Synthetic Urine From Amazon & Ebay: 3 (Big) Reasons To Think Twice

I sometimes get the question of whether you can just get your synthetic urine on Amazon or Ebay.

And I totally get why, since I’m an avid user of Amazon myself. Reliable and trustworthy, often quick deliveries, and great prices.

However, although they’re a solid first option for a whole lot of categories when shopping, some things are better to look elsewhere for..

And, in my opinion, synthetic urine definitely falls into that category.

Why Not To Get Your Synthetic Urine From Amazon or Ebay

Amazon synthic urine

The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Limited options. Neither Sub-solution (my favorite synthetic urine by far for reasons already laid out here) or Purine (my second favorite) are available on Amazon. Obviously a huge minus, since the main consideration when buying synthetic urine is not cost! Your main consideration with fake urine should always be that it’s a reliable brand that will work to pass the urine test for you. If it doesn’t, it’s wasted money either way (a lot of it if it means missing out on/losing a job over it).
  2. Not the same guarantees. What I mean by this is that many reputable brands offer a money back guarantee. For example, Sub Solution when bought straight from the manufacturer’s sales site where I get mine ( comes with a 200% money back guarantee should it not deliver on its promises. Although you are highly unlikely to get any practical use for this guarantee (instead you’ll pass your test) it still certainly feels nice with some assurance that they’re confident in their product.
  3. You don’t always know whether the source is reliable or not. At the time of writing this there is a Quick Fix available to buy from Amazon, but QF urine has had trouble with counterfeit products in the past as touched on in my Quick Fix review, which is yet another strong argument to opt to buy either directly from the manufacturer, or somewhere that you know get theirs directly from there.

If you got anything to add to the list on why not to get Ebay’s or Amazon’s synthetic urine, feel free to share it in the comments :).

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