Dr. Greens Agent X Review – How Good Is It Really?

Dr. Greens Agent X synthetic urine is one of somewhat well known fake pee brands people facing a lot of piss tests may have heard of. Truth be told, I’ve not used it personally since nowadays I tend to stick like glue to the ones that I know with certainty work (Sub Solution being my absolute favorite). But being the curious and avid devourer of web-information that I am, that won’t stop me from getting to the bottom of things.

Dr. Greens Agent X Review

From what I can dig up online, Dr Greens Agent X seems to be a fairly reliable fake pee brand, at least when it comes to the ingredients. It has both Uric Acid and Urea in it, which is to be expected if anyone’s going to want to take a chance on it for a real drug test.

I have seen some negative feedback at various places about Agent X and from people failing their test due to an inconclusive result, so it’s definitely not fool-proof, but still one of the better ones compared to the many alternatives out there.

I’ve also read that many seem to have issues with the heating element that Dr. Greens Agent X fake pee provides. This is a pretty big deal, since getting the temperature right for a beginner can be a little tricky already, and the last thing one needs then is a non-optimal heater.

My Recommendation

Dr. greens Agent X review - SS still better
As far as I know, Sub-Solution is still the most reliable fake urine option.

It should come as no surprise to you that my recommendation would be to go with my own favorite brand, Sub Solution, which has numerous advantages over most other artificial urine brands on the market.

I’ve used this for a long time and it’s one of those brands that always stays on top of their stuff, meaning they tweak their formulas continously to always be one step ahead when the testing labs change things up.

This means it never goes obsolete or has periods where everyone using it fails their test until the ones making it catch up to what’s going on.

Not to mention their heating solution is very clever and makes getting the right temperature of your sample a breeze.

Whatever you choose though, make sure you check out my walkthrough on all you should know before substituting urine first, and you’ll have it all covered.


Dr Greens Agent X fake pee seems an okay urine to go with, although perhaps not among the top dogs, and thus not one I’d use myself for an important urine drug test.

There are certainly many worse options on the market though and I’m guessing this would likely be better than whatever you’ll find at your local head shop.

But if you want the best in my opinion, go with Sub Solution from their official site. Not much can go wrong then.

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