will try to take the certo without consuming more water than usual. I am female, 5’6 and 130 lb. and I consume 5-6 16 oz bottles of water daily. I will return with my findings.

    1. And you shouldn’t be (convinced, that is) since although it can work, it’s not really consistent/reliable, and comes with the risk of getting a over-diluted result, since many tests look for that, especially those sent to a lab.

      Awesome that you’re experimenting, no better way to learn what it takes for you to get clean. Keep in mind though that when drinking lots of water, a test in close proximity to this, may show as negative simply because you’ve diluted your urine a lot. The most accurate way imo would be to take the test early in the day, the second time you need to pee, and hold off with drinking too much before that, only drinkig a glass or two as would be regular. The very first urine of the day will have built up toxins over night and isn’t very accurate.

  60. Certo works!

    Here is EXACTLY what I did (without a bunch of worthless details)

    My Variables: Smoked 2 to 3 times per day for about 30 days… 3-4 hits per chooch
    session of mid to high grade. 6’1″ 200lbs & workout 0 times per week.
    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    1. I stopped choochin 10 days before my lab test. (invasion of my privacy)
    (Get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep during these 10 days, REM sleep is when you body
    detoxifies the most, which is the last 2 hours of your sleep)

    2. Creatine tablets from any store starting 3 days before the test. I only took 3 per day
    when it said to take 6 per day. (3 -pills 3 days before, 2 days before, and the day
    before ($10 bottle of 60)

    3. Morning of test (9:30am is test time).. Got up 3 hours before my test at 6:00am.

    4. Mix box of certo with lemon lime gatorade low carb (32oz) at 6:05am … Slammed it
    and took a regular ole Vitamin B complex pill. Important: Gatorade was WARM, It
    will process faster when warm and tasted just like normal… If it is cold it will speed
    up your metabolism and decrease your chances. (It is science, not magic)

    5. Took a hot shower and drank a WARM bottle of water (16oz) (7:00am)

    6. At 7:30am I drank a vitamin c fruit blend smoothie available at any grocery store. (it
    was cold) (16oz) (naturally contained zinc)

    7. At 7:45am I ate a piece of string cheese (probably made no difference but that shit is
    healthy & I didn’t shit my pants on test day, so that’s a bonus)

    8. 7:50am I pissed and headed to my appointment. I drank another 10 more oz of
    warm water on the way to PB appt. AND another B-complex pill.

    9. I took a small piss when I got there before appt. (8:20am)
    (for fucks sakes, stop saying “void”, it’s annoying as hell)
    (Note: UA means Piss Test, bloggers need to cool that shit with the fancy words,
    nobody is impressed)

    10. Go take test 45 min later. (Which means my piss was brewing for 45 min between
    my last piss and test time)

    11. 9:00am. Piss excellence. (mid stream)

    12. Tested myself for assurance with a dip stick I bought online. Clean. The line will
    always be faint on THC test so don’t let that get you down. If you see a line then
    you passed. (Test cose $10 for a box of 15 on amazon)

    13. DO NOT SMOKE until a few hours before the lab closes. You: “Why, I wanna
    smoke now? Here is why… If you drank too much water you will get a phone call
    for a retest. You will probably still pass if you didn’t smoke a blunt on the way home
    from your test. If you weigh less then me you can drink a little bit less. If your a fatty
    then drink more. IMPORTANT: If you fail then DO NOT lie to your P.O., Just man
    up and your PO will respect the fact that you told the truth, also, sentencing
    guidelines are followed based excuses. Most people who lie WILL receive 5x the
    punishment. If you fail and your are facing prison then Google directions to canada
    or mexico and pack your shit up and go. I promise you it will sure beat a horny
    mans weiner in your ass.

    14. Good Luck & lets hope they legalize this shit already. Cops & courts are just gang-
    bangers with a license to do so. The system is fucked up and that is why I decided
    to beat it worse than a racist cop in a rich town.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Again though, keep in mind that it worked for you does not mean it will work for anyone, or that it will always work for you, hence it can be misleading saying it like that, and many people fail their tests taking advice online from someone who passed a test a certain way. More accurate would probably be “Certo worked for me”.

    1. Optimal time would be taking the test after a few hours imo, but it’s not so much about time as it is that you want to have peed a few times after drinking the certo, to clear out the previous urine completely.

  61. I have court tomorrow. i did a test run on this 2 days ago, it came out negative(I smoked 4 blunts the night before) I hope I get the same results tomorrow! Ill post my results tomorrow

  62. Had a diluted test result.they gave me 24 hours smoke a few hits. Last night so this is my last ditch effort one packet tonight or wait till mornin

  63. I am trying this maybe 36 hours with no weed.for a job I don’t really want bit need a job.will be back later in the day.to post color and my techie

  64. my sure jell did not make my Gatorade any thicker, I used one packet. are there different types of sure jell? mines was a white powder

    1. Not that I know of, and I don’t think it always does that, since as when making jam and jelly with the Certo, it can take some time for it to thicken, and still that’s not necessarily what you want when you’re going to drink it anyways.

  65. Ok, I appreciate the instructions, they are right on, me and my friend first started doing this in 2004 when we were 18 and on tasc (i was actually on juvenile tasc since i wasnt 18 yet but he was). Anyway, he used only marijuana and valium,(valium heavily the day before) and I used heroin and marijuana. Him much more marijuana than me. So you have to stop 24 hours before your test. Then you do the certo thing and you ARE drinking like a gallon of water which is why you pass. It is 100% because the urine is diluted. Heres the how certo REALLY allegedly works. Normally drinking a gallon of water RIGHT before a test (less than 6 hours) your creatinine level will be <20mg/dL, resulting in a specimen being labeled "dilute" and USUALLY failing (at BEST you get a retake), so the certo artifically pumps up your creatinine levels so the test doesn't know its diluted. ANOTHER KEY THING. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE VITAMINS. you can fail from THE LACK OF COLOR OF YOUR URINE ALONE. However usually with good creatinine levels this isn't an issue (but why risk it? find some vitamins WITHOUT IRON, the simpler the better, and take 2, or a 1000mg vit C is good… avoid b vitamins, they will raise your tolerance and make your fat burn quicker hence flooding you with thc metabolites…. Thats why the certo thing has NOTHING to do with fiber, properties of thc or any of that. it works EQUALLY with ANY drugs, (assuming cut off levels are relatively equal) cuz you are just diluting the sample, then covering your tracks with the certo/creatinine boost. So just wanted to add this info I've been using for over a decade… Theres more I could get in to just about drug tests in general for different drugs but thats a different topic but anyway… That's the meat and potatoes of it.
    P.S. JOB UA's (If you are taking a UA for a lab like for a job, just get some fake urine or something, its WAY easier and just substitute. the only way this doesnt work is if you are SUPPOSED to fail for vicodin say cuz you are on it for a toothache, you cant just sprinkle vicodin in the urine lol, so refrain from saying you are on anything if u use substituted clean urine)

