UPass Synthetic Urine Review And Why There Are Better Options Available

UPass Synthetic Urine Review
Yep, shame on you for thinking I would write about putting things up your ass..

If you think putting things UP your ass is fun, you’ll be sad to learn that this brief review isn’t about that at all.

UPass is a synthetic urine brand sold in various stores. It’s not a urine I would use personally, since I prefer sticking to the brands I know to be the most consistent. I have not tried it.

Upass Synthetic Urine Review

But from what I could dig up about it online it’s similar to many other semi-popular brands in that there are some that have passed with it, and some that have failed.

What stands out as particularly negative however seems to be that there are no instructions included with the U Pass kit. It’s not rocket science, but first time users especially may very well end up not knowing how to use it.

From what I understand however the UPass synthetic urine is among the cheapest ones when it comes to price. So when to buy Upass then? Perhaps when you’re really broke and thus need to gamble a little to pass that urine test.

I would love to hear peoples experiences with this urine kit in the comments.

What’s your Upass synthetic urine review?

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        1. I used u pass and it was sent to a lab gor a 10 panel drug test and it came back clean so i got the job. U Pass really works

    1. I have, a handful of times. It comes with hand warmers and rubber band and squirting top for easy use no spill. You get thw hand warmers and put one on each side then put the rubber band and you good to go. Hell you can keep it in your pocket if you want

  1. I’ve. used the u pass several times and passed the stick test but my recent test at my doctor it was sent to a lab. I take my meds as directed bit i had thc in my system i took the meds. i take and let them dissolve in the synthetic urine does anyone know if it will work i got my fingers crossed

    1. Personally I got no idea. Many drug tests look for metabolites of the drugs, and just dissolving it won’t produce metabolites as would your body’s metabolism. Depends on your test and specific drug though, some do look for the drug itself as well.

    2. Surely you know by now that dissolving meds in urine will not help show them as in your system. My brother tried this once because he had the same scenario as yourself. As he told me about trying this method I literally couldn’t contain my laughter lol it makes me feel better knowing he’s not the only one who tried this.

    1. just your body once heated up because it will be about 110 degrees farenheight. I used a food thermometer to check the temp and it was 110 with the hand warmers on the bottle so i took the hand warmers off and put up in between my legs under my testicles- this ias the best palce to put it to keep it at the right temp.

    2. I would stick with hand warmers since you have to make sure inside the bottle is between 90 to 100. If any of the numbers turn any color then it’s good. You want it hitter though just in case it take them a minute to actually dip the stick in it. Time for it too cool down

  2. Synthetic or someone that is clean urine, if it has been sitting at room temperature. Place in microwave for about ten seconds, shake one heat pad up and place it on the bottle with the rubber band around it. But the heat pad will heat the urine up to to around a 140 degrees and normal human urine is from 90 to 100 degrees. So try to make sure you want have to wait to long or find a way to take the heat pad off and place under your balls so make sure to wear briefs. But luckily the synthetic samples bottles come with a temperature strip on them vs using your own bottle with someone else urine. Good Luck & smoke on

  3. I found it hard to find a recent update and recently used this product. Happy to say

    UPASS 8.3 WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Easily passed a pre-employment drug test administered for a job at a hospital. I was pretty nervous because everyone heavily recommended QuickFix but can say this worked for me. I am not sure if it got sent to a lab or not but the address was to a doctors office.


  4. I just used the Upass urine for a drug test today. They sealed the urine for lab testing so I’ll report back in a few days when I find out whether or not I passed.

  5. Just used UPass for a drug screen and passed with flying colors! It hasn’t failed me yet, so for anyone stressing about it like I did, all you need to do is get the temperature right and you’ll pass. Good luck!

    1. Keep in mind, that you passed your test, doesn’t mean it passes every test. Still useful to hear of positive expereiences though so thanks for sharing.

  6. I used u pass today and the employer called and told me the test was non negative that there sending it to the lab!! Should I be worried??

    1. It does sound a bit worrisome yep.. But what it actually means I don’t know. Please do update when you have your final results though!

  7. Does any one know best way to put it on your person if not sure that it is supervised or not..

    1. Imo, taped to inside of pants or discretely strapped around chest or perhaps inside bra if that’s a possibility. Although rare, some very strict tests require that you pull your pants down to the knees and shirt up above your navel to prevent use of fake urine or a whizzinator. So if you’d carried some with you just in case, even if you don’t get to use it these spots could make sure it isn’t detected at least. Make sure you get the temp right with heaters though if taped to your pants and not usinf Sub Solution with which you can heat it instantly.

  8. I was able to pass a thorough urine drug test with Quest Diagnostics in Central Florida.

    I was very much worried it would not work seeing that before I knew of UPass, I took a liquid cleanser which I had used 2 times prior and failed with that cleanser and same thorough urine test.

    As long as your temperature is right, anyone should be able to pass any urine drug test using UPass!

  9. I have used UPass several times. The first was for a federal job, the second was at a clinic and the third was another job screening. Every time it was worked perfectly. The main thing to remember is making sure the temperature is perfect. UPass does not include directions, but you can watch videos on YouTube on how to prepare it. All brands with similar bottle have the same preparation.

    1. Shake the bottle and remove the cap. Place in center of microwave.

    2. Microwave on high for 10 seconds to raise temp between 90 and 100 degrees.

    3. This time, place the spouted tip on the bottle and shake well. Temperature should now be between 90 and 100 degrees. If temp is under 90, add a few seconds in the microwave. You may have to do this a couple times. If higher than 100, allow a few minutes to cool before securing heat pack. Make sure you’re reading gauge properly.

    4. Tear open heat pack, give it a good shake and secure it to the BACK of the bottle with an elastic (the side opposite the temp gauge). Ensure the temperature is between 90 and 100 degrees before entering facility. It helps to wear tight underwear with the bottle against your inner thigh. This will conceal it, as well as ensure a perfect body temperature.

    5. Dress nicely and relax. Engage in small chit-chat. Always helps.

    Guess what! U-Pass! (badum-bum)

  10. About to use upass 8.3 for a job at a health insurance company. Wish me luck yall! I bookmarked this page so I can come back with the results and update you guys. As soon as I find out what happens, you will too. btw this is an unsupervised test for pre employment.

  11. Just a side note. One should place the lab name in their comments. For example: Labcore etc… This may help to alleviate potential anxiety while one waits for result after seeing that someone using the same lab may have passed or failed.

    1. Inside underwear or taped to the inner thigh is probably still best if you also want it to keep a good temperature, but people are different here, so just experiment with it at home a bit.

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