Toxin Rid Review (10 day detox vs 5 day vs 3 day vs 1 day)

Toxin Rid review of detox programsIf you aren’t a complete stranger to THCClean, you already know that I’m quite fond of the Toxin Rid detox programs. So instead of just praising it with a positive Toxin Rid review, I thought I’d compare the detox length options instead, since I’m not a fan of all of them.

I mean, considering how serious I take passing my drug tests, and Toxin Rid (usually 10 days) being the core part of my routine to pass urine tests.. And the fact that urine tests are what I face more than any other test (I know I’m not unique in that matter, just saying!).

In other words, I use it a lot. This is a good indicator of what I think of this product for drug detoxification. It’s very potent and reliable, and I use to say that if it’s one product to get for your urine test, this is the one.

You will find a great summary of Toxin Rid, how it works and what to combine it with on my personal stock list of recommended detox products for passing your tests, so I won’t go in to it too much here. Just make sure you use a same day detox drink with it and other than that.. It cleanses you pretty darn good, alright?

So again, here I instead wanted to look briefly at the different lengths of the Toxin Rid detox programs, which range from 1 day to 10 days.

Toxin Rid Review Comparison – How Many Detox Days?

Instead of teasing and saving the real juice for last, lets start with it instead for once:

Toxin Rid 10 day Detox – Yep, this is the juiciest part. Juicy in this context simply means effective.

It’s common sense after all since proper detox is reliant on adequate time for your body to get rid of the toxins.

But this is especially important when it comes to weed and THC, because of how your body stores it in fat cells and its long detection times. That’s why I always choose to go for the 10 day detox whenever I have time for it. If it was for any other drug, the 5 day detox would likely be sufficient.

I’d say the 10 day Toxin Rid program is the perfect fit for regular pot smokers (several times a week), while for other drugs or very occasional marijuana use, you could instead look to:

Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox –  Like I said above, this may be a better match for occasional smokers and drugs that aren’t marijuana.

I base this mainly on cost, since a longer detox would definitely not hurt, it’s just that 5 days would likely be all you need. Toxin Rid is effective that way.

The 5 day program would also be a good option for regular smokers facing a blood test. The detection times are shorter for a blood test compared to urine, and doesn’t take as strong of a detox.

Toxin Rid 3 day Detox – I wouldn’t really recommend the 3 day for THC urine tests at all. It’s not long enough to be reliable in my opinion.

For other drugs it could work after occasional use. For occasional weed smokers it could work well for blood tests.

Toxin Rid 1 Day Detox – No. Just, NO. Don’t do it, it’s not gonna be worth your money. With the kind of detox Toxin Rid focuses on, which is actually cleansing you instead of hiding the drug traces, 1 day is really lackluster.

Combine this with the fact that the 10 day detox costs less than 4x 1 day Toxin Rids programs, it’s not good value at all for your money at all getting this small pack.


It’s a great detox product, especially the 10 day program if you’re a cannabis lover. Be cautious about the very short programs though, since real detox takes time. The only place I’m aware of that sells it is TestClear, which is an experienced and reliable company in the industry.

You can get it from them here.

It is worth repeating that it’s a best practice to also use a masking same day detox drink before your test if that’s the reason you’re detoxing. You can check out my guide on beating the urine test for all of the best practices.

Have you used it and if so, what’s your Toxin Rid review?

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    1. Not necessarily, although it sort of defeats the purpose of detoxing to smoke during it. But let’s say you used Toxin Rid for 2 days, smoked and then continue to use it. If you don’t smoke again, you’ll get at least 8 days of Toxin Rid detox at its normal effectiveness. As always, test your self with a home test kit after and then assess your chances of a clean drug test.

    2. Been clean for 2 1/2 weeks not a really heavy heavy smoker. I’m on day 3 of the 4 day I tested myself and the line is very faint but negative. I have a day between when I test and when I finish. Just wondering if I will be more effective after I finish completely

      1. Not sure if I understood your question entirely but yeah, since the fourth day is 25% of the detox which is a big deal, the last day will be useful as well for sure.

  1. Sophie,
    With the toxin rid 5 or 10 does your system stay completely clean afterwards or does it only stay clean for a few hours like the drinks claim. I have a test for pre employment in 20 days and stopped smoking 2 days ago but am a regular smoker, I want to take toxin rid before the 20 days so I can test myself to be sure it works but don’t want to do that days before my test and find out it only work for a few hours, and I certainly can’t afford to buy two!
    Please reply if you find time

    1. Hi CJ, since it works by actually detoxing/expelling the toxins out of the body, you can do it at any time before your test as long as you don’t smoke again after the detox, and it will be just as effective. For the very heaviest of smokers tohugh, using potent stuff daily for a ,long time, a quick detox is never guaranteed, depending on many individual factors.

  2. I am not normally a daily smoker, but I have smoked daily+ over the past 2 weeks. I may have a UA in about 3 weeks. I see now offers a 7 day Toxin Rid…do you think this will be enough? Thanks for the info and help!

    1. Yeah I think that would be enough, just make sure you combine it with some exercise and drink a lot of fluids. And as always, test yourself in time with a home test.

      1. Hi Sophie I had two questions. First, I have a little over 20 days to get clean and I stopped yesterday. Would the 7 day program be more than enough over the 10 day? Secondly, does cigarettes impede the success of toxin rid or should I just stopfrom now to pass successfully? Thanks

        1. Hi Jay. It’s not really possible to do an educated guess without knowing some other factors too (many factors affect detox time), perhaps most importantly how heavy a smoker you were. For very heavy chronic smokers for example, 20 days is usually not enough even with Toxin Rid (or any detox measures for that matter) because THC builds up in fat cells and will need time to slowly be released and expelled. Any other drug would be a different story entirely though and 20 days would likely be enough. If you were just an occasional smoker, I think you can expect to get clean in time with the 7 day though, especially if combined with regular detox habits of exercising and sweating, drinking a lot of fluid etc, which works synergistically.

