P-sure Synthetic Urine Review (Watch Out)

P-sure synthetic urine is actually a fake pee brand I’ve heard a surprising amount of bad things about. And in the artificial pee business that’s never a good sign, taking into account how much is often at stake when using fake urine. After all, nobody wants to fail their urine drug test!

Bulk complaints rarely arise for no reason at all, and with further investigation it’s fairly easy to see why the success rate of P-sure may not be the best..

P-Sure Synthetic Urine Review – What’s Wrong?

The top quality fake pee brands in the industry always make sure to include all the necessary ingredients so that their formula is “lab-test-proof”. But looking at the ingredients of P-sure, one very important chemical isn’t on there, namely: urea.

A while back Quick Fix didn’t have urea in it and many people failed with it, bad reviews accumulating rapidly. Eventually they changed it to once again be able to pass the majority of urinalysises.

But P-sure, it seems, is either unaware of its importance (unlikely when working with this) or have just decided not to include it for other unknown reasons.

That means, there are a lot of tests you won’t be able to pass with this urine, even though it may possibly beat some tests that never get sent to any lab.

That said, there may be plenty of other things that P-sure has going for it (or plenty of more negatives), but since they already messed up big enough to disqualify them from being among the valid options for drug tests, little of that matters anymore.

If you’re just looking for a fake pee to prank someone with, then sure, go ahead. Other than that, it just isn’t worth the risk.

So How To Beat Your Test Then?

P-sure synthetic urine review, Sub Solution better
Sub-Solution is a MUCH more reliable fake urine option.

Should you take a chance on P-sure’s fake pee in the hopes it’ll work this once for you still?

No, that would be highly inadvisable, especially considering there are a lot better options available, such as my personal favorite from Clear Choice, Sub Solution (I’ve reviewed it here).

This one has all you’re looking for in a synthetic urine and more on top of that, making it an easy first choice for a lot of people wanting to pass a piss test. It beats the lab, includes a very innovative method of keeping the temperature right, and has a double money back guarantee to boot to show that they’re not afraid to put their money where their mouth is.

So my advice would be to go with Sub Solution instead (make sure you get it from their official website though, testnegative.com).

In any case, if you’re new to this whole fake urine thing, make sure to check out my guide on urine substitution before anything else. That’ll ensure you’ve got all bases covered to pass that upcoming test of yours.

If you’ve got personal experience with P-sure, leave your P-sure review in the comments below!

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