#1 Synthetic Urine Guide: How To Use And 4 Best Brands Reviewed [2020]

Piss test coming up? Can’t use your own urine? Yeah, bummer, but that’s exactly what this page’s for.

Because fact is, that there’s a very effective, yet relatively simple, workaround to this issue. And yes, you guessed it. It’s synthetic urine.

If you’re a total stranger to the topic, let’s just put it out there that it’s pretty much what it sounds like. Instead of submitting your own urine, you submit a synthetic substitute that passes the test the same way real clean urine would.

Let’s  also put it out there that thousands of people pass drug tests this way every single day and have done so since many years back.

It’s come to a point where many states see it as a serious problem and are actually considering banning fake urine, all because of how effective a method this can be at passing a test you perhaps shouldn’t be able to.

That said, it’s not a fool-proof method (none is), and it does take a little know-how to avoid the more common pitfalls that make some of those attempting this method fail.

So that’s what I’ll divulge on this page though, after which it really does become a very simple yet effective way to secure that job opportunity.

If you’ve done this before and simply want to know what stuff to buy to pass your test, then by all means, feel free to skip ahead a bit: (I’m not new at this, just show me what fake urine works best to pass my test in 2020!).

But if not, let’s dig in, starting with how and why it can work so well for drug tests, and then determining the limitations of fake urine.

Not just for stoners
Although I made this website mainly for marijuana users, synthetic urine works the same no matter what pills, medicine, psychoactive plant, herb or drug you use (cocaine, methamphetamines, alcohol, nicotine, benzodiazepines, opiates, morphine, heroin, oxycodone, codeine, percoset, adipex, butisol, methadone, LSD, ecstacy, mdma, mda, sass, barbiturates, PCP, phencyclidine, quaaludes, psilocybin, cactus mescaline, amidon, codate, propoxyphene and so on) or what kind of drug panel you’re facing ( 7 panel, 10 panel or 12 panel drug test and so on). It simply mimics clean urine.

How And Why Synthetic Urine Works So Well For Drug Tests

It may seem a bit strange at first that such a practice of tricking drug testing labs even works to begin with.

“Shouldn’t they have methods to detect that stuff?”, you may naturally ask. And the truth is that they do and they don’t.

So let me explain how synthetic urine can work so well to pass a urinalysis:

First of all, it’s toxin free (and thus can’t test positive for any of the known drug metabolites that are tested for). Secondly, synthetic urine is what the testing labs themselves use to calibrate their equipment, since it gives the same, consistent result.

It’s still a little more complicated nowadays though than it was back in the day, when virtually any fake pee brand would do.

Because in an effort to detect whether the sample received by the lab is real human urine or not, they test for other specified qualities and substances that are supposed to always be present within a certain range in real urine. These include specific gravity and the commonly highlighted urea, uric acid and creatinine.

Chemical adulterants
If all the right stuff is made sure to be in there, then it’s as good as genuine in the eyes of testing equipment.

The trick then becomes to know exactly what markers are tested for by all the different labs, and then make sure those same substances are included in the right ratios when making the synthetic urine product.

Do that, and detecting fakeness becomes impossible. Because you can’t really test whether it is fake or not directly, and are thus left with testing for specific stuff that should or shouldn’t be in there when comparing it to the real thing.

And that is how the very best fake urine products, such as Sub Solution, can stay not only on top of, but even a step or two ahead of the lab testing practices, and remain 100% reliable even as the labs do their best to adapt and make it harder by changing things up.

The standard urinalysis process and adulteration check
The first check after obtaining your urine sample is usually done using thermometer strip and an EMIT (short for enzyme multiplied immunoassay techinque) dip strip, detecting drugs and proteins. A color spectrum is used to analyze and compare the color produced on the strip by your urine sample to the color clean urine should produce. If this gives a positive result, it is then sent to an accredited lab with the required laboratory equipment and a GC-MS (short for gas chromotography-mass spectrometry) is performed to prove that illicit substances/metabolites are present, that the sample is genuine and untampered with, that no adulterants are present and to avoid any mistakes.

Common things tested for include temperature (when first turning it in), color and odor, pH, specific gravity, uric acid, urea, creatinine levels, glutaraldehyde and nitrate.

Things not tested for include gender specific stuff, hormones, genetics or DNA, pregnancy. In other words, they don’t see whether the urine is from a male or female, thus all urine, fake or real, can be considered gender-neutral for this matter.

When To Use Fake Urine (And When Not To)

Although we’ve already established that fake urine can be a very good solution to passing your urine test, there are still times when you may want to think twice.

Your two essential options for passing a urine test when not naturally clean are:

  • Detox
  • And urine substitution

Personally I prefer passing with my own urine whenever possible, and use fake urine mainly as a backup when I don’t have the time to do a proper THC detox before my test. But that comes down to preference more than anything, because there are certain benefits of using fake pee that you don’t get with a detox. For example:

  • You don’t have to stop smoking and abstain from weed until your test.
  • No need to put effort into tiresome detoxification strategies like exercising, diet etc.
  • More affordable than a proper detox (even if the top fake urines aren’t super cheap, the best detox products cost more).
  • Can be ready for a test on very short notice, regardless of how heavy a smoker you are.
  • Avoids any risk of an overdiluted test result.

Also, for the heavier of weed users, when time is limited urine substitution sometimes really is the only decent option. This has to do with frequent long-time users often building up enough THC metabolites in their body that it can take several weeks to get clean through detox.

But as I hinted above, there are also scenarios where urine substitution isn’t as viable and won’t necessarily be your best option.

This would include whenever you’re using a lesser quality (and often cheaper as a result) urine product, but let’s assume for now that you’ve gone with my favorite, Sub Solution.

Then the main remaining issue with fake piss is that urine tests are sometimes supervised, as in monitored.

Depending on how closely you’re observed, you might still be able to get away with fake pee, but it gets a lot trickier, and riskier, and then a detox is more appealing.

Pissing supervision
Will you be watched?

The good news however is that this is rare, especially with standard employment drug tests, and generally reserved for legal and probational matters.

So if the test is just for a regular job, unless you’ve heard any differently you can usually assume it’s unsupervised, and simply go ahead as planned with your synthetic urine.

Use for what?
There are several more or less casual / controversial uses for synthetic urine than to pass a drug test, such as:

  • In science institutions, classroom experiments and movies – much cleaner and more convenient.
  • Scams, playing pranks and games – definitely kinder to the victim(s) than the human alternative!
  • Repelling animals (mosquitos anyone?).
  • As medicine (I know, WTF), but urine therapy has been used traditionally in some Indian cultures and in Ayurveda as an elixir to promote vitality.
  • Kinky sexual fetish porn. Yep, that’s a legitimate phenomenon as well.

Where To Hide The Synthetic Pee When Taking The Test?

Cat hidingA great question, especially if it’s your first time doing this, since obviously nobody wants to get caught.

In the odd case where you know it’s going to be supervised, I suggest you to again, either consider detoxing instead, or at the very least try to find out more about what company does the testing and their specific protocols. Sometimes a belt around the waist or a fake penis will do, but other times it’s invasive enough that that’s out of the question.

But, assuming it’s an unsupervised test, this is an easy step.

You shouldn’t really need to hide it while peeing, so you’ll wanna focus on just using some common sense while transporting it so it doesn’t give any hints or look bulky.

There are only so many places that work for hiding a urine kit, and those that do tend to get the job done just fine. Most common is taping it to the inner thigh or the groin area inside your undies. Or possibly bra if you’re female.

You can also utilize one of the products designed for this very purpose, such as the stash belt. This is my personal favorite and makes the hiding part of the equation a real piece of cake.

Stash belt for hiding urine
The stash belt is what I generally prefer myself when sneaking urine into a drug test.

For some more crafty ideas you can check out this post on how to hide your urine for a drug test.

Get The Temperature Right (Practice If You Have To)

The temperature part of the equation remains one of the most important steps to get right in order to pass your urine test with fake pee.

It’s also the most common reason people using good quality fake urines can still fail the test sometimes.

That’s because even if you’ve got the perfect synthetic urine recipe, as in the urine will pass as genuine, if it’s too hot or cold from the get-go that won’t matter.

During a urinalysis, the temperature of the sample is generally measured the moment you hand it over to the testing personnel, and needs to be within a specific range resembling body temperature, just as real urine would. The temperature to aim for is generally between 94 and 100 °F, or roughly 34,5-38 in °C (don’t worry though, good fake urine products such as those reviewed below have very clear instructions for you to follow, where this is included).

The standard way to get the temperature just right has long been to rely on hand warmers and natural skin heat to keep it within the desired range, which is effective to a large extent.

But there’s always that margin of error where if it for some reason hasn’t reached the correct range when it’s time to deliver, you’re basically screwed.

And this is exactly where the top brand of fake urines on the market (kit #1 and #2 reviewed below) decidedly outshine the competition.

They include an instant heating agent in the form of a powder which can raise the temperature of your urine sample in a matter of seconds, largely eliminating the problem mentioned above.

Needless to say, this is huge, and also the reason I no longer use any other fake pee brands personally.

Since the matter of correct temperature is largely in the hands of the user himself (or herself) to get right, it can be a cause of anxiety if it’s your first time, and many people have asked me questions about this over the years.

Whether you use only the powder, or use heating pads to start with and the powder ready as a backup plan (my personal favorite), both methods are very simple. But with the heating powder especially, it is possible to get the sample too hot if you use too much too fast (less is needed the warmer it is beforehand).

Although by just carefully following the instructions that come with the fake urine you should be fine, a great and relatively new alternative available would be, to practice!

The same company and website (testnegative.com) has started selling practice kits as well for this exact purpose, and I’ll agree that, especially for first-timers, actual experience with the process and having done it before yourself can be gold worth. In other words, an awesome way to make sure the temperature step is done right when it matters, and, if nothing else, also a great way reduce any pre-test anxiety.

Best Synthetic Urine Review: The Most Reliable Fake Pee Brands And Where To Buy Them

Below I’ve listed and briefly reviewed the best synthetic urine kit brands and my personal preferences:

Make sure it's up to date
When reading synthetic urine reviews and ratings online and other people’s experience with synthetic urine, on forums and such, it’s important to look at the date. Drug testing evolves constantly, which means the same brands and methods may or may not still be effective. If older than a year or two, you may want to look for something more recent unless you can establish that nothing has changed in the testing methods since.

Sub-Solution powdered urine kit review (Clear Winner)

Sub-solution powdered urineSub Solution is the synthetic urine I use myself and would vouch for personally. It has a significant edge over the competition in that if you need to, you can heat it up in a matter of seconds, not having to wait half an hour or more as with heating pads.

This is because it comes with a chemical heating powder. You can mix some of this with the urine in order to heat it up on demand.

What makes this so unique is, that Sub Solution is the only synthetic urine on the market that lets you circumvent the common problem with fake urines of failing tests due to out of range temperature. That’s actually the Nr 1 reason people who invest in an adequate synthetic urine still fail their piss test. So as I’m sure you can appreciate, a guaranteed way of getting around that issue is a pretty huge deal.

Thus, Sub-Solution clearly outshines other brands at times when you’re in the booth leaving your urine sample and you notice you’re urine isn’t of high enough temperature. Where a hand-warmer or heating pad wouldn’t be able to get the job done in time and you’d normally be screwed, simply mixing a little heating powder in to re-warm it instantly does the trick.

Same goes for random urine tests. If you’re compelled to take a test on the spot, even if you have your fake urine with you, you don’t have 30 minutes of time to heat your sample.  Some random tests simply require instant heating of your sample.

So basically, using SS as opposed to other brands guarantees the highest chance of passing your urine test, which in the end is what urine substitution all comes down to.

I was a little skeptical at first in regards to this way of heating it since it was new to me. Could it be detected? Is it hard to hit the right temperature? But it now stands clear to me that it is without doubt the smarter way of doing it. It can’t be detected and heating it up is dummy-proof. Of course a temperature strip is included as well.

The fact that you can still use the traditional heating pad method and have this powder available as a backup option to bail you out from a temperature fail is just invaluable and means old schoolers that remain skeptical and prefer the old-fashioned way needn’t shy away from SS at all.

Another thing I like particularly though is that since Sub-Solution is tailor-made for being able to pass the most meticulous drug test lab examinations it actually behaves like urine should. This avoids unnecessary suspicion that may warrant further testing of your sample. It looks like urine, smells like urine and foams when shaken up.

Not that I like the smell of urine in general, but in this case I definitely do. Natural urine smells like urine, so should this.

It’s made by Clear Choice, a pioneer that’s been around for more than 20 years (since 1993), and is sold from their main website www.testnegative.com with a 200% money back guarantee, so they’d actually be losing a lot of money if their product wasn’t as reliable as it is. It comes with very clear user instructions to boot, since it’s in their best interest that you pass your urine test.

You’ll want to get your hands on this one as soon as possible though if you have decided to substitute. Because, besides shipping time, being one of their premium products and in high demand, it happens from time to time that SS is temporarily out of stock. And since it cannot be found in any physical stores.. Personally I’m not that bothered since I always take advantage of their buy 3 get one free and stock up on this stuff at home anyways, but for those with an urgent test it can be inconvenient to say the least!

Make sure you get it from the official site to avoid any issues with counterfeit copies or expired dates and to take full advantage of that 200% guarantee. Besides overnight shipping if needed, this also means you can contact their customer service with any questions you may have.

You can check availability of Sub Solution on their official website here. If it’s your first time substituting urine (or if you face these tests regularly as in my case), the stash belt or stash undies from their website are really neat additions too, to solve any issues of hiding your sample right off the bat.

Purine powdered urine kit review

Best synthetic urine review - Purine powdered urine kitI used to use Purine pretty much exclusively for a while, but now find Sub-Solution superior mainly due to its option of a fast heating method. Purine is still decent and when needed I get it here from TestClear.

Includes a heater, temperature strip and of course instructions, although you may want to add an extra heater (in case your test gets delayed) and perhaps a digital thermometer at checkout.

It is in powder form and when mixed it has all the right qualities needed to pass the urine drug test.

It ha some natural properties of urine as well, taking a note out of Sub-Solution’s book.

If you know you will have no need for instantly heating your sample, this is definitely an okay option as well.

Quick Fix review

Quick Fix UrineQuick Fix is one of the more well-known synthetic pee brands. They have an original version and a plus version, the difference being how much urine you get.

You need to heat it with a heater to desired temperature, which can take up to 45 min unless you have access to microwaving it briefly.

There is also Quick Fix Plus, the main difference being you get 4oz as opposed to 2 oz of urine.

The QF urine does not smell of anything in particular, which gives Purine the edge over QuickFix, most other factors being the same. Sub-Solution still has an edge over both of them but also costs slightly more to make up for going the extra mile. Passing your test will always be worth it in the end though.

QF has had some issues in the past with their synthetic coming back as invalid or “not-human”, as can be seen from several online reviews. Many of these were however caused by a counterfeit product that someone illegally distributed to stores as Quick Fix, when it wasn’t. Low quality copies of the QF boxes and its printing were used. This should be resolved by now, but if you happen to have an old Quick Fix lying around which looks sub-par in quality, you may want to investigate further and verify the batch number with the manufacturers.

In light of this, if you do want to use QF, I definitely suggest you get it from a reliable source. I know some friends of mine have ordered it from buyfakeurine.com, who gets it directly from the manufacturers to ensure quality. As a bonus, they also sell Monkey Dongs (preferable to Whizzinators), should you feel you need one. They’re commonly used together.

For those worried about their substituted sample being detected as synthetic, if the formula is good it won’t happen. I’ve personally e-mailed the distributors of both Sub-Solution and Purine and they have only ever had their urine rejected due to temperature which is a customer-side error that will happen every now and then (and WAY less with SS than other fkae pee brands) no matter what if you have many people using a synthetic urine (see these tips on keeping urine warm). Never has their synthetic urine been detected as synthetic or faulty. If you get QF from a reliable source who in turn get theirs straight from the manufacturer, I’m inclined to believe the same holds true but I can’t say for sure.

There are other options in the industry such as U pass, Magnum Detox, P-sure, Clean Stream, X-Stream, Dr Green’s Agent X, Urine Luck, Monkey Whizz etc. if you choose to test those instead. There are many shady and falsely over-hyped rip-off brands though, so watch out. They may all be better than homemade pee, but how well they compare to Sub-Solution and Purine I can’t vouch for, although likely poorly in many cases.

As a word of caution you may want to steer clear of buying your fake urine from Amazon or Ebay since that comes with certain risks, including expired or counterfeit, knockoff products.

Just remember to always do your homework/research properly beforehand or it can end up costing you dearly.

Review Conclusion

Sub Solution is in my opinion the best brand of synthetic urine if you want to pass a drug test nowadays. If it’s just for pranking or novelty purposes however, definitely go with any of the more budget-friendly alternatives, since then quality isn’t the most important aspect anymore.

487 thoughts on “#1 Synthetic Urine Guide: How To Use And 4 Best Brands Reviewed [2020]”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for putting this info up. i followed your instructions and today i got to know i passed my urine test. I had been smoking just 2 days prior, i know it doesn’t matter when having fake pee but still.. It was unsupervised so no problem with hiding and stuff.

    Thanks again!

    1. No problem, thanks for taking your time to come back to leave a comment!

      Glad you passed your test, feel’s good doesnt it ;)

      1. I have stopped smoking on November 1, 2015 and I just took a UA test yesterday, January 24, 2016 that I failed. I am 5’4″, 195 pounds and I have lost 70 pounds in 13 months, heavy user. When can I expect to pass a UA test?

        1. That’s almost impossible to say, lots of factors that play a part. But almost 3 months of abstinence is quite a bit, so I think it shouldn’t be too long until you should pass one naturally (most people would be able to already by that time). If unsupervised, you can always bypass that with using synthetic urine. To speed it up you can always get some detox products.

      2. I have a doctor which is a pain clinic, I am prescribed hydrocodone but I also smoke pot, I need to pass a drug test but need to have hydrocodone in my system can you help me out?

        1. It’s a somewhat tricky situation, depending on how heavy a smoker you are. Ideally you’re not too heavy a smoker and can thus detox the THC out of your system in time. And once clean from THC, obviously keep abstaining until the test, but keep taking your pain meds, and they will show but not the weed. So basically, what you need to do is take the detox approach and then make sure you used your pain meds the days before your test so it will surely be in there.

          It’s tempting to just dissolve some pain meds in the urine, but more often than not these tests look for metabolites of the meds rather than the medicine itself, thus making this alternative not work. There are some meds tohugh where the actual medicine is screened for, and in those cases, it’s possible this method would worked, but I don’t know and haven’t tried it myself.

        2. Steve, did you ever find a way to get hydrocodone in the urine test results while getting other drugs out ? I have the same situation. They will think we are not taking the pain meds and possibly selling them if it is not in the urine. Please let me know if you have found a solution.

        3. Normally they only test to see if you’re taking your meds often on the cup they give me to pee it says oxy and a code .And I’ve done other stuff and they didn’t detect it..

        1. it didn’t work on a test i just took in ca there test checked for fake pee ani don’t have a job in a state where weed is legal

      3. Great article. It really helped answer a few of my questions. But I still have one I have to ask that is unique to my situation.
        I have a pre-employment test coming up and will have to use fake urine instead of a detox/cleanse even though I’m pretty lean, due to my regular use. The urinalysis is going to be conducted along with a physical at a doctor’s office. It is for a field sales job and will mostly be focused on my ability to lift small amounts of weight and drive for long periods of time. Do you think it will be invasive enough that I will have to worry about where to hide my fake urine? Great article again. Thanks for the effort.

        1. Thanks, glad to hear that William!
          I’d say if you hide it in your underwear as is pretty standard either way, I doubt you’d have to worry. What’s under there should be none of the doctor’s business when it comes to your ability to lift stuff at work. May be invasive enough to have to pull your pants down though and have him check knees etc, so if you can’t hide it in a satisfying/undetectable way in the original containers (bottle), you may have to get creative in what you store it in (some kind of bag maybe)

    2. I took a drug test today and used a product called Urine-luck. I know a passed the temperature test but I’m wondering how likely is it that I will pass the pre-employment test. Any thoughts about that product?

      1. Sometimes it’s sent to the lab, and sometimes it isn’t. If it wasn’t, you likely passed, but if it was I can’t say whether you passed or not.

    3. So once I have put everything that is needed into the sub solution bottle that has the squirted say 5 days ago can I still shake it up today or do I have to pour the synthetic pee and remake if

      1. Comment seems unfinished. Either way, you do not want to mix the urine until the day you are going to use it, since it will grow bacteria, just as real urine would. So keep it in it’s powder form.

    4. I have have used quick fix plus on many tests even at a doctors office and passed every time . Every test was negative but they they were all either strio tests or strip on the bottle . I have a friend who had his sent to a lab and quick fix is what he used and passed this was was 2015. After reading this I’m nervous should I upgrade?

      1. There’s no doubt the vast majority using QF do pass, although there have been some that failed with it as well. So usually if someone has QF already, I’d say no need to worry. But I still certainly prefer Purine and SS personally, since they haven’t had these problems. Then again, I also really like having the SS heating powder in case the temp is off when about to turn it in to be able to instantly adjust it. If you already have purchased QF, I’d say go with that. If not, consider the pros and cons and go with what you feel the most comfortable with.

        1. I have a drug test coming up, and i heard it will be sent into the doctors office. It is not supervised and was wondering if synthetic urine is the route i should take. Is there any way that they could see if it wasn’t my urine sent into the lab? i have 30 days until the test. i am a larger guy and am scared that i will fail.

          1. Nah, drug tests don’t check for personal identifying markers nor gender so no problem there. Whether synthetic urine is the way to go, that would depend highly on your situation. If you’re a very heavy/long time smoker, then yes it’s probably the simplest way using fake urine. If you’re just an occassional smoker, 30 days would usually be fine to get clean naturally in time and then that would be my preferred way.

      2. I used quick fix and did not pass! After reading this article I think may have gotten a knock off. Because I have been using this product for almost 9 years and always passed until now. You have good reason to be nervous.

      1. Quickly researching this it seems when normal there should be no protein in urine, or one may have a kidney problem. Thus, there will be none in synthetic urine either and results will likely just be normal then. Should you however actually have a problem with this, you won’t get it diagnosed this way and the doctor will obviously think there’s no problem, which may be a problem.

    5. I could get a random drug test at any time, and I’m freaking out. I don’t smoke all the time I’ve been maybe every couple of months but were I’ve been on vacation I’ve smoked for the past week just in the evening time. I go back to work tomorrow. What should I do just in case I get tested?

      1. Have some synthetic urine prepared and heated perhaps? Seems like the best way to me. Sorry to be captain obvious but not much more to it I’d say! But actually, if really worried and you don’t have time to prepare this, you could also drink a lot of fluid, or better yet do the Certo method, making sure your urine is very diluted. Not 100% reliable that you’ll pass, and chances are it will be invalid due to dilution, but this often buys you more time, like a day or a few days to take another test, which in your case sounds like it could be just what you need. Good luck!

    6. thank you for such awesome information research and caring enough to share your findings…i will admit that i did not read every comment/question/archive mainly because it seems you are speaking to THC inquiries…but i use cocaine and random drug tests are very common at my workplace literally 5-10 min warning…is there anything out there that i can keep on my person (in my bra etc) daily just in case that does not pick up my cocaine usage

      1. Assuming you’re talking urine tests, Sub Solution would really be it in this case. And when it comes to urine substitution, the specific drug does not matter, since is basically just drug-free urine and will pass for any drug. But with just 5-10 min warning, the powder heating method trumps all else I’d say. Still, not super-convenient having to carry it in your bra or underwear daily, but most likely your best option!

    7. I’ve used the Quick Fix Plus and it came back from the lab as if I’ve been on antibiotics. So it didn’t work. Wasted 40 bucks really sucks

  2. Thank you so much for this valuable information…
    I have a question I hope you might help with me with..my factory has a urine test coming up and it’s random,i have used my wizzanator for 15 years but I always knew when I was getting tested. .my question I guess is can i re-use fake urine every day mabe buy the belt to hold it or should I buy a bunch and fill up everyday till tested

    1. Glad to know you found it useful!

      As for your question, I know Quick Fix for example has a very long shelf life (~ 2 years) and can be re-heated almost indefinitely. Just keep it air-tight wherever you store it, belt or original bottle, and it should be fine I’d say, no need to refill every day.

      Since I don’t know exactly how the drug tests are performed at your factory it’s hard for me to say how it will work out in practice though. The main concern is probably heating it right before the test. This takes a little time but if you aren’t made to take a piss on the spot, it should work. And supervision as well, since Whizzinator is vulnerable to thorough “inspections” but it seems to have worked for you before so you likely know the drill of you work place’s testing procedure.

      You can also reach out to the support of the synthetic urine brand you plan using for specific questions, TestClear for example has a live-chat on their website.

  3. I have used synthetic pee for the past two years now, and have passed both drug tests for my job. However, I am about to take a pee test for a hospital. I will be working in the finance department of the hospital as an accountant, I am not a nurse or doctor. However, the hospital has its own laboratory? Should I worry about the synthetic pee being detected? I have been using “monkey balls”. Like I said I’ve never had any problems in the past, but I also have never taken a test for a hospital either.

    1. Neither Sub-Solution nor Purine seems to have ever been detected as synthetic in the way I take it you worry about. So I think your only concern should be temperature and whether you will be directly observed when taking the test.