          As for cigarettes, I think it affects it slightly, since it’s a toxin as well and the more toxins the more taxing on the body which could slow efficiency down. But I really don’t think it’s enough to make a significant difference, so wouldn’t stress it if you’re cigerette use is moderate. Same with alcohol. As long as it’s moderate and doesn’t put your body in a texed/hangover mode, I don’t think it matters too much.

  3. I have a UA coming up in 9 days. I have cut back the last week but I am generally a heavy pot smoker. I bought the 7 day Toxin Rid detox. I am 5’10” 126 lbs. I am so scared as this determines if I get into my school program. Do you think this will be effective for the test? I eat healthy and I am stepping it up the next 9 days and starting to run as well as life weights more than usual.

    1. I think it depends on how much heavy smoker really means in your case. As a really heavy smoker, it would be far from guaranteed since 9 days isn’t that long compared to months of heavy use. Still definitely possible though so keep going heavy on exercise, drinking water etc, but it’s extra important you confirm you’re clean with home test kits before your real test. If you aren’t, synthetic urine would be a good backup plan.

  4. Hi Sophie,
    You’re awesome for creating this site. I’m a frequent smoker and I quit about a week ago because I found out I have an upcoming test. I’m stalling my employers and now I’m not 100% sure when it’s going to be. So I’m not sure if I’ll have 10 days, I know you said you think the 7 day detox will be enough but is there a reason why it wouldn’t be? Thank you!

    1. Hey, and thanks Teeney. This depends on so many things, such as what frequent means here (it can be just a little every other day the last month, or a whole lot everyday for years) as well as your individual metabolism to name a few big ones. In the first example of a little every other day, 7 days would very likely be enough, although in the other more extreme example, it’s not certain that 10 days would be enough even, considering how much will have built up over time inside the fat cells of the body. To get the most out of the detox, combine it with natural detox methods of exercise, sweating and drinking a lot of fluids.

  5. I smoked everyday for years I say about 5 to 6 blunts my test isn’t set up yet but I know it’s coming (with in 10 days) I’m 5’6 125 lbs do you think the 7day one will work?

    1. If this is an unsupervised test, I’d highly suggest synthetic urine over detox in this case. With heavy daily use for years, it’s hard to detox this fast no matter what you do or products you use, since you’ll have so much THC built up in fat cells. If detox is your only option, then you could try the 7 day, and a stong same-day detox drink on the day of the test. You’d also probably need to rely on dilution to some extent to make sure you are under the cut-off. A home test kit can tell you before your real test though if you need to dilute more.

      1. Hi Sophie,

        I used to be a heavy to frequent smoker, about 4-5 times a week for two months. I stopped smoking 12 days ago and started a toxin rid detox today. How many days of this detox will you think it will take for me to pass a urine test? I am 20 years old, 6’0 height, 205 lbs and an athlete. I workout daily.

        1. It’s hard to say for heavy smokers, differs from person to person and also depends on how much you smoked per occasion these 4-5 days a week, but being active and already having abstained for a while will definitely help you. Could be clean after the Toxin Rid if your body is efficient at detoxing THC, but could also take a little longer. Only home testing will help you know for sure.

  6. I was an avid smoker everyday. Smoking in between one and three grams a day. I haven’t smoke now for 20 days and have to take a drug test for work so I want to be extra careful. I bout a generic 10 day full body cleanse from a supplement store but I want to take this as well. Would the 5 day detox work since I have already been clean for almost three weeks and have this other body cleanse? Or should I spend the extra 80 dollars for the 10 day?

    1. 1-3 grams a day is a lot so I’d definitely go for the 10 day. But even then, it’s not 100% guaranteed you’re clean, depending on individual factors such as you body’s metabolism and ability to get rid of THC etc. The best solution for very heavy users in general, when applicable (unsupervised test) is to go for synthetic urine straight away imo. More affordable as well. But if you want to or have to go the detox route, make sure to combine products with exercise/sweating and drinking a lot of fluids, and also to always home-test yourself before a real test.

  7. I have been completely clean of marijuana for 3 months now and just recently smoked the last three days In a row. 2 joints and a few bong rips each time. I purchased the 3 day detox rid. Should this be enough if I’m an athlete who works out, eats well, and drinks plenty of water. I’m 6’1 236

    1. Since you’ve been clean before this, I think it might yeah, along with your healthy habits. You will get a free home test kit with that so make sure to use that some time before the real test to confirm.

  8. Will the body be clean during the pill stage or after you take the detox liquid and if this have a laxative effect how long will that last

    1. It all depends on how much toxins that are in your system. If it’s a very small amount, you may be clean quickly, for larger amounts it takes longer. For heavy daily smokers having used for years, it may not even be a guarantee that they’re clean after a 10 day Toxin Rid, since so much THC will have been built up in fat cells and keep being released over time. Laxative effects are great since the majority of THC is expelled through your feces, but as for how long they may last that will differ from person to person and hard to say.

  9. I don’t know exactly when my test will be but I am ordering the 10 day cleanse. As long as I don’t smoke after completing the 10 day detox, does it matter when I take the test. It is expensive and I don’t want to purchase 2 tests.

    1. Nope, when you use it doesn’t matter as long as you stay clean after, since this actually expels toxins from the body as opposed to temporarily hiding them.

