Does Synthetic Urine Work For A Drug Test? (Here’s The Interesting Truth)

Does synthetic urine work
People will say differently depending on their experience, but there’s not a definitive answer to the question “does synthetic urine work” since it depends on many factors.

A common question in the 420 communities is that of whether synthetic urine works or not. It’s even common among those who have used fake pee successfully themselves to pass a test.


Because things are changing in the world of drug testing, meaning that what worked before may no longer work. So in that sense, this will be an evergreen question that people will keep asking time and time again.

Synthetic Pee Does Work (Under Certain Conditions), Because..

Yes, synthetic urine does work. It can pass a urine drug test for you. But does it always work? No. Knowing when it will work is key.

The truth is, synthetic urine is actually what the testing labs themselves use to calibrate their equipment, since human urine can never be as consistent and will contain lots of other stuff depending on what a person has been eating, drinking, doing, etc. So in theory it has to work, even better so than your own urine.

It’s also much more hygienic.

But there are conditions. You need to use a quality brand of artificial urine for one (I use Sub-Solution). Else you run the risk of it lacking some of the things the lab knows should be in real piss, and cause a failed test since they will know it’s fake.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s all about passing the chemical examination. In many supervised tests, it’s nearly impossible to get away with urine substitution, since you will have someone watching you closely as you take your piss in the cup.

A lot of the time, other options such as getting THC out of your system the old fashioned way is actually best.

If you are considering buying synthetic urine, then you should read this guide first, since it contains all you need to know on the subject, what brands you can safely use and when to opt for detox instead..

Has synthetic urine worked for you?

12 thoughts on “Does Synthetic Urine Work For A Drug Test? (Here’s The Interesting Truth)”

  1. I used the new Quick Fix synthetic urine formula 6.1 in Seattle and IT DID NOT WORK!…it was perfect temp. 94 degrees…
    I was shocked

    1. Can’t really tell you why it didn’t work, since they very recently updated their formula. But this seems to happen every now and again with QF which is why I never use it myself. Did you get a reason for why it didnt work or was invalid (Detected as synthetic, faulty temperature still, etc)?

  2. I’ve been trying to naturally detox my body for the last 30 days and have only been able to get a very faint line on my at home Amazon tests. I have 25 more days until the test and I want a back up plan in case I’m still not confident with my at home tests. I’m considering using sub solution synthetic, my question is how many ml is included in one bottle? Many tests these days are asking for between 60-90 mls of urine and I want to make sure that this will suffice.

    1. Most of the time, even a very feint line means you passed and the faintness itself shouldn’t be given much attention. So read the instructions on how to interpret it carefully.

      The amount of urine in SS will definitely suffice for that.

      1. Has anybody used the Purity Labs brand synthetic urine? I’ve used it a few times and it worked when they tested right there but I’m a little nervous cause they sent it to a lab. Should get the results back later today and tomorrow. I’ll let y’all know.

  3. It worked been @ work for 1 week. Haven’t heard anything back. I called the # on green sheet and verified batch #. I am grateful for this product. Thats why I left a comment. Followed directions. Double up on tighty whites left in between them checked temperature strip before I left house. Pop on hand warmer with the rubberband provided. Accepted for tempature @ clinic. Test was for quest diagnostics.

      1. I have a test coming up for the state of Ohio and I am terrified because it’s a very good job. My question is have you heard of Synthetix5 ? I’m 6’4 and 360. The gentleman at the head shop advised me not to get any drinks because of my size. He gave me Synthetix5 its a brand of synthetic urine but the only brand he had.

        1. Michael Padilla

          Synthetix5 (S5) works! I’ve used it twice and passed both drug tests at major labs. I know this was a couple of years ago lol but for anyone new, I definitely recommend S5. Did it work for u?

          1. Thanks for your input Michael, but that it worked a few years ago actually isn’t that relevant anymore, this area is evolving and changing constantly!

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