    1. Several good points here. I agree, it’s mostly due to dilution, but I disagree in that that’s the only reason, the other ones already mentioned in the article. It’s still the case that the pectin fiber can bind the fat, which binds the THC, and thus keeps more of it in your intestines rather than letting it be absorbed into your blood. And it’s from your blood it eventually gets into your urine. Certo seems to work more consistently than just drinking a gallon of water, even if you take vitamins for color. Either way thanks for sharing your experience/opinion.

  66. Hi Sophie thank you for creating this blog it gives me a sense of comfort understanding the sure gel a little better . I need to take a urine test, yesterday, and have been delaying my new employer due to home THC tests coming up positive . I’ve been smoking weed since 14yrs old and now 46 without many long term breaks. I have not smoked for 3weeks and 2days and weigh 110lbs. I (thought) I had a high metabolism and have been doing hot yoga and drinking more water than usual. I can’t stalk any longer and need to take the test by latest in one day (making it 3wks and 3days). This morning I took a home test and came up positive on first urine of the day. I started drinking tons of water and pee’d at least 20x to take again. The 2nd test came back blank, my guess is this is inconclusive. I took some b12 and ate lunch , drank some normal tea and took the test 3rd time shortly after , this time it showed somewhat blank (only half a line on the positive and nothing to make a negative). Someone told me about the sure gel product and that’s how I ended up here. I have no other choice but to try this because The clock is ticking. My question/s: 1) about 4wks ago i used a dry THC vape for about a week and didn’t like it went back to smoking, can this be reason I’m failing (i.e., does it take longer to get thc out when vaping it? 2) will it help to take a laxative as well the night before the day I take the test? 3) if I do the therapy tonight as well as tomorrow (i.e. Two packets of sure he’ll, two 32oz Gatorade and 2gal water) will it increase chances of getting clean? Any of all answers to question is appreciated

    1. Hey Alex, your test will be done by now but, as for vape vs regular smoking, it will depend on amount and purity etc as always, it’s true that a larger % of the smoke in a vape contains the active THC, but if you use the same amount for vaping/smoking, imo the difference between what it takes to detox is negligible. The reason you’re failing is simply because it more often often than not takes longer than 3 weeks to get clean for a long time heavy user. If no potent detox products are used, it seems to take 1,5-2months for many heavy smokers. Sure a laxative might be a little helpful, but it’s just one part of regular detox. Many THC detox products that you take over a week or longer have some laxative effects to help expel THC. Certo helps the detox a little yes, through help moving THC out with your faeces, so using it several times definitely wouldn’t hurt, but don’t expect wonders. A big part of why it works is that it temporarily dilutes your urine a lot, which has it’s own downsides. Best choice in your situation would be going for synthetic urine imo.

  67. If I haven’t smoked in over 2 weeks and have went drinking tons of water and sweating everyday ( workout then sauna ) I was a heavy user but stopped cold turkey to get a hospital job. I have been constantly urinating and have stayed away from fatty foods will I be okay?

    1. Usually takes considerably longer for a heavy user than 2 weeks, even with strong detox products, and especially without any. But as always, Certo works through dilution, so it would depend on how they analyze the test in your hospital. My guess would be they do check for dilution, and then perhaps synthetic urine is what would work best in your case.

  68. Hello Sophie question please I haven’t smoked going on 3 weeks was taking 2 one hitters every 3 hours every day for the pass year I was wondering what you thought my chances are?

    1. There is always a chance to pass with Certo due to over-dilution, depending on the test. Other than that, you would likely have needed to start detoxing properly earlier. But, there is always synthetic urine if it’s unsupervised. If it is, that would be what I recommend.

  69. If I’m a light smoker..like once or twice every few months if I drink certo right now would I still be clean in a week if I don’t smoke anymore

    1. Certo traditionally works through dilution and the main effect is thus temporary, which is why it’s taken on the day of the test, a few hours in advance. That’s not to say it won’t help you with detoxing in general a bit as well, since it will help expel more THC through your faeces. Still, once or twice every few month is a low amount so depending on how much, if it’s not a lot at that one ocassion you could probably be clean in about a week naturally, Certo or not.

        1. Preferably you want a little more time I’d say, to have time to urinate a few times and have it actually go through to your bladder.

  70. I used this website for help as soon as I found out I had a drug screen for family court. I’m a bowl a day of loud kinda guy. I’m 6ft and weigh 210lbs. I only had two days notice for family court. Court was scheduled for 10am this morning. I woke up at 7am and chugged one pack of certo with Gatorade. I refilled the 32oz bottle two different time with water and drank it. Then at 9am I drank the other pack of certo with another 32oz yellow Gatorade. Continued to refill the 32oz container. I peed a good 5 to 6 times. Just a few minutes after 11am was the moment of truth. (Note: I am prescribed xanax from the VA so this kinda needed to test positive. But I wasn’t worried if it didn’t show up because it’s taken as needed). I passed the test for THC, but did not for the xanax….which in my case is exactly what I wanted. Just wanted to give some people hope that this method will work, but it seems for THC ONLY. Which is fine with me. Just wanted to let readers know my experience. And I smoked just over 24 hours before my screen. As with the author of this site, it may not work every time, but it worked like a charm for me