  10. Sophie I just wanted to let you know that the 7day detox worked! And I was burning 6 to 7 blunts a day for ova 20years of some HIGH GRADE BUD for me this is a best product I’ve ever had now I’m going from 40 thousands a year to 80 thousand a year without any stress lol had a Lil while I was taking it but now I’m as happy as a Lil kid in a candy store

    1. Hey Thomas and congrats to the new job! Glad it worked, since it doesn’t always go that quick to get clean when you’re as heavy a user as you describe you are/were. Thanks for updating.

  11. I’m 5’2″, 108 pounds and a heavy smoker (2-4 bowls a day). I have a drug test where I will be watched so synthetic urine is not an option, what is my best option? My test is two weeks, but I realistically would like to not smoke for 7-10 days before my test.

    1. Stop smoking asap, and then use the 10 day along with a good same-day detox drink on the day of the test. Don’t leave out natural detox methods of exercise and sweating, drinking a lot of fluids in general etc to get the most out of the detox. That being said, being that heavy of a user, it’s never a guarantee you’ll be able to detox in just 10 days, since a lot of THC will have built up in fat cells. so it comes down to your individual body and metabolism as well. Make sure to use a home test to confirm whether you’re clean enough or not, and if not, maybe try go with some dilution tactics as a last resort and hope that works. Don’t over-do the dilution too much though.

  12. I am skeptical on the whole toxin rid. It seems too good to be true and all I can find is positive reviews. Are there any negatives to this product? There has to be at least one unhappy customer out there. I have been a heavy smoker for over 10 years. I stopped on the 8th of January and actually smoked a little this past weekend. I could possibly have a drug test on the 9th of February and was wondering if the 10 day would for sure help me. please get back to me as soon as possible.
    Thank you

    1. Ye there are absolutely some negatives. It’s pretty expensive, which is the biggest one imo. But also, although less to do with Toxin Rid per say and more do to with detox in itself. When you’re a heavy user for years like you describe, it’s not guaranteed you can detox yourself in 10 days no matter what you do or what products you use, since THC may have built up in your fat cells and will keep getting released slowly over time. It could help you, but remember it may not be enough, so make sure to use home tests to confirm. For very heavy smokers like yourself, synthetic urine is often a better option if you have a test coming up really soon, at least if it’s unsupervised.

    2. I’m only on the second day of the 10 day detox and they are not kidding when they say it has a laxative effect! Im not peeing more than usual, just constant diarrhea… it’s becoming painful and upsetting to the stomach. I was a frequent smoker about 2 blunts per day or 3 bowls for over a year. I’m sceptical and i don’t know if the stuff is working because i just started yesterday… but i really hope that it does and this shit better be worth it! (Literally lol)

      1. Hehe, yeah, some react in that particular way more than others, but for detox the laxative effect is very beneficial (severe extended diarrhea is never good for health though). The way the vast majority of THC metabolites leave the body is through the feces, and the opposite then, constipation, can be somewhat detrimental to quick detox since it allows for toxins to be reabsorbed through the intestine walls again to a greater extent, taxing the body unnecessarily and forcing it to remove the same toxins repeatedly. But then again one must have reasonable expectations when it comes to THC, since it builds up in fat stores for heavy users over time, and can’t be removed instantly no matter what. So although Toxin Rid may speed up the process by several weeks in many cases, it can still very well take a month or slightly longer, even with the best detox practices applied, for the heaviest users. Hence, many times synthetic urine is the go to in more extreme cases

  13. Would the 10 day or 5 day program help for me? I’m 5’8, 200 lbs & since August 2015 I’ve been smoking everyday non stop. I just stopped & have a urine test in like a month or so. Its also going to be supervised. Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. With such heavy use of non-stop daily, detoxing very fast can be tricky no matter what you do or products you use, because THC will have built up in your fat cells and will be released slowly over time. Yet it seems to be your only way since it’s supervised. The 10 day Toxin Rid will certainly help, but you’ll need to combine it with heavy exercise and lots of luids and sweating until your test, while it’s still no guarantee. Without doing anything though, you’ll almost certainly fail the test, so going for a hard detox is definitely the best bet.

  14. Hi. I recently purchased a 10 day Toxin Rid, and am on day 6. I tested myself to see my progress and it came back positive! Does this mean I need to detox harder, or could there be elevated levels in my urine due to being mid-detox? I have seen a lot of positive reviews, but am not seeing the results myself thus far.

    1. Hey Toby. It depends mostly on how heavy smoker you were. If we’re talking a lot and daily, it’s hard to detox in just 10 days no matter what you do since thc is fat soluble and will have built up in fat cells, being released over time. It’s also recommended to combine Toxin Rid with natural detox habits such as exercising to boost metabolism, sweat and drinking lots of fluids daily. But if you’re not a very heavy smoker, you should generally be clean enough after the 10 days.

  15. Question. I’m a lean guy, 150lbs about 6′ and work in an area where I’m standing and lifting for about 15 hours a day. I smoked a blunt or less a few times a week and sometimes not at all, so it wasn’t exactly consistent, and it maybe started around late October-early November or even later than that. I’m currently waiting on a call from a job I just interviewed for by the end of the week so if they do call there’s a decent chance my drug test will be next week. I’ve been clean since last wednesday, and even then I hadn’t smoked in a few days prior to officially quitting. Do you think the 7 day will be enough? I used a one day detox last Wednesday thinking it would speed up the process and seemed like I barely passed an at home test today, but DOT regulations are more strict than SAMSHA. Thanks

    1. Hey, I avoid giving advice related to DOT tests in specific due to regulations, although they’re similar to other tests in the aspects that really matter for passing.

      In general though, if like you mention you’ve already passed an at home test, that’s a great sign and I think the 7-day should be enough (or even excessive), although better safe than sorry is a always good motto to have with these things.

  16. I smoked no more than a gram a day for a while. I have been clean for 25 days straight. I have 3 weeks till i test. Will the 10 day work for me in your opinion?

