Freezing Urine For A Drug Test And How to Thaw It

Sometimes, freezing urine for an upcoming piss drug test and thawing it once the time is right may be a good option to pass it.

As I’ve mentioned before however in my articles on storing urine and how long urine lasts, it’s even better if you can get a fresh sample. Ideally right before your test, but the day before is also fine. This let’s you avoid the hassle of freezing and thawing and leaves less room for error overall.

That said, freezing pee is still a valid strategy that can work to pass your test. It can be from a clean friend and doesn’t even have to be from the same gender.

Freezing Urine For A Drug Test

Freezing urine for a drug test and how to thaw it
If your drug test isn’t right now or within a day, freezing the urine sample can be an option to make it stay usable for a lot longer.

The main things to keep in mind when freezing the urine sample is to do it as soon as possible. Ideally, it should go straight into the freezer after exiting the body. This is because bacteria quickly start growing in the urine once it comes in contact with our surrounding air. You’ll want to avoid this as much as possible.

In the freezer, your sample can be good for many months granted you did the other steps correctly.

As for the container used, a glass bottle is ideal, but plastic is alright too, as long as it can handle the microwave. You also want it to be air tight during storage.

You don’t want to re-freeze a sample ever, so once you get it out of that freezer, use it or lose it.

How To Thaw Frozen Urine For A Drug Test

The very best way to that the frozen urine sample would be to let it thaw slowly. Ideally, keep it in the fridge for 24 hours before letting it do the rest (if needed) at room temperature. This should be close to your test already and you should continue the thawing process by heating it right away and keeping the sample warm until your test.

If there’s frozen urine sediment at the bottom of your bottle, and it won’t solve, you don’t want to include that in the sample you’re turning in for your test.

In a similar fashion to refreezing, you don’t want to reheat urine repeatedly either, which is why you heat it only once, right before your test, and then keep it there. Make sure you got hand warmers and thermometer at hand as well to avoid the infamous temperature fail.

There’s a way to avoid all the hassle of freezing and thawing old urine in the first place though, which is how I and most other seasoned smokers prefer it..

Pass Your Test With Synthetic Urine For A Hassle-free Experience

Yep, this is actually a much more convenient solution in most situations. The shelf life of fake pee is longer than frozen urine even when stored at room temperature. And it works even better, since a lot can go wrong in the freezing and thawing process.

You just have to make sure you go with one of the most trusted brands of fake pee, since not all artificial pee is the same, and you should be all set.

So although freezing urine for your future drug test does seem simple and safe on paper, the margins for error are way smaller than if you just went with fake urine to begin with.

5 thoughts on “Freezing Urine For A Drug Test And How to Thaw It”

  1. Marilyn Dilaurenzio RN

    I am a registered nurse and I have a wide variety of physical problems. I am medically qualified for the strongest pharmaceutical drugs. Of course that makes no sense because I don’t have the focus or witts to function in the capacity I have without the induced stupor the drugs create.
    The asinine laws concerning the legal use of marijuana versus the restrictions placed on the work environment are ridiculous.
    I am a resident of Arizona, and I am qualified medically for use of marijuana.
    I am in a much better mind state with legal use of marijuana versus the mind altering pharmaceuticals. Of course this thinking is an oxymoronic situation.
    The law says it’s ok to work under the influence of the hard-core pharmaceuticals, but if I choose to medicate myself more effectively with medical marijuana, I am labeled a criminal. The state issued medical marijuana card, (which is incredibly expensive), and a big money maker for the state, as long as you buy from the “approved dispensaries”.
    However, the product the state approves, and grows, is garbage.
    So bad is the approved products allowed to be sold, are genetically engineered to be completely useless for the medical applications that are supposed to be an acceptable alternative.
    The sad part is that we the seekers of true relief and effectiveness are getting “bent over” two times over.
    Unfortunately the situation doesn’t look good for the present and the near future.
    The greed of the state approves this practice and condones the deception and makes untold millions in the process.
    I am very disappointed with the situation and how much we spend for the “right” to use the alteranative medication, while they are able to prosecute the user, as a felon, irregardless of the state authority your status as a qualified user supposedly allows you
    This is an outrageous situation that won’t anytime soon be remedied by the so called state sanctioned products.
    I am very interested in an alternative to the crap they pass off as marijuana.
    Thank you for your information and support.
    Marilyn D.

  2. So I have used fake pee several times b4 but this is the 1st time I know forsure that the drug test is going to the lab. I have real pee and am freezing it. But I am wondering if I went the fake route would the lab be able to tell or not. Really hope that they can’t. I have a trusted brand I usually use thats 20$ but I can also get a brand That says they r the best it’s called #1 but I’m honestly worried about the whole lab thing! Let me know your thoughts because I’ve been stressing for about 3 weeks about this test!
    Seems like u might know a thing or 2 as my friends don’t know shit other then how to roll and light a blunt! Lol thanks have a good day!

    1. If you use a quality brand of fake pee the lab can’t tell. You could check out the article on synthetic urines on this website for my view on it and personal favorite brands :)

  3. I was under the impression that fake pee, while not obvious in the simple tests done in Dr’s office, is easily identified once it’s sent on to the lab…is this true?

    1. Not necessarily, if it’s a good quality fake pee, it will include the stuff tested for to determine authenticity already, and thus won’t detected as fake

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