Goldenseal Detox for Drug Tests – Fact or Fiction?

Goldenseal has been buzzed about as a potential way to pass drug tests since the early 21st century. But is there any merit at all to a goldenseal detox when it comes to drugs?

The answer:

No, there isn’t. The fact is that there is no evidence of goldenseal being able to help you pass a drug test, at all. It’s an urban legend that won’t die, despite already being recognized as a myth 10 years ago. It gets to join the other common “mythbusted” home remedies like Palo Azul tea, cranberry juice and vinegar. It’s even tested for sometimes (or was, at least) by labs to reveal suspicous attempts of cheating a drug test. Even if it wouldn’t help you, it’d be a sign you were trying to cover something up because of how widespread this myth was.

Other purposes:

The reason this whole myth about goldenseal and drug tests came about has to do with goldenseal actually having detox capabilities. It contains the active ingredient berberine which is somewhat effective at fighting harmful microorganisms such as parasites, yeast, fungi and bacteria. It’s also claimed to have anti-inflammatory and slightly laxative effects among other healthy benefits:

What actually IS effective for passing drug tests on the other hand:

If you want to actually cleanse your system from drugs or THC, you should check this page out.

Your best options to reliably pass a urine test are also described in this guide.

Whatever you do, don’t put your faith in the hands of shady home remedies when it comes to drug tests. It’s just not worth it considering what’s often times at stake.

Have you ever done a goldenseal detox?

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