    1. Although no way to know for certain with detox due to all the factors that play a part, I think it would yes, mainly because you already have a good amount of time abstaining. If you had just stopped using weed and test was in 2 weeks, I’d say there wouldn’t be enough time. So yeah I think it would work for you, but still make sure to home-test yourself before the real test, and consider the best practice of also using a same day detox drink on the day of the test, as a safety net in the case you’re close to the cut-off, be it slightly above or slightly below.

  17. Hi, I was a chronic smoker where i smoked a couple bowls a day for the last 1-1.5 years. I have stopped smoking on the 4th of January and today is the 3rd of February. I have been exercising a lot and drinking plenty of fluids as well as 10-15 minute sauna sessions. I am a fit 6 2′ 188lbs male. I tested positive 2second week into my regime on a 5 panel test and failed, took the same test on the 28th day and failed again. Bought a 15 pack THC single panel test kit on amazon and tested myself 2 days after my last failed one and I tested 3 days in a row and I’ve been negative on all of them. I am concerned as to whether or not I need to detox or keep working out and drinking fluids as I have 7 more days till my test. I am not sure if the tests i bought online on amazon are actually working since the first two were positive with only 2 days apart from my negative. Your help is appreciated.

    1. It’s usually not too big of a difference between the Amazon tests and the more expensive ones, especially if you get one with good ratings. Readings can also be misleading if you drink a lot on the day before your home test (pass due to dilution) or if you use it first thing in the morning since that urine will have accumulated toxins over night (risk of false positive). Still, 1 month is not always enough time to detox naturally for a long time smoker. THC will have built up in fat cells and is released over time. In general though the home tests are pretty reliable, but even if you test negative a same day detox drink is always a nice insurance to have on the day of the test.

  18. I dab. Heavy user. 6’5 220. I have no choice so I bought 5 day toxin rid. Can I use this and use a detox drink 2 days before test to help my chances? Along with diet and exercise of course.Thanks

    1. With detox drink, if you mean a same-day detox drink, you need to use it a few hours before the test as per its instructions, and not 2 days before. The Toxin Rid you use over the days before though. Still, if you’re a very heavy user you may need more time than just 5-10 days since THC will have built up in your fat cells, to be released slowly over time. Synthetic urine is often a better first option in these cases, granted it’s an unsupervised test.

  19. Hi Sophie,
    I smoked almost everyday for the past month I have my UA for probation coming up in three weeks I bought the 5 day detox two months ago when I smoked every other day. I chatted with tat clear and they said the 5 day should still be fine. I started the 5 day detox today and still have two weeks after the 5 day detox to keep cleansing. Do you think I will be okay? Do you have any other suggestions? I am 5’7″ 145lbs active and have regular BMs (I know BMs help rid your body of toxins) just nervous. You’re the reason I got the detox program! Best site ever thank you in advanced for advice.

    1. Hey Maria, I don’t give advice specifically for probational tests due to laws and regulations. In general though, I always prefer the 10-day when one was a heavy smoker (safe before sorry) since it can be tricky for some to get clean that fast when it come to THC, mainly since it’s fat soluble. Home tests will be ones best friend though to know what the next step should be.

  20. Hey Sophie,

    Very informative. I’ve been a regular smoker for, well since I can remember. The past few years, I have cut my intake on average to about 3 to 4 hits a day from a bowl or batter of very good herb usually. I have a DT in roughly a month. In that time I’ll do all the natural detox steps and obviously quit smoking, I’m 3 days in now. Would you suggest the 5 or 10 day detox kit? Do I need a detox kit if I have about 30 days? Im 5’8 170 with a pretty good metabolism. Thanks!

    1. Hey Jon. Imo, as a daily smoker, always 10-day. Even then it’s not always a guarantee, depending on individual factors, although for the majority of people it will be enough to be clean by 30 days, especially if combined with natural detox steps as you mention, with has a great synergy. If it was any other drug, you’d probably only need the 10 days and be clean, but with the fat soluble THC, time can only be cheated so much, and detox needs some time for a heavy smoker since it will have built up in fat cells. So again, in your case it’s likely enough, but still confirm with a home test, and keep in mind daily / heavy smokers often prefer going straight for synthetic urine, although with a months time, it’s a tougher choice since detox can often be sufficient as well.

  21. So I possibly have a drug test next week, I bought the 5 day cleanse. I’m just a little confused on the fiber and the liquid drink. I’m starting the detox tomorrow and will be done with the pills on Monday. If my drug test is on Friday, when should I take the fiber and the liquid drink? Thursday or just do it after I’m done with the pills on Monday?

    1. You can take the fiber either once you finish the Toxin Rid, or in combination with your same day detox drink on Friday, although be carful not to drink too much liquid in total as to not dilute your urine too much before your test. If you aren’t planning to use a same day detox drink as is best practice, it may be a good idea to use the fibers on the day of the test to compensate a little.

  22. I was clean for 6 months and have smoked a total of 4 times this month. I have a UA I have to take anytime next week. I got the 4 day detox toxin rid cleanse. Will it still work?! I’m suppose to receive it today by the end of the day

    1. 4 times in 2 weeks is still not a lot unless you really, really binged on those occasions, so I think the 4 day would suffice. A same day drink to use on the test day is still best practice. Combine it with some natural detoxing (exercise, sweating, drining extra fluids daily etc.) Make sure to test yourself with the home test kit as well in advance, just in case so you’re not up for a surprise when taking the real one.

