The Whizzinator: Fake Penises For Sale Can Actually Work In Drug Tests

Cool, a fake penis on sale. That could make for some fun (or naughty if you’re into that sort of stuff)! But who really needs it? Who would buy such a thing?

These questions were probably more common once the original Whizzinator came out, and less so after it received a lot of media coverage back in 2005 and became sort of mainstream in certain industries. You probably guessed it, but here I’m referring mainly to the drug test passing industry, which is also what this fake dick mainly was intended for.

Whizzinator In The Media Spotlight

The whizzinator review, fake penises for drug tests legit?What happened was that celebrities Onterrio Smith (Minnesota Vikings running back) and Tom Sizemore (actor) were both caught with a Whizzinators around this time, one at an airport and the other while trying to pass a urine test with it. It makes the news every now and then to this day, since people still use such devices to pass drug tests.

Quoting from Wikipedia (who in turn got the story from the news): “In August 2015, a Chicago man on probation in Indiana was allegedly caught using the device to cheat on a mandatory drug test. He had gone to the probation office for Cook County, Illinois to take the test, and according to a police report repeatedly looked over his shoulder while urinating for the test, which drew the suspicion of a probation officer.”

Note how the only reason he was caught is that he was acting suspicious by looking over his shoulder repeatedly. Perhaps he was high..

I do want to add to this that I do not support nor recommend using Whizzinators to break any laws. In the end, what you do with it is your own responsibility.

Still, it confirms the fact many already know:

That Whizzinators still work well for a lot of people to pass their semi-supervised drug tests (and obviously unsupervised ones as well, since there’s no one there to catch you during the act in the first place). At least as long as you get the real thing as opposed to some mimic brand, and from a reliable source. I know of at least one reliable place to order it but I’ll touch more on that later, first some more history!

The Fall And Return Of The Whizzinator

In 2004, a company in California called Puck Technology came out with a product to serve the rising demand of ways to pass urine drug screenings, since tests were quickly getting both more accurate, and cheaper, meaning more readily available for employers.

The product? The Whizzinator! (DUH).. A highly realistic (even to the touch) fake penis “pissing” out body-temperature medical grade urine.

To many weed smokers (and users of illegal substances in general), this was just perfect. Everyone was happy. Or were they?

Not quite.. The ones that weren’t were those whose tests were fooled by this device, many unlawfully so. Such as.. The government.

In 2008, combined efforts of those not so happy about the effect of the Whizzinator led to federal prosecutors winning a 19-count indictment against Puck Technology for fraud as well as for selling drug paraphernalia.

The court’s decision was that Gerald Wills and Robert Catalano, president and vice president of the company, had conspired to defraud the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. As a result, the company’s assets were grabbed, Wills got sentenced to 6 months in prison, while Catalano got 3 years probation.

Again, all the effort put in to getting the Whizzinator off the market only speaks to how effective it really was.

Since then however, Whizzinators have yet again become available online, under the same brand name. They’re now marketed as a sex toy, however. And selling sex toys is completely legal. What people actually decide to do with their Whizzinator however, is up to them.

The Whizzinator comes in several colors to suit your skin color, including; white, black, brown, latino and tan. Keep in mind there are other, some unreliable, brands in the market, trying to mimic or compete with the real Whizzinator. The Monkey Dong, Urinator and Pissinator are a few of them. I used to favor the Whizzinator, but from what I’ve heard the Monkey Dong seems to be the current best option in the fake penis jungle. As always you would want to get it from a reliable source. I know a few friends of mine have bought theirs from that sells the real thing at a good price (the same site I recommend for people wanting to use Quick Fix as their synthetic urine).

Whizzinator Reviews

There are plenty of success stories online from people having used the Whizzinator, and since the Monkey Dong works the same way or better those reviews can apply to both products. Although the Monkey Dong has a fair share of positive feedback in it’s own right, the fact remains that it’s a much newer product, making it an unfair competition if going by the sheer amount of user feedback. The overall consensus online seems to be that people favor getting another synthetic urine with it, to use in place of that which is included (Monkey Whizz). That is, if your intentions aren’t just to have some naughty fun with it, which is what is now the “main purpose” of these toys, after all! I don’t really know too much about the Monkey Whizz kit though so can’t comment on how consistent it is when it comes to passing urine tests.

The most reliable synthetic urine kits I’m aware of are all covered in this guide, which you should definitely read if you haven’t already and are planning to use fake pee.

There is also a female version of the Whizzinator. I haven’t tried it though since I personally prefer detoxing thoroughly for supervised tests and using my own pee. But if there’s no time for that, I can definitely see the usefulness of such a device. And obviously, I haven’t tried the male one either, although I do have some friends who’ve had plenty of success with it.

To conclude, the Whizzinator, or preferably the Monkey Dong, should work well for you if you get the real thing, use reliable synthetic urine with it, and if you don’t get caught. Simple as that.


Have you got experience using a fake dick? Then, do share your experiences in the comments!

10 thoughts on “The Whizzinator: Fake Penises For Sale Can Actually Work In Drug Tests”

  1. I would like sone information on purchasing your new sextoy the whizinator….i used to have one if the orignal whizinators

    1. Hmm, not sure what kind of information you’re looking for I’m afraid. But they should be very similar to the original ones I guess.

    1. There are female whizzinators as well, although obviously they’re not in the shape of a penis. They’re more like just a hose with an easy switch to make it seem like you’re peeing naturally. Much more affordable as well, but I find these things risky if it’s a directly supervised test, same as with the whizzinator for males.

  2. anonyomus superjay

    Hi. I just bought the whizz kit . I am not sure if i trust the synthetic urine that it came with. I am thinking of draining it and putting real clean urine in it. I am doing it for a pre employment drug screening. Is that a good idea? Or should I use what comes with it. I am not sure if the golden shower that it came pre loaded with is that good. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hey. As mentioned in the article the general consensus seems to be that people get a different synthetic urine to use with it instead of the one included. So judging from that it definitely could be considered a good idea. But I don’t personally know enough about the one that comes with it to make a proper conclusion. Can’t hurt though, using the urine you find most reliable over one you know little about.

    1. It’s decent I’d say, although not my top pick, for that check out the article on fake pee on this website (in the main menu)

    1. You’d have to order asap then or perhaps find it in store somewhere (generally costlier though). Simple as that I guess!

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