    2. I was in a very similar situation. I have passed all my stuff test for the last four years with quick fix but I got a new job in the accounting department of a hospital and had to drug test there at the hospital. I did my regular routine with quick fix and the results came back as a non human sample. Which caused me to lose out on a very good opportunity.

        1. I used gf and testing was at a hospital the job required a nine panel urine urine test no issues with the 6.1 read reviews if it was not 6.1 it would come back as non-human.

  4. I have a pre employment screening coming up. I know I won’t be clean in time to pass, so I purchased sub solution from their site. I believe they screen for 11 different substances. I am confident in the sub solution but am still incredibly nervous. Seeking reassurance from others who have had success with sub solution. Any insight is appreciated!

    1. Hey Sharon! If it’s of any comfort:

      1. Pre employment tests are almost always unsupervised, meaning you can get away with urine substitution.
      2. No matter how many different drugs/substances they screen for it does not matter, Sub-Solution is clean urine.
      3. Best advice I can give is just to read the instructions carefully until you know what to do by heart (it’s not that much to remember). Prepare for where you plan on storing the urine when taking it into the booth.

    1. Not at all, it is simply a toxin free urine sample, no matter what you have in your system. If they test your urine, it comes out as clean and valid as long as it’s within the right temperature range.

        1. 98-102 degree F. For SS you use the chemical powder to heat it (can also use a regular heater or hand warmer should you wish to). The container has a temperature strip so you can know when it’s the correct temp. Just follow the instructions included with the urine you choose and it should be covered there.

    2. I have to take one today with no notice. I have used synthetic to pass the drug tests they screen at Pain Management and it worked. For employment drug tests, with notice, I have always used the drink and abstained for 4 days and that worked too.
      Would it be better to have a friend who is clean and use his piss?

      1. Not better, but certainly more economical. You’d also need heaters though, and a thermometer, and the sample needs to be freshly taken.

        1. Human urine can be frozen, then thawed and used at any time. As stated above, it just needs to be brought to the right temperature.

    3. Really Jeff! Use your brain. Obviously they don’t put illegal substances in the synthetic pee. The whole purpose of synthetic pee is to eliminate any chance of illegal chemicals showing up on drug screen/tests. Obviously the synthetic urine will allow you to pass opiates, thc, and so on. I can’t stop laughing about your question about whether it only works for THC. You should really stop using drugs if you are unsure whether companies are including meth, morphine and cocaine in their synthetic urine but not THC. Let me know if you find a synthetic urine product that only tests negative for THC but tests positive for other substances. It would blow my mind more then your questions. Read up on synthetic urine b4 asking illogical useless questions. Especially since your asking questions that are answered on the article above.^^^^^

      1. Hey douche bag sum people would love it if the made sum with other drugs in it. I have to pass drug tests for thc but I have to have oxy in my system to get my script each month. I’m sure that’s why he was asking.

        1. Answered above you keep taking your meds and really calling people names when that has been answered above people are lazy or don’t want to research before asking dumb ass questions.

  5. Hello,

    I recently accepted an awesome career opportunity that requires random testing, so on your advice I purchased a couple sub-solutions to have on hand (already passed pre-employment screening naturally). My question is: how easy is it to get the temperature correct with the heating powder? I’d like to avoid tying that part at home because it’s a $55 trial and I’m trusting the chemistry of it. I’ll be unsupervised and likely given 24 hrs notice if I get called in for a test. My fear is that it will get too hot and I won’t have enough time to get the temp down.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer – obviously I haven’t tried this before, but the thought of a whole sober career is t an option for me.

    1. Hi! That’s an understandable question, I had doubts myself before actually trying it. The colder it is, obviously the more of the heat activator it will take. So if you’ve stored it against your skin for a while it will be closer to ideal temperature than if you haven’t. There are instructions included with it already on how much powder to use when. But since it’s instant, a neat thing is you can add just a little bit, let it mix and you will see the tempurature change on the strip in 10 seconds. You can repeat this several times to get it right, since no one is expecting you to stressfully take a 20 second pee. If you didn’t get it right at first, within a minute you will have.

      But another thing, which I may add more emphasis to in this article at some point come to think of it.. There is nothing saying you must use the heating powder. They sell heating pads for $3 (you can get a similar heater from elsewhere since you already ordered) which let’s you do it the old fashioned way if it makes you more comfortable, and have the powder with you in case it isn’t hot enough. So whether you use the heating powder as your main heating source or not, it’s still a GREAT safety net.

  6. Hi! Thanks for this info.. about a week ago I didn’t once consider synthetic a viable option. I have not smoked for about 3 weeks now but after testing myself, I failed at 200 ng/ml (after being a daily smoker for 6 years). I have been researching every brand and review I can find and am still stuck between QF and Sub Solution (although I know you said SS is a clear winner), there are just SO many more success stories using QF I assume only due to the popularity.

    How hot does the SS get when you add the heating powder? How long does it take? The whole idea of that really scares me, and at $75 a pop, I can’t justify buying an extra to test. If you heat it to the correct temperature and then wedge it in your crotch or something, what is the likelihood of it staying that temperature?

    1. Anytime, Laura!

      Yes like you say, naturally there are more success stories for Quick Fix, and at the same time more stories of failures, because of its popularity. Keep in mind the date of the reviews you read as well though. If they’re over a year old, for synthetic urine they aren’t much to rely on.

      There are instructions for heating you can read on the product page of Sub-Solution or the included instructions when you’ve bought it. How hot it gets depends on the temperature it is before adding the powder, and how much powder you add. It is instant and you can see the new temperature once mixed within 10 seconds on the temperature strip. You will have time for multiple adjustments so add a little at a time. The instructions state to start with 1/3 of the powder and if needed work your way up from there.

      If you heat it before and wedge it in your crotch like you say, chances are it will keep its correct temperature, and if it doesn’t, you still have the powder with you anyway and can add a little depending on what the temperature strip says. You can also buy a heater with the order for $3 and do it the old fashioned way as with any other brand, and still have some powder as backup to if needed instantly correct the temperature where most other products would fail you.

        1. This will be included in the instructions. In general, between 90 and 100 degree Fahrenheit (32-38 Celcius) when. As close to 100 as can be is the rule of thumb I’d say (98-102).

    2. Keeping it between your crouch is ezpeez…keeps it at 98.5. If you are unsure run some practice test with h2o to assure yourself. Use a safety thermometer to ensure your at the right temp.

  7. Hi Sophie,

    I really appreciate this site and the time you spent providing information. Until I read your experience, I was skeptical about using the powder urine. I have been a daily smoker for years and just began looking for better employment. I am in second round interviews now with two awesome organizations, one of which I know requires pre-employment UA. I stopped smoking as soon as I realized this and have two weeks clean so far. I expect to have another two, by the time I hope to be receiving an offer and taking the test. I was considering the Toxin Rid 5-day cleanse at first, but it quite expensive, especially since you mention coupling it with an added product. I am wondering what the best options is for me. I heard that Toxin Rid claims to rid your body of the toxins versus masking them and that as long as you abstain, you can take the UA anytime after and pass with flying colors. Do you know this to be true? I wonder how safe I’d be relying on this alone after 28-days (or more) clean.

    I am nervous about screwing up the powder urine, but the one you describe sounds very reliable, especially if you buy the warmer and then rely on the warming powder ONLY if temp is an issue. I have NEVER had to take a drug test before, but I am applying for a position that is affiliated with a medical center. Do you have any suggestions for my specific situation?

    1. Hello Amy, love hearing the site proved useful for you.

      When you’ve been a daily smoker for years, that is when it seems to be hardest to predict how long you’ll test positive, with some cases proving to test positive for several months etc. Depends on the individual body and how well it detoxifies itself. But 2 weeks clean already is a great start, and if you get the month in total as you say you’re in a very good position. Toxin Rid 5-days is likely to be enough here yes because of your long abstinence (generally 10-day is recommended though for the heaviest smokers which you may fall under from daily use), do combine it with some sweating, exercising and water drinking up until testing though. And yes Toxin Rid focuses on detoxing rather than masking which is why it doesn’t matter if you take it now, or over the 5 days right before your test, as long as you don’t smoke after starting the program.

      The same day detox drink is definitely recommended because in this case that is the safety net, same way the powder heater would be the safety net in your urine analogy. But do note that although the drinks I use are pretty costly, when on budget the best value I’d say is the QCarbo32 on Amazon for about $17, not too much of a difference which you choose once you’ve already done a detox program.

      The powdered urine is highly reliable for the reasons you mention above, but in your case since you will have such a long abstinence period already, I’d choose the detox route over the synthetic urine any day (to avoid unexpected supervision or “transportation” issues and what not), but I prefer detox in general over urine substitution so some would disagree I’m sure.

      1. Thank you so much! Your advice ( but mostly your experience) has been most helpful. There wasn’t a lot of information on the detox program, specifically from people who tested days or weeks after taking the product. I do plan on investing in some of the test strips and will test myself frequently after I detox. I will still take your suggestion and do the extra step. Last question… Will that one day drink run any risk of suspected dilution? I actually wouldn’t mind investing in the shot that you use, but saw that you had to drink a considerable amount of water and pee several times. I’m afraid of having too clear of urine which might cause suspicion. Since you’ve done both methods a few times, do I need to worry about the color of my urine after?

        This is a three figure salary job and never in my wildest dreams have I imagined making that much income in my profession. I’m terrified to fail the test!

        Thanks again for all your advice and for answering so promptly!

        1. So here’s the thing with same-day detox drinks:

          Part of the masking process is by dilution. The thing is that they also contain the stuff that is tested for in an integrity/validty test (if they’re any good, that is) such as creatinine, specific gravity and so on. So should such a test be conducted on your sample, it should still show as non-diluted because of this and you should be fine. It is however important you follow the instructions on the detox drink. Its not uncommon to be instructed not to drink or eat for 3-4 hours before taking the drink or before your test, simply because you’re already taking in a lot of water with the drink as you mention and at some point it will become too diluted if you at the same time are drinking a lot of other liquids on the side.

          As for urine color, rather the opposite holds true. Its more common people worry about the bright yellow color of their urine after the drink, since it contains B-vitamins that give this color. Since you’re supposed to urinate a few times, this will make the color more natural again (also, simply taking multivitamins can give some people this bright yellow urine color it’s not as unnatural as one may think).

          As I always say, a job is gonna be worth the cost of proper detox, and in your case more so than ever. If you plan on testing yourself several times (you get 1 free with Toxin Rid), I do recommend you get a pack of 10 or more from Amazon. I plan on changing my recommendations to this when I have time simply because its so much more value and its come to my attention the difference in accuracy from more expensive ones is very, very small or even the same in many cases. Get a good rated pack and you will have urine strip tests for as little as $1 per test meaning you can test yourself daily if you so wish. Keep in mind cut-off levels, there are those for the standard 50ng/mL and those for 20ng/mL at a slightly higher cost, so it will depend on the test you’re taking and what they use, the cutoff variation difference is huge at with 50 being 150% more THC allowed than 20. Passing a 20ng/mL test is great assurance though.

      2. Hello so i need a little advice im a smoker typically 1-3 times a day recently got offered a nice position .the last time i smoked was this past monday my UA is next thurs. I was wondering if its a good idea to use QF or a detox drink …im 5’7 140lbs with a high metabolism..

        1. Unless it’s for a more sensitive job where the test will be supervised, synthetic urine definitely sounds like you best bet. The time is very short to attempt to detox for a heavy user so that way would get difficult. And absolutely not just a detox drink, many people learn that the hard way, especially heavy smokers since such drinks are not very effective at all for them. You would need to detox properly before a detox drink will work, since they just attempt to mask and dilute the THC temporarily, and if you have too much in your system (chronic smoker), it’s not gonna cut it. Although SS seems more consistent, QF can work as well.

  8. Great info! I have to take a pre-employment test and plan on using synthetic urine. My question – do I need to worry about the lab testing the syn urine to determine the gender of the sample? Thanks!

      1. Hi Sophie, I gotta say right off the bat thank you for what you’re doing here. Truly appreciate. Now my question is this. I purchased a whizzinator touch yesterday for a test I have to take later today. It comes with a powdered synthetic they refer to only as golden shower. Will that work to pass my test? It is an mta test. I called the company ALS that makes it and verified with them through serial number that its authentic. And of course asked if it contains creatine, gravity, etc. And was told it did, but was not left feeling confident. If you can confirm this, especially in a timely manner as it’s 230 am now and I have to be in the building at 730 that would relieve a whole lot of stress

        1. Hey Shawn, afraid I can rarely get back with such short notice nowadays, because I get so many comments to go through (main reason for now instead opening for comments only intermittently when I am not too busy with other stuff as well). I avoid giving advice about government-related tests though due to legal reasons (MTA seem to be governmentally owned).

          As for the Golden Shower brand in general though, I’ve written an article about the Whizzinator and the general consensus online seems to be that the Whizzinator users tend to get another synthetic urine, usually QF, to use instead of the one included. I haven’t used it though (the Golden Shower one) and don’t know enough about it to say whether it’s reliable or not.

  9. Great read here. I just wanted to know if you have ever heard of purity labs clean and pure synthetic urine. They box looked an awful lot like quick fix and it listed all the main factors you refer to, such as urea, uric acid, creatine, protiens, ph and gravity balance. It seemed legit, but I don’t see a lot of sites that sell it. I’ve been told it pretty new to the market, but I wanted to find out what you know.

    1. Nope actually I haven’t heard of it. These main factors are things you’ll likely see on most synthetic urine boxes because every brand at least try their very best (or so I hope) to get it right and will thus always include the most well-known chemicals tested for. Urea is a good sign, but I’d be wary if you can’t find any reviews at all that it has worked.

  10. OK, i am super nervous that i am about to destroy my career. Stopped smoking 38 days ago, (1 year plus daily – edibles and wax occasionally) 5’10” ~ 250lbs with really slow metabolism. Just got offer yesterday have 72 hrs to accept and another 72 to test upon accepting. I have taken home tests and an anonymous lab test at anylabtestnow and find i am still testing positive. The lab test only gave me a positive/negative answer and i was hoping for an actual measurement. Have been talking with local stores and bought some recommended detox (everclean 5day/5bottle and pure detox max by neometrx). Was told not to use both as one may cancel the other out based on how they work. But still do not feel confident using these, especially the one that is only effective for 6 hours (pure detox) which would mostly prevent me from testing myself prior to the big show. I have been researching the web EXTENSIVELY in particular synthetic pee, and think this is the route i want to go. I def would feel a hell of a lot better using my own pee after it was clean but do not want to risk based on detox products. This is a pre-employment drug screen; while i am not sure this is true I was told there is a difference between a screen and a test.

    So: 1. Is this my safest bet (synthetic)? 2. Is there a difference between a screen and a test? 3. Would anyone happen to know (based on factual data please) if my future employer report a fail to the govt or current employer?


    1. It’s great that you test yourself before so as to help decide what method to go for. With the little time you have left until your test, and considering the fact you just tested positive, I’d agree synthetic urine is the way to go.

      1. Yeah likely your safest bet is synthetic urine.

      2. Many use the words drug test and drug screening interchangably, and I will admit I’m guilty to this sometimes as well. They are similar, but there are some key differences. From the top of my head, a screening is quicker, cheaper and has a bigger chance of false positives from stuf that aren’t drugs, which would then be found out after further testing. A drug test is slower and a bit more thorough in the lab perhaps. The way to pass one doesn’t really change no matter what you call it. You need a clean urine sample, your own or synthetic, and that’s that.

      3. Don’t know. Generally companies don’t share this with anyone else, but you never know.

      Since you already bought detox drinks, you could always drink the one with a 6 hour window before your test, go with synthetic urine as your first option, and in a worst case scenario (can’t substitute it) still use your own urine, to cover all bases. But only because you already bought your drinks and the details are vauge about how your test will be. Just a tohught.

      1. Thanks for the info and support. It really helps. I went back to the anonymous lab and they told me that they (the lab) tests down to the 5ng level so I don’t know if their test is a little extreme for my situation. Still tested positive. Did not want to have a detailed discussion with them as it was uncomfortable enough, but wonder how far an employer will go (down to the 5ng level?) it seems a little extreme to me. Anyway I have bought some time with job offer, waiting back on counter offer (hope i didn’t screw myself by doing so by negotiating myself out of a job altogether, but that is another matter). The fact that this lab tests down to the 5ng level is what i am really concerned about. also i am starting to show a very very very faint line on home tests – i cant stress the very faint part enough. But anyway even with this faint line i am presumed positive for thc when going to the lab. As far as the lab goes not sure i can mention its name but it has several locations around town and neighboring towns (as well as the country) and was featured on a synthetic pee news story that has floating around the forums related to passing a drug test. So i wonder if since it can be determined within minutes down to this level will employers allow for more stringent testing at a lower cutoff. it can be taken by anyone for under 50 bucks so i’m sure that they would give a volume discount to employers making more viable to use. I am glad i can walk in to talk this test anonymously cuz i know it is accurate, but also am worried it just puts a false scare in you at the same time because of how accurate it is without needing to be. Also when going for this test they ask up front if it is for preemployment, personal, or other reasons (cant remember). i wonder it this has any bearing on how detailed the test is as well.

        Just throwing thoughts out right now, not really sure how to phrase them as questions. But if anyone can shed some light and put me at ease or confirm my paranoia over my walk in anonymous lab experience versus a pre-employment pee test would greatly be appreciated. My tin foil hat might be on a little tight right now over the stress and anxiety all this is causing me.

        1. No problem. 5ng seems pretty irrelevant to me when it comes to pre-employment tests and will definitely only cause anxiety that may be unwarranted.

          Take a look at this link, https://www.transportation.gov/odapc/part40/40_87 which has governmental DOT regulation cut-off limits.

          For marijuana it is 50ng/ml, and that’s the standard for all pre-employment tests.

          5ng is 1/10 of the 50ng and thus not relevant at all. Accuracy in this case is skewed since sure it’s accurate in shwoing you got some THC inside you, but not accurate at all in regards to whether you will pass your real test. You could be testing positive at 5ng 6 months from now while not smoking again until then, yet be able to pass a drug test at 50ng right now. Food for thought. So in this case trust your test strips more, especially if they are at 50ng/ml cut-off. When you’re clean on those, you can worry less but still if you’re close to the limit variations may happen that cause a positive test, so keep cleansing for a while longer.

        2. Just bought a whizz kit for a little insurance. Would anyone happen to know if the synthetic that comes with the kit is reliable? i also have quick fix standing by in case i need to swap it out. whizz kit is made by the people who made the whizzinator. i just feel safer using it (if i need to) because it straps to your body whereas QF is just a bottle that i could just see slipping out of my hands, or pants and falling on the floor.

  11. Hi, I work in a position with random testing. I know at least a few days in advance and have to go to the local hospital for testing. I recently got drunk and smoked some marijuana. Yesterday I bought an at home drug test and failed for marijuana. Obviously, I am extremely nervous that I might get randomly tested. My girlfriend lives with me and works next door to the hospital and she is 100% clean. It would be very easy to use her urine. How confident should I be in using her urine. The obvious concern being that they find out the urine originated from a female.

    Thank You,

    1. They don’t test for gender so that’s not really a problem. Sub-Solution for example is unisex. If you use your gf’s urine the bigger concern is with temperature and that the sample is pretty fresh, preferably same day at least, since old urine may get darker and a stronger smell etc. So consider a heater and a thermometer. Since she lives with you a fresh sample won’t be too much of a problem.

  12. Hello – this is a great site!

    My question:

    Newer testing advances seem to be able to tell if a specimen is synthetic. I recently used testclear for that reason – it is not synthetic.

    Above you state that Sub-Solution is the synthetic kit you use the most. What about SS allows it to not be detected as a synthetic?


    1. Both Sub-Solution and TestClear’s Purine are synthetic, it’s not real human urine. Testing if it’s synthetic or not is misleading, because what they test for are chemicals that should be present in real urine. They are very much alike these two in that they have a very complete formula and have had from the start, whereas many other brands that have been detected as synthetic don’t include all the essential chemicals a lab may test for.

  13. Hi,

    I live in Colorado. It’s no surprise weed is legal here. I’ve been smoking daily for 2 years. Just finished my degree and currently job hunting. Being that marijuana is legal, do employers care about marijuana. Also being that marijuana is legal, do the labs in Colorado pay closer attention because they know a lot of pot heads live here and need to pass a urine test?

    1. Hey, I’m not personally familiar with how it is in Colorado but weed being legal is probably a double edged sword when it comes to employers. Those that are under the opinion that weed will affect their workers job performance negatively may be paying extra attention. Same goes with sensitive jobs such as in transportation and medical fields etc.

      Employers that aren’t in a sensitive field and don’t have negative preconceptions of cannabis (perhaps even smoking themselves) are less likely to care. I think most employers fall in to the first category though, considering it’s business and money involved, and weed does have a reputation of making you less productive.

      As for labs, I doubt it affects their standard procedure in any way.

      Just speculations though, so don’t take this for fact!

    2. Just wanted to add im from CO as well. While I cannot provide any info for you regarding you questions I am curious about your questions as well. If you have time; detox naturally, don’t get stuck in the situation i have gotten in – it is NOT fun. Personally i think it is stupid to still have to go through all this nonsense for MJ. But i don’t make the laws and it seems like there is no end in sight. Good luck in your job hunt.

      1. For anyone that needs an answer to this question… I had to test for a new job and failed due to a positive for marijuana. Subsequently, I lost my job. What I was told was that since it was only legal on a state level (not federally), a positive result for marijuana was not acceptable.

  14. Very informative and helpful site. I’m thinking the answer to my question is pretty obvious but thought I’d ask you anyway. I’ve used synthetic urine in the past for pre-employment and each has been successful but this new company who I’ve interviewed for is requiring a physical at the same time which has me worried for multiple reasons. First is whether I’ll be able to hide the empty container during the physical but more importantly is that the paperwork I’m to take to the clinic doing the testing states…. “Urinalysis is required. Protein, blood or sugar in the urine may be an indication for further testing to rule out any underlying medical problems.” So my question is, will this be a more extensive tests on the urine then normal? Do they run specific tests on protein and sugar levels and if so will the synthetic pass those? Any possible info or insight you can give is greatly appreciated as they just informed me of this today and I’ll need to take test within 48 hours.

    1. Hey Mavrick, glad you found it helpful. The response may be outside your 48 hour time frame by now (sadly I don’t always have time to check and reply to comments daily, although I try me best to be prompt). I’ll reply still since others may have the same questions and find it useful. As for if you’ll be able to hide the urine it’s impossible to say since procedures differ between clinics.

      As for protein, blood and sugar, i’m fairly certain they rule this out by testing for these specific things, and since there’s no reason to add these things to synthetic urines, you should be fine since they are things that should not be in your urine. More problematic is when they test for things that should be in the urine normally, since some synthetic urines may then be lacking them. I’m not sure if your physical tests for anything that should be in your urine that isn’t tested for in regular drug tests. Let me know how it went though if you read this.

  15. Have 11 days to pass a drug test. I’m doing a program called Teen Court. I got arrested for marijuana. 2 charges. First offense. Anyways, does detox work? Along with a lot of water and excising?

    1. Hey Megan, I avoid giving advice specifically for court related drug tests due to legal reasons.

      As for detox in general, it’s just a means to get Toxins out of your system, so for that purpose detox does work. How long it takes to detox depends on how much you have been smoking, your current toxin load, and on what measures you take to detox. Read the home page for how I generally detox.

  16. Hi, I might get randomly drug tested but I don’t know when it will be, but I know for a fact I am not clean and am thinking of using Sub-Solution synthetic urine. Does anyone know what the ingredient(s) is in the instant heating powder? And would that show up as an adulterant on an at home Quickscreen drug test for marijuana?

    1. I do not know what the ingredients are in the heating powder, but I could probably find out. It’s sort of irrelevant though because no, it does not show up as an adulterant.

      1. Hi Sophie, first i would like to thank you so much for all of this info and taking the time out of your life to respond to everyone!

        I work in a job i love, but unfortunately am subject to random drug tests with a dedicated testing office on site. This means when your number is “called” a supervisor informs you and brings you directly to the officer/drug tester. Basically it is a true random, no advance warning is given and upon being informed of having to be tested you are escorted directly to be tested. I am a daily smoker and everyday wear my special work undies with a pocket in which i keep my 3oz bottle of quick fix. My main/consistent worry is the temperature. I open a new hand warmer each day for work and keep it in my pocket. I worry that if im chosen to ve tested will they notice the small bulge in my pocket? And the timing has to be precise as well… About 30-35 min after i strap on the hand warmer.

        Which brings me to your blog! I had never heard of a chemical that warms synthetic urine. The main problem with SS is that id never have an opportunity to get fresh water to mix it with… Since i am supervised upon notification of a test until my sample is submitted (though i believe i would not be supervised while submitting a sample). In short, i need something premixed (like QF) with the ease/quickness of the heat activator in SS. Do you think if i could use the heat activator that comes with SS in QF?

        Given my situation, can you think of another way or method i might be able to use to pass my randoms? I have yet to be called for one since i began my employment but know its only a matter of time!

        Thank you so much in advance for your input!

        1. Hey Steve, no problem!

          Yep you can actually use the heat activator for QF as well, and since you already have QF that might be your best bet. Otherwise an option would be to have the mixing container already filled with the right amount of water so that you, once in the room, can add the powdered urine to mix it, then the heat activator. That would work too.