  23. Hi Sophie,
    Very informative site. I’m in the process of looking for a new job, and even though I haven’t found one yet I want to be on the safe side. I have been smoking at least 5-6 days per week (not heavy, a few pulls) for the past year. I drink a lot of water, green tea and detox teas and I also try to stay active. I don’t know exactly when my test will be (I haven’t found a new job yet lol) but I know I may have to take one soon. I can’t lie, I’m not ready to stop yet since I don’t have a definite test date. What would you recommend? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Susan,
      if you want to keep smoking, and the tests you’re facing is unsupervised as are most pre-employment tests, synthetic urine would be a good option that also allows you to keep smoking. Even a little, when it’s daily, does add up, so if you don’t plan on substituing your pee, best would probably be to at least cut back on the smoking a bit. Then you can use the methods and products already explained on the page if you get a test date in the near future. If you’d stop entirely, you have much better chances of not needing to get any detox products at all though, since the longer abstinence might be enough on it’s own. My pleasure :).

  24. Hi Sophie,

    So I ordered the 10 day toxin rid and used it immediately. I have been clean for about 21 days now. I took a break after about 3 days of using toxin rid because I came down with the flu. I started using it again 3 days ago, have been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice (100% organic and very nasty) and weigh about 130 and am a pretty active person. I just tested myself with the drug test and it was a very clearly negative line. Do you think I should also go a buy one of those masking detox drinks from GNC for my test tomorrow? Really dont want to spend another $50 after spending so much on toxin rid but just want to make sure I’m good. How accurate are those at home tests?

    1. Hi Sherz.
      Test already done by now (do update with results) but still, sounds good that you tested negative. Although you are likely fine without one since you tested negative, it’s still best practice, in case you’re close to the cut-off, to not risk anything, so imo yeah, detox drinks are worth it. As for home tests, in my experience most of them are nearly as accurate as any regular real test (with the exception of if it’s directly analyzed in a lab). They can however be deceptive (as can real tests) if you’ve been drinking a lot of liquids before the home test, since that would dilute your urine and might give you a false negative. Same if you use it on the first stream in the morning which has accumulated toxins over night, that might give a false positive instead, as could a real test.

  25. Hi! I suffer from spinal stenosis & am on a low dose of norco for nerve pain. I also usually take 1-2 puffs of pot ( not super strong)a night for pain management. Even though it helps me my Dr. will not continue to prescribe my Rx if I test positive for TCH. I do hot yoga 3-4 x a week & sweet a lot. I am taking a test on March 16th. Which will give me about 19 days clean. Would the 7 day detox be sufficient? I also eat very healthy & drink tons of water. I also need to test positive for my Rx. What do you think? I am nervous. Your the best!!

    1. Hi Julie. Although only a few puffs nightly, since it’s every day it does add up. I think the 7-day would be sufficient, especially since you have the rest of the detox habits in place already, but the 10 day might still be the safe before sorry choice, since it’s really hard to predict how much it will take here, how much this THC has built up etc. Also, to make sure you test positive for the Rx, it could be smart to finish the Toxin Rid a few days before, while still using the Rx the days after, thus it will definitely show on the test.

  26. I bought the 10 day in October because i thought i was going to get a call from a job i applied for and quit all the way to about mid January.

    I found out the job i applied for wouldnt be hiring until March or April so i ended up smoking again.

    I recently got a call for an interview for the job last Tuesday, Feb 22, 2016. I immediately stopped smoking and even bought one of those 5 day Rescue Detox kits. Today, March 1, is the last day of my detox, putting me at one week clean.

    I found out i wont get a call to let me know if I got the job until another 2-3 weeks. With that said, I ordered a 7 day Toxin Rid kit just to be extra safe.

    I still have the final step of the program from my last Toxin Rid kit because I was saving that until i got the call when I originally applied. On top of that, I have Rescue Ice Caps.

    I have been running 2-4 miles everyday since I got the call and have been drinking gallons of Distilled Water (8 gallons total as of right now). I am 5’7 170lbs and before my first Toxin Rid cleanse I smoked daily and pretty heavily. However, within the month and half I was smoking prior to getting the call I would smoke daily but nearly as much as I used to.

    I was wondering if you think I would have a chance of passing a test within the next 2-3 weeks once I finish the 7 day program?

    1. Heya Hayden.

      Judging from what you said above, you’ll have 3-4 weeks of abstinence, while smoking a decent amount daily before this (although still less than you used to). I’ll be frank and say that it could get a little tight, getting clean in this time, but still ok chances. Most heavy daily smokers seem to need a month of abstinence or slightly more when also using Toxin Rid and natural detox methods. Make sure you test yourself at home first though to ont risk anything, and keep in mind that a good synthetic urine may be an alternative option should you not be clean in time.

  27. Hi Sophie, I have been an extreme heavy smoker since 2005, and I am 5’1″, weighing at about 115lbs. The amount I smoke varies from less than a gram to an eighth a day. I am thinking of purchasing the 10-day Toxin Rid Detox Program, along with a detox drink to drink the day of my test, as well as some home testing kits. I have no idea whether the test will be supervised or not, but assuming it is a supervised test, what is the best bet for me to test negative? I am very skeptical and honestly too scared to use synthetic urine and I am planning on going to saunas to sweat more. Help!

    1. Hey Helen, just keep in mind that having been a very heavy smoker, if you have less than a month of time to be abstinent before your test, there’s always the risk the detox won’t be enough no matter what you do, since THC will have built up in fat cells and keeps getting released slowly in to your system over time. Thus if you have a test pretty soon, synthetic urine would usually be the best option for a very heavy user. If you do have some time though, combine the Toxin Rid with good natural detox methods as recommended on the home page, among which sauna as mentioned is included.

  28. Hey Sophie, I quit smoking daily New Years Eve of this year. Ever since then, it’s been hard for me to sustain from marijuana for more than a week. However, when I do smoke, it has just been one or two hits. I’ve been sober 8 days now and just ordered the 3 day Toxin Rid kit. I have a U/A coming up in about 10 days. Will I be okay?

