Herbal Clean Qcarbo20 Review: A Reliable Drug Test Aid?

As to not leave anything out, I’ll briefly review the Herbal Clean Qcarbo20 as well, since I did cover both the 32 oz Qcarbo and the 16 oz Qcarbo already. It will be very much more of the same though; it’s basically the same product after all.

Herbal Clean Qcarbo20 review for drug test detoxHerbal Clean Qcarbo20 Review – Aid To Pass Drug Test?

Again, I’ll mostly be repeating myself, but to answer the question of whether Qcarbo20 will make you pass your drug test..

No it won’t, but it will however increase your odds a bit. The only really reliable ways to pass the urine test that I know of are described here. They come down to either efficient cleansing or using urine that isn’t yours.

Qcarbo20 is a same day detox drink that attempts to mask the toxins inside you temporarily, which is only effective if toxin levels are really low to begin with (a big reason why so many people fail their tests when using just Qcarbo, because high THC levels can stay in your system for quite some time, and the detection time in urine is one of the longest). Combine it with a Toxin Rid course in advance however, and you’re in a way better position to pass your piss test already. Some kind of pre-detox is definitely the best practice.

More thorough info on how to best get clean through detoxification quicly can be found here.

If you want to use Qcarbo as your same day detox drink, the 32oz is the better option while not costing you too much extra compared to the 20 oz. Even better than that though would be Herbal Clean’s most effective detox drink, Ultra Eliminex.

A nice option for the lighter smokers set on Qcarbo would be this combination deal of Qcarbo32 and a pre-cleanse, (32 because it’s better than 20) where you get some of both worlds, i.e. detox followed by masking of the drug toxins.

And that pretty much sums up my review of the Herbal Clean QCarbo20 detox drink.

58 thoughts on “Herbal Clean Qcarbo20 Review: A Reliable Drug Test Aid?”

  1. Use it as directed. Helpful hint. Have extra test kits. Failed first round of test. Chewed the tablet. Spent 20 bucks for second test kit. Showing negative results. Took test. Passed. Two thumbs up.

    1. Just wanted to share for all those wondering. I stopped 3 weeka ago. Heavy smoker. I had a qcardio16 I purchased from GNC…drunk it the evening before. The next morning about 9am 2 16 ounces of water. At 1130am drunk qcardio20 and took pills. Didn’t rush cause I didn’t want 2 much fluids at 1 time. Followed 20 minutes later with 16 ounces of water. The next hour I drunk more water. Went 2 take test at 2:45…tried to catch midstream and didn’t get enough to pass the line. By the time I did…they couldn’t read the temp! So I had to drink 4 cups of water (max they would allow) and wait 45 minutes. I was a little worried. At 3:45 I tried again…didn’t wait until mid-steam cause they closed at 4. So this was my last chance. Called today…I passed!!!!

    2. Absolutely does not work. Don’t waste your money. I haven’t smoked in a week. I followed the directions exactly. I waited for my 2nd piss and failed a 20 ng/ml test strip. I waited and failed a 2nd 20 ng/ml test strip. I tried a 3rd time with a cup used to test for 50 ng/ml and failed. I read reviews about QCarbo 20 which I suspect are paid reviews? Or, reviews done by the people who sell the product because it does not work. While it’s possible to purchase for just near $25.00 my wife paid close to $40 and she bought 4 kits. My kit contained lemon-lime flavored (nasty tasting when you have to gulp it down) at 20 oz with 5 pills made from unknown powder (I figured it was likely used to color your piss so it doesn’t appear diluted but I don’t know). You’d be better off to abstain and exercise like hell. If your body fat is especially plentiful you’ll probably need to abstain for 45 dyas, or maybe 30 days. This is a complete waste of money. Oh, I’m in decent shape with some body fat (some around my mid section) and I’m about 20 lbs heavier than my ideal weight (according to my BSA).

    1. Sorry to hear that, and yep it isn’t surprising. For it to work reliable you must first put you effort in to proper detox. This is only the cherry on the top so to speak.

      1. Hello sophie, I was offerred a job on tuesday and was told to take a DT the very next day. I’m a heavy weed smoker, so what I did was went and got me some certo sure jell along with the qcarbo 20 extreme strength. What are my chances??