    1. I’ve spent hrs researching blogs upon blogs and so many comments until finding this one. Omg. This is exactly what I needed to know. I get tested at my psychiatrist appts to ensure my dr that I am indeed taking my Xanax (not like selling them or whatever). But last visit, my positive thc result posed an issue. I’m a super heavy stoner and my precious dr didn’t care abt thc in my system considering how long it can remain positive in pee. But my new asshole dr said if I test positive again (6wks later) then he’s taking me off and hospitalizing me for detoxification. My friend who never smokes agreed to give me her pee after I gave her a bar to give me positive benzo results but negative thc results. Otherwise I’d use synthetic like I have FOR EVERY JOB AND EVERY TIME IVE BEEN TESTED FOR PROBATION. unfortunately in this case, I can’t use synthetic since I my pee CANT be 100% clean. Even worse, my friend bailed last min and my dr appt is wed. I’ve been researching the certo method since it’s my only option considering i don’t know anyone who will take a free Xanax and give me their thc-free pee. I bought an at home drug test to try it out myself, but the drug test available in store that detects benzo was $35 in a Walmart and ain nobody got time for that. So I settled for the thc drug test specifically to test whether the certo method CERTainly works with thc. I won’t be able to know if benzo is still detectable tho unless I buy those strips or something. If I end up pissing the perfect piss I need at home, I’ll prob just end up taking that pee in an old synthetic pee bottle with temp strip to the dr (it’s unsupervised) and just warm it up and wrap it up in hand warmers and use what I know worked.

  71. I have did this many times, although I just used ONE gallon of water ,mixed with the Sure Gel, Up to 2 hours before urine screen. I am on suboxone and do smoke weed.

    I wish i would have known about the GATORADE..?

    Thank you for the updated information as well as the b-12 or Vitamins b


  72. Everytime I have tried this it has worked I have a test in three hours I already downed the Gatorade starting in water I’ll let you know how it goes this time

    1. It’s still useful, especially since a lot of the effects come from dilution. That said, the electrolytes in a gatorade may be helpful as well, probably not gamebreaking though.

  73. OK I have drank my 32 oz Gatorade with one certo package at 515 and drank 32 Oz of water so far and been pissing everyou 15-20 minutes have a 5 panel at 8 should I be good to go?? Gonna drink water until time to piss and just took a B12

    1. Glad it went well :). Can never answer with that short of a notice nowadays since I get so many comments and reply to them in the order they were submitted. But you got your answer through results instead, which is the best one for sure!

  74. Im on parole and report every 3 months. 2 weeks afo I “messed up” and got about 4 grams of midgrade (by texas standards) and burned it all in like 3 days. I’m a 220 lb couch potato and have been smoke free for 7 days today. I have to pee tomorrow on a random and have been taking tons of benefiber and eating regularly since found out 7 days ago. I bought my box of surejell yesterday and the test is at 2pm tomorrow. Wish me luck…..wonder what my chances are. I will b pounding water and multivitamins all morning tomorrow.

  75. Hello, I have a test tomorrow at 830 am. Haven’t smoked in 2 weeks. Should I wait and just take the certo tomorrow morning before I go, or should j take it once now too and again tomorrow? Will it make a difference? Thanks

    1. Hey Jess. Can rarely get back on that short of a notice, but for anyone else with the same question, the way to do it is the day of the test a few hours before, but doing it the day before in addition to that definitely won’t hurt and will likely be helpful to detox a little extra.

  76. I have my first urine test tomorrow morning, which will be Friday. If i pass, i’ll start work Monday. I’m 5’8 170lbs a little on the heavy side. I’ll give in specific details on what i did and if it worked for me. As of friday i’ll also be 7 days sober. Just a heads up.

    1. Okay so If you read my message earlier I said I’d tell you from my experience on how the sure jell worked for me. And I failed. Trust me I’m not someone who would intentionally put some false information out there , if I passed I would claim I did. I did not use certo , I used sure jell and it was the powder kind, just a heads up. This morning at exactly 5:50 am I put both of the packets of sure jell because I really wanted to pass. I had lemon Gatorade. The taste is extremely sour. I then drank 2 bottles of water afterwards and kept drinking cups and cups of water so I can pee. I peed 3 and a half times before my actual drug screen. My appointment was at 8:45am I took the test and failed. I wasn’t in complete shock. 1 line means negative and 2 means positive , the 2ND line under thc was almost becoming visible but it wasn’t as visible compared to the other drugs that we’re detected as well like cocaine , Meth , etc. If I were to go back in time I would intentionally dip the cup in the toilet and get a quarter full of water so it can detect nothing then pee the rest so obviously it seems like piss and it’s warm. I’m very upset, again I would never put false information out there and I’m also 7 days sober from weed. Time to look for another job.. good luck

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience, and yeah doesn’t surprise me, has happened to a lot of people. The problem with diluting urine with toilet water is you fall below the right temperature range which almost all tests nowadays will detect and you’ll then fail due to low temperature. Better to either put some effort into proper detox, or use synthetic urine, imho.

  77. I had smoked 2 days ago, I had to take a drug test that day. I did all that above with the certo and drank plenty of water, I work out alot everday. Lost about 48lbs. I weigh about to 219 now Thanks. I took 3 drug test from a local walmart, first one failed..kept urinating took another and passed but my urine came out clear as water. I took one day pill kept urinating came out clear but with somewhat yellow. Took the test, when I was done went to pick another test up, I passed it again. But it is being sent to a lab. I’m just nervous. Please reply asap

    1. As has been said before, Certo works to a big extent through dilution which is why I don’t use it myself. Far too many tests can detect over-dilution nowadays. For short notice tests a good synthetic urine would be my go-to rather, and when I have some time, a proper detox combining good products with natural detox habits.

      As for if you passed your or not no1 can really say until you got those results. Do update with how it went though!

  78. Hey guys. i justed wanted to put in my on experience with the infamous certo method. a little background, ive been on ARD (a lower form of probation) for around 11 months now. im 5ft 8in tall and weigh 166lbs. My metabolism is moderate to high in general and id say i dont have too much fat accumulation. When i was initially put on this program i quite smoking for around a month to clear out my system and pass my first monthly UA. after that i scoured the web for any ways i could continue smoking and still pass my tests. one thing led to another and i came across this method. i experimented with at home tests with this method before trying it on the designated day. needless to say, 11 months later, i haven’t failed a single drug test. a couple of factors to point out; i would smoke around 9-13 days of heavy smoking daily (leaving 17-21 days of cleansing time). i never changed my day to day life meaning i did not change my exercise routine (that being exercise like 5 out of those 17-21 days) nor did i change sleep, eating, or take any detoxs. to push it further around the 8 month mark of my ARD i was bumped to drug screening every 2 months instead of 1. everything stayed the same except i smoked even more and came up with the same results (smoking increased to around 35- 40 days). so for me it worked and anyone with similar attributes or situations can take this to be credible. hope i put some minds at ease.