    1. Hey Matt. It does sound like you’ll be ok to me, mainly because you will have a good amount of time passed since you smoked daily, and thus if you have stuck to once a week since and not that much per time, you’d now be considered an occasional smoker, in which case 10 days along with detox efforts is usually enough to be clean. Definitely a good idea though, as always, to also be doing the natural detox habits with exercise and sweating, lots of water etc.

  29. As a heavy user, few puffs of flower and shatter, sometimes edibles for a couple years, I have about 10 days clean before starting the 10 day clean. I accidentally pre sorted a daily dose the night before starting and since the pills are so water soluble they pretty much dissolved over night so I lost one day of cleaning and $$. I’m on day 4 of the cleanse and have a test coming up in the near future. Due to family and only recently being cleared to exercise after having a shoulder reconstruction I haven’t been able to exercise or sweat too much. I have been drinking about 100 Oz +/- of water plus cranberry juice, and trying to eat green and lean per day since starting the cleanse, I’m doubting the 9 days will get me below the cut off. I’m still not scheduled for my pre-employment test but I would bet it will be no later than next monday. If I continue to drink heavy amounts of water do you think there’s any chance I’ll make it on my own? I’ve been thinking about getting a sub kit and a drink for the day of but I fear they will have me change into a gown for the test and physical so I don’t know how I could get the sub kit in if wearing a hospital gown (hospital job not DOT) so I’m trying to cover all bases. I was also drinking about 5ish beers a day up until the day I started so I’m sure that has somewhat of a negative impact on my chances. I’m just not sure at this point since I still have to wait for the companies on boarding person to contactensure to make arrangements for the background and physical. I am assuming the physical will come with a drug screen even though that part was never mentioned. If I knew how they will order it, and I could take a sub kit in, that would have been my first choice but I still plan to have it ready to go just in case. I already have a FT job, this is from a temp part time per diem position to get my foot in the door at a prestigious facility and I don’t want to screw it up. I’m also worried that the prescribed meds taking (800mg motrin, xanax, norco, temazapam and trazadone not all at once or all the time just PRN) may interfere with my HTC detox. Any thoughts
    Thank you, if not for this site I would have never found Toxin Rid!

    1. Hey Anthony! You’re right in that it may not be enough time to get under the 50ng:ml cut-off level even with Toxin Rid, since for very heavy long time users a lot of THC will have built up in the fat cells to be released over time back into the blood, thus sometimes it will take a certain time minimum no matter what you do, while if it was pretty much any other drug it would be a whole lot easier. Make sure you use home test kits to varify if you’re clean or not as well. Usually for heavy users without much time synthetic urine is the best first option, so it’s good you’ve already considered it.
      And my pleasure :).

    1. I certainly don’t. Unless it’s spam, commercial or offensive, it goes through. The main problem is it takes time to manually go through comments and to reply to them since I get a lot of questions, so it may take time until a comment is approved.

  30. I’m on day 6 of the 7 day cycle and did a first check test and came up negative. I have a test on Wed or Thurs and wondering if I just forgo the final day since I’m already showing negative?

    1. Better complete it, always better safe than sorry imo. Also keep in mind with home tests, that you test when you haven’t been drinking excessive fluids already that day, since that may cause a diluted false negative. Donät use the first urine of the day either, since it can instead be false positive due to toxins building up over night.

  31. Hi! I am not a regular smoker at all, but I smoked two days ago and took about 4-5 hits. I also smoked a little about two weeks before that but other than those times I have not smoked at all. I just found out that I have to take a DT in two days. Can I use the 3 day detox kit to help my chances?

    1. Yeah that would be pretty helpful I’d say, since you’re not too heavy of a user. Problem would be shipping time etc leaving little time to use it.

  32. An advisor from the site that sells Toxin Rid told me to avoid exercising while doing the 10-Day detox, but wanted your opinion because I’ve been reading that you SHOULD exercise while on the detox. What do you think?

    1. Sounds strange tbh, I’d say definitely exercise, just don’t do it 24 hours before your actual test, since exercise can temporarily increase THC in your blood (and thus urine while helping to clear the system of it. Other than that, exercise is nothing but helpful during a detox.

  33. hi, so this is my story we got some legal problems we thought everything was fixed but it turned out they’re asking for a lab test and I want to know if anyone has tried the three day toxin rid with the XXtra Clean Cleansing drink i have been smoking daily for two and a half months and my boyfriend has been smoking for seven years he stopped but continued for two and half months daily as well and its extremely important we pass this test with flying colors the test is three days away and before I spend the money I want to know if it actually works please help us… we greatly appreciated thank you

    1. Hi Lina, I avoid advising on legal matters specifically due to legal reasons.

      When it comes to detox in general though, any such same day drinks are rarely very effective unless you’re already close to the cut-off limit. All they really do is attempt to mask the toxins temporarily, and if there is too much in the system it won’t be enough. All you need to do is look at such drinks on any big e-commerce site such as Amazon. They almost always have 30% or more 1-star ratings, which are from people who trusted it for a drug test and failed. And although there are plenty of positive ones saying it worked, the majority of those people were likely already under the cut-off limit and would have passed it either way, but since they used the drink before they attribute it to that. After all, 1-time and occasional users can be clean naturally in a matter of days.

  34. Hard Worker Hard Toker

    So, I wanted to give everyone here my take on Toxin Rid. Much to my surprise, I received a job offer last week at a time I was not expecting it. I have been unemployed for nearly four months, and smoking quite a bit (one to two bowls of high grade every day) during most of the time I haven’t been working. When I found out this job required a drug screen, I quickly came up with an excuse (thank goodness for the Memorial Day weekend) to buy myself a week before I would have to go take a test. I had read Sophie’s take on Toxin Rid the week prior to the offer, and I am so glad I went ahead that same day and purchased the 5 day detox. I was at least armed with the stuff now that I knew I indeed had a drug test coming up much faster than expected.