  17. Heya. I’ll be starting cdl school soon. I’ll have to take a DOT drug screening and was wondering if something like this would work for the pre-employment/randoms I’ll be sure to encounter in the field. Thanks!

    1. Hey Steve, I avoid giving advice specifically for DOT-related tests due to legal reasons, so I’m afraid I can’t be of much help to you here.

  18. Thanks for the info, I will likely be taking a drug test in a few days. I have taken two so far and I know its loosely supervised. There is a partition separating me from them. The most they can see is my face. My question is how do you recommend I hold the synthetic urine so that I don’t raise suspicion when releasing it and that it temps correctly? What is the best why to release it from the bag its in? I want to practice so that I’m comfortable with doing it.

    1. No problem! From you description it may be hard experimenting with heating powder so the old fashioned way with a heater is probably preferred. The easiest way would be with some kind of belt, such as the Incognito Belt (comes filled with urine already) or get something similar that you fill yourself. A whizzinator could work as well here, not that it matters that it looks like a penis, but because as with the belt, you just squeeze or flip a switch.

  19. Sophie, thanks for the helpful info. I get random tests at my job. I bought the sub solution but I’m nervous to use it. Obvious reasons. I have these questions for you: 1. do labs like Quest and other commonly heard names test for synthetic urine? 2. Do you have personal experience using the SS product? Have others used the SS product and passed?

    1. Hey Michael, simply put:
      1.They do test for synthetic urine in a sense, although calling it that is misleading. They test for specific chemicals that should be present in real human urine, and if those are also added to the synthetic, it can’t be detected as such.
      2. Yes I use it myself and lots of others have. If you’re gonna use synthtic urine SS is likely the most reliable you can get.

  20. 1st off I want to thank you for this site as you have answered many questions I think most of us here have. After spending hours searching the web, your site is bar-none the best I’ve found.
    Here is my dilemma, I just found out on October 1st that I have a drug screen this month as our company has been sold and I have to take a pre-employment test. It will be an unsupervised urine test at a Lab. Naturally I have ceased smoking (I would take 2 to 4 hits at night for the past 2 years). I have done a complete body detox having nothing more than fruits and veggies and tons of water.
    I have ordered the 10 day detox from Test Clear, as well as the (what I thought was human or dehydrated urine) powdered kit I believe it is Purine. I haven’t received it yet and will test next week. Since I am concerned about using only the powered urine, I was planning on providing a sample that is ¾ powered and ¼ of my own. Your insight and thoughts would be appreciated as I won’t be able to complete the 10 day detox.
    Also after 4 days I tested negative on a home test.

    1. Hi Jim and thanks for the kind words, I’m happy the site serves the purpose it was intended for since I agree good information on this subject can be hard to find in one place online!

      As for your dilemma, both ways should work since you mention already testing negative. If you can’t complete a 10 day detox, you can always use it twice a day over the last few days, as long as you aren’t using the whole thing over only 2-3 days. 7 days is fine for the 10-day kit if need be.

      I think you are overcomplicating things by mixing both the synthetic and your own. The Purine has what it takes to pass as real human urine already, but if its makes you less worried then go ahead, even if it won’t help, it shouldn’t hurt either.

  21. Hello Sophie-
    1st thank you for the great site. I have a pre-employment urine test that will be unsupervised at a testing lab. I found out on 1 October and stopped smoking that day. I smoke 2 to 4 hits six nights a week for the past year or so. I ordered on-line the 10 day Rid Detox detox as well as Purine from Testclear. (not sure if I will have time to do the 10 day as it has not arrived yet). I have been flushing all week, eating mostly only fruits and veggies. I am planning on using 80% of the Purine and 20% of my own urine, I am just really scared to say the least of using only the Purine, and want to have some traces of my own humane urine.
    Reason for this decision is I am pretty sure that I will pass using my own urine with a cut-off of 50 ng/ml. Though I am prescribed 1 mgs of klonipin, and if a GC/MS is done, as I’m sure you know the cut off drops down to 20 ng/ml.
    Your advice would greatly be appreciated.

    1. Hey, responded to your first comment above. Comments need to be approved to prevent spam so that’s why you may have not seen your first comment when writing this. A necessary evil since the comment section gets flooded with unrelated spam comments and auto-approve would thus make it really hard for people to find the comments that help them among all the garbage..
      There is a 1-day shipping option from TestClear, not sure when you ordered but it does suck having to wait for it when you need to get your detox started asap (which is why I usually keep it in home stock).
      I can see why you’re concerned since as you say the cut-off level drops if the strip shows positive. But as for if your Klonopin will have you test positive I don’t know. If you know for certain they will test for this and that your dose is prone to positives synthetic urine would seem the better option. As far as THC is concerned, since you already tested negative on your home test, using your own should be okay (still keep detoxing until the test).

      1. Hello Sophie-
        As I found this to be one of the best and informative site on the web. I would just like to share that Purine from Testclear does work for a pre-employment lab test. For those out there who have searched the web like I did for hours on end, I just want to try to ease your mind. The test was give on November 3rd.

        1. Jim – where did you take the pre-employment screen and was it hard to conceal and distribute the synthetic urine. I’ve taken Tests at labcorp before and had someone stand behind me with the door open.

    1. You can do it now as long as you don’t smoke or expose yourself to toxins again before your test. Both work just as well since it’s just meant to get the toxins out of your system.

  22. Hey, I’m on federal probation and have tests starting soon, I bought the whizzinator touch kit that came with synthetic urine already, but it doesn’t say which brand it is , do you know if this one works good? And also what brand to buy in the future when I run out

    1. Hey Andrew, I avoid giving advice about tests related to federal probation due to legal reasons.

      In general though when it comes to the whizzinator, the general consensus online seems to be to get another urine with it, even if it does include urine. QF is commonly mentioned.

  23. First I have to say thank you!!! This is by far the best website I’ve seen regarding drug testing. I am normally a daily user but after being laid off I stopped using for about 2 months up until the last 2 weeks which I resumed daily usage. I’ve refrained from using for about 3 days now because my potential employer will drug test. I purchased test clear a little over a year ago & it came with the thermometer and heating pads. I’m wondering if you think it will still be good since I never used it yet & where I can purchase this fast heating powder quickly? I’m not sure how long the sample will take to heat up or how long it will stay at the correct temperature even with the pads. Can the heating pads make it too hot? Also as a female is it better to conceal it “inside” or is keeping it in your panties just as good? Thanks again for the great advice and info.

    1. No problem Karen! My guess it the Purine is still perfectly fine but your best bet is to go to the TestClear website and ask their support just to be sure (they use live-chat). It should say on the pads how long they’re good for, but usually that duration is a few hours and more than enough. They shouldn’t make the sample too hot, especially not when it’s the heater that came with it. In the panties is normally just as good and a lot more convenient.

      1. Hey Sophie, I wanna thank you as well for taking the time to share valuable information and answering questions as well. I’ve been on this page readimg for two hours already.

        Anyways so I’ve been employed here for about two years already and absolutely love my job. The first pre employment test I passed with flying colors because I wasn’t smoking or using any other substances. After working for about a year I started getting comfortable, especially after hearing from the others that they’ve only been tested one time and that was the pre-employment test. So I started smoking marijuana and have been for a few months. Well my bad luck rolls around and me and three others get randomed (go figure one of the guys was the one who told me he’d only been tested once) well we had a days noticed so I had my little brothers valuable pee on hand after I told him what was going on. It was the same as the first test, unsupervised and after the dipstick test it was sent to a lab. So I passed as I expected I would using a temperature strip and heating pads etc. Well you would think that was it then our company just got bought out by a higher franchise and there making some serious changes. Now they haven’t fired anyone but are drug testing all the technicians and helpers for the new year. Now I’m really freaking out because my brother no longer lives here and really don’t have anyone in mind to ask for there urine. I always thought using someone else’s urine was the best way because of the lab testing. I know it always had to be fresh pee but it always seemed like a safer route instead of using synthetic pee or trying to detox using drinks and other supplements. I have no choice now and after being on this website my only real option now is to go with the sub-solution. I know I’ve read of mostly successful testing in your comments using this product but I just wanted to be a little bit more re assured. Are my chances of passing pretty high after being shipped to a lab? You would think I would just stop smoking especially after that last close call but stupid me actually thought I was gona be ok for a while and not have to worry about this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I noticed you said to mention different ways about hiding your pee if it was unsupervised, well most place before you go to the toilet will ask you to empty your pockets and go about your business. What I have always done was where a pair of smaller gym shorts underneath my pants and just put it in the pocket of the shorts.

        1. Hi Tyson and thanks for your kind words, always nice to hear when people find it useful!

          SS should pass when being sent to the lab, it’s all about having the right formula which includes all the chemicals they test for to validate it as human. And so far this has never been a problem for SS, meaning there’s no way to tell the difference from real urine. Thanks for the tip on hiding. Pretty similar to keeping it in your underwear against your leg.

  24. Hello,
    Thank you so much for this informative site. I was recently hired at this very prestigious medical center and last week I went in and for my pre-employment drug screening which was a 5 panel UA. I successfully passed mytest with the ssynthetic urine quick fix. I started work yesterday but they called me today and asked me to take a 10 panel UA within the next three days. My question is should I use quick fix again? Will this new test still have the same results or will it come back as a non human sample? (Which is something that has happen to me in the pass)

    1. No problem Deon.

      A 10 panel as opposed to a 5 panel should simply mean testing for a bunch of additional drugs and not change how they test the urine sample, but as of what the intentions are with this second test I don’t know. So most likely you should be fine and have the same results with QF since it worked already, but no guarantees and some people seem to have QF come back as a fake sample every now and then. Sub-solution and Purine have a way better track record when it comes to being detected as synthetic, i.e they haven’t.

  25. I have a UA for trucking school on Monday. I have qf 6.1..Is this gonna work. I don’t wanna be caught using synthetic for DOT, if I do im screwed

    1. Hi Mihvi, I avoid giving advice related to DOT-tests due to legal reasons. So can’t be of too much help here I’m afraid.

      1. I am getting a drug test to start my new job on the 15th of Feb. I have smoked consecutively for about 6 months when I moved to CO and I’ve never used fake pee before. I have to go to a general lab close to my home address. I’m just nervous about the whole situation. What is the best possible effective method I can use to pass this drug test. Please and thank you in advance.

        1. If it’s unsupervised as with most pre-employment tests, synthetic urine will definitely be your best option, since you seem a pretty heavy/frequent smoker from your description. For heavy smokers, detoxing in just 2 weeks is never guaranteed even with very good detox products (it’s possible, it’s just that it’s a gamble and depends a lot on your own body, metabolism etc as well, and thus there’s a risk you wasted the money on those detox products, since it didn’t get you clean enough in time).

  26. I used quick fix 5.7 for a lab test. After doing so all my friends said it would only work for panel tests. I’m really stressed and nervous for my results to come back. The temp was between 90 to 100 so I was good on that part. Am I in the clear or do you think I will fail? Thanks

    1. Looking at quickfixurine.com it states that 5.7-1 and 6.0 can still be used, quoting: “Please be aware if you have the 6.0 and 5.7-1 formulas that they are good and current formulas and can still be used”, although I know some have had issues with them which is the likely reason they came out with the newer version of 6.1.

      Quoting from that very same page: “The new 6.1 formula Quick Fix Urine can now work every state and Canada with no more invalid test results for lack of urea.”. I can’t interpret this in any way other than that some people were failing tests with any versions below 6.1, although it contradicts the above statement..

      Whether you are in the clear I can’t say and even if I could it wouldn’t change too much now that the test is already taken. You’re definitely at risk, but in the end it depends on what your specific lab tests for and hence you may yet get lucky.

  27. I was hoping to hear from anyone on here with similar experience….yesterday I took the rapid e-z split cup drug test using QF 6.1 I smoke weed at night for insomnia and tmj. Anyway, the temperature was 98 in the cup when i closed the lid. Has anyone had success using QF 6.1 with a rapid e-z split cup drug test? I’ve also read about adulteration strips in these cups. Any feed back would be appreciated to calm my nerves. Thanks.

    1. Can’t share any personal experience or success with it, but you are right in that many cup tests with built-in test strips have adulteration checks. This means for example that if someone were to try to spike the test, it would have to be done before you pour the sample in to the cup, and not after. As for how this concerns synthetic urine, it’s the same rule as always, if the formula is of good enough quality, it will include everything it should and nothing suspicious that it shouldn’t contain. Although there are some people with negative experiences of QF 6.1, I do think you will be just fine and that it should be able to pass this test. An update once you have the results will be appreciated.

  28. Hello, I am thinking of using the sub solution mentioned on your site. I am concerned with the fact that it says to use within 8 hours of mixing since it will be sent to a lab. Does this mean after 8 hours it won’t be able to be tested?

    1. Nah, it can still be tested after 8 hours, or most likely even 48 hours. But in similarity with real urine, it will start building up bacteria, my guess it they simply had to draw the line somewhere. I consider this a good thing though, since if normal urine would start going bad with bacteria, why shouldn’t this? As natural as can be. If you pre-mix it but end up not using it, and these 8 hours haven’t passed, you could even put it in the freezer, and use it another time.

  29. I already took a drug test and it came back inconclusive probably because I used a detox. My question is if I use a synthetic urine won’t they compare it with my first sample and be able to tell its not me? (Pre-employment testing)

    1. Nah, it doesn’t work like that. No comparing of samples, they aren’t allowed to. They can not test for something that would identify you, like dna. Generally synthetic urines are non-gender specific as well. Both males and females can use it, they can’t test it in any way other than by comparing it against their calibration urine, which is also synthetic. In other words, your previous test has no effect on your next one done with synthetic urine.

  30. Really good site, I’m subjected to randoms at work I take a good bit of tests, and since I constantly use I’m always dirty. Temperature has always been my main issue, the bottle I have has a temp strip and if I place it in my waist band, against my skin it’s the right temp 99% of the time, the question I have is if I were to pour the heating powder directly into the cup of the sample that is being tested instead of mixing it in a separate bottle first, will that matter? And the sample that comes with sub solution if I were to split it evenly in two parts and add water to get it back to original amount doubling my amount of synthetic urine, will that come back as diluted or tampered with?

    1. I know that some pre-employment “cup tests” in where the cup has a built-in testing strip also have a built-in validity test, meaning if one were to attempt spike it with something, one would have to do it in a separate container, before the urine came in contact with the validity test in the cup. But as for temperature, it would depend on if it’s measured constantly with a thermometer as in most cases, or if it’s measured only at the first-contact, in which case you’d have to have heated the urine beforehand.

      As for splitting a synthetic urine sample and diluting it, I can’t say what effect it would have, but it does sound risky, since it would alter the correct concentration of everything, cutting it in half. Not something I’d want to put to the test if anything was at stake.

  31. Great site and thank you for the information. I am wondering if any of your readers might be poker dealers? I’m currently attending poker dealer school and understand the casinos perform or the police departments perform drug testing of prospective casino employees. Can anyone shed light on this for me? I am in California where I would first be looking for work and then to Nevada. I would so appreciate any information anyone might have.

    1. My pleasure. Not entirely sure what you’re asking though. Casions do drug tests yes, like many other employers. I think it’s the employer that are responsible for doing them, but I’m no expert on the topic and how states differ by any means. Could be using any kind of test from hair, saliva or urine, at least from what I’ve heard, depending on specific employer.

      1. I used to be a shift manager at a small CA casino and we did not drug test, so this is an employer choice not a state mandate.

  32. I have only one ‘serving’ (?) of fake urine. I was just SURE I would need it last week, so I broke the seal and warmed it up…then I wasn’t called. I just found out my test is tomorrow. Can I use the same one, even though I broke the seal? I know it says I can reheat it as needed, but I’m just not sure about if it will do me right since I opened it a week ago. Any advice? Should I just get a fresh bottle to be safe? I can, but it’s a solid 6 hour round trip to a place I could get it.

    1. You’ve had your test already by now, hopefully it went well, but anyways.. It can differ by the brand etc and whether it came into contact with the air or not, whether you stored it in the fridge/freezer after opening etc. Best wuld be to talk with the support of your specific urine brand.

  33. Hi. Thank you for this updated site and information. I’m thinking about buying the whizzinator touch for a dot pre employment test. It’ll probably be at the occupational health center. Do you know or have any info on whether or not they will observe (pull my pants down) for a dot test?And what do you recommend for the best synthetic urine? Also, I may use someone elses urine to be safe. Do you know what the time limit for using that is?

    1. In general they are not directly observed unless it’s warranted for some reason, see “When and how is a directly observed collection conducted?” at https://www.transportation.gov/odapc/part40/40_67

      Best synthetic urine imo is Sub-Solution, although the sellers make it clear it’s not intended for illegal or fraudulent use and only for regular pre-employment tests. I can’t personally support breaking any drug testing laws either, but in theory the tests are not different in what they test for and cut-off limits.

      When using someone elses urine, ideally it should be from the same day, the fresher the better. Else it may turn darker and start smelling bad, bacteria growing etc.

  34. Thanks for the info! I am short on time and my only option is the “gotcha belt.” Do you know about the reliability of this product?

    1. Had to look it up since I hadn’t even heard of it before. No idea about whether it could work or not I’m afraid.

  35. Hi , I had a question about whether i should use synthetic for my test tomorrow. I havent smoked in two months. Although i did smoked a small amount of resin last week . My boyfriend feels that I should just drink a gallon of water which he Says would be better as i dont have enough thc in my system to be detectable. He feels its a bigger risk to use synthetic .

    1. Hey, although your test may be passed now your question may help someone else. In a way I’d agree with your boyfriend, I also prefer using my own pee when I can. Since 2 months is a long time, if you weren’t a very heavy/regular smoker you’re most likely clean enough already to pass your test naturally. What I would do, cautious as I am, is get a cheap home-drug test, some stores have them for one or a few bucks, Amazon has them for less than a buck a piece if you buy a pack of 10. I would also get a cheaper same-day drink such as a QCarbo, since the abstinence should have done enough not to need any heavier detox stuff and this would just be serving as an xtra layer of safety.

  36. Thanks for taking the time to do this website. It seems to answer a lot of questions “particularly” concerning marijuana use and employment drug testing. I have found that any website you find that provides info regarding “how to pass a drug test”, none of them really touch base on the more serious drug testing which is handed down as part of probation (or those who use something “other” than marijuana). I’m certain that is because it is more difficult to provide help with these tests, since they are “always” observed by an employee at the drug-testing lab. However, I am really shocked that someone hasn’t perfected ways to even beat these tests (since I know there is a necessity for such info).
    I happen to be one of those who is subject to random drug testing, which was part of the sentence I received after being arrested and charged with a misdemeanor (drug paraphernalia). You mentioned the possibility of putting the urine inside the vagina, but, you didn’t elaborate. Now, maybe I’m missing something here, but, the one time I tried to insert a container that contained urine inside my vagina, as soon as I started walking, it began to come back out. (How do you keep it in there?) Also, even if you could keep it inside there, how would you get the urine to dispense at the proper time? Again, how is it that this is not talked about with the same frequency as all the other issues with passing a urine test?
    Also, do you happen to know the specifics of how/what is done at these testing agencies from the time you leave them your urine? I realize it could be completely different when it comes to the handling of the urine between simple employment drug tests and ones that are sentenced through the court system after a crime has been committed. Or, is it different? It is an understanding that through the testing agencies used by the courts, “if” your urine doesn’t pass the initial basic test, then, it will be retested with the more thorough test to make sure if isn’t a false positive etc. When I think of just how this is pulled off, it seems impossible. First, how long does urine last before time breaks down it’s properties so as to put in question “any” tests and the validity of their results? And, how would these agencies have to store it to make sure it’s integrity lasts as long as possible? And, are the initial basic tests done right there at the place where you leave it or is it just collected there and sent elsewhere? And, if the basic test is done at the place you leave it, if it doesn’t pass that initial test, is it then sent to another location for the more in depth testing? I assumed the subsequent test(s) would need much more sophisticated equipment, hence, why they’d have to send it elsewhere. But, maybe not. Then, if it is sent to another location at any time during the process, how do they do it? How is it stored? Just thinking of the sheer numbers of different urine specimens being taken, then shipped and stored for any possible retest, all the while, they are taking more urine from the same people…and it goes on and on….it just seems almost impossible for them to keep it all straight. And, then, how long to they keep any one particular urine sample once it’s been taken? Since they want to keep it long enough to make sure it won’t need to be retested, do they then get rid of these particular samples once this time frame has passed? If so, how long is the time for which they keep each individual sample?
    Is there any information you could give on this subject? What happens to the urine from the time it is collected to the time it is scrapped, including exactly what is done (at the drop off), how it is stored, if it leaves to go to a different location, when does it leave and how it is handled, and how long is any given sample kept before it is destroyed etc etc.
    And, anyone who is dealing with “court urine testing” who has any helpful info, it would be great to hear from you.
    Again, I know your website has some great information and is appreciated by many, Sophie, but, I would sure love (and I’m sure I am not the only one) to hear from anyone who knows anything helpful (hopefully by experience) when it comes to anything/everything in regards to “court” drug testing and how to make sure you beat it.
    Thanks for listening and for any helpful info you could pass on in regards to my many questions.

    1. Hi Dee, those sure are a lot of questions, and I’m sure you’re not the only one having them. All of them are not very easy to answer and as you say practices can vary between the specific labs doing the testings etc, but I’ll do my best.

      As for why there is such a lack of information regarding court- and probation-related information, it has a lot to do with the legal aspect of it, which is why I myself as well prefer not to touch on it too much, since if I’d recommend ways to beat those tests, I’d basically be recommending people to break somewhat serious laws and encouraging fraud against the government. And I don’t recommend this. Especially those that sell products for this, need to be careful not to sell with intentions of passing these types of drug tests to avoid legal trouble. Those selling the original Whizzinator got sued a number of years back and one of them even got prison time, 6 months I think. They were somewhat blatant about that their product was for every kind of test. The fact remains though, that observation-issues aside, in theory these tests are not different in what they test for, so the same information applies. Thus if you detox well enough, your urine is clean enough to pass whatever test, bypassing issues of “direct-observation” that can be problematic when using synthetic urine. If you manage to use the fake urine, then (if it’s a good brand at least) it should be just as able to pass these types of tests as it should pre-employment tests.

      As for hiding fake urine inside, I’m no expert at it. I know some people that do it or used to do it though, so perhaps with some practice, and finding the right container, etc. How to get it to dispense at the right time, again this I imagine comes down to the container you use, the right amount of squeezing etc. By no means does this seem easy, probably because it isn’t. I usually detox rather than substitute my urine. When I do use synthetic urine it’s when I know for certain it’s not an observed test and thus I can just hide it in my underwear or wherever.

      Maybe these handling and transportation guidelines can be of help in understanding what happens to your urine after collection, https://www.bd.com/vacutainer/labnotes/Volume14Number2/, again the tests are not very different. Pre-employment tests usually work the same way as you state, where at first a basic test is performed, and if you fail it, your sample will be tested more thoroughly, and for this second test the cut-off level is often considerably lower, meaning it’s tougher to pass.

      The main problem with urines expiration is bacterial growth, so the sample definitely needs to be fresh, but if the sample can’t be processed within a very short time-frame, it can be stored at very low temperatures to extend its life a great deal. Whether the initial test is done on the spot or not will vary a lot I think. Yes, the subsequent test requires certain lab equipment and if it wasn’t collected at a place where such equipment is available, it is sent elsewhere. They then store it cold, perhaps even add some preservative such as tartaric acid or boric acid that can allow extended “urine life” without refridgeration.

      I think them keeping it all straight is nothing one needs to worry about, after all it’s their job. It’s the same in hospitals where they collect blood samples all day long. The samples are marked and sent for testing and they surely have a good system in place so nothing gets mixed up. As for how long they keep it I can’t say and likely varies, but since it doesn’t last too long they can’t keep it for that long either. If they need to re-test they will likely prioritize that and do it immediately.

      As a re-cap, “court testing” is in general not different except for how it is observed, which can also vary, so much of the information you can find online still applies, and that’s as helpful as I can be in this matter. Again, I don’t recommend doing anyhing illegal, including cheating on any court- or governmentally administered test though.

  37. So, I have a quick question. I possibly have a UA coming up for a new job, and want to make sure I’m prepared. I’m a heavy, daily MMJ user that relies on MMJ to keep some rather serious issues in check and stopping is not an option, so detox isn’t either. I was looking at the Incognito Belt that Clear Choice sells and it looks like it might be perfect for me, my question is: Am I safe doing a trial run with heating the pre-filled pouch up to see how long it takes to get to the right temperature, or will heating, cooling and reheating effect the quality of the ‘urine’? Thank you so much for your time and advice!

    1. As long as the urine bag remains sealed and isn’t exposed to air, you can safely do trial runs without affecting the quality. keep in mind though that heating time depends on how warm it is before-hand, so if you’ve had it against your skin for a while before starting to heat it up, it will take less time. So try to trial it the same way you would before your test.

  38. hello sophie thanks for the info on the site. i have a drug test in about 2 weeks and it requires me to go to a lab and get my urine tested. are you sure that if i used sub solution the test result wont come up as tampered with or fake urine? im really nervous about passing. also, if i were to buy the product how long does it take to be shipped to my house and where is the best website to buy it from?

