Quick Fix Review – (Is QF 6.1 Synthetic Urine Really Effective?)

Quick Fix Plus Review
No real peeing

It is hard to argue against that Quick Fix is one of the more well-known synthetic urine companies.

For that reason alone, many take for granted they are the best and buy QF by default.

Believe me I know, I used to be one of them back in the day.

But I’ve come to realize, that isn’t the case at all. Quick Fix are still decent, but in my opinion perhaps not the very best in the market. They’re definitely the most well-marketed synthetic urine brand available, so more people will know about Quick Fix than about other brands.

Review: Why I’m Not Using Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine Anymore

Like I said, I’ve realized there are actually alternatives that can often be more advantageous than Quick Fix to pass a urine test. They may not be many, but nonetheless, in my opinion they’re better.

So the reason I’m not using QF anymore has little at all to do with QF itself, but more to do with cerain perks of using other brands.

The first and foremost quality you want in a synthetic urine, is that it can consistently pass a test without anyone detecting the fact that the pee is artificial. That’s what you buy it for, right.

Not every brand will have this quality, but there are several that do (Quick Fix being one of them, so that’s good).

The main reason I don’t use QF anymore is that there are two brands (that I’m aware of at the moment) that have more advantages to them, and I’ll get into those advantages below.

My Preferred Fake Pee Options:

For the first one, you have Sub-Solution from one of the most reputable drug detox brands there is (Clear Choice, since 1993). This is my go-to synthetic pee nowadays, the one I consider the best.

It is mainly due to one pretty significant advantage it has when it comes to how it’s heated. You can heat it with a heating pad like with any other synthetic urine, but you also have the option to heat it up chemically with a heating powder, instantly.

This is bigger than you might think at first. A heating pad requires 20-30 min to get the piss to an acceptable temperature to pass a test. While usually fine, at times when you’re in the booth leaving your sample, and it’s not warm enough, with Sub-Solution you can fix that instantly instead of being forced to turn in a test that won’t be accepted.

And for a random test on the spot, where you can’t wait 20-30 minutes to heat your urine up, beating able to instantly heat your sample will make ALL the difference.

Also, it has a 200% money back guarantee as well as an overnight shipping option.

I’ve already listed most of this in Synthetic Urine – How to Beat a Urine Test (which you definitely should read if you haven’t already to better understand when fake piss may not be a good idea).

For the second, we have Purine, also from a well-respected company (Test Clear, since 1995).

This is close to on par with Quick Fix although it has a slight advantage in that it smells and behaves like real urine. QF does not smell of real urine, nor foam like real urine. Not that the lab’s job is to smell your urine or anything, but it is more natural and thus raises less suspicions.

That Being Said..

Don’t get me wrong, Quick Fix will still work for most of your urine drug tests since the formula is decent. It’s just a common misconception that it’s the one to use that I’m addressing here.

Qf also has a some perks of its own, the main one being it is pre-mixed, so a tad bit more convenient not having to mix it yourself as you need to with powdered urines. It’s also slightly cheaper, so it can be a good option if you’re on a very tight budget.

There are a fair amount of negative reviews online making people worried about using QF, but many of these are actually a result of a counterfeit issue QF had, with someone copying their product and box illegally and then selling that to stores. This should be resolved now.

However, if you choose to go with QF it’s still advisable to order from a reliable source. Buyfakeurine.com is a good option getting their Quick Fix directly from the manufacturer, and they also sell the Monkey Dong (great alternative to the whizzinator), which is a very popular product used along with QF.

If you do have an old package of QF, the tell-tale sign of it being a counterfeit is that the quality of the product box and its printing is of very low quality. You can also contact QF to verify your batch number.

There has also been some misconceptions about the difference between Quick fix and Quick Fix Plus and that the plus uses a better formula (i.e includes urea), but from talking to QF-resellers I’ve had it confirmed that the only difference is how much urine you get. Both have urea in them and they are the same formula.

Anyways, that’s it for my Quick Fix review. Whatever brand you choose to go with for your test, I urge you again to check out my guide on synthetic urine best practices to know when a drug cleanse may be the better route.

Leave your own Quick Fix review in the comments. What are your experiences with QF?

4 thoughts on “Quick Fix Review – (Is QF 6.1 Synthetic Urine Really Effective?)”

  1. Just used QF 6.1 (the pre mixed one/latest and greatest) on 1/29/16 and received a start date around a week later. DOT 5 panel. Follow the directions, use the heat pack, 2 pairs of undies, and ACT “NORMAL”. I, like everyone else, worried before, but just DID IT. In my experience, these people at the labs arent cops, and dont sit there and analyze the sample etc etc….she split it as soon as I handed it to her, marked the temp box as good, sign here, and away I went. This is my second time subbing with QF, and it worked both times. Hope this helps with some of you that might be tripping out right now.

    1. In what state did you take your test? I’ve got one this week and purchased QF 6.1+, but I
      m a little worried about QF not containing uric acid even though I’m in a state that doesn’t typically test for uric acid.

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