Palo Azul Tea For Drug Test Detox – Is It Worth Buying? (Maybe Not)

Palo Azul tea for drug test detox
The stem of Palo Azul, used to brew tea.

For years, Palo Azul tea has been a rumored miracle remedy to help pass drug tests. But how effective is it really?

The rumors of how detox with this tea could help with drug tests spread mainly over marijuana forums online and by word of mouth, one pothead to another.

It’s important to understand how these rumors came about in the first place though. As with many similar rumors about miracle solutions to problems, it started through heavy marketing from companies calling it such because of its diuretic and antiseptic properties. All in hope of making money of course.

Palo Azul is a native Mexican shrub and perhaps most famous for the tea that is brewed from its leaves and stems. It has medicinal benefits for the kidneys and can help with low blood sugar. But that’s pretty much it I’m afraid.

Palo Azul Tea Detox & Drug Tests

There is no scientific evidence of it doing anything to aid with your drug tests, other than working as a diuretic. Any tea would do that for you though.

No scientific evidence doesn’t mean it isn’t effective though, so where do you turn to find out if Palo Azul works?

To the online forums of course, where people who actually tried it share their stories. And there are some that claim it helped them pass their urine test. However, there is a seemingly even larger number of people claiming the opposite after finding out the hard way and failing to pass their drug test.

It’s also important to note that among those who passed when drinking this tea, there is good possibility they would have passed without it as well. They just don’t know it.

Myself, I would never trust a tea like this to pass any of my drug tests when there are detox methods that are so much more reliable available. Sure, it could be used along with a proper detox product, but I’d rather drink green tea then as I already have that at home.

It’s true that it’s pretty darn cheap, but let me tell you this.. Failing to get or to keep a job is pretty darn expensive. The consistent ways to pass drug tests will cost you more. But that’s because they involve products that have costed companies possibly millions of dollars to develop to make them reliable. And as with anything, the most powerful stuff will cost a bit more, whether it’s a car, a TV or a detox product.

If you want to pass your urine test, you can check out this guide that outlines exactly what it takes to do it with minimal risk of failing. That’s how I have passed countless of urine tests myself without ever running in to any problems.

But just for good measures, if you’re still set on Palo Azul:

Where To Buy Palo Azul

If you were to buy Palo Azul tea the best would be to avoid scammy sellers altogether and just get it from Amazon. Hopefully, you’re only getting it to see what it tastes like or as a side-kick to a real detox. Getting it as full stems or “blue sticks” is the cheapest by far and to make the tea you just follow the instructions on how much of the wood to boil and for how long.

If you’re planning to rely on it to pass your drug test, its completely at your own risk. You should be prepared that it could very well be a failed test, so definitely  avoid Palo Azul if it’s a test that is important for you.

What’s your experience with this natural brew and drug tests?

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