        1. I really don’t like the “what are my chances” questions, so many variables. With the Certo method though, you’re diluting your urine a lot, which means if they test for dilution, especially if sent to a lab, it will likely be invalid (not accepted due to over-dilution). If they however don’t test for that, I think your chances are decent, depending mainly on whether the THC concentration can be lowered enough through dilution to get under cut-off.

    1. I’m inclined to believe it will work the same way as it does for weed. Urine drug tests look for concentration of the drug, and a detox drink will help in masking and diluting some of it. Yet I think it’s the same as with weed in that, a same day detox drink alone isn’t that reliable. Helpful, but no guarantee to pass. At least with alcohol, you don’t need to abstain nearly as long as with weed in order to get a clean system.

  2. Just did the drink and I had 2bottles of water pissed 4times and I tested myself and only thing I can say is I’m out $on the drink and I’m out of $ on the test

  3. Hi, this is a really basic dumb question, but I just want to play it super safe. I’m 5’9 and 120 pounds. I just moved into my own place a week ago and began smoking again (not too much, only about a bowl a night). I have been doing this for 8 days and I was offered my dream career job today which requires next day drug testing. I bought the 20oz bottle and I was curious if I need to take all 5 tablets, and I was also wondering how many hours it will keep my system clean for so i can schedule my drug test at the most optimal time.

    1. I also usually eat one meal a day, drink water very frequently, at least 4 bottles a day, and have ran 2 miles to “sweat it out”, if that makes a difference. My drug test must be done by tomorrow.

    2. Hey Barbara, I think the main problem would be these same day detox drinks aren’t too reliable in and of themselves, so personally I wouldn’t risk my dream job with one. If unsupervised, a good synthetic urine would be safer, and if not, best would be to do some proper detox and not take the test until you at least pass home tests. But as for your questions about the Qcarbo, it should be in the instructions, but yeah generally all pills should be consumed, since the whole package is meant to be used for one test. Most detox drinks have a window of a few hours, optimal time often being 2-3 hours after drinking it.

    1. IT may help hiding them for a few hours while you take the test, but such drinks are very unreliable on their own so will only work if you’re already close to the passing limit.

  4. Do you have to take Qcarbo20 the day of the drug test or can you take it the night before? like does this clear THC out completely or does it just mask it for the day of..

    1. Gotta be on the day of the test, a few hours before, read instructions to time it correctly. It doesnt mainly detox, but rather attempts to mask the THC temporarily. That’s why it’s pretty unreliable on it’s own, and so is any similar products. You basically need to already be very close to the cut-off limit (or below it) to pass with it.

    1. did the qcarbo20 drink and the 5 pills work to clean thc out your system along with the water u have to drink becuz i did it and i drunk 3 20oz bottle of water

      1. The window where it helps the most is generally considered to be a few hours long, and you’ll want to have peed between the drink and the actual test to clean out “pre-drink urine”

  5. Does this still work on cocaine i did a couple bumps 72 hours ago and now i have a urine test coming up ?

    1. Since a big part of how it works is through dilution, it should work for any toxin, cocaine included. That said it still isn’t that reliable on it’s own since it is a same day detox drink and will usually only be enough if you’re already pretty close to the cut-off.

    2. Yes it does work on cocaine. I just bought the q carbo 20 Oz with pills not even 42 hours since I used with a ton of alchol. If I failed I was going back upstate for 5 months. I walked out the building with a pass 2 hours got the test on 6th piss

  6. I stop smoking four days ago and I have to drug test in a couple days I’ve drank a lot of water and sweat a lot I got the q carbo 20 are my chances better than if I was smoking the day of and about how good are my chances I was a heavy smoker thanks in advance

    1. Well they’re definitely better than if you smoked the same day, but for a heavy user I’d say chances are still not very good of passing, since it generally takes more than just a week for a heavy user, and the Qcarbo isn’t potent enough to change that fact. The much better option here would be to, if possible (not supervised test) go for a good brand of synthetic urine.

  7. matthew chavez

    Haven’t smoked in exactly 8 weeks tested my self today test cup took while 5minutes to come up positive. Got to take test tomorrow. Need some help. Taken countless detox,made detox water,been exercising, did the picked juice thing big as jar and other things. What would be the best thing to help me out tomorrow?

    1. Best thing, if unsupervised, definitely synthetic urine. If that’s not possible for you however, the only ok (not ideal, mind you) option left would be to go for some dilution method. Certomethod is one, another is drinking mopre than one large same day detox drink before. This does put you at risk for the test being invalid and over-dilution being detected, but this almost always beats a fail due to THC detected.

