Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Review – Enough To Test Negative On A Drug Test?

A not too uncommon question that people have about the Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 detox drink is whether it will help them pass their drug test. That can be interpreted in different ways, but I do know what you’re asking, and I’ll make my best effort to answer that below.

Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Review – Effective For Drug Tests?

Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 Detox Drink Combo
Being a same day detox drink, you’ll want to make sure you at least combine QCarbo with a proper pre-cleanse to maximize your chances of passing a urine drug test. On its own it can be questionable, at best, due to how long levels of THC remain in your system.

The simple answer to the question is that yes, it will help you pass your urine test. BUT.. It will not make you pass your test. If you rely on just Qcarbo32 for your urine test, without detoxing in advance, you may be in for a less than fun surprise.

How come? Well, Qcarbo32 works like all other same day detox drinks in that it attempts to mask toxins and dilute your urine. This is an unreliable method since the toxins will still be inside you.

It has a lot to do with how long THC actually will remain detectable in ones urine.

If you look at Qcarbo32 on Amazon, you will see it has quite a few 1-star reviews (about 33%). These people used it without proper detox beforehand, which in my opinion is the equivalent of a gamble.

That being said, QCarbo isn’t a bad detox drink by any means. It isn’t my favorite when it comes to effectiveness (you can find my favorites on this page including Mega Clean and OTC), but it is still decent, and good value for your money. It’s also one of the most well-known same day detox drinks. Make sure you go with the 32 oz though and not the 20 or 16 ounce ones which are less effective for obvious reasons, while not being that much cheaper anyway.

If you use it together with my go-to detox program Toxin Rid, QCarbo32 will work great as a complement. You will get detoxed properly, and then QCarbo serves as the safety net hiding the much smaller amount of Toxins that may still be in your system.

There are other options to beat a urine test, and you can read more about those in this guide.

If you’re set on Qcarbo and not that heavy a smoker to begin with, you should check this Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 deal out that comes with proper “pre-tox” capsules included to make up for what the product innately lacks itself. It’s from the same company where I buy my synthetic pee (often the smarter alternative if you’re a really heavy user and time for detox isn’t on your side).

Herbal Clean offer a more premium detox drink as well, for heavier users. It’s called Ultra Eliminex and is definitely their most effective one (I reviewed it here).


To conclude this Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 review, a quick recap:

Qcarbo32 is a decent instant detox drink, but don’t use it on its own. At the very least get it together with some respectable proper detox product to let them synergize with each other – detox, then mask the rest. A good option would be this QCarbo32 + Herbal Pre-cleanse combo.

46 thoughts on “Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Review – Enough To Test Negative On A Drug Test?”

  1. I just took the qcarbo, haven’t smoked in a year until last Friday. will i still be clean the fallowing week for my drug test by drinking this?

    1. Might depend on how much you msoked, but if it wasn’t too much, you’d have decent chances to pass since one-time smokers are generally clear naturally in a weeks time, and QCarbo can help as a safety net if you’re on the edge of the cut-off.

      1. I haven’t smoked in exactly 30 days I’m in pretty good shape (5’10 186 lbs) and I took the qcarbo32 today for my drug test but I had a bowl of cereal before hand. It was a surprise drug test but I workout regularly and drink water daily anyways. Do you think I’m ok?

        1. Impossible to say with the given info. Would depend here maninly on how much you were smoking before these 30 days. Very heavy users can often take 2 months (give or take a couple of weeks) to get clean naturally. If you were more of a moderate smoker though, I think you passed.

    2. This product works. I’m only 150 lbs. I smoked and took Percocet on the same day. At least give 2-3 hours before you take your test and your good. For over weight people I’m not sure though. Good luck!

  2. I smoked a little this morning, and then I got a call that I need to go in for a drug test in 11 days for a new job. If I stop smoking now and drink plenty of water and drink this drink the day of how good do you think my chances are for me passing? I am a 21 year old female, 5’3 and around 135 lbs. I am a heavy smoker.

    1. Don’t think that’s enough. May have been ok had you been a light smoker. Best here would be synthetic urine imo, since it’s a very short time for a heavy user to get clean.

