How To Hide Urine For A Drug Test – Spots That Work Best (Females And Males)

How to hide your urine for a drug test is one of those questions that take up a lot of mental space the very first or even first few times someone attempts to pass their urinalysis with synthetic urine. And understandably so. Since if you do get caught before you get to sneak it in, you’ll be screwed. And on top of that it’ll be a pretty embarrasing experience.

The bright side of this problem though (although it may take a few passed tests to realize for some), is that for the vast majority of urine tests administered, concealing it isn’t much of an issue at all. This is particularly true of pre-employment tests.

How To Hide Urine For A Drug Test, Whether  You’re Female Or Male

How to hide urine for a drug test using a stash belt
The stash belt offers a very convenient way to sneak your urine in during a drug test, and is what I generally prefer myself. A smart solution to the most common classic method of taping or tying it to your inner thigh.

Here are some of the more common hiding spots along with my personal favorites, starting with unisex methods:

  • A Stash Belt – This is my personal favorite way, actually. This belt is adaptable to your leg size and is also a great way to keep your valuables safe in general, so dual purpose there. Aside from that though, it helps keep your urine warm longer (don’t wanna get those degrees wrong) and also keeps your heating pad or hand warmers from burning your leg. I got the one I use from here, which is made specifically for concealing fake urine.
  • Taped or tied around your inner thighs in a satchel or bag – A real classic, this is the poor man’s version of the stash belt. The location is the same, but it’s just a lot less convenient to get it out quickly and without making any suspicious noises. Time is very precious when substituting urine, which is why for most people investing in the stash belt is preferable to this method.
  • Wearing Stash Undies – In my book this is a close second to the urine stash belt mentioned above, and perhaps on an
    Stash undies to conceal urine when not female
    The stash undies are another smart solution improving an older method of concealment that’s stood the test of time.

    equal level when you’re male (as a female I prefer panties over boxers, but hey, that’s just me). They sell undies of different size with the exact purpose of hiding your urine from the website where I buy my fake urine. Just click on synthetic urine in the menu and they’ll be among the options.

  • Wearing dual leggings or jocks and storing it between them – And this would be the poor man’s choice to the stash undies. Less convenient wearing dual layers that constrict you a bit but also can have a tendency to make you too hot. You don’t want to add on to the reasons you have already of looking nervous to the test administrators (sweating or looking uncomfortable might raise suspicions, since were you clean you’d have no reason to be).
  • The Incognito Belt – A very popular product for those suspecting they’ll get a thorough inspection a’la pull your pants down to your knees and t-shirt above your navel, or for supervised tests. Similarly to the Whizzinator, it can’t guarantee you’ll pass a supervised test, but your odds will increase considerably. With this belt you can keep your fake urine sample above navel level, the urine coming out through a small hose with the help of gravity, making it look like you’re peeing normally to the supervisor (supervison is often someone standing in close proximity behind you, and not necessarily looking straight at your dingaling, not always though). Even still, it’s pretty convenient in general, the urine being pre-mixed and ready to go, so some use this for confirmed unsupervised tests as well.
  • Up the back door (so to speak) – Again, if expecting a close-up inspection, fully naked in this case, a vinyl pouch anally may be your best besttto hide that pee that isn’t actually your own (if you’re a male at least). Very rarely would this actually be needed or helpful though, but it still deserves a spot on this list of possibilities.
  • In your bra [female] – This is a decent choice, especially if you’re packing a sizable pair or wearing a push up so that the urine bottle won’t make a noticable lump.
  • In your vagina [female] – Definitely a viable option, although I’d reserve this for tests with inspection and being observed.


The Unconcealed Conclusion

For most tests, the best place to hide your urine sample would in my opinion be with a stash belt, but there’s really nothing majorly wrong with the other places mentioned either. A more crucial part of whether passing your piss test with synthetic urine works or not however would be making sure you are using a top quality synthetic urine product, since this step is a lot more likely to affect your final test results than which of the pee hiding spots you choose. If you’re facing a test you know is closely supervised, it may also be worth looking into whether detox may be a viable option to pass your test instead. This would solve most of the innate issues of how to hide urine for a drug test that’s observed (because that’s never an ideal situation to be in, even if it can be done).


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  1. I have a drug test at 8am in the morning I’m going to use the lemon bottle thing but I’m broke and don’t have the money to by Mac’s clear wax what can i use to cap the end shut until i take my drug test

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