    1. Hi, my pleasure Jon. It hasn’t been detected as fake or tampered with to date and it’s been around for a long time, so I’d say that’s nothing one needs to worry about. Just get the temperature right.

      Imo the best place to get it is from the official website itself, http://www.testnegative.com. Comes with a 200% money back guarantee.

  39. Hi, I recently purchased Sub-Solution after reading this article. I have a pre-employment drug test coming up in about a week and I’m sure afraid of trying this syn urine for the first time. I already know the test will be unsupervised at Lab Corp andi have faith in this product but I’m still a little paranoid. I have a few questions about the process and I hope it will make me feel more comfortable about my test.
    1. this product says it can be mixed up to 6hrs prior to use before its effectiveness is lessened – does this also mean that the heat activator can be added prior to being in the bathroom stall or does it only recommend the syn powder ? I know that the temp will drop as it sits but is it OK for the heat to be added before I go to the location and then add more if needed or should I wait until just before its in the cup?
    2. is it better for it to be closer to 100 than 90 ? I can picture myself at 94 and afraid to put too much in if I try to get i to 98 and I’d rather it be alil less warm than too warm and have to wait for it to cool down. but if its at 100 will it cool to 90s by the time the run it ?
    3. the instruction say the temp strip shouldn’t come in contact with your skin because it can cause a false reading is this also possible if it is against clothing that is directly against my skin?

    thank you for posting this article (:

    1. 1. With 6 hours it means the urine powder itself and not the heat activator since as you mention it would cool off before the time of the test. As for adding heat before being at the test-location, a much better way that many do is heating it the old fashioned way with a hand-warmer or adding a heater when ordering the sub-solution. Chances then are that you may not need the heat activating powder, but you still have it with you as a great safety measure should you not be in the right temperature range when it’s time to turn your sample in. Just keep in mind it takes very little heat activator once the sample is already close to the right temperature, so don’t overdo it.
      2. Quoting the sub-Solution instructions on their website: ” If the temperature of the solution rises above 102°F, let it cool down by laying the mixing container on the coldest surface available with temperature strip facing up. Wait until the temperature drops back down within the recommended range of 98°F to 102°F (indicated in green).” So recommended is closer to 100, or more exactly 98-102 degree F.
      3. Less likely, but probably still possible yes, depending on the type of clothing material and how warm it gets. As long as it doesn’t touch your skin directly I wouldn’t really worry about it though.

  40. Hello, I have never used one of these but my co-workers suggested it. I have smoked marijuana for a few months after quitting for a while. I have a court-ordered drug test coming up and unsure if this will work for a court drug test. Any idea? or suggestions?
    thank you very much.

    1. Hey Renee, I avoid advising on passing court-related tests due to legal reasons. So can’t be of too much help here.

  41. Hi,

    Awesome site, by the way!

    I have to take a UA soon for pre-employment screening. I am not sure when, right now.

    A good friend of mine recently had to do one and he described is experience. He had an appointment at a medical facility and had to wait about 30 minutes in a waiting room before he had to do the test. He said someone waited outside and gave him instructions not to wash his until after the test. He said that person was listening for water and his urine stream to enter the toilet. He was also not instructed to wipe the toilet. Is this normal? And if so, how do you keep Sub-solution warm long enough to pour into the cup? I don’t think I can mix the heating powder while I am in the bathroom for fear they will hear me.

    Thanks, in advance.

    1. Thanks Rich!

      Keep in mind your experience may differ from your friend’s since it varies between different labs/companies/facilities. As for not being allowed to use the sink or flush the toilet, this is pretty normal. Some places have colored water (blue for example) in the toilet so you can’t use it to dilute or tamper with your urine sample.

      Heating it up with some powder a while before the test and relying on skin heat to hold it warm is possible, and then adding more before turning it in if necessary is possible. In cases like this though, imo, the best way would be doing as you would with other brands, heating it with a hand-warmer or adding one of the heaters ($3) sold by TestNegative to your SS order. Still have the powder with you as a safety measure so you can correct the temperature if it’s off. I still think you could get by mixing it on the spot in this situation so long as you make sure you do it quietly but above mentioned method is better.

    1. If it’s been there long enough that’s possible, can’t say for sure. You could easily test this with a similar container filled with water instead and then using a thermometer. Keep in mind if you do this with a container that has a built-in temperature-strip on the outside, the temperature shown could be misleading if it has been in contact with skin.

  42. I have a pre-employment drug test in a few days. My friend already got a position there a week ago and she said all they do is put the “little stick in your pee and tell you right there if you passed or not.” I bought the QF 6.1 for this. Should I be OK?

  43. Hello i have a drug test this Friday for a job , where can i get this fake urine and will it defiantly work for marijuana ?

    1. Most discreet way is to order online and choose overnight shipping since it’s so soon. If you didn’t order in time to get it before your test, you’d need to find a store such as a head shop (preferably one with reliable urine brands). Even some gas stations may have it, but again, not always a reliable brand.

  44. Aloha from Hawaii.
    We have some of the best/strongest smoke in the world and I’ve been a daily user for over 15plus years. Now I’m outta work and job hunting. Pre employment test are all over the job search pages out here. I lost a job on the 14th of October and have been clean for two weeks now and planning to stay that way until I secure a new job. The SS sounds like what I need but should I look into the 5day Toxin rid or the 10 day also? Being outta work I’m on a strick budget…waddya suggest?? and a BIG MAHALO (thankzz) for this site of yours its the bomb….

    1. Aloha Marc and thanks for your kind words.

      So, daily user for 15 years, with potent stuff. Also on a strict budget. Definitely sounds like Sub Solution is the way to go for you. To detox you’d likely need the 10day Toxin Rid and home-testing afterwards to be sure, with a same-day drink on top of it. Although detox is usually my preferred way, synthetic urine is the obvious budget friendly option. It does let you continue smoking as well, since you won’t be using your own pee anyway. Just saying :). Keep in mind that not every pre-employment test is urine, although most are. Would be a shame to load up on synthetic urine only to face a hair follicle test (although having some fake urine at home may still be a good idea for many in case of random testing situations).

  45. We have random tests at work, basically “hey they are here to test” and you go do onsite test. It is not supervised but my concern is not knowing when the test will occur. I have thought about just keeping the bottle stashed in my bra daily to keep it the right temp and have it everyday just incase but how long does the solution last? I would hate to spend $75 on a product that has to be used the same day it is mixed. Is there a product out there that can be stored in my bra daily and still be reliable?

    1. A tough situation since there may not be time for regular heating methods using a heating pad, and skin heating alone is not reliable enough to have it at the right temperature. Once mixed it doesn’t last that long, max 2 days I’d say, because just like real human urine, it will start growing bacteria and thus go bad. I assume you will have access to a bathroom. Although you may not be allowed to use the sink at all before turning in your sample, you could possibly get some water from the toilet (you know best if this is a viable option at your workplace) and mix SS with that, after which you add heating powder.

  46. Hello,
    I have used synthetic urine before for my current job. I used one that was a belt and was premixed. It worked really well. That was about 5 years ago. I will be taking a test tomorrow or even Monday if I want to wait for a new job. I purchased the sub-solution after reading your recommendation. My concern is my testing site. I have to take a pre employment physical and lift test. I have total fait in the urine and plan to use heating pads to get to temp and have the heating powder for back up. My concern is my testing process. Have you ever heard of someone having to do a drug test and physical at the same time? I was planning on putting the bottle in my waist to keep warm for the test. Do you think they will allow me to take the urine test first or I will have to go through the physical? Also any insight into what kind of physical it might be? I cant imagine I will really have to remove clothes for a pre-employment physical. Thanks you for any help you can offer. Great Webstie!

    1. Hey, yeah doing a physical in combination with a drug test isn’t unheard of, as long as the facility is equipped for both. No idea if you get to choose which one to do first, it depends mostly on how they do things at you specific testing facility and whether they have a strict schedule and others are being tested at the same time. Perhaps if you say you need to pee they’ll let you do it before, who knows. What kind of physical it is often depends on the type of job so no idea. But having to remove your cloths I dont think is very likely either.

  47. ok I have to do a ua I know it will be supervised I don’t know if I can afford fake urine, do you know if gender can be detected? how would you suggest I hide it? I have heard of people using condoms in my built in hiding space :) but how do you get it in?

    1. If you know it will be supervised, synthetic urine is risky altogether and detox highly preferred. Nope gender cannot be detected. Strictly and directly observed tests are very hard to trick by substitution, while semi-observed where someone is just looking from behind or in the same room, males could use urine belt or even a Whizzinator. There are even female whizzinators but I don’t really know at the time how effective they are.

  48. Thanks for the info! My question to you is if you yourself have jobs that give you drug tests then why do you have your picture and name on here? You’re not worried about your job seeing this? Unless that’s not your real name and picture, no? I am interested in your advice on the SS, but I’m really curious as to why you’re not anonymous

    1. My pleasure Kamil. I’ve had the question before and you’re absolutely right. It would be foolish of me to have my real information here and I don’t (at least not in a way it could be tracked back to me by my job), simply because it would jeopardize my career. The other option would be not putting the site up at all, since it isn’t worth losing my job over, but I’m sure many understand this. Sophie is my nickname, but it’s a common name so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

  49. Thank you so much for all this wonderful information! I actually purchased SubSolution for an up coming test of mine, until it was supervised! Unfortunate, but i will make due!

    My question is, how long can i keep the SubSolution and it still be effective? The insert only says it can be pre mixed up to 6 hours before use. Am i out of my money, or can i save it for an occurrence when i can use it?

    1. No problem Benjamin!

      Well, I take it you already mixed it then? The thing is, if you mixed it but didn’t use it, you can put it in the freezer asap and then use it another time. But if you’ve not froze it quickly enough (preferably within 24 hours I’d say) it may not be ideal to use again. It’s mainly because, as with real urine, bacteria will start to grow after a certain time and it will start going bad.

  50. Hello, I really appreciate you’re responses and would like to ask you a few questions. Btw I’m using this as future reference being that I’m currently job searching and I expect a pre employment test. I’ve taken one before and I’ve heard stories about people passing just haven’t had any proof which is why I like your detailed answers. That being said I’ve always thought about substituting being that I live with my brother who won’t mind letting me use his sample just have been too nervous to take risk cause my only concern is maintaining temperature…
    1. I’m a male so let’s say I used SS or Test Clear and wore 2 pairs of boxers and put the sample in between the two boxers will I get a clear temp. reading being that it’s not touching the skin?
    2. Using the same method if I can get a clear reading that way being that it’s close to my skin will that maintain the sample at body temp if I get a clean sample from someone (not mixing/using synthetic only cause I will not need in this case being that I have a clean real sample) and immediately place in between boxers and if so Abt how long will it maintain body temp and will I need heat warmers?
    3. If I use test clear or SS and use heat warmer does this maintain the sample between 99-100 or will it go above that the longer time goes by?
    4. I’ve been smoking every day for a while now and stopped for a while now about 30 days now if not close to. I’m 5’8 Abt 150 lbs and a fast metabolism and frequently exercises. Naturally do you think I’d be clean at this point?

    1. Hi Alan, will do my best!

      1. If you use heaters/hand warmers between the boxers that should do it. Might take slightly longer to reach the right temp though as opposed to closer to your skin. Keep in mind even when against your skin you should use a heater still.

      2. Always use a heater to stay safe imo, skin alone is not a consistent method to keep the temp right, although it can work.. Heaters are a few bucks max a piece and last a few hours (enough for a test) so no big deal there.

      3. The heaters (as well as your skin) don’t get too hot and thus they can’t make the urine temperature go too high, they can only make it the same temperature as they are. The powder of SS can make it too hot though, which is why you need to follow the instructions and not pour all the heating powder at once. This is why many like heating with heaters the traditional way and should it be too cold, the powder will save their asses. Some kits advise you to microwave the urine sample, and that can get it too hot as well, needing time to cool down. A microwaved sample could get away without using a heater if you time it right since they can start off at a higher temperature and when pressed to the skin will only cool down slowly. Still not ideal imo.

      4. You could be clean but I wouldn’t count on it since you were smoking daily, but likely you’re at least close to being clean by now, hard to say. Use a home drug test to get a better idea.

      I want to add that if you use you brothers urine, you should get yourself (aside from heaters) a thermometer. I would never want to turn in my urine without seeing a tempurature strip/thermometer reading first. Synthetic urine kits have these included already, so this is how you know if you have the right temp or not at the time of your test. You can get the thermometer + a heater to test it at home first with your own urine, just to practice with temperature. All it costs you to test at home is the one heater since they are generally one-time use.

  51. Great site. Here’s my situation.

    Didn’t smoke at all for June or July. In August I smoked. September I didn’t smoke at all. The middle two weeks of October I smoked daily but really low quality stuff. Haven’t smoked since the weekend before Halloween (2.5 weeks clean).

    Out of the blue got a great job offer last week, so good thing I stopped huh. Test isn’t until the week of Thanksgiving and is at a Quest Diagnostics. I bought one of the boxes of tests on amazon that every recommends and have been testing myself here and there. A few times I’ve had a negative line (not as strong as my partner who doesn’t smoke).

    I’ve got twelve days until the test minimum. Just keep on letting my body do its own thing and then maybe do a drink cleanse that contains creatinine the morning of just to be safe? Mainly worried that Quest will do a more detailed test than I’m doing. Their threshold is 50 according to the site.

    Super nervous about going the sub route. I’m 6’3″ 300lb and do a lot of cardio, and drink minimum 150oz of water per day and take metamucil a lot (helps with water retention and cholesterol).

    1. In this case, I’d say you got high chances of passing by just continuing what you’re doing with cardio and lots of water, and a detox drink on the day like you say. If it was me, I’d do a 5day Toxin Rid (10-day is overkill in your case), but I always do and I am always a little overly cautious just in case. So it’s subjective, what you’d want to do. If it’s a really important job for you to get, or if it pays well and thus quickly makes up for a small additional investment in detox, I see no reasons for not being extra cautious.

  52. I bought a whizzinator belt and it came pre loaded with synthetic urine. Will whizzinator synthetic urine work to pass a drug test? Or should i empty it and put real urine in it from a clean friend. My drug test is tomorrow so i am hoping for a quick response

    1. I don’t really know too much about the one included with the Whizzinator or female Whizzinator kits, I’m assuiming it’s the Golden Shower kit you mean. I haven’t used it myself. From what I do know it does have urea in it, which is good, and I do know some people who have passed with it. But at the same time, the general consensus on the Whizzinator seems to be that people who buy it often use a different synthetic urine for it than the one it comes with and that giving the best results overall. At least that’s my assumption as to why they change it out. You having access to someones clean urine though, that may be the safest bet. Make sure the urine from your frined is fresh though, since it goes bad rather quickly, so preferably taken the same day.

  53. Hi, wondering if you have ever heard of ultra pure synthetic urine? I found it on Ultra Klean website but wondering if I should buy the #1 recommendation from you instead. My test I am not watched and I schedule ahead of time just didn’t know if you had any insight on the product I mentioned? Thanks in advance!

    1. Heard of it, but don’t know anything about it I’m afraid. Might work, might not, but I can only recommend what I actually know to work so..

  54. Hi, if money was no object and if you had 24 hour notice for an unsupervised test, which product would you choose and how would you introduce it to the sample container i.e. premix in parking lot or in the test room? Thanks

    1. Well, with 24 hours notice, synthetic urine would be a given (as opposed to detoxing). I’d use Sub Solution, mix the urine at home, heat it with powder in the testing room. It’s not very complicated. If I hadn’t used the SS powder before, perhaps I’d get a heater with it and have the powder as backup. Shouldn’t be necessary though but some like it that way since they haven’t had a chance to try the powder for themselves. You can also use some of the powder to heat it to the correct temperature in the parking lot as per your example, and then take the rest of the powder (will be plenty left) with you to adjust the temp should it have dropped too low before you turn it in.

  55. Hi Sophie, first I want to thank you so much for doing this article, I do have one question about the drug test and using synthethic urine, look I’m a student pilot and my medical certification has expired, so I was thinking about using the SS but I do have a question on my mind.

    For the medical certificate they take blood and urine, but only urine goes through drug test and the blood is just for medical purposes, I was wondering if theres a way that they could know that the urine isn’t mine by the blood?

    1. Hey Martin, I avoid giving advice related to DOT or FAA testing due to legal reasons.

      In general though, drug tests don’t test for anything that could link it to a specific person.

  56. I got a random today and used qf plus with the urea. The test was an escreen test at the hospital lab. Any info on escreen tests?

    1. Was a comment about it before if you go through the ones in the near past, on the ecup, which is escreens patented collection cup. If the temp was right I’m inclined to think you’re all good but time will tell. Do share your results when you get them if you don’t mind.

    2. Curious to know

      Did it work? I’m waiting to smoke until I read enough reviews from hospital employees that say they passed. Please let me know.

  57. I’m thinking about getting some Sub Solution just because I have to deal with random drug tests but only under certain circumstances, I know QF says it has a shelf life of two years do you know what Sub Solutions is? Does it deal well with being cold? Or does it have to be stored at a constant room temp? Thanks!

    1. As long as you don’t mix the powdered urine with liquid, SS will have a very long shelf life as well. If you mix it you’ll want to use it preferably the same day or freeze it. Cold temperatures should be no problem.

  58. I have used UPASS with awesome results as long as the temp is right. I may start using sub like you suggested but UPASS has always been my go to. I live in Alabama and most tests here are ran through labcorp. The tests I’ve passed have been sent off and had 10 panel tests ran on the sample of UPASS I provided. Just figured I’d share that it does work, you just need 15-20 minutes for the included heat pads to heat up the sample. “Which is why I intend on swapping for the faster heating powder method” thanks again for this awesome site you’ve provided!

  59. So I get random drug tests at work I have tested the stuff called clear test at home and it worked with a home test . Does anyone have any experience taking lab test with clear test? I have few buddys at work said it worked but I also heard that few states are not checking for synthetic urine,but I also heard that if temperature is on point you are good to go? I havent heard much about clear test online I carry it in my lunch box so hope it doesnt fail me . Should I stick with clear test or get one of these other products that have more reviews and etc such at quick fix ? thank you and good luck to all sucks we have to worry about our jobs for smoking little weed ppl get drug do hard drugs and still pass just not fair but what is in this world

    1. Can’t say I know much about Clear Test (haven’t heard of it before) so can’t say how consistent it is. Personally, I’d never use something I didn’t know much about for a urine test of mine, just to minimize risk.

  60. Hi Sophie thank you for your research and posting this much needed information!! I have an upcoming drug test and I’m debating whether I should use synthetic urine or get a clean sample. Since reading all of your info I’m leaning towards Sub Solutions if I decide to go the synthetic route. I was concerned about temperature challenges if using a real sample, but then I read about the option of using a heater. I’m also sure it will be unsupervised, but not 100% sure. Which option do you suggest I refer to? I’m also kind of nervous as I haven’t taken a drug test in years and I am a daily marijuana smoker. Please advise.

    1. My pleasure Shern!

      To me when it comes to passing a urinalysis, a real sample and a synthetic one (as long as it’s a reliable formula/brand) is the same thing (they are both clean and will pass as long as the temp is right). The main differences are that synthetic urine is a lot more convenient with a long shelf life, more hygienic and you don’t have to ask someone for their urine while using someone elses urine may be cheaper costing you only the heaters and thermometer. With SS you get the instant heating option of course, to bail you out if your temp is too low. Other than that, same thing. In the end it’s up to you what you prefer, personally I prefer synthetic urine. If you’re broke, someone elses urine would be an ok solution.

  61. Hi,
    So my question is, have you dealt with DOT testing? I am a truck driver and I am considering the simple solution. Basically I would only get tested if I am in a accident or there is reason based on suspicion. The office I go to was used for my employment drug screen but it’s also the same office for random testing. Should I reconsider based on that I am regulated through DOT?

    1. I avoid advising for DOT test specifically due to laws. They are no different than regular tests in how you pass them though except for that there may be a bigger chance they are supervised (which can obviously be a problem) although they still usually are not. So in theory, what works for your standard pre-employment test, also works for a DOT test.

  62. When I get tested its unsupervised and I just bring the container I peed in to the refrigerator right away in the doctor’s office and a lot of the time they don’t check it till the next day. You talk so much about correct temperature but by the time they test it it’s already cool. Does this matter? If I put it in the container warm and straight into the fridge does that mess anything up? I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your website, super helpful!

    1. The standard procedure is to check the temperature at the time the sample is collected, as in, right when you hand over the urine sample. That’s why temperature is so important. But if no one checks temperature at that time (and as long as it isn’t built-in in your testing cup, some cup-tests do that) it wouldn’t mess anything up putting it directly in to the fridge. The only purpose the temperature serves is to prove it came from your body (which obviously isn’t that reliable when there are heaters and what not).

    2. There is normally a thermometer in the cup which changes color and automatically tests for temperature so the fact that they do not physically checks it’s temp means it has the thermometer and the hear has already been recorded automatically

  63. Dear Sophie,

    Thank you so much for this site. I will be forwarding your site to my co-workers as well. I was very hesitant about synthetic urine, but your knowledge on the matter really is putting me at ease, and getting me very curious about it.

    I hate the fact that I am labelled as a criminal, or a lower class of person because I enjoy weed. I never broke the law in my life, at least in my opinion, but of course because I enjoyed something that lowered my blood pressure, helped with my anxiety, as well as my insomnia, I am technically on the wrong side of the law. I also hate, as well as everyone else here hates going through these loops and hurdles. I’m tired of quitting because society says I should, when I know I’m stopping something that helps me medically.

    Anyhow, I’m sorry for ranting. So, two questions:

    1. If you’re caught trying to cheat on a drug test for pre employment, is that a violation of the law?

    2. My local head shop stocks two detox items. The Vale 15 day detox, as well as the vale 5 day detox. The mgr says he gets repeat customers all the time for the 5 day, which masks the thc. He says the 15 day completely rids your body of thc.
    Is detoxing as effective as synthetic? Or is it a gimmick? I always hear people say that detoxing doesn’t work, it’s a gimmick, etc….etc…
    If you’re a fan of detoxing, do you have a recommendation for a brand?

    Again thank you so much. It’s a great feeling to know I’m not alone.

    Respectfully yours,

    Gregor Clegane.

    1. My pleasure, please do :). Nor in my opinion, no less than anyone drinking during their weekend. But it is what i is..

      1. Not unless it’s a DOT-regulated or governmentally administered test. Usually all it means is you don’t get the job and are prhibited to apply there again for a certain period of time.

      2. Not familiar with those products. Detox is not a gimmick when done right, although it can take some time if you’re a heavy smoker. The main benefit is that once you’re clean nothing can go wrong. No need to think about temperature and smuggling your fake urine in. If it turns out your test will be supervised, you’re still fine. For my recommendations, just check out the home page which is dedicated to detox. By using home drug test strips you can self-monitor your detox, I never take a urine test naturally without having tested negative on a home test first.

  64. You seem to know your stuff and I need advice. I never smoke, ever, it has been like 5 years honestly. So Saturday I drunkenly decided to have a few hits. I have a drug test December 4-so 13 days since last & only smoke. I’m 5’6, 123 lbs, female, 29. Don’t know how much of that info is relevant but thought I’d over share. I have been drinking water like crazy, cran juice, taking milk thistle, a diuretic and b complex. Any other advice you can offer?? Thank u

    1. In your scenario, when you smoked only once and then abstained 2 weeks, you’ll likely be clean even without any detox efforts. You may want to get some cheap home drug test kit and use a couple of days before your test to be sure, but that’s all.

  65. I used Dr green Agent x today…What have you heard about that brand? I have only seen 2 failure stories from what I read/found. The new company already hired me Monday. I have to put in my 2 week notice on monday to meet the new companies deadline for me to start…Just hate to kick the ladder out from me if for some reason it comes back not human urine. stressing here

    1. Don’t really know much about it, don’t know how long ago you did your urine test but if it was not all too recently and they hired you, you probably passed.

  66. Hello Sophie!
    I am very glad I found this site. I’ve been interviewed for a company that says they *may* drug test me prior to employment. Prior to the 19th, which is when I found this out, I was probably smoking 3-4 bongfuls on a weeknight, and probably close to 10 on a weekend. I bought myself some drug tests, but given I don’t know when the test will be, I have doubts about passing. I went ahead and bought some Sub Solution just in case. For shits and giggles, I diluted about 4-5 times with water from the sink… still testing positive. Oy. Let’s say my test is, at most, a month away… is synthetic still my best option?

    1. Being such a heavy smoker (3-4 or more bongs a night every day is a whole lot) you’d need to know that you’re a fast detoxer with a fast metabolism for it to be a reliable option I think. It’s still possible you’d get clean, but there is also a chance it wouldn’t be enough in the end and you’d then have wasted the money you spent on detox. So yeah, I’d say synthetic urine is your best option, especially since you already bought it.

      1. Hello again Sophie,
        I received my sub solution today, but the mixing bottle provided was completely different. Rather than being a handy squirt bottle, its more like a dark brown cough medicine bottle where you have to press down on the cap to open. The shape is also different (rounded rather than the flask like shape of the other), which might make for easier… “insertion”, but the cap is my main concern. One of the advantages of the squirt top bottle was the ability to mimic urination, both in sound and in the foaminess of the liquid. With this new style, I would only be able to pour the liquid into the collection cup. Should I be worried that I got a counterfeit product? I purchased from the site you recommended, and have already contacted them to have the correct bottles sent to me. Hopefully they haven’t changed bottle styles!