  3. I have a question can you pass the drug test if u used marijuana the same day after using qcarbo32 2 hours in advance

    1. Anything is possible I guess, but it’s very risky in my opinion. There is a reason so many people that fell for marketing hype and relied on just a same day detox drink have failed their test and learned the hard way.

  4. I just took a urine test for a job and have a high level of anxiety. I stopped smoking 8 full days before the test, drank copious amounts of water, Lemon water, took niacin & goldenseal, and drank moderate amounts of cranberry juice. Five days leading up to the test I drank a gallon of water each day and two days before the test I passed the Walgreens home test. On the day of the test took QCarbo32 and saw my pee change from white to yellow after 3 hours ( and at the time of the subsequent test). Do you think that I am in the clear? Thanks in advance for any comments.

    1. Hard to say without knowing how heavy a smoker you were before those 8 days. Passing a home test is always a good sign though, but if you drank that daily gallon of water (or parts of it) before taking the home test, it could give a false negative due to diluted urine, as with any drug test. So if you were a very heavy user before, it’s still kinda risky, these drinks aren’t reliable if you’re not already very close to the limit in my expereience.

    1. Sounds very risky to me, since these drinks aren’t very reliable in and of themselves, and best used as a complement to proper detox.

  5. I used a small amount of meth yesterday. I never use. Got called to take a test. Used your product yesterday and got one clean test and the rest positive. I woke up and tested at home and it was negative. I didn’t want to test positive so I used your product again. Now the lines are getting fainter for negative.
    I am here to test. Has anyone ever heard of peeing dirty the more you pee?

    1. If you’re referring to the QCarbo, it’s not really my product, just a general detox drink. They’re always somewhat unreliable on their own imo. The only way I could see peeing dirty the more you pee happening would be if you didn’t drink any extra liquids, but kept peeing regularly. That would eventually make the urine less and less diluted, thus THC concentration would get higher.

      1. I’m a big guy 5’11 285 lbs. I was a heavy 420 smoker for 3-4 months and haven’t smoked in 6-7 weeks. Found out yesterday I have to take a 10 panel urine test. I ran out and bought the qcarbo32 and a home test. Have been drinking green tea, cranberry juice, and water non stop. I’m on prescription vyvnase and know I need to tell them at the lab. Am concerned that this will prompt lab testing. Help!!!

        1. More than anything it would depend on what your home test says I suppose. Being a heavy user prior, for some 6-7 weeks is enough to get clean naturally, but for many it isn’t. Depends a lot on your lifestyle and your specific body. But with such short notice options would be limited either way. I’d say, if you pass the home test, just drink the qcarbo for the real one and you should be fine. If you fail it however, best option (if unsupervised test) would probably be a reliable brand of synthetic urine. The other option would be to opt for over-dilution, perhaps through 2 detox drinks or the detox drinks + extra liquid or the certo method. Over-dilution is never ideal though since it can often be detected.

  6. I took an edible gummy candy almost 3 weeks ago. I am not a smoker at all. I’ve probably eaten 8 of those gummy candies this year from January till now in week spans, the last being almost 3 weeks ago. What’s my chances of failing a drug test a week from now ?

    1. Imo you should pass a test by now without problems (unless a hair test). But you never know, so a home test kit to confirm is never a bad idea if the test matters to you.

  7. Each of the Qcarbo products, 16, 20 clear, and 32 work if you follow the right instructions. I have passed 6/6 drug tests (lab and dipstick) with these products all with under aweek refrained from smoking, the least being 2 days/48 hours. As soon as you find out about your DT stop smoking and start pounding water at least a gallon a day. You want your urine to be clear every time you pee during this time. The day of the test you want to drink at least a half gallon of water before the test and drink the Qcarbo anywhere from 1-5 hours before your test, followed by more water. It is most effective 2-3 hours after drinking it. You want to pee at least 3-4 times after consuming it until your pee is a neon yellow color and not clear anymore, that means that the vitamins and nutrients in the drink are in your system and bladder. When you take the test don’t submit the first or last stream, try to get only mid stream in the cup. I’m a 6′ male and weigh 200 pounds. Anyone who says this stuff doesn’t work didn’t use it the right way or didn’t quit smoking soon enough.