    I stopped smoking last Tuesday, although for the week leading up to it, I had averaged about a bowl in total every other day. I began taking the 5 day detox on Wednesday. On Thursday morning I tested myself, knowing full well I would fail, and sure enough I did. But I have been sticking to the regimen every day. Today (Saturday), on day 4 of the program, I tested myself again, and was almost shocked to see that I passed the home test! Of course, I plan on closing out the program as directed and testing myself again in a couple of days.

    I’ll add that in addition to the Toxin Rid, I have been working out about five days a week for the last two months, while still smoking, doing a combo of weights and cardio and working up a nice sweat each time. I also started eating much healthier during that same time, with a lot more salads and fruit in my diet. But given the amount I had continued to smoke, I was fully expecting I was in some serious danger on any test.

    Not out of the woods yet. Haven’t taken the official test. Still want to verify today’s results with another home test in a couple of days. I will also tell those thinking about using this product, that it really does cleanse your system. It has caused considerable stomach discomfort and sudden, frequent trips to the bathroom. Not very pleasant when you’re living through it. I’ve been fortunate to be home, so it hasn’t posed a big problem. But I could see how this would be problematic for someone on the go.

    Anyway, for now, I am a believer. Which is saying something, because I have always been extremely skeptical of these types of products and their claims. But this one, coupled with a healthier lifestyle, really does seem to be doing the trick. Hope my experience helps some others out there in similar situations.

  35. I just ordered the 10 day program and am unsure if its worth it ($206 including shipping) already cause of so many mixed reviews. I smoke regularly but no where near as much as I used to. Now maybe a few bong rips a day with some none smoking days scattered in between. I just failed a drug test last week so I pretty much ordered Toxin Rid out of desperation cause I need a job ASAP. Do you know exactly what is in the pills? Yeah they say all natural and no animal stuff but whats actually in it?

    1. When it comes to detox products Toxin Rid is the top of the line imo, but detox has its inherent limitations in and of itself, especially when one has very little time cobined with being a heavy/long term smoker, since THC gets stored up in fat cells and requires some time to get released back into the system to be expelled. So heavy users often prefer synthetic urine since preemployment tests are often unsupervised and fake urine will then allow them to pass a test much sooner than they would with detox. For lighter more occasional smokers however, detox takes way less time and thus becomes the preferred option. Yeah I know what’s in it or have known at least, it’s a lot of stuff so can’t remember it all but many herbs and trace minerals that people in generl are lacking that lets your body’s own detox work optimally. And yeah it’s all natural. But if you ask Test Clear they usually send you the complete ingredient list.

  36. Hi Sophie, thank you for sharing.

    I was a daily smoker for two years with few hits a day. I stopped smoking for 4 months and then started smoking again for nearly 3 months daily. my drug test is in two weeks. what are my chances to pass the urine test for pre-employment drug testing if I purchase the 10 or even 15 days program? I am 5.10 185Lb.

    1. Hi Blanko.

      The smoking every day for 3 months is the essential part here, and I’d say 2 weeks is unlikely to be enough time even with Toxin Rid, since much of the THC will have stored up in fat cells and needs time to be released back into the system so it can be expelled. Best bet imo would be synthetic urine, granted it’s not supervised.

  37. Hi Sophie,

    I have a drug test coming up at the end of August (it is 8-2 right now) and I already have the 5 Day Toxin Rid. My question is, I was a heavy smoker leading up to that, about 3 blunts a day along with edibles. I quit cold turkey for 3-4 weeks and was retested and although the line was faint I still passed. After that I resumed heavy smoking and eating edibles for the next 5 months. I went to Europe this past June-July for 3 weeks where I only smoked once at the beginning of the trip and not again for the rest. When I came back, I resumed my habits for the next week or 2 but as of now I have been not smoking or eating edibles for about a week an a half. If I were to eat edibles one last time today (8-2) and then use the 5 Day Toxin Rid along with water and working out, would I be clean for my test at the end of the month? I am 6’7″ about 230 and a high level athlete. Along with the detox I will be working out heavily everyday along with a good diet.

    1. Hi Byler,
      Since you’ve been a daily/heavy smoker sporadically it’s hard for me to say. It can often take a month or slightly longer for heavy smokers combining 10 days of Toxin Rid with good natural detox methods, and often 2+ months if only detoxing naturally. So it seems you certainly could be clean, but can’t be guaranteed. You’d do best keeping some home testing kits at hand to confirm when the test is closer, and if not clean consider the options of synthetic urine or some dilution method (diluting a lot is never ideal since it can often be detected, but if you know for a fact you won’t pass naturally, it’s worth it and does generally increase your chances, both directly for passing that particular test and indirectly if over-dilution is detected by often buying you some time for a re-scheduled test).

  38. Hi Sophie,

    Your research is fantastic and totally life saving to someone who is a heavy lover of all things that contain THC!

    I hope you could answer or address some questions and concerns I am about using Toxin Rid. I hope this information helps you if you are hopefully able get a chance to get to my post!

    I My last negative DT was about 6 months ago, since then I have been a heavy dab/edible guy along with flower, a majority of the time ingesting at least 100mg a day and smoking up to 3.5g’s some days. I have a total of 4-5 clean weeks under my belt since then. I also had a life threatening, painful illness/infection/injury (seriously, all three happened at the same time; it freaking sucked) that occurred in March that hospitalized me and limited my ability to exercise significantly. As I was prescribed painkillers, I found myself becoming reliant on them so I discarded of them. THC was really the only thing that helped.