        1. Hi, I contacted them myself about this out of curiosity. Seems they had a backorder on the usual bottles and had to use another type, although they do have the original ones again by now, and are sending them out to those who ordered the last few days and mention it to them through contact. So no counter-feit product and I’ll assume the new (or rather, old) bottle type is on it’s way to you as we speak.

  67. Hi Sophie,

    What do you know about the synthetic urine produced by Stat Detox? Also, I believe the batch I have was manufactured in August of 2015. Would it be okay for usage in December or January?

    Normally, I have used Test Pure mask in the past with success after stopping for a few weeks. This would be my first time trying the synthetic stuff. Trying to decide which of the two would be best to use.


    1. Hello M.

      Don’t know anything about that one I’m afraid so can’t say anything about how reliable it may or may not be. In my experience synthetic urines usually last longer than that so you’re probably fine date-wise, but look for a date on the package/sample to know.

      Imo, if you’re just gonna use a masking product, you’ll want to make sure you test negative on home tests already. Otherwise it may be a bit more risky than it’s worth.

  68. Hiii, thanks so much for posting this page. You’re like the reliable and informational friend I don’t have right now lol. I’m an EMT and have just received the offer of a lifetime at a hospital. I’m so scared and nervous on what to do. I’m a heavy constant smoker and I really really really want this job. I’ve been clean for about 4 days now (I know it’s nothing) and I think I have about another week or two to test. I started taking Naicin because a friend told me cleans you out. But I’ve looked up and results aren’t clear at all. Now I’m debating whether synthetic is the way to go. Do you know if the heating powder comes up? I read all the components of the SS solution and it seems detailed enough to be believed as urine but I’m still skeptical on what to do. Also, (random question) would you or anyone here know if the results of past drug test come up on a background check? I failed one a couple months back and I don’t want it to raised any alarms. Just looking for some reassurance on what I should do as this is eating my stress levels away. Thanks for listening and providing fellow stoners with help. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Berenice, niacin can be helpful for detox sure, but so can many thing and it’s realy just a small piece of the puzzle, not to be relied on on its own. Nah the heating powder won’t show up and it certainly passes for real urine. As long as you get the temp right and aren’t directly supervised SS should get the job done.

      As for if past drug tests come up, it can vary. I know some tests store and digitally link their results to you automatically and would then show up when a background-check is done on you. I’d imagine that any governmentally administered tests do this as well. Most pre-employment tests however do not and the only consequence is you don’t get the job and are prohibited from applying for a job at that same company for a certain amount of time.

    2. Curious to know

      Hi Berenice, Did you use sub solution? If you did, how did it work? Was this one of the immediate result tests where the person looks at the cup and tells you if you passed?

  69. Thank you for taking the time to not only create this site but to respond to all comers who need reliable advice.

    I will try to not repeat anything that has already been addressed in previous comments. I may have a supervised test in a few days, and peeing clean myself is likely not an option. I have been burned by detox drinks before (looking at you, Detoxify InstaClean) though I seemed to follow the directions correctly. In past tests at this location I have not been watched closely; though the tech does stand about a foot away, she’s usually fiddling with the computer. I am female, and I think hiding a flip-cap bottle of QF inside myself is my only option.

    Honestly I’m just wondering if you have any personal knowledge of the QF bottle (the 2 oz version should do it), and if you think it’s possible to do this. Obviously getting the cap open will be tricky but not impossible with practice. My biggest question is how soft (aka squeezable) the bottle is. No one seems to address this particular issue, are we lady stoners in distress so rare, or just quiet?!

    1. You’re most welcome! Yeah detox drinks are subject to false marketing as with so many things and really can’t be used reliably on their own. Was a long time since I last used QF so can’t really help with that, although that whole method seems very risky to me. Personally, since you say from experience you’re not watched that closely, I’d rather use something like the incognito belt (has sub-solution inside it but needs to be heated with a heater just like QF). No lids and stuff, more like a tap you can open and close, and you hide it strapped around your belly under your clothes which is fine if they don’t inspect you there. No case is ideal for you here, but I’m inclined to think this would the least crappy solution.

  70. Hello Sophie!
    Thanks for all the great information!
    I’ll do my best to be quick about this.
    I got a drug test for a job coming up in 27 days. I have been clean for about 5 days already (basically crying myself to sleep). But, I was a heavy smoker for the past 7-8 years smoking daily. So, I don’t really trust that I will be clean by the time the drug test comes. A friend recommended using the synthetic urine; the BC entities Field Kit to be exact.
    I was wondering if you’ve heard about this product? It seems legit but I guess I’m just looking for some reassurance.
    Again, thanks for all the information you provide!

    1. Hi Alex, no problem!

      That’s a lot of years of heavy use, so although it’s possible you could get clean in time by investing in heavy detox, it’s still not guaranteed. Synthetic urine is likely your best option like you say, but haven’t heard of that particular brand so can’t say anything about how consistent it is.

  71. These threads make me feel a little better about my upcoming pre-employment UA.

    My question is about the mixing of the sub solution:

    1. Does the powder clump up when mixed with the water?

    2. Do you just dump the powdered urine in to the cup or do you stir it?

    3. What temperature water do you use to mix the solution?

    4. Does it matter if you use tap water or bottled water?

    1. Glad to hear that :).
      1. Not really. Possibly if it’s old but even then nothing that will take more than a few seconds extra to dissolve.
      2. You dump the powder in the supplied mixing container.
      3. Room temperature should be good. You don’t want very cold water since obviously that will require more heating powder. Not very hot either since it may be too hot to register on the temperature strip (and too hot for a test).
      4. Doesn’t matter.

  72. Quick fix was my go to for years untill i lost to jobs because my sample came back i conclusive. Unabl to understanr no that was pissible i spoke to a family member who also happens to be a nurse and she metioned that sometimes the testers will perform a preliminary test which involves simply shaking the sample toe see if this urine bubbles and or foams and if not they stop the test right there ane deem the sample inconclusive.

    1. Sorry to hear that Jared. Ye to my understanding QF does not have the properties of foaming nor the smell as do real urine which can be a problem, albeit it usually isn’t. SS and Purine do have these properties of smell and foaming though so in that regard they better mimic real urine.

  73. Hey Sophie,

    I have been a daily user for years; sometimes a few hits before bed, sometimes a few blunts in a day. Usually mids, and on some occassions, dank. Need to pass a screen in the next two weeks for a teaching position. As you say, would much prefer to use my own sample for reasons of ease and simplicity. Stopped smoking as soon as I found out and plan to abstain until after testing. It has been four days and I do not need to take the test for another 10-15 days. was thinking I would buy a detox (recommendation?) then following it with a masker the day of. In your opinion, will I be good? Or should I just purchase SS and be safe?
    Thanks for any advice.

    1. The thing with being a daily smoker for years is that, although it’s possible you’ll get clean from detox (would have to be the 10-day Toxin Rid in this case imo) in such a short time, it’s definitely not guaranteed. Personally I’d go with SS straight away in your case since there is the risk that you’ll throwing money on detox in vein (and it isn’t exactly cheap, mind you) and still end up having to use synthetic urine for your test.

  74. Hello, I have Dr. Green’s Agent X? Ive never used synthetic urine, so I am very nervous & concerned that this product work with no problems. Has anyone used it and passed an alcohol evaluation? Do they normally observe the test, or is that usually done for folks on probation or court order?

    1. I don’t know much about Dr. Green’s Agent X so can’t comment on how reliable it would be.
      No idea how an alcohol evaluation differs in test procedure, but I’d assume it’s not monitored if it’s not lawfully administered. Maybe someone else can shine some further light on this.

  75. Good morning Sophie. First off, thank you for running such an educational site. I’ve been detoxing now for a month (31 days today) and notice a very, very faint line on the home testing kit you recommended. My test is monday morning at a LabCorp location. Ive also purchased sub solution per your recommendation, in the event of a positive home result the day of my screen. Will sub solution pass a labcorp drug test? It’s a regular pre employment test for a life changing job, and i’m extremely uneasy. Thanks again.

    1. Hey. A feint line generally means you’re clean enough, although a same day ddetox drink is never a bad idea here just to be on the safe side. But as for Sub Solution, it should pass any test as long as you get the temperature right and are not caught through supervision.

  76. Hello,

    I am subject to random tests unsupervised at work. I have been carrying QF 6.1 daily to work. My method of heating and maintaining temp is not a concern for me. It’s DOT so they would first use EMIT, if negative test is over….if positive it will be confirmed with GC/MS. My main concern is the test sample is taken at work then mailed to the lab so the sample may not be looked at for 2-4 days. I have yet to be randomed but wonder what the lab will think as a QF sample will not smell or necessarily have any current fizz days later. I have to use some sort of synthetic as I don’t trust a detox method. Do you think I should continue to rely on QF or is there another product you recommend?

    Thank you so much for spending the amount of time you do helping others.

    1. Hey Erika. I won’t give advice or recommendation for DOT tests in specific due to legal reasons, but I have certainly heard of cases where testers refuse a sample due to not foaming or behaving like urine should, although I think it’s rare. I’m not sure they actually have the right to do that even (refuse due to no foaming/smell), but still, some might not care. What I recommend for pre-employment tests is covered in this post already.

      1. Morningnoonandnight

        Sophie – why do they spray. I plan on using synthetic or a friends urine. Do I need to pee regularly in the latrine? Would you suggest synthetic over a friends urine that is totally clean? I would collect his specimen about 2-3 hours before the test at Quest. I appreciate the advice. Thanks!

        1. Both can work, you still needa heater and thermometer if using your friends pee. And you don’t get the heating powder you do with SS to save you in case the temp is too low when about to turn it in.

    1. I have a synthetic urine set I had just in case I’d need in when I was in drug court for marijuana which has since just been switched to be given a civil fine here. My smoke shop guy who ran into me at a bar was particularly mean and a greedy businessman despite just being an employee saying “you can’t sell it on craigslist, only we can exclusively sell it, and I won’t give you a refund”.

      It is a legal field kit. It is unopened and says on the box it is expiring on January 2016. How do I not let these greedy businessmen who profited off my pot addiction win again now at a year clean? How do I get rid of this and at least recuperate half of what I paid for it?

      1. I guess you could sell it to a friend for a fair price? just make sure you know it’s a reliable product then. Other than that, I got no idea.

  77. So I’m kind of freaking out. I took a pre employment test Monday using QF. Temp was good, read the directions, guy doing the test wrote “appears substitute” on the paperwork. I’m sure this will tip off whoever is doing to actual test in the lab and I’m so bummed Bc I really want this job. I’m sure I’d know by tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Anyway, just thought I’d share.

    1. Thanks for sharing Jennifer. I’m as curious as you are of whether you get this job or not so please do update. Perhaps it was the lack of smell/foaming that made him suspect the QF was a substitute?

  78. Hi Sophie!

    I’ll say it again – thank you so much for all the info and insight! And, sorry if this has been asked somewhere, but I didn’t see it…..

    Quick question – I am thinking of stocking up on SS (as that seems the best bet) and keeping it on hand, as I just accepted a position for which there may be random drug screens…Is SS something you can pre-mix and just keep on hand, then simply use the warming powder to heat it up when needed? Or do you have to mix it close to the time you’ll need to provide the ‘sample’? I guess I’m just wondering if I could order it, make up the solution & keep it in my work bag or whatever, then if called for a test all I’d have to do is drop some of the heating powder in? I’m just worried there may be a scenario where I don’t have the opportunity/access to water to mix up the solution.

    Also, how long does it take to mix up the solution? Is it as simple as dumping the SS powder in the water in the pre-filled container and shaking?

    Thanks in advance! Again, all this info is SO very appreciated!

    1. Hey Thom, my pleasure!

      You can not keep SS pre-mixed for an extended period since bacteria will build up the same as with real urine.What you could do is keep just water in the mixing container, and keep the powder separate, thus mixing it on the spot, without needing access to water externally. And then heat it with the heating powder. Mixing it up doesnt take long at all, just dump the powder in it and shake gently to remove any clumps. And after that you heat it with the heating powder.

  79. Hi Sophie,
    Thank you for taking your time out to make this website and respond to everyone so thoroughly. It’s truly is one of the more informative sites I have come across and the amount of Q&A makes it that much better. Although, with the amount of info on the site, it’s a little difficult to find the same Q&A to some of my concerns. So I figured I would post and ask. I’m currently in a voluntary treatment program ahead of some legal issues I’m facing. I was a heavy smoker for over 17 years, smoking every day, morning to night, at least 3-4 times a day. I quit in order to get into the program and after nearly 2 months of staying clean, passed my intake drug test. It was unsupervised and I was asked to place the container on a counter when I finished. I was told it was my responsibility to make sure the lid was on tight and proper, and left right after. This led me to believe the nurse or facility would not be opening the container or checking it for temperature because there was no thermometer reading on the container. I know for a fact they ship it out to a lab because I had gotten there too late the night before after the delivery drive had already picked up the samples, and I can only assume this would be a GC/MS test. My main concern is whether or not the sub-solution would be sufficient enough to pass a GC/MS without coming back as invalid. I know it comes highly recommended by you and I take into consideration your opinion and the testimony of others. Do you have any knowledge or experience with sub-solution coming back as invalid for a lab test? My fear is that I will not pass the test and they will ask me to retake under supervision. There are no legal repercussions to failing the test, since it’s a voluntary program, but it would not look good in court when my case is presented. I only ask because I would like to indulge on a vacation I have planned one last time before I face the hard facts of having to quit for possible long term probation. If you have any opinion on the reliability of sub-solution in regards to a lab test, please let me know. Thanks for your time!

    1. Hey will, my pleasure, and a good question. I’ve been in contact with the company behind Sub Solution and since they haven’t had any tests fail for reasons aside from faulty temperature (which will happen now and then when a lot of people use a product like this, due to user errors), I’m fairly certain it passes a GC/MS without problems.

  80. I have a drug test at the hospital for a position there. Would I be okay using synthetic powder urine?? Particularly the one from test clear? Purdine

    1. Curious to know

      Did it work? I’m waiting to smoke until I read enough reviews from hospital employees that say they passed. Please let me know.

  81. I have read that the Heating Powder makes the test come back as non human, is that true? How many times have you and your friends used it? I am very nervous and idk if I will be watched or not. Since it is just a pre-employment UA I do not think it will be but like I said I don’t know. I will go to either a quest or a labcorp have you had experience with them? Sorry just really nervous. I bought the Sub solution just worried about it not have Urea and the heating powder. Thank you your site is great.

    1. We have used it a lot of times, but I’ve talked to the manufacturers as well, and it certainly doesn’t come back as not human. it isn’t detected at all. Why? Because for something to be the detected, it must be tested for specifically. And they don’t have a heating powder (or the chemicals it’s made of) test, although they can test for some common adulterants such as bleach, soap etc. Sub-Solution has urea in it. Like you say it’s probably not watched, and you probably worry more than you have to, but it’s perfectly understandable and a good way to make sure you do your due diligence researching in advance.

  82. Hello,

    This is an excellent resource, thanks for continuing to update and answer questions.

    I did not see this issue discussed, so I was hoping you might provide any insight you have on the topic.

    I am already working at this new position, and they asked I complete a pre-employment ua screening.

    I produced an SS sample @ 96 degrees in an unmonitored UA at a Quest collection site for pre-employment screening.

    My receipt showed clearly that my sample had met the 90 to 100 degree temperature requirement.

    My company came to me 1 week later telling me the lab said they “Couldn’t get a read”. I was unable to see the actual result or the wording used, but I suspect it was inconclusive.

    I will need to go back later this week or Monday of next to submit a new sample. I have begun detox just in case I receive another inconclusive result and I need to offer they do a monitored test or produce my own clean urine.

    I intend to submit another SS sample heated to the appropriate temp, this time aiming for 98-100 degrees at time of submission

    My question(s): What are the possibilities surrounding this result? Was this a fluke?
    If I submit another sample of ss will I likely have the successful results others have had? Is it possible Quest has picked up on this solution and SS will not work for me?

    thanks in advance for your time and thoughtfulness answering this inquiry.

    1. Hi Howard. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I haven’t heard of SS coming back as inconclusive before, but if they would have detected a sample was fake they would likely not need you to turn in another sample and would just have failed you. Could be something they themselves did, such as store it wrong or similar, thus comprimising a urine sample, and then they’re required to get a new one per regulations. SS is pretty much always successful as long as you don’t mess up with the temp, which it seems you didn’t. So I can only assume another SS sample will be sufficient. Do update with your results though!

  83. I have a drug screen coming up in about three weeks and just bought a 4 oz. bottle of the Ultra Klean Ultra Pure premixed synthetic urine. I have been smoking almost daily for more than 45 years so I don’t trust my own urine no matter how long I abstain (which I haven’t). What can you tell me about the product I purchased. Everything I’ve found on the Internet so far has been very positive, but after reading your blog I’d very much appreciate your opinion.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. I think that’s wise, going for synthetic urine with such a long history of smoking. I’m afraid I don’t know very much about it at all, since I stick to what I know to work nowadays. But only seeing positive feedback from your research is a good sign at least.

  84. Okay. I went to my suboxone doctor a couple weeks ago and used a form a quick fix spiked with positive suboxone / buprenorphine that is quite old and sat in my bathroom cabinet, because I need my test to be clean for every thing except suboxone / bup, not even thc (I know my dr is a stickler)
    They called today and said it came back as non human, but positive for suboxone. So I ordered sub solution and i am going to mix the sub solution powder up as normal but just add 1 ml or 2 of the old qf with positive suboxone, just so I can get it to be positive for suboxone / bup.
    Does anyone think the 1 or 2 ml will be enough for a positive suboxone / buprenorphine reading?
    Also, does anyone think adding the small amount will cause the sub solution to come back as non human?
    What’s the best way of storing the quick fix? Freezer / fridge / room temp / dark?

    1. Have no experience with this so can’t be of much help, but as for storing it, you shouldn’t mix it until the day you need to use it, ideally a few hours before the test, and how you store it from then until doesn’t really matter, just follow the instructions, room temp should be fine, avoiding contact with direct sunlight is always advisable although I still doubt it would have any noticable negative effect on the outcome.

  85. Hello Sophie, Was wondering if you knew anything about The Whizzinator synthetic urine capsule? Can you pass a urinalysis with it?

    1. Hi, I’m not really sure how reliable it is, since the consensus among many whizzinator users seems to be to use another brand of urine (usually QF). You could likely pass some, but whether you can pass if it’s sent to a lab, I can’t say.

  86. Hey Sophie,

    First and foremost, thank you for the very helpful information.

    -How long is the shelf-life of Sub-solution? 2 years?

    -If I plan on carrying SS on me at all times, the SS should be already mixed together with the powdered urine and ready to go at all times, correct?

    -my final question is, I have seen a few websites such as, “passing-drug-test.com,” for $55. Whereas most other websites sell it for $75. What source would you recommend that can be trusted? The website you linked doesn’t work.



    1. Hey Francis, no probs!

      -Ye 2 years sounds about right, don’t have it in front of me right now, but it’s a long time.
      -Nah, you should not mix it before, once mixed with liquid, you should use it that day preferably since like real urine bacteria will start growing. If you plan on carrying it with you, you should have water in the mixing container, which you can switch for fresh water every few days if necessary, and keep the powder separate, to mix it right before use, and then heat with heating powder. So You have water, powdered urine, and heating powder, separately.
      – I recommend the website mentiond in the article, since this is the offical website (Clear Choice’s own), so can’t really go wrong there. The link should work now, was probably just some temporary down time or something, happens sometimes.

  87. My question is me and my friend used a SS today at a lab. It looked a little dark to me but my concern was the temp because I think the water wasn’t warm enough so we had to use all the activator. I got it up on the bottle but had to use entire contents, we were being monitored and it was difficult but managed it. If the temp wasn’t correct when they put it in the other cup would they tell you then and make you re-pee or still tell you they are sending it off to the lab and make you verify everything if it wasn’t. I haven’t heard any failures on SS, so I mainly concerned with the temp being right and them knowing then.

    1. And they still have the brown cups in them. These are NOT very good when trying to be quiet. I hope they switch back to the clear bottles with the pull open lid because those child proof bottles are not going to be good for someone trying to be discreet!

      1. I remember a while back where they had a cancellation of a bottle shipment (asked them about it) and had to go back to using an older version of bottles to be able to ship people their SS in time. This was just for a few days though, and should be back to the original ever since. I totally get your point though, should be simple to use when trying to be discreet, which the regular SS bottle is.

    2. I think this varies, some might tell you right away while others perhaps won’t, not sure. Usually takes way less than the whole, more like half of the activator to reach right temp, but if you use cold water then it’s understandable. But if your temp was right (or wasn’t), you should been able to see that on the temp strip included with the SS.

  88. I need to get synthetic urine today as I have to take pre-employment test. The offer came up quickly and they want test today. I may be able to get someone’s urine but how would be the best way to transport it (female) without risk of leaking and how would I check temp? If I need to purchase “urine”, can I find any products in smoke shops in town? I am am legal marijuana card holder for chronic pain but regardless, jobs won’t accept that status and will fire/not hire. Not fair! Sorry for the rant…….
    Thank you!

    1. Hey, your test will be done by now but will reply still in case it’s useful for someone else. Just a small bottle of some sorts that you can easily hide. If you’ve used synthetic urine successfully before, think of the bottle that was included, like size and shape and just go for something as close to that as you can find. Also get a hand warmer or something, and a thermometer doesn’t hurt since it can be hard to know if the temp is in the right range otherwise.

      Smoke shops usually sell synthetic urine, but not always of a quality brand, so may be a little risky, but better than nothing still.

  89. With the sub solution, how long does it take to get to the right temp once you add the heating chemical? because i plan to add the chemical in the bathroom, or do u recommend doing it before in the car?

    1. It takes maybe 10 seconds for it to heat up and mix to show on the thermometer, but to get the right temp, you may want to go slowly so you don’t add too much, and then it may take up to 30 sec or so. You can do it in the car, getting it to the right temp, but still bring the rest of the powder with you inside, and in the case the temp has decreased to below the right range, just add a tiny bit more powder in the bathroom.

  90. Hi, Sophie. Is SS good for DOT/FAA random drug testing? I was also wondering it would be ok to premix the powdered urine and carry it around on me at all times? As long as I keep the temperature warm and have the heating element, will the synthetic urine be available to use at anytime?


    Francis R.

    1. Hey Francis, I won’t give specific advise about those types of tests due to regulations. All I can say is that they’re very similar to any other pre-employment tests except that the chance for it being supervised is bigger. As for pre-mixing the urine, that’s a bad idea and you’ll want to use it ideally the same day that you’ve mixed it. Bacteria will start growing as with real urine once it’s mixed. To carry it with you, just keep water in the mixing vial and have the urine powder as well as heat activator with you as well, kept separately. Mix it on the spot, then add heating activator to desired temp and you’re good to go.

  91. Thanks so much for all of the great info. Just wondering if I should be concerned about using test clears powdered urine kit for a life insurance exam. I have not seen this discussed in the many comments here. I assume the same hoods true for most urine screens just wondering what you thought.

    1. I think it’s pretty much the same thing. They will likely use a drug testing lab/company same as employers do. Don’t really know about supervision, but can’t imagine it would be supervised.

      1. Just to follow up for others reading. I decided to be totally honest with the examiner and her questions. Then I provided a sample of my urine not the test clear powdered urine. Of what it’s worth she never asked about pot in any way… Lots of alcohol questions. She also asked about cigarette smoking but again nothing about pot. I check the lab results online to day and there is not even a section that lists any elicited drugs as being tested. I have not heard from ins company yet but I don’t think they even tested for pot. Thanks for you response!!

  92. Okay so i have a supervised test in 6 days, what should i do/which should i use? I HAVE to pass. My anxiety is so high, i have smoked everyday since nov 15. i need ANY and all options to pass.

    1. It’s unlikely you can detox from such heavy smoking in time, so it comes down to the type of supervision I guess. If not closely supervised, you could have some success with a whizzinator. If closely supervised maybe go heavy on dilution with detox drinks before the test and hope that they don’t check for that or that it at least buys you more time. No option is ideal though.

  93. Hi Sophie,
    I need to provide a urine sample to participate in medical research labs, but I’m refused participation because my urine contains microscopic traces of blood.
    I am not interested pasing a urine test for drugs or cigs, as I don’t do either.
    I need to know of any or all of these products pass the screening tests that the labs use, ie.e ph, gravity, creatinine, uric acid urea, etc., etc.,
    Thank you.

    1. Hi helen. yeah good brands of synthetic urine pass these tests, that’s sort of the point of them. But whether other stuff are tested for in a test for medical research, i don’t know. But those you mention above, uric acid, creatinine, urea, specific gravity, pH, Sub-Solution has all of those.

  94. Thank you so much for this site, Sophie. I have a 10 panel UA tomorrow for a position I really want. The test is scheduled at a local Labcorp in Washington. I ordered QF 6.1 with overnight shipping after just having learned about synthetic urine yesterday. I am nervous with the no foaming characteristic of QF. I have not smoked in two weeks (petite built female with fast metabolism heavy daily smoker for 4 years) and also purchased Absolute De-tox from spectrum lab and ultimate gold detox drink. Home test this morning has a very faint negative line. I really hope this works out! Thank you again for this throughout site, it is super helpful.