  79. If I took the cetro at 4:30 am and my drug test is at 8:15am do u think I would still pass it?? Please don’t ignore

    1. I mean, it seems an alright timing to take it, but in my opinion the Certo method is always somewhat risky so the only way to actually know is when you get your results back.

  80. Hi Sophie,
    I am a heavy smoker, 3 – 4 joints a day. I haven’t smoked for 3 days and I will have to take a drug test in the next week. What do you suggest, I have to pass this test and not sure if I should try the Certo method, the synthetic urine or anything else you recommend. Also if the test is supervised, what would you recommend?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Jackie, bit late reply but still, for such a heavy smoker, detoxing in this short a time span seems out of the question to me. A good synthetic urine is definitely my preferred method on short notice like this. I never really use Certo myself, way too unreliable as well as risking invalid test due to over-dilution. But if it was supervised, it may be the best choice there is, trying to over-dilute and hope for the best or at the very least buy some time for a re-test.

  81. Last night was the first time I’ve smoked in a week. But I’ve been to the hospital twice this week BC I broke my tailbone and fell down and messed up my knee. I was given 800mg ibuprofin and a Tylenol 3 and for my knee I was given a norco. (Lortab 5) I have a test tomorrow for my job. 9 panel nom dot urine test. Do you think if I did this method I could pass. I’ve used this method in the past and I’ve passed all of my drug tests. I’m hoping I pass this one tomorrow. I love my job.

    1. Test done by now but hopefully it went well. Hard to say if I think it would work or not, depends on how heavy a smoker you were before this week of abstinence, and also whether they check for dilution, since the Certo method tends to lead to a very diluted sample.

  82. Here’s my experience…
    First off I’m 5’9 160 was a heavy smoker.. Like a dub a day of mid grade and/or good kush when available.
    Been having some medical issues so I stopped smoking in mid to late January.. Had an interview Feb. 16.. Drank plenty of water and tea, popped some niacin (I know that doesn’t really do anything). Worked out a few times all leading up to the interview. Bought an at home test and failed. Drank more water. Went and took the actual test and failed. Luckily I had a few more opportunities.. So got another job (didn’t test) and the funeral home I really wanted to work at called a few weeks later and scheduled a drug screen, 48 hours to take test. E-cup, E-screen at a clinic..

    3/1/2016 bought 3 at home test strips from dollar store
    First one, passed with evening pee
    Line was extremely faint on 2nd one pretty much a fail, and definitely failed the last one

    Had until 5pm 3/15/16 to take test here’s what I did..
    Drank plenty or water leading up and took a few 500mg niacins a day.
    This is what happened The day before the test..

    Between 6:30am-2:30pm I had to work so I drank about 4-5 bottles of water. Pee was light with color

    Got off on time and went to dollar general wasted almost 20-30 mins because they don’t sell sure gel. Went across the street and found it at another store and got vitamin B- compex 100 pills too.

    3:00-3:30pm- Mixed one pack of the certo with 32 oz lemon lime gatorade and downed it in the parking lot before I left.

    3:30-3:45pm- Drank the 2nd pack with another gatorade at home and took a niacin and drank more water
    I also had a detox drink from the head shop. Drank half of that and had to stop because I drank so much I had to vomit.

    4:00pm-4:20pm- took a bath to calm down and didn’t vomit. Drank the rest of the detox drink and took a vitamin B.

    4:35- Left the house, peed 6 times within 3:00pm by now it was clear

    Ok, Literally took the test at 4:59pm (whew, that was close!!)
    It was pretty much clear, took the vitamin B too late..
    Called the clinic today (3/17/16) they said they haven’t gotten it back from the lab yet. I got concerned because it had gotten sent to the lab. A few hours later I got an e-mail saying “Welcome to the company”!!! So, I passed!! Don’t know if it was the method or just time but like I said earlier I was an extremely heavy smoker for 7+ years. So I can’t say for sure that this method works, but I’m pretty sure it helped me out!!

    1. Thanks for sharing you experience. Time definitely does the most when it comes to detoxing THC. I think in this case it was the combination though. It’s likely your 2 month abstinence brought you very close to the cut-off which is a pretty normal time of abstinence to get clean for heavy users (supported by passing at least one of the home tests also) and then the Certo did the rest to bring it under cut-off and pass.

    1. A guess we’re all a little different, but a few hours is generally considered the optimal window of effect. You’re supposed to pee a few times so nah I don’t think that will make it last a shorter time.

    2. Withheld Forprivacy

      If you believe its the fiber; once youve downed a 32oz gatorade with certo, just keep sipping on certo all the way until the test. You can pass all day. Thats what I do.

      Theres no reason to overdo the liquids.

  83. So I am in outpatient rehab I don’t have a PO or anything but I am being drug tested every Monday and I need advice. I still want to keep smoking but I need to pass these drug tests. I am going to try the certo method today and see how it works but I need more of a reliable method to pass is there any other things I can do to pass?

    1. Hard to get around the fact that if you’re tested every week, the only really effective way would be to stop smoking. Then it also depends on if it’s supervised and whether or not it’s expected to find low although diminishing levels of THC in the urine. If none of this apply, then a decent way would be urine substitution, either with synthetic (might get costly though since it’s every week) or a friends urine. Make sure to get temp right though. Other than that, if you’re fine with just smoking a little like once a week, right after your test, and then putting some effort in to detox, that would probably be consistent too.

  84. I have used the Certo method twice in my life and passed both UA. The first time I tried this method was in ’96 for employment. I was a frequent smoker (age 20) but went to a concert with a long road trip the weekend before my Monday afternoon test and smoked nonstop. I used basically the same procedure you laid out except for the B2. Passed with no issues.