    I am now returning to my life as an athlete so I am subjected to DT’s. I know I have a DT at the end of the month, my question is, would it be better to use the 5 day toxin rid detox or the 10 day? This will be accompanied by Niacin, healthy diet, tons of water, and a good amount of exercise. I am 6’5″, weight around 225lbs, in shape male.

    I I have the budget for only one 10-day detox but I’d rather exhaust my budget than not get the best product I can.

    I really hope you can help!! If they would have the same effect I’d rather save money but if one is better than the other even in the slightest way I would love to know!!

    You’re a life saver!


    1. Hey Skip!

      Personally I always tend to be overly cautious because I really can’t afford to fail a drug test. Better safe than sorry. That said, it sounds like the 10 day would be best for you either way, overly cautious or not, since you’ve been a very heavy smoker.

      The 10 day is certainly more effective than the 5-day. Detoxing is a process done over time, especially so with THC. The 10 day will have more time to work its magic. If they were just as effective, there would be no point in recommending the 10-day, since they would only differ in cost! So if you want the best, then definitely go with the 10-day.

      It’s great that you got you natural detox down as well, since that goes a long way in and of itself but is also very synergistic with Toxin Rid.

      As always though you will never know for sure when it comes to detox, so it’s advisable to have some at home tests to confirm whether your clean or not. If not that gives you a heads up to look into some diluting or synthetic urine where appliccable as last resorts.

  39. I had abstained from smoking for 2 years and started smoking about a gram a day for 1 month and then decreased the amount to about 2-3gms/wk for 3 weeks. I stopped smoking 4 days ago. I am 5’2″ and weigh 126. I have a second job interview in 2 weeks and do not know when I will be drug tested but could be before the end of this month. I have started taking laxatives a few days ago. It seems that Toxin Rid acts as a laxative as well. Do I need to start a 5 or 10 days of Toxin Rid or will the laxatives I’m using be enough. i have a sensitive GI tract and I am afraid that Toxin Rid may be too strong.

    1. It’s true Toxin Rid has a laxative effect on many but that’s just a small part of it and you can’t really compare it to a laxative for detox purposes. Since you’ve been smoking quite frequently7heavily the last 1,5 months there will have been some build-up of THC and I think a 10 day Toxin Rid would be best in your case. But you should also make sure to combine it with natural detoxing of exercise, lots of water, sweating and so on for great synergy. Keep some at home test kits ready to confirm if you’re clean since you cna never know 100% with detoxing. Your other option, being a pre-employment test and usually unsupervised, would be synthetic urine. That way you’d avoid any GI tract issues as well.

    1. Yeah, as long as you don’t smoke after the course is finished, it will have done it’s job. Keep in mind though that for very heavy smokers, a lot of THC will have built up in fat cells and then 10 days isn’t enough to get clean no matter what you do, even with Toxin Rid. So even if Toxin Rid will speed up the process greatly, it may still take longer, worst case 4-6 weeks, although without detox efforts that number would be more like 10+ weeks. We’re talking very heavy long time users here though

  40. I stopped smoking/eating on December 10th after 17 years of mostly daily use. At day 33 I did a home test from testclear and failed. I am doing their five day detox only because I am having enough trouble choking down these pills as it is. Then on day 38 I have an upcoming pre-employment drug test. I have a large bottle of Test Pure and a bottle of Detoxify Ready Clean. One I am doing tomorrow as a practice run and one for the day of the test. Every where I read though people say labs pick up on the fact that you are drinking this stuff. Is that true? Which one would you recommend for the day of the test? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I greatly need this job. It’s a good paying one. I really thought after 33 days I’d be clear but I am older, 220lbs and I know that all works against me. I have been going to the gym and the steam room though.

    1. Hey Don, that’s a long history of daily use, so it doesn’t surprise me you still tested positive on day 33! Gotta say I’m not sure you got enough time here though and in your shoes I’d go with synthetic urine myself, since you got only a few days. It’s certainly possible you can pass after the Toxin Rid 5 days and a same day drink, but still a bit risky. Whether labs pick up on it would depend on the brand, but in general I’d say they do not. What they pick up on is over-dilution of the urine, which would also happen if you drink too much water, or anything. Since the detox drink adds to everything else you drink, you may wanna cut down on other liquids the day of your test to avoid this overdilution. No matter your age, with that smoking history most people wouldn’t be clean on day 33, even with good detox habits like yours

  41. Sophie,
    I am a daily user for 20 plus years. Preemploymen UA in 5 days. 2 to 3 one hitters per day(less than a joint). Ordered the 3 day with next day shipping and the making drink for the hours before test. Slightly overweight and near 50 years old. Do I have any chance of passing in your opinion? Need this job. Any other advice? Tried the surejell route today and it went positive. Help!

    1. Hey Scott, hope your test turned out alright..! But since it may help others, if all you had was 5 days after using daily for such a long time, I’d say no amount of detox would cut it and you’d have been best off using some fake urine

  42. I’m testing clean now after 14 days of toxin rid. Life time smoker and haven’t smoked for 3 weeks and lost 18lbs. I’m still nervous about these home tests giving a false negative. Do you have a suggestion on how I can be 100% certain before my pre employment drug test? A certain home brand that has proven to be accurate? I have read a lot about how people pass the home test but fail the real one.

    Please advise.

    1. I guess there’s never such a thing as 100% certain for a lifetime smoker unless we’re talking many months of abstinence, but it’s certainly great news that you’re already testing negative on home tests (Toxin Rid did its job in other words). The more accurate way imo, rather than this brand or that, would be to take many, at different times of day, the less you’ve been drinking prior that day, the less dilution and higher likelyhood of a positive test. Since you can often buy those strips in packs of many it shouldn’t get too costly. And a same day drink is always a best practice precaution if unsure whether you’re in the clear or not

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