    1. Hey, not sure why you get both qf and detox drinks since you’ll only have use for one, unless you expect supervision and may notice you won’t get away with substitution (unless you mean you bought the drinks before you learned about fake urine). A feint line usually means you passed it though so that’s good. And no problem, my pleasure KR :). Do update wth how it went!

  95. Thanks for your wisdom

    Sophie – this is a great site and I just spent hours reading pretty much every comment and response. Thank you!

    saw you talked about the incognito belt. Seems it comes with sub solution ready made and while it is more expensive seems much more simple for transporting, concealing and distributing for a pre-employment screen

    1. Would you recommend this is for a first time synthetic user (where detox won’t work) over the cheaper make yourself SS kit for

    2. Any risk the heating pad won’t get me right temp and I’ll wish I had heating powder that comes with other sub solution kit?

    3. Ever heard of folks getting caught at pre-employment screen while distributing synthetic because they were being monitored? I’ve had tests before (i was clean) where someone stood right behind me (I’m male) and it seems this would also make incognito belt advantageous and I could still pull it off?

    Thanks so much

    1. Thanks for your kind words :).

      1. The incognito belt is indeed very handy, with the only drawback that you need to use regular heating, so no instant heating powder (noticed now you already knew this)
      2. Not a big one, but of course it’s there. Keep in mind though that pretty much every other synthetic urine uses heating pads as the heating method so it definitely works, just with slightly less room for error since you can’t adjust it last minute.
      3. Yeah, many have definitely been caught, which is why it’s risky for supervised tests. For unsupervised tests there’s not much risk at all. When someone stands behind you like described, I prefer calling it semi-supervised and for if you know this is the case, then incognito belt is definitely preferred. A whizzinator could get the job done as well, but likely over-kill.

  96. I am getting ready to use “Ultra Pure”, which just recently worked on a drug test, however, this particular drug-tester, LabCorp, claims they can detect synthetic urine. The last drug-testing company was some small outfit, not LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics.

    Do you think this is a bluff, or should I be concerned? I could get someone else’s urine if necessary.

    1. Don’t know enough about the product and hence I personally wouldn’t use it and rather get someone else’s urine unless you have purine or SS at hand. But that’s just me. it’s possible it would work.

    2. Thomas,

      I have a friend who just took a gc/ms urine test at quest diagnostics in colorado (Jan, 2016) with Ultra Kleen – Ultra Pure synthetic urine for a nursing job & passed.

  97. Hi there! I found out tonight that I will be interviewing for a new job in the morning. Great news right? Well except I used my last bottle of qf (thought I had another) and haven’t ordered more. My local head shop only sells Ultimate Gold Liquid Gold synthetic urine. Do you or anyone else have any experience with this product? Non dot test if that matters. Thank you so much for your advice!

    1. I don’t personally so can’t say too much about it. But if you know you’ll fail with your natural urine, it’s most likely better than nothing. Many cheaper synthetic urine brands may pass a home-test or on the spot test, but be less safe if sent to a lab. But again, I don’t know with this particular one.

    2. Did u end up using the ultimate gold golden shower kit? i really need to know if this works cause i have to pass a test today and bought this same kit

  98. Hi,

    Really appreciate the info! My question is can I order Quick Fix directly from their website so I can be assured I’m getting the real, most up to date product? If so can you please direct me to their link since there seems to be some fake ones with similar names when I do a google search. Or is it just best to use wizzinators.com? I can confirm that for pre employment test, QF worked great for me in the past. It was long ago since I ordered it so I can’t remember the site I purchased it from. Also when I order from whichever site you recommend, do you know if the shipping package is discreet and doesn’t show what I ordered with a simple google search? Thanks in advance!

    1. Whizzinators.com work directly with the manufacturer so I’d say it’s as safe as you get. Since I don’t use QF not a Whizzinator personally I’m not sure how discrete they are, although I’d assume they’re very discrete, as is the case with TestClear and TestNegative.

      1. Thank you so much for the info! You’re awesome for all the info you’ve shared and for sticking with it and replying to everyone. Really appreciate it!

    1. Pretty sue they use DOT test and I avoid giving advice about such tests due to regulations. And either way, I don’t know whether they’re supervised tests or not, which is usually what it comes down to with synthetic urine.

  99. Hello, i work in a hospital that just started random drug testing, 10 years ago the screening was done in front of you and you knew results instantly, now we are using an external lab. I bought ss with expiration date of 6/2016. You state that ss has urea, uric acid and all the rest of the characteristics contained in real urine as well as smell. Why doesnt ss say that on the box?? Xtreme synthetic boasts that it smells like urine but it smells more like heated plastic once it comes out of the microwave, doesnt smell like urine at all. Plus this 200% money back guarantee i find skeptical due to the fact that if you fail you will not receive paperwork, just a phone call. Being that a random ‘test’ will more than likely consist of a check for urea/uric acid ect how do we know for sure these are in ss since they dont advertise it, sorry for the scepticism, but i want to resume smoking again because its none of there bussiness what i do on my own time and im putting lots of faith into this company and youre words. Thanks

    1. Hey Andrea. Many synthetic urines don’t state all their ingredients on the box, just as with Coca Cola or many foods, and mainly it’s because it’s a secret recipe and no one wants competitors to steal it. Also from what I understand they’re moving more towards marketing it as a prank urine (mainly for legal safety measures I would think) and then it isn’t necessary or even expected to reveal all the ingredients, although it will still be optimized for drug tests (and always has been).

      As for the money back guarantee, yes you do need papers for it but that only makes sense, since else anyone could pass their test and then still ask for a double money back guarantee saying they failed and got a phone call about it. Still the guarantee will only work if you fail because of the urine, and not if for example you mess up with the temperature or anything else, and this has yet to happen with SS so the chances you’d have use for the guarantee with the urine are very, very slim to say the least.

      One way to know whether it includes those would be to reach out and ask them directly (I have).

  100. A couple of questions about XStream Synthetic Urine vs QuickFixUrine.
    Since both of them come with the same features such as 5-10 panel tests with the same end results if it was lab tested, then why such a significant price difference?
    The XS is 24.95 for 3oz and the QF6.1 is 39.95 for the same quantity.
    Are the accuracy ratings different? Is there a huge quality difference? If I chose to have either one lab tested, would it make a difference which product is more reliable?
    They both come from 513Ventures.
    Any insight?

    1. I don’t know too much about XStream so haven’t really formed an opinion yet. An interesting question nonetheless. Best would probably be to reach out to them and ask them directly what the difference between the two is.

  101. Ive searched all day and didn’t find anything online that wasn’t paid advertisement for a product. Ive learned so much from this thanks. I more confident on taking my urine test now. Just got a notice to urine test withen 48 hours at Quest(Any info on how strict they are on pre-employment test?). I’m a male 160 heavy everyday smoker 4+ a day. Detox was out of the solution for me. Was scared with the synthetic urine. To keep it real im dead broke right now and have only 10 bucks lol. So im using a male family member he doesn’t using and drugs a few years younger then me and will go with heating pads heating powder and a temp stick. I’m still in search for somewhere to buy cheap heating powder but Im hoping this will work? Any advice?

    1. Glad you found it helpful :). Don’t know how strict Quest in specific is so I’d assume they’re like most others. Yep that sounds like the best option if you’re broke (not much other choice). But as for heating powder I don’t know where you’d find that and if you did you’d need to be very careful. If you find a chemical heating powder you need to know that it doesn’t have any ingredients that may show as adulterants in a lab, so unless it’s the heating powder included in SS which is meant for heating urine to pass tests, it’d probably be best to avoid such powder. Better just stick with the heating pads and the temp stick.

    1. I get a lot of comments at times and don’t have time to read them every day nor answer them all at once. May take generally anywhere from a day to a week depending on circumstances.

  102. A couple of questions about XStream Synthetic Urine vs QuickFixUrine.
    Since both of them come with the same features such as 5-10 panel tests with the same end results if it was lab tested, then why such a significant price difference?
    The XS is 24.95 for 3oz and the QF6.1 is 39.95 for the same quantity.
    Are the accuracy ratings different? Is there a huge quality difference?
    Also, are you familiar with the Monkeybizzness products?

    Thanks for your time, your research is awesome.

    1. Hey Matt, I don’t know why that is, perhaps it’s a difference in the formula, or perhaps it’s just that QF a more famous brand and thus can charge more. Just speculating though, and the best you could do is probably to contact the manufacturers directly and ask. Nope sorry, hadn’t heard of them before now.

  103. Hey. Great site tones of info. Would you use a synthetic for a pre employment that gets sent to a lab for analysis? I’m in Canada and I know they test for fake urine. Would anything pass because I’m definitely not going to pass with my own in time. Any recommendations?

    1. Yeah I would. The way they test if it’s synthetic or not is to test certain stuff that would be present in real urine. If a synthetic urine formula has those included, it won’t be detected as fake. SS and purine are the most complete formulas I’m aware of atm and should pass a lab analysis.

    1. I would think so, at least if it’s the latest version, but I couldn’t say for certain. I know SS works Canada at least as they sell to many Canadians. As always, if the formula is good enough, it will have all the stuff being tested for to determine if it’s fake by a lab in it, and thus pass.

  104. Curious to Know

    Hi Sophie,
    Thanks for putting these resources and this message board together. I would like to get high, but have abstained since obtaining a job in which I could be made to take a drug test with very little notice, unsupervised. I’m a hospital employee and wouldn’t show up to work impaired. I get sick at the thought of alcohol being the legal alternative to getting stoned, watching first hand what it does to people’s health in my job.

    The type of drug test is a urine cup that is immediately interpreted by a nurse, on site.

    I have spent hours researching, trying to find verification from people in my position that SubSolution or TestClear work. You say they do, and you seem to be the most reliable source of information I have encountered so far. I have responded to people on this board and scoured forums looking for endorsements of these products without luck. Why can’t I find more people saying that they passed a hospital screen with these products? I’m reaching out to the public here. Anybody?

    1. Hey, no problem. I know the feeling as I’m sure many others do too.

      I agree it’s relatively hard to find reviews with these types of products, because it’s somewhat taboo cheating on a drug test, and many just want it over with, with little intent on coming back to leave a review or share their experience. Compare this to a lot of other stuff such as healthy supplement, weight-loss and exercise programs and so on, and you’ll see people gladly share their success openly on social medias and so on. You won’t see people boasting openly on their facebook page about how they passed their drug test.

      But still it’s always a best practice to thoroughly research a product of this sort and what options you have before putting your job on the line, so you’re doing the right thing. And as you mentioned, I say they do, from personal experience as well as from talking to manufacturers and so on who never had any complaints about this (and trust me if people failed, they’d hear about it, especially since they offer a money back guarantee). I know that Clear Choice (those who make SS) test every batch themselves with several standard drug as a common practice.

  105. Hey!

    So, girl to girl, what have you found, is the easiest way to transport and use the Sub-Solution synthetic urine? I am currently on the 10 day detox for Toxin Rid. I am a heavy user, about once a day and multiple times over the weekends. I found out that the internship I am aiming for drug tests so I stopped using for about a month. I slipped up last week and smoked a few times and now I’m worried the 10 day detox won’t be enough. Do you think it’s best to continue the 10 day detox with a special detox drink the day of or go the synthetic urine route?


    1. Hey Alex,
      best way imo depends on your clothes and body. But either strapped to inner thigh, inside panties or in a sports bra if you can make it so noone can tell anything extra is in that bra. You’re right to be a little worried I think, since for very heavy users, it’s hard to detox in just 10 days no matter what you do, since THC will have built up in fat cells and then released slowly over time. I think the best route here, since you already have the detox stuff, to test yourself after that, and if you’re still testing positive, go with synthetic urine. If negative, you can go with that detox drink on the day-of. Best of all would have likely been opting for synthetic urine for the start, due to the short time combined with your heavy use.

  106. Child of Hippies

    Thank you for all of the information on the site- it’s truly amazing.
    I think I’m simply freaking out & looking for reassurance that I’m understanding what I’ve gleaned from reading all of your posts & people’s questions/replies.
    If you used the sub solution for the sample (it was not a supervised test), but instead of a quick dip test, the sample gets sent out to an actual lab- the sample should pass, correct? (Again this is under the assumption that all steps were followed correctly etc).
    The sample was taken today, but sent out to a lab for testing- results supposedly on Monday.
    I’m just stressing out. Majorly.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hey, no probs :).
      Yeah it should pass a lab. And yeah it should pass on Monday as well. It’s basically similar to regular urine in the way it accumulates bacteria. If a company is testing it after the weekend, they’re going to know to store it coldly. If regular clean urine would be fine by then, so should this.

  107. My friend is super worried about our drug test coming up. We just ordered sub solution, not sure when our test will be but is should be before the end of February. Is there any reason we should be worried about using sub solution?

    1. Well, only if it’s a supervised tests. Otherwise not really. Be careful to follow the instructions though, errors do happen when one is nervous. Don’t make it too hot for one if you use the powder.

  108. I have had a UA and want to know if I’ll pass during a laboratory testing. I used a synthetic urine that comes highly recommended and I’m afraid of losing this job offer when they send it to a lab. It was up to temp and I used Ultra Pure, which came highly recommended when I asked and researched. Do you think I have a good chance of keeping the job?

  109. i used dr. greens agent x premixed synthetic urine with uric acid at lab corp. today in california! the temperature was like 96 or 97 and the worker sealed it. now playing the waiting game. im tripping balls!!!

    1. Let me know if that works! I’m about to use Dr. Green’s Agent X tomorrow morning for my paramedic clinic requirements and haven’t heard much about if it has urea or not!

    1. Nope sorry. Nowadays I tend to stick to what I know works and thus don’t look in to too many new brands. Many brands, especially low-priced ones in my experience, will lack something (to keep manufacturing costs down) that may make it able to pass tests only when they’re not sent to a lab.

  110. Hi Sophie. So thankful for this site. I’ve been reading for almost an hour.

    I’m almost sure I won’t have repeated questions, but my apologies if I do.

    My test is on Monday (in 4 days) so a quick response would be greatly appreciated! :)

    So my drug test will be at QUEST and fortunately I’ve had one done there before so I know that I go into the bathroom with the door shut on my own. Whether the nurse was listening I’m not sure, but when I came back out she was right across the hall in her office on the computer. This was in 2013, however. I’m hoping nothing’s changed.

    So, I’m debating between SS and urine from my sister.

    SS questions:
    A) If I spend the 75 bucks, is there enough for me to practice/rehearse say the day before the test? With enough to have for the test, and a little extra in case they have me pee again? I’m understandably nervous but I think any questions about how exactly to use it are answered in this thread. Nevertheless, reassurance is appreciated.
    B) I read briefly that the heating powder doesn’t show up because the chemicals aren’t tested for. Is that still true, to your knowledge?

    Sisters urine questions:
    A) I go to my workplace at 2pm for paperwork, and then will go to QUEST directly after. If I use my sisters urine, would it be okay to obtain the sample before 2pm and it be fine until 4-5pm? As long as the temp is right? Or should I meet my sister between my workplace and quest?
    B) this may be a novice question, but what the hell do I have my sister pee in? And do I need to keep it in that container until I’m in the bathroom at quest? Or how can I safely transfer it to a more concealable container?
    C) I don’t believe my sister is on any medications that would show up on a drug test, but I am. Now, I’m looking to cheat this test because of my recent marijuana use. But I am on antidepressants as well as adderall and I was also taking ambien until about a month and a half ago. (All prescribed except obviously the weed). So, in my employment paperwork/the paperwork at quest, should I write that I’m not on any meds? For ex if I release that I take adderall but then it doesn’t show up bc my sister doesn’t, is that something they’ll notice/red flag? Furthermore, if my sister is on any medications, writing what she takes isn’t smart because when the testing center calls me to verify my prescription, I’m screwed. Is it safer to find someone to donate their urine that isn’t on ANY medication?

    I’ve always been terrified of cheating a drug test but I’m becoming more comfortable with it talking to friends and reading this post. Just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row.

    Ahhhhhh I think-hope- that covers it. Again I thank you so much Sophie and everyone else on here!

    1. Hey Lindsey, glad to hear you find it useful:). Your test will be done by now though but I’ll reply still. Basically I read and answer comments in the order of when they were submitted, so in times when there are both a lot of comments and I’ve been busy/ill/not had computer access/whatever I won’t be able to answer quickly, although most of the info can still be found from the articles on the site or from previous comments. Anyways:
      A) Although I haven’t done so myself, there are ways I suppose you could practice (once at least), as long as you keep a few thing in mind. The standard urine test requires minimum 30-45 ml generally, and they prefer a little more than that to make their lives easier. SS provides you with 90ml, and you’ll want at least 65-70, give or take, of those imo for you real test. That means you could probably use 20% or so of the powder (max) to practice and still be god. Preferably you should use the urine within 8 hours when mixed, meaning you don’t mix all of the powder when you practice, only up to 20%. Leave the rest that is for your real test not mixed, as powder form. Also, you don’t want to waste too much heating powder for practice, and thus you can make sure the water you use is already heated a bit, to maybe 90 degree at least. Then it won’t take much to get it to the right range.
      B) Yes, still true.

      A) It’s fine to get the urine before, a few hours is fresh enough, so yeah temp will be the main problem. Get some heaters, that’s how it’s normally done, as well as keeping the container against your skin surface.
      B) Transfer it to whatever container you find best, nr 1 prio being easy to hide.
      C) You could likely write that you are on those meds and if it so happens they screened for that (adderall definitely possible since it’s an amphetamine) perhaps you just say you didn’t take it for the last few days. If it shows negative for the drugs you say you are on though, I don’t think anyone would care or find it strange either way, it’s not always a drug will show up, all depends on how much one is taking and how recently. Yeah you’ll want clean urine for substitution, so if your sister were using a bunch of prescription drugs that will show up but you aren’t, then you should get the urine for someone else / use synthetic.

  111. For all the ppl on here doubting sub solution it definitely works I just used it for a pre employment drug screen I was shitting myself for a couple days but in the end I got the job so don’t sweat it get the temp right and you’re good to go. I went to labcorp and they sent it out to the lab and everything I was worried about that but still good temp is everything.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, many people just want to forget all about it once done and thus there are so few reviews as opposed to the amount of people using it or asking questions about it (this goes for synthetic urine in general, any brand). But yeah it should pass lab tests for sure, and people sharing that it worked for them is often the best type of reassurance for those doubting.

  112. Sophie,

    I have researched the topic of synthetic urine for a few years now & have found some inconsistencies. Specifically pertaining to uric acid & urea. Ive spoken with the manufactures of Ultra Kleen-Ultra Pure & QuickFix about their products contents. Both assure they have “everything” that is found in normal urine. Specifically, Ultra Kleen said their product does contain both uric acid & urea. QuickFix on the other hand said theire product has urea but does not have uric acid. I asked why & the rep said they have found that uric acid was not being tested in labs. The inconsistency i speak of is that many of QuickFix’s authorized online retailers advocate that QuickFix 6.1 has Uric Acid even though Spectrum Labs (the manufacturer) says it doesnt. Im in colorado & know that labs are extensive in their testing. One note, i do have a friend who used Ultra Kleen-Ultra Pure at Qwest Diagnostics recently (Jan, 2016) for a nursing job & passed. What’s your opinion on uric acid/urea being tested & the inconsistencies about whats contained in some synthetic urines?

    1. Funny you brought that up. I had the same dilemma a few months back, and was in contact with QF distributors trying to clear things up. It’s pretty important after all exactly what’s in a synthetic urine and what isn’t, since ones job can literally depend on it. I got to the same conclusion, i.e. that QF does not contain uric acid and never has, only urea. SS and Purine however do contain both uric acid and urea. I also dug into why it is advertised by many QF sellers that it has uric acid as you mention, when it in fact doesn’t. It apparently boiled down to a mistake a few years back when some higher authority in the industry got the impression that the two were the same thing (urea and uric acid) and stated that publicly. So many sellers thus got it wrong and it still hasn’t been cleared up entirely. As for if uric acid is tested for, it’s hard to say. I was also told QF hadn’t change their versions due to ingredients, and since there has certainly been occasions where people have gotten a fail with QF due to it being detected as fake, perhaps some labs test for it. The fact remains though, that uric acid is present in human urine, so not including it only to cut costs could be costly to users at some point, since it’s something testing labs could easily suddenly start testing if they weren’t already, and QF users would then fail until a new version came out. Better have an as complete formula as possible in order to stand the test of time, since drug testing is constantly evolving and working to make it harder to cheat the tests.

  113. If I remove the quickfix premixed stuff inside and replace it with real clean urine will it make the test come out inconclusive because it had a bit of it inside prior?

    1. I highly doubt that. Since both should generally pass a urine test on their own, it’s unikely to fail when just a tiny amount of one is mixed with the other.

  114. Hey Sophie, i just started a D O T job and am subject to randoms. I passed my pre employment test. But now i am concerned with the random. Is there any difference in pre employment and a random/accidents test. And how often do synthetics fail for Creatine and or gravity validations. Will synthetics pass a dot lab validation test? And if so which would u recommend for dot test

    1. Hey Izzy, I don’t giv advice specific to DOT tests due to laws, but I’ll answer these questions generally. Except for not knowing as long in advance you’ll get tested, there’s not really a difference between random tests and regular ones. A good synthetic urine should never fail to these, they’re simply formulated to have the right concentrations, levels equal to human urine. This is why neither SS not Purine has failed in lab for any of those. Temperature is the only real issue, and being observed of course. Won’t recommend anything though, for above mentioned reason.

  115. Really adore you and the site… Thanks for being one of the most comprehensive sources out there. I had been testing drinks at home and never getting a result I could be confident with, I found you and decided to substitute instead. I am fixing to go in for a pre-employment urinalysis with Purine from testclear. I have been feeling a lot better since I decided on this method, just a little concerned is the products become outdated, but any other affirmations you might be able to spare would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Thanks :). I take it you’re a heavy user, then substitution is by far the easiest way to go for regular pre-employment tests. Oudated as in date expired or no longer working? They have a pretty long shelf life for one, and as for outdated, SS for one has had the same formula from the start, and still works the same. It’s really all about having a complete a formula as possible from the start, so that even things that aren’t tested for atm, but easily could be tested for in the future, are in it. A little more costly to produce, but most would gladly pay a few extra bucks for reduced risk of failing their drug test, since it’s often a lot on the line.

  116. Hello, excellent site.. Wondering if you’ve ever heard of Number 1? The box says it’s made by Piss in your pants technology, however their website doesn’t appear to be working. I used this same brand years ago and passed at both Quest and Labcorp numerous times when it was made by a company called Puck technologies, however I believe they got into legal trouble and went under. At the head shop they said the formula is still the same and is owned by the same company that now owns a brand called Monkey piss I believe. Just a little worried since I have not used it in quite awhile if things have changed or tests have gotten more advanced. I’m a little skeptical of using something new vs something I’ve passed with many times, however since the company seems to have changed hands yet the box design looks almost identical I’m a little worried. Thanks for any advice!

    1. Nope haven’t heard of it I’m afraid. I know about Puck Technologies tohugh, they were the original company patenting and selling the Whizzinator, and yep they got in some legal trouble. Tests definitely got more advanced over the years though and will continue to do so to fight people trying to cheat them.

  117. Hi Sophie,

    Thanks for this website! I’ve researched detoxing numerous times and your information seems to be the most helpful and reliable by far.

    I’m applying for a job at a hospital and will have to pass a drug test in a few weeks to get the job. I’m an avid smoker, I’ve smoked every day for the past few years, multiple times a day. I’m 5’9 and 110 pounds, female, skinny, fast metabolism. I’m wondering if you think I will stand a chance passing in this quick time frame using your detox methods. I’m willing to use synthetic urine but am anxious to do so since the testing is for a hospital I’m not sure if this is different and will still result in a pass.

    Honesty, with the amount I’ve smoked the past few years I’m nervous the thc will stay in my system for months. Is this a ridiculous concern? Should I just use synthetic urine? Help!

    1. Hi Gabby, no probs :).
      When having smoked several times daily for a long time as you have, you’re right to be concerned it might stay in the system for an extended time. Since it will have built up in fat cells, in the short term detox can only do so much, and most very heavy users thus, even if they go all in on detox combining potent detox products and natural detox, seem to need at least a month on abstinence as well. Therefore heavy users when short on time should definitely consider synthetic urine first, and that’s what I think would be best in your case as well. I think there isn’t really anything to worry abut specifically because it’s a hospital, since drug tests are done in a standard way no matter where it’s done. So as long as it isn’t supervised, I’d say a good synthetic urine should get it done.

  118. Sophie,

    Thank you for this post. I recently started a new job (passed the pre-employment test by substituting a friend’s urine, no problem), but now I find out that they in fact do random drug testing. I’m not going to ask my friend to provide me with pee every week so that I always have a fresh sample to keep frozen, so I think I’m going to order a pack of the Sub-Solution. My question: Does it have an expiration date? Obviously, if the test is random and I have only an hour or so to take it, it’s important that I have it available (luckily, my house is between my workplace and the testing facility and it’s less than a 10-minute drive total). Have you ever personally used a Sub-Solution kit that you had been holding for an extended period of time?