    The 2nd time I used the Certo was for life insurance about 2 yrs ago. I had to quit chewing tobacco to pass the test but quickly learned I could not sleep well when I quit the nicotine. So I decided that pot was my answer to sleep and getting me over the nicotine cravings, knowing that I had the Certo method in the back pocket for the THC part of the UA test. Test time came and now with the interwebs, I did the exact same method as stated above…passed everything with a nice policy to show.

    The only difference between my two tests was age, usage, and fitness. The test in the 90’s I was very fit and very active but a heavy smoker (at least once a day). The insurance test I was still in good shape (6′-1″ 190 been that way since high school, just softer now) but not nearly as physically active but smoked once a week. The usage picked up to once a day for a couple weeks to get over the nicotine.

    About 15 yrs ago a friend of mine called me in a panic that she was getting tested for a flight attendant job. She had 3 hrs until her test. Gave here the Certo run down and she passed and got the job. It was the non B2 method I did my first go around.

    The reason I found this site is I had another friend call me a couple hrs ago saying he had a UA coming for a new job in a couple days. Since I got him high last weekend skiing I figured I should help him out. I appreciate the procedure laid out here and thought I could add some “boots on the ground” context to the magical Certo method!

  85. I see the ingredients for the sure gel method. But does it need to be doubled if the person weighs more? I am around 6″1 and weigh around 250 lbs. Will just the one box be enough? I also am going to be drinking a lot of water and juices 24 hours before. But wasn’t sure if just this one box was the right amount?

    1. I think it works as well with just the one even if you weigh more than average, the main factor affecting results being how much THC you currently got in your system. Keep in mind though this method is never fool-proof.

  86. Just got word I passed the UA I took last week. Sheesh, been stressing. I needed this job. Here’s what happened. I recently started smoking weed again. I hadn’t for years and years. I live in the bay area of California and recently obtained a medical marijuana card thinking it was legal to smoke medicinal marijuana. When I was offered a job, the guy asked if passing a drug screen would be a problem. I said no, even though I had smoked the night before. What are ya gonna do? I lied and prayed I could pass somehow.

    I’m 48, 6’1″ 195. I’m very active with just below 20% body fat I’d say. I work out almost every day and am in good shape. I probably smoked 10-12 times at least in the previous 2 months. It was good weed, but fairly low in THC because I requested it that way at the dispensary. I don’t like getting so stoned I can’t get off the couch. So you can see, not a huge consumer, but definitely enough to come up positive and prevent me from getting hired.
    I had 4 days to prepare for the test. It was less than 5 days from last time I smoked, albeit, I think it was only 1 hit the last time. I smoked probably a couple hits two days before that. Again, not a heavy hitter. I ran and biked every day leading up to test, trying to sweat as much as possible, and did some lifting. I heard a combination was best result. I drank lot’s of water. I was stressed, I needed the job. I read all about Certo Sure-Gel pectin. I went to Safeway and got a box, the blue one.
    Day of the test, I basically followed the instructions given on this website. I started drinking it with gatorade about 3 1/2 hours before test. A box comes with 2 packs. I drank them both, why risk it. It kinda gave me the runs, but I had to man up. I need the paycheck. I drank “tons” of water and gatorade. Probably close to 2 gallons. I was worried it might be too diluted, but I figured/hoped that I would be retested like a week later or so, thus having a much better chance of passing. Other little things, I didn’t work out the day of, I didn’t eat much either, drank lot’s of coffee too. Might not matter, just saying.
    It was one of those Etests, which keeps a fail on your record, so I really didn’t want to fail. I had considered trying to bring clean urine with me but didn’t. It would have been really easy to pull it off. I only had to empty my pockets and pull up my pant legs about 2 inches for like one second. I was able to go in the bathroom and close the door and pee in private. Could have brought some urine with me, but I thought too risky. Also, I peed in the cup near the end of my stream, not at the beginning when the levy broke.
    Anyway, I just found out today I passed. Thanks for the info. I have no idea if it helped and never will, like I said, I’m not a heavy smoker, but I passed a UA 4 1/2 days after smoking. I’m sticking with alcohol for now.
    I share this because I think losing a job due to smoking marijuana in a state where it is legal to use it medicinally is ridiculous and hypocritical. Good Luck. The Certo and massive hydration worked for me…as far as I know.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Jimmy. Yeah it probably helped a lot since dilution can be very effective when one isn’t a heavy user. Comes at the cost of test being invalid tohugh if they detect overdilution which isn’t that uncommon nowadays, but since they didn’t in your case tat’s great.

  87. Alright. I have passed about 5 or so tests with certo. However, none of these have been at a lab.
    Well, I’ve been looking for a job because my classes are ending and I need money, clearly, before I can find a job in the profession I’m trained in. (Which doesn’t usually drug test. Ha. Ha.)
    Anyway, I had not even applied at Walgreens, but I was buying some items and the assistant manager was checking me out, making small talk. She said I looked tired and I told her I intern until later at night…blablabla…she asked if I was looking for a job.
    Of course I told her yes. She introduced me to the manager, a day later I was hired IF I can pass a drug test AT A LAB within 48 hours. I’ve passed 3 mouth swabs but failed 1 because it was sent to a lab. I’m a bit worried because I’ve never had any of my urine tests sent to labs, or, at a lab.
    I used to be a heavy smoker until around December, 2015. Since then I’ve taken 1 or 2 pinch hits every few weeks. Well, Thursday, my friend said her friend had some good CO stuff, so, being the person I am, I was like, YEAH. Not thinking I’d get a job basically on the spot.
    I have 48 hours to go take the test and pass it. Of course, the only thing I can try is the sur jell. But, I’m also worried because it’s at a lab. Should I wait an extra day to take the test, since I have 48 hours, or should I go ahead and do it tomorrow, with the method I’ve always used. Also, do you have any idea how well it will work in a lab? You say labs detect diluted tests more. Btw, tomorrow will be Wednesday, when I was planning on taking it. I drink nothing but water anyway, so my pee is light, but I know they never buy that “excuse”, although it’s true. So, when I sur jell, it’s definitely clear for 3-4 hours.
    Do you think it will come back diluted, or is there any hope for me passing?