  8. I have to take a drug test tomorrow, to return to work after an injury. I purchased “QCARBO20 w/ tablets” and also ‘NEVER FAIL SAME DAY CLEANSER TABLETS”…I am 6’2, 320lb male, who smoke Marijuana everyday up to a week ago. My question is will it benefit me to consume both products in order to pass my test, or it it harmful?..any help will be much appreciated… I also have “DETOXIFY GREEN CLEAN ” as well. Do you recommend any of the products that I have for my size?…

    1. Not familiar with the never fail tablets but many such products are alike. I don’t think using both would do any harm, and likely help a little with passing. That being said my stand on same day detox drinks is as always, that they are not very reliable on their own at all for heavy users. With only a week of abstinence from being a daily user, it does sound risky to me. Imo, best bet for very heavy smokers when you don’t have like a months time or more to abstain and detox properly is a good synthetic urine (granted test isn’t supervised).

      1. Thank you Sophie for you input. I have managed to extend my test date to a total of 12 days…with all the money that I have spent on drinks and tablets, I should of just purchased ” The Whizzer”…btw… I’m still freaking out!… But thank you for your help, much appreciated!

        1. No problem. Yeah when it comes to heavy smokers time of abstinence is such an important piece of the detox, mostly because of the fat-solubility of THC making it store up in fat cells over time. So when time isn’t available, urine substituion quickly becomes the much more reliable option.

    1. Qcarbo is supposed to make your urine yellow / keep it’s yellow color im pretty sure, with the help of various b-vitamins etc. Not sure what soda would do for you though. If anything be carful not to drink to much in total since it may risk overdiluting your sample, which could result in the test result coming back as invalid since many tests check for over-dilution.

  9. So I haven’t smoked for about 3 weeks, but I’m a big guy at 250 lbs. i don’t have a test for about another week. Do you think this product will give me a for sure pass on the test?

    1. Depends on how heavy a smoker you were I’d say. If a daily/heavy one to be frank I wouldn’t count on it. They’re not too reliable on their own, and imo best used as a complement to proper detox as a safety net when you’re already below or close to the cut-off limit. It’s not uncommon for very frequent/heavy users to need 2 months or more to get clean, especially if they don’t put effort into proper detox. If you weren’t a frequent smoker though prior to these 3 weeks, then you may very well be fine, and this product may be good as a safety net. Best practice though would be to get some cheap home test kits and find out whether you’re clean or not before the real test. Synthetic urine is often a good last resort should getting clean fail, as long as it’s unsupervised.

        1. My favorite is definitely Sub-solution, but you should check out my article about synthetic urine on this website for all you need to know about using substitute urine as well as why I prefer this brand

  10. I’m reading these reviews and they’re helpful but what I’m concerned about it is if I would be considered a “heavy user”? I’m 6’3 250.. Haven’t smoked in about a week, ran 2 miles about 3-4 days within that week, drinks kiting but water and stayed away from fatty foods. I just found out today that I have to DR for a job… Hey didn’t tell me that I had to take it by a certain time… I also bout QCarbo 20…in your opinion Do u think I would have a chance of passing a pee test? Should I wait a little longer before taking it?

    1. From reading your correction below, yeah I’d probably still say you’re a heavy smoker. Not very heavy, but heavy nonetheless :). If I were in your shoes I’d definitely want to wait for more than a week, and also not rely all too much on a same day detox drink such as Qcarbo. Need to be close to the limit already if that’s going to be able to tip you over to the green side. But make use of some cheap home testing kits instead of guessing, and keep in mind there is always synthetic urine if it’s an unsupervised test.

  11. Good info Sophie. My sister is trying to detox after at least 10 yrs of smoking daily. She tried Wellgenix Strip as directed but still tested positive during home drug tests. Due to the fact she is overweight, we feel like she has a heavy concentration in her fat cells and this might take awhile. Have you ever heard of someone “not being able to detox” to their weight, age, heavy use? She is now using Herbal Cleanse Premium Detox for 7 days. Today I ordered her some synthetic just in case, but she really wants to pass this test with her own urine, and I don’t blame her. Anything you can add? Thanks!