    If the random test is on-site, I’m of course screwed. I’m going to take that chance though, especially because I know I’m in a position that would be difficult for my employer to fill if they had to let me go. In the meantime, I’m just keeping my eyes and ears peeled to see if I can pick up on how the tests are done (I would never bring it up).

    Thanks again.

    1. Hey no probs.

      The SS, and most fake urines for that matter, have a really long shelf life as long as you don’t mix it if it’s powdered (or if pre-mixed, don’t open it to expose it to air) so don’t think you need to be concerned about that.

  119. Hey Sophie , so i have a test in 14 days , i am working out and sweating and also drinking about two gallons of water a day. So my question is, will i be okay?

    1. No idea. It depends on how much you’ve been smoking. If you’re a heavy user, I doubt it would be enough though. But if you’re planning on using synthetic urine (as this page is about after all) then your detox efforts wouldn’t matter anyway.

  120. Hello Sophie:

    Today I used Sub-Solution for a random test – 10 panel urine analysis, sent off to the lab. I was really nervous and kind of panicked when the temperature went over 100 degrees, so I added a little bit of tap water to cool it down, which seemed to work because the person that collected the sample looked at it and bagged it up, without changing the paperwork to say that it did not fall between the 90-100 degree range. Also, I noticed a little bit of clumping, so I shook it up (and panicked again because of all of the bubbles). This was before adding the cool water.

    My questions are: did I do the wrong thing by adding a little bit of water? The urine was still very yellow, so I don’t feel like it looked diluted. Also, will the clumping be an issue, or will it dissolve by the time it gets to the lab?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Cynthia.I think you’re fine here. Adding some tap water is fine, the problem is rather that you’re often not allowed to use the tap, and doing so might raise suspicions as to why you needed to. Some testing facilities color their toilet water so you cant use that, and using the tap isn’t allowed. Clumping should only really happen once mixing it, and can be dissolved by shaking it gently or tapping the container against something hard.

  121. nervousnelly2121

    Hi Sofie,
    thank you so much for all of this wonderful information. I have just ordered the SS from all the suggestions above. My question is if you know of any issues using this for pre employment testing done by Quest Diagnostics? I have done extensive research up to the point of driving myself insane for a job I am not even sure I will be offered next week. I had ordered QF6.1 but after reading all the smell and foam comments, I feel SS is a better option. To clarify I am only a THC user and its been over three weeks but i fear the potency and amount of time I have been using there is no detox for me. Any insight you can give would be appreciated! Peace and love.

    1. Hey, SS should be fine with any lab tbh, so Quest Diagnostics included. I agree SS is preferable several reasons, not only smell and foaming.

  122. Hi Sophie,

    So, I’ve been reading these posts for what seems like hours, and I’m still extremely nervous to use the synthetic urine, but I was wondering if there is enough of the formula to leave in the toilet. All pre-employment drug screens that I have had to do, they always tell me not to flush the toilet after. Will there be enough formula that I can dump into the toilet?

    1. Hey Andrea, it’s understandable that you’re nervous if it’s your first time subbing. There will be more synthetic urine than the minimum requirement for sure, although still not a lot if one plan to pour it in the toilet, which shouldn’t be necessary anyways. There is nothing wrong with not really needing to pee and just getting out what’s needed for the test. One can also obviously pee normally in the toilet, while using the fake urine as the sample.

  123. So I see a lot of repeating questions and answers, but not my questions….
    I used Quick Fix many times many years ago. The guy that does my tox screens says he can tell when its synthetic urine because it is florescent looking. Has QF resolved that issue? Also, if I switch to SS is there any sediment after it’s all mixed up? How many ml’s are in the SS when it’s ready to go?

    1. Hey, haven’t heard about it being florescent looking being a problem, and that’s not prrof it’s not human, thus I don’t think that would be a possible reason not to pass. Depending on what one has been eating/drinking, I’m sure there are circumstances where ones actual urine could look like that as well. Shouldn’t be no, as long as you make sure there aren’t any clumps left after you’ve mixed it there shouldn’t be any at a later time either. SS provides about 90ml or 3oz.

  124. Hi Sophie,

    Thank you for such a great site with great information. As of 2/28/2016, is your 1st choice still Clear Choice Sub-Solution ?

    The reviews on their website were two years old.

    Thanks a bunch,

    1. Hey Brian.

      Yep it is, or I would have updated the site! But as long as SS keeps working flawlessly it will most likely remain my favorite.

    1. Should work for any test as long as it’s unsupervised and one gets temperature right as far as I know, they aren’t that different after all.

    1. They basically test the urine for stuff that would be present in human urine, which could include urea, uric acid, creatine, etc. So basically, if the synthetic urine formula is good enough and already has the things tested for included, it will pass a real human urine. This is why SS and Purine for example have not been detected as synthetic even though many labs claim to test for synthetic. Still, saying that they test for synthetic urine is a great scare-tactic to prevent people from using it, since many don’t understand what it means and think the fake urine would automatically be detected in such a test.

  125. Has anyone passed a test at a First Advantage Lab using synthetic urine? I’m told they test for it. I’m curious because I’m taking one this week.

  126. so I’m being drug tested buy my dad tomorrow and I am going to buy synthetic urine but the drug test Is an At Home Drug Test for Marijuana bought at walgreens. my friends have bought this synthetic urine from the same place I’m buying it and have used it for lab tests and passed, do you think it will work on the test my dad bought?

    1. Home tests are generally easier to beat and I’d say most synthetic urine brands can pass one of those. If the one you’re using has passed a lab test as well, then I definitely think it will pass that home test.

  127. i smoke everyday , i stopped last night b/c i have a test tomorrow . i been drinking water nd my daughters father bought me a detox drink . but im still scared . do you think they will know if my friend has her 3 yr old pee and i bring that . like will they know its not mine or rather Adult pee?

    1. Detox drinks are very unreliable on their own tbh, so urine substitution is definitely prferred. The won’t look for or be able to tell if the urine is from an adult or not, same as with gender. Thus, I’d think a 3 year olds urine should work as well as any clean urine.

  128. Hello, I attend a management and take hydrocodone, they drug test! But I need to have hydrocodone in my system and nothing else any suggestions, I used marijuana frequently

    1. In circumstances like this, the best way is usually to take the same approach you would if you’d want to get clean from THC through detox. The home page is all about detox so mcheck that out. Then just make sure that once clean from THC, you still use your hydrocodone the days before the test to make sure it will show.

  129. with regards to warming the fake urine…i have always done it like this:
    on my way to a pre-scheduled urinalysis, i stop at the local am/pm or any convenience mart and purchase a cup of coffee. the coffee is typically in the neighborhood of 100 degrees…imagine that. into my cup of coffee goes my vial of synthetic urine. by the time i arrive at the lab, i remove the tube of spoofed urine and put it inside my underware next to my skin. this method has worked SEVERAL times. (knock on wood).

    1. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Could also be a good last minute solution if one hasn’t gotten hold of any heaters. I would still be a little wary because in the case it didn’t get the temp into the right range, you’d be out of luck and fail because of it, so a little bit risky perhaps.

  130. Anyone ever use the gotcha belt ? I bought it from a head shop. It is made by a company called Oncore. I did a google search and old reviews say it works but no recent info. It is sold as “novelty” urine. Comes in a bag premixed with temp strip. Please let me know any info you have.

  131. Sophie's online buddy-need help!

    Thanks for all the great info Sophie. Are you familiar with the company Escreen? They are the makers of eCup which I have included a brief summary of below:

    “The eCup’s lid contains several embedded reagent test strips that are sensitive to the five-test SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) profile cutoff levels. The lid’s test strips also detect and provide adulteration panels for pH, creatinine, and nitrites. When the eCup is placed into the eReader device, its test strips are digitally screened for the presence or absence of drugs of abuse. The result? Rapid drug test results for all negative drug screens, sent directly to you within 15 minutes”.

    My question is, I have looked all over for Purine and Sub-Solution and have not been able to find anyone who carries it. I have to take the test tomorrow and can’t afford the overnight shipping fee. With that being said I was able to find Quick Fix and called them to make sure it was a legit batch, which it is. Knowing the details of the ecup test provided above, do you think QF will work?
    Lastly, I researched the uric acid/urea issue and found that QF is just plain wrong! They even say on their website that uric acid is NOT in urine and if you have a product that contains it, be wary. Uric acid level, specifically too much, is a good indicator for doctors to determine if patients have certain issues like gout and kidney stones. Lower than normal levels indicate issues like lead poisoning and alcoholism. From my research, most companies believe uric acid and urea are the same or similar and that’s just not true. Uric acid is a breakdown product of nucleotides like DNA or RNA; urea on the other hand is a breakdown product of proteins and amino acids. Hope this helps you and if you can, please let me know if I should have anything to worry about.

    1. Hey, yeah I’m somewhat familiar with them, or at least with the eCup. I generally stick to the official websites when buying my own, and also keep in SS in home stock so I don’t get that problem myself and am not sure where else would be a good alternative to get it quickly, if there is any.

      I would think QF would work yes, but I don’t know for sure and there have definitely been reports of people failing tests with it.

      Regarding uric acid, I came to the same conclusions as you a few months back, after discussing it with a knowledgable Quick Fix reseller. Yep it’s a very common misconception that it’s the same thing as urea. Thus a lot of sites state uric acid is in QF, but it isn’t and never has been. That being said, he also ensured that it was not something labs tested for, which seems to be true for the most part, or there would be a whole lot more negative reviews and feedback which would lead to them having to actually add it to the formula a long time ago. That doesn’t mean some tests do test for it. It’s present in real urine and there are tests for it, thus I feel it should be in a synthetic one as well, which is the case with Purine and SS. If the big labs start testing for it suddenly as is very possible since they constantly evolve, you’ll be prepared and not have to find out the hard way.

  132. I’m about to go take a drug test before 4 pm and I’m not nervous cause if I get the job, great! If not, on to the next. But I was thinking of what would be the best fake piss. I see Sub Solution is the cream of the crop in hope. I’m glad this information got better in searching for. Years ago, this was damn near impossible. Oh I thank you much for this info. I’ll update to see if I passed. Hope its worth the purchase!

    1. Yep, SS is my fav for sure! Yeah I agree there’s not much good info about this subject, and add to it that information about this gets outdated as testing procedures are changed also, which may make what little that is out there obsolete. My pleasure! Looking forward to your update since that’s another thing people in this sphere are bad at, i.e. leaving feedback to let other know what works and not, most just want it over with so they put it behind them for good.

  133. Hello, Thank you for this site – it has been very helpful in this moment of crisis! I accepted an offer for a financial industry position and just found out that a drug test is part of the background check. I am super nervous about it, as it will be my first one and I enjoy smoking from time to time. I am having a hard time finding out whether the test is supervised or not. Any advice on how to figure that out, without asking directly? If it’s unsupervised, i believe i will go with the SS or Purine option – but am still trying to figure out which is the best route. Thanks in advance – your blog really is great!

    1. Hey, my pleasure, and thanks for your kind words :).
      Not great way to find out whether it’s supervised I think unless you know someone you trust working there already. But the second best bet is to Google for it, looking at other peoples experience with similar positions etc if there are nay available. Detox is generally a decent option when one isn’t a very heavy smoker (because for heavy users it can still take quite some time to get clean, 1-2 months sometimes unavoidable) and obviously when it’s supervised, since one doesn’t have much choice then.

  134. Hi Sophie,

    First of all, thank you for posting this info, this is truly the best (as of right now) and most up to date source of info.

    Anyway, I have a pre-employment urine test in the very near future, and had a question for you. I have subbed before, but only with a friend’s urine. This time I bought QF 6.1 straight from Spectrum Labs (after reading this I probably would have gone with your recommendation).

    My question is about the foaming/smell issue. I am ultra paranoid that this will happen, even though I’m pretty sure it doesn’t happen often. The comments I’ve been reading seem to suggest that QF doesn’t really foam or smell… But when shaken a bit, my bottle of QF (plus, the big one) does foam a little bit, and does kind of smell like real urine… Is it just not enough? Do techs really take the time to do that?

    Some reassurance would calm my nerves. I’ll definitely try to follow up regardless of how it goes. Thanks!

    1. The lack of foaming/smelling is not a huge issue by any means, but rather just something one would rather have than not have if that makes sense. In general it won’t be an issue and from what I understand they can’t really deny a sample due to lack of this, so at most it might make a tech extra suspicious if it doesn’t look or behave like they’re used to, although most probably wouldn’t care or think much of it.

  135. What are the downsides of synthetic pee? Can an establishment such as Labcorp discover that the pee is synthetic or that I used fake pee by comparing it to previous samples. In other words, I have passed many tests by having clean urine, if I use fake urine to pass my test on Monday (I drank alcohol last night), will Labcorp be able to distinguish between my previous clean pee samples and this fake/clean pee sample?

    1. Nah doesn’t rally work that way. The way synthetic urine is detected is if the formula does not contain certain stuff that ehy test for that should always be present in real urine. It’s not compared to an older sample. So with a good fake urine, you should be fine.

  136. I work at a construction site (don’t go to work intoxicated ) and I plan to buy Sub-solution due to the potential for random drug test without warning.

    I will keep it on me at all times as to be prepared. My gut tells me to go with the belt with the bagged-liquid in case they try to monitor the test. Although, the thought of having the thermal powder sounds comforting.

    My question is: if I get the liquid bag, would I be able to keep hand warmers on it everyday without damaging/ruining the contents as long as the air-tight seal isn’t compromised?

    Also, this may be a stupid question, but can you use the hearing powder with clean (actual) urine? I have clean urine in my freezer I could bring along. (I work 10 hr shifts as of right now, so I’d have to figure out how to keep the urine from spoiling on the jobsite..)

    1. Yeah you’re right in that the heating powder is a great comfort, and as for what’s best it comes down to what you wear and what’s the most comfortable as well I’d say. They do have a leg strap one can get and have it strapped to the inside of the thigh, if that would work with the outfit and movements.

      As for the belt, I’m fairly sure you could do as you say with the heaters without spoiling it as long as it’s sealed, although it may get tiresome and even costly over time, changing heaters, since they generally last only a couple of hours tops each. It’s possible as well that it may reach the right temp by itself under your working clothes, which can often be the case when keeping it in the crotch area at least. Would be worth testing at least, to not waste heaters in vein should that be the case.

      As for if you can use the powder with clean urine, I’m not sure, although it would seem that’s fully possible. But keep in mind it would take a lot of powder to thaw a frozen urine sample, and if it isn’t kept frozen, it will go bad rather quickly, so perhaps not ideal still.

  137. Im in hopes this question is not too insulting, Is the Sub Solution Powder Urine Kit available ONLY through ordering off line?

    1. Nothing insulting about it. I know there are resellers of the SS, although personally I prefer getting it from the official site. Whether there are offline resellers of it and if so where, I have no idea though.

  138. hello! Thank you for all of the advice, however my circumstance is a bit different. I have an interview for a government, lets just say…perhaps a Correction Officer position, hypothetically. So here is my question, I am on prescribed diuretics that I take 4 times daily. Needless to say I piss A LOT, due to heart failure. My health issues aren’t anything I have to disclose during my interview and IF I do have to take a drug test/screen would the diuretics and drinking a lot of water help at all? Due to my condition I am also prescribed anti-anxiety medication and adderal (which may or may not help with my metabolism). I do have access to synthetic urine, same day 2nd hand urine and hopefully MY urine. I do know I last smoked what will be about a week and a half before my interview (again, I have no idea if I will be tested but due to the nature of the position, I’m almost sure that I will be given at least a pre-employment test. I’m not at all a heavy smoker. Maybe 2-3 hits, 2 times or so a week just to help me sleep.
    In your opinion, which would be my best option? I do think I will be given a notice upon my interview of testing, I do intend to do an “at home” test perhaps the day prior and have my synthetic on hand just in case I come up positive at that time.
    An acquaintance has worked for this employer in the past and said he was never tested, but someone informed them that he was a marijuana “dealer”..gee whiz, and that’s when he was immediately tested and terminated. I’m not entirely taking his word for it lol.
    What are your thoughts?

    1. Hey Ash, I avoid giving advise specifically for governmental tests due to legal reasons. Quite the irony though, the position you’re in!

      I can say that regarding THC detox in general, using a smaller amount just 2 times a week shouldn’t take too long to detox from though, likely less than 1,5 weeks, especially with some detox efforts/products.

    1. From what I know, it’s best used within 8 hours or so, although up to 24 hours should probably be no problem. It can last a lot longer as well if it’s refridgerated once mixed, or even frozen. To be prepared for random tests for example, a workaround is to keep just water in the mizing vial and the powder separate, and mix the urine in the testing room itself.

  139. I just wanted to leave my feedback/review for anyone out there considering using fake urine for a drug screen or who is looking to see what actually works. Based off the reccomendations, I used sub solution synthetic urine. I ordered it right from their website, got here in like 2 days, in a non suspicious package. Read the instructions multiple times, and brought everything with me. Outside the drug test center (concentra), while I was still in my car, I pre mixed the urine powder and water in the squirt bottle with the temperature reading, since you can do that up to 8 hours before the test, just so I had less to do in the actual drug testing bathroom (less chance of getting caught). So I put the squirt small sized bottle that contained the urine powder and water mixture in my bra on one side, temperature strip away from my skin, and the small bottle of the heat activating powder in my bra on the other side. They gave me the cup to go in, and sent me into the bathroom unsupervised, but he was right outside the door. They tell you not to flush the toilet, and you do not have access to a sink in the bathroom, you can’t wash your hands until after you come out with you sample (so make sure you have the water you need to mix the urine prior already in the mixing bottle like I did). Once I got in there I simply shook up the urine and water mixture gently a little more, then poured about 1/3 of the heat activator in and shook it up. You could feel it get hot and clearly see the temperature of it on the bottles temperature strip. I actually made mine a little too hot, so I laid it down on the coldest surface (the back top of the toilet) temperature strip side up to cool down a little bit for a breif 30 seconds or so. Once it hit 98 degrees, I just squirted the mixture into the urine cup that the testing center gave me, and at this time also really urinated in the toilet at the same time because urine hitting a toilet full of water and a liquid being squirted into a little cup just doesn’t sound the same, and I didn’t want anything to be suspicious. Also, it’d be weird if there wasn’t anything urine looking in the toilet at all, and they don’t test what’s in the toilet so it didn’t matter that I myself actually urinated in the toilet anyway.
    After I filled up the specimen cup with the synthetic urine I put the lid on it, finished my business on the toilet, and put the containers or the fake urine and heat activator back in my bra. (DONT DUMP THE EXTRA FAKE URINE IN THE TOILET, IT MAY TURN THE WATER BLUE TIPPING THEM OFF!)
    So I exited the bathroom after a total time of maybe 2.5-3 minutes (an acceptable amount of bathroom time, esp for girls) and handed the man the the specimen cup with my fake urine sample.
    He checked the temperature, marked that it was correct, and sent it off to a lab. A few days later, I got called that I got the job!! So yes, sub solutions fake urine def works, and this was just recently in April 2016.

    1. If you know for sure you’re about to go into a drug test, pre mix the urine powder and water in the temperature reading mixing bottle it comes with out in your car first. It’s one less container to carry, and one less step you have to do while under pressure and time constraints. You have up to 8 hours to use it once you mix it with water.
    2. You need way less heat activator then you think you need, but it can cool down if you use too much like I did.
    3. Read the directions it comes with multiple times so you have them memorized so at the test you can just get it done quickly, errorless, and smoothly.
    4. Try to keep the bottles and stuff quite when handling them in the bathroom during testing! I dropped the lid of mine in the bathroom with a guy standing right outside, it was so loud hitting the floor! Luckily my guy didn’t say anything, but still be careful!

  140. Thank you I’ve been clean for 6 years as I used to have regular supervised drug tests, well that stopped and I got good and toasted so, now my job wants a test after 2 days of GOOD TIMES, I’m heading to the head shop with the info you have provided and guess we will see what happens. Thanks for the info

    1. Good thing you’re considering synthetic urine as your first option though, since it’s on such a short notice. My pleasure :).

  141. Just wanted to pop in here with my drug screen experience as this blog has been my go-to resource for most of the questions I Googled during this ordeal. I had a pre-emp drug screen at Quest today. Was notified when I got the job offer a couple days ago, so I got down to serious research right away. I didn’t have time to order any of the products mentioned here (seems the good ones only like to sell online), so I stopped at a local headshop and grabbed a couple things after checking ingredients and online reviews. Unfortunately, reviews for the products I purchased were few and far between, so I went with the ingredient list. I grabbed a Puriclean X2 double strength since I’m over 230 lbs. and I had a buddy who had randoms at his job and always kept a detox drink handy. Never failed him, but that was back in the late 90’s. I also grabbed a box of Quick & Clean synthetic urine as a plan B. I had the wife pick up some Gatorade and a pack of Sure Jell which I planned to take with the Puriclean. They also provided a free test.

    The next morning, I started with the Sure Jell. I replaced the initial 32 oz. of water in the Puriclean with that, but followed the directions otherwise. Also dropped 4 aspirin just in case. After peeing 4 times, the 5th showed up positive on the drug test, so I busted out the synthetic. Spent too much of the day trying to figure out the best way to stash that and being beyond nervous and paranoid, so by the time I figured out how I wanted to stash it and manned up and got to Quest, it was too close to closing time and they wouldn’t take me.
    I got up early today, popped the pee in the microwave, decided to skip the heating pack since Quest is only 2 minutes away from me, and nestled the bottle gently against my grundle. I drove up there and saw a pretty packed waiting room and started to freak a little, but I signed in anyway and had a seat. One bad move I made was to kind of clench my legs to try and keep that heat in the bottle, and it leaked a little. This stuff doesn’t have any smell, so I guess that’s a good thing.
    After several minutes waiting I got called back. The nurse had me empty my pockets into a cabinet, then locked it and gave me the key. I was told to wash my hands, then take the cup and head into the bathroom. She squirted some blue stuff into the toilet, told me not to flush, then returned to her station outside. She didn’t specifically say not to close the door, but I did leave it cracked since I intended to get down to business immediately and didn’t want to risk her opening it for me as based on what I read they’re out there listening for any shenanigans one might try to pull in the bathroom.
    Anyhow, I reached in, yanked out the bottle and removed the cap as I have also read the squirters can be pretty audible when air is returned to the bottle once it’s emptied. Temp was showing 96 degrees (I had already resolved to pee in the cup if the temp was off and kiss this job goodbye as I had no other options), so I dumped the bottle into the cup, peed in the toilet, shoved the empty bottle in my side pocket and returned to the nurse. The cup had its own temp strip which showed me in the proper range, so no worries there. She dumped it into a vial, I had to sign some stuff and I was on my way. Way less stressful than I made it out to be. Obviously your mileage may vary depending on the type of test you’re taking but for a pre-employment it shouldn’t be any trouble substituting. Just take into account travel time and wait time when deciding whether to use a heat pack. As long as it passes the lab test, I should be golden, so we’ll see in a few days but I’m feeling pretty confident at this point.

  142. Hi there,

    I’ve recently started a job that involves random testing, and I was quite a heavy smoker prior to getting the job but I have stopped for the time being. Since then I’ve discovered synthetic urine as an option and just have a couple questions you may be able to answer about the testing process. Mostly to do with whether I should worry that the testing is carried out by an independent body who specialise in this field?

    Secondly, in the company policy it states that – “A strict chain of custody will be followed. This is a system of controls governing the entire testing procedure. It must prove that a particular specimen originated from a particular individual and that results reported relate, beyond reasonable doubt to that specimen.” Also that the sample is to be sent to a laboratory for testing. Just wondering if this is some sort of scare tactic or something I should be aware of?

    Just curious if any of these factors should be anything I should worry about for using synthetic urine for in your opinion? Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Kieran,
      generally for most jobs that send their tests to a lab, that would be considered using an independent body who specializes in the field. So nothing uncommon, and nothing to worry about per se.

      I agree though that the wording sounds a little worrisome. Most likely to me seems that it’s simply scare tactics, as you mentioned already. It’s obvious though that it’s written with the knowledge that it’s somewhat common to substitute tones urine. Easiest way to prove this would be by supervising the test though, so wording like this may make the chances of it being supervised a little higher, which isn’t ideal for synthetic urine. I don’t know enough about your company and particular case though to form a real opinion.

      If you think you have the time, you could always try to detox quickly and use your real urine for the first test and then assess whether it’s wise to rely on synthetic for future tests or not. Make sure to utilize home test kits though so you know you’ll actually be able to pass naturally, or you’ll obviously be shooting yourself in the foot. Detox from heavy long time use can definitely take some time, often more than a month even with good detox efforts, and much longer without detox.


    1. Hello Jessica. It would seem to me synthetic urine is the way to go. I don’t think Walmart supervise their pre-employment tests and in such a short notice detox is kind of out of the question.

  144. I just did a pre-employment physical and drug test for a hospital job. The testing center was not on hospital property. I took the test on Thursday and was told I would hear something either Friday afternoon or Monday morning. It’s Tuesday and I’m sweating balls! I used quick fix because there was no way on this earth I would have been able to detox in the couple of days they gave me between the offer and the physical.

    I am really scared that I just pissed off a great job. They ordered a “basic physical” and a drug screen. Is a urinalysis included? I did some research and am worried they are going to test the synthethic for glucose, and whatever else they can. I was feeling good until just now. My temperature was perfect and I got it the quick fix 6.1 from a reputable source. I understand if they delve too deep they will know, but how deep do they usually delve for a “basic physical” for employment?