    1. I’d disagree with this, but we’re all different so for some this may hold true. It’s important to not assume that just because it works well for you, it will work for any and everyone. For most very heavy smokers, even after 3-4 weeks of abstinence, these drinks on their own aren’t enough to test clean. You really need to be pretty close to the cut-off level already for this to work well for masking the remaining metabolites. They need a proper detox and time in order to bring their thc levels lower. The instructions on use I completely agree with though, spot on.

  8. So I have a drug test in 5 days and I smoked 2 bowls yesterday, before that I hadn’t smoked in 2 weeks. If I use the surejell method and qcarbo the same day of the test would I have a chance of passing ? I only weigh 148 lbs and I drink plenty of fluids

    1. A chance, definitely. But to tell more accurately is more complex. Depends on lots of stuff. If you were a very heavy smoker before those 2 weeks for example, then that will still be in your system (many very heavy smokers need 2-3 months to get clean if they don’t put effort in proper detox). But I’ll assume you weren’t a very heavy smoker, and say that 5 days is a little on the short side to reliably get clean naturally from a one-time use, best to confirm with some cheap home test kits.

      The problem with Certo in particular and why I don’t use it myself (got a post about it on the site in case you haven’t checked it out already) is that it works mostly throgh dilution and most tests today can detect over-dilution, making the sample invalid. With Certo I think you would not test positive which is good, but you will have the risk mentioned and may need to take a rescheduled test. Problem with Qcarbo is that it’s only useful if you’re already very close to the cut-off limit (which you might very well be by then though), so I prefer testing negative already on home tests and use such detox drinks mainly as a safety precaution. Personally, if I wasn’t testing negative on a home test like, the day before the real test, I’d prefer a decent synthetic urine over most other options. But again, in your case it’s likely either one will work, so up to you what you choose in the end.

  9. Soooooo….. I haven’t smoked in about 20 days. I don’t believe I’m a heavy smoker. I smoke every once in a while. Like not even once a month except in May i smoked on the 13th and 21st. I have a drug test on Monday (2 days). What the best way for me detox to pass?

    1. Hi Jules. Couldn’t reply to this that fast I’m afraid, but with the habits described it would seem to me you are clean naturally already, 20 days being plenty of time when you’re such an infrequent user. never hurts confirming with a home test though.

  10. I promised that if qCarbo32 worked for me, I would not only write a positive review, but also describe exactly what I did so that other people could benefit from it as well. For the record, I am a fat and short young woman, and I had to take a pre-employment drug test at LabCorp at any time before the place closed.

    THE DAY BEFORE I took the test, I tried not to overhydrate. You do not want your sample to be a dilute-fail, so try not to drink more water than is necessary. I drank detox tea in the morning, ate a hearty breakfast, and took my vitamins. THE NIGHT BEFORE the test, I drank detox tea, ate a hearty dinner (and midnight snacks), drank 1 pack of Certoclear mixed into 20oz of water, and made sure to go to bed early.

    6:00 AM – I woke up.
    7:00 AM – I drank 20oz of water, spread out over the span of 1 hour.
    8:00 AM – I drank the qCarbo32 in one sitting as fast as I could.
    8:15 AM – I refilled the qCarbo32 bottle with water, mixed in 1 pack of Certoclear, used it to take my vitamins, and then drank the rest in one sitting as fast as I could.
    Between 8:15 AM and 10:15 AM, I peed as many times as I could and as often as I could. I would say about…7 times, give or take. I would imagine at least 5 would do ya, but around 7 was just in my case. I also drank two more medium sized cups of water.
    10:30 AM – I went into LabCorp to give my sample, but I could not pee enough up to the line. I then drank many small sized cups of water until my stomach hurt.
    11:30 AM – After waiting an hour, I had to piss like a Russian racehorse. I gave my sample and the cup overflowed, so I poured some out until it was just above the sharpie line they mark onto the cup.
    11:45 AM – I went home.

    Two days later, I received an email saying that my results were clear and offering me an invitation to orientation. Thank you so much to God, everyone online, and, of course, to qCarbo32!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience :). I just want to point out to people still, so that no-one is mislead to rely too much on a drink like this, that you do need to be pretty close to the cut-off limit (or under it already) for this to work. So my advice is always, use same-day drinks only as a complement to proper detox and as a safety-nt when you are fairly sure you’d pass without it as well but want to play it extra safe.