    1. Hey MJ! It’s not as much the case of not being able to detox as it is letting it take the time needed. Might take a while as you mention, especially when heavy long time use is combined with over-weight. Usually for really heavy users, regardless of weight, it will take a month or so at least even with great detox efforts due to the fat-solubility of THC. Without detox efforts, 2-3 months isn’t too uncommon. That’s why synthetic urine in many cases really is the only feasible option in cases like these. If supervised test, the other one would be detox as much as possible and then try to dilute, but that’s never ideal either and can often be detected or make the sample invalid. So all I can add is, to pass reliably with your own urine, expect it to take some time, t least 1-2 months, and you’ll need to go heavy on preferably both natural and product-focused detox, especially the exercise and drinking lots of fluid.

  12. Hi everyone. I just found out yesterday that I passed my urine drug test from using QCarbo20 and certo. I can definitely tell you it was the longest 2 weeks of my life sitting around waiting anxiously to hear back the result for the job that is going to change my life forever. Anyway, a day before the test I went to a local smoke shop and bought the qcarbo20. I did a little bit of research online but I honestly did more research after I already did the urine test, I do not advise doing that. I drank some water the night before the test, but honestly it wasn’t a lot. I stopped smoking 5 days before the test though. Anyway, the morning of the test, I read the instructions on the bottle, and started drinking more water. This was around 8:30 or 9am. After I drank some water, I opened the detox drink and drank all of it comfortably. Then I took the detox tablets that come with it with water. Then I started drinking more water and felt nervous so I decided to do the certo with water as well. I then took 2 vitamins that would change my pee to yellow. I did the certo with water as I was driving the the clinic where I was to take my urine test. I only peed 1 time after drinking the certo and water, but peed several times after doing the detox drink. Anyway, I arrived at the clinic around 1 I think, to be honest I’m not sure on the exact time I arrived there. But I took the test, my pee was very neon yellow haha but result came back yesterday and I start my new job next week. It works guys.

    1. Hey Bittersweet and thanks for sharing! Would like to again point out though that because it worked this one time for you, saying that it works as a fact might mislead people, because it certainly doesn’t always work. Depends on many factors such as how much and frequently you smoked, your individual body/metabolism, healthy lifestyle habits etc. The best way will remain a combination though of detoxing/abstaining up until the test and then if needed diluting and masking with a detox drink or even Certo on the day of the test. Or synthetic urine where there is no time for a detox.

  13. Will Qcarbo20 keep me clean more then a day. Not looking for a masking. Girlfriend is going to have a baby within 3 months. Just trying to detox now so I will be clean for an eventual test.

    1. Nah it won’t do much long term. Sure, it will help the detox a little bit but considering the cost it gives you very little value for your money if used for that purpose. Should be used the day of the test a couple of hours prior for best effect. You can check out the home page though for more appropriate longer-term detox strategies. Since you do have 3 months which is a considerable time, if you’d be fine with abstaining from now a completely natural approach would probably be sufficient. i don’t know how heavy a smoker you are/were though, but for most 3 months is enough for sure.

  14. I took a urine test yesterday and consumed qcarbo 20 clear. They called me today and said my urine was “too clear” and I need to go back again tomorrow. I am 5 foot, 135 pounds and have been abstinent for 45 days. Will taking qcarbo 20 clear be okay to drink again tomorrow….PLEASE HELP!

    1. Heya, a bit too time sensitive for me since I rarely have time to reply on a daily notice, but I hope it turned out okay for you! But for what it’s worth, whether 45 days of abstinence is enough depends on many things, mainly though how heavy a smoker you’ve been. If not heavy, you should be clean without any detox already. As for too clear, it’s oimportant to note the detox drink adds up with other liquid you drink that day, so to reduce the risk of a diluted result cut down on other liquid

  15. I’m not that heavy a smoker but take maybe 2 drags every other day I have a drug screening in a couple days. My question is if I drink the qcarbo20 now and drink water none stop till the day of my screening is it possible to pass ?

    1. Qcarbo is to be used in close proximity to the test, not days before, but best imo is always to make use of home testing kits first to see, and if not clean on them I prefer synthetic urine (unsupervised tests)

    1. Technically, yes. But it works mainly just before the test by masking, so you’re better off looking at real detox products such as Toxin Rid if you wanna detox up until the test

    1. It’s intended for using the same day, but for proper detoxing and products for that purpose you can check out the home page

  16. I smoked bud 24 hours ago I am a heavy smoker. I purchased qcarbo20 with pills I have a drug screening for my job tomorrow…will it work? I am 5’0 140lbs.

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