    1. Hey Nic, hope your test went well. Imo the best way for short notice pre-employment tests are to use a good brand of synthetic urine, since these tests are rarely supervised. Certo has helped a lot of people but also fooled a lot of people who trusted it and failed, so to me it’s a hit and miss.

  88. I have passed a lot of tests with this method. Usually I stop peeing clear within an hour. Lately, it’s been taking over 6 hours to pee any color. And it’s extremely faint, almost milky like. I don’t know what to do because I’ve had to turn down 2 jobs because I can’t get clean before class and I get up at 5am, class is at 12:30. I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago, so I can get a job until I can find a job that I’m going to school for. I never get offers and now that I am, I can’t get yellow urine in time. Any advice?

    1. I don’t personally use this method since it can be unreliable and many tests detect overdilution. My best advice would probably be to go with synthetic urine, which imo is the best short notice method by far for pre-employment tests, which are generally unsupervised. Just make sure you use a quality brand (complete formula is important to not risk failing a lab). Is an article about it on this site you can read if considering it.

      The other obvious way is of course to actually detox properly and abstain, although this can take some time and I for some reason felt like that wasn’t mainly what you were looking for.

  89. I smoke about a oz a day plus edibles for years ive been haven’t smoked in a week I have a test in about 2 weeks for probation what are my best options

    1. Hey Aaron, I avoid giving advice specifically about probational tests due to legal reasons so can’t be of much help here.

  90. I was told that Golden seal will be detected but was also told that Golden Seal Root wont. Is that true?

    1. No idea, but yeah golden seal in general can be detected sometimes, since at one point it was used a lot to attempt cheating tests. Not sure if the root is different in that regard, but doubt it. Or if it was, it may not have the same effect. Still, I see it as only a small piece of the puzzle of detox tricks and not my any means a viable way to detox with on its own, same as with niacin etc. Better get a mix of many synergistic ingredients imo, which is what good detox products provide.

  91. You don’t mention how heavy a user you were before those 2 months, which could play a part. for heavy users, 2 months is a rather standard time to get clean naturally, for some it takes less for others it takes longer, depending on healthy lifestyle with exercise etc, and on their metabolism and individual body. If you only smoked those 2 hits in the last 2 months, I wouldn’t worry about those in specific, that’s likely negligable. So if you weren’t a really heavy user, chances are you’re clean by now. But the only way to find out would be to get yourself some home test kits and test for yourself. I think that with the Certo, you won’t test positive, but as always there is the risk of sample being too diluted and thus invalid, depending on the test. Keep in mind these are just estimates and opinions though, can’t really know for sure.

  92. I’m a habitual smoker for at least 6-7years on and off I hotbox a lot I’m 6’5 224lbs but kinda linky still a little meaty. Last time I smoked was on a Sunday and I have a pre employment drug test this week. That early Monday afternoon I drunk at least two gallons of water, three liters of organic cranberry juice, along with a lemon juice and a blood detoxification tea. I also plan using the certo method twice the night before and 3hrs before my drug test. Could I be to take the drug test on Wednesday ??? I’ve continued to flush my body will the chances of passing be higher ?

    1. Hey Sam. To me this sounds really risky, although there is always a chance with Certo since if you’re lucky you can pass through heavy over-dilution if that isn’t tested for. Imo, granted your test is unsupervised, the hands down best option here would be a good synthetic urine, which allows you to completely bypass all the THC that’s built up in your system over time.

        1. Hard to know how much on and off habitual smoking means in your case, but if it’s daily or most days of the week, a few days is not enough to get clean. Whether Certo will save you or not I don’t know. My frank guess would be that you wouldn’t pass this way, but the possibility that you will definitely is there still with the Certo, so unless you’re going with synthetic urine, obviously still use the Certo and hope for the best. There are people in similar situations who I know passed with Certo, although probably more people that failed.

  93. Hey, I was wondering if I could use the Certo method along with a Mega Clean detox drink the day of the test. Would the two methods interfere with one another, perhaps by leading to the drink’s vitamins and nutrients being excreted with the bile out of the colon? I am very anxious about passing this test because it is for employment, so I thought combining methods might be a sure way to pass, but maybe its best to stick to one. What do you think?

    1. Hey, although they can definitely be used together it may also have its downsides. The Certo is already diluting you urine by a lot and risks your sample being detected as over-diluted. When adding Mega Clean as well, this adds to that dilution, and if the test checks for over-dilution (many if not most tests do) it’s very likely the sample will be seen as invalid.

      Imo it’s always best practice to use home test kits to see whether you’re clean or not. In the case you were already clean enough to pass, doing both of these would do more harm than good in risking an invalid sample. The Mega Clean would be enough and good as a safety net in the case you’re very close to the limit, to mask some of it temporarily. If you know for sure you’re not clean though, then same-day detox drinks on their own are not very reliable and you have nothing to lose by doing both Certo and the Mega Clean to hopefully pass or atleast have it invalid rather than THC detected to buy you some time. In this latter case though, the even better option is generally synthetic urine, the only exception being if it’s a supervised test.

    1. In a way yes. The same way it works acutely, it can help you detox faster, by binding more THC to your stools making it leave that way rather than re-enter the blood. But the main reason people use it is to mask and dilute temporarily, and pass that way. If you’re gonna use the Certo method the altter is the way to go, while using it on other days as well can be considered complimentary to aid detox, but not part of the method itself.

  94. hi
    i got drug test after tommorow and i was smoking till last night and today i drink a lot of crannberry and little running. and i will drinking cranberry juice tommorow as well and if i try this on test day mean after tommorow. will it be good after crannberry juice.?

    1. Hi. Test done by now but since it sounds like you’re a heavy user, I’d personally very much prefer synthetic urine to pass. Cranberry juice not gonna do a whole lot imo. The Certo as always gives you a chance to pass, but with the risks of you having too much THC in your system for it to be able to mask it all, as well as many tests detecting over-dilution, meaning not a fail but a disqualified sample and usually a re-scheduled test.

  95. I smoke regularly, typically at least three bowls almost every other day between my boyfriend and I. I went camping this weekend and smoked about 17 grams between a few other people and myself. I have orientation for a new job tomorrow. I’ve heard that there is no drug test on the day of orientation, however I am fairly certain there will be one very soon. I plan on using the Certo method before my orientation tomorrow just to be safe. Would this method help at all given my situation?