        1. That’s not how it works, it works best by masking THC for a few hours, and if you want proper detox, try Toxin Rid and natural detox methods (see home page)

  11. What is considered a heavy user? I “dab” probably about 2-3 times daily and have just been notified I will need to take a urine DT by next Wed. What are my chances of passing if I were to stop “dabbing” now and take this the day of?

    1. It’s very subjective, but to me heavy is more than 3-4 times per week (also somewhat dependant on amount per occasion). Daily use is definitely heavy in my book, several times daily, very heavy. How long one has been doing it is important as well though when it comes to how fast one can get clean. I’d say your chances are pretty slim here and that a same day detox drink such as QCarbo is unlikely to tip the scales in your favor. Best option imo would be synthetic urine, assuming it’s not a supervised test.

  12. I used this drink a couple weeks ago and it ended up diluting my urine.

    I took the drink, then about half an hour later I filled the bottle back up with water and drank it. I peed as much as possible after taking it, but before my test. This was approximately 7-8 times in about 2.5 hours. That last pee of that 2.5 hours was the one I used on my Drug test and was the pee that was diluted.

    What did I do wrong? How should I go about this so my urine won’t be diluted the next time?

    1. Hey, sorry to hear that Mike! Be mindful of how much you drink in general that day, since it all adds to the dilution, and if you didn’t get much from other sources, then you’ll simply need to drink less. It’s not the detox drink per say making it diluted, it’s the total amount of liquid more than anything, so you can drink it, but drink less regular water/liquids.

  13. Worried about a potential DT. Would you be able to define a heavy smoker for me? Been clean 16 days. Prior to that I smoked heavily for 2.5 days (5-10 joints a day in Amsterdam). The week preceding that I smoked 2 nights of the week one night 3 joints between 2 and the other night a tiny amount. Before that, I smoked 2-4 1g pure weed joints daily for as long as I can remember.I’ve got this drink and MonkeyWizz….would prefer to not use monkey wizz though. Does a higher metabolism advantage me? 6″5 195 lbs. How long until I’m safe would you say?

    1. It depends both on frequency and amount, but I’d say heavy is daily light smoking or a bigger amount 3 days per week or more. Hard to give a more specific definition though. In you case though, the several grams daily for as long as you can remember puts you in heavy smoker category no doubt. Depends on when your test is, but with that history i’d say 30-40 days as a bare minimum to get clean, and that with efforts put into detoxing. Many very heavy smokers can take even longer. Yes, a higher metabolism is advantageous. I’d definitely not wanna rely on a drink like this though, so if your test is soon, synthetic urine would be the better choice imo

  14. Orlando Anthony solis

    Today is July 24 I smoked this morning went to report have to take a drug test Thursday bought a bottle of qcarbo purple bottle will it work

  15. Should I drink this drink the day of my test or the night before my test? I smoked weed one time 6 days ago, and I have a test tomorrow morning. If I drink it what are my chances of passing? I don’t smoke at all, only this once and it was a small amount. A few hits off of a pipe.

    1. In your case you’d likely pass without the drink, but it’s a good safety precaution nonetheless. Ideal is also testing yourself with an at home kit first. But you drink it a few hours before the test, not the day before

  16. I have a drug screen tomorrow and I smoked a bowl of weed tonight. If I take Qcarbo 20 and follow directions correctly, will I pass

    1. I wouldn’t count on it, but if you’re not a heavy or frequent user in general and this was more of a one-time thing, there is a chance at least. But frankly, I don’t think you’ll pass (sorry!). In hyper-urgent situations like these, synthetic urine is the best option. Ideally have a good fake pee product ready at home already, to always be prepared.

    1. It may very well be too diluting when combined, QCarbo already attempts to walk a fine line between maximum effect while not overdiluting the sample too much, so definitely combine at your own risk :)

  17. I used qcarbo 32 and took my drug test.. now my question is will the urine that’s being tested be masked for good or masked only for up to 6 hours.

    1. If I understand your question correctly you mean the urine that’s already in the sample container and has left your body, and in that case the hours aren’t as important any more, that urine contains the masking effects from the drink and those shouldn’t diminish since the stuff in the urine will remain the same, as will the level of dilution

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