    1. Hey Jada, do update with how it went!

      Although at times QF can fail those type of tests (definitely prefer Sub Solution myself), usually it will work. And as for how deep they go, I think it’s mainly a matter of if they test something on a physical that the synthetic urine does not have in it, although it should if it was real. But I haven’t heard of synthetics failing physicals in particular so if it’s just a standard physical it should pass. Would likely take some specially ordered by the doctor, more rare test for it to mean problems.

  145. Does real urine and synthetic urine dissipate heat at similar rates? I’m asking because before my employment piss test I want to test microwaving my real urine to say 150F and then see how long it take to get down between 90 and 100. Instead of wasting synthetic urine on my own personal temperature test I would prefer testing this on my real (and free) urine, and wasn’t sure if they would cool at the same rates.
    Also, will heating synthetic urine up around 150F limit the effectiveness? Not sure if too much heat will throw off the PH level or anything?

    BTW – Great website you have here…

    1. They are so similar in make-up that the time it takes to cool off would be pretty much identical. Even if you just compared it to plain water, I think the difference would be too small to be significant. I see your logic but I’m not 100% sure of how it would handle 150F. Most likely it would be fine and no difference, but it’s still a bit excessive imo. Better to keep it closer to the actual test range and store it close to your skin to make it cool off slower and oftentimes even stay within the correct temp indefinitely (some have heated theirs entirely this way, although I would recommend heating pads as well to be more safe, unless you’re using the SS heating powder).
      Thanks :)

  146. So I wanted to post about my experience getting drug tested for a new job, that was VERY important for my career. In the original brochure, drug testing was mentioned as a prerequisite. The first thing I did was buy a xstream synthetic urine kit from Amazon because it had good reviews and was cheap ($13). Then, after thoroughly researching different brands and reading others’ reviews countless times, I decided to purchase sub solution as well. I really liked the idea that the powder can get it heated up to temp instantly, and I had not seen any other brands that offered this. It also had what I considered to be the best reviews on several sites. Spending 75+shipping seemed expensive, but if it could guarantee that I would pass, any amount of money was worth that to me. This kit also claimed to pass the validity tests for urine (ph, specific gravity, creatinine(NOT CREATINE, these are not the same), uric acid, urea, etc).

    My original plan was to quit completely, but with moving to a new state and all my other stressors, this proved too difficult to follow through with. I have been a daily smoker (multiple times a day) for 15 years…God knows how long it would have taken me to detox naturally, too long to pass! So I also had ruled out detox drinks for this same reason- they only appear to work for people who are occasional users. However, a friend used this method which I will review below for everyone’s benefit.

    So, the company who hired me runs a background test, which I pass, and never brings up the drug test again. So here I’m thinking, “sweet! Don’t even have to worry about this!” I go in for my first day, complete all the paperwork for HR, and still no mention of the drug test. So now I’m convinced I’m Scott free. After lunch, an employee tells me to head back to HR. So I head there, to find out SURPRISE I have a drug test! And she’s called the center to tell them I’ll be right over. Now, I don’t have either synthetic urine with me because I had gone over the options multiple times and I never expected to be asked to do it the first day. It’s PRE-employment! So I shit a brick because I know my actual urine would never pass and that using an adulterant is a great way to get caught. Fortunately, I had time to run back to my house, grab the sub solution, and run back to the testing place. At my house, I read the instructions and mixed the water with the powdered urine in the container that came with it. That mixed fine with no clumping (directions said to put the powder in first I believe, so follow the directions!) I also put on a bathing suit bottom over my underwear, and put the bottle between my undies and my bathing suit bottom between my legs. I put the temperature strip away from my body, and made sure I could walk ok. My pants were fairly tight, but I couldn’t change them or else that would have been a dead giveaway that I went home. I raced back to the testing center. Even without the powder to heat it up, the urine was at 94 degrees according to the bottle (checked in the parking lot). It was a hot day out (close to 100) and I was sweating bullets, so this probably helped keep it at temp. I put the heating powder in my bra, because I thought they would have me empty my pockets. Turns out, this girl leads me back to a regular bathroom (working sink, no blue coloring in the toilet) and lets me take my purse and doesn’t ask for me to empty my pockets! I was dressed professionally and trying to act as nonchalant as possible. The bathroom also had a vent fan going which made me less nervous about making noise shaking up the urine. Talk about ideal conditions! I took the urine out and the temp had dropped to close to 90. I added a TINY bit of the powder since it was already so close and got it back to 94. I poured it in the cup and the temp strip on their urine specimen cup looked like it was too low (under 90). So I added more powder to the actual urine cup and swirled it around. You could instantly feel it heat up. It was back up to temp, so I put my stuff away and rushed to give it to her so it didn’t lose any heat. She read the strip and checked the box that it was the right temp (between 90 and 100). It definitely looked like urine with the foam, but I didn’t notice a urine smell. However, I was also freaking the fuck out so I wasn’t sitting around sniffing it. She had me initial two smaller test tubes she divided it into, and threw away the rest! I was like…nooo! That’s expensive urine (in my head lol)! I felt pretty good about using the fake urine- it was clearly the best alternative!

    The next 10 days were hell! I kept googling online how long it takes to hear back from a drug test (my testing was not done at the collection facility, it was shipped somewhere) and I had read it could be over a week if it was positive. However, the company’s website said that kind of test would take 1-3 days to get the results. The receipt I had been given identified the type of test they gave (9 panel WITHOUT ph/oxidants). I Googled the test model number to find this out. I also figured out that this meant they were only testing for the presence of drugs, not actually testing to see if the urine was real. Since most sites report that urine is only subbed/adulterated about 5% of the time, it probably wasn’t worth it for my new job to shell out extra money. Not to mention they snuck it up on me! This made me feel better, for a day, but I was still really freaked out. I was waiting from an email or visit from HR saying they had to terminate me. I kept thinking “what if the lab tech suggests extra testing for validity?” Or some crazy exception along those lines. This is the downside of not just sobering up naturally! But I just had to fake it like everything was cool. Turns out most labs test up to 15000 samples a day, and some more. A person is not personally conducting each test, a computer is and a person (medical review officer) is verifying that the computer was right.

    So now I feel safe to say that I have passed using SUB solution! I am probably going to buy another one to have on hand. The nice thing is that it is not premixed so you can store it anywhere. I still wonder if it truly would have passed if my company had ordered the validity tests…so I can’t help anyone with that part!

    Now, on to my friends experience with QCarbo32 detox drink. My other friend, John, claims he uses this drink each month to pass his drug test for his parole officer. John smokes once a day a very small amount to help keep his thc metabolites low. So I passed on this information to Val, my other friend. She is an extremely occassional smoker, but she was in Colorado 3 weeks before the test, smoking and eating edibles nonstop for 4 days. And then 3 days before her test she took ecstasy (she knew the test was coming…not the best idea!) So she follows his instructions (the same as the bottle) to drink the morning of, drink a lot of water, pee a few times and then go. She said, as others have said that her pee was neon green practically, and was still pretty bright by the time she peed for the test (hers was at quest. Mine was not at a chain). So whatever, she’s done. Less than 48 hours later she hears back from the HR lady saying “we have a problem” (my nightmare!!!) And that the sample was “Too dilute” to be able to render a valid result. So, her company clearly did spring for the validity testing. The HR lady told her she had to take ANOTHER test the next morning or they wouldn’t hire her.(side note: my friend Kim said that her sister had failed a drug test for the same reason even though she didn’t use drugs. The people told her not to drink so much water and to be retested. So this DOES happen for legit reasons) Val had already passed home tests for thc the week before, and by this time the ecstasy was out of her system (it had been 5 full days). So I told her she should use her own piss at this point since she had been testing negative and isn’t a regular user. So far, so good for her! It has been 3 days since the test and she has started work. Considering how quickly she heard back from the HR lady last time, I would say she’s in the clear as well. So, my conclusion is that I would not recommend using ANY detox drink or dilution method. They can measure dilution using specific gravity AND creatinine and I don’t think a cheap drink will fool machines. My buddy on parole does a test where it says on the cup if he passed or not, so he actually has easier drug tests than people just trying to secure a job! SMH. Pre-employment drug testing is illegal in canada. For a reason! They have no probable cause!

    Lastly, let me add another buddy’s story, my friend bob. Bob had originally recommended to me to use quick fix synthetic urine. He said that he and all his friends had used this on all their Pre-employment tests and always passed. I told him that I saw some mixed reviews online and that I wasn’t considering using this. I also told him that I had seen some reviewers say it came back failed because it was detected as “non-human specimen”. He insisted it worked. Well I heard from a mutual friend after telling her about my surprise drug test story, and she said that Bob’s dad had lost a job offer from using quick fix! It had come back failed because it was “non-human specimen”! And this had been a really good opportunity for him. So yeah, it sounds like quick fix will NOT pass the validity tests.

    I want to thank everyone brave enough to write a review about these products! The Internet has saved me again and again in this predicament, and it is because of people like you! Please, if you post asking questions or giving your own story (without the results), make sure to post what actually happened (did you pass?!). It is only fair. People took time to soothe your anxiety and answer your questions, the least you can do is return the favor. I am going to copy and paste this review onto multiple sites to help spread my experiences. So if you see it, please know it’s a real review. I wouldn’t have typed ALL this if it wasn’t. Best of luck to my fellow stoners. Break the stereotype: get good jobs and become successful and hopefully 20 years (or sooner!) From now we can change these arcane policies. Drug tests discriminate against stoners! Don’t let anyone tell you anything else. Check out California’s NORML site for detailed info on drug testing, detox times, and other important info.

    1. Hey there! This has got to be the longest comment I’ve ever received so far :). And a very interesting read as well! This is the best type of comments, and there are far too few of them, i.e where someone comes back to share their experience after they passed (or failed) a test. So thanks for sharing and hopefully this will encourage more people to do the same!

  147. Hey I’m just looking for some advice. I’m looking to apply for a job that requires a pee test but just can’t seem to stop blazing when I’m at home. I’m a heavy smoker. I have only taken 1 test before about 1 year ago and failed using a detox drink. I believe it’s a unsupervised test so I’m just wondering what you would do? I know the most obvious answer would be to just quit but cmon who doesn’t like relaxing on your own time

    1. Hey Jason. I think the most obvious answer would be rather to use synthetic urine, and I think you know it, commenting on this page :). Especially since you’re hinting about it being unsupervised and that you like your relax times! What would I do? I generally prefer detoxing but it all depends on the time-frame and how heavy I’ve been smoking lately, so if stopping and getting clean in time was an issue, I’d no doubt go with urine substitution.

  148. Sophie,
    Very informative website, thanks for putting in the effort.

    I have been subjected to testing for many years and have always passed, mostly due to the flexibility I am afforded when it comes to timing, that is I can postpone if needed, plus I’m not an avid participant, lightly and only a few times a week. I have recently been notified that it is my turn again but would rather not wait, just want to get it done. I have never used synthetic urine but this time had intended to use Quick Fix because it was recommended to me by a successful user. After reading here I am thinking maybe Sub-Solution might be a better option since Quick Fix has no smell but have concerns.

    Do the contaminates in tap water, as well as the intentionally added Fluorine and Chlorine and who knows what else, not raise a red flag?

    What can possibly be in the heating powder that would raise the temperature and not be detected? Seems counter intuitive.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, I try my best :).

      Yeah personally SS is definitely the favorite. But as for your concerns, the way these tests work is tat they must test specifically for something in order to detect it. The urine tests are not testing for whatever is in the heating powder, or for chlorine, flourine etc. Therefore they couldn’t be detected. So basically, anything could be in the heating powder, as long as it’s not something that is standard to test for, and it would go unnoticed.

  149. Sophie,
    I just got offered a job yesterday. I really was not looking, but the opportunity came up. I do not smoke, just possibly for kicks every 6 years or so. I was in a foreign country on vacation, my friend came down with massive cramps while on the beach. She bought a joint off of a local to help make her feel better, like me, she does not smoke. I took 2 pulls later in the evening. I believe the drug test will happen 6 days from now at the earliest. Do you still recommend Sub Solution or can natural do it? My nephew told me synthetic is 100% and I should do that.

    1. Hey Nikki. Can’t make out exactly how long you’ve abstained since this, but if 2 puffs off a joint was all you did, that should generally be out of your system within a week, 2 tops. Personally I’d get a home test to confirm you’re clean and then pass it naturally. If you happened to not be clean, then synthetic urine, but probably not necessary.

  150. First, thanks for taking the time to put together this Q&A session.
    I recently did the 10 day toxin rid and have passed several home thc tests, however I still would like to indulge in the near future. But I have a job that does random testing. So I recently purchased Purine and plan to keep it, the heating pads and the tap water additive in the car as an emergency kit. I have 3 questions I hope you can help me with.

    1) Will the tap water keep in the car for months? I’m assuming the max I will go between a test is 12 months.

    2) Will the temperature of the car affect the tap water additive. (It can get upwards to 100 degrees where I’m at)

    3) I was told that the company will test at an initial testing cutoff of 100ng/ml for THC. Is this unusual? Everything I hear is that 50 ng/ml cutoff is the bench mark. Is the company indirectly telling me that they don’t mind an occasional toke?


    1. No problem :).

      The tap water should be fine for long periods of time in your car, high temperature or not, but it may still be wise to at least smell it every few months at least and if it doesn’t smell like water, i.e. close to no smell at all, change it up.

      Yeah 100ng/ml is definitely not the norm. Possibly yes, since I don’t see too many other reasons where it would make sense to not only use 100ng/ml, but also tell your emplyees this in advance.

  151. Just bought the magnum detox synthetic urine and it is already mixed the box doesn’t say anything about Uric acid my test is tomorrow I have used quick fix in the past the state I’m in did away with quick fix I’m just nervous

  152. Hey, I just purchased the synthetic brand synthetix5. I was unable to find any of the brands above locally in time for my test. Found a couple of reviews online of it working. None that it didn’t. Was wondering if you’ve had any dealings with this product? Thanks!

    1. Hey Brandon, don’t know much about it so can’t comment, I tend to simply stick to what I know works and not experiment as much nowadays

  153. Dr. Greens Agent X

    I purchased two Agent X Synthetic Urine kits, and I thankfully haven’t had the need to use any yet. I opened one and tested it with an at-home drug test, and it tested negative for drugs. Since I already opened it, and have warmed it to temperature previously, would it still be reliable to take for testing? I’m planning on perfecting the temperature a few more times since I’m terrified it won’t work when I actually have to go in for the test.

    1. Haven’t used that one in particular myself but, of course it tested negative for drugs since for it not to, the manufacturers must have added said drug to it! The problem will be that as with normal urine, bacteria will accumulate over time, so it should be used rather soon after being mixed and heated for the first time, the same way you wouldn’t use a month old urine. You can however usually freeze it, and then it will be fine to keep for quite some time until your test is due. May be a good idea to check with the sellers of that specific brand though if that’s allowed or not

  154. Would a lab doing a split specimen on a sample be able to tell if sub solution is fake with heating powder in it? The place I do the test at is sending it away to a lab is not a panel cup test I’m in Canada and there are not many big company’s that analis. Thanks for all the great info

    1. They can only find what they specifically test for, meaning they would have to purposefully test for this heating powder and its ingredients to be able to detect it. In other words, it’s very safe. My pleasure :)

  155. Sophie, thanks for the advice. Does sub solution still work if they decide to send the sample to a lab? I’ve heard it is only good for about 8 hours. Have you heard of anyone failing a test using sub solution? Thanks!

    1. Of course it does Ed, that’s the purpose of it! It’s good for much longer than that, the main issue concerning time is that bacteria build up, but that is true for genuine urine as well so if real urine can wait long enough to get to a lab (obviously it can or those tests would be pointless), so can SS. I’ve heard about someone messing up with the temperature, which is inevitable when so many people use a product since user errors will occur and even more common with other urine brands, but haven’t heard of it failing an analysis.

  156. First off, thank you so much, Sophie!! I had to have read this entire website more than twice. I did an incredible amount of research on synthetic urine and detoxes in hopes of passing a preemployment screening. All odds seemed to point to sub solution as the best option across websites.

    I had stopped smoking for about 3 weeks and still wasn’t passing while using detox products. I’m about 5’5″, 150 pounds, and am very active. I was shocked at how long THC remained in my system. So I finally decided to go with the sub solution and now I have a job! It was sent to a lab for several days (which I was worried about), and came back completely clean! It was very easy to use. I definitwly recommend!

  157. Hey Sophie. Been a daily user (smoking and ingesting) for over 10 years. Have sustained for 10 days. Could possibly have test within 3 to 4 days. My BMI (body mass index is upper normal, drink a lot of filtered water. Do not know what type of situation I am walking into. Any and all advice would be much appreciated. Rigorous detox and immaculate diet or just substitute? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey Bob,sounds like that was not enough time to get clean since you’ve been such a heavy user prior, so synthtetic urine would be the go-to option, as long as it’s not supervised. Do share how it went

  158. So I’m here to tell my story on using Sub Solution. Like most, I had a dream job offer that would change the way I live. I have been looking for a job for some time and then found one. But I smoked a few bowls for a few days because I didn’t think I would find a job any time soon.. When the time came I was already a month past from when i smoked. I took home THC test and i got the green light. I was wroking out and drinking water all the time. I thought I was good to go no problem. The day before the test I did another at home test. Shows I would fail, so i got the Sub Solution out of my car and said well to hell with it. So being nervous was not even close to how I was feeling. All these reviews show they passed and it works so great. I had to go to Quest Diagnostics for the test I had. I did everything right, I kept the temp at 98 and played it cool. I had some briefs on, and on the inside you will see a place with two flaps. Well I closed one side off and made a small opening on the other. It worked perfect, I was in business clothes and it fit perfect on the side on my junk. Got in and pee then put the urine in the cup and the temp was right on the money. After I talked to the guy and we both joked. He looked at the temp right off the bat when i got out the door. He even kept looking at the pee like I was freaking out on the inside. he just put it in a bottle and said sign this and you’re good to go. So that night, no sleep at all. my mind would not stop thinking everything was going to fail. they were going to find out it was fake and I would lose everything. I already gave my two weeks notice, they already have someone in line to take my place. So yeah all will be lost, it’s not like i can say can i have my job back because I could not pass a piss test. The next day I got an email saying update to my application and to login and view. It said I was hired and to fill out my payroll and tax form. Sub Solution saved my ass and I got my dream job. I got another one and will always keep it in my car.

    1. Hey Fry thanks for sharing you experience! It can certainly be an anxiety-filled experience, especially so the first few times =)

  159. i baught a kit my question is i could be told to do a test anytime during my work day so i would want to leave my kit in my car. Will it become defective if i leave it in cold temperatures?

    1. You probably don’t want it (or the water intended to mix it with if powdered) frozen but as long as it’s not below the freezing point it should be no problem

  160. Hey Sophie love the idea of this thread, i am about 6 foot and 230 pounds have been smoking about a quarter a week, some unfortunate events took place and i have to schedule a drug and alcohol assessment at a drug counseling center , i stopped smoking 2 days ago and have 9 days until the test, my question is does ss still consistently work in 2018(not doubting you just know they’re probably trying to combat artificial pee and haven’t seen any recent questions), does the heating powder show up on the test

    1. Also, I’m not sure if I’m gonna be asked to submit my at the beginning or end of the class I’m gonna be there about 2 hours does that mess things up?

    2. Hey Pete, yeah it definitely works still (if not I’d be one of the first to know and update this post accordingly either way!). Nope the heating powder doesn’t show up on a test

  161. Love this site. With everything that’s goin on with idiots like Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, senate, the banning in New Hampshire many things have a negative influence on pot legalization. Even if progress is still winning out it gets unfairly delayed..

    Even my health practitioner is getting on the train of medical marijuana lol.

    Hard to gauge what the future will yield though, end of the match yet to be tasted!

  162. Hey I have a test coming up in about a week, I plan on using sub solution my one question is it says once it’s mixed it’s good for 8 hours and my sample is getting sent to a lab, will the sample still be good by the time it gets to the lab? I know this might be a dumb question I’m just stressing out a lot about it, thanks for doing this site it’s great

    1. Hey Tom, the max 8 hours are sort of a general guideline I’d say, since they gotta put the limit somewhere, eventually bacteria will start growing same as it would with real urine. That could be stretched a fair bit I’m pretty sure (although that’s not reason to do so). Yes certainly, of course the time it takes to get to a lab is taken into account already, since it’s standard procedure. If normal urine would be fine when reaching the lab, so would SS.
      thanks, my pleasure tom :)

  163. Hi Sophie,
    I believe its been around three years since you posted this, is the sub-solution powdered kit still the best one in your opinion?
    Thank you

  164. I have used quick fix 6.0 and 1 for years. 2 oz enough as per DHHS or HHS rules. Just like the author states temp is key! Urine leaving your body is the same temp as your body so 98.6.

    In order to be accepted it has to be between 90 -100 degrees. Nuke the bottle for 10 seconds only then put on the heating pad and attach it with the rubber band.

    Now where ever you decide to hide it make it private so they will be violating the law asking you about it. This is how i do it as i have a drug test for a driving job in my home town but have to go to another town to the corp office for a 3 day orientation and drug test.

    I have used quik fix for years and have used the newer version and it works perfect.

    Guys only………go to walmart and get a jock strap. Now stick the bottle of synthetic piss in there. Dont push it all the way to the bottom as it will stick out and look like you have shit your pants huge bulge sticking out.

    You want the top of th bottle just sticking out the top. Now sew a line across the jock strap so the bottle wont fall down into the jock while walking
    Now sew up a portion of the top so the bottle is snug but not lose. You want to be able to move around comfortably like a nzormal person. Put the heating pad side away from your nuts. So your jewels are on one side and the side not touching skin is covered by the heating pad.

    WHEN SHAKING THE HEATING PAD? SHAKE IT JUST A LITTLE A LITTLE BIT TO GET IT WARM. THEY are friction and air activated. So when you shake it it gets hotter with more force.

    Nuke 10 seconds strap on heating and put it in like i said and your good. Works every time.

    The person taking the specimen doesnt want to smell urine esp yours, it stinks. So keep in mind that your the only one who knows its fake..practice practice put the bottle in but no heating pad get use to wearing the jock strap. I wear shorts in the summer time and fairly tight fitting 501’s and never asked about my clothes….just follow the instructions Good luck

    1. Even low quality fake pees can pass tests, not just as frequently and depending on the test. By that I’m not saying it is low quality, just a general reminder for people not to not put too much weight into a single review, but thanks for sharing still

  165. I found a sythetic urine called jet clean by jet detox.. ive used it befor with pre employment and it worked.. this recent time the test specifically reads test for adulteries such as creatine, ph balance, gravity..the box says clearly urea and uric acid included, but i dont remember if the other tests ive used it on had those aswell, i tookit just because it was my first interview and felt a little nervous, and sure enough after my interview i was offered employment and said all i needed was a drug test. They said dont worrt we will test right now here at our onsite nurse..so. luckily i had it warm and ready but i never noticed the extras like this specific test so im nervous about it not passing the adultering test.. any info on the jet clean urine by jet detox would be great.

  166. are people still getting good results from QF?

    I currently have a box of “P-sure” but I have read a lot of bad reviews about it and I know I can go buy QF here local. My drug test is in a few days so I don’t have enough time to order SS online

    1. SS can be ordered with 1 day delivery though, just a little costlier. But that’s why I always have at least one stocked already, since you never know ;). But QF is still giving decent results as far as I know, only hearing about the occasional fail every now and then

  167. Also, I for got to mention I have used QF but that was 6-7 years ago. And I passed back then. But I’m just trying to make sure the product is still consistent today

    Thanks Sophie! :)

  168. Hey Sophie!
    If by chance your urine sample goes to a GC MS test while using SS, can it be detected or determined synthetic?

    1. Hey Chris!
      Yes that should be fine, those tests have been around forever so nothing new about using fake urine for those

  169. Hi Sophie. Love this thread, it has made me feel so much more in control of this process! So I am testing (pre-emp) early this week and ordering SS online for overnight delivery. Has overnight delivery been reliable for you, or on report of others? The head shops in my area only see to carry QF 6.2 which has too many reviews that leave me questions. I just want to confirm that SS is still what you recommend! Thx so much for all you do!

    1. Hi Pud, glad to hear that :). I really never use overnight delivery myself since I stock up on it in advance, but I haven’t heard of any issues with it either, except for the obvious one of being a bit more costly then. Yeah, SS is still the top fake urine in my book!

  170. Used Sub Solution for test today .Passed the collection/temp part.Just have to wait for the lab results to come in.Very,very nervous.
    Do you know about Quest labs and if they are hard to get synthetic past.

    1. Sub solution should pass a lab test so you should have nothing to worry about imo, now that you got the user error part out of the way already.

  171. This is by far the best information I’ve come across in my journey to becoming more educated in this area great job! And Thank You.
    My question is have your heard of a digital electronic urine warmer by sidekickforme if so would you recommend it for using both on natural and synthetic urine?

    1. Thank you too Stephen :). I haven’t so can’t comment too much on it other than that what’s included in the recommended kits already generally is plenty enough already when it comes to heating. But the digital one seems a decent option too if in need of heating, especially if on a regular basis. Natural or synthetic wouldn’t make a difference for its effect

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