    1. It certainly could help, although whether it will be enough dilution to pass in your case it’s hard to say (could always experiment with some home test kits in advance). And as always you run the risk of the sample being too diluted to pass, but this is still much better than failing and usually buys you some more time. Personally I prefer synthetic urine hands down for short notice urine tests.

  96. I’ve tried sure gel tons of times. Passed every time. Very chronic smoker. I’m 5.7. and 255lbs. I take a 20 oz bottle of super cold water, mix it with the packet of sure gel, shake shake shake, and slam if quick cuz it’s sour and jellyish and weird. Then fill the bottle again and shake to get the residue. Slam that down. And keep drinking water and peeing. Doesn’t look odd to have a water bottle with u at an orientation (if that b the case). This has passed me thru p.o., drug classes, jobs..actually taking one tomorrow so I’ll let ya know how it goes.. Smoking now :)

    1. Thanks for sharing :). I know many that haven’t always been as lucky as you with it though so I advice caution as always and stick to other methods myself!

  97. Sophie HELP ASAP!!
    Im a heavy weed smker, but stopped smoking a lil over 2 weeks ago and I need to pass a BLOOD drug test. Will certo work? Also, will it work if i give it only 1 1/2 hours? Im petite weight less than 100 lbs and have a fast metabolism, i don’t exercise other than walking a lot. What do u think?

    1. Generally, blood drug tests don’t have that long of a detection time. I think you should be fine passing a blood drug test by now without any products at all tbh. Certo can definitely help a bit though, although again, in your case very likely not needed.

  98. I have a blood drug test in 9 days I order the certo but won’t arrive until two days before my test how good are my chances for passing if I stopped smoking ASAP meaning 9 days clean. I smoke about 2-4 times a day but cut down recently to about twice a day I really need to pass and will spend and do what ever I need to too pass this test!!

    1. You chances would still be pretty good since a blood drug test doesn’t have that long a detection window. Definitely start abstaining asap though like you mention, that’s the most important factor by far for blood tests (time of abstinence)

  99. So I have to take a ten panel drug test that will be taken to a lab will the certo method work and has anyone tried

    If not what’s the best way to pass one

    Also I have already been tested by the same people and popped for weed will they be able to tell if I use someone else’s pee

    1. Hi Joe, the Certo method does come with its own risks which is why I don’t use it myself. The best way would depend on how heavy a smoker you are/were, how much time you have etc. For the best ways to detox you can check out the home page article.

      When it comes to using someone elses pee no they won’t detect it isn’t yours. You’ll have to get it to the right temperature though before turning it in, and it’s not recommended if the test is supervised. Many use synthetic urine as well and prefer it since you get everything you need to get it to the right temp, transport it etc. I have written a piece on that as well which you should definitely check out before going with urine substitution

  100. This method works. It’s all about dillution, not detoxification. I’m a 6ft 1 male weighing around 180. I have used this method for multiple job drug tests and other more serious tests and have never failed. Most of them I literally used the night prior the test. I generally start between 2 and 4 hours before the test. If you drink the full gallon, pee a few times before the test, and wait mid stream before you fill the cup, you’ll pass.

    1. Thanks for sharing :). Yeah I agree, dilution is the main part of this, and as with all things that are to be taken on the same day (detox drinks included) it has very little with detox to do, and more with different ways of masking and diluting. But again, although it works for many, it will not always work, so I’m against stating it as a fact when it’s not the case. That it worked for you won’t mean it’s fool-proof and it’s important people keep this in mind. There’s a reason I don’t use this method myself.

  101. I haven’t used the Certo method yet every time I went to go test for a job turns out it was a swab test unfortunately, fortunately I passed each time. Just sit swab between tongue and roof of mouth and I could go through an eighth a day, somebody pray for me. But yeah trying again tomorrow since those test were for low paying jobs, need something that pays the bills.

    1. It will speed up the detox yes, mainly by preventing as much THC from being re-absorbed from the intestines, and thus letting it leave the body. mo there are better ways to detox but still a helpful method in theory. Still combine it with exercise for extra synergy.

  102. Hey thank you for taking the time for making this page and answering everyone’s question. You’re awesome lol…I have a couple questions myself. Do you know if cetro work to make xanax (alprazolam) undectable? It usually takes 3 days to leave your system. So would certo help with that also just like it does for marijuana? And also if I have only smoke marijuana once a week. But on the day I smoke i decide to smoke heavily. Would cetro help so prevent detection? Thank you in advance :)

    1. Hey, my pleasure Adriano :). Certo is mainly a dilution method, so by making a bigger part of your urine just water, the concentration of toxins will get lower. It then depends on how low the cut-off limit is for detection of Xanax. Don’t know to much about that, but most likely it will help at the very least. As always though, tests can sometimes detect that you’ve diluted your urine too much, which is why I don’t prefer these methods myself.

      It will help by making the marijuana harder to detect yes, but not a guarantee it will be enough to test negative, and again see above, dilution can often be detected and cause the test to be invalid.

  103. I got a DUI a bit over 4 years ago.

    Not knowing if a drug test might be a part of my probation/classes, I stopped smoking.

    After 10 days I started taking daily tests with a THC strip.

    I failed consistently for the next 7 days.

    On day 17 I tried the gelatin (package of Knox unflavored) experiment.

    I drank a glass full of water with the gelatin mixed in. I did not drink a gallon of water afterwards…..maybe a quart or so.

    4 hours later, I passed the THC strip test.

    The next morning I failed again and it was another 7 days before I passed due to my system truly being free of THC.

    Never did have to take a test but my experiment showed that this trick can work.

    Now I just learned that I may be laid off in week or two and have to look for a new job.

    Going to experiment again over the next few weeks.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Yeah that’s what dilution does. But dilution can often be detected on urine tests today, so not always ideal.

  104. Sophie,
    I have smoked every day for about 6 years..quite a bit. I am changing jobs and have an interview along with a urine test in about 2-3 weeks. What is my best bet besides quitting cold turkey?

    1. Hi Samantha, simply quitting cold turkey won’t be enough to get clean most likely. Even with great detox efforts, it’s too little time to get clean for such a long time heavy user. Imo, best option hands down is synthetic urine, granted it’s an unsupervised test. The less ideal second option would be to try to detox as best as you can up until the test, and then go with dilution, such as the Certo.

    1. In short, yes. Since it’s main mechanism of action will be dilution, in theory it will have some effect for other drugs as well, since it simply lowers the concentration of everything else in the urine by adding a lot of liquid. Most feedback I’ve heard is for weed though.

      1. If i smoked a little bit more then a half with my girlfriend in a week in a half. Then by the time I have to take a drug test I will be a month clean. Do you think my urine I’ll be clean

        1. If you’re not a heavy smoker already, it’s definitely possible. But if you are, it would be cumulative to what’s already built up and 1 month probably not enough. definitely put some effort into natural detoxing though and get an at home test kit to use a bit in advance to make sure you’re clean enough

  105. Hi my husband smokes like 5 blunts a day n he has a drug test to do on Friday will this work on him or is there something else you require

    1. For heavy users like that, on a short notice my go-to would always be synthetic urine. Certo can help pass by over-dilution, but if it’s checked for adulteration or sent to a lab, they will notice it’s too dilute

  106. I am on probation and used this method after smoking one morning when I got called in for a random test. I was definitely freaking out and chose this method as same day detoxes (and obviously longer term flushes) weren’t available or were out of the question. I do have to state that I am highly athletic, I run on my own almost daily and have very little body fat, along with a healthy daily diet so take my experience with a grain of salt. However, I purchased a pack of SureJell at Walmart that day along with the Gatorade. Just to be safe, I purchased two packs of the SureJell, not knowing each box contained two separate packs within themselves but having extra never hurts! It’s fairly inexpensive for the “detox kit,” coming out to less than $20 I believe. Being as I had extra, I drank one earlier in the day and made sure to “relieve myself” early and as a second precaution, drank the second pack a few hours before the test. I already drink almost two gallons of water daily just on my own (used to have high blood pressure and migraines, hence diet change and all) so I never worry about my body being flushed. (Side note: if you get called out for having diluted urine, the “health problems” excuse always works for me. I simply tell them I used to have high blood pressure and migraines and they almost never give it a second thought!) I went in for my test an hour or so before the deadline so as not to appear too suspicious and never got a call about a failed test or anything. Obviously, this may not be the case for all of you but I would like to think that a probation analysis would be more stringent than most job application tests or even randoms at a job. This too depends on your job but it worked for me and I plan on using it again tomorrow just in case I have to take a random. I wouldn’t trust just the one method now that my research is more complete and plan on combining with a same day detox as well as doubling up on the SureJell method again. This combined with 2-3 gallons of water should be okay, I’ll just be sure to take the B-vitamins beforehand! Good luck to you all!

  107. Not GonnaDisclose

    5 ft. 8, 150 lb female who rarely excercises and probably has slowish metabolism. Chronic daily smoker for ~5+ yrs (w a range of smoking 1-5x daily across this period). Stopped cold turkey for the most part may 15, w the exception of an occasional joint maybe 2-3 times between May 15 and July 8. Resumed smoking 1x daily July 8th thru 19th. On Friday July 20th, was informed that I would need to do a pre employment drug urine analysis screening on the following Wednesday (July 25th). Immediately stopped using that Friday. Worked out 2x between Friday 20th and Wednesday 25th. After scouring the internet decided to combine two last minute dilution techniques—QCarbo32 same day detox drink ($49 from GNC, $27 amazon) and the Sure Gell/Gatorade approach. Was sure I would fail but I passed and this was for a hospital job.

    My technique:
    1. Ate lots of vegetables and fibrous Foods Friday and Saturday prior to test. Worked out Friday and Saturday. Switched to lots of red meat Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday including high fat content brisket Tuesday night as suggested online. Drank 1 gallon of water each on Monday and Tuesday before test thru the day.

    2. At 10pm night before the test (11 hours prior to scheduled appointment), I mixed 1 packet of sure gel w 32 oz lemon lime Gatorade. I chugged it and actually ended up throwing up from drinking it too quickly. Forced myself to down another sure gel + Gatorade but drank it more slowly this time. Followed it up with a glass of water. Went to bed.

    2. Drank 48 oz water between 5 and 6 am. Peed 2x before moving to detox drink. At 6 am (3 hours prior to appt) I followed instructions for QCarbo32 drink. Followed detox drink up w another 32oz of water. Drank both of these over the course of 6am-7am hour. Peed 2x during this time after detox drink.

    3. Between 7am-8am I fixed myself up another sure gel + 32 oz Gatorade. Proceeded to sip on more Gatorade between 8am-830am. Btw didn’t eat any food at all prior to test on test day. Peed another 2x prior to heading out to test.

    4. 830am-9am I sipped on a small coffee which I continued to sip on into my appointment, to help make sure I’d have some Pee ready to come out for the test.

    5. Took test at 9:45am. Pee was just the tiniest amount yellow, but didn’t raise any suspicions.

    1. Yes and no. Sure a slightly higher chance, but still the same innate risk of an overdiluted result as the certo method always comes with. If it’s really urgent, go with a good brand of fake urine instead, read the guide about it this website first of all though if you decide to substitute urine

  108. I have used to Certo to pass every test since 2004. I have never used gatorade or water tho… Only iced tea, but about a half gallon after the initial glass with the Certo in it (which I chug, just to get it down). I take it about 1.5-2 hrs before my test & pee twice.

    It has only ever worked for THC tho. I have had scripts for Benzos & Amphetamines which both still showed up in my tests.

    I have recommended it to multiple people that have also had success with it as well. The first time I uses it I split the box with a friend & we both got hired at the same place. lol

  109. Hi,
    A lot of this information seems to be focused on urine tests, but how does this work with blood tests? I’m 5’6 and about 130 lbs and live a moderately active lifestyle but haven’t worked out in months. I have a blood test but was only given enough notice that I could stop smoking 2 days before. I’ve been smoking about one or two bowls a day for probably three months.

    1. Well, I’d say it wouldn’t hurt and might help a bit to bind toxins to prevent reabsorbtion and have a diluting effect. Wouldnt expect miracles but sure, why not go for it

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